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Roleplay - A Vampiristic Melody by Anduin Evenstar / Crimsonpathways

The night is young at a quarter past the eleventh hour of after the noon. Hanging dully in the sky is a small sliver of a waning crescent moon. Very few stars shine through the clouds on this cold night, only the brightest can be seen, and even those appear extremely dull. It is the middle of an autumn night, though not many leaves fall in the city aside from a few from the self-grown trees planted for decoration. A faint coo from the geese, beginning to migrate, late in the year rather than the standard time rings hollowly. The streets of this overly populated city, Detroit, Michigan are no place to mingle...
...for the ones that wish to remain alive.

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Nearly any character fits in here, any race. As long as you do not powerplay or godmode, I will be fine roleplaying with you. Try to keep a fair balance between immortals and mortals, keep it nice and interesting. Does not bother me on how much you type, only that what you type has an excellence to it. If you scratch down plain old anything just to post, I would rather you not join because if you can not add to the role play, there is no point in coming.


Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: [I've been to Detroit. Nasty.]
"Once you take pleasure at the kill, you're as bad as them."
The words float up to her--I said that, didn't I?--as she shuffles down the grimy sidewalk, kicking a rotting shoe out of her path. Two down, scanner showed a couple more vamps and some odd ones. Should be home in a week.
I hate Detroit.
Annmarie glances behind her, watching, or searching, for muggers, waiting for an excuse to squeeze in some real justice work before her mission is over.
At least New York had the buildings to hide out on, and cabs. Here, everything's close enough to the ground I can't hide well, and the junkies and gangs control the warehouses. She passes a telephone booth with no phone in it. The entire calling apparatus, not just the receiver, is missing, leaving only the blue metal calling booth, the helpful white phone icon half-drowned in spray paint.
She hugs her deerskin coat tighter around her scrawny shoulders and crawls against a corner in a misshapen canyon between two cinderblock buildings.
A newspaper tumbles past and she snags it, shifting one hand's fingers to dragon claws. She plays with her hand, shaping and restoring it, as she scans the paper: it was the front page, announcing murders, beheadings. The picture is one of her own kills, and even in the dim security light she can see the sunken ribs of the fast-drying vampire corpse and the investigators' puzzled faces. The article itself describes other killings from the past month--more beheadings, vampire work. They like to keep the competition low.
As she wraps the paper over her eyes and turns her face to the wall, her long-suffering gear smeared with road soot and moss, she hisses to herself, a chuckle. I've been housed better in a plague village. And how cold will it be tonight?
Adon Galra / Revan Maxwell: "Damn it, that's the fifth case I've lost. If I return empty handed, I won't get paid," Revan said thinking out loud as he walked down the moonlight sidewalk. The building on both sides of the street had windows smashed in from break-ins, doors bashed down, and randomn markings from the varies wannabe gans of Detroit. The art work did little to catch the vampire's eye as did nothing else on his lonely stroll. He turned a corner, and in front of him, dozens of kids where fighting it out, bottles, bats, and of coarse guns. The demi lifted his head to get a glimpse of the gang war occuring infront of him, though, it took no consern to him if these human;s beat themselves senceless. What was it to him. His humaninty was stripped decades ago. Lowering his head, he continued on, heading right for "No Man Land." As he passed by, one gang banger spoted him, and mistoke(sp?) hims for anther gang member. Bat in hand, he ran at the 212 year old vampire, incased in a 17 year old body. The banger swong, and Revan caught the attack. He ripped the bat from his hands and continued on, leaving a very confused opponent. He turned onto the same street as Annmarie, but wass behind her. A slight hesitation become a faulter in his steps, then to a stop. His sences had gone wild. 'There's a vampire near by, but where?' He cautously(sp?) looked around, and spttoed the girl. It wasn't her, but then where was it coming from?
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Xion: Delue walked slowly, deliberately, down the dirty sidewalk. he crossed the street and checked his watch.
"Two minutes," he said to himself. this was the corner he had been told to come to. all of his life he had thirsted for teh life of a Vampire, and after ten years of humble service, he would finally become one of them. tonight, the Ash-Hamen clan would make them one of thier own. he would finally be one of them. Delue smiled and squeezed his eyes shut, almost giddy with anticipation. a woman snatched up a paper across the street from him in an alley, read it. Delue wasnt really paying any attention to anyone else, but out of the corner of his eye, he saw a darkly clad young man turn the corner onto the street a block away. no cars had passed by in the last thirty minutes he had been walking. Delue searched the streets subtley, looking for the woman who would make his dreams come true.
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drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: (finally...another vampire post...guess I get a clean slate on this one, huh?:P)
Lorkyn hides in the shadows, covering up any trace of her scent to the others who may be searching for her. She watches across the street as a fight among mortals breaks out. A boy tries to him this lone figure with a bat...but instead it is snatched from him. She hid herself more in the shadows and watched the figure as it passed by her. With a feline curiousity...she followed silently behind him, her presence still masked...
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie wakes with a jolt, her limbs still but her throat pounding. She gently eases open her pack and pulls out a wooden box. Inside it is a tiny gleaming bottle, full of white-glowing liquid. She presses it against her neck, letting its radiation calm her blood as it passes her veins. The water is a sort of magical super-acid, and its light temporarily suppresses her instinctive response to evil, taking with it her weak telepathy and limited natural shapechanging.
There are vampires near, at least two of them powerful, and she decides to avoid a fight now, wait til dawn, then unleash her frenzy and track the creatures to their lairs and kill them as they lie. She covers the light bottle with her fingers, listening to a gang scuffle a few blocks away, alert for softer sounds, tracking footsteps. She peers down the streets, hoping to watch for attackers, but the glare from a nearby streetlight deepens all the shadows. Her hand strokes her dagger, more for comfort than to prepare for battle; if she does fight, she would shift to dragon with her amulet.
Crimsonpathways: The lights of the newest city club flashed through the darkness, allowing dully lit crimson eyes to appear, glazed, as they rolled toward the screeching of a set of tires. A young and drunk couple were behind the dashboard of this jeep and the man sat behind the wheel, jetting off quickly. One would figure they were trying to escape or did something wrong, but it was not likely.
Sitting here had not been something she had anticipated at this night. An eminent vampire, striding the streets of Detroit? How amusing. Though nothing could be done about that at the current, and it was beginning to grow far too cold to move farther north. At one time, Anduin had rested peacefully in Jeanette, Pennsylvania, though that was changed as the occupants of her apartment building saw her leave one night and turned her in to the local police station. They matched her to multiple murders, each of which was not done well enough to be her work, and attempted to convict her. They had not realized that she had a vast power of immortality lying in her, and could destroy an entire jailhouse if tried. To their luck, Anduin had not found it worth the time and simply fled from the city, to find herself stuck in this old and rundown area.
The darkness was brilliant though, with only small streetlights to streak the ebony feild, and only slivers of light could shine through. This vampiress, was not one that a mortal would want to meet in any alley or area to be honest. Few things can kill a vampire, and they come more experienced with age. Anduin was old, 1600 years to be exact, trapped within a teenage body, she would never develop more than mentally.
The pale tone to her skin completely contrasted with her scarlet hair, falling daintily over her shoulders. Most vampires are beautiful beyond belief. She though, claimed not beauty, but power and wisdom. No one was perfect, and she fit the category of no one. Clearly not perfect, but she did have a method of perfect kill. The dark, daunting eyes of Anduin were pale and lifeless, glazed over and not showing much red as she had not fed in the past week. It was not her who had caused the many deaths in Detroit, she killed upon impulse, not just for the kill.
Silently, she watched in the shadow of the night, invisible, her eyes drove toward the others. The worst thing about an aged vampire to their prey, is that through the years one learns their exact energy waves, and with that, how to mask them. Her exact position was atop a tall building, scanning for an action that she may need to interfere with.
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SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Leaning up against an alley-way building, Eva sighs solemnly,"What the hell am I supposed to do now?" she murmurs to herself, she dosen't know how to live this way, how to hide, to eat to prey on another human, wait, she's no longer human, she can't even say that anymore...Dammit. She kicks at a few scattered pieces of trash that lies around, pushing off the building's cold brick, only to walk further into the darkness, hoping to find someone to relate to, someone that can help her live this new life she's been given.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn's attention is distracted. She sense a new vampire...a vagobond who is lost...*hmmm...* she thinks to herself. She takes flight and lands directly in front of Eva. She bows to her and extends her hand in welcome. *Tell me, new one, would you like some assitance from an ancient?* she offered her...
Xion: Delue could feel the air bristle with armed anticipation. He walked to the edge of the corner and as he looked down an alley, a confused young girl and a wise-looking being that could only be a Vampire met and began talking. Delue turned to face the wall of the building he was standing in front of and when he turned back, she was there. Ash-Haman Empress of this area.
"You have proven yourself worthy of the gift of immortal life. you have served the clan well, and have demonstrated your loyalty. are you ready for the first day of your new life?"
Delue quivered with anticipation and steadily repeated the rites of the Changing that the Ash-Haman clan had used for centuries.
"i go now willingly and eagerly, to that great night and to serve the clan to my last breath." the tall Vampress pulled back her black satin hood, revealing a strikingly beautiful face and neck, and with one fluid motion, ripped into his neck and began the Drink. Delue couldnt mentally comprehend the extesy that he felt in those moments. minutes passed like days, and all he could sense was euphoria. the Empress withdrew quickly, wiped her chin, and spread great black wings. "if you survive this night, return to our lair by the third moonfall." with that, she was gone, silently and without a trace. Delue crawled into an alcove between two huge buildings and waited, cradling his neck in his palm. "Finally," he thought, and fell to sleep.
Adon Galra / Revan Maxwell: Revan could feel darkness around. It was impossible to locate, nothing can be completly masked. He continued to move away from Annmarie, and turned a corner. With a small jump, and a quick flash of black and feather, he was on the roof. A quite place for him to sit, and wait.
Being a vampire, and a vampire hunter was not a deadly combanation, but has alot of down sides: Being ridiculed by other vampires; having other hunters after you, and worse, the millions of bountys that hovered over his head.
A sigh paced threw the vampires lips, "Two months and nothing. I guess I'll have to you it. Kere?" A large raven flapps down and lands infront of Revan.
"What?" came an irritated squak. Revan removed his monucle. The pupil was black and thin like a cat's, and the rest of the eye had a blood red glaze. "Okay, gotcha." The bird flew off and away to search the ground while in the air. If there where any vampires in the area, this bird would be able to scope them out. Also, everything he saw, so did Revan.
Revan sat back with closed eyes. All he had to do was sit back and wait for somthing to move, other than that one girl(Annmarie). Other than his duty, the young vamp, young relative to most vampiric ages, was thinking of his love. It had been a while since they had seen each other. He shook the thought from his head, 'The misson is the olny impportant thing right now. Stay focused.'
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Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie jerks her heard up at a whuffing sound that reminds her of a large eagle. She covers the light-bottle with her hand and replaces it in her pack, growing nervous now. With the bottle quelling her dragon-senses, she could be ambushed. She draws her dagger, unwilling to advertise her presence with the blast of light that her shifting amulet would produce, and waits for her fear-frenzy to come back and give her some idea of what she faces.
[Likewise, just to keep my foot in.]
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: As her lesser powers return, she takes a slow deep breath. The wind carries magic like scents, and as she delicately shifts her inner throat to dragon, she feels something of the vampires surrounding her.
This was a very bad idea. She lets herself detect just a touch of the vampires, not enough to let herself lose control, and finds most of them ancient, experienced, and powerful. If it comes to a fight, I'll have to pick off the oldest first, but the winged one could harrass me while I confront her, and with the power she has, I might not be able to do anything.
Xion: after what seemed an eternity, Delue regained conscoousness, and looked around. his neck was sore, but the rest ofhis body felt...well, elated. he was having the best orgasm of his life...all the time. it was hte best feeling he had ever had. Delue could now feel the presence of other vampires, and he slowly realized that this city, and especially this area of Detroit, was teeming with Vampiric life. he smiled and started off toward the inner city, where most ofthe Vampires had gathered.
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Adon Galra / Revan Maxwell: Revan picked up his head. "Found you." He stood to his feet, and unfolded his wings. Large black feathers packed on each, making it to any other that he be a dark angel. Why not? He was vampiric. With a small jump, he was soaring. In no time at all, he was beside Kere, the great raven, discussing what to do first. 'There all masked. Telling who is stronger is impossible. Let's go for the one by themeselfe. It would be easier if I took them on one at a time.'
'Agreed. We attack the...girl... Are you sure your up to this? I think your feelings about your job are getting to you.' Revan didn't answer; he didn't need to. Mawell positioned himself, and went into a deep dive. Following close behind was his partner. The approach was silient, and their bodies blendded in with the darkened sky. THe dive would proveid enough speed to swoop in and render the target helpless in the end.
The decent began to lose speed as the hunter was rethinking his options. Only a few yards from the target, his speed is deminoshed to a slow glide. Instead of a swoop, he plopped himself down right behind(or in front of{your choise}) Anduin. It was official now. He couldn't do his job any more. Strangly, rather than leaving he stood there, looking at the woman, wondering what would happen next...
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Crimsonpathways / Anduin Evenstar: ||School sucks. It's clear. I had a bad day, one of my worst surprisingly. It thought it would be better today, but no…always the same.||
It was clear that the darkness would be here for quite a long time, which made her mind ease as she felt the presence of the other vampires. 'Why do they not hide themselves, are their lives free aside from mine? I have known no other than to be on the run. What is this Detroit and how do the vampires flock here so well.' The thoughts rushed into her mind as she threw a fist at the banister which she sat at the top of this building. The stone cracked slightly, not making much noise, but chances were it would be enough to draw attention. As her hand left the stone her eyes only gleamed a dark crimson, and no other affect could be noted, no wince, and no tears. For any normal person would hold their fist and look at the blood seeping down and chances were, would bawl and cry for their mother to collect them and their stupidity. Anduin was different from the most of them, much different; as was clear when she heard the whisk of wind behind her and could feel the presence of the male behind her. With her sense of him, she opened her mouth slightly, running her tongue over the lengthened colorless fangs, sharp as small razors which could fall over her bottom lip if she would be not to close her mouth over them. Annoyance paled her eyes with an ice-glazed glare as the leather of her long jacket scraped against the barrier. The eminent female had turned, slowly, to face another vampire, as herself. "What the hell are you doing here?" Anduin growled through a clenched set of teeth, incisors encasing her bottom fangs, which were slightly shorter than the ones of the top. The voice was lower, not deeper, but simply, low with a hint of anger as she let her red gaze burn over him. This vampire had not expected anyone to search for her here, especially one of her own. It was usual that they would go after humans, but why was he here, what business did he have with her? Daunting eyes continued to scan him for weapons and as well, reason, for being here. "Answer me wisely, you speak with an ancient," her voice echoed hollowly through the shadow.
Adon Galra / Revan Maxwell: "An ancient you say? Hmph!" he grunted erogantly. The cockiness left his voice and was replaced by a smother, slyer voice. "I guess I have to answer you. To keep things simple, I'm a hunter, and you where my target." Revan stood to his feet. The folds on the trench hovered barly an inch of the ground.
The coat was open and revaled what he was wearing underneath. Simple atire. Black baggy pants and a black shirt with black comabt boats. A belt wrapped around his waist held most his equipment: A revolver, a crusifix, and a small fragile bottle that held a fair amount of water. Holy no doubt. On his back was a large leather sheath, and jutting from the top was the handle. A gun handle.
"However..." he looked down at the ground embaressed of what he was to say next, "it seems I've become soft over the years. So... if you don't mind..." he cut himslef off. He backed away until he stood infront of the opposite edge. Then he waited for a responce.
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SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: "Answers? Help?...I don't know what I need" Eva sounded confused, a bit snippy at that,"I'm not sure where I'm supposed to be anymore, or where I'm even going..." she breathes out soulfully,"I'm starving, but when I eat, it makes me sick....." she cries out and holds her head in her hands,"I don't know who I am anymore...." she cries out to the ancient before her, a look of hope in the emptiness within the shadowy pools of her gaze.........
Xion: Delou's first feeding was upon him. he had a deep, burning need to feast on the flesh of a human, to drink in thier blood and feel the life of the human drain into his body. Delue knew that this was a necessary part of his transformation, that if he did not feed within the first fourteen to twenty four hours of being bitten, he would die, reguardless of his survival thus far. so he set off, rounding corners and turning alleys, until he found a victim. a young girl, probably no more than thirteen, smoked a ciggerette in an alleyway . Delue walked to her with a crazed look of lust and a need to feast on her blood. he could smell it from here, he could almost taste the metallic tang of it on his lips. but the girl saw him, and she screamed and ran. Delue chased her for uncounted mintues, and finally, she ran through an alley that he could not fit into, it was too narrow. but now he was weakened by the chase, and by his lack of nourishment. to his left. he heard voices. "I don't know who I am anymore..." Delue stalked closer, feeling something that he hadnt ever experienced before. he could feel the presence of Vampires. and he could feel their power, however strong or weak. it was strange to him, but he could. and he sensed that the speaker he had heard was much like him, though farther along in her transformation than he. he walked closer and made himself visable to them.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: The scream snaps Annmarie from her indecision, and she bolts from her hiding place, twisting around the block until she finds a chainlink-blocked alley, and clinging to the fence, a shuddering human form. She scales the links, slashing her knees on the razor wire along its top, and drops to the girl's side. Keeping her dragon instincts firmly in check, she brushes a hand around the girl's neck. The teenager shrieks, but Annmarie muffles the sound with her palm. "Quiet," she whispers, and angles her face to look the other girl in the eye. Be calm. She sends her an image she likes to use on horses, an impression of a wide space and a family. Turning her mind to a probe, she teases out the girl's memory of her attacker. Vampire.
Annmarie pulls out her light bottle from her bag and puts its chain around the girl's neck. "Go home; this should keep you safe. Hide the light until you need it." She unslings her bag from her shoulder and takes out a slaying wapon, a barbed spike, then leaves the rest of her gear wadded into a corner. Clutching the short harpoon, she slinks back into the open streets, hoping to sneak up on at least one vampire before alerting them all by shapeshifting.
Crimsonpathways / Anduin Evenstar: ||Don't worry about it, I know exactly how that goes.||
"I have no need or time for this," Anduin muttered under her breath at a low growl, watching him cautiously. 'Alright, so not only is this place teeming with vampires, but now I find a vampire who has turned against our kind to hunt the others...I've seen enough tonight,' thinking to herself, her face was stern as she turned her back to the Revan, not even taking the chance to glance at his belt, she knew fairly well what he had, just was curious of how he managed it.
Upon hearing what he first had said, a response in an eerie tone was given, "I was your target? If I was your target, than what have I become?" The eyes that now gleamed a bloody crimson hue were enough evidence that she had starved on her journey here, and would need blood soon before one of the others found her. Anduin was sure she could throw off Revan, who flat out had just told her he was too soft for the job of killing other vampires, but what would be the result if the others came, or if that weird girl whose heartbeat filled the night with sound came to hunt her down. She could feel the nervousness of Annmarie, and she had to clench her teeth the refrain from laughing in her amusement. "That one may make a nice feed," she said to herself, growing unaware that the male was still behind her.
As the words emitting from Revan caught her hearing and she analyzed them, Anduin turned back around toward him, no longer clenching her teeth. The ivory fangs glittered in the darkness. "And what are you asking if I would not mind, for me to do? Do you wish for death, because I can bring it to you; do you wish for to be a vampire once more, for I can do that as well."
A scarlet gaze examined his figure in its entirity, opening her mouth slightly to reveal her fangs at a full length. Watching him in his actions and grace, Anduin did wonder why he had decided to end his killing of vampires, though if he would be to spare her on this night, it did not bother her.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Slumping against the building, Ambrosia lays her head upon the cold brick and sighs,"I'm never going to get this, am I?" she spouts out, wondering how she's going to make it as a Vampire if she dosen't even know how to hunt? Was there a rule book or an instruction manual or something? Maybe she should go to one of those campus libraries and look up anything there is about Vampires? That might help out just a little....Until then, she needs to corral all of these new sensations she's feeling...acute sense of smells, sight, hearing, and even a new sense of seduction..."Well, if I"m going to be stuck here as a Vampire, then I might as well learn all I can...there has to be someone that could give me some pointers...." she concludes weakly, the hunger building within her by the second.....
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn's head snapped around, her senses roared. She grabbed both the male and female vampires before her and took flight before they could utter a word of protest. Within seconds, they were hundreds of miles away. She carefully sat them down on the roof top she landed on. *Hunter...* she said at seeing their questioning looks. *You two shall be fine. I am a good teacher. If you wish to learn the ropes on your own accord and attain your own level of strength...I shall train you...however, if you wish the easy way out, I could make you an equal unto me, both of you. Ten time the strength you now have, flight, the fire gift...anything you desire...The choice is yours...decide now and decide wisely. We havent much time, there are hunters about...* she told them.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: They noticed me. At least the strongest one is gone. Annmarie drops her barbed steel and breaks into a sprint, letting her dragon senses trail out a little in front of her until she finds Anduin and Revan. The leather cord that holds her amulet chafes her neck as she runs, and she shoves her mind into it, carrying a memory, the sensation of a form. The amulet clicks, or seems to strike behind her eyes, and for an instant she feels herself dissolve, hanging blind and shapeless in the air. Light bursts from where her body was, a flare like magnesium fire, and fades as a new body blackens in the dark, a brown bat. Unfortunate coincidence. She hauls herself vertically, over the building, then dives toward Revan, waiting to shift to a half-ton dragon when she gets within range.
Xion: " i wish to learn enough to survive, and i wish to be taken under your wing, Great One. the Covern who turned me would only use me, she wouldnt actually train me, in earnest. teach me to feed, to defend myself, right away, and then i will spent centuriees as your pupil, for i wish to learn everything i can." Delue waited for the obvioulsy immensely powerful Vampire to respond. he wished with all of his immortal soul for her to accept his proposal.
Crimsonpathways / Anduin Evenstar: Peering over the edge of the wall she could see the mortal had disappeared, only to catch a slight glimpse of her running and then shapeshiftiing. Growling under her breath at the fact she could shape shift, and that she was lunging toward one who had not answered her yet, one who did not kill. It sickened her when vampires turned away from their kind in attempt to kill them off, but what was more foul in her eyes was when the silly, pathetic mortals tried their hand at killing a vampire who did not feed on the mortals but had tried to save them. "Pathetic," Anduin hissed hollowly to Annmarie. Allowing her vampire instincts to kick in, the pallid female disappeared within the shadow, reappearing directly in front of where Annmarie had lunged. "Ahh, this shall be interesting. But leave him the hell alone." She had been lucky; to catch the shift with her eyes, for if she had not, Anduin would have had no knowledge that it was not a simple bat with only a hypothesis due to the odd actions of this particular night creature. Placing and hand on Revan's shoulder she attempted to shove him over on the ground. "Was nice knowing you darling."
To that, she hissed at the bat, eyes dilating and changing to a fierce and fiery red. Kicking her feet off the edge of the building, Anduin took a glance at the brown bat once before yelling up to her, "Come and get me, my dearest shape shifter!" Wings stretched through the flesh on Anduin's back as she plunged toward the ground, inches away from solid pavement, she hoisted herself back into the air at full speed.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: "I suppose I need to learn as much as I can..." Eva voices,"The easy way may give me powers immeasurable, but not being trained, I won't know how to use them...and as you can see, I'm already having a hard enough time as it is, never mind adding to the heap" she quips, slouching as she sits, propping her knees up and holding them against her body,"I wish to be your pupil as well, yeah, I think your offer is about the best I'm gonna get, I better take it while the offer's still warm...well so to speak" she chuckles, shaking her head. She can't believe she can still manage to joke amusingly about her situation, though it's always been her only defence, her whole life...so now, even in her after-life, or living death, she can still break out some humor....
Adon Galra / Revan Maxwell: (was sick couldn't rp. im going to assume you pushed me over the edge i'm near. and also... im sorry if my post seem horrible. i havn't realy been at my best.)
Revan let himself be pushed back by the female vampire, falling first like a rock, head first, then he caught himself. Using his large wings, he flipped himself right side up, landing on his right foot and left knee. The impact was soft. The vampiric reject stood to his feet and peered up into the night sky, dim of stars for the few street lights that luminated the area. "The hell?" he said now noticing the giant bat and the now winged vampire. A confused expresion came to his face as he pondered over what just happened. "She pushed me out of the way? Why would she have done that?"
Maybe she felt it sad that I couldn't kill, he thought, but then I would think she would have wanted me to die. "The hell with it, this should be fun." With one strong wave of wing, he launched himself into the air. A couple hundred feet off the ground. He backed away from both figures and found a fine spot to watch. Arms crossed over his chest, Revan looked intently on twords the fight.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: [Big brown bat. The size of your fist.]
Annmarie swings up and away from the building to turn for a second sweep, then darts down in surprise as she sees Anduin storming up toward her. She picks up speed, then curves flat and races away, turning somersaults every few seconds to watch Anduin's progress. The vampire is too fast and maneuverable, she realizes, for her own rather ponderous dragon form to catch. Her only working strategy would be to loop over Anduin and fall on her in a medium-sized killing form, perhaps a python. It might take several tries, and each time Annmarie would risk becoming disoriented while shifting back to bat, and then flying into the ground or Anduin's hands.
Glancing back as she pulls into a loop, trying to get behind Anduin, she notices Revan following them. Crud. But if I take her down, he might follow us to the ground to help her, then I could shift to dragon and smash them both. Just as Anduin also sees Revan, Annmarie flips and runs into the back of her head, then switches to python in a blast of light and almost falls off before she wraps around Anduin's leg, and then her waist.
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Xion: Delue waited patiently for his teaching. he watched from the rooftops as the dragon and the vampire took flight, in wonder, and saw them clash in the sky above. he turned to his new tutor, "can i learn to do that first?"
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Poking Delue, Eva snickers fiendishly,"Well pay attention" she teases, then looks back to the ancient before them, clearing her throat,"Oh, sorry" she says to her, then smirks wickedly...hey, if she's going to learn, she might as well enjoy herself while she's at it...she has all these new feelings she's just dying to unleash, why let the flirty, seductress side of her go to waste huh?,"So what first? I'm eager to learn...anything you wish to teach" she smoothes, her tone soft, almost as if floating......
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie's python form twists around Anduin, straining to keep coiled against the vampire's strength. She is now nearly blind and deaf, but knows she has pinned down one of Anduin's wings and the two of them are spiralling down out of control. Unless Anduin falls on her head, Annmarie will take the shock when they hit, and be crushed. She forces herself to count three seconds, as Anduin finds grabs her throat and begins prying her off, then shifts abruptly to bat, opens her wings like parachutes, and freezes so she can catch her bearings.
She is surprised to find herself several seconds from hitting the ground. As Annmarie slows her fall, Anduin's wings spread out above her, then catch her bat form against one undersurface like a ball in a net.
Xion: Delue looked at Eva with a glimpse of the new sexual power he feels, and stretches, revealing his tightly muscled body. his black jumper and white beater shirt stretch over his body, and he looks at her quizzicly. "well, i would, if there was anythingn to pay attention to," he smiles, brushes her chin ever so slightly with his forefinger, and dives straight off the building. he watches as Eva runs to the building's side, and as he is about to hit hte ground, he flexes his back, and two medium sized, glistening black wings tear from his shoulder blades. he swoops back up to the roof and crashes to the building top unabashedly, rolling end over end until he hits the lip of the building. he rolls over to face her, laughing, and says, "could you do that, my beautiful and charming accomplice?"
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: "Very Impressive" Eva purrs to Delue, then shrugs nonchalantly, standing up and strutting up to him confidently until her body is just barely pressed against his and she's looking up at him, a wicked grin upon her soft features, just the tips of her fangs protrude from her lips deliciously,"I think I can pull 'something' off..." she says to him, her palm finding his cheek to gently caress the skin before sprinting towards the edge of the building and leaping off, laughing jubilantly as she's falling...then...just as she's about to crash into the ground below, her wings sprout from her back, silvery-grey with hints of black around the edges...she floats mythodically back up to the rooftop and settles herself next to him, letting her wings find thier way back to where they came,"How was that hot shot?" she teases him, playfully winking....she kind of likes this flirting, it's almost exhilerating now...she can't remember ever feeling like this as a mortal...maybe this won't be so bad after all?
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*So, I take it you do not need my teachings then, young fools?* They heard Lorkyn's voice as if it was carried past their ears on a current of air. They looked all about, but did not see her. Suddenly, there was a flash of bright red light and Lorkyn appeared out of the orb, holding her septor out to recapture all the energy she used. She looks at the two *lovers* sickened by such show of petty mortal emotion...but she must expect this, they are newly converted after all. Lorkyn folds her black and red laced wings behind her and smiles wickedly at them...*Well, your answers now, dear childred? Need you my assitance or not...I mean, You do have eachother now, right?* she teases them, still a bit disgusted by their show of emotion....
Xion: "we were merely playing with our new found powers, mistress. please, i still wish to learn." he looks to Eva and shrugs in the slightest way, then playfully taps her lower back to scoot her closer to thier new master, in an attempt to have her respond similarly to the Elder Vampyre. Delue flexed his newly defined muscles again, and then remembered his need to feast, and a great weakness overtook him. "Mistress, i believe that i need to feast, for i feel very weak, and i think i may die if i do not eat soon. that should probably be my first lesson." Delue waited for her responce.
Areinaka / Spooky: A small black cat appears out of nowhere and rubs against Lorkyn's legs. She purrs, waiting, it seems, for Lorkyn to scratch her back. She is oblivious to any other people around her. She meows, looking straight into Lorkyn's eyes. The cat's eyes arr strange. One is green, and the other is orange. She meows again, and continues rubbing against Lorkyn's legs.
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SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Looking back at Delue, only for a moment, Eva then turns to the elder Vampiress and nods solemnly,"I apologize Dear Mistress, I do wish to learn from you...I was merely overcome by these new feelings, these new powers...I don't wish to anger you" she replies to her, licking her lips as Delue mentions feeding, then runs splayed fingers over her tummy hungrily,"Mmmm...yes, could feeding be our first lesson?" she echoes Delue, feeling her energy weaken with the growing need to fill herself.......
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn casts her glance down to the cat. *What the hell are you doing here? I thought I left you in England?!* she said to it. She turned back to her new pupils and shrugged. *Ok. You wish to feed. Simple enough. We shall go soon enough. But first, you must learn to cast the trance over your mortal victims. Choose one and choose well...look into their eyes, It matters not what visions you send to them so long as they are peaceful, you can even make them believe that you are their god, come to take them away to a better place...what the fuck does it matter, they are mere mortals? Once they are bound to you in this way, you have them, they are mesmorized by you...take them, sink in your fangs...drink until you feel the last heart beat, stop before they die or with there death, you shall be compelled to follow...after you are done, prick your finger, drop a few drops on their wounds, heal them so no one knows what happend...*She finished, looking at her pupils to see if they understood. *there is another way, if you do not wish to choose...send your mind out to them...draw them to you....but I prefer the other way...Come, you shall learn by example...We go to the club for your first hunt tonight. Be secretive...be seductive...it shall serve you well....*she said to them with a slight wicked smile. She began to run faster that the eye could see...then, remembering they did not know how to do this yet, she went back to them and walked with them at their own pace. They entered the club and Lorkyn told them to stay there and watch her for a while until they felt confident they could do it themselves....Lorkyn began to dance to the heavy music, using all her vampiric grace to her benefit. She entered a circle where 3 gothic guys were dancing with beautiful girls...As soon as Lorkyn danced near them, all eyes were on her...she slowly lead them away from the girls to a corner booth...She sat beside one of them, the other two sat opposite her. She smiled at them...rubbed all over the one she was next to...then, it would appear from far away where her pupils were watching, that she kissed his neck tenderly, hands roaming all over his body...his head tilted back as he moaned...she sank her fangs into his neck and drank her fill until his heart stopped...the she bit her tongue and licked his wounds, letting her blood mix with his a bit to heal them. She gently laid his head on the table. She looked up at the other two who were looking at her with lust filled eyes...*Appears, gentlemen, that your friend here could not hold his liquor...* she tossed a 20 dollar bill, as was her custom to leave payment for the services of her victims (it gaver her pleasure, a sort of dark sense of humor she has), and said to them *Exuse me, if you will...I have something to attend to at the moment, I shall return.* They nodded as she went back to her pupils, her cheeks flushed with the kill and the anticipation to kill again...*Well, my little ones, did you learn well enough to handle your first kill? It shall be easy. Do not dissapoint me, choose worthy victims...*She smiled at them and licked her fangs as she went back to her 2 remaining toys....
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Sensed a delicious exhiliration from watching the Mistress kills so expertly. She could smell the fresh blood on her breath as she spoke and tingled with anticipation,"I think I can handle it Mistress, I will try my very best" she replies to her, letting her trench coat hit the floor, revealing her slinky, pink, almost see-thru dress that rose to her mid-thigh scrumptiously, tossing her hair behind her, she swayed to the music, sauntering out into the crowd of dancers, her black leather thigh-high boots gleaming as she took each step, her lips glistening against the flashing lights....there...there he was, talking with a few other boys...he was perfect, solid build, short, jet-black spiky hair, tattoos...Mmmm....sexy....,"Could I...uhm...bother you for a moment?" she purrs in his ear seductive, pulling away enough to gaze at him, to lure him with her stares....she licks her lips gently and lets her hand ever-so-softly take his, leading him to a far corner table. As the two sit together, she smiles slightly, fluttering her long, lush lashes over green pools of transfixtion,"They call me Eva....." she murmurs quietly, so quietly he has to move closer to hear her....they giggle, and laugh, enjoying each other's company for a time, until it looks as though she's nibbling teasingly up his chest, her hands roaming beneath the table, causing him to squirm beneath her adventuring grasp, he leans up...and bites her collarbone, then her neck playfully...laughing wickedly she looks down at him,"You like biting do you?"....she crawls up onto his lap, as if engaged in a hot steamy embrace, then goes in for the kill...her lips graze over his lucious veins that lie under paper thin skin...her fangs delve in, and she drinks, gulping down all she can, until just as his heart stops beating, she pricks her lower lip with her fang and lets the droplets of blood mix with his upon the wound....Mmmm...she wanted more...the sexual energy and excitement she got from this was more than she'd ever expected....removing herself from his lap, she ruffled his hair before walking back to her coat, lifting nonchalantly, she smirked devilishly at Delue, licking her lips lewdly.....,"I think it's your turn" she says languidly, still swaying to the music.....
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn watched as Eva took her first victim, smiling all the well. She did learn so quickly...It made Lorkyn wish to hunt all night...She looked back at her two toys, which she had been savoring, taking *little drinks* from them for a while...they were drunken with lust and eyeing her with greed...they now sat one on each side of her, hands groping all over. She looked at them with an evil smile...*You touch, you buy...boys* she said to them in a seductive whisper. They looked up at her, eyes half glazed over, they had lost quiet a bit of blood...such a shame. Lorkyn went back to the dance floor and began dancing one more, throwing int a trance two more guys which she directed over to the table with her other two toys. *I do love to play, I have missed hunting like this* she thought to herself. She stood up at the table, the four guys looking at her...she began to walk to and open door, it was an empty room. She stood there, licked her lips and took off her trench coat, which she threw onto the bed inside, revealing her clothing: tight black spaghetti strap shirt with mesh covering and baggy black jeans wiht chains all over. Her piercing caught the lights of the party and glistened. She pointed to all four guys and motioned for them to follow her. All that could be seen was Lorkyn sitting on the bed, half laying down and a line of four guys entering the room, the door slammed behind the last one and clicked as it was locked...to everyone outside the room...all was normal...but the party had just begun inside...*she's right, Delue, its your turn. Make me proud...* she sent to him just before she began to play again...
Xion: Delue flashed a devilish, tempting smile at Eva, then began into the crowd, dancing rhythmically into the crowd. he remembered how the vampress who had bitten him had seduced him in much the same way. his black dragon tattoo on his right arm buldged as he leaned up against the wall next to a beautiful young blonde wearing black eye liner and dancing to her heart's content. smiled at her, then began to dance very sexually with her, holding her waste from behind and grinding with her to the heavy metal music. she became flushed and let out a breath of exctecy. he pulled her farther and farher from her friends, and she came willingly. he turned her around to face him, and gazed into her hazel eyes with his blue left and green right ones. she was entranced, all that was left was the kill. his fangs shot down out of teh roof of his mouth, she pulled her hair back from her neck, and he nibbled ever so slightly, putting more pressure with every drink. she moaned with pleasure, and as he drew away, he bit his lip slightly, kissing her wound closed. he set the girl down on a booth, then buttoned the top two buttons of his black formal shirt back up, his young meal had gotten a bit grabby. as he recovered his tightly muscled chest, he returned to Eva, consumed with thirst. he couldnt get enough of this sexual, pure, emanating high. "Eva, i think i need more..." he smiled at her, and nodded wickedly toward a group of twenty-somethings who were all dancing together.
Areinaka: The cat sauntered into the bar, full of confidence. She walked over to Lorkyn. *Do not think you can leave me behind so easily.* The black cat walked over to Eva. She looked into her eyes. The cat's eyes were mesmerizing, hypnotic. The cat snapped her eyes away before Lorkyn's pupil went under. *She is strong, that one. A good student, Lorkyn.* The cat mind-spoke once again to her. She walked over to Delue, and looked him in the eye as well. She jerked her head away almost instantly. *It can't be... Lorkyn, is he...?* The cat shook her head, then shifted into her human form. She shook her long black hair. Her eyes hadn't changed color, and they still had a cat's pupils. She smiled at Delue, rather sensually. She walked away, towards the counter. The bar tender smiled at her.
"What can I get ya, sexy?" He said, showing a gap in his teeth. Spooky raised an eyebrow.
"Vodka. Straight vodka. A tall glass, full." Spooky's voice was melodic, entrancing as her eyes. The bar tender handed her the glass, an incredulous look on his face. Spooky sipped it a little, then watched over the dancing fools. She seemed to have forgotten Lorkyn and her pupils.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Wiping the last droplet of blood from her lip with her fingertip, Eva smeared it over Delue's lips, then moved closer to him, the tip of her tongue lapping over his lips, teasing him playfully,"I think you may be right..." she breathes out, looking over to the group he was stalking, noticing quite a few yummy choices indeed, her hand caressing her bare shoulder momentarily, then pushes the thin, barely there strap so it falls down over her velvety smooth skin and gives a rather awnry grin...almost wicked as she struts towards the group, tugging Delue along beside her by the hand,"Let's have some fun...shall we?" she offers him with a wink, maneuvering the two of them directly in the middle of the large crowd of friends, grinding and rubbing against whomever she danced near...almost like a dancing orgy. Her hands find the strong shoulders of a tasty piece, his hair flipping around, with hints of blonde and black as it strips through the brown...though he's much taller than her..the access to his jugular not so easy, so she remedies the situation, pulling herself up onto him, wrapping her legs around his waist...her dress inching up further, pushing past the rounded curve of her bottom as she begins tantalizing her tastebuds in a steamy, erotic kiss, her nails lightly scratching over his shoulders, up the nape of his neck, into his hair while she breathes deaths kiss into his more than wanting soul...he's hers......she moves down from his lips as his hands find her hips and rear, letting him delight in her flesh while he can as she sinks her fangs deep into his neck, draining his life with each swallow until his heart beat ceases...she closes the wound as her mistress had so taught her..''''Lorkyn would surely be proud'''' she beams as she laps at her blood-coated gums, letting the boys form drop limply against her, then scoots him up into a seated position against the wall, away from his friends,"If only I could keep you..." she sniggers evilly, then goes back to Delue on the dancefloor, hoping he's been as lucky as she.....
Xion: While Eva is busy with her catch, Delue saunters over to a young jet-black haired girl, no more htan twenty one, and begins to rub his hands up and down her sides, coming around to the front just before she reaches the girl's exquisite breasts, then pulls them back ever so slightly so as not to ruin the mystery. Delue was just getting ready to whisper to her when his vision became blurred and went red. he clutched his head lightly and then shook himself back to rights. the girl, still entranced, stayed dancing, now wanting his hands around her. he indulged her, and as he saw Eva dismount from her kill, he sunk his fangs into the girls soft, white flesh. immidiately, his vision went to blood red, and as the girl's last heart beat sunk into his body, he roared a bestial roar, that could be heard over the speakers of the club. "oh shit!" he thought, as he realized that this was his first transformation. they were always uncontrolled, but he hadnt even felt it coming. his muscles bulged and then flexed, and he threw the black haired corpse, still not infused with Delue's blood, across the club to slam into an amp. sparks shot out from the huge box, and the band ran off stage. in moments, the entire club was in an uproar, and Delue had sprouted wings, huge fangs, and his entire eyeball in both eyes were crimson red. he roared again as his chest flexed out, and his skin turned onyx black. he was still human in from, but for the wings, but black from head to toe, with eyes. he looked at Eva, and said, "Time to go," in a dark, rumbling baratone voice. he flapped his wings and shot out through the roof.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie has slipped away from Anduin, and now speeds along a street, drawn by predatory energies radiating from a distant club. As she draws near she hears a roar, and then a blasting noise followed by a crack of light. She flies faster, the reek of undead heavy in her lungs, and as she closes with Delue, she shifts to dragon--wings spread, talons first, determined to kill him before the next night, before he hides or feeds again.
Xion: Delue raged, now unable to control his forms. the dragon flew at him, full force, and he crossed his arms in an x shape and let the brunt hit him. he flew back a few hundred meters in the air, then threw his wings out in both directions and stopped. he bared his teeth at her and growled, the blood from the black-haired young corpse seeping down his chin. his black scaly skin reflected the moonlight, and his fangs shot down past his chin, then retracted to thier right length. he searched below for Eva or Lorkyn, but couldnt see them. the dragon came again, and struck it directly in the snout, and then pile-drove it full force.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Running out the back door of the club, Eva looks up, only to see Delue through the night sky being stalked by a not so pleasant dragon...that can't be good,"Delue!" she cries out, feeling the desperation rise within her...'where was Lorkyn?' she thought to herself...but she didn't have time to think, wings ripped from her back as she ran, taking flight, shooting like a bullet towards Delue before he sustained his next hit, watching the dragon speeding towards him furiously. Slamming into Delue, Eva grabs him and spirals through the air with him, in just enough time for the dragon to miss him...not expecting her to show up...although now she's put herself in danger...."We're not strong enough for dragons Delue..." she whispers in his ear, managing to speed through the air fast enough, dart towards an alley right beside a crowded square, then tug Delue by the hand, running into the square where they can blend with the living....now camoflaged from the attacks of the dragon...safe, for the moment......
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie switches to bat again, startling partiers with the blast of light from the shift, like a lightning strike. She doesn't need to see her quarry--fully frenzied now, from encountering Delue in her reactive dragon form, she feels the vampires as they weave through the streets, and they pull her after them. The bat form gains, and she skims low over the crowd, waiting to shift and attack again--under the stutter-flare of echolocation, the crowd is a fuzzed ocean of hairy lumps, and as she closes on Eva, her lungs burn in exultation. Her killing instinct drives her into a burst of speed.
With a roar, or actually with a long squeak, she banks her small wings and curves up and away, furious for what she had nearly done. In the close crowd, attacking in dragon form would have killed innocents--probably five, depending on how far apart the vampires were when I landed, her brain tells her helpfully. She continues her arc up into the night, until the square is a blotch of noise in the grumbling, brooding city. The fear-frenzy screams at her to return, and finish the kill, but she flies away, to terrified of the temptation, at least for now.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn bursts from the club and in a flash she stands before both Eva and Delue. She takes hold of Delue's neck and slams him up against the brick wall, feet dangling off the ground. *Is there something you would like to share with me, my student?* she said to him. *You have no idea what an uproar you caused in the club...you're lucky that I have powers enough to wipe memories or you would be dead by now...if not by that dragon that was chasing you then by an angry mob!* she screamed at him. She looked at Eva who had a rather concerned look on her face. She slapped her. *First rule, leave your mortal emotions and sympathies behind, they will get you killed. Care for no one but yourself and you shall live among the ranks of the undead for an eternity, faltar in this and you will be destroyed by your own kind or a slayer* She said to her with as much care as her cold heart would allow. *Spooky! Get your ass over here!* she sent mentally...Then she turned back to Delue, awaiting his explanation. If it was good enough, she may have a fight tongiht with a dragon, no one attacks those under her care and gets off clean....NO ONE!
Areinaka: Spooky came out of the bar, shifting into her second form as soon as she was out of view of the bar's customers. She was a black panther, standing on two legs. She had two swords slung across her back that looked almost too big for her to wield. She was holding a crossbow in her hand. Her fangs were bared.
"What's wrong?" She took one look at Delue, rolled her eyes and shook her head. She walked over to him, her steps graceful. She touched him lightly on the head, and made him go back to his human form. She calmed him down to the point where he could speak normally. She looked to Lorkyn. "You want me to subdue the dragon, so you can question her?" Her lips lifted in a snarl. The thought of anyone hurting Lorkyn's students... That dragon was either really stupid, or really brave. And Spooky was in the mood for a fight. She had been Lorkyn's student once. She smiled, remembering how hard it had been for Lorkyn to 'teach' her.
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Lorkyn smiles at Spooky remember how much of a smart ass and how stubborn she was to learn...be she learned, eventually, she just chose the hard way. *No, i can handle the Dragon, I want to know however, if it has sufficient cause to kill Delue here...if it does, far be it for me to protect him...* she said with an evil grin. She heard Eva gasp and said to her in a rather mean tone *I told you once girl, do not let your emotions get the best of you. Ask Spooky here where that gets you. Im just tryin to keep you alive...!*
Xion: pain arced through Delue as the wings pierced back into his shoulders, and the black scalees sunk back into his skin. he stood, naked, and panted heavily. "I'm....so sorry.....my mistress...there was...somehting...different about ....that last girl." he gathered his calm and knelt down in the mud on one knee, in a fealty position before Lorkyn. "if you wish my head to be cut off, then i would have you do it, mistress. i dont know that happened, i was going for my second round and something strange happened. my sight went red, and i didnt even do anything and suddenly, Im fully transformed! i didnt think vampires learned that before their hundredth year! i honestly cannot offer an explaination. i would continue my training, if it please my mistress." Delue remained kneeling, slowly becoming aware of Eva's...could it be tantalized?...stare at his naked form. he waited for his mistress to respond, hopeing that she would believe this seemingly impossible truth.
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SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Nodding solemnly, Eva lets her eyes fall to the ground as Lorkyn scolds her...though she understands, she really should be more careful...But, she is just learning, and sometimes, her emotions seem to be the only thing that's kept her alives so far...she really needs to control them though, or as her mistress has warned her, they will get her into trouble indeed,"Many apologies my mistress" she voices to Lorkyn,"I will try harder to please you, and I will try to get a hold on my emotions....many apologies indeed" she says again, then looks towards spooky sincerely,"Mistress Lorkyn must be a fine teacher, as you seem well able to care for yourself. That is certainly encouraging" she says to her, then looks back to Delue, his stark form, naked, kneeling helplessly before thier Mistress. Taking off her trench coat, Eva moves to Delue and wraps it around him,"I'd like that back when you finally get dressed again if you don't mind" she says to him, but not before smirking devilishly,"Oh, and just for the record..." she leans over to whisper in his ear ever so quietly,"Nice ass..." she snickers wickedly then steps away, leaning against the wall aside of him, awaiting her next task in training......
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn, try as she might, cannot hide bits of her emotion. She laughs a bit at the naked, kneeling Delue...She flashed Eva a grin and commands Delue to rise. *It is alright, I shall not kill you. I would like however to go on a hunt for this slayer...but you two need more training first...* she said. *And, Eva...I did not mean you had to foresake all emotion, just, when you are newly transformed, some try to rule their actions by their emotions as if they were still mortal, dont make that mistake...too many have I seen die in that manner...you two have true potential, i dont want you to waste it.* She turned to face both of them, Spooky purring at her side, she looked down at her and nodded. *Yes, right. On with the teachings. Which would you like to learn next? Mind reading or the *fire gift* or I could teach you how to fly and leave your body behind...in a spirit form...thats always nice...your choice...* she said smiling at them....
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: "You are forever wise Mistress" she purrs to Lorkyn praisingly, the look in her eyes seemingly yearning for knowledge, for blood...for lust,"Fire Mistress? What of this can we learn?" she asks her, enthralled by the subject,"I wish to learn of this if you please" she answers herself, looking rather giddy with anticipation as she stops to listen to her mentor, her mistress, helping Delue to stand and balance as he finds his feet once more.
Areinaka: Spooky watched Lorkyn teaching these new ones. She loved to watch Lorkyn. It had been ages since Lorkyn had taught her. She remembered clearly though. She looked up at Eva and Delue.
"You should listen to her. She knows better than anyone." It was odd to hear a human voice coming from Spooky's small cat mouth. She grinned, showing small, pointed fangs.
Xion: Delue shook off the last vestiges of grogginess and raised himself with Eva's help to his feet. he tied the sash around his waist for the trench coat and figured he'd find other clothes later. he finally managed to expell the heat in his cheeks that was a result of Eva's whispered comment, and he nodded in agreement to his classmate in Vimpirism. "yes, mistress, i too wish to learn about fire. i didnt think Vampires could manipulate such gifts. i wish to learn everything i can about killing, so that i might be ready for that she-bitch Vampire slayer. i am at your command." He looked over at spooky, and smiled slightly. this must be an ancient being indeed, for in its slitted eyes were centuries of wisdom, and yet in Lorkyn's he saw far more wisdom, and far more memories.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie jogs among the warehouses, alert for more gunshots, though the gang battle that had been there before seems to have died down. In human form now, and far away from where the vampires have moved, she feels she can trust her mind not to run off.
She edges into the narrow alley where she had left her pack, where she had found the girl Delue had threatened. Her bag is still there, intact, and she slings it over herself as she climbs the security fence to rest on a flat roof. The wind picks up, but she is still warm from running. The bag rests in her lap; nothing useful is left. If I get back, this hunt will be one for the textbooks. Haven't had such bad luck since, oh, India.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Leaning against the wall, Eva takes in all Lorkyn teaches, completely enthralled with all the new things she can do. Lorkyn shows them how to manipulate fire, and to subdue flame as well, appearing with a small flame that seems to stand alone above her palm as she holds it out to Eva,"Can I do that?" Eva asks, watching as Lorkyn makes the flame larger, then smaller again, explaining that it takes deep, disciplined concentration to be able to 'make' fire, as well as control it,"I understand mistress" Eva replies, trying out her luck quite a few times before she gets it right, then stands before Lorkyn with a burning flame resonating from her palm,"I owe my success to you Mistress, indeed you are a fine teacher" she beams, causing the flame to grow, then die down until the flame is not but smoke rising from her hand.
She turns to Delue and grins wickedly,"Feeling better?" she asks him with a slight snicker,"You're looking much better I must say" she compliments flirtingly, then steps back, allowing him to try his hand at a bit of flame manipulation as she rests..........
Areinaka: Spooky decided she wanted to show off. She wrapped her body in blue flame. She let it grow to the size of a small bonfire, then cut it off quickly. She smiled up at Lorkyn. Spooky was the only one of her students that had ever been able to do that.
Xion: Delue was overly excited that he was learning these new powers. he had finally learned how to form a ball of green flame, much later than Eva had, and he was playing at trying to make two of them, one in each hand, when he looked over. Eva's face was shadowed by the orange flame of her fire, and black danced across her face where the light didnt reach. her eyes glittered, and her form was so appealing to him. Delue shook himself as he smelled burning hair and looked down to see that he had mildly burned his hand, and all the hair on it was gone, he blushed, but turned away discretly, hopeing neither Eva nor Lorkyn had seen, he returned to listening to his wise mistress, for she was the reason he was here. she could teach him how to control this gift that he had yearned after for so many years. he was so excited that he finally possessed it, he didnt know what to do with himself. being a Vampire was what he had wanted for twenty years, and that dragon had tried to rip it away from him on his first night. Delue noticed suddenly that that night was ending. he looked up into Detroit's smoggy air and saw a slight golden tinge to the pollution clouds that floated over them. "Mistress," Delue began, "where will we go when the sun rises? is there a safehouse nearby?"
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn reached through the flames Spooky was emersed in and pet her gently on the head without being burned. *Good job, my pupils. Delue, you must learn how to control your emotions more...or you will get more than just singed next time.*she said to him with a slight smile. *Now, tonight, we go to a cave...yes, a cave. Good a place as any. I can walk in the daylight, for a certain length of time, though it is painful, It does not kill me any longer...Now...tomorrow night, we shall go for victims to try your fire gift on. I shall teach you how to cast your flames inside a vampire...yes, your own kind, but only the rogues, and burn them from the inside out....it shall be fun. Now, follow me...*she ordered as her wings burst out and she took flight into the lifting night...
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Grabbing Delue's hand, Eva turns merely to smile at him softly, then lets go,"Coming Delue?" she asks him, walking backwards, her eyes gazing into his, her wings piercing from her back then pull her away to follow thier mistress, turning only after seeing Delue following, knowing he's on his way. Once she's closer to Lorkyn, she looks down at the remote land they now fly over, then just ahead, the caves she spoke of. She was starting to worry that they may not make it in time, the sun peeking from it's earthly blankets at them, she turns back to shout,"C'mon Delue! Get a move on!!! The suns coming!" she warns, then shoots down like an arrow towards the opening of the cave, swishing into the darkness, then landing rather harshly, tumbling across the dirt, then banging against the hard rock wall of the cavern,"Oof!" she bellows, trying to stand back up, brushing herself off,"I really need to work on my landings" she says with a giggle.......
Areinaka: Spooky followed them on the ground, running faster than they thought possible. She spread small bat wings from her furry back, and flew up into the air. She landed in the mouth of the cave, and shook herself vigorously. The wings seemed to fade into nonexistance. Spooky smiled up at Lorkyn.
"I learned something new since I last saw you." She shifted into her human form. "Actually, a lot of new things." She threw her head back. The air around her seemed to get colder, a lot colder. She was suddenly enveloped in a thin sheet of ice. It grew until Spooky was no longer visible. Suddenly, the ice broke. Standing there was a white dragon with pristine scales. She waved her wings tentatively, hoping they would dry soon. She dropped onto all fours, and grinned up at Lorkyn.
"I haven't figured out how to go to this form without using the cocoon yet." Delue just stared at her. Spooky could have been the sister of that other dragon.
Xion: Delue flew clumbsily and spun to the floor, rolling end over end until he bumped into the huge white dragon from hell. he looked up dumb founded, and then stood quickly, realizing it was spooky. he turned to Lorkyn, and bowed, "if you dont mind, i would like to rest for a while, mistress," Delue was exhausted from his transformation and all the activity. he had to admit he was rather aroused, but too tired to help it. he found a corner and flopped down, sprawled out, and fellasleep.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn laughed at Delue and watched as him and Eva settled down together to sleep a while. Lorkyn walked outside in the sun with Spooky by her side. *that is quite impressive...and where did you learn such things? It has been a while...tell me, what have you been up to? I yearn to know what new things you have in store to show me....* she said to her....
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Secure in the darkness, her eyes half lidded, Eva grins lazily as she settles down beside Delue, exhausted herself from all the new things she's learned, yet still eagerly anticipating what the night had in store, she was almost like a child on christmas even, not wanting to sleep in case she missed something...but still, sleep found her, and sleep she did, her dreams attacking her, arousing, exciting causing her to take in gasps of breath as she slept...was this normal? To dream of what's to come, and what has already passed...even if you're a vampire? None the less, she couldn't stop it...not while she was dead asleep.....still even in her sleep, you could see the sheer pleasure as a glint of a smile painted her lips...what a glorious dream it must be.....
Areinaka: Spooky took off, her gigantic wings beating the air. She started to loops in the air. She was jsut having fun. She suddenly threw out a large column of fire towards Lorkyn. It was white-hot, and laced with silver. Spooky knew Lorkyn could take the heat though. She laughed as Lorkyn threw her arm over herself in automatic response. She landed near the entrance of the cave again, and shifted to human form. She snapped her fingers in mid-air, starting an earthquake. The cave didn't move, but the rest of the world did. Spooky let it go on, until the cliff they were on was about to crumble underneath of them. She snapped her fingers again, and everything went back to normal.
"I've learned a lot. On my own. This wierd force started to flow throguh me, and I just embraced it. I'm stronger than anyone I know. Well, other than you, Lorkyn." There was ultimate respect in Spooky's voice. She went into the cave, bowing to Lorkyn as she left. She knelt down beside Delue and Eva, and waved her hands over them. Eva's dreams subsided, and Delue was filled with a pleasant sensation. They fell even deeper into sleep. Spooky smiled. She walked over to the farthest back corner of the cave and curled up, shifting into cat form as she did. If one listened carefully, tiny little mewling noises could be heard coming form Spooky's small body.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn gave a quick smile at Spooky's little trick to the sleeping lovers...She was amazed by how much Spooky had picked up...but she still hadnt reacher her full potential, Lorkyn would see to it that she did. Lorkyn too had gained a vast range of new power as well...perhaps in time, she would be able to give spooky a little demo...but, for now, Lorkyn retreated to a darkened corner and sat down, watching everyone sleep...she no longer needed it so she played the part of the gaurdian *angel* to her students these days....
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: As her eyes flutter awake, Eva stretches fitfully, basking in the darkness of the cave, pressed firmly against Delue as he still slumbers. She looks around hazily for Lorkyn, wondering where she'd gone off too, but knowing she wouldn't leave them there alone...she felt safe with Lorkyn, she knew she was protected,"Mistress? she called out into the darkness,"Spooky?" she calls out again, wondering if maybe they went hunting before her and Delue had woken. She smoothes her hair back and sits up, looking down admiringly at Delue before standing up securing the trench coat she'd given him around him snuggly, then smirking as she stepped cautiously through the cave, looking for her mistress......
Xion: Delue was roused by the woman he had taken such a deep liking to, Eva, as she stirred and walked away. he remembered a trick he had been taught by his former slave-mistress and formed the vision of black durable pants and a dark shirt, with boots, and they were on him, and real in form. he removed his trench coat, and followed silently behind Eva. he watched her walk, sensual, collected, and oh so beautiful. he smiled as he watched, and was embarrased that he had such a strong sexual attraction for her, as well as a caring htat went deeper, which troubled him becuase he had always thought that true caring would pass away once being bitten. he caught the scent of Eva's skin and all doubts melted away. he wakled quietly up behindher and just as he was right behind her, she turned and faced him, their lips were centimeters apart. "thanks, for the clothes," Delue said in a deep, rumbling voice, still close to her face.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: "You're welcome" Eva purrs to Delue softly,"I couldn't very well have you walking around here naked, now could I? Not that I wouldn't mind..." she says with a playful grin, closing the gap between them, pressing her lips against his to drink in a passionate kiss...something that oddly, she'd been waiting for, almost hoping for. There was a kindred link to Delue, something she wasn't expecting...though she liked it. Her fingers find his hair, running through it as she melts against him, losing herself for the moment in his arms...taking him in as her senses scream with stimulation, as if he'd awoken the true depth inside of her, the raw hunger...yet, there was sincere caring towards him that she didn't quite expect...but didn't deny.....
Xion: Delue returned her passionate and heartfelt kiss with all the caring and emotion that was in him. it was strange, he felt, in every way, that he was only now, after being bitten and killed, truly alive. he felt the stimulation of love and of lust, both mixed as a Vampire's emotions always were. he had had past loves, but no one like Eva. she was so different, and he found himself surprised that he could even feel these things. he ran his hands through her silky black hair, and carressed her ivory skin. he never wanted to let go, but eventually, after a period of time he couldnt measure, he disengaged and looked lovingly into Eva's eyes.
"you know that Lorkyn's gonna be pissed. buti just feel...like i never have before." hestared into her eyes more deeply, and kissed her again, holding her tight to his body. "now, what are we gonna do about this?"
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: With a low, content sigh, Eva looks up at Delue and smiles,"There's nothing we can do dear Delue, only feel what we must, and not let it get in the way of our other responsibilities....we can have both, but we must use the right timing....I can't deny you...even if I tried, so we will just make it work, make it all work" she insists, caressing his cheek with her palm as she gazes up at him,"Lorkyn is our mistress, our leader, our protector, and above all else, our teacher. We will obey her, and learn, make her proud, and show her we appreciate all she does for us, but in the moments in between, we will have each other, we will celebrate our new found lives in our own way, together" she says with a devilish smirk, tracing her fingertip over his jawline, then down his neck and over his shoulders and chest playfully,"It could be perfect...." she murmurs lowly, pushing up on her tip-toes once more to steal a kiss, then grins wryly as she pulls back away........
Areinaka: Spooky got up slowly, startling the love birds. She sauntered over to them, still in her cat form.
"You should be glad Mistress Lorkyn isn't here. If she even suspects..." Spooky smiled. She went back into her icey dragon form, and flew out of the cave. She was starving, and she smell beef in the field below. She dove down, latched onto the haunches of a large steer, and bit into its neck. A horrid ripping sound could be heard in the cave above.
Xion: Delue managed a slow, deliberate smile, and walked to the front of the cave. he called out with his mind to Lorkyn, as she had taught him to, urging her to return, for he yearned for more feeding and more knowledge. he turned to Eva, and took her into his arms. he kissed her passionately again, then set her down, for he had held her up as he was kissing her, unconsciously. he smiled as he let her down, and turned back to the entrance of the cave, awaiting his mistress.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Licking her lips as Delue put her down, Eva smirked before standing beside him towards the front of the cave,"If she dosen't come soon, maybe we can find a few unsuspecting feeds around this field below us?" she suggests, shrugging her shoulders, then running her hand over her tummy as it churns, beckoning its fill,"I'm starving" she adds, closing her eyes to concentrate on Lorkyn as well, hoping she'll feel the need that rises, and return soon....but also hoping she was alright...though she tried to mask the worry so that Delue, nor Spooky could sense it........
Areinaka: (Hi, guys. I'm going to be gone for a week or more. Sorry. You guys can go on without me. I'd hate to hold you back.)
Spooky, in her dragon form, flew away from the cave as fast as she could. She had sensed danger near one of her friends, and she had to go save him. *Lorkyn, good luck with the newbies.* She mind-spoke to her. She flew off, eventually disappearing in the distance.
(I may come back, I may not. Have fun, you guys!)
Xion: Delue nodded, and then spotted a small graze of deer down below the cave. he nudged Eva and they both swept down and made easy work of the three deer. Delue's appitite for flesh was quenched, but not subdued. "Eva, if Lorkyn does not return soon, i fear i may be forced to find another club and feed on human flesh again." he smiled wickedly, then ran his right hand up her thigh and then up the small of her back. "let's wait in the cave for a few more hours, till midnight, and then we can find some place to feed."
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Shivering slightly as her lips dripped with thier kill, Eva nodded to Delue as he teased her skin and smirked devilishly as she stood,"You might be right, but I don't think a club would be smart, we should start out with some of the homeless that roam about the alleys and such before trying a club again, I'm afraid you'll have another episode...That dragon could find you and kill you...I don't want that to happen" she goes on, sighing soulfully,"Let's try to be more careful until we're aware of our powers fully, but if Mistress Lorkyn needs us, I wish she would speak to us, I'm starting to get a bit worried for her." she insists, grazing his face with her palm as she turns to walk away, the wings finally lifting her as she seems to float to the cave urging Delue to follow as she smiles seductively......
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn swoops down from no where in front of them, breaking their intimate moment. She glares at the two. *Do not play me a fool, I know what is going on between you two...You're in love and you think it better to hide it from me...no? Well..I only told you beforehand not to fall for eachother because I thought your mortal emotions would outweigh your vampiric ones...now I know this is not the case. I just ask both of you to be careful. Instead of having only yourself to live for now, you have eachother, work hard not to lose either...it's a living hell if you lose the one you love...believe me, I know....*Lorkyn stopped and turned away, wiping a blood tear from her eyes before her pupils seen it. *I am very proud of you tonight. I left you for a purpose, to see if you could manage on your own...You passed the test. Now, let us go have some fun...* she said with and evil grin as she took flight...
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Beaming brightly, Eva squeezes Delue's hand, proud of herself and of Delue, for they had both passed thier mistress's test, and she was proud of them, nothing could feel more exhilarating than knowing thier mistress approved of not only how they handled themselves, but that for the tow of them to be together, it was alright...she had no idea her Vampiric life would be so fulfilling. She turns to Lorkyn and bows to her gracefully,"You are most wise Mistress, thank you for your praise, and your understanding" she exudes her happiness, then watches as Lorkyn flies away, awaiting them to follow, to enjoy the hunt once more,"Come Delue!Let us feast like kings and Queens!" she says jubilantly, kissing him sweetly before leaping into the air and following her mistress, waving him on to follow, sparks of hunger, lust and love mix deliciously within her and she welcomed the feeling....
Xion: Delue chuckles light-heartedly, and follows upon the wind. he was so exhilerated, so alive. this emotion of love was so weighing on him, he couldnt stand to think of what Lorkyn had suggested. and yet, as he flew behind the two of them, he couldnt help but have his mind wander to unwanted thoughts. he pictured an immortal life without Eva, and it seemed empty. suddenly, visions of her death in a million different scenarios popped into his mind. he shook himself visably, and decided then and there that he would lay down his own life for that of Eva, as he had already pledged to give his life for Lorkyn. the love grew inside of him, and so did his lust, and he need for more blood. he laughed aloud with the exhilaration of it all, and soared up to fly beside his beloved eternal. nothing could ruin this feeling, or this night.
Pheonix389: Darkenn, black wings soaring flew just above lorkyn without her know. Before she could sense him he gently enfolded her in his arms and wispered in her ear "you did well, my love." Then he turned so that he was on his back and she ontop of him as if on a bed of air that soared freeing them. Then he kiseed her.
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drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: (its drk_angl_17)
Lorkyn gasped and immediatley sought out her pupils, seeing that they had no interest in watching her and Darkenn...she turned back to him and sighed. *I...I thought I had lost you...*she whispered into his ear as she rested her head on his chest...
Sehderius: A wolf appears, seemingly out of nowhere. It is a feamale. A vampire feamale. Her two red eyes shine like two blood red rubies. Her fur is gray and silky and a few drops of blood trickle gently off her chin. Her paws are scruffed and scarred. She bares her milky teeth at you and puts her tail up. Then the wolf sits down, calming itself. It then collapses on the floor, fatuiged, tired, hungry, thirsty, and most of all, lonely.
Pheonix389: Darkenn smiles at lorky and whisperes in he ear "never" then spirals through the air jubilant at being with lorkyn
Pheonix389: .........................
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn's senses perk up. She is aware of a new presence...a wolf...She seeks out her pupils *Delue, Eva, come* she commanded. With Darkenn at her side, she raced down to help the troubled wolf...
Xion: Delue changed vector and swooped down in a clumbsy attempt to keep the formation of the group in air. the new stranger who had grabbed Lorkyn seemed to be ok with Delue's mistress, so he flew along with them to the wolf. Delue looked ahead to his beloved, and smiled at her. emotions swelled inside of him until he wanted nothing more than to grab her, hold her, and kiss her. but he knew that that was not his objective here. he had to keep focused. so he followed on.
Lareth: (i know the pictures a cat... but oh well... maybe I'll change it later to a human form...)
Lareth: (and less skanky... she looks like a ho...:-/)
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn landed in front of the wolf and flashed her an evil grin. She raised her hands as if to strike but instead, set her foot free. *Do not fear, wolf. I am most sympathetic to your kind...my best friend...she was a wolf such as yourself...* she said to the creature as she crouched down beside her examining her wounds...*If you like...I could heal those wounds for you...* she offered, risking a quick glance and smile at Darkenn...
Pheonix389: darkenn quickly smiled a small sincere smile but let it fade quickle so as not to cause the wolf to think he was laughing at her. Darkenn knelt and said "My naes darkenn and this is lorkyn.Its ok we wont harm you."
Pheonix389: Darkenn touched the girls shoulder "Your kind have killed many others but does that mean the blame for their deaths should fall on you.No. The same goes for us. Be sure the person you condemn is guilty of the crime."Darkenn said as he stood
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: -sighs- *Listen here wolf. Im going to tell you this one time only. My best friend, my last pupil...she was a wolf just like yourself. I raised her from a pup...sad to say but she is gone now, by NO FAULT of my own...I DO NOT kill your kind...but if you wish to condem me for it then I shall leave you here for the other vampires, unlike me, who WILL kill you...the decision is yours and yours alone...what will you choose?* Lorkyn questioned her...
Xion: just for emphasis, Delue flashed his fangs at the wolf, revealing his true hunger. Delue stayed back from the three who were conversing and instead stared longingly at the woman he had come to know as Eva, the only woman who had ever been able to capture his heart. he still marvelled at how he was able to fall in love as a vampire. there must have been a lot to this vampire thing that he hadnt realized was there. he stroked her hair and carressed her cheek, then looked back to Darkenn. he glanced at the wounded wolf and heard it barking out accusations at the two vampires. this heated him to speak,
"listen you little bitch, you know NOTHING of our race! i studied for ten years under a mistress Vampire who wasnt a third of what Mistress Lorkyn is and even she didnt kill without cause or reason. shut your filthy mouth, or ill be forced to do it for you!" Delue snapped out of his rage and shook himself visably, not sure why he had gotten so angry. his vision had gone to red for just a moment, before he had caught himself, just like back in the club..."damnit," Delue thought to himself, "i have to figure this out!" he just stood behind Lorkyn and inclined his head in an apologetic way.
"i appologize, mistress, and i will try to contain myself."
Pheonix389: Darkenn lifted the wolf by the neck off your feet "Listen up and listen close as I am only saying this once, I have been alive much longer than you and dead much longer than that. Vampires are not evil for what wee are just like people. People arent cruel sadistic killers because some people kill and neither are vampires. Would you hate an elderl woman because some 20 year old bastard killed your brother. No you would hate the one who did such things.We are no different" Darkenn threw her back to the ground only hard enough to make his point. "If you continue you WILL have the wraht of four vampires upon rather than our friendship" darkenn stood back "the choice is yours."
Pheonix389: Darkenn snarled andleaned close to her smelling "you smell of blood yourself eolf. You should learn to know someone before you decide to trust them or not as it could be the blood of someone they were trying to save or it could be thier own blood from the pain of memory." With that said he turned to lorkyn "So would you care to fill e in on who these young vampires are?"
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: *AH. I am sorry love. It seemed to skip my mind when you showed up here.* She turned to Eva and Delue, who snapped out of loving eachother to pay their mistress attention, and said *Darkenn, The girl here is Eva and her lover, Delue. I just found them not too long ago, they are just recently made...they were in trouble and needed help...you know Im a sucker for young ones who are left abandoned by their makers....*she said with a small sad smile. *Eva, Delue...This is Darkenn...my...uh...male counterpart...* she said with a small laugh as she kiss his cheek.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: (Sorry guys, I'm back! Went camping and just got home this morning, missed you though!! and thanks for not weening me out while I was gone, you guys are the bestest!)
"Good to meet you Darkenn" Eva says, bowing her head in respect,"It is good to meet someone worthy of our mistresses affections, you must be very wise yourself" she adds, leaning against Delue fondly, then looks towards the wounded wolf,"If we wished to drain you of life, we surely wouldn't have sat and conversed with you first" she said with a scoff,"We may be vampires, but it's not as if we hunt for wounded animals, we enjoy the thrill of the hunt...it's not quite tempting for me at least, to kill an already wounded animal, there's no challenge" she states plainly, as if not bothered by it all. Turning to Mistress Lorkyn, she smiles,"May Delue and I scout out fresh blood Mistress, while you release the hound? We won't go far...I promise" she says with a smirk, letting her hand run over delue seductively, letting her eyes graze over him, undressing him with her thoughts, the mixed feelings of love, lust and hunger deliciously swirling around inside of her, she almost can't contain herself, though she does, knowing it's what's best for her life, and the life of those around her, and she surely wouldn't do anything to harm her mistress,or her beloved, she had come to believe he could be her partner in darkness, as if made for her somehow, or her for him...either way, it was perfect in her eyes,"Care to help me Delue?" she purrs back to him, giving him a playful wink.....
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn offers a small laugh at Eva' request. At the flick of a hand, she releases Eva and Delue to do as they wish. *Do not stray long, I've a lesson in store for you this evening...* she said to them as she flashed a seductive look at Darkenn. *Besides, I have a bit of catching up to do myself...* She turns to the wolf. *Do as you wish. I wash my hands of you now. If you die, it is of no means brought back to my hands. I tried to help you. Good luck.* she said as she uttered a few phrases into her septor. A red glowing light formed around her and Darkenn. She snapped her fingers and the orb winked out of existance along with the 2 inside. Eva and Delue were left in utter shock while Darkenn and Lorkyn appeared in a cave behind a waterfall...(sorry, after all the other shit in the rp's i need a break;):P)
Pheonix389: Darkenn came within a hairs bredth of lorkyn staring at her in the eyes "and what is it exactly, my love, that you have in store for me" Darkenn smiled kissing lorkyn as he wrapped his arms around her.
Xion: Delue beconned his love farther into the brush, flirting with his eyes as he looked over her tempting body and went up her thighs with his right hand. they found a little secluded meadow with soft grass and a few rocks, and Delue turned suddenly, taking Eva by surprise. he grabbed her in his arms and kissed her passionately, running his hands over her lower back and upper thighs, so smooth and soft, and then laughed in her ear softly. he kissed her gently on her neck and earlobes, then kissed around her cheek to her mouth, kissing her softly and pleasantly. he looked into his eyes as he withdrew from the kiss, "so my beloeved one, what SHALL we do?"
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: (well...a little make out party before we get down to business then? LMAO!)
Lorkyn kissed Darkenn back and drawed him closer to her at the same time, backing him up against the wall. *Ive missed you, love* she whispered in his ear, her hands roaming on his chest and down his stomach...inching lower...the she pulled away slowly and disappeared into the shadows of the cave laughing. *Come and find me* Darkenn heard her voice as it was carried to him on a slight breeze past his ear...
Pheonix389: DArkenn sighed in dissapoint ment before muttering "Rien de Dieu il femme vous me tournent sur puis partent. Je biseaute crois quel u m'a mis à travers" then he dove into the shadow grabbing her by the arm "Boo" THen he spun her around and kissed her.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: (It's Vampire makeout day? hehe)
Snickering evilly up at Delue as she presses herself up against him, Eva needn't speak, her actions answered for her indeed. Leaning down just slightly, still looking up into Delue's face, Eva took each button in her teeth and pulled them from his shirt, then let them fall from her tongue as she smirked scrumptiously up at him,"I must admit my love....the fire only builds when you're all covered up, it's as if I need to remove you from your clothed bondage" she sneers, laughing lowly as dirty little thoughts race through her mind,"Seeing you once this hinderence of clothing just wasn't enough it seems" she adds with a devilish grin, her hands pressing off the shirt from his body, then relishing in the feel of his bare flesh against her hands. She then lets the tip of her tongue roll and flick around his neck, nibbling and playfully teasing as her hands find other constructive things to handle......
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: *thats cheating, you used a spell* she muttered against his lips as he kissed her. She sighed and gave into his firm hold and fiery kiss. They started walking backwards and Lorkyn's footing was lost to a rock in the darkness. She fell straight back with Darkenn tumbling on top of her...(Lorkyn's first! *smiles*)
Xion: passion overwhelmed Delue as Eva played with his body and nibbled and licked his neck, and he took her by the shoulders, ripped off the shirt she wore, and kissed her lower neck and chest with a fervor he had never known. it was as if love, lust, passion, and something....more exploded inside of him, and he let loose with his hands, his body and especially his mouth. he lowered Eva gently to the floor of the meadow, the soft grass teasing her naked back. Delue kissed her everywhere, on every inch of her body, and whispered his love and deep commitment in her ear. they rolled around and kissed and hugged and played with each other devilishly. after an hour or so of playing and preparing, he took his beloved and did with her what his mind had been racing since he had first seen her. it was the best feeling he had ever had, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, which was strange seeing as he had no soul. he loved every second of every minute of every hour of it.
Pheonix389: Darkenn wasnt plannig on waiting not because he wanted it right then and there but he feared he might go insane if he diddnt have her "encanta" he muttered and the darkenn enclosed them as he did with his beloved what he had so longed to do.
Pheonix389: ............................................
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn sighed. For the first time in her 2000 years of existance, she allowed herself to be completely consumed within her emotions. She let Darkenn have every part of her, something NO ONE else had ever managed to have, she gave him her all in the darkness. Their bodies intertwined and both were metled into one as sweet sounds of extacy echoed within the cave...
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Looking up at Delue with half-lidded eyes, hazy and fulfilled after devouring themselves in each other, she was amazed at the feelings she had, the passion she could have for another, still, she felt greater than she'd ever had. Her fingertips splayed across his skin as she let them have thier feathery dance all over him, revelling in the aftermath of what was sure to be the most sexual and loving moment of her life...and death. It was unreal, for the first time ever, she felt whole,"We will definately have to do that again when we have more time" she chuckles against him, nipping at his shoulder and chest, then smiles up at him...completely satisfied,"I don't know about you my dear Delue, but I've certainly worked up an appetite...I believe it's time for dinner" she snickered, expelling the empty breath that felt so full of life because of this man before her, she'd found not only a mistress, whom she respected and learned from, but found love in a most unexpected way...how odd, yet perfect...she couldn't think of a better way to live out her life as a vampire....
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: (Sorry it took so long for me to post, I've just been a bit busy with life lately, but I'll be on more often now, which could be very beneficial :)
Xion: Delue beamed down at his beloved with a smile that shone brighter than he could have thought imaginable. he had spent all of his energy in releasing his pent up energy and love unto Eva. she was perfect in every way, and every part of him was competely satisfied, and for the first time in his entire life, he felt fullfilled. never had his former mistress, the one who had turned him,made him feel so good, so right, so in love,and so whole. he kissed her gently and then looked back toward the trees they had come through to find this little escape.
"yes my love, i do believe that we should go find some new meat. and i feel something...some connection to that vampire hunter. there is more to her than i thought there was." he paused a moment and a terrifying, petrifying thought crossed his mind before he banished it from his consciousness. if Eva died, he would surely be killed, too. his fear grew as he considered it, and again, he reaffirmed his resolve to ensure that Eva oulived him, if either of them ever died, which he hoped they wouldnt.
"come now, darling, lets hunt." Delue flashed his extended fangs and a wicked smile to his beloved, and then got up, clothing himself. he walked toward the border of thick folliage that surrounded them, beckoning his love to follow.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Standing up and dressing, she sensed something wrong in Delue's manner, in his aura,"Are you alright my love?" she asks him as she moves to stand beside him,"There's a negative energy to your words....please, don't hide anything from me, if you feel something, tell me" she urges him, the feeling odd, as if she could almost feel what he felt, as if they were one...is this what soulmates means? She looks through the brush and foliage, inspecting thier surroundings, trying to find a scent, something to grab ahold of and hunt down as she released her fangs, licking the tips expectantly, entwining her hand with Delues and giving it a reassuring squeeze before they began.....
Xion: "its...nothing my love," Delue said, and looked into her eyes. he couldnt bare to lie to this wonderful, beautiful and entrancing woman. "i just am afraid...im afriad ot lose you. i know i am not supposed to have these emotions, or at least i didnt think i was supposed to, and i dont want you to leave me. i know...its stupid and selfish, but im scared." Delue smiled weaklyat his beloved and then cleared his face, and resumed his confident demeanor.
"now come, my love," he said affectionatley, "let us rouse the lady and her master and be on our way to the city, after a quick bite. i sense deer over that way." Delue pointed to teh east. he brushed her hair away from her eyes with his left hand, and kissed her softly once more, something he could spend enternity doing and not mind at all.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Eva pokes Delue in the side, then follows him through the path where he sensed the deer, they dove off together and captured not one, but two, and feasted upon thier blood until they were satiated....for the time being, then journied to the cave where Mistress Lorkyn and her own beloved dwell. <Never will I leave you my love> she says to Delue telepathically, one of the first things she ever learned as a new vampire, knowing it sometimes came in quite handy. She squeezed his hand reassuringly, then called out to her Mistress,"Mistress?" then waited a few moments,"Mistress Lorkyn? Are you still here?" she asked aloud, stepping into the cave carefully, as not to disturb her mistress if she indeed was not 'ready' to leave. Eva then turned to Delue, licking her lips, the after-taste of thier midnight kill still lingering, tantalizing her, gnawing at her for more,"I hope we don't interrupt anything" she says with a giggle,"She did say something about hundreds of years or something...I'm sure they have a lot to catch up on" she teases, giving a jovial laugh, then tickling Delue playfully.
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drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn lazily opened her eyes and smiled. She kissed Darkenn then rose, careful not to disturb him, but knowing she would anyways. She put her robes back on and walked to the mouth of the cave. She smiled at Eva and Delue and bid them goodnight. *so, my pupils, are you ready for a few more tricks?* she questioned them, turning her head to the side as she sensed Darkenn's approach behind her...
Pheonix389: Darkenn could barely control his giddy laugh as he dressed himself once more in the egyption black skirt and wristbands that were the only clothing he possesed. He almost thought back to the memories....the memories that he did not want lorkyn to know of. Why he had been captured. HE tried to banish the thought although it still lingered in the back of his head. Clasping the last gliph engraved, gold wristband to his arm he walked up behind lorkyn whispering "Perhaps I could teach them a trick or two of my own and you could take a relaxing hot bath or cold or....what ever you prefer to do." Then he turneed to delue and eva and said "if its okay withh your pupils"
Xion: Delue stood strong and bold before Darkenn, and nodded with light-hearted joy. "of course you can teach me something, so long as it has to do with combat. i must learn how not only to be aware of my senses, but how also to use them. i will kill that she-bitch of a vampire hunter if i have my way. i would be happy to learn any of the gifts you possess, and to gain the knowledge you have inside of you." Delue stepped in front of Eva and nodded, gave a short bow, and then pulled Eva gently beside him. "what shall be our first lesson?"
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Bowing her head in respect, then looking up smiling softly at Darkenn, Eva presses against Delue's pull and sighs sweetly, enjoying the feel of him around her,"I too wish to learn, and combat would be quite important yes?" she questions, then turns to Lorkyn,"Mistress, this new presence in your life is most flattering to you, and it suits you well, my happiness is yours" she says sincerely to her mistress, true in her words, almost feeling the surge of power her happiness brings,"If you wish for me to train with Darkenn, so I shall, unless of course you had other things in mind for me my mistress?" she asks her, as Eva's fingers playfully scratch and tickle Delue's back while she speaks,"I'm ready for anything you wish to teach...either of you" she finishes with yet another bow of her head....
Pheonix389: Darkenn nodded to them "Yes this will be combat but a different kind than your used to. I will teach you how to use the gift...magic" Darkenn turned a little "Only if it is okay with you my love" he said to lorkyn"
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie sleeps on the rooftop, fingertips brushing her dagger. Her eyes are half-open, tracking bats that snatch moths from under the streetlights.
Xion: after two hours of training from Darkenn, Delue was beggining to understand a bit of the uses of magic. it was with these unhoned skills that Delue sensed it. From no where hte image of two eyes, cold, hard, Drakonic, pierced his soul, and he hit the soft soil on his knees in anguish. he tried to scream and couldnt, but in that short exchange of magic encounter, somehow, Delue forged a link between this dragon watcher, and suddenly he knew who it was. the vampire hunter that had attacked him in the club. Delue could now feel where the Dragon mistress was, and he feared she could sense his presence as well. she was in the city, hunting. Delue forced himself out of the Magic encounter, and looked up at Darkenn, Lorkyn, and Eva.
"sssshe...is w-w-w-atching!" he gasped. "she feels me here...i have to...kill her." despite the others' attempts to shake sense into DElue, he passed out cold, and the feeling was gone while he was unconscious. inside himself, he knew that as soon as woke, he would be able to sense the Dragon mistress again, and she sense him.
Pheonix389: Darkenn shook his head "we will continue until delue wakes. Until then he will be shielded. Your next lesson now that you seem to have a grasp on simple things like casting your han (i guess it needs a name) into a flame i am going to teach you something supreamly more difficult. Weaving a shield." Darkenn turned "You must first grasp your han and choos an element. Shields are generally air but for a more powerful effect you can use fire water or spirit or combonations. Those though will come later." Darkenn looked at eva and asked if she was ready.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn smiled...watching Darkenn train her pupils gave her pleasure. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed his cheek. She stayed by his side and watched Darkenn's teachings...
Pheonix389: Darkenn held lorkyns hand to him basking in their love and warming at her touch
RealityTears / Lillith Friend:
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SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: (You're more than welcome to jump in Lilith!)
Eva nodded to Darkenn and beamed to Lorkyn, in hopes her mistress was proud of how well she was doing, and how quickly she was learning, but, every so often, she would lean down and brush the hair of Delue with her fingers and kiss his forehead, hoping he would wake soon...she knew he was agonizing over this vampire hunter, and it worried her to no end.
After learning to shield, rather quickly for her first time, she tried it on her own, bringing a shield to life around her as she waved her hands, a cast of misty silver surrounded her form, then just as quickly as she brought on the spell, she took it away and bowed to Darkenn respectfully,"You are most wise Sir Darkenn, I can see why our Mistress and yourself are so drawn to one another" she compliments, then looks to her Mistress,"Have I done well my mistress?" she asks her, only wishing to please her with her progress.
Eva squats down momentarily and gives Delue a small shake of his shoulder,"Wake up Delue....Wake up my love...Please" she urges him, worriesome eyes blanketing his figure while she waits for him to awaken, knowing he will need to train further to defeat this hunter...unless.....
Eva jumps up and kneels before her mistress hurriedly,"Mistress Lorkyn....I need to know...is there a spell, anything that can make this hunter, as well as Delue forget the day at the club? Something to erase that memory they had? Or just certain things of the memory?" She asks Lorkyn with hope in her tone, knowing it would be the only way Delue could find peace...for now. She knew he wasn't strong enough to take on the Vampire hunter, and feared she would lose him if he tried......
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Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie sits bolt upright, her legs and shoulders shivering the sleep away, and lets her mind lock into the distant signal. Her brown eyes fade to pale, leaving her wide black pupils alone in the white. As though drawn by a winch, she stands and runs off the low warehouse, shifting to dragon in midair--her only night-flying form that can cover the distance between herself and the vampires. She springs up off a neighboring building and works upward, out of danger from power lines.
The emanation is clearer as she rises, and she notices her mind has already worked itself into the vampires'. It must have been sending out its own telepathy, she decides--her own works only by eye contact, but if she is contacted from outside, the other telepath can tangle in her.
As she examines the signal, she notices another vampire, so powerful she had assumed its presence was part of the vampire she had found, and then another, and a fourth. She struggles to bring herself to land, but is too late--the frenzy is well in control, too set on its target to mind her.
Xion: Delue snaps awake and stands up like a bolt, straight as his body would stretch. he gasped and his eyes shot open, and then he was quiet. he looked around and noticed everyone staring at him, and Eva threw herself over him with a playful and caring hug, happy he was alive. he hugged her back just as meaningfully, then kissed her gently, and stood, looking from Mistress Lorkyn to Darkenn solemnly.
"Mistress," he said as he bowed low before her, "iyou should know that the Vamire hunter is coming here, and shes coming fast. ill be able to tell you where she is so longas im conscious, but i fear that she is just as powerful as i thought she was." Delue frowned in a concerned way and then looked to Darkenn as he was still bowing, "Master Darkenn, i wish to learn as much as you can offer, along with Lorkyn's teachings, if i do survive this attack by the Hunter." Delue looked back to his newly found beloved Eva with fear and regret in his eyes, as if he had already decided that he would die at the vampire hunter's hands.
"i want you to teach me all of the things you know, and i need to know them quickly, as i have come to realize through this Hunter. i will NOT just stand by and let you two defend me against the dragon wench. i will fight, whether i die or not." Delue waited a moment, then arose to his feet once more.
"For now, mistress Lorkyn, i think we should take cover and wait for the fell beast."
Pheonix389: Darkenn slowly walked up to the man wishing he did not have to be so harsh "Forgive me but i need to teach him a lesson" Darkenn sent to lorkyn. When he was about a foot from delue he jerked a hand up siezing him by the throat "What will you do now? Now that I have you by the throat. If you cannot face me then how do you expect to face her? "When delue cast a ball of flame his diresction he extinguished it without even flinching "YOU WILL NOT LEAVE THE ONE YOU LOVE TO FIGHT AS I ONCE DID" Darkenn threw him on the ground "I left lorkyn to fight and it got me caught in egypt the slave of a pharo wearing a rada' han." Darkenn turned his back "You will need help" he said slyly "But I hope this taught you a lesson...Just because your a vampire does not mean you are invincable, you must know when you can do things alone and when you will need help."
Xion: Delue gasped as he hit the ground, his pride as well as his neck and throat burning. he coughed a little and then turned to Darkenn, expelling any vestiges of anger and disrespect. he had to learn how to give up his selfish pursuits of being the best. he bowed down to Darkenn, and then said, "i appologize, my master. i spoke rashly and out of turn. but you must allow me to at least assist you in the battle coming. please, master Darkenn."
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Lowering her gaze to the ground and sighs as the sinking feeling builds within her <This is why I was warned of love> But, as she thinks, she realises, it's not much different than when she was alive. She shrugs it off and looks back up as Darkenn continues his lessons with Delue. She moves over to stand beside her Mistress and leans against her,"Tell me Mistress Lorkyn, tell me what to do" she asks her humbly, bowing her head before her,"I wish not to lose him, and I will do all I can to help him...." she makes clear, looking on to Delue, her face full of the deepest sincerity and love, <I will not lose you my love> she says to him telepathically. She kneels before Lorkyn and awaits what is to come, knowing the fates are inevitable, and what will be, will be...though she is determined to alter whatever she may to save the ones she's grown to care for....
Pheonix389: Darkenn helps delue to his feet "Sorry I had to be so harsh but it had to be done." Darkenn stands next to delue and begins to teach him t cast a shield of air.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn hugged Eva and said *Do not worry my child, everything will be fine. You think I have lived 2000 years and not killed at least one slayer? I find them fun, this is my idea of a game. And your love here, Delue, he has power that he does not realize yet. Before, when I first found you two...I gave you both the same choice...Immediate power and strength, or slow progress and learning...Now that the slayer is comming...will you choose the first? My blood is ancient, I will give it to you and him both...But you must make sure you wish to live forever...I cannot die, by any means...therefore you would not be able to. You will have power beyond your dreams...enough to face the slayer, but not enought knowledge of the power to kill her...take it, it is my gift to you, the both of you. You have made me very proud in the short time that I have known you....* Lorkyn finished, looking at Darkenn with a solem look...
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: (Question: Annmarie...were you Ekkrak, the slayer, in another rp long ago? If so...I look forward to the fight...*evil grin*)
Lareth: "Finally some real action..." Darlah whispered to herself from the top of a far off tree.
She jumped from tree to tree and when she found a tall enough tree, she lept high into the air and phased into a hawk. Gliding in the wind, she circled the area, waiting for something to happen.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie undulates with her wingstrokes, sweeping and gliding through the patchy headwind. Her impression of the vampires is stronger now, and she fights to keep Delue incapacitated. Even one down, even a weaker one, might give her an edge to destroy the others.
[You got me. Annmarie's not like Ekkrak---it's possible to get her on your side, but she's not feeling very trusting tonight.]
Xion: Delue's leather jerkin stretched tightly over his bulging biceps and chest as he strained himself to hold the force of air, which he had expanded to reach a mile around them, reinforcing it until the wind-shield on the perimeter of the spell was so strong that not even an immortal could fly through it. he exhaled deeply as he released the spell and a great gust of wind soared through thier little forested area about fourty miles south of Detroit. Delue smiled at his victory, then looked to Darkenn. "may i try something i have been imagining, master?" he got the ok nod from Darkenn, then closed his eyes, focusing in on the slayer and making sure she was far enough away for him to have time to try this little excersize. he began with forming a wind cloud before his two outstretched hands, then formed a fire spark in the middle of the small cloud, and with a snap of his finger and a quiet encantation, he threw fog into the mix. instantly, the entire area was so engulfed in the thickest fog that no one could see what was right next to them. Delue smiled in satisfaction, then dropped the spell from his control. the fog dissipated quickly, and he turned to Darkenn.
"i believe that i can make that far more damaging if i use a spell of Hellzspore in the middle instead of fog." Delue could feel Annmarie grow closer and that was when he heard LOrkyn say something about giving them the first option, and how proud she was of them.
"mistress, what are you talkin about? you sound as if youre making ready to leave." Delue looked quizzikly at his mistress.
"she is here." that was all he had to say, then the fight began.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Within a moment, right after Delue made clear the hunter had arrived, she felt the force of a thousand hammers as Lorkyn touched her chest, her nails digging in deeply, feeling the surge of her mistress flowing through her as she leaned over and bit her as she did so.
Eva collapsed once Lorkyn let go of her, and she lay there still, absorbing all her mistress had given her, shaking and convulsing upon the ground like a fit of seizures until it stopped as suddenly as it started and she stood immediately, feeling much different, as if...as if her mistress had given her the gift of eternity's powers. She closed her eyes and visioned the hunter as she swooped down from the skies, and sensing the danger, a silvery blue orb surrounded her, like a protective shield, but somehow she knew, with the shield present, she couldn't fight, even if she was safe....she would wait until the right moment and release the shield,"I'll follow your lead my mistress..." she whispers to her, then looks to Delue and says,"You will not suffer death, and make me live a life undead alone" she insisted, a lonely tear falling to the ground as she speaks, then see's the glint of the hunters eyes as she swirls above them, ready to attack.....
Xion: Delue reached in the air toward his beloved Eva as she shook with the new knowledge that penetrated her, and only after he knew she was alright did he look to Darkenn. "master, should i attack?"
Pheonix389: "Darkenn stepped close "Not until I make you truely immortal" With that Darkenn leaned in close and sank his fangs into delues flesh drinking only a little. when he was done Darkenn presented his wrist for delue to drink from commanding him to hurry. Once delue began to drink he cast a hand up "sabla kanito caonist" with his words the slayer was stopped in tie, as was the world, except for them "We only have until night fall. THat is when the spell will reverse, this was a constructed spell only. I can only use it three times and this was the third." Darkenn pulled his wrist from delue as it healed before he turned to lorkyn "What do you think my love?"
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: "Wherever you need me Master Darkenn, just tell me" Eva insists, the silvery protective mist still formed around her. She reaches out one last time to embrace Delue, kissing him deeply, then letting go, knowing it may be the last time she does so, then stands beside Darkenn, awaiting his call.
drk_angl_17: Lorkyn's eyes blazed with the challenge. *Surely my lord, you know my wishes. I rise to the challenge...* Lorkyn said with a fierice laugh, the hunter in her comming out. She took flight to find the hunter and wait for the spell to reverse...
Writer Chic / Aluksis: The wind blows fiercly, as the night ends and morning rises, the air is think with mist and the sun peeks above the horizon a chill shrivles down his neck. His thoughts are obstinate and stubborn, *My love, thy shall not leave me, you love do I more than deserve* she looks at him pityfuly, and remarks*I don't know, I just don't know anymore* She walks off into the mist, dissapearing, and no longer visible. He falls down to his knees, crying, that last kiss was all she gave him, all she gave him...
Pheonix389: (Let me just say...huh? Who the hell r u?) Darkenn pulls lorkyn close kissing her as he had the night before he had been taken captive. A gentle passionate kiss of his love for her "I await my orders my love" Before he stood beside her he touched delue and eva gently on the shoulder "the spell is ended and the hunter draws near, fight for your love for it is one of the only things you will have left to live for...you are immortal now...you shll forever have eachother."
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: (dude, you cant just jump in an rp and play off a story line that doesnt exist...)
Lorkyn smiles wickedly and jumps to the ready, septor held high. She sees the slayer approaching before the others have time to turn around. She holds her hands out to her sides, closes her eyes, letting her hair fall back and mutters a quick incantation. Her septor's orb glows a feirce black slowy flashing into red. Lorkyn's eyes shoot open as fire bursts from her eyes and her mouth. A stream of bright red energy shoots forth from the orb and comsumes the slayer in mid air, just before she has time to strike Delue. Her eyes turn wide as the orb grows around her and small tendrils enter her body. The tendrils of fire could be seen through her now pulsing skin. Lorkyn raised her head, eyes still full of fire and banged her septor down on the ground. The orb shattered and the slayer fell to the ground, stunned, weak and unconscious...Lorkyn had drained at least half of her power and called it forth unto her septor. The orb faded back to the cold silver it always is and the fire left Lorkyn's eyes. She looked back at her pupils then to Darkenn...*Man, Ive missed using my powers!* she said, exhilerated from the fight and hoping the slayer proved a fair challenge...
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: ( LOL @ Darkenn!! Too funny )
Gasps at the sight of her mistress taking flight towards the beast, her empty breath caught in her throat, leaving her speechless. She releases the protective shield from around her and waits, watching as Darkenn also prepares to join his love, to fight for our kind.
She looks over at Delue and nods as his wings appear and he too takes flight, swiftly piercing through the air to attack. She looks over at Darkenn, awaiting his nod, then soars through the air beckoning her to follow.
She closes her eyes, and leaps forward, jetting through the wind, slicing through the air like a knife until she's close behind Darkenn, and Delue, her eyes swirling with crimson, her fangs hauntingly sharp, faintly showing as she readies for the battle...
Pheonix389: When all four of them had landed he warned the 'youngsters' (lmao i always wanted to say that) not to touch the hunter. Many hunters doused themselves in holy water before leaving for the night. TOuching it would scar any vampire forever."
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn hid her wrists quickly after casting a secretive glance at them. *Yes, he is quite right you two.* she says a bit sheepishly. She commands the others to stand back as she points her septor at the slayer. She uttered a few words and a blue, eerie mists came from the septor's orb and flowed around the slayer. It consumed her and became a solid around her, raising her limp body into the air. The orb then turn a transparent black color. *This spell will hold her until she wakes and regains some of her powers....i would like to question her a bit before I toy with her...*Lorkyn said with an evil grin...
Pheonix389: "I hope your mommy taught you to share" darkenn said seductivly looking her up and down"
Pheonix389 / Darkenn: (lol)
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: "I give my word I won't touch anything" Eva replies, then bites her bottom lip and smirks,"Well, I won't touch anything that applies to the hunter that is" she makes clear, snickering softly as she gives Delue a playful wink,"Besides, I would certainly like to watch as you interrogate this hunter, that way I can learn from your most wise teachings" she enthuses to her Mistress and Master.
(Youngsters huh? LOL, should we call you mom and dad now? LOL!!!)
Xion: "this little bitch is the one who wanted to take my life," Delue spoke quietly and threateningly. a snarl he did not know he had within him escaped his lips as he landed before the hunter. he cocked his head to the side as he stood beside Eva and Lorkyn, pondering how such a frail thing could hold so much power. she began to regain consciousness, and Delue growled deeply in his throat. "she will not be held by this spell, mistress, strengthen it NOW!" but it was too late.
the hunter smashed the holding spell into pieces, and slammed Delue, who had approached a few feet closer than the others, into a nearby tree with a forcing spell. the hunter shot up into the air, and Delue was right behind her, snarling all the way.
Pheonix389: "DELUE YOU GET YOU ASS BACK HERE" DArkenn snarled. Hr thought he had taught him better. "You fool" Darkennn could not hold it back any longer he reached up latching a thread of magic to delueand pulling him back down to land hard on his back
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Ssakarzke! If I knew how I did that... Annmarie rises frantically, weighing her options as her fighting reflexes guide her movements. Four vampires, two old and confident, two young and impetuous. Without the old ones' guidance, the young pair might be easy targets. For some reason the vampire's magic seemed to have slid right off her, as though her frenzy could interact with it. Turn that loose, and it could likely hijack the staff thing and have all four of them by their throats.
Her confidence ebbs as she watches the vampires in the back of her mind, however. They seem to be moving like ants or bees, faster than usual, and jerky. I'm seeing them slowly, that's what it is. My mind slowed down from whatever the woman did, and that must be the frenzy, too. With her instincts weakened, she would be less effective a fighter, but she could also break herself away from the battle.
But I never new the two strongest ones existed before tonight, and the other pair seem to be growing like them. If they survive, I could lose them permanently.
Try a smaller shift---
She switches to bat again, in a flare of leak-light, and dives toward the back of Lorkyn's head, holding her dragon form ready in her mind. Even immortals fight poorly when their heads are smashed against their feet.
Xion: Delue slammed to the ground and all of the air escaped his lungs with a great "OOF!" he was hurt, but not badly. he turned to darkenn, "Master! did you not give me the secret to immortality?! i can take this she-bitch devil of a dragon shape shifter," all the while Delue was watching the woman soar up into the air. he turned again to face Darkenn, this time looking him in the eyes.
"master, i appologize, but i get these fits of rage and i just cant control-"
Delue barely saw it, but he did catch it. there was a tiny beacon of light shooting straight for Lorkyn's head, behind her. he screamed and suddenly, seamingly from no where, he threw out a huge beam of energy, purple and white-hot, which passed Lorkyn harmlessly and slammed into the little light, sending it reeling and spinning away. Delue was left gasping and panting after he had released so much of his newly found energy, bugt he knew that he hadnt killed the hunter, she was still there, and shortly shed attack again. he hit his knees, and looking for his beloved. Eva was all he could think about all of the sudden, and he couldnt be happy until he knew she was safe. he looked over and saw that she was ok, standing to the side, and he smiled the brightest smile he could muster. she was still here. "thank death for that," Delue thought ironically. he drew himself up to his feet, and looked to Darkenn, awaiting his beating and punishment, or the more looming danger of the hunter returning, which she surely would any time now,
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: She scrambles into a tree, gasping and feeling the operations of her shifting amulet. It seemed thready, like the spell had been damaged. A good bit of power had left it, too, about ten years' worth, but the spell corruption worries her most.
She sees light against the tree she is resting in, gradually dimming. So it's either wasting power or just mishandling the flash. Ordinarily the amulet produces a momentary light explosion, but now it yields a longer, softer glow.
Stealth is out. But if the amulet dies on me, I still need to get back home. She drops from the tree and flies some distance away, then shifts to human and tugs off her pack. Nervous, because the vampires have slipped from her senses now, she pulls out a brick-shaped mass of electronics coated in orange rubber. She presses her hand against two blunt prongs that extend from on end and lets her mind slip into the box, activating it, and leaves a message to Home. She speaks to empty air, but no sound comes out as the box sends her voice across universes to the base's reciever. "Track me. Need support, heavy vampire power. Containment or light-water, their magic is extremely durable." As an afterthought, "We might want to just quarantine this world."
She stuffs the box back in her pack and shoves the whole thing into a tree, then backtracks on foot, a scrawny stalking creature, peculiarly, youthlessly, young.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: [The glow has gone out by now. Edit.]
Pheonix389: Darkenn helped delue to his feet. "You mustcontrol them because you are immortal. You could easily have ben captured and taken never to return again. Not to mention that your new powers are tied to your emotions and using to much power to soon, as you just have, can seriously wound you." Darkenn stood next to lorkyn holding her close to his hip with one arm around her waist "Wound you so that you could end up losing the one you love in mind body or spritit." Darkenn gently hugged the man "Please Delue try to control your temper.I dont not want sorrow to come to your doorstep."
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn smiled evily and seductively at Darkenn. She then snapped her fingers. She was gone in a flash and standing before the slayer. She grabs her by the throat and lifts her into the air. *So, you wish to challenge me while my back is turned?* She questioned with a vile tone. Her eyes began to glow red and a snarl formed on her lips. She hurled the slayer against a tree. The slayer hit her head, but not enough to kill her, just enough to make her groggy. Lorkyn rushed to her and sank her fangs into the slayers neck before she had time to resist. Lorkyn got disturbing images through the blood...liquid fire as it ran through her veins, power surging. She could take no more. She stood up and screamed, licking a small line of blood off her lips. The slayer stood, defiant...Lorkyn could sense the frenzy about to break lose within the slayer, she stood, ready to fight with an evil look in her eyes. *You wish to challenge me or mine...I rise to it...se how well you do attacking me from the front* she spit out at her before rushing forth. The slayer made to block the expected blow by Lorkyn, sheilding her face and eyes but when she opened her eyes, Lorkyn had vanished...*Time to play, slayer...* Lorkyn's voice was carried to the slayer's ear on a slight breath of wind...
Xion: "yes master darkenn, i shall, for the love i hold for Eva" delue said as he looked to his dark haired beauty. he smiled at her and then rushed to kiss her, before turning again to Darkenn. "now what? do we just let lorkyn have all the fun?" he said amusingly.
Pheonix389: "She should be back in a few moments" Darkenn said witha sly smike "If I know lorkyn she will have baited the slayer and will return here. Shes not dumb enough to shallenge on her own. The Blood of a slayer is liquid fire to a vampire and a vampires magic is almost ineffective on a slayer. That is why they are so good at what they do."
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie's eyes burn and dart about as though no longer her own. She whirls, hands outstretched, one shaped to dragon, the other clutching a heavy dagger.
However weak the frenzy had become, it had scoured up whatever rescources it still posessed the moment the vampire had touched her skin. The three other undead are like cold candles many yards away, while Lorkyn, though definitely nearby, has no specific presence. Either she has hidden herself or she is dispersed; each would be equally dangerous.
Annmarie herself remembers the time she looked a demon in the eyes and it sprung out and took hold of her. Her throat aches. Had she any with her, and had she time, she would be guzzling lightwater as much to cleanse her honor as her aura, but now she is frozen like a startled animal.
Something appears by her shoulder--perhaps the vampire is teasing her, or the frenzy has deduced Lorkyn's location--and her dagger whips out like a frog's tongue, coming away bloody.
Pheonix389: Darkenns stomach lurched. Somereason he had the feeling something was wrong. Not with lorkyn but something in general.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn materialized out of thin air, eyes in mock shock as her hand caresses an open wound in her stomach. She brings her hand up and stares at her own blood on it, then licks it off slowly with a demonic look. The slayer watches in disbelief as the wound vanishes. Lorkyn disappears again and reappears right behind the slayer, taking her staff, she knocks the slayer over the head with it, sending her crashing down into the huge tree roots. Lorkyn smiles as the slayer stands and attacks Lorkyn. Right when the slayer is about to make contact with her, she vanishes yet again, this time, leaving a glowing red trail so that the slayer might easily follow her...*I will make it easy for you, slayer....*Lorkyn hisses into the air beside the slayer's ear as she races off in the direction of Darkenn and her pupils...
Pheonix389: Darkenns lets out an unearthy scream like a banshees wail his eyes are consume in black and the symbols on his gold arm badns begin to turn black as does his skin. When the scream finally stops and the blackness has consumed his skin darkenn speaks in a voice other than his own "In the darkeness of the blood moon the spirit dancer and the slayer will be bonded in a fight along with his companions. Unless they can stop the threat they will all die as the darkenns looms." Darkenn fell to he ground heaving. When delue questioned him could say only one thing before lorkyn and the slayer arrived "I am the spirit dancer" (Sorry guys we were going no where so i thought id push us along)
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: [Um, sure, you're right...]
Annmarie follows Lorkyn's trail, and as she sees Eva and Delue clustered around Darkenn, she leaps on Eva and slices with her dagger---throat, base of the skull, heart, side of the abdomen. Delue lunges for her and she dodges and slits his fingers, teeth bared, then shifts to dragon to dispose of them both before Darkenn can recover.
Xion: Delue snarls in an unearthly manor as annmarie slashes as his beloved and then at him. he hadnt known he had had that kind of a sound within him, and as he slashed out at the slayer and she dodged, he began to change as he had back in the club. the onyx-black Darkenn snarled and smiled evilly as Delue transformed, black wings, red markings, and night black skin all consuming what had been Delue. he vanished suddenly, then reappeared before the slayer as she was driving down a wooden stake straight for Eva's breast. Delue took the wooden stake, a newer, more refined version of the weapon, right in his left arm. he howled in pain and in victory of not allowing his beloved to die. Delue looked and acted, even thought, now, as a beast, the only thing he cared fro was protecting Eva, he beloved, his heart. he grabbed the driving arm of annmarie, with the wooden stake stillsmoking and sizzling in his left arm, and hurled her as far as he could. she flew for miles before he caught up to her in midair, beating his huge wings, and slammed her over the head with both hands formed into one great fist. Delue snarled in delight and met her where she landed, kicking her into a tree. he allowed her to gather herself before he attacked again; he would not allow it to be said that he had killed her off her guard.
Pheonix389: "AHHHHHH" Darkenn yelled as he leapt to his feet letting out a blast that rippled the ground and sent shards of pain through everyone around him "Enough!" Darkenn turned to the Eva and healed her throat before she lost to much blood. If that happened she would turn to stone never to die but only to sit, no way to drink and become whole again "Delue Enough...as for you annmarie you take after your mother...stubborn as hell and bent on revenge!" Darkenn wiped away the blood that had began to froth from evas mouth "Just stop and we can....talk...If you dont want to talk you can battle me and lorkyn but you know the code, you cant kill a vampire under 500 years" Darkenn lifted his hands to show he posed no threat "What will it be?"
RealityTears / Lillith Friend: Lillith's bright green eyes flutter open, lazily scanning the darkness around her from beneath long black eyelashes. She lets out a quiet moan of pain, feeling quite disoriented. Everything seemed strange... like gravity was positioned differently... No, wait... She's lying on her back. No wonder things felt strange. Sighing, she sits up slowly, her vision swimming. Her head spins as the blood rushes from it. How long had she been lying down like this? And what had happened? How'd she get... wherever she was...? Propping herself up with her hands, Lillith looks about herself. She's in a room, alone as far as she can tell. Smoke clouds the air, and she can smell flames... but not large ones. Nothing was on fire as far as she could tell. It was probably just a simple candle. She stands up shakily and licks her dry full lips, her tongue then trailing over her fangs. She was hungry too... She needed to get out of here. Stumbling in her grogginess, she opens the door and stumbles outside, running into some random person.
(Someone could step in here and say I ran into them... >.< Sorry, I couldn't think of any other way to subtly insert myself into the story... If this is a bad way of doing it, tell me and I'll try to think of something else and repost.)
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn rushes up to Delue and takes him by the back of the neck, flinging him off the slayer. "What did I tell you?!* she yelled, slamming him against a nearby tree. "You attack the slayer not from the skills that I have taught you thus far, but from blind, love stricked rage! I warned you, that is the one thing NOT to do...!" She screamed at him, not mad, just frustrated. "Go now, take care of Eva..." said, turning her back to him and facing the slayer. "So, slayer, you wish to challenge us then? Darkenn is right...You take after your mother...I wonder if you shall be as fun to kill as she was....*Lorkyn sneered at the slayer with these last words and looked into her eyes, watching her anger boil and her frenzy come back...the fun was just about to start...
Pheonix389: ( It would be a good way except were in the middle off a forrest. You could say that you woke and rolled over to find yourself on a branch you felt a twang in ur neck as you caught yourself (why else would you be sleeping on a branch) but you fell on a woman just as she lunged at two others.)
Pheonix389: "Darkenn halted that as he commensed his atack. He grabbed lorkyn by the shoulder "That was you? Jesus Lorkyn i almost killed you!" Darkenn sighed her mother had taken caer of him after another slayer had tried to kill him, not knowing what he was. Annmaire had been only a child. Darkenn sighed, it was not as if lorkyn had done it willfully, she was probably just hungry not knowing that it would cause her daughter to become a slayer. Darkenn shook his head "Nevermind, lorkyn we cant kill her i have given prophecy, one i will tell you when I am sure we are in the presance of.....friends." ( If you guys dont like this you can disregard it just tell me and ill right a new one. I just thought this could be a way to bring annamarie into the 'fold'. Please tell me if it bothers you, especially if,annmarie, you dont like the way I wrote your story i now that might make me mad)
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: (Back! Sorry it took so long, I expected to return late saturday, but I didn't get home til' early this morning :)
As Eva choked and gagged, she collapsed to the ground, clasping her hands around her throat, as tears fell from the emptiness within her, she could feel herself losing all she was as she watched Delue fly from her to re-engaged in battle with the hunter, still she couldn't speak.
Closing her eyes, she suddenly felt herself healing, she felt the touch of another, It was Darkenn, he lay his hands upon her and healed her. He had saved her. She would be forever thankful. Still as she recovered, she rubbed her throat and called out,"Delue!!" she cried, trying to sit up, looking around for her Mistress, her eyes darted back to Darkenn,"Where is Lorkyn? Is my mistress alright?" she asked, as if worried for her, then awaited Delue's harsh return as she saw Darkenn and Lorkyn scold him and throw him from the hunter. She falls back upon the ground, trying to regain her strength....she was still quite weak it seemed.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie coughs and inches back against a tree, her fingers shifting to talons and hooking in the bark as she presses her back to it. Her eyelids droop and her teeth grind; her breath catches and whistles between her jaws.
When she looks up at Lorkyn her eyes are glittering green-gold, the color of fearful curiosity. She coughs again, tasting blood, holding the dragon-form back from her throat. "My mother?" she hisses. "I know how she died. She met a cottonmouth in the swamp and never made it out."
"Don't try me. Your other mother," snaps Lorkyn.
Annmarie's eyes widen. She had always known she had lost two sets of parents, the rural couple who had adopted her, and the nameless, raceless pair who had produced her. She had assumed herself the daughter of an exotic prostitute and an American mix, and that explanation had held, but for a persistent, eerily lifelike dream---war screams, a haze of red light, and arterial spray in her eye. She must have been little more than three.
Her lips peel back over triangular pointed fangs as she looks at Lorkyn, but she stifles them---the dragon-form promotes the frenzy, and she wants to act with her own mind. Her glance flickers toward Eva. "You are misinformed about any code. My new homeland gives slayers no law but extermination. But since you refrain from killing me, I will leave you be if there is some duty you must perform. I would not shoot the pig to be alone with the snake, so to speak."
Pheonix389: Darkenn cast out a hand calling annmarie to himself. Her throat came to him in a jerk. "Do not presume to judge. You are no better than me or any other vampire. You kill not because you know what this vampire or demon had done but because of what they are. The old covenant prevented the death of vampires under 500 because they knew it was wrong to harm anyone if they were innocent. They gave them time to have a reason to die. How many countless new vampires have you killed. Vampires that had no choice in becomeing what they were. Killed because they were prey. You despise me" Darkenn turned from the slayer and took lorkyn and delue (who helped eva) and walked away stil black as night.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Eva goes in and out of conciousness as Delue carries her off with Darkenn and Lorkyn close behind, the night casting shadowy figures around her, as her eyes glaze over, shutting them again and again in her weakened state,"Tell me everyone's alright" she whispers softly, asking Delue, then passes out once more in his arms......
Pheonix389: "She needs blood" Darkenn muttered "Or she isnt going to make it" He turned closing his eyes as his normal tone returned he sensed for the nearest human but it was annmarie and after that there was none for miles. Darkenn gritted his teeth. Waking eva he placed his wrist in front of her "Drink eva I will be okay, but you must stop when i tell you or we will both die." Darkenn clenched his stomach as he had been taught during torture (so they could give him more). He felt eva begin to drink...
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn eyed Darkenn...she knew he was not used to giving blood. His blood was pure, shared with only a choice few others, one of which was Lorkyn herself...He should have let her do it instead, it did not pain Lorkyn...but perhaps this was for the best, seeing as how Eva already had a great deal of Lorkyn's power, Darkenn would give her more through his blood, making her almost invincible...she knew what she had to do. "Delue!" She called. He looked at her and she motioned for him to follow her into the woods. *Delue...after Darkenn is through with Eva, she will be 5 times stronger than you, having power from both myself and Darkenn...I want you to be equal to her, I offer you the chance at pure immortality, my power, my blood...do you choose to drink or no?* She asked, hoping he chose soon so she could go after the slayer before the slayer came after them...
Pheonix389: "Are you sure its wise to go after the slayer even with eva and delue being as powerful as they are. i have the utmost confidance in them both but if delue looses his temper we could all die ( so to speak)" Darkenn sent to lorkyn "They are your pupils so it is your decition but wanted to know your thoghts"
Xion: Delue allowed Darkenn to take his beloved away from him, he gave her one last kiss before he surrendured her into Darkenn's strong arms,one of which she now drank from. he followed his second and now only mistress into the woods, and listened to her plea. he turned away from her, a little afraid, and then turned back to face her.
"Mistress, i would have this gift if you would give it, but i am afriad. i am scared that i will not be able to control this rage that has built inside of me. you see, when i was young, i was taken by the one who turned me. she was full of hatred, evil and malice. she killed both my parents, and took me captive when i was but a boy of five years. she made me her prisoner, teaching me to kill by human means, and always dangling my death before my eyes. the only reason i ever agreed to the dream of becoming a vampire was so that i would be as strong as she was. but she beat me so much that my temper has been affected greatly. the only thing that calms me is releasing it, until recently, that is. now Eva is a great source of calming, but i am still afraid. what is worse, my former mistress was the One Who Brings the End, as they called her in the Vampirial scripts. she hails from the planet Forzse. she is Demona, and i do not know if you know her, but she is pure evil. i drank from her blood, so i fear that her malice has passed into me." Delue looked to the ground ashamedly, and awaited his mistress's order.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie retraces her steps until she finds where she had stashed her pack. The team she had requested had not come, meaning Home had decided to leave her to her fate. She could teleport back, of course, but she had never yet left a world with her targets living. Home's decision is reasonable. Annmarie's cooperative hunt record is dismal; slayer mortality jumps to sixty percent on missions she partakes in.
She first unpacks her orange communicator and touches it to her dagger, which is still smeared with Lorkyn, Eva, and Delue's blood. "Signature," she whispers. Her device makes no sign, but it stores the vampires' life rhythms. Now she can track them, and if Home sends a stronger team after her, they will, too.
Next she pulls out a small, awkward canister, with holes in it like a pepper shaker. She dispenses a fine powder into her palm, forces her breath out, and sucks the dust in. One of her ribs feels broken from when Delue attacked her. She pulls up her coarse shirt to the reddenning bruise, wipes the dagger clean on her pants, and slits across the spot. The cut is shallow; her ribs are barely under her skin. She spreads the wound edges with one hand and perforates the swollen muscle, then shakes her canister over it and rubs the powder in, working it down toward the bones. She keeps a needle threaded with catgut accessible in her pack; the cut is stitched in a few minutes.
Her breathing is already improved. As she gently sucks in air, testing her ribs, a faint stench passes under her nose. She freezes, sniffing cautiously. It comes again, stronger, and she drags it deep, running it over her throat. Not rotting meat, though it did bring much the same reaction from her tongue and gut. Not quite a chemical smell, either. It stirs her frenzy, and she lets it out a little, now that the vampires are out of range. What did that black one say? Prophecy? The only way I could be valuable to him is if some greater evil would approach. And I may need his help in destroying it, whatever it is, if it is active.
I wonder where that code he mentioned could have come from. Some culture that abandoned hope of exterminating them.
As if I kill for pleasure. Sylvie---Dammit! I had no choice, she would have become an animal.
So hard to know, if they live or not.

She picks up her communicator again and reports, in case anyone bothers to listen. Unlikely. "I have a suspicious . . . smell. And a vampire said something about a prophecy . . . Somebody run a world-scan and look for fate lines. Is he crazy, or should I be concerned?" She puts the box away, then pulls it back out almost immediately. "And . . . run a check with my signature. Is it possible I was born here?" She wrinkles her nose and hurriedly tells the box, "Erase last message."
No one is listening. She climbs into the tree with her bag and wraps up in a plastic space-blanket she'd picked up somewhere, to wait for her side to heal, possibly sleep, and give the vampires some time to get comfortable before she goes after them again. Maybe I should 'port back, she realizes. If my amulet is unreliable---how could that amulet go off?---I'm risking getting stuck here in dragon-shape, and shot. Or worse, something small.
She sighs as her head drops back against a pair of branches. But really, who gives a crap? That she-vamp met my mother.
Pheonix389: Darkenn awaits lorkyns decicion. Only she could make it. ultimatly she was resposiable for the vampires and if sh thought them ready he would not question any further.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: As Eva came to, she gasped and choked on the blood Darkenn afforded her, her strength building quickly...
She looked up to Darkenn honorably and said quietly,"I owe you my life Master Darkenn, if it were not for you, my mistress....and my beloved, I would surely be resting with the earth" she says solemnly, then grabs Darkenns arm to stand, allowing herself a moment to regain herself once more.
She looks around quickly, scanning around them back and forth frantically now...,"Where?...where is the mistress? Delue? Are they alright?" she questioned, having been slightly delirious for a time after losing so much blood. She closed her eyes, and something she'd never felt before...something that must have come from Darkenn and Lorkyn....she could feel those around her. She could actually see where her mistress and Delue had gone, and watched as her mistress gave Delue her gift, as she had done so with her previously. Her face turned from worry to a faint smile and she nodded to Darkenn....,"It is right...for now" she said softly.
As Delue and Mistress Lorkyn re-emerged from the woodsy area, Delue's lips still stained with Lorkyn's blood, Eva ran to him and threw herself upon him, kissing him deeply, as if she hadn't seen him in ages...she was almost too happy to see him alright. The sweet, sharp taste of the blood still on his lips mingled between the two of them as they kissed,"Are you alright" she asks him in a whisper between kisses,"Things are going to be a bit different...I can feel it" she announces, then presses her forehead against his, still in his arms as he carries her back to where Lorkyn and Darkenn stand, embracing each other as well.
Pheonix389: Darkenn wraps his arm around lorkyn and kisses her deeply "things are indeed going to be different"
drk_angl_17: (aww...so sweet...no time to reply now. im going to go in depth on the giving of Lorkyn's blood to Delue later on today. Late for a meeting now tho...)
Xion: (ok so this is going to be a post after the one lorkyn is going to post later, ok?)
Delue smiled as brightly as he ever had when his beloved ran into his arms. he kissed her with as much love and passion as he had within him, and let out a long breath that he hadnt known he'd be holding in. he could feel every bit of Lorkyn's energy inside of him, pulsing, changing his genetic makeup, altering his power. he could even feel the slight trace of teh slayer, though thier short lived connection was severed. he scooped Eva up into his arms and his heart swelled as he looked into her eyes and recognized the pure love there for him. he walked to his master and mistress, and let Eva down. without hesitation, he bowed down before both Darkenn and Lorkyn, put his forehead to the ground, and recited the Ancient Bond to them both.
"I Delue of House and Covern Rik'ten, do pledge myself, my soul, and all of my life-days to thee, mistress Lorkyn of Covern Eternal, and Master Darkenn of Covern and House Fi'tan. take all of me, or kill me now."
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: "Delue...my pupil...there is much you must learn about me. Before i was reborn into the blood, I was a powerful sourceress...I know of your temper and when I allow you to partake of my power, my blood...I will take from you a great deal of your temper, allowing you to control both the power you have now and the ones I have yet to give you without snapping...Do you understand?" Lorkyn watched as Delue slowly nodded and closed his eyes, she sensed he was a bit scared. "Dont worry Delue, the is the exact opposite from pain...it wont hurt a bit, I promise" She whispered into his ear as she bent to his neck and slowly pierced his skin with her fangs. She felt him shudder a bit as she slowly drew his blood into her. Through his blood, Lorkyn caught visions of his past, she shuddered herself at the way he had been treated...then came the visions of Eva...his love for her would carry him far, she knew it...Deulue dropped to his knees, sighing with exctacy as Lorkyn pulled away. His eyes were half closed as she slit her own wrist and put it to his mouth, tellin him to drink. To comfort him, instead of him receiving sordid images of her own past, she controled it and sent him images of his beloved Eva...She also filtered the blood she gave back, keeping a great deal of his temper to herself, she could manage it better than he could. When Lorkyn had given all she could stand to give, she pulled her arm away from Delue. She bent close to his ear and whispered "I intentionally made you stronger than Eva...It is my custom that the male should have more strength over the female so as to protect her better" she weakly smiled at him. She had given him a bit more than she really should have...But he needed it and she would be fine after she fed again. Lorkyn walked a bit behind Delue as they left the shelter of the forest. She smiled as he and Eva fell into eachother's arms and let herself fall into the strong arms of Darkenn as he kissed her. She sighed into his ear. *I must go feed now...I am too weak for another confrontation with the slayer. After I feed, Im going after her again...* she said with an evil smile...
Xion: Delue closed his eyes for a moment to grow accustomed to the new feelings he had as he knelt on the ground. his master nad mistress told him solemnly to rise, and he did so, smiling wickedly as he looked around him. finally, he had a family, a real bond between other beings like himself. he belonged somewhere. and yet he still felt that there was something that could take that away. the slayer. and something....more as well. there was a presence as yet unseen and unidentified that lurked on this plane, and now, after Lorkyn's powerful transfusion, could he feel it. his senses were so strong now, he could feel the power inside of him, and the best part of the whole feeling was, he wasnt angry. the smoldering heat that used to infest his being before he had drank from Lorkyn's flesh was but a nearly unconscious effort to identify an enemy. Delue felt in control of himself and of his power. and he knew that he now possessed the knowledge of transforming into his most powerful state without becoming enraged, as he had had to before. he smiled wickedly once again, and snaped himself from his thoughts as he looked to his master and mistress eternal. "there is a small settlement of humans to the south of us, and a grange of deer grazing to the east. Mistress Lorkyn, i know you must feed, so if you do not want to chase down your meal, i would be more than happy to kill either of the two groups for you. the choice is yours, and master darkenns of course."
Pheonix389: "No, we dont have time the slayer approaches as we speak I feel her presance as I have since i fed on her mothers blood" Darkenn turned and looked seductivly at lorkyn "Take mine as I feed just befoer dawn, a wandering villager. Either way I will be fine as long as yuo take only as much as ou need." darkenn pulled the rada'han (a thin metal collar that he had been forced to wear to keep his magic at bay) from his neck and lowered himself to lorkyns level.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Bowing her head to Lorkyn and Darkenn, she waits as her mistress feeds from her love and smiles, leaning back against the tree she stands beside, taking in all that engulfs her very being. She felt a part of something, and she couldn't help but feel fulfilled....she had a Mistress...and a Master, and had found true love in her death. She knew this undead life was indeed more real and more complete than she'd ever felt as part of the living.
She smoothes her long, silken hair back, and looks over to Delue....she was so very proud of him...all he's accomplished in such the short time. All he's encountered, and still he dosen't give up...she was more than honored, that he was her soul. The very essence of what completed the puzzle. She never knew she could feel love as an undead....now she knows she can.
She gathered her wits about her after a few moments, feeling the surge of powers as they strengthened within her, being near her Mistress and Master also elevated that feeling...she knew the huntress was close again, her eyes darted towards Delue, then to Lorkyn and Darkenn...."It's time" she voiced, awaiting what she should do next....
Xion: Delue pulled Eva forcefully to his body, pressing her close to him, and kissed her passionately, deeply, adn loveingly.
"now we will be together for eternity, and beyond, my love." he felt all the love he had for Eva swell in his chest, and then the slayer was approaching rapidly. Lorkyn finished her revitalizing drink, and then Delue released Eva from his press against her, and flexed his arms, hands by his waste, flexing his new powers as well. he smiled and laughed wickedly as he did so. "let her come!"
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie stalks through the woods on foot, restless and uneasy. Part is the peculiar smell, and part is the echoes of her enemies' words.
Her side is very stiff, but less painful. The powder is already soothing the nerves in her bad rib, and the swelling is far smaller.
She has had dealings with vampires before, before she killed Sylvie. Since then she has seldom bothered to choose her targets, killing every vampire she found whether free-willed or not. These vampires seem---Fagh. They are free-willed. Any doubts are purely semantic.
She has never spared a vampire for personal reasons before, however. I suppose tonight sinks me another level. At least I have no reason to keep coming after them; I'm a fly to a pack of . . . well, beetles, I suppose. I hurt the young female badly, but vampires always seem to spring back, especially when they band together.
The problem is, I've proven myself a complete mad jackal, I want information, and I have nothing to offer them in return. Home won't even back me up on a threat.
And if they're murderers, I'll have to kill them anyway. Or Home will kill them, probably five years after the jackdaws get done with my bones.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn slowly pulled away from Darkenn, looking lovingly into his eyes and licking the remaining blood from her lips. She pressed her face close to his, letting her breath hit his lips before she kissed him. Suddenly, her head cocked to one side as if she heard something that the others did not. Her eyes shifted color from electric blue to black. She turned to the others and said "The slayer approaches indeed...but perhaps with new intentions...she has been stranded here by her kind...as much fun as it would be for me to kill her, I..we cannot. If she wanted us dead, she would have made more of an attempt than she had been...We should wait here for her and hear her out..." Lorkyn said with patience. What she did not tell them was the last of the thoughts she had gotten from the slayer: If she herself did not kill them, her kind would come after them...Lorkyn saw it as a challenge...kill one slayer...or wait and kill many...Her eyes flashed red as an evily seductive smile spread across her face...Perhaps Delue's anger would be to her advantage...
Pheonix389: Darkenn layed a calming hand on lorkyns shoulder. It had not hurt him to give blood to lorkyn as she was expirianced in drawing blood from immortals. As the two bite marks f=sealed he clasped the rada han once more around his neck
Pheonix389: (hey guys can i ask a favor. I ant get my pic to load so click on my scrren name and look at the pic i put on there so you know what im trying to preent my self as?)
SouthrnQT: (Nice, that's what's his name from queen of the damned isn't it? Excellent pic.)
Pheonix389: Yeah...lestat
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: "Truce," calls Annmarie as she glimpses the vampires through the trees. "I can't seem to kill you, and I know a good reason you shoudn't kill me, if I may explain it.
"My government sends out preemptive strikes against vampires it finds in other worlds, frankly paranoid that they could discover interworld transport and invade us. In this case, they would disrupt the whole magical fabric of this universe, killing off everything that isn't mortal. I've watched vampires die this way, and it seems a very painful death, like fish dying in a drought. When they suspect vampires have ways to escape them, they send slayers like me to catch them by surprise." She grimaces. "I had just finished one of those jobs when I ran into you, and decided to kill you while I could.
"You might find my terms rather patronizing, but it's the best I can offer. I can get you recognition as sentient beings. If I get a tissue sample from each of you, Home could block you from entering my universe, and would have no reason to hound you. You would never see our slayers again.
"In return, I want the matriarch," meaning Lorkyn, "to tell me everything she knows about that woman she killed. And I want all of you never to create another vampire. I would ask you never to kill humans, but there's no spell I can use to keep you from that.
"There is a spell that can keep you from propagating, and it can be here by tomorrow evening. I want you to submit to it. Otherwise, I'll tell Home that you're all a flight risk, and advise drastic measures. And they will listen to me, even if they don't bother to send me backup."
Pheonix389: "Just like they did before?" Darkenn circled the slayer " As for lorkyn telling you all she knows wel...that wont be much as i am the one who lived with her...and you...for almost a year, until the day when came..." Darkenn had a grave look on his face " I will tell you what you need to know...and by the way, do you stilll snort when you laugh because that was eall cute."
Xion: Delue smiled in mirth as his Master and Mistress went to work against the slayer, bending her will as they often did to mortals who meddled with them, Delue had come to find, and enclosed his beloved Eva from behind in his strong arms. he hugged her tightly, watching as the talking continued, and kissing her soft, beautiful neck lightly and whispering his love and devotion into her ear.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie stares at Darkenn, confused and shocked. "Both of you knew . . ." Her eyes narrow. My mother consorted with vampires? The thought pains her, though she no longer remembers the woman.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie stares at Darkenn, confused and shocked. "Both of you knew . . ." Her eyes narrow. My mother consorted with vampires? The thought pains her, though she no longer remembers the woman.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie stares at Darkenn, confused and shocked. "Both of you knew . . ." Her eyes narrow. My mother consorted with vampires? The thought pains her, though she no longer remembers the woman.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Computer is a little freaky.
Pheonix389: (all good) Darkenn cocked his hed "yes child havnt you been listening we both knew her" he let out an exsaperated sigh.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: She bites back her annoyance. "The ideas did not connect." She eyes him suspiciously. "You're not my father, are you? Or did your friend kill him, as well?"
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: "Yes...we both knew her..." Lorkyn said with a smile as she slowly turned her attention to Darkenn. "I will not give you this tissue sample which you have asked for...Perhaps I see it as a challenge to defeat your slayers? Keeps me occupid throughout the centuries...."she said with an evil grin. "I will tell you all you wish of me however, just to prove that I am not the heartless being your kind has stereotyped me as. And, in all 2000 years of my existance, I have made ONLY ONE other like me...I merely help those unfortunate enough to stumble across this curse...if I deem the worthy enough..."She added with a quick glance back at Eva and Delue... "You were such a good little girl though...your mother done well in raising you...what few years she had with you...and if you must know...It was I that killed your mother..." she finished, trying to hide her mother's past from her. "And yes, your mother associated with vampires...she was a slayer to you know...one of few that i respected...a sad fate when the hunter turns into that which she hunts...is it not?" She said with a sly smile as she turned and looked at Darkenn with a seductive smile and kissed him passionately. "Well...this temper of Delue's serves me well..." she thought to herself with an evil laugh...
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Eva pressed back against Delue's touch, letting him nuzzle into her neck as he pressed against her back. She smiled warmly, standing by and listening as her Master and Mistress continued thier conversations. She turned her head slightly, looking up at Delue,"So, do you think this Huntress will become an allie?" she asked him, wiggling her bottom against him playfully as she chuckles,"I believe that Lorkyn and Darkenn could sway this huntress...I have faith in them indeed" she says with a confident nod, then turns her head once more to continue listening, enjoying the safeness Delue has instilled in her for now....
Pheonix389: Darkenns head snapped to the side "What do you mean by she became what she hunted?" he sent to her telepathically. His head returned to annmarie. "As for being your father....I dont know. There was a time just before you were born when all magic was wiped from the earth causing all immortals to become human again. This was painful and your mother found me in a crumpled heap. She took me in and we.....fell in love" Darkenn looked at lorkyn wincing a little but he had not known her yet "Anyways it only lasted a week but yes I could be your father...It would explain your strength and many other things" Darkenn shifted his weight
Pheonix389: .....................
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Dammit. That's not necessarily true, but it would explain how I picked up the dragon-form so easily from my amulet. She is pleased to hear that her mother didn't kill vampires wantonly, like a schoolboy counting how many cats he can hit with rocks.
The implication of his other words strikes her suddenly. Home would not be able to kill vampires on this world by the usual methods, if Darkenn had already survived such an event. They would have to send troops.
"It would be . . . it'd be bad for all of us if you don't give me the tissue samples," she says, turning toward Lorkyn--she has been careful to stay several yards away from all the vampires. "All it would do is keep you out of my universe. If I don't get them, Home will do what it can to take them by force or kill you. They're persistent. I don't want slayers' lives wasted, and even you woudn't want a war. I hope.
"If there's anything I can do for you to get the sample, name it."
Pheonix389: "There is something I want. I want to know if you are my daughter." I will give you anything you want,im not saying i can influance my love, but i can give you my own sample.
Pheonix389: .......................
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie's lip shudders involuntarily, but it would be useful to know. "How would you do that?" she asks, holding her voice level.
Pheonix389: A simple emblickle spell we both put a drop of blood into an infusion of mugwort, if it turns blue you are my daughter green and well your not." Darkenn wondered what shed say.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: "Rightey. You wouldn't happen to carry some with you? I'll have to leave my blood on a leaf so you can get it--if you come too close you could set off my frenzy."
"You're willing?"
She grins a bit toothily, and her eyes are shading into yellow. "I'm eager."
Pheonix389: Darkenn conjured a small fire and placed a metal bowl on top of it alowing air to support it so the fire would not go out. he pulled a pouch of herbs from his pocket and added them to the water hed poured in from another pouch. The herbs made a small explosion and when the smoke had cleared he slit his wrist pouring a smll ammount of blood in. "Your turn he said wringing his hands and holding lorkyn close scared for the first time in his life
Pheonix389: .....................................
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: [Shall I flip a coin?]
"Back off a few paces," Annmarie warns the group. He conjures fire. Handy. Good to know. They move away from the fire, and she nicks the top of one forearm with her dagger and presses out a tiny hemisphere of blood. She scoops it up with the knife blade and dips it in the liquid.
Blue. A dull, herbal, yet unmistakeable blue.
Annmarie's lip slides back away from dragon fangs and her throat rings like iron over gravel, but only for a moment. Her eyes glint, but they are so narrowed whatever color they are now is hidden. Her heart races, then slows to a stalking creep. She turns to Darkenn. "Do not think I can abandon my purpose. I will defend mortals first, forever.
"A small patch of skin, fingertip sized. Wrap it in a leaf and throw it to me."
Pheonix389: Darkenn Almost cried all this time he had had a daughter and had never known. True to his word he sliced a patch of skin from his arm and rolled it in a leaf. He let the wound bleed feling that he deserved the pain and would "Here" He said tossing it to her
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Standing back in awe as the events unfold, Eva wonders what will happen now? Is this huntress our allie now that she's found that her father is one of us? or will she still insist on killing us all?
She turns to Delue and snuggles against him, laying her head on his chest,"It seems we may have a newcomer in our party" she says with a giggle,"Though I'd rather have her as an allie, than an enemy, that's for certain" she whispers to him, wrapping her arms around him lovingly, trying to relax for the time being.....
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie can't catch Eva's words, but the whisper rankles her. Gloating. "Can it," she snaps. She picks up Darkenn's skin between two twigs and wraps it in the grease-cloth she keeps in her pocket for matches, then looks over at him, at his still-bleeding wound. "What's the matter with you? Tie it in something." With a stick, she upends the pot of mugwort over the conjured fire, then stamps out the flames that escaped the drenching.
"So, then," she says as she tamps down the ash, "I can't call you elder male, elder female, he-vampling and she-vampling." A thought crosses her. "What do you think of the other vampires? There must be others living here; are they honorable or no?"
Pheonix389: "No," adrkenn said quietly "We are the only vmpires left who will not kill or hurt for pleasure..so go. Go kill them before I do" Darkenns voice was shakey quiet and horse as though he could barely get it out through the racking sobs that longed to come out "Leave us be" Darkenn sunk to his knees looking out staring blankly as if in a trance.
Pheonix389: .............................
Pheonix389: ..................................................
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie cocks her head and smiles. "Really? I see we will have a fruitful alliance. Once I fix my amulet; it's been buggy since . . . the elder female interfered with it."
She has brought her bag with her, and now pulls out her orange rubber brick. She presses its steel prongs to her hand and directs it: "Back-signature, three days," then touches the prongs to a loop of soft leather around her neck. Hidden under her shirt is a pouch with a spelled stone, the shapeshifting spell. Nothing visible happens, but Annmarie nods and puts the brick back in her bag. "Now, whether I can trust you to execute your own kind . . . I'll find out. How many would you say exist? a few handfuls or . . . or whole peoples?"
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: [Disregard the first quote. Apparently I forgot how to read. Instead, she begins, "Pity. We could have had a fruitful alliance."]
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: (damn i missed alot lol)
Lorkyn stares at the slayer. Without looking, she slices a piece of her skin off, wraps it in a leaf and tosses it at her. *There are too many to count, most hunt us* she said to her. *And, a nice piece of information...Your mother still walks the earth...Im suprised your paths have not crossed yet...I brought her over several years back....* she turns to Darkenn *Having known what I know now, I never would have done such...* she whispered with a slight blood tear rising in her eye. She silently walks off into the dark of the woods...
Pheonix389: Darkenn sighed and looked at the slayer "Hey if your not in to big a rush to do kill or get killed stick around..." darkenn siezed lorkyn by the shoulder "Its not your fault, you diddnt know. As for her I wish I dont care shes alive. The night You attacked she betrayed me" Darkenns voice caught in his throat but he swallowed it down barely keeping the blood in his eyes "She betrayed me..i no longer love her and although she was a good person and i wish her the best I am with you now. Nothing else matters. Now if youll come with me I do believe we could have some fun with this slayer as our allie. We could do what we wanted 300 years ago and hunt down all the souless vampires and kill them. We can make knew ones bringing them into our ways the ways we have taught eva and delue." darkenn walked towards the others holding lorkyns hand.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: "I see," remarks Annmarie. She ignores what Darkenn had said about her mother; it doesn't matter yet. Only the task at hand . . . "We may have serious disagreements in the future, if you insist on 'making new ones,' but why divide over that now? I suppose the first thing to do is find an unsuspecting cluster of vamps, or attract them. You understand these creatures as I cannot; let's get to business."
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn looked into Darkenn's eyes and smiled then kissed him passionately, rather playfully at the end. She began running off...*My love, allow me to attract the frist group...You know they all shall follow me...much the same as you did...*she said winking at him. *Besides, you know I love the teasing...*she smiled seductively then waved as she took flight, heading for the city,she knew just where to go...
Pheonix389: darkenn licked his fangs as lorkyn took flight. "so annmarie if I may call you that...care to fill your...father... in on your life?"
Xion: (sorry guys, i got in a really bad car accident and i have been in the hospital, but im ok now!)
Delue looked down at Eva's head in astonishment at what had just transpired. an enemy made into an ally, a sworn oath to kill thier own kind, no matter how compassionate, and a role model and master reduced to tears and shock. Delue couldnt believe it. as he watched Lorkyn fly off, he turned Eva to face him.
"my darling, i am with you, now nad forever. we have learned much from these two, but it seems that they have taken on a new mission. i leave our fate in your hands, my love. will we join them or find our own lives elsewhere?" Delue's eyes twinkled as he waited for her answer, pure love pouring into her from his very soul.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: She sits down in the leaves, watching him, and glancing at Eva and Delue. "It has been complicated," she begins. "I was adopted as a small child. My mother died when I was six, and that year my father and I went on a boat . . . some kind of . . . I think it was a Disney Cruise. He wanted to make me happy again."
She picks up a twig and starts peeling it. "The boat hit a storm, went down. It must have been all over the news. Pa and I were in a lifeboat, and we . . . must've hit a portal there, out on the water. We hit shore, and the islanders all dressed like they came from fourteenth century Czechoslovakia. They had magic things, dragons . . . the technology's all basic, except for the military.
"The State took us all in, the ones from the lifeboat, and the year after that Pa died of something, cholera, I think. I got drafted into the Orphan Corps--Wards of the Queen, it's called, but it's really a child army. I had my amulet by then--I'd found it on a skeleton in the woods--and they put me with the otherworld slayers, since I was otherworld myself.
"Quihashemquar's so terrified of its own vampire problem--ours have a principality on their own island--that they want to destroy all the vampires in every world that joins onto theirs. Don't want any inter-reality undead alliances.
"I've been traveling all over, touching back to base every week or so. They send me in when the vampires are wise to the portals. I've got the dragon frenzy now from overusing my amulet, so I make a good sniffer."
She leans back on her hands, looking for stars in the cracks between the clouds.
"I don't snort when I laugh. I hiss now--it's the dragonform, it keeps slipping in.
"What's your life? And your name, I haven't caught it. How old are you?"
Pheonix389: (Wow IM glad ur ok) My life was simple I was born In a small town. My famil was murdered by a vampire and he made me watch..then he turned me so I could live alone in a world of agony." Darkenn could tell the way delue was feeling "Bite your tounge delue you would be in the same state as I" He turned back to annmarie "That was three thousand years ago." I went on living, finding happiness where i could. I found your mother and loved her..before she betrayed me and I found lorkyn but in a rage to protect her i was captured by the egyptons for nearly three hundred years..."
Pheonix389: ......................
o o
Pheonix389: blah blah blah blah blah
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: "Three thousand--you must have seen the Colossus at Rhodes," Annmarie remarks. And I am a fruit fly next to him. What's he playing me for? We both want to kill a lot of vampires, but as for whatever else he's after, I wish he'd be up front about it. Probably wants me off my guard so he can . . . do something problematic. With his beloved Lorkyn.
She keeps her face quiet, she has no reason to fear him yet. "Could ships really pass between the statue's legs?"
Pheonix389: "If I had to guess more than one by the looks of it but the eye can play tricks on the mind...the mind can also play tricks on itself." Darkenn looked at his daughter "If I had intended anything harm or otherwise i would have done it the moment u sat down, Id appriciate it if you wouldnt assume the worst of me because im not as bad as you might think"
Pheonix389: "My family was murdured and I was changed into this not by cghoice but out of pure cruelty, cruelty which has turned out to be a gift" he said thinking of lorkyn at the last
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn slowly descended in front of a group of rogue vampires in front of a rave/goth club. All eyes averted to her, their curiosity perked. Lorkyn seductively walked to the center of the group and looked around at them. She took her hand and delicately grasped the chin of one of the male vamps nearest her. She looked into his eyes and smiled. *Wanna play?* she teased them all, sending messages and erotic images to them through their minds. When their minds were clouded with nothing but her, she took flight, tempting them to follow her...she would lead them back to Darkenn...then the real fun could begin...
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: (I'm so sorry to hear about your accident! *big hugs* I hope you're feeling better)
Eva looks up to Delue, confusion in her eyes as she looks back to Darkenn and the slayer, then to Lorkyn as she flies off, then back to her beloved and shakes her head,"Have you not been listening my love? they aren't going to kill off our kind in vain, merely the ones that even hunt us, which we would kill anyway....they are the enemy either way....and if we can form some kind of alliance with the slayer, it would ensure our survival...." she explains wrapping her arms around him and squeezing him, laying her head on his chest,"I don't wish to leave our Mistress, she's been like a mother to me, and a true and protecting leader....and although the thought of living out our years embraced in each other, away somewhere, alone...to indulge in our deepest, darkest fantasies....right now we are needed here" she says softly,"If we wish to indulge, we could always fly away for a day or two" she says with a giggle, tickling his ribs, then leans back and tip-toes up to kiss his lips gently,"We are part of a family Dear Delue, our place is here, with Master Darkenn and Mistress Lorkyn, and this slayer" she sighs,"If things go arye, we will find a way to leave out on our own, but until then, we must stick beside our mentors" she insists.....
Xion: "ah, my love, you are always the voice of wisdom in times of uncertainty. what would i do without you?" Delue smiles and kisses her again, holding her close to his body as he does. "yes, you are right. we will stay with Darkenn and Lorkyn, i have, after all, sworn the deepest of oaths to them. i was only trying to reassure you that i am completely devoted to you, my darling. anything you want, i will give it to you. anything." he looked her in the eyes with the promise, although he knew that some things he couldnt give her. he huggedd her again, then turned to Darkenn and the slayer. "well, master, i suggest that we make ready. mistress lorkyn is bound to be nearby by now."
Pheonix389: Darkenn stood and nodded "Yes, I sense her near as a matter of fact" Darkenns Agiel whipped into his hand. The agiel was a weapon of awsome magic. It belonged to the mordsith, ruthless torterers. The agiel was a thin red leather rod that was about a foot long it broght great pain not only to those who touched it but to those who were caught in its way. A touch to the heart and a flick of the wrist could stop a heart, a jam to the inside of the ear could cause immeasurable damage if the person movedbut the worst of all was to the base of the skull...Anywhere else merely felt like being struck with lightning. Not to mention the fact that if he so chose he could draw blood, cause blood filled blisters or have no blood at all. Either was it caused pain. Darkenn was prepared for a fight.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Eva let her hand run down the back of Delues body as he turned to talk to Master Darken. An wicked little grin graced her face as she looked at him, then winked at him playfully before leaning towards his ear,"That's not the only reason you like me around my love" she purred, then chuckled, before attaining a more serious face, she too sensed her mistresses return, and she had company...she could smell thier death....
Pheonix389: When Lorkyn landed darkenn immidiatly began to dance with death. It was in his eyes. By the time the others had killed one he had killed three but thee were hundreds, he had barely made a dent...he needed their help and he was glad to have it.!
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn stood and smiled as she wathced Darkenn fight. Then, she began to move, swaying to and fro...a circle of male vampires closed in around her, in a trance. She raised her septor and muttered a few words. Tendrils shot forth from the orb of her septor and into the bodies of all the male rougues around her. A sphere shot out of her septor and levitated over her head. Tendrils shot down into her veins. She let her head roll back as she began to levitate over their heads. Her arms fell back in pleasure as the tendrils inside the males began filling with blood, carrying it all to Lorkyn's veins. After all the hearts stopped pumping, the tendrils jerked out of their bodies, letting them all fall one by one and went back inside the septor. Lorkyn slowly raised her head and opened her eyes as her feet touched the ground. Her eyes were clouded red with so much blood. She smiled as she looked at the 20 lifeless bodies around her. Then, she looked up, more vamps were comming, by the dozens. Two furious females lunged at her, one on each side. She stuck her hands up in their paths jsut before they hit her and immediately, flames consumed them from the inside out as they screamed. She hadnt had this much fun in centuries. She turned to see if the slayer were having her share of fun...
Xion: Delue laughed seductively to his lover, then reasureed her that there would be plenty of time for that...and soon, or so he hoped. he turend then to face the hudnred or so vamps that had all swarmed in around Lorkyn. "this will be fun," Delue thought to himself. with his new calm, he found that he could control his urges to feed, to fight, and to kill. he strolled up to two of the females and slammed them in teh throats with both of his fists, crushing their laryxs. then he summoned the iron out of the dirt in the ground, with Lorkyn's given powers and, while the two were dazed, formed a saber out of it. he grabbed the blunt end with his rigth hand and sliced thier heads off, turning them instantly to ash. he took flight and chopped and decapitated as he would, killing tens of the soulless ones. finally, he reached a group of twelve males, alpha males, from the looks of them, and they were pissed. he transformed quickly and controlledly, to his own surprise. he stood ten feet tall, all black, with blood red lips and huge fangs. his wings extended from his shoulders, and his muscles buldged. tehn the real fun began.
Pheonix389: darkenn ripped into more of them fillin ghimself with their bllod. It pumped through him as he killed more of them. He mist have killed at least a hundred by now. Watching lorkyn he pickede up a few of her tricks. He lifted his arm seductivly his mouth open. He wisted his arm in a sudden jerky movement and the two females that came for him stopped in their tracks unable to move for the pain. They screamed like a thoudsand deaths. Even after they had crumpled to the floor and he had moved on they screamed. Every time he killed one a ripple of utter and pure darkness passed over them like the keeper himself had come to collect his own. When delue noticed that they did not stop screaming he questioned darkenn as to when they would die. Darkenn replied "they are already dead it is their souls in the underworld that are screaming. Darkenn smiled evilly.
Pheonix389: "Never get on my bad side delue" Darkenn smiled altghough he was dead serious (sorry my comp is a pos)
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn began to walk off into the woods, leaving her lover, pupils, and the slayer behind. About 100 of the rogue vampires immediately followed her. She quickly turned on them and uttered a spell with her septor extended. Before any of them could run, or attack her, they were emersed within a glowing blue orb. They looked about them in amazement, in awe. The were smiling, thinking it was all fun and games. They began to levitate and laugh...Lorkyn smiled at them, letting them believe she was just messing with them. Then her eyes blazed red and her smile turned evil as the orb changed colors to blood red pulsing with an outter black orb around it. The orb began to exand, getting bigger and bigger...then it stopped and began shrinking as fast as the human eye could blink. All the vampire winked out of existance for a few seconds, then Lorkyn banged her septor down on the ground and the orb reappeared with them all inside...and shattered, shattering their bodies, blood flying everywhere, limbs flying up into the trees. Lorkyn smiled and gave and evil laugh. She walked out of the woods, eyes still red, covered in blood, hair all sticky with it, and went to Darkenn. She walked to him seductively and made him look at her, forget about fighting for a while. She kissed him deeply, biting her tongue as she did so to give him the pleasure of her blood, liquid fire...she pulled back and grinned as she seen his expression, he was lost for the moment. Then she disapeared, off to fight more, leaving the poor Darkenn dazed and confused....

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