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Roleplay - Darkness Overtakes by Anidori-Kiladra / PrincessOfDark

In a far away world where everyone,but a few are taken over by the darkness of the land. People killing everyone they see. Consumned by wrath and anger people live in darkness; in the shadows.

Roleplay Details

-No Godmodding
-Powermodding permitted
-Any Race


PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: 'Oh ths is shuch a bore. Where are all the stupid humans so I can kill them. Better go look for them.' she thought. then she came out of the shadows wearing a cloak. Underneath was a black tank top and black pants. Black conbat boots on her feet. A gold necklace with a fire incircleing a sword;her clan simble.
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: "Humans are a pathetic waste of perfectly good energy. But you smell like a half-breed. Are you?" she turns around and looks him over. 'A good looking half-breed. strong, but mostlikely weak still. all half-breeds are.' she thinks to herself.
PrincessOfDark / Kagome-Kaiba: ((hello?))
amanda99737 / ahdreta (ah-dree-tah): darkness and light who cares let me kill she thought to herself i don't let anyone live
Tech / Valdimere: <<Can I join?>>
dameion / numkoo: as the neko looks up at the sky and then jumps up in a tree he yawns
dameion / numkoo: numkoo looks abit scared hello he say nervesly
dameion / numkoo: looks over at tenia <<is ur charter a girl ??>> he looks bhind him as tenia spots a broken chain hangen from his collar
dameion / numkoo: he looks at tenia and looks afraide are you going to tell he asks
dameion / numkoo: numkoo looks at her and smiles he lays his head on her sholder and looks up at the sky what you looken at he asks
dameion / numkoo: smiles at her and blushes slightly as he kisses her on the cheek and pounces out of the tree ur it he yells as he lands on all fours looking up at her
dameion / numkoo: blushes as he pounces on her and kisses her passionatly on the lips but then runs half way up the tree
Ksndnsk / Myou Seppun: Myou was watching the two from a tree, when the guy climbed up it, she walked out of the shadows. "What are you two doing?"
Ksndnsk / Myou Seppun: *She lifted her head and looked down at the girl. "Be careful on what you do out here, people will take advantage of what they see and turn it against you."
Ksndnsk / Myou Seppun: She jumped from the tree to land in front of the girl. "Im sure you know this isnt the nicest place on Earth. Just be careful."
Ksndnsk / Myou Seppun: {Shush, I know >.<} "Take advantage of relationship, friends, anything they can to hurt you or other things. They know how, so you shouldnt do things like that out in the open."
dameion / numkoo: numkoo pounces from the tree on tenias back smiling as he looks at the new girl
Ksndnsk / Myou Seppun: She watched as the guy she knew had run away, pounced on the girls back. "Yea, I see that."
Ksndnsk / Myou Seppun: She laughed a little hearing the girls comment. "Whats your name?"
Ksndnsk / Myou Seppun: "My name is Myou Seppun. Nice to meet you." she said as she cocked her hip and placed her hand upon it.
dameion / numkoo: looks up at tenia and jumps up next to her we no play now he asks looking at her
Ksndnsk / Myou Seppun: She giggled, "And your boyfriend?"
Ksndnsk / Myou Seppun: She smiled and watched Tenia kick the guy. "I meant, his name."
dameion / numkoo: houlds his tummy my name numkoo he says as he stands up and growles as he walks over to anouther tree and climbs up it and sets down
dameion / numkoo: as he tugs on his broken chaine thats connected to his collar trying to get it off
Ksndnsk / Myou Seppun: Myou sighed and jumped up next to Numkoo. "Want just the chain off, or the whole thing?" she asked.
dameion / numkoo: just the chain he says nervesly as he sets there
Ksndnsk / Myou Seppun: "Your wish is my command..." She said as she took out a pocket knife with a diamond blade and bent down. "Hold still, ok?"
dameion / numkoo: sets very still nervesly
Ksndnsk / Myou Seppun: She began cutting the end of the chain closest to his neck. Ever so slowly making it though the metal. "Dont move, almost got it..." then the blade went through. "Now pull on it."

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