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Roleplay - Vampiric Seduction by Saiman / Twisted

Night, in the upper chambers of the Blackstone castle, where the screams of the innocents are heard.

Roleplay Details

Vampires are the man rulers. No god-moding or power-playing or whatever. Humans are lower slaves, worse than servants and are only used as food or sadist "pleasure".
Any other, werewolves, witches, they are some what equal, but this is a vampire society.
MUST HAVE VAMPIRIC SEDUCTION OF SOME SORT. I HAVE NO OTHER RULES. M/M or F/F accepted, smut, whatever, I don't care, as long as no private parts are showing in pics.


Twisted / Saiman: Above her, a master vampire was busy licking his lips, taking in every one of her dips and curves. "Hm..." He said, licking his lips, "yes, you will do girl."
She whimpered, shaking her head, she curled up into a ball. " Please..." She pleaded. " Not me."
FMC / James Thomas: James couldn't help but intercede. He was taken by the same master Saimen was and given as a present to the master's three daughters, and seeing Saimen plead like that he just couldn't sit back and let him take her. She was the newest to have been captured and had yet to have been "taken" yet.
"Not her." He got inbewteen the vampire and the girl. "She isn't ready for you yet, and I know you don't like them when they always try and get away. Take a seasoned girl for now." The vampire, after punching James in the face very hard, agreed and took one of the girls who half enjoyed being a sex slave. She was the slut of this group.
"Hi, I'm James." He said to the girl.
Twisted / Saiman: "Thank you for helping me, you didn't have to." She rubbed her arms, not quite able to work the fear out of her body. " I'm sorry you got hurt...you should've have helped, but I am now in your debt." She curtsied before him, not quite able to look him in the face.
" I'm James." He repeated quietly, with a gently smile on his face.
" I know," she whispered, " I'm Saiman. I never..." She trailed off not able to finish her sentence. She appeared to be in a trance like state, before her pale hand rose to touch her neck where her master had claimed her. " I must go...master is calling."
She thanked him once more and quickly walked past him. " I'm sorry, James, I must thank you properly sometime...I'm in the lower chambers next to Wytha. If I can have visitors, I'll treat you to dinner." She slightly smiled before running to her waiting master.
FMC: Shortly after watching her leave James was also called away. In all honest truth, he was a man. And being a man he did enjoy sex. He enjoyed the fact that he was the favorite of all three of the master's daughters. He enjoyed the fact that they liked him enough that if he sent one of the gaurds and asked for it himself one of them would almost always agree. What he didn't like was the fact that his life was so shallow. He wanted more. Really, he just wanted love.
This time he was to be "working" with the two younger daughters of the master, Shara and Terna, the oldest being out of town.
Once everything was all over he was returned to his chamber he left and sought out Saimen's chaimber, for he had been invited for dinner.
Twisted / Saiman: She had managed to bring down a decent amount of food down to her chambers since one of her best friends was stationed in the kitchen.
Actually, she took great care of making sure she had friends in every area of the house in case someone needed help or she did.
The food was set out on the table, and the smell drifted invitedly to the door. It was rude to start eating without her guest, so she decided to keep herself busy.
When she finished the last chore, she sat down, her cheeks flushed hotly. She might as well face it, he wasn't coming, he probably didn't wanna be seen with her; half the time she didn't want to be in her own company sometimes.
Just then a knock sounded at her door, and she moved to open it.
FMC: He smiled and looked at her when she opened the door and he just stooed right outside. She was very beautifull. He had noticed this before but now it had really hit him hard. They stood in silence for a couple of seconds before he snapped back into reality. "May I come in?" He said and she said yes and they both walked in.
"Sorry I'm late," he pulled four roses from behind his back. "It's a pain in the ass to get these here." He smiled and handed her the four red roses.
Twisted / Saiman: Saimain blushed really hard, and bent her head down.
" Thank you, I really don't deserve them."
He was really handsome.
" Um, what would you like to drink? Cognac, wine, water?"
Ikari / Lindsay: ooc: Someone reply to her?
Lindsay stumbled down the hall way, A bucket in hand, She had just finished scrubbing the hall floor, Making sure it was fit for the rulers of the city to walk on. Her eyes had heavy bags under them, from the lack of sleep and horrid nightmare's from the past experience with a young male Methuselah, who had thought her attractive, She shivered, whenever one of them was around, it was often a draft going down the hallway's, She envied their eternal youth, But was ever fearful when she was called upon, she had been used to feed them before, but they never killed her, she wished they would, just to get it over with. She sat down and leaned against the wall, Ebon hair was tied back, and long, passed her mid back, She had dark blue optics, that were alert, yet oh so miserable, she wasn't very sure how long she could take this working life anymore, it just seemed to gnaw at her form the inside out until she collapses.
Squall Leon Hea / BlackCat: BLackCat was a halfbreed of humans and vampires , he was walking through the hall when his eyes fell on Lindsay and when he saw Collapse he ran towards and her and leaned her on his lap and said " Hey , are you okay? "
Ikari / Lindsay: Lindsay felt the touch of another. Her eyes looked up, she was leaned into his lap. She was sure he was going to kill her for slacking. She swallowed and shut her eyes, Half wishing for death. But when it didn't come.. She opened one eye and hastily sat up, grabbing the bucket full of water..
"I-I'm fine... Sorry... I just needed to rest..." She said, starting to work a spot out of the floor, she didn't know he wasn't full vampire, She basically thought he may be one of the under study's sent to scout for something. She still didn't feel like being called upon, for she had not been claimed yet, and he neck remained free of the Claiming bite mark.
Twisted / Saiman: Wooo....! She stared at the stranger wondering if he would dissapear.
Monisa / Rogeiria: Hello

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