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Roleplay - Powers to Entertain. by shilala / shilala

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Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake held Juliet closer knowing she felt fear. "Don't be afraid, Juliet," he whispered to her. He suddenly felt a searing pain in his side. He could see something shiny and dropped to the ground. He heard someone say "give me all of your money." Jake closed his eyes as he gazed off into the darkness.
Band geeque / *Jake*: <<correction: dazed**>>
shilala / Juliet: Juliet screamed a fraction of a second before a strong hand was placed firmly over her mouth. She put her hands to her face, instinctively trying to get away. The man just put a knife to her throat as he asked for the money again, angrier than before. He took a moment to release his hand from her face to let her speak. "I..I don't have any money.." she said after searching through all of her jean pockets. Terror struck her face as she saw Jake bleeding uncontrollably on the ground and the man slam her into the wall. "I'm not going to repeat myself again. Give me the damn money!" he yelled to her. Anger tears streamed down her face as she tried to push him away from her.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake could hear Juliet's terrified scream, he had to help her. "Juliet," he muttered. He forced himself up, his hands covered in his blood. "Leave her alone, you bastard," he said spinning himself around on his knees and grabbing the stranger's feet. He pulled on the stranger and dragged him to the ground. He bit his ankle digging his teeth into the man's flesh. The man yelped and screamed and tried to kick him away.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet dropped onto her knees when the man was dragged to the ground. She rubbed her head then got up quickly. She pressed herself against the wall watching them fight. She looked down to see a pipe and she grabbed it. She raised it above her head and swung it down hard. She had hit the man's head instantly killing him.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake closed his eyes and winced a little. He felt the pain over taking his side. His shirt was covered in blood and he could barely see. "Juliet," he muttered, trying to stay awake. He forced himself to sit up and lean against the wall, he closed his eyes and his breathing became heavy.
himura lyoko: She laughed. "Don't worry about that. I'm under control now, I hope. And don't worry if you sense enotions, there are millions of peopel around us. You could think that any one of the is Jake or Julie, we might as well forget about them."
himura lyoko: "I'm not going! He wanted to leave to get away from us, well now I'm gonna do what he wanted. I'm staying away from him."
shilala / Juliet: Juliet sat next to him and placed a hand on the wound to keep pressure on it. "I don't know how we're going to get you to the hospital," she said sweat going down her face from worry. "I have no idea where a hospital would be and we're too far off from Vican and Dawn's." Juliet took off her white jacket that she was wearing and told Jake to take off his shirt so she could wrap it around his wound.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake winced a little and held onto the wall, he pushed himself up and shook his head. "I don't need to go to a hospital," he said. "I just need to walk it off." Jake tried to take a step forward but he felt as if his side was cramping up and caving in. "Ahh," he muttered in frustration and pain. Jake dropped back to the ground and held his side. "This is worse than breaking a bone," he muttered with a small chuckle.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet shook her head and chuckled humorlessly. "You are such a nut," she said this as she wrapped some of the ripped cloth of her jacket around him. "We have to keep pressure on it, to help stop the bleeding." She checked the cloth again to be sure it was tight enough but not so tight it was uncomfortable. "Is that okay?" she asked him eyeing the somewhat bandage again.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake nodded and closed his eyes for a second. "Hey did you notice something?" he asked with a sly smile, trying to hide the pain. "I was able to control my anger and strength at the same time." he said, sadness in his voice. "But I wasn't able to get all of my strength out," he said squinting his eyes. "If only it was enough," he muttered to himself.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet patted him on the shoulder. "Its fine Jake. You were hurt. And," she smiled slyly to him, "I am very proud that you kept it under control." She patted him on the head like a dog. "Good boy!" she said enthusiastically.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: I was thinking about joining, if you all have any spots empty.
himura lyoko: ((Lloyd is definately available (sp?)))
himura lyoko: "No Vican! He wanted all of us away, and that's what I plan on doing." She got up from the mat and walked out onto the deck. She leaned against the rail and looked and the lit city.
Valle_Siddious / Gunrunner Mars: So is Lloyd the antagonist of the RP.
The guy that causes the problems?
himura lyoko / Lyoko Himura: i don't know, we all cause our own trouble. you should start where you're on a plane to Tokyo to find Jake and Juliet, to find me and Vican.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake chuckled a little trying to keep a positive attitude, but every movement brought pain to his side. He moved his hand away from his wound and it dripped of red liquid. Jake closed his eyes and he could feel some sort of hate coming from somebody close. A hate towards him. He closed his eyes and kept silent. Jake began thinking to himself. "I guess I deserve to be hated," he muttered. "I wouldn't blame you either Dawn," he said keeping his voice low.
himura lyoko / Dawn: ~Why doesn't anyone get it? I shouldn't be a part of a band, I shouldn't have the friends I have, I shouldn't even be alive.~ She cut her connection with all of them, not wanting to even be in connection distance.
himura lyoko: ((meet up with Jake adn Julie for right now))
himura lyoko: "Because they're true... I never wanted to live, the band never needed me, and neither do you. I know that and you need to start beleing that or you will loos me forever."
himura lyoko: "No one's ever been able to care or me! I ran away when I was ten and I was lucky to live the years I did! I wanted to die and I still do!"
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake frowned at him, glaring at Lloyd's bad habits. Jake winced a little "Where the hell did you come from?" he said. "No one wants you here."
himura lyoko: ((where is everyone?))
himura lyoko: She wasn't looking at him. "It's not YOU! Get it through your head! I DON'T BELONG HERE!"
himura lyoko: She refused to look. "When I was born... my parents wanted a boy. They hired someone to kill me but I killed him first... Not even a year old and capable of killing. As I grew in the foster home I learned to control and change my gift into love instead of hate and death... I Should have died... and I want to, now that I'm getting out of control again."
himura lyoko: Tears fell from her eyes. "I can't stop, I've hated myself for so long... If I don't kill myself now I'll hurt more people. And I won't be able to stop." She was choking up.
vindr: vican pulls her in tight and says "i won't let you harm anybody and that includes yourself i love you"
himura lyoko: She cried against him, shaking violently. "I'm scared Vican."
himura lyoko: She kept crying, staying close to him. "Promise me you'll never let me go!"
himura lyoko: She wrapped her arms around his neck and burried her face in his chest, crying still.
himura lyoko: She calmed down after a long moment but still shivered.
himura lyoko: She nodded and calmed down finally, she closed her eyes against him. She didn't want him to let go.
himura lyoko: She felt tired bt tried to stay awake, affraid that if she closed her eyes for even a seccond he'd dissapear.
himura lyoko: She smiled softly as his touch lulled her to a deep sleep.
himura lyoko: She woke up the next morning curled up against him. She found her cell and called the spa telling them that she was sick adn had to stay home. She grabbed a blanket adn pulled it over bott of thm and rested against him again.
himura lyoko: She had fallen asleep adn woke up when he got up. She waited for him to come back and get comfortable before she spoke. "Long night, it felt nice to sleep so long."
himura lyoko: "I woke up a while ago then fell asleep again. I called in sick so I don't have to go to work."
himura lyoko: She layed down on the bed mat. "Here's fine."
himura lyoko: she sat up adn pulled the blanket around her shoulders. She grabbed her chopsticks and the plate. "Thanks." She took some sushi and wasabi.
himura lyoko: "A little bit." She took a bite of the sushi adn chewed slowely. ((going to bed 10:50pm here. I'll post in the morning.))
himura lyoko: "Thanks." She smiled softly and wrapped herself in the blanket. When she finished breakfast she went t take a shower.
Band geeque / *Jake*: ((sorry i'm not on much to roleplay. my computer is retarded and it takes forever to load up elite skills.)) Jake continued glaring at him. "The band is through, in case you haven't noticed," he scowled. "And I got no help from you to be anywhere. You are nothing but an asshole to me and I never had help from you for anything. I don't know why everyone else thinks of you as a friend. You need to leave before I kill you with my bare hands. Because I will do it," he said emphasizing will. Jake turned to Juliet, "Come on, let's do what we came here to do. Find Vican and Dawn and bring them home."
himura lyoko: Dawn came out in new clothes and wet hair. She smiled at him warmly. "I feel so much better!" She layed down on the mat, next to him, and closed her eyes softly.
himura lyoko: She kissed him back softly. "I heard that, don't worry about them. I'm sure they're fine."
himura lyoko: "Vican, you're best of to dis-connect your ties with them, they'll find us easier if you don't."
himura lyoko: "Vican, I can understand if you're worried about them but I don't want to be found. Please, I know they're fine. Julie's a big girl she can handle things where Jake can't and vice versa."
himura lyoko: "Thankyou." She kissed him back happily.
himura lyoko: "I don't know." She rested her head on his shoulder. "It's Tokyo what's there not to do?"
himura lyoko: ((gtg post later, I have a friend over so... yeah ^_^))
kinkabell: (( can i join in or is it too late ))
shilala / Juliet: <<sorry wrong pro.>>
himura lyoko: "All right, but we can't go by the spa I work at. I'd be in sooooo much trouble." She laughed softly. ((Kinkabell can't join, we don't have any more characters.))
himura lyoko: ((I don't think so why?))She smiled adn got up. "All right, you win. Lets go!"
himura lyoko: "And if it is an all girls dorm?" She didn't want him to go all pervy on her.
himura lyoko: She hugged his arm, "we'll be able to find another place. Don't worry."
himura lyoko: She fallowed him and it was a large bath house. It was very quiet. "Is it deserted?"
himura lyoko: There was no answer. The lights came on as they entered, there was no one there yet everything was running.
himura lyoko: "So what do we do now?"
himura lyoko: She fallowed. "Should we be worried that something else might be in here with us?"
himura lyoko: "Umm... who?"
himura lyoko: "Sooo... remind me again wy we're looking for them? Why not just go enjoy the baths?"
himura lyoko: She stopped behind him, "what's wrong?" ((gtg, bed. post in the morning))
himura lyoko: She punched him in the arm. "Don't scare me like that!"
himura lyoko: "Just don't make it sound like this place is haunted or something and I won't kick your ass."
himura lyoko: "I figured as much, hot, steamy, a little bath salt. Kinda obveous."
himura lyoko: She went behind the curtain and came out with a towel wrapped around her. She got in so she was across from him. She sank down to her shoulders and leaned against the edge. "This is awsome!"
himura lyoko: She looked at him hapily. "We need to come here more often.
himura lyoko: "I doubt it is. And I plan on staying here at least. If you wanna go back home then you can but I'm staying."
himura lyoko: She smiled adn nodded. "All right, I think there's a place called the Golden Lotus that we could go to."
himura lyoko: "No, It's a large bath house. The rooms are very private and we would get catered to hand and foot!" She smiled thinking about it.
himura lyoko: She moved next to him and leaned her head against his shoulder. "It is betteer though."
himura lyoko: She smiled. "You will, but I'm too comfy to move right now." She closed her eyes softly.
himura lyoko: She nodded adn stayed close to him.
himura lyoko: She cuddled up to him happily.
himura lyoko: "I love you to." She kissed him back softly.
himura lyoko: She laughed softly.
himura lyoko: "Ooooh." She crooned and took the flowers. "Thank you, that's so sweet."
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake grabbed Juliet's hand and shoved her against the wall. He kissed her vigorously, "I'm sorry but there's no point of looking for them," he said through gasps of air. "They don't want to be found, I already know it. I might not be able to sense them, but I do know what they're feeling. And they don't want to be found by us." Jake wrapped his hands aroung Juliet and kissed her again.
himura lyoko: "I don't know, I'm thinking about Jake and Julie. I don't think they have the guts to come after us." She laughed softly. "Jake's probably scared I'll flip out on him again."
himura lyoko: ((gtg post in the morning))
shilala / Juliet: Juliet nodded her head, her will was falling into dust when he was kissing her. They could go on without them. She kissed him back wrapping her arms around his neck.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake felt a shiver of excitement run over him, he wrapped his arms around her and began to fall. He began to slide down on her, he dropped to the ground and gripped his sides. Jake forced himself back up and kissed her again. He wrapped his arms around her back and tightened his grip. He wanted to hold her forever.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet drew her head back an inch and placed a hand to his wound. "We need to get you to some hospital Jake.." she muttered softly. She looked into his deep green eyes hoping he would go with her to a hospital.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake shook his head looking at the ground, avoiding her stare. "I don't need a damn hospital, I'll be fine. Nothing is damaged I think, otherwise I'd be dead already." Jake grabbed her face in his hands and stared into her gorgeous green eyes, "I love you," he said passionately. Jake leaned down and kissed her lips gently.
himura lyoko: She laughed. "Adraid that I'll freak out and actually go attack him this time."
himura lyoko: ((no one on?))
himura lyoko: "I won't if he comes after us. I think it's be fun if I got a chance to fight him."
himura lyoko: She leaned against him and laughed softly. "No, you can stay out of the way and make sure Julie doesn't try to stop us."
himura lyoko: "I wouldn't get hurt. The only reason I got hurt last time was because I didn't want to fight Jake so I didn't."
himura lyoko: She looked up at him. "You're sweet, but I can handle myself in a fight. No worries."
himura lyoko: "Pease don't worry about me. I'm not gonna get hurt."
himura lyoko: She kissed him back. "I love you to."
himura lyoko: She rested her head agianst his chest adn closed her eyes softly.
himura lyoko: "I guess so. But it's so warm and comfy here."
himura lyoko: She smiled. "We can geet out if you want."
himura lyoko: She took his hadn and got out of the tub. She grabbed a towel adn went behind the curtain. She came out dressed and drying her hair as best as possible.
himura lyoko: "Who could've taken them?" ((gtg see ya.))
shilala / Juliet: Juliet released herself from his lips and silent tears slid down her cheek, she hated it when he tried to hide his feelings from her. She wrapped her arms around him pressed her cheek against his chest, "Oh Jake," she muttered.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake wrapped his arms around her and laid his head against hers. "Its alright, Juliet, I'll be okay," he muttered in a soft tone. A silent tear slid down Jake's cheek and soaked into her hair. He sighed and looked up at the sky. "Its so beautiful," he said pointing her in that direction.
shilala / Juliet: Juliet looked up to see the purple clouds scattered across the sky. Nightfall was coming. "Yeah, it is beautiful. This is my favorite time of day. Everything is so beautiful even if you have so much going on. Its so nice just to look up and see this." she stared up, watching as the rays of the sun beamed on little parts of each cloud. Her eyes began to glimmer.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake smiled at her again. Her eyes made his heart melt. He couldn't help but stare into her beautiful eyes. "You're so perfect," he mumbled, loud enough for on her to hear. Jake leaned down over her and kissed her gently. He sat down on the ground wincing a little and pulled her down beside him.
himura lyoko: "Well what do we do? We can't leave with you looking like that."
himura lyoko: She took his hadn as he led the way.
himura lyoko: "A sute? What for?"
himura lyoko: She laughed softly. "You look so out of place right now."
himura lyoko: "Well lets see. Spa... Tuxedo boy... me... I see no pettern." ((my comps/ being retarded, i'm gonna shut down adn start again.))
himura lyoko: "Uh oh, should I be afraid of this?"
himura lyoko: "Vican I don't do dresses, why do you guys have never seen me in one? Not even a skirt!"
himura lyoko: "I'm sure you do. But with my history I try to blend in."
himura lyoko: ((no one on?))
himura lyoko: "Well, the more dresses I wear the more I stand out."
himura lyoko: "I don't look good in dresses, believe me. You don't wanna see me in one."
himura lyoko: "Oohh no, not the eyes." She turned away from him. "There's nothing you could say or do to get me in a kimono."
himura lyoko: She turned away again. "Still the answer is no. Nothing you could do or say."
himura lyoko: ((gtg post tomarow and gone for the weekend w/dad again. I'll get some stuff done tomarow but Jake and Julie and Lyoid can't find us till i get back on sunday.))
himura lyoko: "You're Evil!" She called down the hall adn ran after him. ((gtg post tomarow and gone for the weekend w/dad again. I'll get some stuff done tomarow but Jake and Julie and Lyoid can't find us till i get back on sunday.))
himura lyoko: "I'm not wearing a kimono or dress, you couldn't force me into on even if you tried. I juat wanted to make sure you didn't leave here without me." ((gone for weekend post sunday night))
himura lyoko: "Oh no you're not. You can't move me or force me into on!" She stuck out her tounge defiantly.
himura lyoko: She sighed adn sat down, waiting for him to come back.
himura lyoko: ((gtg see you later))
vindr: vican returns with a small hand-wrapped box of chocolates "i bought these earlier..." he handed them to her
shilala / Juliet: Juliet sat next to him. She laid her head on his shoulder and sighed. "Well, what are we going to do for tonight?" she asked, interlacing her fingers with his.
Band geeque / *Jake*: I don't know really. I don't know where to find them. I'm beginning to think this trip was pointless." Jake banged his head against the wall. "I'm so stupid!" he muttered to himself, sweat dripping off his forehead. "How could I be such an idiot." Jake stood up and looked around.
((hey vican or dawn, what hotel r u supposed to be at?))
himura lyoko: "Oooooh thank you. I have been craving chocolate for the longest time." She took the box and opened it. "Want one?"
himura lyoko: She leaned against him softly. "Not even one? Did the water do something to your head?" She put a hand to his forehead teasingly.
himura lyoko: She laughed, "Don't do that, I'm ticklish! And what are you planning to eat that's so good?"
himura lyoko: She sighed adn covered the box of chocolate. "I told you, nothing you could do or say could force me into a dress." She smiled at him.
himura lyoko: She sighed, "no, but you're wanting to."
himura lyoko: She laughed and moved out of his reach, "cut that out!"
himura lyoko: She ran away from him, laughing still. "Cut that out, it's not funny!"
himura lyoko: She nodded and looked at the raging rapids. "They must've just had a storm, a moment later adn I'd be dead right now."
himura lyoko: She fallowed closely and kept her eyes away from the river.
himura lyoko: She blushed deeply adn kissed him back. ((gtg, it's ten at night here. c ya.))
himura lyoko: She smiled and broke the kiss softly, blushing deeply.
himura lyoko: "Yes, but I like hearing it again." She smiled warmly and leaned her head against his shoulder.
himura lyoko: It was warm next to him and she accidentally fell asleep.
himura lyoko: She jerked awake and punched his arm. "Don't do that when I'm sleeping, you'll end up in hell."
himura lyoko: "And where exactly is here?" She stood up tiredly.
himura lyoko: "And that is........?"
himura lyoko: "Can we afford it?" ((gtg post in the morning))
himura lyoko: "You're a idiot (sp?) you now that?"
himura lyoko: She sighed as she was herded in. "All right, but if we go bakrupt I blame it on you."
himura lyoko: "All right, fine, you win."
himura lyoko: She fallowed the man but stayed next to Vican.
himura lyoko: "Comfort, not." She knelt down on the mat comfortably.
himura lyoko: "Oh shut up, it's a blessing I'm not in a dress." She ordered sushi and tea.
himura lyoko: "Alcohol... I'll be dragging home a drunk tonight."
himura lyoko: "We'll see." The food was brought and she picked up her chop sticks hungrily.
himura lyoko: "Oh, so you have been drunk before."
himura lyoko: She shook her head and bit into her sushi. "What am I gonna do with you?" ((Jake and Julie haven't been on at all...)
himura lyoko: "Still asking myself that." She laughed softly adn took a sip of her tea.
himura lyoko: "Ha ha, there's nothing wrong with me.... not that I know of..."
himura lyoko: She sighed adn finished her meal, "you'll find something eventually." ((gtg post in the morning))
himura lyoko: "You're impossible."
himura lyoko: ((no one on?))
himura lyoko: "Give it some time."
himura lyoko: She gave him a side long glance.
himura lyoko: "You only look for the good? You lie!"
shilala / Juliet: <<hey guys i am REALLY sorry..i was gonna reply last night but nooooo my computers somehow got kicked off the router system thing -.->>Juliet put a hand on his shoulder. "Jake, you're not an idiot. You just didn't want us all to be seperated. I find that to be a good reason. But, maybe we should just move on and let them live their lives like we should live ours." She reached up and began brushing through his hair.
himura lyoko: "So you do look for the bad." Dawn felt the familliar twinge when Julie or Jake were close but she shook it off. ((I was wondering if you guys abandoned us, where's Jake? You two need to come find us, it's been getting kinda boring.))
himura lyoko: "I know but still, you can't help but notice soem bad qualities in some people."
shilala / Juliet: <<well i can't talk to him yet..i kinda got grounded and im sorta sneaking on right now o.O but i can't call him until tomorrow...when i have my cell phone...and i call on the bus..so that i dont get in trouble lol>>
himura lyoko: "That's sweet." ((sorry, I'm never on. I was grounded so I don't know if I'll be on much lately. I'll come on again when I'm un grounded.))
himura lyoko: She blushed.
himura lyoko: She smiled. "All right."
himura lyoko: She noded adn fallowed him out. "How far is it to home?"
himura lyoko: "We walking?"
himura lyoko: "I'll keep my feet on the ground." She laughed softly.
himura lyoko: She gave him a sideways look. "Did you do this on purpose?"
himura lyoko: She kissed him back. "Let's get home, it's getting late."
himura lyoko: She stayed close and kept up with him. "I still can't believe that we're here."
himura lyoko: She looked up at him. "Still thinking about Jake and Julie?"
himura lyoko: She kept looking at him for a moment. "Okay, what Are you thinking?"
himura lyoko: She blushed. "You're sweet!"
himura lyoko: "That's sweet but you can put me down!" She blushed deeply.
himura lyoko: She sighed and rested her head against his shoulder. "You're impossible."
himura lyoko: SHe laughed softly. "Put me down Vican, I don't wanna kick your ass when we get home." Dawn smiled.
himura lyoko: "Still not gonna put me down?"
himura lyoko: She laughed softly.
himura lyoko: "Thank you." She fixed her shirt and headed inside.
himura lyoko: "Nope, annoyed yes but mad? No."
himura lyoko: "Oh yeah? Like what?" She pressed the boton when they were in the elivator.
himura lyoko: "Anything to keep me with you?"
himura lyoko: "I won't unless you do something really stupid."
himura lyoko: She opened the door to their room. "Got that right!"
himura lyoko: "I just wanna sleep right now. And I wanna be warm, comfy, and not have to go to work tomarow." She yawned and layed down on the matt.
himura lyoko: She snuggled up to him and covered them both with the blanket.
himura lyoko: She fell asleep adn woke up late into the morning, entertwined in Vicans arms and legs.
himura lyoko: "Morning, what time is it?"
himura lyoko: She groaned and layed her head back down on the pillow. "You won't stop at anything to keep me here won't you?"
himura lyoko: She sighed adn spralled herself over the matt. "You take everything so litterally."
himura lyoko: "I don't know, the girls are probably wondering if we eloped or something."
himura lyoko: "you'd be surprised what Japanese women can gossip about."
himura lyoko: She shook her head and ate her breakfast.
himura lyoko: "You can just not for a while, okay?"
himura lyoko: She sighed. "More surprises? Don't you ever get tired of spoiling me?"
himura lyoko: "Oh really, we'll see."
himura lyoko: She laughed softly.
himura lyoko: Dawn layed back down adn purried her face in the pillow.
Band geeque / *Jake*: (so sorry i haven't replied in a long time, i've been busy.) Jake stared at her and smiled, he stood up, "Well, while we're here, I suppose we could look around and have fun. No point in rushing around the world for no reason." (how about we run into you guys at some place?)
shilala / Juliet: Juliet stood up with him, "That's true." She heard something rumble and she looked to see Jake put a hand to his stomach. "Well, I guess we should get something to eat first right?" she smiled warmly to him grabbing his hand.
Band geeque / *Jake*: jake nodded. He smiled at her and tightened his grip. He pun around and kissed her warmly on her forehead. "I love you," he mumbled. They looked around to see if they could find someone who spoke english that could point them in the right direction
shilala / Juliet: They finally got directions to a great japanese place. They held hands the whole way there and Juliet smiled at Jake from time to time and sometimes asking about his side. "Are you sure your side is okay?" she asked raising an eyebrow.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake smiled softly at her and wrapped his arms around her, he gazed into her eyes and knelt down and kissed her gently on the cheek, "I can't get enough of kissing you." Jake held her hand and walked her into the restaurant and found a table. He held out the chair for her and when she sat down he went to the other side and sat down.
himura lyoko: "All right, I need to get to work! Sereously, I'll be back around five ok?" She got up and pulled out her uniform.
himura lyoko: She came out of the bathroom in her uniform. Her hair was in a pony tail, with the hair braided, and her bangs on each side of ehr face. She kissed him gently. "I'll see you when I get home." She grabbed the spare key and left.
himura lyoko: She caught a cab and got a ride to the Golden Lotus. She got out and on her way in she punched in her time card. The receptionist questioned her about her being sick. "Just a false alarm Mioki"
himura lyoko: Dawn stayed busy(sp?). She let the day tick by very slowely, enjoying her work.
himura lyoko: ((what happened to everyone?))
shilala / Juliet: <<*smacks forehead* -.- okay...i did send in my post...but apparently it didnt exactly get added...so now i have to remember what i said lol sorry!! ^_^;;>>Juliet sat in the chair he had pulled out for her. She looked up to Vican and smiled hugely(sp?), "Vican oh my god!" she stood up and hugged him, "How are you? Why don't you sit down with us?" But in the back of her head she was remembering how Jake had been when he was practically dragging her with him here so that Vican and Dawn would just be dragged back with them.
Band geeque / *Jake*: Jake balled his fists, his eyes grew angry at the sight of Vican, "The nerve you have to just show up and act casual," he scowled trying to keep his temper down. Jake stood up and grabbed Vican's shirt and pushed him up against the wall. "You bastard." Jake lifted his arm and punched Vican across the face.
himura lyoko: Dawn was asked to work the late shift at the spa and she agreed. She called their hotel room and left a mesage for Vican and returned to work.
himura lyoko: ((....))
himura lyoko: ((it's like this place died!))
shilala / Juliet: Juliet stepped in front of Jake, "Jake step away from Vican now!" She put a hand on his chest and tried to push him backwards.<<so sorry...ive been very busy lately.>>
shilala: "Okay Vican," she siad still pushing Jake back a little.<<oh yah btw. jake is kinda..grounded lol>>
himura lyoko: ((I haven't checked in in a long time!! Not much happened while i was gone...))
himura lyoko: Dawn left a voice message in the hotel room telling Vican she'd be late. "There was a barbacide spill, we had to get the janitor, the manager, and we're still waiting for it to get cleaned up without damaging the tile on the floor. I'll call you later."
himura lyoko: ((This rp is dead.))

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