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Roleplay - sex by kathleenbrennan / kathleenbrennan


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nikita2u / Namashi Kish: cheese?
Twisted / Saiman: (( I'm willing to join this, it looks interesting. And also I have three role plays as well and I need people too! They are Valley of Echoes ( the most popular), Vampiric Seduction, and Saiman. I'm ready to RP!))
rene / britney : blue cotton is standing in the middle of the alley waiting for her boo
rene / britney : sorry wrong pix
RealityTears: Lmao. This is pathetic.
You kids need to get a life.
PrincessAkimi: bord
crimson_panda / Zero: Angel of Death: If you're so bored, why don't you just get a life? This is rediculous. You'll probably won't understand but us dedicated members have been trying for months to decrease the spam population and talk 'noobs' out of spamming so much. Please bear with me. We're trying all that we can.
That will be all.
KarloZ / Ezequiel: Only the fact that you have to describe and dream up what you would do during sex talks about the lack of real love life people who do this endure. Even so, if you still feel the necessity to pretend to have sex through typing, then there are places for that. Dont come fucking up a site we are all dedicated on keeping cyber-free.
pudgepudge / ~~Ricky~~: AOIFSlke

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