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Roleplay - Powers to Entertain. by shilala / shilala

how can it be true? all of these people who live to entertain, have the powers of each emotion to be able to control the universe. none of them realize how strong there powers are when they are together, so naturally they tend to steer clear of eachother. you can tell when these people are using there powers only because of the color in there eyes. such as the power of anger. the eyes glow red. the power of calmness, the glowing of white. envy of course is green. love is a purpleish pink. depression is the color of black.

Roleplay Details

Jake- he has the power of anger. when he is angry he grows quite strong tho you cant see it. he is one of juliets best friends and has a secret love for her but he would never dare voice it. he is also the guitar player of the group.
Juliet- she has the power to calm. she trys to calm jake down when he gets started by gently touching his shoulder or just singing to him. she is the singer of the group. she too loves jake but she also would never voice it.
Dawn- has the power of love. she can get any man to fall in love with her. she only wants jake because she knows juliet wants him. she is the dancer of the group.
Lloyd- he has the power of envy. he can turn people against eachother because one person has what the other wants. he is usually at dawn's beck and call tho she never shows any appreciation for him. he is the drummer of the group.
Vican-he has the power of depression. he can turn a whole room into a mourn town. he is the bass player of the group.
no killing people off. no god-moding. if its at teh beginning of the rp join right in if its the middle please ask first.


Band geeque: (im going to be jake, but h/o let me make an accoutn for it lol)
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake started to tune his black and neon purple electric guitar. The deep sound echoed throughout the empty opera house. Him and the rest of the band started to set up the equipment for the oncoming performance. He walked to Juilet and put a hand on her shoulder. 'you'll do great," he told her with a smile.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake blushed and turned to her. "Yeah. I was hoping you'd like it." Jake dug in his back pocket to find a box. In it held a necklace with a mini guitar exactly like his and a microphone. "Happy birthday," he said grinning. He held the little box out her and smiled innocently.
shilala / Juliet: she blushed "oh jake! you really didnt have to get me anything." she took the box gently in her hands and looked into it. her eyes went wide "oh jake its so cool!" she said wrapping her arms around him. "thanks so much!"
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake laughed a little and smiled. "Anytime," he said. Now...what number are we going to open with?" Jake picked up his guitar and put the strap over him. His brown hair swept over his face.
shilala / Juliet: "hmm..." she placed a finger on her mouth pondering. "aha!" she said raising her finger. "what about 'Everytime and Everything'?" she asked.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake nodded. "You guys heard that right? We start in an hour." Jake turned back to the front stage and noticed a couple people entering. He smiled and glanced up at Juliet. He looked back down and continued tuning his guitar. When he finished, he began to play the music scales to warm up.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet turned from him and began her own scales. "do re mi fa sol..." she began going up and down the scales. when the manager came in all of the band stood ready for any instruction
Band geeque / *Jake*: "Well you guys are going to play 3 songs. That is all we have time for today. Sorry to cut it short but they have a business to do." When the manager was finished talking Jake balled up a piece of paper and threw it at Juliet's head. He snickered a little and tried to look as innocent as possible.
shilala / Juliet: juliet grabbed the back of her head and turned around to glower at jake teasingly "hey! what was that for?" she asked laughing.
Band geeque / *Jake*: "Your head was blocking my view," he said in a playful voice. About 30 minutes later the place was filled with people, mainly adults. Most of them wore suits or dresses. "This isn't exactly the crowd I was hopen for..." he whispered to the others.
shilala / Juliet: juliet looked around warily "yeah well we'll just have to make do with what we have." she said. she put on the necklace jake had given her and re-checked the mirror again and again.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake nodded. "Well we should go ahead and get in place. They might make us start early.." The others behind them nodded and went to their position. Jake slipped in his fingerless gloves and smiled at Juliet. "When they are ready it's your call," he said, winking at her.
shilala / Juliet: she blushed a little and nodded. she stepped out with him onto the stage and began to sing. her voice carried through the whole room calming all of them so that they wouldnt talk anylonger
Band geeque / *Jake*: When they did the three songs, they all decided to leave, knowing the rest of the time would be boring. Jake gently placed his guitar in its leather case and smiled at it. He began to walk down the street, waving the other's good bye as some of them loaded in the car. He noticed Juliet and felt his heart beat faster. He quickly turned away and continued to walk.
shilala / Juliet: juliet eyed the car seeing that all of them would have to squeeze into the small space making her feel queasy before even stepping foot in it, "you know what? i think ill just walk home?" the others protested and she disagreed and began to walk in the same direction jake was heading. "HEY JAKE! WAIT UP!" she called practically running to catch up to him.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake smiled and stopped. He waited for her to get to his side before he continued walking. "Hey Juliet..." he said in a whispered tone. The guitar case hung over his shoulder and he had his hands tucked in his pockets. His head faced downward. "You did wonderful today," he complimented, keeping his head down.
shilala / Juliet: she smiled warmly to him as she caught up to him. "thanks you did great too. the new guitar sure didnt slow you down." she said ducking her head to see his face.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake looked up and gazed into her beautiful eyes.."You're so beaut-" before he could finish a car drove by and splashed mud all over them. Jake scowled in anger. He winced his eyes at the car and red flashed in his eyes. He began to dig his nails into his hand. "Are you okay?" he asked Juliet, trying to calm down.
shilala / Juliet: she had mud in her hair and all over her clothes yet she didnt see a problem with it. "yes i'm fine. a-are you ok jake? you dont look so good." she put a hand to his arm trying to help calm him a little yourself. when he was calmer she asked, "now what was it you were saying before those people sped by?" curiosity ran deep in her eyes.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake closed his eyes. He still felt the anger burning in him. "Eh...it was nothing...I forgot.." Jake continued to walk at a faster pace across the street, not paying attention to traffic. He kept his head down.
shilala / Juliet: "wait jake!" she said running to him. *my god hes so fast..* she thought to herself as she dodged the traffic. she grabbed his hand and rubbed a circle on the back of his hand with her index finger. her eyes glowed white slightly but u could still see her green eyes.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake sighed. "I want to get home. I don't want to be late..." he said, sighing heavily. "My dad will have my head if I'm late again."
shilala / Juliet: she nodded slowly and her eyes dimmed. "okay i understand. but you will be there tomorrow right?" she asked gripping his hand. she always feared for him when he went home to his dads for the night.
Band geeque / *Jake*: "Tomorrow? What's tomorrow?" Jaked asked, looking down at his watch. He's gonna kill me...he thought to himself. Jake stared up at her, trying to keep his face simple.
shilala / Juliet: "there is another practice for tomorrow remember?" she said looking at him like it was so obvious.
Band geeque / *Jake*: "Oh yea..right," Jake replied, rubbing the back of his head. "I'll be there...at Vican's this time right?" Jake stared at his watch again. He became fidgity and impatient.
shilala / Juliet: juliet looked at him curiously "yeah. vican said that he got a new couch and he really wants us to check it out" she rolled her eyes at the idea. "well i guess ill talk to you tomorrow then?"
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake nodded. He smiled at her and reached out for a quick hug. When they finished hugging he started to run home, his long legs carrying him far.
shilala / Juliet: It was about 12 noon and Juliet was sitting on Vican's couch, watching and Lloyd be idiots. She glanced at the clock on the wall frequently, wondering where Jake was. "Let's start already!" Dawn complained. "No," Juliet snapped. "Not without Jake." Where are you? she wondered with a worried expression.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake slumbered into the garage and sat on the couch. His side ached with pain. He saw Juliet's perfect face and couldn't help but smile. "Sorry I'm late..." he whispered. He gripped his side for a second then pretended it wasn't hurting. He took his older guitar out of its case. "My new one is getting fixed.." he said, avoiding eye contact with anyone.
shilala / Juliet: She smiled at Jake and stared at him in confusion. "But your guitar was just fine yesterday...What happened to it?" she asked, staring into his eyes.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake looked down and fingered the strings on his guitar. "Eh I dropped it on the way home and it got ran over." Jake sighed and looked out the window. "So....are we going to practice or not?"
shilala / Juliet: They started playing the new song that she had written and Jake gave her the tune for it. It sounded perfect with her lyrics and his sound. When she stopped singing at one point her and Dawn began to do a dance together as Jake started his solo. It was soft, yet hard at the same time. Juliet thought it was greatest thing ever. When the solo ended she continued singing then finished with an endless note. "That was great," she said to the others. She glanced at Jake and noticed him wincing a little. "Are you okay..." she asked in a soft, yet low voice.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake stared up at her and smiled warmly. "I'm fine. I just feel a little sick I guess." They continued practicing for about 3 hours then stopped. "I guess we are going to stop for now...do you guys want to go out to eat?" Jake asked them, glancing over at Juliet. They all agreed and started heading out to Vicans car. "Umm...your car is too small to fit us all in. Why don't we walk?" They all agreed and began walking down the street in the safest neighborhood in town. Jake walked slowly, staying behind everyone else. He signed and stared at the sky as he walked.
shilala / Juliet: "you okay back their Jake?" Juliet asked, glancing over her shoulder. She slowed down to be by his side. The others were to wrapped up in their conversation to even notice. She stared at Jake, her eyes wandering his face, searching for the secrets hidden beneath his eyes.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake looked at her and smiled. "Yeah..I'm fine. It's just been a rough day I guess. I'm really upset about my guitar. It was a 3000 dollar guitar and now it is going to cost 500 dollars for repair. But my dad is paying for it so it's okay.." Jake took in a deep breath then yelped. He gripped his side in pain.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet stopped and watched as Jake squatted to the ground in anguish, gripping his side. "Jake..you're hurting. You're not okay." The others noticed they were far behind and stopped. "What's takin you guys so long!?" Lloyd called to them. "Nothing, go on ahead without us, we will be there later!" Juliet called back. She knlet down next to Jake and rubbed her hand along his back. "Why does it hurt Jake...let me see it."
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake glimpsed around the street, noticing it was vacant and slowly stood up. He stared at her green eyes. She was almost a foot shorter than him. Jake slowly lifted the side of his shirt. It was completely purple and black and blue, and parts were red. His ribs seemed to be in an odd form. "It hurts to breathe," he whimpered. The two bottom ribs seemed to be out of place as if they were broken.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet put her hands over her mouth in shock. "OMG Jake, what happened?? How did you do that?" She ran her fingers over it cautiously, barely touching. She gently the two ribs that seemed out of place. "You have 2 broken ribs Jake...why?" Juliet looked up to his face, her eyes watery. She could see the pain in his eyes.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake suddenly burst out into tears. The water streamed down his face. He dropped his shirt and went down to his knees. He turned away from her and wiped away the tears. "I'm sorry..." he choked out.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet dropped down to her knees and turned his face to her. "You have nothing to be sorry for...now tell me...did your dad do that to you? What's going on Jake..tell me the truth."
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake nodded. He didn't want to look at her eyes. "I was late last night...and he blamed it on my music and crashed my guitar into my side..." Jake couldn't finish. He slowly stared up at her. "I know it happened to you...and you're strong...stronger than I will ever be....Why am I so freakin weak! I hate myself." Jake felt a deep hatred for himself. He began growing angry. But he was took weak to become extremely angry. Yet the anger burned inside him and he felt fire in his mind. "Why am I like this...why am I such a mistake.." he asked...looking down at the cement, her hands still on his shoulders.
shilala / Juliet: She put her hands on either side of his face and forced him to look into her eyes. "I am going to tell you one thing now. And listen. It is 100% the truth too. You are NOT a mistake. You will NEVER be a mistake. YOU are the strongest person I will ever know and you don't deserve anything like that. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you Jake." Tears slowly rolled down her cheeks and she tried to smile for him. "I am so sorry...it is my fault you are hurt like that. If I hadn't made you late..." her voice trailed off and she hugged him gently, trying to avoid his side.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake laid his head on her shoulder and returned the hug. He still felt angry and hatred for himself no matter what she said. But her hug calmed him down, whether she meant to do it or not. He pulled away from her and stood up. "We should get going...they are probably almost done with their food by now.." Jake held out his hand for her to take. He closed his eyes and the image of his father flashed through his mind. His body became stiff and he froze.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet grabbed his hand and pulled herself up. "Jake..you are freezing cold." She walked to his side that wasn't hurt and stared up at him. I love you so much, she said in her mind. She wanted to tell him but the words seemed impossible to say. Juliet began to think of her past and how it affected her emotionally. She remembered how Jake would always sneak out of his house to be with her when things happened and he was with her when her stepfather killed her mother and brother. Jake was always there for her. And she never knew that he would go through the same thing she went through and she felt helpless. She hated herself now. Because Jake has needed her for so long and she has been blind to see it.
vindr: ((sorry to interupt but can i join as vican?))
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake scrunched his forehead. "Are you okay Juliet?" he asked, worriedly. He stared down at her.
shilala / Juliet: She nodded and smiled. "I'm just thinking about some stuff....I'm glad you're okay Jake..I would be devastated if anything ever happened to you..you mean so much to me..you have always been there for me..." Juliet gazed into his eyes.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake looked down at her and smiled. He ran a finger along her hand and gently grabbed it, fiddling with her fingers. He smiled and looked in the direction of the restaraunt. "We need to go.." He began walking in the direction, still holding her hand.
vindr: ((can i get an answer?))
Band geeque / *Jake*: ((hey sorry we didnt see it i guess lol, sure you can join))
shilala / Juliet: She walked alongside Jake and smiled. She felt a shiver of excitement as he held her hand. her heart beat twice as fast. She felt it pulse through her. When they arrived at the restaraunt they were surprised to see the others waited for them. "'Bout time you guys get here-" Dawn said then noticed them holding hands. She narrowed her eyes and scowled under her breath. Juliet sat down on one side of the booth, followed by Jake. He took his hand away from hers and shoved it in his pocket. Juliet stared at him. She noticed his face was still depressed in a way.
shilala / Juliet: ((yea you can join))
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake made his face expressionless. He stared at Lloyd and Vican, not noticing Dawn. Lloyd seemed to be hypnotized by Dawn, who was hypnotized and angry about Jake and Juliet. They ordered their food and it arrived about half an hour later. Jake only ordered a drink and some bread. He couldn't eat anything.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet payed no attention to anyone. she barely touched her food and just sipped at her drink. she lightly leaned her head onto the wood of the wall next to her and felt the coolness of it absorb the heat coming of her cheek.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake stared up at him and smiled. "Eh nothing really, just pretty tired I guess. It's been a long week I suppose. I don't think I'm gonna go to school Monday..I might. But my mind is lagging." Jake sipped his drink and glanced over at Juliet.
shilala / Juliet: juliet glanced at jake from the corner of her eye but said nothing. she took one bite of her food and chewed it slowly, she was still processing the things she just found out about jake through her mind.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake kept a smile on his face and stared down at his food. He took a tiny bite out of his toast and swollowed it.
Band geeque / *Jake*: jake stared at the clock and noticed it was about 5 he stared at the others "hey i'm going to go. i have some other stuff to do." jake stood up and put $50 on the table "i'm paying for this one guys" he told them. he turned to the door and started walking to it.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet watched as he left out the door. she knew the reasons for why he left and she didnt say a word to him. *why wont he be there monday..* she asked herself looking at her food. she took another bite then pushed the plate away from her to take another sip of her drink. "I think im gonna go too. really tired tonight." she stretched her arms and stood up. to walk out the door
vindr: "see ya guys" vican said while thinking *crap now i'm not gonna figure this out*
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake noticed Juliet was coming up behind him he began to slow down so she could come up next to him. "I guess we left Vican with the other two idiots." he said chuckling a little.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake nodded "well I guess I'll see you monday afternoon, call me later 'kay?" Jake smiled warmly at her and turned to the direction of his house. He began jogging home at a steady pace.
shilala / Juliet: "Okay." she said solumnly to him. Juliet turned down the road to her house. Well more or less basement. She lived in the basement of a popular bar in down town manhattan. When she got there she plopped onto the mattress that set on the ground and kicked off her shoes. She kissed the picture of her mother and brother then shut off the lamp, the only light in the whole room, and fell into a dreamless sleep.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake walked into his seemingly empty house and looked at his watch, it was almost six o'clock. He regretfully looked into the dining room and saw a plate laid out with mashed potatoes and steak on it. Jake gulped and began to back away towards the door. He heard the steps coming down the stairs, "Jake is that you?" his father called out in a deep voice. Jake's heart began to beat extremely fast "Yeah its me." he said trying to keep his voice calm. His father had his belt in his hand "Why were you late again?" his father asked in an annoyed voice. "I had band practice I told you yesterday," Jake replied trying to keep his voice sincere. Jake's hand was on the doorknob to the outside door fear dreaded inside him. "You said band practice wasn't going to be long" his father replied. "I know" Jake said "but, we had to work out the new songs." his father began to walk towards him with anger growing in his eyes.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake quickly twisted the nob on the door. His eye was swollen and a dark circle was formed around it. He had red streaks on his arm from where the belt had hit him. He heard his father growling and roaring for him to come back. Jake's side pierced with pain as began running as fast as possible away.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet sat up quickly for she began to have a nightmare, she was sweating all over and tears had streamed down her face, "its just a dream.." she told herself as she sipped at her water she got up, unable to sleep and went into the main area of the club (more comfortable seating there) and sat down on the couch that set in the corner.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake stopped in an ally. He knelt over and collapsed. It hurt so much to breathe. "Juliet.." he whispered. He closed his eyes.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake quickly stumbled away. "NO!" he said ferociously and pulled away. "I don't need your goddamn help!" he yelled, anger growing. He tried to stand straight but couldn't. "I'm fine."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet fell asleep again on the couch as the boredom swept through her. She dreamt of Jake growing angry and wounding everyone in his path. She saw it in third person and she saw she couldn't get there in time to calm him down. The tears spilled down her face but she couldn't wake up from this horrible nightmare.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake turned to Vican, his anger growing every second. His eyes began glowing a bright red. "I need nothing...." he growled in a demonic voice. He began walking towards Vican, thinking of him as an enemy.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake's mind became darker and darker as the anger grew. He could barely remember anyone, it was all covered by anger. "Juliet.." he whsipered. But it wasn't enough to stop him. He stared at Vican, wanting to rip his body in half. He walked up to Vican and grabbed him by the throat, squeezing it harder and harder. He slowly lifted Vican in the air as if he weighed nothing.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet popped up on the couch seeing these horrific scenes in her mind. "please jake...wait..just wait till i get there...dont do anything stupid..." she said to herself as she was putting on her coat, she didnt care that she was wearing pj pants and a holey t-shirt just to get there would be a miracle. she ran outside to get a taxi and found it was a huge traffic jam. *why is there a traffic jam now?* she thought to herself. she started running to where the scene was in her dream hoping to find jake.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake threw Vican sideways against the brick wall. He glared at the limp body. Jake didn't feel hurt at all. The anger overwhelmed him and his body seemed to heal itself as he grew stronger with anger. He punched the wall behind Vican, causing bricks to tumble over him.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet came around the corner and fell on her knees panting. she heard the crash of bricks and knew for sure that it was jake. "just run a little farther juliet..you can do it.." she told herself getting back up and running. it was as if she was going slow-mo, her legs couldnt go fast enough. she finally got to the corner and saw jake with a fist in the wall. "JAKE!" she called
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake turned to her. His expression did not change from the evil look he was giving off. He began walking to her as if she was another enemy to eliminate.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet looked into his eyes and saw a deep red in them, "dammit jake...what happened..?" she wasnt really asking him for she knew he wasn't able to understand her. She took a strong stance and her eyes grew a bright white. She took a step forward and placed a hand on jake's shoulder and whispered into his ear and said "listen to me jake...calm down..nothing is vican's fault...he doesnt deserve to be hurt...please listen to him jake.."
shilala / Juliet: <<correction:"listen to *me* jake">>
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake's eyes slowly turned back to the green they originally were. His injuries began to return and he began feeling weak. "What...happened?" he asked, feeling dazed. He turned to Vican, realizing he was hurt. "Vican...what did I do to you?" he asked, afraid of the answer.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet kept a hand on jake's shoulder as her eyes dimmed to green. "here vican let me see your arm." she said moving from jake's side to vican's. she took off her coat and wrapped it around his arm.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake clenched his fist. He stared at Vican and Juliet and felt a tight knot in his stomache. He turned around and began running. He was growing angry because she left his side to help another guy. He knew he did something to hurt Vican, but he didnt know what. He felt as if Juliet didn't care and he was a nuttcase. He kept on running, ignoring the pain.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet held his arm gently trying to form somewhat of a brace around it with her coat. "hows your head?" she asked inspecting the dammage.
shilala / Juliet: "Look, I know Jake, sometimes even my powers can't calm him down enough. He's probably just upset about what happened and needs to run off some steam. And I know good and well that you don't know how to make a right splint either now stop mvoing your arm." she said re-assessing his broken arm.
Band geeque / *Jake*: The thought of Juliet and Vican tore into Jake like a sword stabbing his heart. His eyes were extremely red and he felt power overwhelm him. He found himself in an unknown area. There were a lot of guys wearing black hanging out. Most of them were smoking and others were drinking. "What are you doing here little boy?" one asked in a tiny voice, trying to mimic him. The others started laughing and one pulled out a knife. Another walked up to him and poked his chest. Most of them were laughing now. "Bad idea..." Jake growled. He ran towards all of them and punched one in the stomache as hard as possible. Without realizing it, his hand had gone through the man's stomache. The man coughed out blood and dropped to the ground. Some of the guys ran away but a couple stayed there, swaying the knife at Jake, trying to stab him. Jake easily avoided it and killed them all as if they were nothing. He felt a thrill of excitement inside him as his body was covered in blood. Blood that wasn't his own.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet backed away, unsure of what to do. She stared at him wiuth a worried expression. "I don't know where he is. You of all people should know he is an extremely fast runner and he could be anywhere. I just hope he doesn't do anything he'll regret..." Juliet began to back away out of the ally and glanced at Vican. "Will you be okay?"
shilala / Juliet: "I don't know if I can find him like last time..I had a dream about it. I can't dream at the moment and I don't even know if I could do it again." Juliet felt a thump in her heart. "But...I think I can feel him...I might be able to sense him." Juliet could feel the anger in Jake. It was an unbearable feeling.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake smiled and stared at his hands. The blood satisfied him. Something suddenly crashed into the back of his head. It felt like no more than a paper ball. He was not harmed by it though. He turned around to see the guys who ran away, standing there. One was holding a gun and others were holding boards. Jake grinned and glared at the guys. In a flash, they were all dead. He was covered in blood now. He suddenly felt a raindrop on his head. It was beginning to rain.
shilala / Juliet: <<hey guys ill brb>>
shilala / Juliet: Juliet nodded. She began to run as fast as her legs would carry her to the distance. As she neared wherever Jake was, she could feel the anger grow. Juliet stopped in her tracks and felt the rain pour down her face. She seen him. Jake was standing there in the abandoned area of the city, surrounded by dark figures on the ground. Her eyes widened in horror as she realized they were people. Dead human bodies. Jake was covered in their blood. "Jake..." she whispered. He turned to her and she did not recognize him. As she looked at him he resembled her stepfather. The image of her past took place at that moment. Unnoticed tears streamed down her face as she stared at Jake in disbelief.
himura lyoko: ((can i join as dawn?))
shilala / Juliet: <<sure thas fine>>
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake stared hungrily at her. He stepped over the dead bodies and the rain started pouring off the blood on his face. He was still covered in blood and his shirt was a dark red.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet was still panting from running. "J-Jake...what happened?" she asked warily. She took one step towards him and her eyes were turning white getting ready to try and calm him down.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake did not reply to her. He suddenly stopped in his tracks. He felt stiffened by her presence.
himura lyoko: Dawn sat on the library bench. Something was wrong but she didn't know exactly what. Her cell phone was at home so she couldn't call anyone. It started to rain and she put the hood up on her jacket.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet felt confident that she'd be able to help him. She took a more broad step towards him keeping a few feet from him. "Jake...please tell me the problem and I will help...just talk to me Jake..." she opened her arms inviting him to hug her so that she could calm him. It was probably impossible with how angry he had gotten.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake lowered his head and tightened his fists. "You and VICAN!" He was suddenly grabbing her arms and digging his nails into her. "Everyone is against me! I can't trust YOU or ANYONE!" he growled with anger.
himura lyoko: Dawn stood up and started walking, she headed toward the park and kept her head down. She felt like she should be somewhere but kept away.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet winced her eyes at the pain but it didn't change the tone in her voice, "Jake...what on earth are you talking about? I was only helping Vican because of his broken arm. His head was bleeding and he could have died from he loss of blood. Please don't put anyone to fault because of that.." she said calmly to him. She slowly moved her hand to his arm with a gentle touch.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake felt himself feeling warmer. He began to feel weaker as all the injuries came back. He could suddenly feel the pain in his head where someone had hit him with the board. His eyes became green again and he stared warily at her. His face held a tired expression and he could see Vican in the distance. His vision became blury and his eyes darkened. He slowly slumped to the ground and everything that happened began to play in his head.
himura lyoko / Lyoko: Dawn felt her kitten, Kari, wake up in her pocket. She pet the kittens head and sniffed the air. ~Blood~ She thought.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet knelt down next to him the blood came off her arms but she payed no attention to it. she placed her hand on his back and leaned her head on his shoulder. "It'll be okay Jake, I promise." she rubbed her hand up and down his back calming him slightly. She hummed a melody into his ear which calmed him further.
himura lyoko / Lyoko: Dawn saw Vican and ran up to him. "What happened?"
himura lyoko / Lyoko: "Jake," She looked at the blood and looked at her unconsious friend. "What happened?!"
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake began to cry. "I'm sorry," he whimpered. "I'm a murderer now..and I hurt you," he forced himself to put a hand up to her cheek. "And I hurt Vican.." Jake closed his eyes. "Why do I have to be cursed with this power?" Jake forced himself upward. "I should die. Before I kill anyone else.." He stared at the ground, ashamed.
Band geeque / *Jake*: ((lol my b))
himura lyoko / Lyoko: Dawn didn't reply.
shilala / Juliet: "Shh now Jake. Never think that way..Now let's just get you to a hospital, you too vican." she raised part of Jakes weight onto her sharing it with vican as they walked down the empty street. "Dawn help vican out over there"
himura lyoko / Lyoko: Dawn went on Vican's side and helped him hold Jake's weight. ~Hold on Jake.~
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake felt himself being moved but was too weak to talk anymore or complain about anything. The guilt seemed to overwhelm him. He lost conscious again.
shilala / Juliet: They finally reached the hospital and checked Jake and Vican in. They were both set in the same room and were getting checked out by a doctor. The doctor left the room to go get a proper brace for Vican and Juliet sat next to Jake grazing his arm to keep him calm.
himura lyoko: They got Jake to the quickly and he was admitted. Dawn hel kari in her lap as the waited for the doctor to report on Jake.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake woke up in a hospital bed. He felt extremely relaxed. "I killed 27 men," he said with an expressionless face. His voice was dull. He felt something stiff around his stomache. His head had a bandage wrapped around like a band to protect where he had been hit in the head with a board. His eye was darkly bruised and it was blury to see out of but it was managable it. "I hurt you...I broke Vican's arm. I remember everything."
himura lyoko: The doctor came out and told her that he woke up.
"He's pretty banged up but he'll be ok." Dawn sighed with relief and pet kari's soft fur, waiting for Juliet and Vican to come out.
Band geeque / *Jake*: "Hey Vican, you aren't using some sort of depressant thing on me are ya?" Jake asked, trying to sound nicer. "Because if you are..it's workin really well."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet had fallen asleep on the side of the hospital bed before Jake had woken up and she was sleeping soundlessly
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake didn't look up at him. "No. I hurt you guys. I mean, look at you. I promise I won't let myself do that to you guys..ever again."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet heard vicans words and fake slept listening intently to jakes answer
Band geeque / *Jake*: "No," Jake lied flatly. "I can't love her." Jake sighed and winced as his ribs ached.
shilala / Juliet: Her heart pulsed at his words. it hurt her deep inside and tried her best to not show she was awake but she had to atleast move a litle bit. she moved slightly on the bed burying her face in the matress
Band geeque / *Jake*: ((lol we're wincing a lot)) "Because...she doesn't need me in her life. I'm not the right one." Jake glared at the light above his bed, avoiding Vican.
shilala / Juliet: *I do need you Jake...* she yelled inside her head. why couldn't he see that? she asked herself. she moved a little bit more exaggerating each movement.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake shook his head and closed his eyes, "I'm not blind I am speaking the truth," he said in a small voice. Jake looked down at Juliet as she slept. *I love you so much it hurts...* he thought to himself. He gazed at her perfect face. Jake stared at Vican, "How are you doing?" he asked trying to sound sincere.
himura lyoko: Dawn left the hospital, ~Jake doesn't need me; he has Juliet yet why do I still want him?~ She walked hom in silence. She left the others, hoping they wouldn't winder where she went. ((sorry aboput that, I've only got like 15 minutes left on my time .))
himura lyoko: She sopeed in the park and sat down on the bech, kari s=crawled out of her pocket and meowed. "What's going on Kari, everything seemed ok but now... emotions, accidents, heart break? I don't know if I can go on like this, I've wanted jake for myself but I don't want ot use my gift on him I don't know what to do."
vindr: "i'm fine, i don't know about you though you have to have a concusion because you don't seem to be thinking clearly" vican said feeling like his injuries were nothing but scratches compared to jake's
himura lyoko: "He doesn't even notice me and when he does it's only because something's wrong with my dancing." Kari meowed again. "Yes I love him but he loves Juliet, I looked into his heart when we were performing once, it was set on her..." She felt a taer mix with the rain water on her cheek.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake shook his head in disagreement, "I know exactly what I am saying." Suddenly the door burst open and Jake's father stood in the doorway. He acted as if he was an average father worried about his son. Jake gulped in fright.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet was walking back with all of the tears wiped away so it wasnt showing how she truly felt. she got to the door and there he was...Jake's father..
himura lyoko: "Maybe I should just quit...."
himura lyoko: "I'll call Vican's cell." She dialed his number and waited for him to pick up.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake quickly sat up on the bed his eyes were almost watery his breathing became heavy. "What are you doing here?" he asked in a panicky voice. His father chuckled a litle "well i came to see my only son" he said in a cheerful voice.Jake gulped, he wanted to get away but all the tubes attached to him made it practically impossible to move.
himura lyoko: Vican wasn't picking up and he always does. She got up and picked up Kari, running back to the hospital.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet walked into the room and sat on the other side of jakes bed not looking at him in the eye.
himura lyoko / Lyoko: Dawn walked into the room and froze. Jakes father had his back to him and she edged into the room silently.
shilala / Juliet: "sir you are not welcome here." she said in a stern voice. she took a strong stance ready for anything to happen.
himura lyoko / Dawn: Dawn stood next to Vicans bed.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jakes father stood up and glared at Jake. He said "well Jake I will see you at home." he said trying to sound calm. he gave everyone a cold stare and stomped out of the room. Jake relaxed a litle but still felt worried.
himura lyoko / Dawn: "jake, you're not sereously going home are you? he'll murder you!"
shilala / Juliet: "Jake you are not going home.." juliet said placing a hand on his shoulder. "Where am i gonna go?" Jake had asked his eyes becoming watery. Juliet made a firmer grip. "You can stay with me I guess." she said looking to everyone else.
himura lyoko / Dawn: Dawn hessitated but nodded. "It would be best."
Band geeque / *Jake*: "Thanks you are a really good friend Juliet. but i can't." he said looking down.
himura lyoko / Dawn: "Jake, you'd be safe there."
shilala / Juliet: "Jake don't be an idiot. You cannot go home with your father like that."
himura lyoko: "I'm agrreing with Juliet. You need to stay away form him and going with her will be the best we can do for now."
himura lyoko: Dawn put a hand on Vicans shoulder. Making him sit down.
Band geeque / *Jake*: "I don't have a choice." He said in a low voice. He stared at the clock and then glanced at Vican then glanced back up to Juliet "I just can't okay? You don't understand."
himura lyoko: "Jake please!"
shilala / Juliet: Juliet glared at Jake "Jake you of all people should know that I would undersand. I made that same mistake by going back that one night when..he..hurt my mother and brother. I am not going to let that happen to you too!" her voice began to raise as her anger brewed further. she was beginning o feel more like jake. the tears spilled over her cheeks unnoticed
himura lyoko: Dawn put a hand on Juliet's shoulder. "Jake listen to reason, please. We care about you."
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake did notice her crying. He sat up and wiped away her tears, "have you ever heaRD the expression 'tomorrow will be better'?" jake said smiling. "tomorrow will be a better day. I'll be fine I promise" Jake stared at all the tubes inside him and tried to pull them out.
himura lyoko / Dawn: Dawn stopped him and layed him back down. "Jake! Stop it, just lay down and calm down for a minute."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet put her hands firmly on his, stopping him from pulling out anymore plugs, "stop it jake...what about tonight?...I will gladly break something else of yours just to make you stay here the rest of the night." she made a motion to sit on top of him.
himura lyoko / Dawn: Jake didn't obveously need her so she smiled a Vican calmly and sat outside the room.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake sighed and layed back defeated "fine i'll stay here for the night but that doesn't mean you have to. You should go get some sleep in your own bed" he said emphasizing "your own"
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake whimpered and yelped "I don't have a damn concussion you idiot!" he yelled a little angry.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake whimpered and yelped "I don't have a damn concussion you idiot!" he yelled a little angry.
himura lyoko / Dawn: Dawn fell asleep on a hospital bench outside the room. Kari meowed beside her and went into the room. Meowing again.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet glared at him and sighed in defeat "fine but that doesn't mean i wont be here tomorrow to check on you.." she poked his nose being precise. she began to walk out the door "vican hope you get better soon okay?" she headed out the door then to sneak onto the bench dawn was on.
himura lyoko / Dawn: She woke up and sat up, "No, he obveously doesn't need me so I'll leave." She went into the room and got Kari without a word and headed for the door.
himura lyoko / Dawn: She sat back down on the bench. "he doesn't care for Kari so Juliet, you can take the bed!' It was a lame excuse to hide what she knew, he didn't want to see her.
shilala / Juliet: "no dawn you can have it. I'm not even tired...more along the lines of angry.." she shook her head" anyways why dont we all just go get something to drink ok?" she asked.
himura lyoko / Dawn: "I'll go to bed, it's been a long day for me." she took Kari and went into the room, keeping quiet she layed down on the bed and slept. ((I gtg guys, don't do too much without me.))
shilala / Juliet: <<haha good luck with the 7am thing i sure wont be here lol ill be sleeping thank god for vacations! ^_^>>
Band geeque / *Jake*: ((crap sorry i had to go and now im back and everyone is gone lol i wont be on till 12 pm my time))
shilala / Juliet: <<hey im still here>>
himura lyoko: Dawn fell asleep quickly, she didn't need a blanket; it was warm enough already. Kari stayed awake and explored the room, meowing once in a while.((I have school so this'll be my only post till around 3-4 o'clock my time.))
shilala / Juliet: Juliet blushed at Vican's words but shook her head "I'm not so sure..." she looked down at her warm drink. "Yeah I'm gonna stay. If he's gonna be so stubborn then so am I.." she mostly muttered the last sentence to herself <<ok my only post till...3-4 my time too lol>>
himura lyoko: Kair jumped down from the bed Dawn was on and jumped on Vican's lap. Dawn woke up and sat up, she'd heard what they'd said vaigly. "He's stupid to think we don't know him well enough to tell that he's scared."
himura lyoko: ((I'm stuck with my dad tonight and I usually come on around 9 pm my time. so hopefully you guys don't do too much without me. I go on christmas break after tomarow so I'll be on alot if I'm not doing home work ^_^;))
himura lyoko / Dawn: She nodded. "He... l-loves her and yet he wants to get rid of her. If he makes it through this and ends up ruining it for them both I'm just gonna finish what those guys didn't."
himura lyoko / Dawn: ((i gtg and my mom just informed me that i was grounded for the night but i'll find a way to get back on @ nine, maybe. c ya!))
shilala / Juliet: Juliet had fallen asleep to their words, not wanting to hear anymore of it. Again, she slept dreamlessly
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake quickly sat up on his bed. He could barely sleep. He looked over and saw Juliet laying there, asleep. His eyes grew sad and he turned the other way. He wanted to leave the hospital. Jake stared at all the tubes and began pulling them out. He unplugged the monitor and slid his feet to the cold floor. Jake stood up and immediately fell to the floor, making a loud clunk.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet awoke to the sound and sat up quickly. She saw Jake on the floor. She stepped over to him tapping her foot. "And what pray-tell are you doing out of bed?"
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake stared up at her in surprise. "I'm getting out of this place. I hate the hospital.." Jake didn't want to close his eyes because he kept picturing all the men he killed. "I don't want to be around this stuff.."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet knelt down next to him, "so you want to go back to his place?" she asked emphasizing his. she placed a hand on his shoulder, just the idea of having him go back to that was horrible for just her.
Band geeque / *Jake*: "I'm not going home," he said flatly. "I will get money and run away. Maybe I can go to Florida or some place. I am getting away from here. I can't stand it here." Jake shrugged her hand off of him, not wanting to be touched.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet looked down, all anger boiling over. She slapped him in the face, "You are not leaving here Jake. If not for your friends, then what might happen. Do you know what might happen if you get too angry in Florida or any where else? You could end up arrested..or killed..for the things you could do.."
Band geeque / *Jake*: "I've already killed people Juliet!" he yelled, ignoring the sting on his face. He looked up at her, trying to keep his voice low enough. "I want to die! I want to be away from everyone so I can't hurt anyone anymore. You don't know how it felt...to kill people...I liked it."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet stared wide eyed at him. "Jake..." she became teary eyed again, not of sadness but anger. She gripped his shoulders and pushed his back to the metal on the side of the bed. She growled low and quiet trying not to wake anyone. "The only person you'll hurt is m-your friends, if you leave! Never say you want to die. All of us would be lost without you!"
Band geeque / *Jake*: "HOW DO YOU KNOW I WON'T KILL YOU??!?!" he asked, not caring how loud his voice became. He began to grow angry. "I couldn't live with myself anything ever happened to you..guys. I'm a danger to you guys."
shilala / Juliet: "DON'T YOU REALIZE IT YET?! I DON'T GIVE A DAMN IF YOU HURT ME!! THE ONLY PERSON I CARE ABOUT IS YOU!!" she was yelling as well and wasn't even realizing what she was saying until they were spoken.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake stared at her blankly. "Well...I DO care about you. I don't want to hurt you." Jake lowered his voice. "I don't want to see you anymore. Leave me alone." Jake turned away from her, the coldness of the metal making him shiver.
shilala / Juliet: That did it. The thing that would hurt her almost as much as if he were hurrt. "Fine.." she said feeling the storm of despair hover over her head ready to strike as soon as she left the room. She left the room slowly taking her coat with her.
shilala / Juliet: That did it. The thing that would hurt her almost as much as if he were hurrt. "Fine.." she said feeling the storm of despair hover over her head ready to strike as soon as she left the room. She left the room slowly taking her coat with her.
Band geeque / *Jake*: A tear strolled down his cheek and he leaned against the bed. He slammed his fist on the cold ground. "DAMN HER!" he yelled in anger. He laid there, not wanting to move. He just wanted to die.
shilala / Juliet: As it rained outside, the tears spilled. She let it all out now not caring if people looked at her like she was a psycho. "WHY DOES HE HAVE TO BE SO FUCKING STUBBORN?!?!?!?!?! DAMN IT!!!!" she kicked puddles sloshing through little ditches on the sides of buildings.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake wanted to close his eyes and sleep because he didn't feel like moving. He began to think about Juliet deeply. "What have I done..." he asked himself quietly." He forced himself to stand up and he put in the clothes they laid out for him. He could only find sandles and he slipped them on. He stared at Vican and Dawn and noticed they were still sleeping.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet walked down the street holding the jacket close to her. She mumbled another string of profanities to herself. A man came up behind her walking about 30 feet behind her. She heard his sloshing only because it was a vacant street, very silent. He krept closer to her until he was only three feet behind her. She held herself tighter, stifling the panic brewing inside her, "Why, hello there." said the man. The sudden tone of someones voice made her jump and walk faster.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake's eyes widened. He felt something inside him telling him Juliet was in danger. He grabbed the black jacket on the coat holder and crept out the window. He felt the rain pour on him as he jumped to the ground. It made him cough as his ribs clanged together. "JULIET!" he yelled into the open street. He could sense her. Jake looked into the distance and began running, not sure of where his feet were carrying him.
shilala / Juliet: "What's your name sweet child?" the man asked making Juliet jump again. "P-please..go away.." she said. She meant it to be strong and cofident;only to come out small and meak.. "aww don't be like that sweet cheeks, I only want to..'chat' with you." he had gotten in front of her somehow, very quickly. She took a few steps backwards and began to dart. Of course this being her 'lucky day' there was a huge limb on the sidewalk which tripped her immediately flinging her to he ground. The man pinned her to the ground, "PLEASE GET OFF OF ME!!" she yelled trying to move.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake heard a screech not far away. It was Juliet's voice he knew it. He began to grow angry at the thought of someone hurting her. "JULIET!" he yelled in anger. He began running until he found a guy on her. "GET OFF HER!!!!" he yelled. He felt no pain. It was all replaced by anger. "Do you want to join us?" the man asked, standing up. Jake scowled and ran into the man and elbowed him to a wall. He grabbed the man's throat and lifted him in the air.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet stood up quickly. "Jake watch it!" she called. He was about to kill the man and, not that she didnt want the man to be hurt for what he did/was about to do, but she couldn't let anyone be killed. she quickly wrapped her arms around Jake's waist and her eyes grew white.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake felt weak and tired as his wounds returned. He began to feel calmer. "But...Juliet..he should die.." he whispered. He backed away and dropped the man. The man gasped for air.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet held onto him "Jake...I'm not saying he doesn't deserve something horrible...but no one deserves to die..." She stepped in front of him and gazed into his eyes. "Any better?"
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake nodded and glared at the man. "Let's go before I do decide to kill him." Jake grabbed her arm and started dragging her back to the hospital. He did not want to talk to her about anything; he just wanted to make sure she was safe.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet held onto his arm tightly. She didn't feel like talking either. They re-entered the hospital through the window not wanting to get in trouble.
Band geeque / *Jake*: ((whoa didnt see u vican lol))
shilala / Juliet: <<oh crap sorry hehe you kicked him in the face..im still friggin laffing idk why...>>
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake let go of Juliet. "I'm going to go for a walk. Vican, you can take care of Juliet."
Band geeque / *Jake*: ((lol nice))
Band geeque / *Jake*: ((i like cheese))
shilala / Juliet: Juliet stood up "and where are you going..?" she was still breathless from the run earlier.
Band geeque / *Jake*: ((lol idk))Jake stared at her then at Vican. "Nowhere in particular. But not the hospital." Jake felt the cold rain let down a little. "I might sneak in my home and grab some stuff."
shilala / Juliet: "Now wait a minute Vican. Maybe one of us should just go with him just in case." she said standing next to Jake.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake scowled and began to walk away. "I don't need you guys. I'm only going to be in there for a second to get a few things then I'm off. I'm not even going through the door. I'll be fine."
Band geeque / *Jake*: "No. It doesn't matter." Jake continued to walk, wanting to get away from them so he didn't have to hear anymore lecturing.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake shook his head. "Whatever. If you want to." Jake continued walking, then glanced back at Juliet. His heart seemed to stop as he looked at her. He quickly turned back to the direction of his home.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet didn't have much strength left to argue anymore. She just sat in the chair and awaited there answers.
shilala / Juliet: <<x last post>>
Band geeque / *Jake*: ((i have a headache so im getting of eliteskills for a while..))
shilala / Juliet: Juliet nodded "please be safe..both of you.." she said under her breath she sat in jake's hospital bed for a while and fell asleep.
shilala / Juliet: <<a**hole..no just kidding. grr...now theres nothing else to do! -.-...a**hole..*
shilala / Juliet: <<omfg! x last two posts..im really not into roleplaying lord! lol lemme try this again..>>
shilala / Juliet: Juliet followed in behind them for a while until they had gotten close to her street. "look, come back to my place when you get your stuff. you guys know where it is right?"
shilala / Juliet: "Yeah.." she looked at Jake then to Vican. "See you guys there.." she walked down the street slowly worried ever-so much about vican and jake.
himura lyoko: Dawn woke up after everything happened, she'd gotten up and went home and fed Kari. She checked her messages and there was one from a club about an hours drive from here.
"Our last band canceled so if you guys are free this saturday that'd be great>" She got the number and made a mental note to tell Jake. She went to bed later and slept dreamlessly.
himura lyoko / Dawn: ((you guys did so much without me *tear* but i read the story so i caught up... i think.))
Band geeque / *Jake*: ((im back.................sorry gone so long))
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake nodded. "Are you okay?" he asked, wondering if this was going to be a bad idea. "I don't want it to affect you."
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake nodded and hurried into the house. He saw his father sitting on the couch. Jake's heart stopped for a moment. But his father just sat there as if there was nothing to do and he looked awefully bored. Jake ran upstairs and grabbed a dufflebag and stuffed clothes in it. He opened the top of his dresser and took out a wad of money he stole from his father. They were all 100s. He stuffed them in a different part of the bag and zipped it up. He quickly ran downstairs and out of the house. "I'm done," he said to Vican.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet placed her coat onto the hanger and sat down on the couch. She re-brushed her hair and teeth. "Please you two..be okay.." she said as if they were standing with her. She got a cup of water. <<hey guys my backspace is acting really wierd so if it either takes a while for me to respond or many mispellings im sorry in advance.>>
himura lyoko: She woke up about an hour later. Dawn called Jake's cell to try and reach him. She gat his answering machine and left a message, telling him about the gigg and to call her back ASAP.
himura lyoko / Dawn: ((great, i'm on and no one is.))
himura lyoko / Dawn: ((it's just you and me.))
himura lyoko / Lyoko: ((.....))
shilala: <<hi..there really wasn't anywhere else for me to respond but im still here>>
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: ((oh ok!))
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake shook his head. "I don't know," he said, looking up at Vican. "Let's go before anything happens.." Jake said, trying to sound happy. His cell phone suddenly vibrated in his pants. It said he had a new message from Dawn. He didn't care about listening to it yet.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: Dawn went ouside and looked around, bored from doing nothing the past few days.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet sat on the couch impatient. Her leg twitched up and down. She'd tap her fingers on the table, "erg..." she couldnt take the time. she needed to know if they were coming or not.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: Dawn went to Juliets house and knocked once, she walked in and found her. "Jake didn't answer his cell, where is he?"
shilala / Juliet: Juliet looked up at Dawn, "oh hey. Jake and Vican went back to Jake's to get some of his stuff so he can stay here. I..wonder why he didn't answer his phone..." she tapped her fingers on her knee impatient once again and now more worried.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: She felt her impatience and sat down next to her. "Relaxe, they probably wanted to get out quickly and he didn't have time to answer, i left a voice mail."
shilala / Juliet: "okay.." she did feel a little better. that could always be the possibility.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: "You're freaking out and staying calm is your emotion." She smiled.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet smiled then chuckled "hehe i guess your right. that is pretty funny isn't it? I guess its just harder for me to calm my own self." she shrugged feeling better.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: "you care about him a lot, you love him yet he wants to push you away. i'm sorry."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet nodded, "I don't know why Vican claims that he truly wants me too. Its all just a waist for Vican to even try to make me feel better about it." she looked away from dawn looking back at the bar. "do you want anything to drink?" she asked calmly.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: "Don't change the subject Juliet. you need to fight harder for Jake, he wants you to and you do to!"
shilala / Juliet: Juliet was shocked by her words, "and how are you so sure? he's the one who pushed me away at the hospital and told me to leave him alone."
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: She knocked on her head gently. "Hello! Love emotion here, I looked into his heart." Sadly. "He loves you."
shilala / Juliet: "then can you tell me this dawn? what the hell is his problem?"
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: "he's affraid he'll hurt you, ma and Vican. Especially you if he lets you too close. And if something Does happen he might do something to himself for the guilt."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet looked down at her hands, they had been pressed into fists. "i wish he'd realize that i don't care what happens to me..."
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: "But he does and it scares him."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet sighed, "well, i just wish he'd stop being an idiot.." she said placing her head in her hands.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: She put a hand on Juliets shoulder. "yes, he is but what are you gonna do but try harder. I know I would..."
shilala: Juliet sighed again, "you're totally right dawn..but all i can do is wait for now. I have no idea where they are and i cant just go galavanting in the night.."
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: She nodded. "you didn't sleep at all, go to bed and sleep for a while. I'll cook something that doesn't taste anything like that nasty hospital food we ate."
shilala: Juliet chuckled a little "okay, um, if you need anything wake me up okay?" she said standing up.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: "Bed!" She pointed to the bed room and went into the kitchen.
shilala: "hehe okay okay im going!" she went into the bedroom and layed down on the bed
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: Dawn turned on the stove and heated the pan, she put two burger patties on and let them cook.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake shook his head again. "I didn't pay attention. Let's just get out of here." Jake shived the bag to his other arm. Jake remembered that his father had glanced up at him. He kept it quiet though, not wanting to worry Vican.
shilala / Juliet: juliet slept soundlessly on her bed tossing here and there every once in a while. it was usually colder in the basement than the main part of the building so she was wrapped in a ball underneath 2 blankets.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake felt his heart beat faster. He knew his father was somewhere near as they walked. "Walk faster," he demanded. He began to double his pace.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake kept his gaze forward. "Yea. He did. Just keep walking. He will try to hurt you too if you are helping me. We need to find an open area where there are a lot of people." ((hey is this in the day time now? lol morning or middle day of the next day or something becuz if not its been a VERY long day..lol))
shilala / Juliet: <<crap im gonna have to get off soon. i sorta snuck onto my dads comp and yeah..>>
shilala / Juliet: <<haha false alarm..*smiles sheepishly*>>
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: Dawn went into the basement and woke up Juliet. "Come on, dinner's ready."
Band geeque / *Jake*: ((ok))Jake nodded and he followed Vican. He made sure to stay close to him. Jake wanted to get angry. He wanted to kill his father so he didn't have to worry about it anymore. But no matter how hard he tried he couldn't make himself angry. The only thing he felt was worry and fright.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: Dawn sensed feelings of the heart, fear. She looked at Juliet but didn't say anything, the girl was still worrying.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet opened her eyes. everything was blurry and she rubbed them once and blinked twice to get better focus. "thanks dawn." she said quietly her voice so rough from sleeping. They walked up the steps to the main section of the building and she saw the food laid out. "this looks great dawn!"
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: She smiled and sat down. "Don't hate it till you try it." She had her burger ready but she laid everything out for Juliet. She took a bite and chewed, after she swallowed she asked. "How'd you sleep?"
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake nodded. He clenched his free fist. He lifted the duffle bag and threw it over his back. "I hate running.." he muttered. This made him a little angry because he knew he was weak. He began to slow down.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: ~A new emotion.... panic.~
shilala / Juliet: Juliet took a bite then set it down to take a sip of her water. "i slept pretty well. how was it up here?" she asked conversationally, she was trying to distract herself from the growing sense of anger she felt, she knew it wasn't comming from Jake so she figured everything was fine.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: "Smooth, and don't worry Jule." An old nick name she hadn't used in a while. "They'll be fine, I think hey're on their way now. So chill, please?"
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake stopped. He dropped his duffle bag. "I don't want to. Aren't you sick of running?" Jake stared up at Vican. His eyes were a small tint of red. "I'm sick of running away in fright." Jake turned back to where his father was comming from.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: ~strength... anger.... payback.~
shilala / Juliet: Juliet nodded, "okay, i just keep feeling this sense of anger...eh it's not even close to jake's..but i guess its just someone passing by the street so i shouldn't dwell too much on it."
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: "Ok, fist off; when you're feeling like this turn off the sensors. You'll fear things that don't even relate to the problem. And two, when Jake and Vican get close I'll tell you ok?"
shilala / Juliet: "okay thanks dawn. you're really helping alot." juliet took a few more bites of the burger and stared into space for a few seconds. "so how is lloyd?"
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know. I want to fight him as he is...there is more to my father than meets the eye. I know it. I think he has my power...how else would he be so strong?"
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: "I'd rather not talk about it."
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: ~deep thoughts...~
shilala / Juliet: "aww sorry for bringing it up.." she put a hand on dawn's shoulder.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: "It's ok, I was only dating him because I was jeleous of-" She sat up straight and got a blank look. "Come on! Jake's about to face his dad and Vican thinks that they both have the same powers." She grabbed their jackets and dragged Juliet out the door, running fast.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: She kept connection with both Vican and Jake, not wanting to loose them.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake's eyes began glowing a deeper red. His voice became demonic and deep as he spoke. "I will control my anger this time..." he whispered to himself repeatedly. Jake stared at his father's shadow. "Jake...come home," his father said in a deep voice. Jake twitched a little. "No," he simply replied. Jake's father growled a little. "YOU ARE MY SON! AND YOU WILL OBEY ME!" he roared in anger.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: Dawn flinched, hearing everything. They came up upon the scene and froze. "Jake!"
shilala / Juliet: Juliet ran with Dawn. "Damn! I knew i felt something...I should have payed more attention!" she was yelling this to herself.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: "Jake!!!"
shilala / Juliet: <<ok x last post>>
shilala / Juliet: Juliet stood next to Dawn in a strong stance.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: "yeah! Stay away from him!"
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: "Jule grab his arm." Dawn took one of Jake's arms and used her powers only a little. No matter how much she wanted Jake to love her she foccused her love, for the first time, between them.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake began to power backwards. He feared his father more than anything. "I have a bad feeling about this," Jake said, he immediately regretted not running away when he had the chance. Jake quickly turned around and began running away and ran behind his friends. He looked away, "I can't do it, I can't fight my own father." His father grew anxious and glared at them. "Jake you have 5 seconds to get your ass over here before you all regret it." Jake lowered his head and started walking forward.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: Dawn held fast on Jake's arm. "NO!"
shilala / Juliet: Juliet stepped in front of Jake making him stop. "You are not going with him..."
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: "Jule and I won't let you!"
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: "Jake please..." Dawn pleaded.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake looked at Vican with worry "Vican you don't want to do that," he said in a serious tone. Jake's eyes became redder with every second, "I can't control my anger right now, back away from me please," he said to the girls. He began to walk forward with an evil look on his face. He stared at Vican like he was something to eat.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet walked from behind Jake, "Jake..calm down...there's no need to get angry.." she said steadily to Jake walking closer to him.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: Dawn grabbed Jake's arm and pulled him back, she used her love to try and calm him down. "Jake please!" Tears rolled down her cheeks.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake quickly turned around and shoved Juliet in the chest causing her to fly back and crash into a building, "Don't mess with me you bitch," he growled in a low tone. He turned back to Vican and began to walk towards them not even noticing his father anymore.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet layed in a pile of rocks. She put a hand to her head, "Damn it Jake!" she yelled. She got up quickly and took a stance next to Dawn and Vican.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake grabbed Vican's arm with quick speed and snapped it in an odd way. "He's mine," he growled. He yanked on Vican's arm and pulled him sideways. <<what happened to ur broken arm?lol>> Jake went to punch his father but his father grabbed his hand.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: "JAKE! DAMN IT! STOP IT! STOP IT NOW!" Dawn stood behind him.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: "JAKE YOU'RE HURTING EVERYONE!" ~he's not even paying attention to me.~
shilala / Juliet: Juliet walked up behind him next to dawn. "Jake please just calm down. You need to think these things through," she said trying to calm him. her eyes grew bright white.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake growled in anger. He grabbed Juliet's hands and shoved her to the ground. "STAY THE HELL OUT OF THIS!" Jake ran up to his father and shoved him in the stomach. It had little effect on him and his father grabbed his hands. Jake winced a little, his father was atleast ten times stronger than he was, he knew the others wouldn't be able to defeat him if he wasn't able to hurt him.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: Dawn ran over to Viacn and used her arms as braces for his.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet winced in pain, he had broken her wrists but that didn't keep her from standing back up.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: ((c Ya)) She removed her hands from Vican's arm for now, she'd wrapped her jacket around it. ~I finally figured it out.~
Band geeque / *Jake*: That did it. Jake suddenly pictured his father touching Juliet and made him more angry than anything. He jumped into the air and kicked his father's face then jumped to his backside and punched his father hard enough to make blood come out of his father's mouth. Jake spit at his father but the blood still didn't satisfy him.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: ~I know why he hurts the people he does.~ She watched angrily. Her eyes glowed black and she shook her head, getting rid of the color.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: ~But he doesn't even notice me,how can I tell him what I know?~
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake stepped over his father's limp body and crushed his foot into his father's back. He felt no sorrow for the cracks he heard. He looked up and smiled. In his line of vision was dawn. He had a sense to kill. He began to walk toward her, he grabbed her hair and shoved her into a wall crashing her head first.
shilala / Juliet: "JAKE!!" Juliet yelled to him. She ran to him and gripped at his arm. "JAKE STOP IT!! YOU'LL KILL HER!!!!" she yelled trying to pull his hand away from dawn.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: Dawn fell unconsious and fell to the ground, blood spilled from her head and shoulder, and she wasn't moving.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet fell to the ground next to Dawn, "Dawn! Please open your eyes dawn!" she said moving Dawn but it was of no use.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: She was breathing but only moved as Juliet moved her.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake slowly stepped back. He slowly began to put his hands up to his hair and pull it. His eyes began to turn to normal. Jake felt all the pain come back as he felt the guilt of injuring all of them, "what have i done..." he muttered to himself. He began stepping back more and started running picking up his duffle bag along the way until he was out of sight of the others.
shilala / Juliet: "JAKE!" Juliet called but he kept running. "oh jake.." she looked down to Dawn. "You'll be okay Dawn, your safe now." Juliet pulled Dawn up to one of her sides and carried half of her wait on her shoulders. She got to vican and did the same being sure not to make any sudden movements with his arm. she dragged them both to the hospital which was just down the road.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: Dawn woke up and a shar pain shot through her and it made her flinch, making it worse. She was in a hospital bed and ad tubed in her arms and a bandage around her head.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: Dawn woke up and a sharp pain shot through her and it made her flinch, making it worse. She was in a hospital bed and ad tubed in her arms and a bandage around her head.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: Dawn woke up and a sharp pain shot through her and it made her flinch, making it worse. She was in a hospital bed and ad tubed in her arms and a bandage around her head.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: ((sorry, posted two too many. ^_^;))
shilala / Juliet: "Hey dawn you're awake.." juliet said glancing up at her.
shilala / Juliet: <<erg me has to go...ill try to get on later okay? byez!>>
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: "Were's Jake?" That was all she had time to say before she fell asleep from blood loss.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: ((you there Jake?))
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: ((ok well i gtg in about a half an hour, maybe less so if you plan on rping post so we can keep going please.))
himura lyoko: ((i'm back if anyone else is.))
himura lyoko: Dawn nodded slowely, "I just want to know where he is."
himura lyoko: "I finally figured out why he hurts us. He only hurts the people her cares or cared about. The more he cares the worse he is, but he l-loves Juliet so why he did this to me I don't know. I won't be able to leave the hospital till my head heals."
himura lyoko: "ONLY to look into his heart. I would NEVER force him to love someone he doesn't want to. So don't ever think I would try to make him love me." ~no matter how I feel about him.~
himura lyoko: "She was trying to calm him down. he broke your arm and her wrist and he tried to kill me."
himura lyoko: "No it's not, he tried to control it yet it didn't work. Juliet's upset, you were hurt and I was nearly killed. Technically, it's all ulr faults."
himura lyoko: "Well you and Julie will have to find him on your own. I'm pretty much bed ridden unless you can talk to a doctor or something."
himura lyoko: "I hate it when you guys leave me behind."
himura lyoko: "No.... I don't want Jake to be hurt and I want him to come home safe. But I think you should be the one to go, I don't think Julie could take it."
himura lyoko: "Talk to a nurse and I will come. Julie has two broken wrists so that's not much help. I think my head'll be fine."
himura lyoko: Dawn sighed as a nurse came in.
"Your head wasn't as bad as we thought." She took off the bandage and held up a mirror, "You can barely see the cuts."
Dawn nodded as Vican came back in.
himura lyoko: The nurse took the tubes out and allowed Dawn to leave. She fallowed Vican quickly.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake wandered off, miles from the city. He found himself at some abandoned docks. There were rats crawling everywhere. Jake ignored them and hopped into one of the empty boats. He huddled into a ball and tried to go to sleep. He wanted to forget about all of it. "I can't believe I hurt them..." he said to himself. Juliet's face flashed through his mind. He didn't want to think about it.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet followed in behind Vican and Dawn. Her wrist were pretty banged up but she didn't care. Nothing mattered more to her than to know if Jake was alright. "Do you sense anything Vican?" she asked to distract herself.
himura lyoko: "He's..... near water, The Docks! Let's go!" Dawn started running.
himura lyoko: She stopped at the bottom of the hill and closed her eyes, concentrating. "He's cold.... trying to sleep... forget." She started running again.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet ran behind them and when she came upon Vican stretched out on the ground she helped him back up.
himura lyoko: "COME ON!" She called back.
himura lyoko: ((anyone here?))
shilala / Juliet: <<yeah h/o..my friend is fake crying thru the phone and it hurts my earss!! -.->>
shilala / Juliet: Juliet ran behind Dawn picking up pace quickly. "do you sense him?" she asked almost tripping on a few things herself.
himura lyoko: "Yeah! I've kept connection with him ever since his dad fist hurt him. We don't have much time, my head's starting to hurt so I don't know how long I'll be able to hold the connection."
shilala / Juliet: As they neared the city limits Juliet fell to the ground, trippin like vican had earlier. she quickly got back up ignoring the pain in her wrists.
himura lyoko: Dawn stopped and held her head. "We need to stop for a moment." She sat down on a bench and closed her eyes.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet sat down next to her panting. when she finally caught her breath, she began to softly sing a melody of a song she had written.
himura lyoko: She listened intently. "It's beautiful, Jake will love it and you can sing it at a gigg we got. but that's only if jake got the mesage and called back to the club."
shilala / Juliet: she looked up at dawn confused "we got a gigg? great..if only we could bring jake back.." she took in a deep breath and sung to herself lower to calm herself down more
himura lyoko: "I left a message on his phone but with everything going on he probably didn't listen to it."
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake sat up he could sense that his friends were near. He didn't want them to find him. He untied the boat from the dock and kicked it away. The boat wobbled a little as it drifted out to sea. Jake laid back down on the boat and gazed up at the stores <<can you guys find me some other day or something? its been a really long night. lets way till morning for you guys find me.>>
himura lyoko: ((ok, we'll see the boat leave and leave it at that. I'll be on around 8-9 A.M my time tomarow. I'm in the Mane to Florida region)) Dawn stood. "ok." She started running again til they got to the docks. SHe saw the boat leave. "JAKE!!"
shilala / Juliet: <<erg i cant rp anymore. the person playing jake is on the phone with me and is fake crying in my ear giving me a headachE!!!! ill tttyl ok?>>
himura lyoko: ((ok I'll talk to you both tomarow))
himura lyoko: ((anyone here?))
himura lyoko: "He won't listen to us..."
himura lyoko: ((no one here?))
himura lyoko: ((....))
shilala / Juliet: "That's true." she looked down. "look let's just give him some time to cool down a little. we can look for him tomorrow morning. remember" she tapped her forehead, "we got the senses" she smiled half-heartedly.
himura lyoko: "I just want him to know that I'm not dead..." She turned around and started walking away from the water.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet sighed and said "well that's fine." she began to walk back towards her place.
himura lyoko: "You know what? I'll stay here, I just need to be alone for a while."
himura lyoko: Dawn sat down on the dock, her feet dangling over the edge, just missing the water. ~Jake? Please talk to me.~
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: ((no one here?))
Me_and_a_half / Aka: <<whos left?Also id like to make a char to play.Jake or lloyd if possible.>>
shilala: <<well i just hung up with the person playing jake and they said that they havnt replied cuz it didnt seem like there was a place for them to post>>
shilala / Juliet: <<sorry forgot to sign in>>
Juliet walked beside vican silent, thinking intently on how to get jake back. she crossed her arms, cold now, close to the club she lived in.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: (( You can play Lloyd. We have a Jake already.))
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: Dawn layed down on the dock and sighed. "Jake, you are so dead when you get back."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet wrapped the jacket around her. She opened the door with a key from under the rug and held it open for him. When he came in she shut it and kept it unlocked for Dawn whenever she came back. She sighed, "I'd rather not talk about it..he doesnt want me to be with him because it may hurt me..but i dont care...he keeps running away because of that fact.." she began to tighten her hands into fists. "he needs to quit being an idiot and come to the fact that i dont care what happens to me.." she heaved a sigh the sung to herself again calming down. she gave vican his jacket back and went behind the counter, "do you want anything to drink?" she asked her eyes on her hands as she was fixing herself a glass of water.
shilala / Juliet: <<then sung**>>
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake must have fallen asleep because when he woke up it was morning. The sun shined into his eyes and he sat up from the boat. He looked around and noticed that he was coming close to land. He did not recognize the area at all. Jake looked at his cell phone and noticed he still had a voicemail from Dawn. He clicked the first button and listened to the voice mail. she had told him they had gotten a gigg. Jake sighed and almost threw his cell phone in the water. He quickly stopped himself and placed it back in his pocket. He would wait a few days and then find his way back to them. They could do without me for that long.., he thought to himself.
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: It was morning before Dawn went back to the hospital, out all night near cold water, it wasn't good for her with her injury. The doctor gave her some medication and she fell asleep in her room.
himura lyoko: ((no one there?))
shilala: <<im just waiting for vican to respond..sorry lol>>
himura lyoko: ((o ok))
himura lyoko: ((...))
himura lyoko: ((is this rp dead?))
himura lyoko: ((is this rp dead?))
shilala: <<man i sure hope not! i just need vican to reply...>>
vindr: ((sorry guys i've been in evansville)) after turning down the drink the next thing he remebered was waking up on the couch in the club nt knowing if juliet was awake or not so he left to the hospital to see if dawn had returned there instead of coming to juliet's
himura lyoko: She woke up around ten the next morning and picked up the book next to her to read and pass the time.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet awoke on her bed with the glass of water on the side table. she sat up touching the back of her head, all of the bashing into the wall last night caught up to her. her wrists still hurt as well but only mere bruises to her. she walked into the main part of the building and looked around. "i guess vican went to check on juliet" she said to herself. she sat down on the couch, more like plopped, and rested her head on the wall behind her. "jake...please come back.."
shilala: <<......i meant to check on dawn sorry...>>
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake sighed. He looked at the sky as he sat on the bench. He wasn't in any familiar place. He gazed at the clouds. "I'm a killer. And I have hurt everyone close to me...they must hate me...they are better off without me.." he muttered to himself. He stood up and threw his dufflebag over his shoulder. "I'm sure Juliet doesn't even care about me anymore...she is probably happy I left.." Jake began walking down the street. He had enough money to keep him alive for a while. He just wasn't sure how long he could stay away from Juliet.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet sighed and walked outside into the city streets. She had changed into black dress pants and a white button-up shirt with a black vest to go over the shirt. She had tied her hair up with a white bow. She looked descent today. Juliet felt as if she needed to clear her mind so she began to wander the streets. She found herself in the city park where many kids were playing around. Some of the boys skateboarding looked at her but she ignored them. She sat on a swing and began t swing slowly back and forth, staring at the sky. "Jake..I need you..."
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake felt Juliet inside him. As if she was apart of him. He heard an echo at the back of his head. "Jake...I need you..." it said in a soft voice. "Juliet?" he asked himself. He shook his head, deciding it was just wishful hoping. He decided he would answer back anyways, so maybe he could talk to her, even if it wasn't real. "I want to be with you...but..I'll hurt..you..." he whispered to himself, hoping he would hear her voice again.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet shook her head. "NO!" she yelled. "Jke..I want to be with you. I need you...without you my life is incomplete. I know we are only friends..but I want you to come back..because I want to be more than friends.." Juliet closed her eyes and began to picture Jake. She could barely see him in her mind. He was walking down a street. It was a familiar street to her. Juliet stood and began to run in the direction of the street, hoping she would find him.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake signed. "You don't get it Juliet. I don't WANT to be more than friends. We CAN'T be more than friends." Jake stopped and closed his eyes. He was confused by what was in his mind. It was Juliet and she seemed to be running. Jake looked around and began to walk again. "I don't want to hurt you Juliet, and the best way to prevent that is if I stay away from you."
Me_and_a_half / Aka: <<im really sorry ive been gone.am i still able to join?>>
shilala / Juliet: <<yes u can>>
shilala / Juliet: Juliet's heart stopped and she froze in place. She closed her eyes. "GODDAMNIT Jake! Why are you so fucking stubborn??" She felt like she was going to cry but the tears wouldn't show. "Jake, I know what you are feeling. You are scared. You are hurt. You don't want to hurt me. But staying away from me, away from all of us, is hurting me the most. I'd rather die by your hands than die without you. Please Jake...come back to me." Juliet dropped to her knees and started sobbing uncrontrollably.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake could feel her tears. "Don't cry." He wish he could be there to comfort her. It was killing him to be away. He closed his eyes and examined where she was. "Juliet....don't you understand? I don't want to hurt you anymore. I don't want to kill anyone. But I can't prevent it. And I have almost killed all of my friends. And it really sucks. I don't want to kill you. You mean the world to me," Jake told her, walking in the direction of where she was.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet stared at the cement below her. "Don't YOU understand Jake? I don't care what happens to me. I care about being or not being with you. And I want to be with you. It is killing me.." her voice trailed off and she began sobbing harder.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake continued walked. He could see her from afar. "Juliet.." he whispered, disconnecting their connection. He walked to her and stood right in front of her. "I want to be with you too," he said kneeling down. He put his hand under her chin and lifted her face up to meet his eyes. He sloqly qipd away her tears.
Band geeque / *Jake*: [[**slowly wiped*** ahh my b lol]]
shilala / Juliet: Juliet hugged him tightly, "I've missed you so much Jake." she held his face in her hands away from her smiling. Then she raised her hand and slapped him so hard he landed on the ground. she stood up and stepped on his chest "NEVER GO AWAY LIKE THAT AGAIN YOU HEAR ME?!?!?!?!?!" people began to look to the way they were standing.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake stared at her in wonder. He didn't move. He laid on the ground and relaxed. "I won't leave you again. I promise. I don't want you to hurt." Jake closed his eyes. "Not that my promises mean anything...I promised not to hurt you guys..and I did.." Jake sighed at himself in dissapointment. "How is Vican and Dawn? How is Dawn's head? And Vican's arm? And your..." Jake was so caught up in seeing Juliet's face he didn't notice her hands. They both had wrist splints. They had dark marks on them that were bruises he had caused. "Juliet.." He slowly stood up and gently placed her hands in his. "I'm so sorry..you all had to suffer because of me.." Jake stare into her eyes with sorrow. "This is the consequence of having me around..I will end up hurting you again." Jake made sure he stayed calm.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet put his face in her hands, "Jake, Vican's arm is fine and Dawn, the doctor's said she would be fine as well. She just had to stay at the hospital longer than we did." she wrapped her arms around him. "And Jake, we all understand why you were so angry. Please don't leave again.." she muttered the last sentence more to herself tightening her grip on him.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake smiled. "Eh..broken ribs here.." he said. He didn't really care though. He was glad she still cared about him. "Aww!!" he said trying to be playful. "You are my SHNUGGLE BUDDY!!" he yelled to her, trying to make her laugh. He hugged her around the waist and lifted her off the ground with a tight bear hug.
Band geeque / *Jake*: <<well lets see i have anger issues, umm..i had an abusive father, all this has happened in a period of like 2 and a half days lol...ehh i end up hurting everyone cuz of my anger problems lol, ehh they help me kill my father and then i end up hurting them all again...when u join u could just say u went to ur grandmas lol...i have no clue..sorry if this doesnt help..i really dont know how to say it.>>
shilala / Juliet: it worked. She started to giggle putting her arms around his neck. "sorry, forgot about the ribs thing.." she said smiling sheepishly. When he set her down she linked her arms with his and they began walking in the general direction of the hospital.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake smiled. Just the thought that he was with Juliet made him feel happy. Everything suddenly ran through his head. Why was he such an idiot before. He did all this craziness for nothing. He could have been happy with Juliet from the beginning. She wanted to be with him and he wanted to be with her..but they still weren't together. He couldn't be with her. No matter how much he wanted to.
shilala / Juliet: As they entered the door to the hospital they asked for dawn's room. when they walked in Dawn was sitting on the bed, jake and juliet's arms still linked together. Juiliet sat next to dawn's bed "how's your head?"
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake felt a dreadful feeling. He felt his heart fall down to his stomache. He didn't want to look at what he'd done. "I'm so sorry..." he whispered in a dry voice.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet put a calm hand onto Jake's arm trying to calm him slightly. Dawn had turned over, "I guess she's sleeping, might as well not disturb her," she said walking back to one of the chairs.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake nodded. He left the room and began walking down the hall. He started pacing back and forth.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet followed in after him, "you're not leaving again are you?" she asked staring up into his eyes.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake stopped and gazed back at her. "No.." he replied. "I just don't want to look at anyone I've hurt right now.." he said, turning away from her, going to a water fountain
shilala / Juliet: Juliet stood there a second, "Do you mind if I come with you?" she asked taking a step toward him.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake nodded. "Sure.." he said. He walked with her till they reached the water fountain and snake and coke machine. "Do you want anything?" he asked, pulling out his money.
shilala / Juliet: "yes but i got it." she put a hand on the one he had his money in to push it down gently. she reached in her back pocket and pulled out a dollar to get a drink. when her grape soda came out she opened it and it spewed(sp?) all over her face.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake pointed and laughed at her. "Are you okay?" he said, still laughing. He searched for some napkins and handed them to her.
bigben24fan / Sammy_: <<can i join this rp and have the power or no emotion?as a cc character?>>
Band geeque / *Jake*: <<lol yess>>
shilala / Juliet: Juliet was looking down at her drink, the fron half of her hair soaked now. She glared at Jake and snatched the napkins out of his hands, "thanks.." she said sarcastically wiping away the syrupy mess from her hair and face.
shilala / Juliet: <<sure>>
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake continued chuckling. "heheh...sorry..it's funny." Jake poked her arm. "I POKED A GRAPE!! YES!!" he ylled, not caring who looked at him.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet smacked the back of his head, "would you shutup?!" she said throwing the now empty can in the trash can.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake help in his chuckle. "Okay, I'm good now," he said. He burst out laughing again, hurting his ribs. "Owe.." he said, flinching. He sat down for a second and coughed a little.
bigben24fan / Sammy_: As Sammy reawakiend from the wreck, she fells pain down here spine, but yet she does not even flinch.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet glared at him, "its what you deserve," she said sighing. she sat next to him, "you okay?"
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake nodded "yeah I'm fine. I just, ehh..I don't know I'm still a little...hurt I guess, but I'll live. I'm sure the others are far more hurt than I am."
Band geeque / *Jake*: <<add on: Jake stood up slowly and started walking hoping it would ease the pain, gazing into all the open doors. He fell upon one where there was a girl inside. He felt some sort of coldness in his heart, as if he couldn't feel anything. He wondered if she would look up to meet his gaze.>>
shilala / Juliet: Juliet walked beside him and ran into him when he suddenly stopped. She followed his gaze to the girl and felt the same blankness.
bigben24fan / Sammy_: sammy satup and glared opon 2 blurd figures. she skwints to see them better."a girl and boy", she thought to her self,"i wander who they are?"
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake walked into the room and sat in the chair next to her. He felt completely empty inside with her presence, "who are you?" he asked with an expressionless face.
bigben24fan / Sammy_: "sammy" she replied, "do i know u? and who is that?"
Band geeque / *Jake*: "My name is Jake. This is Juliet. She's my..." Jake stared at Juliet for a moment then stared back at Sammy, "Friend," he said in a sincere voice. "Might I ask what happened to you?"
bigben24fan / Sammy_: expressionlessly sammy explained to both Jake and juliet how the earthquake cased a land slide and.. the fire that left her... well lets just say "i wae lucky to b alive!"
shilala / Juliet: Juliet stared at her, shock had broken through the blankness. "No...way..." Juliet said, the blankness coming into effect again.
bigben24fan / Sammy_: "wat is wrong? u look like u cant remember some thing...why?"
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake shook his head, "I didn't forget anything I don't think." Jake stared at the girl and then looked back at Juliet. "I will be right back," he said.
bigben24fan / Sammy_: "juliet, why did yall come here?did u see somethin in me?"
shilala / Juliet: "we didn't see anything persay...We just had a feeling about you," she said staring off after Jake. "I'll be right back," she stood up and walked after jake, the feeling of blankness disappearing as she left the room.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake was pacing in the hallway, "Did you feel that?" He said staring back at her pointing to the girl's room. "Actually, did you NOT feel that? It was as if her presence made me feel nothing. I didn't hurt and I felt no emotion. Is that normal?"
Band geeque / *Jake*: <<add on: He walked closer to her and grabbed her shoulders keeping his face a few inches from hers staring down at her.>>
shilala / Juliet: Juliet stared up at him, "Yeah, I had the same feeling. What...do you think it was?" she said trailing off looking away from his gaze.
Band geeque / *Jake*: "I don't know," he said turning away from her. He began to walk to the hospital doors. "I've had enough of this for the day, I'm going for a walk" he said looking down at his watch noticing it was five o'clock already.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet walked up behind him and touched his arm, "May I come with you? I'd rather not be alone here, plus its almost night time, don't want you getting lost hehe," she said smiling.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake sighed, "Sure," he said. "Do you want to go to a diner?" he asked. He grabbed her hand and began pulling her out the front doors.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet held onto his hand blushing slightly. "So how did your boating expedition go?" she asked looking away. It would have come up sometime might as well be now.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake stopped and let go of her hand, "I..I..." he studdered. He looked down and back up at her, "It was lonely," he said sadly. He started walking again not paying attention if she was keeping up or not, "I had alot of time to think about stuff," he said robotically.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet kept pretty good pace with him, "I'm sorry for bringing it up but...what was it you thought about?" she asked sheepishly, she didn't really want to pry but there wasn't anything else to talk about.
Band geeque / *Jake*: "A lot of things," he said dully. "I thought about you...I thought about how I hurt everyone close to me...I thought about my father...I thought about how many mistake's I've made...I thought about what I wanted and didn't want...I thought about my life..."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet nodded she didn't want to ask anymore, they were being set to a table already and, lucky for them, they got a more private booth, one with very few people around them. "Hi, I'm Julia, can I get you two something to drink?" the waitress asked. "I'll have a pepsi," Juliet said. The waitress looked to Jake as he said a pepsi as well. The waitress left then and Juliet began to fiddle with a piece of napkin.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake looked at Juliets hands on the table to what she was fiddling with her fingers. She was looking around the whole resteraunt and all he could do was look at her. He gently placed a hand on hers and stared at her eyes, "Has anyone told you you look amzing today?"
shilala / Juliet: Juliet blushed a little then remembered the grape juice incident, "are you being sarcastic?" she asked glaring at him.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake chuckled a little and his eyes glistened from the light, "No I'm not kidding, You look beautiful everyday, and everyday you grow more beautiful in my eyes." by the time he finished saying this the waitress had returned with their drinks and asked for their orders. Jake ordered a burger and fries.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet flushed every red there was possible and was still blushing as the waitress came up. Aftre Jake had ordered she said "I..I..I'll have t..the same thing.." she stuttered the shock still in her tone.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake laughed, he'd embarrassed her and he knew it. He chuckled a little trying to keep his expression normal, he was still playing with her fingers tracing his index finger on top of hers.
shilala / Juliet: As the waitress left she looked back to him. She traced his hand the same way his was tracing her's. When she began to draw pictures on his palm she gazed into his eyes.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake quickly pulled away and turned his head a different direction, "I'm sorry I can't do this.." he said in a low voice. He sighed and sat back in the booth. He shoved his hands in his jacket pockets and looked at one of the many ceiling fans.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet felt a little pain surge through her stomach at once but stifled it back. "That's fine.." she said looking down at her now empty hands.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake gulped and his face became pale, "I'm really sorry Juliet..I really don't mean to be leading you on then turn you away like this. I don't know what's wrong with me.." he muttered.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet shrugged and looked to the table blankly, "It's not your fault...there's nothing wrong with you either...its just me...if you don't like me like that...then I should just get over it right?" she said shrugging once more and smiled unwillingly up at him.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake shook his head annoyed with himself, "that's not the case Juliet. It's not that I don't like you that way, trust me my feelings for you are really strong. I don't want to be close to you though because I'm afraid that I will hurt you." Jake stared at her and tried to figure out why he was such a retard. He had a beautiful girl right in front of him who wanted to share special moments with him but he was too retarded to realize it.
shilala / Juliet: Just then the waitress came around with there food and Juliet pulled back. She had been unconciously leaning toward him. when the waitress left after refilling their drinks, Juliet looked at him, "will you please understand me? I would rather be with you than to be alone in that shack of a place I live in..I don't give a damn if you hurt me or not...please understand that. I don't care what you are or what you've done...I just lo..like you for you.." she said leaning toward him agin.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake sat back and picked out a french frie, "but you don't understand, I don't like you......." his voice trailed off as he ate the french fry. He waited until after he swallowed it and he stared at her. "I love you too much to hurt you. I'm so afraid that I will hurt you, especially when I'm angry. But I don't want to be like my father." Jake leaned back and realized that he said he loved her and quickly regretted it thinking that she wouldn't say it back and that she would be scared off by it.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet's heart skipped a beat. "Y-You really love me?" she asked gazing into his eyes. She didn't notice that she had begun to smile.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake began blushing he looked down at his fork, "Its hard not to..you're amazing.." he said in a low voice. "But because of the fact that I do, I don't want to be with you."
shilala / Juliet: "heh, the others said you loved me too..but i never thought it was true...that you actually would love me back.." she muttered to herself.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake lifted an eyebrow,"the others knew that?" he asked in an afraid tone. His expression slowly became soft. "I love you.." he said in a small voice.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake lifted an eyebrow,"the others knew that?" he asked in an afraid tone. His expression slowly became soft. "I love you.." he said in a small voice.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet blushed and said softly, "I love you too..."
Band geeque / *Jake*: "You know..it isn't even hard to say it now.." he softly said. His heart seemed to beat twice as fast everytime he said it. "Juliet..." he began in a quiet tone. "Are you sure...that we should be together?" he looked away from her as he said this. "I mean..I've killed a lot of people..." Jake choked on his words as he said this. "I wish it never happened..but..that doesn't change how you feel?" he asked in wonder.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet smiled warmly to him, "Although you know I hate that people have died...It could never change the way I feel about you. That anger...its not the real you..I know who the real you is.." she said calmly. Her eyes were warm now.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake shook his head. "No," he began. Something in his mind blocked him from being nice. He stood up uickly and pulled out 20 dollars for their meal. "I can't do this.." he muttered. He walked out of the diner without looking back and began walking down the street slowly. "I'm sorry."
shilala / Juliet: "Jake?" she spoke loudly standing up. She walked out quickly, trying not to be rude to those around her. "Jake? What is it?" she asked though he was way too fast for her.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake stopped in his tracks and stomped back to her. He grabbed her arms roughly and tightened his grip. "Juliet, don't you understand? I'm violent even when I'm not angry. I can't be in a relationship with you. This can never happen! WE can never happen!" he yelled at the top of his lungs, not paying attention to who was watching.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet winced at his words. She felt humiliated that everyone around was watching plus the fact that his nails were digging in her skin all made the tears spill over.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake could see the sadness in her eyes. He leaned down and closed his eyes and kissed her gently on the lips. He continued kissing her. He didn't want the moment to end.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet winced but closed her eyes slowly. she kissed him back unable to move her arms.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake released his lips from hers and let go fo his grip. "That...can never happen again," he told her, staring straight into her eyes with a sincere, innocent look.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet nodded slowly. She put both of her hands to her chest. Her heart began to hurt even if she was perfectly healthy. There came more tears and she stepped away from him a little.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake gave her a worried and sad expression. "I know it's hard...but..we just can't. It won't end well..I just know it. Our friendship is fragile enough..." his voice trailed off and he took a step closer to her. Without her moving, he wrapped his arms around her, making her head lay on his chest.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet let the tears fall. It soaked into his shirt but she didn't want to let go of him. She wrapped her arms around him still crying. "But...don't you think...we could be..we should be..." she couldn't finish her sentence the tears were making it too hard.
Band geeque / *Jake*: "I do.." he said, laying his face on her head. "I really do..but..I'm afraid. And I don't want to be afraid. I want to get rid of this power. When it is gone...things will be better. But for now.." Jake kissed her forehead gently. "I'll be here..and I'll save you...from myself."
Band geeque / *Jake*: [[..............................]]
shilala / Juliet: Juliet shook her head. "Please Jake I'm begging you..don't leave again..please..." she held him tighter, her eyes were drying only because she couldnt cry anymore.
Band geeque / *Jake*: "I won't leave you again. I promise. I told you I'd be here. To save you from myself..." he whispered, keeping a gentle grip on her. "I won't let myself harm you anymore.."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet nodded. He'll be here..with her..that was enough for now.."But..how..will you get rid of the power..?" she asked out of curiousity.
shilala / Juliet: <<conflab it...i g2g for now..ill be back on later...or well i can switch to my dads comp. be on in like 15 mins>>
BLlND / Emily3773: (Can I join as a cc character)
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake smiled. "I'll find some way.." Jake released her warm body and sat on the bench not far from them. He looked at the sun setting and the stars showing.
Band geeque / *Jake*: ((yea u can join))
BLlND / Emily3773: Hello My Name Is Emily
shilala / Juliet: <<sure>> Juliet looked at him for a minute. She sat down next to him. "I really do love you. And...if you don't want to be together with me, then that's fine," she set a hand on his softly. "Then I'll wait. And if you want help trying to get rid of your power...then you can ask me."
BLlND / Emily3773: Emily was walking down the street carrying her groceries. She looked around and noticed a couple sitting on a bench. She snickered a little and noticed how cozy they were, but she did sense a giant fear coming from the boy. She shrugged her shoulders and continued walking hoping to ketch home before it got too dark and late.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake smiled at her "Thanks," he said in a small voice. He looked at the sky and gazed at the beautiful stars. "I'd say you were as beautiful as the stars, but the stars are nothing compared to you." he said smiling back at her. He rubbed his thumb on her finger and pushed her hair behind her ears.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet smiled at him and leaned her head on his shoulder and sighed. "You know I still haven't forgiven you for that grape soda thing.." she said gigginling a little
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake let out a sigh of relief to know she wasn't angry or upset anymore. Or atleast, she wasn't showing it. He layed his head on hers and closed his eyes. He grabbed her hand with his other hand and wrapped his other hand around her shoulders. "Does this make you feel safe?" he asked in a dull tone.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet nodded and slided closer to him for it had gotten colder outside.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake suddenly felt a piercing sharp pain go through his head. He suddenly had a migrain. He tightened his eyes and loosened his grip on Juliet. He let go of her hand and began to rub his temples.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet looked at Jake alarmed. "Jake?..what is it?" she asked softly.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake looked back at her trying to stretch his face hoping the pain will go away, "Its nothing," he said. "Just a headache," he said trying to sound sincere. Jake grabbed her hand again and tried to relax. He continued opening and closng his eyes trying to blink away the migraine.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet looked at him suspicously but thought nothing more of it. She layed her head back on his chest and closed her eyes stroking his hand.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake smelled her hair and it smelled of coconut butter. He always loved that smell. Her gentle touch brought chills down his neck. The hair on the back of his neck stood up and he felt a shudder of excitement go through him. He began shivering all over and his body felt numb. He took a deep breath and sadly pulled himself away. He put his elbows on his knees and shoved his face in his hands. His head was hurting too much to enjoy the moment.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet grazed her hand on his back gently, "Jake you okay?"
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake shook his head,"No I suppose not," he said exasperated. "I just feel like I have a migraine I suppose," he said. "Can we go home and go to sleep?" he asked a little out of it.
shilala / Juliet: "Okay." She grabbed his hand to help lift him up since he sounded a bit faint.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake shifted his weight partly on him and her, he didn't want to be a burden even though he knew he was. She began to lead him to her place beneath the bar. His head pounded from the music playing as they reached the bar and went inside.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet helped drag him down the stairs and into her bedroom. She sat him on her bed and ran up to get him some water. When she came back she sat it on the side table. she turned all of the lights off because of his headache except for 2 lamps that only dimmed the room, but you could still see everything.
Band geeque / *Jake*: "You know...you can sleep on the bed too...I'm not going to kill you.." Jake said tiredly. He lifted an arm up, waiting for her to slide in next to him.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet smiled and laid next to him. "It wasn't that. I just thought that you'd want some space for your head." she leaned her head against his chest.
Band geeque / *Jake*: "Eh...I'll live," he said. He laid his arm around her waist and brought him closer to her. "You're warm," he chuckled. He closed his eyes and slowly drifted to sleep. Jake began having a nightmare about him killing all those men. And his father. It made him shiver as if he was cold. But his face became red and sweaty as he slept. "No..no.." he muttered as he slept.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet looked up at him. "Jake?" she whispered silently. He was shaking all over yet he seemed to be very warm. She put a hand to his face to calm him down a little but it did no good.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake began shaking uncontrollably. He wanted to wake up but his dream wouldn't let him. He was now seeing his father come near him. "Get away.." he whimpered. He was just a little boy, crying in a corner. "Please..leave me alone.." he whispered as tears slid down his face. He was now turning into a monster. He stood up and soved his father. He ended up shoving Juliet off the bed and throwing her across the room as he felt anger and fear overtake his dream. "Get away from me!!" he yelled.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet hit the wall. When she was on the ground she looked up to Jake. "Jake?! What's going on?!" she yelled to him. It was as if he was unconcious of everything around him.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake shook his head. Juliet's voice was near. "Juliet.." he said in a worried tone. He was now seeing her in his dream. She was on a high bridge over miles and miles of cliffs and rocks. "Juliet!" he yelled. He held out his hand to her but she jumped over the cliff. "It's you fault I'm dead," a hoarse voice suddenly appeared around him. He turned around and his mother's corpse was there. "Mo-mom?" he stuttered. He began backing away. He suddenly bumped into another person. He spun around and Juliet was standing there, blood covered her body. Her head was smashed in and bones stuck out of her arms and legs. "I died because of you Jake," she said. "This is my death because of you. You killed me," she said in a dull tone. Jake shook his head. "No..No.." he muttered as he began backing away from both of them. Juliet nodded. She began walking toward him. "You killed me the day you said you'd save me from yourself," she began laughing as she walked toward him. He was backing up so far he didn't realize he was at the end of the bridge. She took another step and he fell over. "Juliet!!" he screamed as he began falling.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet grabbed Jake's shoulders shaking him. "Jake! Jake! It's okay! I'm right here!" she yelled to him. She held his face in her hands looking him in the eyes.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake continued falling as he slept. He was suddenly playing his guitar in the band. Juliet was right there, alive. She smiled at him as she sang. Jake looked around and the others were nothing but skeletons. It made him feel sick. Juliet looked at him again and her face was rotten with maggots. "You killed us all Jake. It's all YOUR fault!" she yelled into the microphone. Jake stopped playing his guitar and threw up on the stage. He felt sick to his stomache. Jake turned around and ran off the stage. He began running into the street and came upon Vican and Juliet. They were kissing in the hallway at school. But they were a few years older. Juliet looked over at Jake. "See Jake. If you had left and never returned I would have been happy and lived." Jake shook his head and ran in the other direction down the endless hall. His side hurt from all the running but he continued. He finally reached an end. He was at the edge of a cliff. "If you die..everything will be better Jake." Jake turned to see Juliet in a wedding dress, holding Vican's hand. Jake stared at her in bewilderment. He didn't know what to say. He gulped and looked down. But if she would be happy and alive he would do it. Jake willingly jumped off the cliff. He felt like he was flying as he fell. "Goodbye...Juliet.." he whispered.
shilala / Juliet: "JAKE!" she yelled again. but this time she slapped him to wake him up.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake shot up as he hit the bottom of the cliff. He leaned over the bed and began to throw up blood. He closed his eyes, his head pounding. He knew it was more than a dream.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet rubbed the back of his head gently trying to calm him. Her eyes grew white and brightened the room with their brightness. "Shh...its okay now Jake.."
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake turned to her, trying. He sat up and hugged her tightly. "You're alive Juliet..you're alive.." he whispered, rocking back and forth. He felt calmer but no power could take away what he had dreamed.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet held him gently close to her. "yes Jake. I am. Here Jake." she reached one hand to his glass of water. "drink some of this. You're sweating like a pig."
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake realized how sweaty he was. He wiped off his face. "I had an aweful dream..." he muttered, taking the glass and sipping some of his water. "I know what I have to do I guess..." he muttered looking down.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet put her hand on his. "What do you mean?" she asked with a worried look on her face.
Band geeque / *Jake*: He smiled up at her. "It's nothing to worry about tonight," he whispered. Where's your bathroom? I need to take a shower before I become more gross."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet smiled and pointed towards the door. "Down the hall and to the right. It may be cold water though.." <<this will be my last post for now im getting kicked off the comp :[ so yeah c ya!>>
Band geeque / *Jake*: "That's fine.." he whispered, a little tired. He walked down the hall and found the shower. Maybe the cold water would wake him up.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet sat on the bed feeling little bruises on her back. She rubbed her back once to massage it a little bit. She took a sip of her own water that had been lying on the ground.
Band geeque / *Jake*: When Jake ot out of the shower he walked back to her bedroom. He simply sat on the floor and laid his head against the wall.
himura lyoko: ((I'm lost but I'm back, where should i come in?))
himura lyoko: ((All right, I'll just keep going from the hospital.)) Dawn sat up, the doctor came in and told her she'd been out cold for about a week. Her head was partially healed but she'd have to stay. She groaned and layed back down on the bed.
himura lyoko: "No thanks," she sat up carefully. "Any word from Jake? And how's Julie?" ((i gtg, grandmothers, I'll be back on tonight.))
shilala: Juliet looked at Jake a bit worried, "Do you want some more water?" she asked motioning to his now almost empty glass.
himura lyoko: She sighed and closed her eyes. ~Jake, what's up with you.~ "I just hope he doesn't feel too guilty about what happened to us.
himura lyoko: Dawn flinched a little but nodded. "Yes, he was probably ready to kill himself when he realised what he did to her."
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake shook his head at Juliet. "No, I'm fine. You should get some rest though. I'm just going to sit here for a while.." he said. When she fell asleep he would go take a walk to think about things.
himura lyoko: "No, if Jake wants to talk to me he will come and talk to me. I won't fore him or draw him here. He's going to have a choice for once."
himura lyoko: She looked sideways at him. "Hey, why were you here for so long? I figured you'd be with Juliet or something, looking for Jake or just making sure she doesn't go insane with depression."
himura lyoko: She sighed, "I'm all right. Sadly though, I think it would've been best if I had died..." She didn't look at Vican as she spoke.
himura lyoko: "Really? How do you know that? Maybe it would be better if I had died and everything would keep going. The world wouldn't stop because I died. I know yours wouldn't and neither would Jake's or Juliet's." She spoke calmly.
himura lyoko: ((I gtg and I go back to school tomaorw so I can post in the morning then when I get home. C ya!))
himura lyoko: "you... what?" She looked at him cureously.
shilala: Juliet fell asleep silently on the bed, tired from all that had happened today. She held the pillow close to her.
himura lyoko: "Please tell me!" She gave him the puppy dog eyes that worked so well with guys.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake waited till Juliet was fast asleep. He stood up and exited the bar. He stared at the sky and his nightmare kept flashing in his brain. He would be the demise of all his friends. Jake shook his head. "No..it isn't true!" he muttered to himself. "But it is..." a voice hissed to him. Jake spun around and saw no one. "Who is that? Who's there?" he asked. He heard no reply. Jake began running to the hospital to see if he could see Vican or Dawn. Jake calmly walked down the hall and sat in a chair outside the door. He could hear Vican's voice inside.
himura lyoko: "Vican, you know I hate it when you hide things. The nurse wants to change the bandage on my head so if you have something to say say it now before she makes you leave."
himura lyoko: Dawn watched him leave and leaned back against the pillow. ~What's wrong with him now? Am I the only sane one among us?~
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake stood up and saw Vican leave Dawn's room. "Hey Vican," he whispered. "Long time no talk."
himura lyoko: The nurse came in and changed the bandage on Dawn's head.
"It's healing fine, a few more days maybe." Dawn nodded and layed back as the nurse left.
himura lyoko: ((no one on?))
himura lyoko: ((anyone on?))
himura lyoko: ((jake and Julie aren't?))
himura lyoko: ((great... what do we do now?))
vindr: ((no clue))
himura lyoko: ((we'll have to wait till when they post to keep posting.))
himura lyoko: ((...))
himura lyoko: ((so alone))
himura lyoko: ((not much we can do alone is there?))
himura lyoko: ((so what do we do? wait?))
himura lyoko: ((no one's ever on anymore))
himura lyoko: ((I'm stuck with my father again this weekend, if we go to his gf's house then I might get on but I don't know. See you sunday.))
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake laughed a little. "Don't worry...your secret is safe with me," he said, putting a hand on his shoulder. "If you want to be with her, tell her how you feel," he told him, smiling.
himura lyoko: Dawn looked out the window for a moment then closed her eyes calmly, so bored with nothing to do.
himura lyoko: ((no one on again?))
himura lyoko: ((*sigh.*))
Band geeque: ((grrr vican needs to reply!!))
Band geeque: ((oops thats jake lol er my b forgot to sign in lol))
shilala / Juliet: <<hm..i couldnt think of anything for me to post...sorry if this is really bad. please ignnore if u dont want it in here>> Juliet woke up looking around finding that there was no Jake. "grr..I'm so going to kill you Jake.." she muttered to herself. She got up and got dressed. She stepped out of the bar when it was finally closed and went to the hospital. She wondered how Dawn was doing. When she walked into the hospital doors she went straight to Dawn's room. When she saw Jake there she glared at him then walked straight into the room. She looked to Dawn and sat next to her bed. "How's your head?"
himura lyoko: "My head is... ok. A few more days I think. I could think of a million places I'd rather be than here, including the grave."
shilala / Juliet: "Aww, come on don't say that Dawn." Juliet placed and hand on Dawn's shoulder, her eyes turning slightly white.<<grr my mom has to use the comp o.O ill be back *looks around then vanishes in a puff of smoke*>>
himura lyoko: "I'm fine Dawn, just something's bugging me."(Ok)
himura lyoko: "I'm fine Julie, just something's bugging me." ((Sorry, typo ^_^;))
shilala / Juliet: Juliet tilted her head a little bit, "Why don't you tell me?" She smiled warmly encouraging her to go on.
himura lyoko: "No, it's just really stupid. Probably me just rejecting being here.Nothing you have to worry about Julie."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet smiled and nodded, "Well if you ever want to talk, you can talk to me anytime." She knew something was up but she didn't to pry. "Can I get you something to drink?"
himura lyoko: "No thanks, they've got enough liquids goin in to last the rest of my life." She smiled half heartedly.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet smiled, "Well I'll be back in a few minutes." She stood up and walked outside to the drink machine. When she got there she was sure this time not to get a soda and went for the water instead. She sighed wanting so much to have some caffeine but feared it splattering all over her when she opened it again.
himura lyoko: lyoko leaned back against her pillow and stared up at the cceiling.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet walked back into Dawn's room and sat in a chair across from the bed. She took a few sips of the water and held it in her hands, they were now shaking from the coolness of the water.
himura lyoko: "You ok Julie?"
shilala / Juliet: Juliet looked at her, "Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little tired I guess." she was slightly, even though she had just woken up. She looked up to see that the door was closed, keeping a private conversation between Jake and Vican she suspected, and looked back ad Dawn. "What's up with Vican?"
himura lyoko: "I have no clue, I used to be able to get him to tell me everything but now... now it's like, 'why the hell should I tell you.'"
himura lyoko: She smiled, "I'm fine, it's you I'm worried about. What's wrong? you used to tell me everything."
himura lyoko: She groaned, ~nothing's simple anymore is it?~ She rested her head back. ~I didn't even know Jake was here, must've let go of the connection for the moment.~
himura lyoko: ~guys are so weird.~
himura lyoko: ((helloooo?))
himura lyoko: ((same with Julie but they're never on.))
shilala / Juliet: <<yall i am really sorry!!! all of the comps died this weekend. u dont realize how much torture i was in *sits in feedle position and sux thumb*>> Juliet watched as Vican ran out of the room. "Wow he really is acting strange..." she moved in the chair a little causing it to squeak loudly. "Sorry. ive always hated these old chairs," she scowled to the arm of the chair.
himura lyoko: "You should try the food here." She stuck out her tounge in disgust. " everyone's been acting strange lately, it's.... hard on us all." She struggled for the right words and still failed.
shilala / Juliet: "heh, maybe theyve put something in the food and drink in this place," she said wiggling her fingers like a crazy person. "They could've put some sort of mind control dissolver thing in them." she giggled at the thought.
himura lyoko: Dawn laughed. "Yeah. Or they just use food from thirty years ago." She stuck out her tounge again.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet giggled. "I've always wondered why the hospital food tastes so nasty." She stuck out her tongue as well.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake ran after him and saw him sitting at a table. He glared down at him and stared across the table from him. "I'm not going to tell her anything. If you have something to tell her, you tell her," he said emphasizing the word you. "I told Juliet I loved her.." he said whispering.
himura lyoko: "It's the worst. Mostly it tastes like plastic and chews like rubber." She shivered. "And they make me eat it."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet chuckled "Well, do you want me to sneak you some food from the snack machine? it may be little but im sure it has way more taste than the food here."
himura lyoko: "I am craving chips soooooooooooooo," takes a breath. "Soooooooooooooooooo much. PLease!"
shilala / Juliet: Juliet giggled, "Okay I'll be right back," she snuck out of the hospital room and went directly to the snack machine, fiddling with her money on the way there. She got Dawn some chips and started to head back to the room.
himura lyoko: Dawn stared up at the ceiling while listening to her stomache beg for junk food.
himura lyoko: She waited for Julie patiently and closed her eyes, careful not to fall asleep.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet walked back into the room closing the door silently. She tossed the back of chips to Dawn. When she caught the bag, Juliet sat back down in the chair.
Band geeque / *Jake*: <<sorry taking so long my computer has learned how to be gay -.->> Jake nodded "You should, it would end well for you. You guys could be happy. I'm sure she feels the same way." Jake said calling after him as Vican began walking away. Jake slouched down on the table rubbing his eyes.
himura lyoko: "I Love You, I think you just saved me from ultimate starvation!" She opened the bag and ate a chip happily.
himura lyoko: "Hey Vican, what's up?" She smiled at him.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet giggled and saw Vican walk into the room. "Hey Vican." she looked back to Dawn, "Hey I'm going to go get another water"-she held up the empty bottle as evidence-"I need a bit more." she stood up and left the room again and shut the door behind her.
himura lyoko: "You've been a little.... twitchy lately Vican. Everything ok?" Dawn got up adn fixed her jeans and took off the head bandage, annoyed.
himura lyoko: Dawn looked completely shocked. "W-what did you say?"
himura lyoko: "B-but why? How? When?" She couldn't think straight.
vindr: "i've always had a crush on you but up until now you couldn't think of anybody but yourself and when you started doing selfless things it only made my love for you grow stronger until i couldn't look at you without becoming nervous" vican said still staring at the floor
himura lyoko: She blushed deeply. "I-I have to go." She quickly left the room and ran out of the hospital, and she didn't stop running even when she reached the park. She kept running until she was deep in the woods and found her weeping willow tree. She moved under the branches and held onto the trunk for support, she couldn't breath adn was extremely dizzy. ~I'd been so good, not using my gift on any of them but Jake to keep him sae and connected to us. I'm So stupid for even doin that.~ She started to cry.
himura lyoko: Dawn curled up on the ground and cried herself to sleep adn it started to rain, the tree protected her from the water partially.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet walked back into the room, a bottle of water in hand. She saw Vican in a chair looking down. She looked to the bed and back to him. "Where's Dawn?" she asked looking at him confused.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet looked at him worried and kneeled down next to him. "What happened?" she asked looking at him.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet gave him a sympathetic look. "I am sure she likes you..." she said in a whisper, putting her hand on his shoulder. "She is probably just scared because you sorta jumped on her about it..." Juliet stared at the ground suddenly thinking of Jake. How she wanted to be with him at that very moment but he could care less about being with her.
vindr: "i was gonna wait to tell her but she said something that scared me into telling her sooner" vican said slowing his tears
shilala / Juliet: <<lol iz all good>> Juliet tilted her head a little, "what was it?"
shilala / Juliet: Juliet smiled, seeing how much he loved her was so sweet. She's always loved seeing things like that happen to people. To be able to see how one person can love the other so much that it would hurt if the other was gone for even a couple of hours. She placed a hand on his shoulder, her eyes glowing white again, "I'm sure she's not mad Vican. Give her a little time and she'll probably have an answer for you as well."
shilala / Juliet: <<i gotta go for a bit. im getting busy on these other sites and im not gonna have much more time to reply. ill be back when im not as busy. c ya!>>
himura lyoko: Dawn woke up an hour later, stiff from the way she had slept. ~Nothing on earth could get me to leave unless I died, which I think I might consider...~ She thought glumly and layed back down, shivering as she slept again.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet looked bewildered as she saw him run out of the hospital. "um, okay?" she said to herself. She stood up slowly and began walking to the cafeteria to get some food that you can actually eat with a, as they used here, a spork.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake sighed and sat back in his chair, he noticed Juliet walk in and his heart began to beat extremely fast. He quickly got up and began heading for the door hoping to escape unnoticed.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet saw Jake and waved to him "Jake!" she called to him hoping he'd come talk to her.
himura lyoko: Dawn stayed where she was, faling asleep. Sort of, she was in almost a half sleep.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake nodded to her and quickly ran out of the building, he didn't want to talk to her.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet looked at him strangely. *Where is he going?* she asked herself as she walked out the same doors he went out of. "Jake! Wait up!"
shilala / Juliet: Juliet looked at him strangely. *Where is he going?* she asked herself as she walked out the same doors he went out of. "Jake! Wait up!"
himura lyoko: She didn't want to wake up, not now, not ever. SHe curled up tighter and tried to ignore the voices he heard.
himura lyoko: She still didn't say anything, not moving a muscle she closed her eyes tightly. Trying to escape the world she was in.
himura lyoko: She shivered violently and still didn't open her eyes.
himura lyoko: "For one thing I'm half asleep, two I'm freezing, and three...." She thought a moment and opened her eyes. "There is no three."
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake squinted his eyes in annoyance, "What is it Juliet?" he asked, stopping and looking at her. He couldn't stand the thought of being around her. He wanted to get away.
himura lyoko: "I was thinking about suicide..." She sat up and took his jacket gratefully. "I wasn't going to do anything, yet."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet caught up to him and said "Hey, what's up with you? first you disappeared from the bar, and now your running away from me? what is it?" she asked placing a hand on his forearm.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet caught up to him and said "Hey, what's up with you? first you disappeared from the bar, and now your running away from me? what is it?" she asked placing a hand on his forearm.
shilala / Juliet: <<sorry my computer is being gay and wont load right..>>
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake pulled his arm away from her and stared at the hospital exit. "I'm leaving Juliet." he said after a couple of minutes. "I've already planned it out. I'm going to pack my bags and just leave. And I'm never going to return. You guys can find a new guitarist and a new friend to replace me." Jake kept his voice in a deep dull tone as if he sounded bored.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake pulled his arm away from her and stared at the hospital exit. "I'm leaving Juliet." he said after a couple of minutes. "I've already planned it out. I'm going to pack my bags and just leave. And I'm never going to return. You guys can find a new guitarist and a new friend to replace me." Jake kept his voice in a deep dull tone as if he sounded bored.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake pulled his arm away from her and stared at the hospital exit. "I'm leaving Juliet." he said after a couple of minutes. "I've already planned it out. I'm going to pack my bags and just leave. And I'm never going to return. You guys can find a new guitarist and a new friend to replace me." Jake kept his voice in a deep dull tone as if he sounded bored. <<ok mine is acting gay too -.->>
himura lyoko: "No, it's because of myself. jake always gets angrey at everyone, Dawn doesn't need me, and I can't control my gift anymore. I let it get so out of hand that it happened to you. I think me leaving would be the best idea right now."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet took a step away from him. "W-what?" she asked bewildered. "What? Why? What's wrong?" she asked scared of what was to come.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake turned away from her, "I have nothing left here. I have no family, I have no reason to stay. I just don't have a reason to be here anymore. Maybe I can start over new. And I don't know, be happy." Jake's voice almost sounded like it was cracking in half as he spoke.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet stared at him, trying her best to comprehend what he said. When it finally stuck, her face was full of sadness. "But what about...back outside of the diner...?" she asked, she was looking down trying to stifle the tears that were coming to her eyes.
Band geeque / *Jake*: "What about the diner?" he said keeping his face expressionless. "Its not like I meant any of it. Trust me, you'll forget all about it when I leave."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet looked at him the tears spilling over, unnoticed by her, "but...i thought..." she couldn't finish her sentence now. If he was truly going to leave, she had to except it. She took a step from him, her face now blank trying to keep fresh tears from coming.
Band geeque / *Jake*: "You thought what?" he asked, giving her a cold stare. "Just get over it Juliet. It was never going to happen."
shilala / Juliet: She felt a spasm of fear go through her when she saw his stare, but quickly changed her expression back to the blankness it was before he saw it. "Never mind..." she said simply, she gripped around her chest crossing her arms to hold herself together. She looked straight up at him this time, ignoring the stare, and ran to him and hugged him around the waist, "I will miss you. No matter what you say. I won't forget you. You're the person who has helped me through so much and I'm sorry I wasn't able to pay you back for it." she let go of him and looked him straight into the eyes.
shilala / Juliet: <<add on: "Please..don't go..">>
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake stared down at her, he could feel his heart pounding uncontrollably. "I wish it were that easy Juliet," he said in a small voice. He shoved her away from him and began to walk the other way.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet watched as he walked off. It was like her life was shattering in front of her. She had lost her mother, brother, and her own home when she was not much younger than she was now...but now...her love and best friend was gone now too. She fell to the ground, unable to contain the shakes in her knees and the tears exploded. she sobbed until her eyes could cry no more tears.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake walked out the door, he felt his eyes swollen up as tears fell down his face. "Goodbye Juliet, I will miss you" he whispered.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet rolled over to lay on her back. She was unable to stand up and one of the nurses had to come over and help her to her feet. The nurses dragged her to an empty chair and asked if she wanted some water. Juliet said no and they walked off with a reassuring smile. Yet it wasn't reassuring at all. They didn't know her. They didn't know what happened. They didn't know how it felt to see your whole life die before your eyes. No they didn't. They will never feel that.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake walked out into the street. He sighed as he looked at all the traffic. "I might return one day, Juliet," he said. "When I can get rid of this power. But for now I'm disappearing for good."<<hey i'm not gonna post for a while cause im kinda gone.>>
shilala / Juliet: <<well im just not gonna post anymore tonight. maybe tomorrow....if im not writing or out. sorry celebrating birthday tomorrow and i have to get alot of stuff done...>>
shilala / Juliet: Juliet looked at herself in the reflection given off from a fire extinguisher container. She didn't want to see herself sad anymore. She was going to go after him this time with no turning back. She stood up, new found confidence in her, and she ran outside of the doors trying to catch up to Jake.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake turned around when he knew she was chasing after him. He ran back to her and grabbed her face. He leaned down and kissed her vigorously and wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her tighter to him.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet put her arms around his neck and kissed him back, parting her lips a little. She did not want this moment to end.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake continued kissing her and it became rougher and rougher until he felt uncontrollable. He sadly pulled away and began walking again. "That was a mistake," he said in a stern voice. Jake did not look back as he continued walking.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet ran after him this time and stepped in front of him. She put both of her hands on his chest trying to keep him from moving forward. "NO! I am not going to let you leave this time Jake!" she exclaimed, looking at him dead in the eyes.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake glared down at her. "Move out of my way. You can't stop me from leaving. Why don't you go run off to Vican? I'm sure he can comfort you. He can comfort anyone." Jake growled making a mocking tone of Vican's name.
shilala / Juliet: She glared at him, "Okay Jake, you've forced me to do what I really didn't want to do." She reached up and grabbed his shoulders then lifted her leg high behind her. Then she shoved her knee up as far as possible between his legs.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake's eyes widened and he felt a piercing pain as if a thousand knifes had stabbed him. He dropped to the ground and whimpered in pain. Hot tears began to run down his cheeks. He couldn't speak or move. He felt as if he was shot a million times and still alive to be tortured more.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet stared down at him, watching as he whimpered on the ground. "If you left, the pain would be way worse than that for me. Think about it." she said in a choked voice with tears comign down her cheeks.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake laid on the ground for about 10 mins before he could breathe normally. When he finally could he sat up and stared at her with wonderous eyes. He sighed and turned away, standing up on his feet. He felt light-headed and his lower half ached. "I'm sorry for your pain Juliet," he said in a plain voice. "But I don't care about your pain. Get it through your head. I don't like you. I'm leaving because of you." Jake furiously turned around and started jogging away.
shilala / Juliet: "DAMN YOU JAKE!!! DAMN YOU!!!!!" she cried out falling onto her knees. "What is it that I did?" she asked herself. This would torment her for the rest of her life now.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake jogged away for about two miles before he stopped. He felt more pain mentally than physically. She didn't understand how much pain he was suffering for leaving her. The nightmare had led him to a conclusion. He had to leave her life for her live. "Please forgive me someday Juliet" he said in a small voice. "Hopefully you will understand." Jake forced away the connection between him and her so he would never be able to contact her again.
himura lyoko: Dawn looked back up at Vican, she didn't believe him. "Well stop worrying about me, I'm not going back to the hospital and you need to go find Jake, both of us do. I think he wants to commit suicide." She got up and gave him back his jacket and started running. She knew where Jake was so she went to head him off. She stayed hidden in the woods when she found him then ran adn tackled him to the ground. "You bastard."
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake glared at her for a moment and made no motion to get away. "What the hell was that for?!" he screamed at her. "Why'd you tackle me to the ground?!"
himura lyoko: "Why are you trying to leave?" She screamed back. "Do you not realise that leaving all of us would be condemming us all to death? Juliet would never get over this and she would lock herself in depression." All the shouting was making her dizzy and light headed but she didn't care. "You make absolutely no sense anymore Jake, everysince I was in the hospital I couldn't control my gift, it's been out of control! I had a doctor hitting on me! If you leave that'll happen to all of us, including you!" She stood up and swayed a little but she tried to hide it. "So get your ass back over to Julie, appologise. Build a bridge and get over it!"
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake glared at her but said nothing. "I have no reason to explain anything to you." he said in a dull tone. "And I'm leaving whether you like it or not. I don't need to explain anything to you. Whatever happens to you guys is no longer my fault." Jake stood up and wiped the dirt off of him. "Now leave me alone," he growled.
himura lyoko: She hissed angrily and shoved him down again. "You sick, selfish bastard. Build a bridge and get over it! We need you you morron! What do I have to do to get you te realise that I need you." She blushed and ignored it. "Vican neds you, Julie needs you. If I have to go bitch on you I will. Don't you even care about what's going through our heads. I was thinking of suicide earlier! Me?! you can't leave Jake, you can't!" She was close to tears.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake turned away from them and stared at the dirt on the ground. He began digging his nails into the dirt. "You guys have no clue what's going on in my head. And you will never know. If you are really my friends, then you will let me leave. I know what I'm doing."
himura lyoko: "Then I guess I'm not your friend." She stood infront of him andknelt down to his level. She lifed his face with her hand. "You're not just braking Juliets heart you know... I don't want you to leave, you're the one who kept me from hurting meself. You pulled me into the band and saved me. And now it's my turn. Please let me help."
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake looked at her and his expression became soft for a moment, he then looked back up at Vican. "Vican is so much better for you. You should pay more attention to him not me." His expression suddenly became hard and angry. "Get away from me you whore." he screamed shoving her away from him. Jake suddenly stood up and began running in a fast sprint away from them.
himura lyoko: Dawn landed on her back and she sat up stiffly, she started crying when she saw him running. ~I tried so hard, I really am no good at life. Now I know that they don't need me, neither does the world.~ She stood up adn started heading toward the docks.
himura lyoko: "Vican... I won't feel anything." She smiled at him weakly. "Don't worry about me ok?" She tried to pry her arm out of his grip but he wouldn't let go.
himura lyoko: "No you don't vican, my gift was out of control. You think you do but you don't." She spoke softly and stopped trying to pull away, and she didn't try to move as far as she could.
himura lyoko: She shook her head in disbelief. "How do I know you're not lying."
himura lyoko: Dawn put her hadn over his heart adn closed her eyes. After a moment of searching she wrapped her arms around him tightly. "I'm so sorry." SHe whispered.
himura lyoko: "We don't know where he is, I lost half of my connection when he shoved me."
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake felt his heart pounding as he ran faster and faster, he looked around and found himself in the middle of no where. Jake felt his back pocket and found his wallet. He pulled it out and looked inside. There was only about $200 in there and a couple credit cards from his father. "Atleast he did something good for me, damn old man," he muttered under his breath. Jake put the wallet back in his pocket and continued running until he noticed guys ahead. They were all holding guns and surrounding an area. Jake immediately stopped and squinted his eyes so he could get a better view. Jake quickly jumped into the woods that aligned the road and began snaking behind trees as he spied on them. He began hearing loud gun shots and blood curdling screams. Jake felt his heart stop and he began to walk away.
himura lyoko: "We can't, it'd hurt her worse and-" She cut herself off. "I heard gun shots, come on." She started running toward the sound.
himura lyoko: Dawn saw the men who were shooting, there was blood everywhere. She rooted herself about 5 yards away.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake tightened his fists and his eyes became red. He forced himself to become angry so he could stop them from doing whatever it was they were doing. His vision was blurry and all he could see was shadows. He began counting off the people with guns and noticed there were 15 guys, he could see what they were shooting and noticed it was a family. A mother, a father, a young boy, and two older sisters about his age. He could feel a heart beat in one of the sisters but the rest were dead. "YOU BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!" he bellowed as he ran forward. He caught one of the guys and punched him all the way across the road.
himura lyoko: "Jake!!!!" She watched him fight, she could see the red in his eyes. While he fought the men she ran in and Grabbed the girl by the wrist and dragged her out.
himura lyoko: Dawn pulled the girl behind some trees and told her. "Stay put."
himura lyoko: ((I gtg, I'll stay in the wood so you two can ahndle the rest, stop when someone comes to get me.))
Band geeque / *Jake*: It took all Jake had not to kill any of the men. He continued beating them up until they were covered in blood with a faint heart beat. "You don't deserve death," he said in a demon voice to all the fallen men. He became normal again and looked around to see Vican.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet sobbed as she walked down the dark roads. Alls she could think about were Jake's last words he said to her. "I don't like you. I'm leaving because of you." The words echoed through her brain continuously. "I guess everything in my life was a lie," she muttered, chuckling to herself with no hint of humor. "He was my life. He meant everything to me. And I meant nothing to him. And it is the truth. Maybe if I had no life he would stay. Maybe if I was gone forever everythign would be okay." Juliet continued wlaking for miles until she found the abandoned trails where they lead to cliffs. She gave a soft smile as a tear slid down her face. She wraped her arms around herself, feeling the cold wind breeze through her hair. "I guess this really is goodbye Jake. I hope you are happy without me..." she mumbled. She gave a small smile and began heading towards the cliff.
Band geeque / *Jake*: [[well im off for the night be back tomorrow hopefully. bye]]
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake gave Vican a hard stare. He nodded and quickly ran in the direction of which he pointed. He ran for a few minutes before he reached the cliffs, it wasn't far from where they were. He saw Juliet standing at the edge of the cliff. "Juliet!" he yelled in fear. "What the hell are you doing?!?!?! Get away from there!" he said afraid to take another step forward.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet spread her arms out, like she was about to take a dive into a pool. But this time, the 'pool' was a 1000 foot deep canyon. "Goodbye everyone. I'll miss you. I hope you all are happy when I'm gone.." she spoke to herself and and let herself lean forward enough so her feet merely slid off the edge of it. She felt as if she were flying, now, ignoring the fact that she was plummeting into a bunch of sharp rocks. The tears fell upward and she said, "Goodbye Jake. I'll miss you the most.."
Band geeque / *Jake*: "JULIET!!!!!!!!!!!!" he ran forward as quickly as possible and jumped off the cliff holding on by a branch. He grabbed her hand and held on tightly.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet felt him grab her hand and she held on tight. It was an instinct. She looked up at him with the tears still spilling out of her eyes.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake could feel his arms cramping up as he held on for Juliet's life. He used all his strength to pull his arm up to lift her to his side, and with one quick motion he threw her on to the top of the edge as if she weighed nothing. Jake quickly grabbed the side with both of his hands and felt his arms grow weaker. He began to push himself up as his grip loosened and pulled himself halfway over then stopped. He just laid there for a moment, not paying attention to the other half of his body hanging over the edge. "Juliet what the hell were you thinking?!?!?!?!?!?!?! That was the stupidest thing you've ever done!!!!!!! I could've lost you!!" he screamed crying now.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet glared at him. "And what does it matter to you?! So what if I was dead? I figured apparently I had ruined your life so much"-she recalled his last words again through her mind-"that I might as well do you the favor and kill myself while I can!" she yelled. Anger made it all feel so much better.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake pulled himself all the way over and sat down in front of her. He let out a deep sigh and wiped away the tears trying to hide his face from her. He stared at her and grabbed her shoulders. He lifted his hand and smacked her across the face, "God damn you Juliet! Don't angry please. You don't understand why I'm leaving. And I can't talk to you about it. Please don't get angry, it's not something you want to live with."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet put a hand to her cheek, it now stung from him smacking her. She glared at him for a moment, "Oh, I think you made yourself pretty clear outside of the hospital. 'I don't like you. I'm leaving because of you.' do you not remember that? Heh, how could you? As you said before as well, my feelings don't matter to you at all."
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake kept a firm grip on her shoulders. "Juliet, I lied. I want to leave to protect you. Its what's best for you and everyone else. Your feelings do matter to me-"
shilala / Juliet: "Then why the hell are you leaving?!?!?! If you know I would do something like this-" she gestured to the edge of the cliff. "Then why would you leave. I can't live without you, can't you see that? You been my best friend for so long, you've been with me through so much. It would kill me, maybe not in literal sense, but yes physically and emotionally to be apart from you."
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake glared at her, "You'll die if I'm here, if I stay with you. And it will be my fault. You could live a happier life without me." Jake gave her a hug, keeping his arms around her afraid to let go. He quietly whispered in her ear, "I won't leave," his mouth was less than an inch away from her ear.
shilala / Juliet: "I'm not sure to believe that...You said you would stay last time...and you left..." she said laying her head on his shoulder, her arms at her sides.
Band geeque / *Jake*: "I'm not gonna stay Juliet," he said in a soft voice. "But I won't leave your mind or your heart. You must understand, I'm only doing what's best for you." Jake rubbed his head into her shoulder.
Band geeque / *Jake*: "I'm not gonna stay Juliet," he said in a soft voice. "But I won't leave your mind or your heart. You must understand, I'm only doing what's best for you." Jake rubbed his head into her shoulder.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet put her arms around him tightly, her eyes poured out new tears. She could feel them soaking into his shirt. She buried her face in his shirt, hoping he would never let go.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake let go seconds later. He sighed and stood up, "Juliet, I'm not going through this again. You have to understand, what I do is to protect. You may not realize it now, but you'll discover why later."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet was still on her knees when she looked up to him. "Jake..please...don't go...I'll beg if I have to.." She moved closer to him and hugged his leg like she was a 5 year old.
himura lyoko: Dawn had led the girl to the hospital with Vican. They told the nurse that she had no family and that she needed help. When they left, "Our efforts were still worthless, Jake still wants to leave. I think it would be best if I moved on to..."
himura lyoko: "I got a job offer in Tokyo at a salon. It looks liek the band's braking up now. If you want to come go buy a plane ticket. But I need to get home and pack, the plane leaves at ten tonight." She squeezed his hand gently and headed home.
himura lyoko: She stayed close to Vican, when they reached her appartement she went to the bed room adn grabbed her bag from under the bed. "All right. Now to your place."
vindr: as they walked to his house he asked "do you think we should tell juliet that we are leaving?"
himura lyoko: She was silent for a moment. "Yes, if we don't tell her she'll feel completely abandoned. Leave a voice mail on her cell. Do the same for Jake just in case."
himura lyoko: "Almost, accept we're not leaving each other behind." She took his hand in her free one. "And once we get to Tokyo we're gonna find a hotel till we can get another appartement.
himura lyoko: "I've got some, probably enough for food for the next month or so." They finally reached Vican's place.
Sensei Haku / Senti Ki:
Heh...My Needles Will Punish You...
himura lyoko: ((who the hll are you?))
himura lyoko: "I'll come up, you'll be a while since you haven't packed." She fallowed him when he opened the door.
himura lyoko: Dawn waited until he was ready before they headed out. They walked for about ahalf an hour before they reached the airport. They got everything checked off and their luggage made its way on the plane. They took their seats in the back and waited for take off.
shilala / Juliet: <<ok needle boy..who the hell are you????>>
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake stared down at Juliet. He suddenly felt his pants vibrate and noticed his cell phone had a voicemail. He stared at at the screen and noticed he got a call from Vican. He ignored it and replaced it in his pocket. "Juliet..." Jake closed his eyes and couldnt think straight. He wanted to leave but he couldn't. Not now. He didn't want to lose her. "Juliet..." he repeated, gazing at her with soft eyes.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet stared up at him, still gripping onto his leg. "yes?" her eyes were tear filled still.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake knelt down to her, he grabbed her arms and lifted her up as if she weighed nothing. "Will you be my girlfriend?" he asked with a soft smile.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Juliet looked at him, and smiled warmly. "Really?" she asked. She wrapped her arms around his neck, molding her body to his. "Yes..yes I will.."
Band geeque / *Jake*: <<....im so sorry...jake was on the phone with me and wanted me to post for him tonight. and i forgot to switch....*smacks forehead* im such an idiot!!!! sorry!!!! and yeah...im sick so i have to go to bed...byez..>>
himura lyoko: "When things started going down hill for everyone I wanted to move adn looked aruond Tokyo adn found the oepening at this day spa. It's great pay and I did go to cosmetology school for a while so they hired me. And here we are." She looked at him and saw how nervous he was. She smiled adn laughed softly. "Your first flight I take it?"
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake hugged her tightly, "I don't have a reason to leave now do I?" he said smiling a little. He pressed his lips against hers. "I promise you," he said in a low voice. "And this promise, I intend to keep. I will let nothing come between us."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet smiled at him and kissed him. "You better stay. Otherwise I'll have to kick you again..but harder." she smiled evily. "I wonder where Vican and Dawn are.." she said after a few moments.
himura lyoko: Dawn smmiled warmly. "Flying is very safe, you have nothing to worry about." She looked up as the pilot came on the loud speaker.
himura lyoko: The pilot said it'd be a moment longer due to preporation. "We need to find a good hotel when we get there, maybe see if we can find you a job some where." She squeezed his hadn softly.
himura lyoko: "You could work in a music store, deliver pizza..." She tought a moment. "Or be a stripper."
himura lyoko: "Hilarious." She laughed softly. "Maybe you should be a commedian!" She smiled jokingly at him.
himura lyoko: She smiled and relaxed as the plane finally took off.
himura lyoko: He'd been asleep for the entire flight. "We've landed, you slept through the entire thing."
himura lyoko: "I think you needed the sleep. When the pilot they could leave she got up to grab their bags.
himura lyoko: She got down next to him. "You ok? What hit you?"
himura lyoko: "Oh well, it doesn't matter." She took her bag adn led the way off the plane. She went to the reception desk and asked if they could phone a taxi.
himura lyoko: "Hush, you don't want to be the loudest person in the room." She felt the lump on his head. "Maybe we should have that checked out."
himura lyoko: "All right, come on, the taxi's here." She picked up her bag and headed out, getting her cell phone to call a hotel for a room.
himura lyoko: She got in and when Vican did she gave the driver directions. ((gtg ttyl))
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake pulled away from her for a second, and the phone beeped again from the message he had recieved from Vican. "Hold on a second babe," which he said with slick smile. He pulled out his phone and listened to the voice mail. Jake's face became angry and his eyes became red. "THOSE BASTARDS!!!!! WHO THE FUCK DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?!?!?!!?!" Jake ran over to a tree and punched a hole in it. "I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY LEFT!!!!!! WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON THEM, THEY WILL REGRET LEAVING!!!!!!!UGH!!!! JULIET COME ON!! WE'RE GOING TO TOKYO!!!"
shilala / Juliet: Juliet followed after him. "Jake...why are we going to Tokyo?" she asked warily. She reached over and gripped his hand and her eyes became pure white.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake felt himself calm down and he began to slow. "Vican and Dawn became assholes and left us. They're on their way to Tokyo right now, those sons of bitches. Apparently Dawn got a 'job' at some point or another in Tokyo. What the hell were they thinking? I'm gonna drag their asses back here when I get to them."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet gripped onto his arm tighter, "Hey, the band was falling apart...we wouldn't be able to find a guitarist...you had left.." she didn't want to remember that part. "and we weren't even getting that much pay. I find it a good thing she got a job. I just hate the fact that it's so far away.." she looked down for a moment already missing Dawn and Vican.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake stopped and stared at her, "I'm not going to let them leave. They were forcing me to stay, so I'm going to force them back." Jake turned away from her and began walking again trying to keep his anger down.
himura lyoko: When they got to the hotel they got out of the cab. "I'll get the bags, go get the key to the room. They may ask if we want a single or double bed, a view, or something like that. Can you take care of it?" She handded the driver the money.
himura lyoko: "Doesn't matter to me!" She smiled as she took their things out of the trunk.
himura lyoko: She shook her head and grabbed her bags adn fallowed him, the hotel lobby was decorated as a garden, coy ponds and different plants adorned the sides and stone walk way.
himura lyoko: Dawn got the key before Vican could. "No way jozay." She grabbed her bags and headed for the elevator. When he fallowed she pressed the top button. They got to their room quickly, seeing as how many floors the hotel had; 100. Dawn opened the door to their room and walked in. "Wow!" It was decorated like the loby only the difference was that there was a large sleeping mat on the floor. "The pick of the litter!"
himura lyoko: "Yeah, I thought so." She opened the window papered walls to look over a sun-setting Japan. "It's beautiful here! I think this will be fun!" She walke dout onto the deck and leaned against the rail. "I can finally taste authentic sushi!"
himura lyoko: "My vocabulary ranges form Konnichiwa to Arregato." She laughed softly. "Almost all the people here speak english though, I know the girls do at the spa so I'm all set."
himura lyoko: "Yes, well. How about this, you go and politely order sushi while I politely checkout the bell boy?" She smiled evily.
himura lyoko: She laughed softly adn fallowed him, she started to put her clothes in the drawers that she claimed.
himura lyoko: ((gtg, ttyl))
shilala: Juliet nodded and didn't speak another word. She kept pretty good pace next to Jake and she grabbed his hand after a few minutes. She smiled up at him warmly.
himura lyoko: "Dunno, un-pack for right now." She finished wiht her clothes and sat down on the bed mat. "It's so beautiful here!"
himura lyoko: About a half an hour later the sushi was delivered. As a joke she checked out the bell boy.((I gtg, school -.- I'll post when I get home.))
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake dragged her to the airport and after several hours he looked at the time. He looked for the soonest time to get to Tokyo. He found one that left early in the morning "We'll take two please," he said pulling out his credit card. The lady gave him the tickets after giving him a suspicious look. Jake grabbed Juliet's hand and walked her to the seats. "It won't take off for another few hours." Jake pulled her over and sat her on his lap wrapping his arms around her.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet smilled and laid her head on his shoulder, burying her face in the jugular(sp?) of his neck. She fell asleep on his shoulder and felt warmth and comfort from him.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake smiled and kissed her forehead, "You should go to sleep, it'll be a while. I'll wake you when its time to go." Jake felt a cold breeze go down the back of his neck. "It's pretty chilly in here, isn't it?" he said with a sly smile. "I suppose I should keep you warm." Jake wrapped his arms around her tighter, rubbing her arms.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet smiled softly in her sleep and snuggled closer to him. She rubbed her head into his shoulder finding a more comfy spot. When she settled into a comfy spot, her lips had settled on his neck, unnoticed by her.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake looked down at her and watched her as she slept. He gave her a small smile and laughed a little. "Let's make it last while we can," he said "'Cause I know its not going to last long," Jake sighed and sniffed her hair noticing it smelled like his favorite scent of cocoa butter. Jake kept his gaze on Juliet the whole few hours and they finally called for the flight. "Juliet wake up," he said shoving her gently.
himura lyoko: Dawn sat down accross from him and picked up her chop sticks. She put some sushin on her plate and some wusabi on the side. She took a bite and smiled. "Just as good as I thought it would be."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet opened her eyes slowly and got off of his lap. "Oh okay," she said rubbing her eyes. She stumbled a little as they walked onto the plane. She sat down, relieved to have found something sturdy to sit on, and adjusted herself in a window seat.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake smiled at her and held her hand. "Ya gonna be okay there babe?" he said, chuckling a little. "Air planes aren't that bad. My mom, before she...died, would always fly me up to canada to go see our my grandparents. it was great. air planes are pretty boring actually." Jake leaned over and gently brushed his lips against hers. "Cheer up emo kid," he said laughing.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet smiled "Well, no matter what you say, I'm scared of crashing into a cliff and dying from the explosion afterward." she twitched from saying the words.
himura lyoko: ((here's the scoop guys, i'm stuck with my father this weekend so I might not be on. When I do leave I'll leave my rp where I'm at the spa. You guys can go at it with Vican till I get back but don't come to find me ok? Wait till I get back or something.))
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake smiled and laughed. "Don't worry. Nothing bad is going to happen. I promise," Jake whispered in a soft voice, staring at her radiant green eyes. He pushed her hair behind her ears and rest his hand on her face. "You are so beautiful," he said in a soft voice.
shilala / Juliet: <<okay>>Juliet smiled, blushing. She nudged him with her shoulder, "you should really quit with these compliments." she giggled. "You keep making me blush." she smiled brightly to him then laid her head on his shoulder.
Band geeque: Jake closed his eyes and laid back on the seat, the plane took off after a couple more minutes and the ride became rough. But it soothed out whenever it was completely in the sky. He gripped Juliet's hand and gripped it tighter. "You're amazingly perfect, what's wrong with being perfect? You seem to handle it well."
Band geeque / *Jake*: [[sorry forgot to log in.]]
shilala / Juliet: Juliet blushed a little, she shrugged her shoulders and looked out the window. The site was amazing to her, it was as if she could see the whole world through one little window. It was so big yet she felt so small. "The site is amazing," she said. "But not as amazing as you." Juliet turned back to Jake and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake closed his eyes and smiled, "Thanks for that," he said. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her towards him. "Let's sleep together," he joked, forcing her head on his chest.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet's face flushed every shade of red. She relaxed her head on his chest and smiled. "Heh, okay then." she said jokingly. She buried her face in his shirt and began to sleep again, more tired than she thought.
himura lyoko: Dawn went to the bathroom and took a bath, she came out in her pajamas and got into bed. She had to get up early for her first day of work.
himura lyoko: Dawn woke up around seven and got dressed. She left a note for Vican to find, telling him she was at the Rain Shower spa for work and wouldn't be home till lat. She left with her uniform and caught a taxi. ((going for the weekend, see you all on sunday.))
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake sighed and stared at the ceiling, *I'm an idiot* he thought to himself. *I know this isn't going to work. I know that me and Juliet aren't going to stay together for long. I need to leave her before anymore harm is done.* Jake felt his heart speed up as she laid on his chest and then slow back down.
himura lyoko: Dawn walked home beaming. Work was wonderful and the girls who worked welcomed her with open arms. And the best part was that they all spoke english. She took the bus to the hotel and took the elivator up to the room. She looked at her watch, "six o'clock, not bad." She opened the door to the room and flopped down on the bed mat. She found her cd player and stuck the head phones on. She blasted Destiny's Child and waited for Vican to get home.
himura lyoko: Dawn looked up at him adn pulled off the head phones. "Hey, where were you all day? Looking for a job I hope."
himura lyoko: "No, Jake and Dawn aren't stupid enough to come find us. So you can get that thought out of your head." She looked up at him, "Find any possible jobs?"
himura lyoko: ((yes)) "Nice," SHe showed him the money she was paid. "30,000 yen, not including tips. Guess I'll be bringing home the baccon huh?"
shilala / Juliet: Juliet woke up when the plane landed and it was in the late evening. She stood up and walked with Jake out of the airport. She looked at each road that extended on either side of them. "Which direction should we take?" she asked looking up at him.
himura lyoko: "Lazy turd." She laughed softly. "And what do you expect to do when you don't work? Come and watch me work at the spa?"
himura lyoko: She shook her head softly. "Come to the spa, the mens baths would do you some good. But I'll be sticking close, no way are you getting attached to some Japanese girl."
himura lyoko: She sat up adn hugged him. "I'm sorry, but it's Tokyo, there are a lot of prettier girls here. I just don't want to loose you..."
himura lyoko: She blushed. "Thank you." SHe nuzzled her head in the crook of his neck and closed her eyes softly.
himura lyoko: She moved so she sat in his lap, it was more comfortable for both of them.
himura lyoko: "I wonder how pissed Jake is that we left. But he's moved on so I have no idea why he'd care. And Julie, I wonder what she thought."
himura lyoko: "Tt doesn't matter, we're here now. He wanted to leave first so why bother with us?"
himura lyoko: "Yeah, but I didn't want him to leave Julie." That hurt her a little. "But we left with each other, it's different."
himura lyoko: "Whatever, he can go screw himself for all I care now."
himura lyoko: "it doesn't matter now, we're here and that's that. I'm not going back to the band no matter what Jake does."
himura lyoko: She smiled. "Even if they found us and begged?"
himura lyoko: She smiled. ~I wonder if he'd say that if they Did come...~ She thought.
himura lyoko: "Glad to hear that." She smiled.
himura lyoko: "That was after Jake almost killed me, I think I'm fine now." (I'll post tomarow before school c ya.))
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake looked around and noticed how many short people there were. He felt like a giant among them. Jake closed his eyes as he felt the air, it made him sway left. "This way," he said grabbing her hand. Jake could somehow sense Dawn and Vican somewhere near. He wasn't sure where, but he knew he was heading in the right direction.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet held onto his hand tightly, they were walking through a crowd of people and each of them kept bumping into her. She kept twitching now, she never cared for large crowds and this was making her claustrophobic(sp?). "We...better...get...wherever...they...are...soon.." she said twitching again. "Hopefully, there will be alot more space there." She cringed as a larger man with dirt and grime all over him bumped into her.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake sighed and ducked her into an alley way. He began to walk down it, and took a sharp turn to the right. "They are somewhere around here, I can feel it. Can you feel it too?" he asked her with a soft smile.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet sighed with relief when they had space. She looked into his eyes and smiled softly back, "Yes, actually I can. They're definetly close by." she agreed with him. The alley way was getting darker and it was scaring her, she liked darkness as much as she loved large crowds. She began to shiver when it was completely black and she gripped Jake's hand tighter.

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