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Roleplay - A Vampiristic Melody by Anduin Evenstar / Crimsonpathways

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Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie circles, flashing in and out of her many winged forms to herd the vampires toward her allies, keep them off-balance, and give the stragglers no chance to rest. If she stopped moving to kill them herself, they could mob her and tear her apart.
She feels a fierce joy, not at the killing--vampires disgust her, and her wakened frenzy seems to smother her soul--but at the long-unused skill of dispatching undead hordes. She hasn't fought vampires cooperatively since Home had disbanded her close team of orphan slayers, and sent them each out alone to cover more worlds.
The frenzy pulses with each vampire's thoughts; she could almost read them, if she cared to concentrate so hard. Though they often maneuver faster than her, and do not clump like sheep, she keeps them packed, milling in a circle against the ground that lets a few at a time peel off to meet Darkenn, Lorkyn, Eva, and Delue.
She watches them carefully, in the back of her mind. While they killed vampires for her, the frenzy would work with them, but when--if--they whittle the undead flock entirely, she will have to get herself away from them and bring her frenzy back under control.
She notices something odd. There is a very slight difference between her allies and the vampires, a variation in magical composition that the frenzy acknowledges, but shuffles aside as irrelevant. There are a few in the mob like her friends, but very few. The magical implosion of their deaths is different--something escapes that is absent in the majority of the vampires--and when they twist in middair, their thoughts are more complex.
More vampires are arriving, but slowly: a cluster of high-flyers who soon change direction and circle above the battle. Annmarie is in dragon-form when she notices them, and bellows an iron-sheet grind as a warning before flashing back to a smaller form.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: [That last post was supposed to be before Lorkyn's.]
Xion: Delue looked to teh sky as he finished off the last of the twelve Alpha males who had come against him. he was still in his beastial form, and as he looked, he saw annemarie switch from Dragon to winged feathered creature and back and forth again. she was doing an immaculate job of herding all of the little idiot vampires into the death cyclone. only a few tens, maybe fifty in all, vampires remained from this group, and as Delue went thorugh the group and methodically killed more and more of them, lowering that number again and again, he began to realize that this might very well be the thing that he did for the rest of his lfe, huntingand killing vamps. he loved it.
Pheonix389: AS darkenn was killing vampires by the dozens he looked through the crowd keeping an eye on his beloved and their pupils. just as he spotted lorkyn she moved aside revealing something he thought impossible. The man he had hated most in this world stood in the thongs grinning evily to him. His maker stood grinning evily. When Dareknn spotted Marien he gasped and immediatly unleashed a bolt of lightning from his arm. It took a great deal energy from him but he sighed in relief but he had dalied a moment to long. One of the more powerful alpha vampires sent him flying into a tree branch...it went straight through his middle. he knew that his maker had known what would happen and had known darkenn would kill him, that is how much they hated each othe. enough to die to isure the other could. darkenn watched as the others fought, he then looked dow at the bloody branch that stuck through him. He couldn feel it but he knew it was there. the agiel fell from his wrist.(I might not be here for a couple days so dont done thing i will need to reply to)
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: With a pain-ripping scream, Eva held her arms out to her side, closed her eyes and let the vibrations from her scream pierce through those who attacked her, thier bodies imploding rhythmically, blood spewing and spattering all around her as thier remaining parts fell body-less upon the ground.
She took in a deep breath, then opened her eyes, smearing her face with her hand, then wiping it onto her lips so she could lick her lips clean,"Mmmm..." she said seductively, looking towards a few others as they approached her, thier eyes full of rage and hatred, yet confusingly admiring what she'd done. Thier approach was slow, and kept. She remembered how Lorkynhad taught her to manipulate fire, how to own it...she could feel the new powers Darkenn and Lorkyn had given to her building from within, like a raging water held by a dam. And as if she couldn't hold back any longer, her eyes turned completely blood red, she raised her arms and opened her mouth as flames shot from her, scorching those that dared challenge her. As she was scorching the last of the group she had set her sights on, a female vampire swiftly moved behind her and harpooned her with some sort of metal bar. The bar barely missed her heart as she fell to the side, her agony rumbling the ground beneath her. She turned to see whom had sealed thier fate, and saw the girl backing away frantically...she looked as if she were newly made, not a vampire for long it seemed....The young girl watched as Eva pulled the bar from herself and stood once again, making her way to her like predator to it's prey, then jumped quickly towards her and grabbed her by the throat, holding her up pinned against a tree helplessly,"You'll pay for that..." she growled, and as the words left her lips, she leaned over and kissed the girl passionately, then leaned back and smiled as she tore her throat from her, watching her limp body fall to the ground, then turn to ash......She looked over to Delue and smiled a wicked grin, watching as he fought, admiring him for a moment, letting the tingling sensations of him pass through her, then she went on to find more enemies to crush....
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: (Im going to bring another vamp into play here, may no last long tho)
Lorkyn screamed, her heart jerked in her chest, like she had been stabbed. She looked around and saw a tall, dominant looking male vampire. An ancient. He turned and looked into her eyes. Through his eyes, she got visions that crippled her, sent her to her knees. This was Darkenn's maker, his tormentor for so many centuries...Lorkyn was furious. A thought crossed her mind...*He is an ancient, her pupils were not ready to fight someone so strong...he would go after them* as if he read her thoughts, he lunged for Delue. Lorkyn leaped in front of Delue and took the hit from Marien, falling to the ground. She was up in an instant. Lorkyn knew she could not fight Marien by herself, not if she wanted to help save Darkenn as well. Lorkyn shot up into the air, arms fylying open, head dropping back, eyes wided open as if she were in immeasurable pain. Her septor shot an orb of an eerie red color around her, making her levitate higher and higher into the air. The orb turned black, blocking out sight from anyone that was watching, but before all was blocked, you could see the form of Lorkyn splitting apart, as if a double image were being made. The orb turned completely black with red streaks pulsing through it. Inside, an ear splitting scream could be heard which turned to two different screams at the end. The orb shattered and two females fell to the earth. Lorkyn stood and rushed back into the fight to find Marien, leaving Miravelle, her alter ego, so to speak, standing there in marvel. She had been unleashed again. She was Lorkyn's other half...the pure fighting half. She had very little magic of her own, she dealt mainly with her physical strength and her swords. The ultimate killer with Lorkyn at her side, Marien didnt have a chance. Time to play....
Lorkyn rushed up behind Marien, catching him off gaurd, she plunger her hand through his chest and squeezed his heart, not enough to kill him, just to play. He turned on her quickly and slapped her so hard she flew into a tree 10feet away. Miravelle smiled and flew at him, swords blazing with blue fire and slashed his right hand off, the one that had slapped Lorkyn. She plunged her sword through his chest, but before she had time to reach his heart, he flew back and took her sword and stabbed her with it through the stomach...she smiled at him, all fighting stopped and watched them. She placed her hands at the hilt of the sword, smiling at him, she inched herself closer to him on the sword, when she was nose to nose with him, she took the end of the sword from his hand, stepped back and pulled it out. while he was awe struck watching her, Lorkyn had crept up behind him and sent a blast of the fire gift to him, penetrating his heart first. He opened his mouth to scream, but all that came out was red flames that quickly turned black, the color of his heart. Within minutes, his whole body was nothing but a pile of ashes on the ground which Lorkyn spit on. Lorkyn then raced back to Darkenn and gently pulled the branch from him, the wound was having trouble healing. She formed a bight blue orb around him with her septor and took flight with him, off to a secluded place where she would help him recover. She knew that Delue and Eva would be fine with Miravelle. They needed more teachings anyway. They had learned all the magic they needed for now, they must learn physical strength and fighting better from Miravelle.
(while Darkenn is gone, so is Lorkyn...have fun with Miravelle, she can teach you a lot;))
drk_angl_17 / Miravelle: Miravelle bowed to Lorkyn as her and Darkenn both took flight, away from all this chaotic fighting. She then turned to the remaing rougues, maybe 50 in all. She stepped to the middle of them all, no one had resumed fighting yet, they were still in awe of what had happend. She went to the closet male vamp and put her body up next to his, when he leaned in and tried to kiss her, she stepped back, drew her sword, and cut his head off. All this took place within 10 seconds. The fighting began again. Miravelle drew both her long swords out and began slashing vamps heads off left and right, turning backflips, sommersaults and all. Finally, there was only one vamp left. She drew her daggger out and walked over to him, he had accept his fate and kneeled down to her, eyes looking up at her in respect. She gave an evil grin at him and plunged the dagger deep into his chest, withdrawing his heart, he fell over dead as she put his heart to her mouth, still bleeding, and began to suck all the blood out of it. When she was finished, she turned to the silent Eva and Delue. She walked over to them, swords in her hands thrown over her shoulders, hips swinging like a badass...She stepped up to them and gave a gracious bow. *So, you are the newest pupils of Lorkyn...You have all the services that I have to offer...* she layed her swords down at their feet and stood, looking at them. Her head suddenly cocked to one side. She made a lunge, picked up her swords and took flight. There was a slayer in their midst...she would not let this slayer harm Lorkyn's pupils...
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: The vampires are dead--all but the handfull that had circled high over the fight, and by now have disappeared farther than Annmarie can sense them--and she wavers in the air, torn between finishing the remaining undead, her allies, and leaving to bring her frenzy under control so she can approach them safely. As Miravelle approaches, the frenzy flares up at her, but it knows she could never take Lorkyn's half alone.
Annmarie turns and climbs, then shifts to human to call out to Eva and Delue. "She--killer--stop--kill--help," she shouts, torn between trying to incite a fight between Miravelle and the others, and getting them to explain Annmarie's presence. Annmarie shifts to bat and ducks under the treetops, hoping to out-maneuver Miravelle when she draws close.
Pheonix389: "You better tell miravelle to back off my daughter or my daughter will be dead." Darkenn mumbled deliriously.He couldnt understand how marien could be alive darkenn had killed him centuries ago. For now though darkenn just stumbled along supported by lorkyn.(Still not back for sure guys i just had a chnce to rp so i took it)
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: "Wait!!!" Eva cries out, trying to compose herself after all the killing and masacre they've created. She runs up to Miravelle and rests her hand on her shoulder,"She's Darkenns daughter....she's an allie" she explains to her quietly, then nods her head as Miravelle turns to her in surprise,"Yes, it's true...she's not here for us, only for the others..." she adds, then looks up into the trees after Annmarie and smiles,"It's alright...it's safe" she calls up to her, then looks back at Delue and blows him a kiss, winking at him teasingly, always enjoying watching him get all 'beefy' and manly when he fights...it's quite sexy,"I love it when you get that way" she says to him as she walks back towards him, grabbing the front of his shirt and pulling him towards her, quenching the need for his lips as she kisses him forcefully, then pushes away with a smile,"We need to find Lorkyn and Darkenn" she states boldly,"But first, I think we all need to devise a plan, and tend to our wounds" she finishes, running her hand over the slight hole directly below her heart where the metal pole stuck through her,"I look like hell" she says with a giggle, hoping it will heal itself soon...they've got much to do still.....
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: "Safe," comes Eva's voice.
MASSACRE THEM!! roars the fear-frenzy. Annmarie drops, turns, and flutters through the mid-level wood space toward her allies. She feels her control slipping, and locates a shift she'd picked up months ago, in a world far different than this one. She pulls the memory into her mind, and transforms.
The new form is wingless, faintly humanoid, and so agile that it twists through the bracken as it falls and lands without a scratch. It has a complex, savage killing instinct, and, more important to her now, an equally complex survival drive, stronger than the frenzy. In this form, she will not chase after undead she cannot kill.
The creature prowls in circles, disoriented and cold, dancing on its padded bird-feet and flexing its curious double mouthparts. It soon stops circling and stoops into a tight crouch, shuddering and curling its tail about its bony limbs. Slime flows down its umber skin onto the damp leaves, and steam curls over its long head. Within it, Annmarie feels the frenzy's urgency subside, then gathers her thoughts to shift back to human.
Back in her own skin, she stands unsteadily, still shivering. The creature was ill adapted for cold, and its hypothermia had carried over to her. She walks back toward the vampires, pumping her arms and stomping. Her own body is little better for cold, but now she has a coat on.
"A few didn't come," she calls as she approaches. "They stayed about a thousand feet above the fight and watched, then they left."
Xion: Delue gasped heavily as the last of the vampires was killed by Miravelle. his heavily muscled chest, exposed because of the ripping throw down free for all he had had with the alpha males, heaved with his inhalations. his beloved stole a kiss and then another, more passionate one, and immediately he felt better. he spied the hole in her chest and his heart sunk for a moment. Eva tried to walk away but Delue caught her shoulder and touched it with his right hand, focusing his energy on it, and speeding the healing process. as he touched her soft skin, he remembered in full detail how scared he was of losing her. if she had died, Delue would...he didnt know what he'd do. surely he would die of a broken heart and an unsound mind. Eva had become his everything, his goddess, his reason for being. this flashed across his face as he caressed Eva's cheeck with his blood spattered and callouse-rough thumb, and they embraced as he let his pure loving emotion pour over her as he enwraped her in his arms. then he turend to Miravelle.
"i am pleased to be under your toutelage. i know a good deal about armed combat, but i love to learn more, and i am honored that you would take me as a pupil." Delue bowed and then searched out annmarie . when he found her, he threw a spew of flame at the ground, forming a small bonfire, and motioned her to it for warmth. then he returned his loving gaze to Eva. "yes, darling, you are rigth. we need to regroup and find mistress Lorkyn and master Darkenn. we have planning to do, if we are to truly go on this crusade of killing the truly Soulless." he kissed her passionately, letting his true and complete love wash her like a bath as he did so, and then moved to fly toward the direction he believed tat lorkyn and darkenn had gone.
Xion: (if any of you are interested in making new characters to join the "The Darkening" RP, we are gathering an army of Hardingers (you'll have to read my last three posts on that RP) together to mass an army. need new people to fill some spots)
Pheonix389: (Stupid fuck heads comeing in here and interupting the story) Darkenn clutched at the hole in his middle keeping everything from spilling out. What he could not understand was why it was not healing. He supposed that it was just a large wound that would take time to heal, not more than a few hours or so he expected.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn guided Darkenn to an empty cave and lay him down gently with the use of her septor. His wound could not be healed by magic for some reason. She bent over him and kissed him passionately...she did not let her fear show to him. She was scared, never before had she seen a wound not heal on him. She slit her wrist and let the blood flow onto his wound, hoping that the blood would fuse his skin togehter. It seemed to work a little, around the edges. If this was going to work she would have to give him almost all of her blood. She didnt know what to do. She kept slitting her wrists and letting the blood flow onto his chest, staring deeply into his eyes...until she passed out.
drk_angl_17 / Miravelle: Miravelle walked over to the slayer and crouched down before her. *I am sorry to have offended you earlier. If you are a friend of Lorkyn's, though I know not why she would take a slayer as a friend, then you must be accepted as a friend of mine as well.* she said to her before standing and walking over to Eva and Delue. *Delue, there is something you must understand. You cannot die under any circumstances, you have been made too strong by Lorkyn's last transfusion of blood to you...Eva is a pure immortal as well, though she can still be killed...but only by the most powerful vampire out there, which I have not seen any yet to match the strength of either Darkenn or Lorkyn..But by the slim chance that she dies, you cannot die. You must live forever, no matter what. You must understand this, what Lorkyn has tried to keep you from doing...if you worry about Eva too much, your worry could very well be the cause of her death someday....* she said, risking a glance at Eva. *But have no fear, you are both safe in the hands of Lorkyn. As for finding them...Im not so sure if that is such a great idea. She went away to help him heal and to give you two training time with me. Now, if you insist upon going after them before they see fit to come after you, that is what we shall do. In two days, if they have not returned, when the sun sets on the 3rd night, we shall go for them. But, until then, we have work to be done. I know your physical skills are already great Delue, your maker seen to that...but you could always use a little work. If nothing else...just to play. Follow me, if you will...and we will go for a little....'play time'...* she said, ending with a rather evil smile...
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie appraises Miravelle stiffly, like one dog deciding whether to fight another or leave it be, and circles a little back into the woods to keep out of the way.
Xion: Delue nodded in understanding of what miravelle had said about his immortality, although it still hadnt hit him that he could NEVER die. he was shocked by it, but it gave him a sort of peace, knowing that only his master and mistress could kill Eva,for he knew that neither of them would. unless he found a stronger vampire in the world. if he did, he would kill it without question. Delue smiled wickedly at miravelle, floating up and followingher lead, taking his beloved's hand as he did so.
Pheonix389: darkenn realized with a shock that lorkyn was passed out on the floor of a...cave? His wound had no yet healed and he was worried as to why but he did not know how much time had passed. He realized then, by the moon, that it hd been nearly three days and lorkyn had not awoken. Darkenn tried to move but found that his legs were of stone as were his arms. The life blood had all but drained from him. Darkenn could only whisper "Help"
Rokhal: Smooth fingers drop over Darkenn's lips, and Sara Lane smiles over him. "Don't wake her," she whispers. Lorkyn is still and pale, her sceptre fallen and her hair stringy with drying blood.
Sara gestures, and a male vampire who came with her wraps Lorkyn's sceptre in an old coat. Another drags Lorkyn from Darkenn's side, delicately gripping her under her shoulders as though at any moment she would leap up to kill them all. Sara lets out a long breath when he is done, then looks back at Darkenn, running her fingers over the rada'han about his neck.
She is small and wiry, with the broad, heavy cheekbones that make Annmarie's face almost healthy, while it should be drawn. Her hair is fair, though, not black, and her eyes are green. Four tall vampires watch her, one holding Lorkyn's sceptre completely muffled in the coat. Their eyes are blank.
They are the group that had flown over the battle, and they had returned when it was over, slipping past Miravelle, her students, and the slayer.
"I can help you," Sara whispers. She rolls Darkenn over and ties his hands and feet, then one of her servants lifts him, and they leave the cave. "I think you know what I want in return."
Xion: in the middle of a sparing lesson with Miravelle, sweaty and engaged in the fight, Delue stopped cold. the older warrior landed a hard blow to his cheek, sending Delue flailing across the ground. he looked back at miravelle with a face of stoney concentration. "something is amiss. we must find mistress and master. now." at that Delue took flight and soared straight for the cave as quickly as he could muster.
Pheonix389: When the female vampire bound his hands and feet darkenn began to laugh. When the female vampire leaned close and hiised in his ear the question "Why are you laughing" He mustered enough strength to utter a single sentance "My friends are comeing to kill you" then he open his mouth and let out an un earthy scream and let light flow from his body sjyward alerting the othes to their position. The female baredly had time to slam him down to the ground before the others were upon them. when her back was turned darkenn sent his life energy, part of it, to lorkyn allowing her to wake. Darkenn saw her rustle just before he passed out "Dont kill her" He sent to delue, eva, and miravelle just before the darkenss took him
Rokhal: "Hide it in water!" Sara bellows to the vampire with the sceptre, as he leaps and sails away. Delue tackles her, but she flings him off, fire rising along her arm and following him through the air.
"Didn't need Lorkyn's vampire lessons, after all," she laughs, flushing with eagerness.
Even Miravelle is having trouble with Sara's guards. Sara pulls out a revolver and shoots her in the neck, and Miravelle drops, screaming. Sara had devised the bullets during her slaying days, but recently she had made them kill slower, and more painfully.
Xion: Delue shot straight toward the light and the scream, leading his beloved and the newest of his teachers into the cave. he tackeld Sara and threw her to the ground before she threw him off of her. as he rolled, he formed a Barrier of wind and deflected the fire sara had shot at him into one of the weaker guards. Delue attacked a burly guard next, slashing and slamming him into t he wall. he summoned Fire and shot it at the man, singing his robes. Deleu flew full force and kicked the man square in the chest, throwing him into the cave wall, and so impaling him upon a horizontally-growing stalagmite. the black stone glitterd with its quartz and the vamp's blood. Delue drew Darkenn's sword, which lay on the ground, and cut off the Vampire's head. ash followd Delue to his next opponent. he slowly and painstakingly gained the ground to Darkenn.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: (Sorry I haven't been here in a few days all, I was on vacation in Key West and Key Largo :) Look at all that's happened!!! hehe)
Eva pierced through the air and impaled one of the guards that held Lorkyn with her body, using herself like a stake, sending the guard to ash. She then stood quickly, swung her arm aside and turned the next guard aflame, causing him to drop lorkyn completely. Eva then dropped to her knees beside Lorkyn and breathed in deeply, draping her body over her mistress in her unprotected state...a misty, silvery orb formed around them...she was protecting her Mistress, at any cost,"We're here Mistress" she whispers to her, then pulls her closer and grasps her under the arms trying to get her to the opening of the cave, she looks to Delue, her eyes glassed over with concern,"I have Mistress Lorkyn...I'm taking her somewhere safe..." she says,"Be careful my love....take Master Darkenn, bring him to the caves by the lake north of here...I'll be expecting you soon" she insists, then flies off with her mistress, landing back down where the cool waters of the lake meet the rocky caves. she finds an opening, barely visible, somewhat hidden by branches and trees and pulls Lorkyn inside, pulling the tree branches back into place behind her, then lays her hands on Lorkyn, healing her wounds somewhat, enough for her to awaken, she looks down on her and lets out a relieved sigh,"Mistress...you're alright..." she whispers, pushing her hair from her face and helping her sit up,"Delue is protecting Master Darkenn...I wanted to ensure your safety my mistress....you were being attacked and bound by a lone female with a slew of guards....she pulls a bloodied sceptre from her cloak and hands it to Lorkyn,"They almost got away with this as well..." she says, then awaits instructions from her...trying to keep her mind clear, in case Delue tries to contact her......
Rokhal: Sara has one guard left, four minus the two dead and the one who had taken off with the sceptre. She shoots Delue in the stomach and he staggers, but keeps coming, grabbing her remaining guard by the throat. She had only clipped him; most of the bullet had gone out the other side.
Sara lifts Darkenn by the back of the neck and turns the gun to his head, calling, "Stop!"
Delue releases her guard, who shakes his head and backs away to Sara, growling. Sara smiles in relief. "Do you really think you can help him?" she asks. "Even the great Lorkyn could not heal him, but nearly bled herself to oblivion trying. I can save him, but with my bullet in his head, no power on earth will let him recover. He is too weak, unlike that Miravelle creature.
"I will take him away, and you will not follow, or I will shoot him, and then each of you, in the head. I will not harm him if he cooperates. In all likelihood, you'll have your teacher back before next sunup." She hooks her arm around Darkenn and levitates, then soars off backward with the guard, scanning the ground and keeping the gun muzzle tight against his head.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: "What did Lorkyn say about the one she brought over?" Annmarie asks, from back in the woods near the cave.
"Where the hell were you?" demands Delue, clutching his side.
"I go beserk. There were only a few vampires to occupy my attention, and I would have killed Darkenn and Lorkyn the first chance I had if I'd let myself get set off. Do you remember what Lorkyn said about the one she'd turned?"
"She regretted it."
"That's all?"
"Well, I think she said it was your mother."
Well, that's definitely her, then. "I left my light-water in Detroit; I'm going to get it." She shifts several times---bat, owl, and when she is well above the tree canopy, dragon---and rides the wind back toward the city.
Xion: Delue looked into sara's eyes with dark hatred, brows down in a V and glaring. he watched her sail off, and knew that she would do it. well, he didnt have to let her know that he was following. Delue gestured in a C shape in the air and sudddenly, an arial map appeared before his face, and a red blip grew farther from him. he had a link with Darkenn, all teh time, that couldnt be severed. he would follow this hell bitch, and he would retake his master. but first, he sent to his beloved, "Eva, i know where theyve taken Darkenn, and i must retrieve him, for all he has done for me. guard yourself closely and do not allow Lorkyn to drift ino oblivion. i love you, darling, please wait for me. you will always know where i am, for i will always be in your heart, and youll always be on my mind. ill return to you as soon as i can." Delue severed the telepathic connection for now, then turned to follow Sara. a slender beauty appeared before him and spoke of his beloved. if his fury was still inside of him, he would have been fuming by the end of her little speach. he walked right up to her, close enough to lick her nose, and said coldly, "if you even think of fucking with Eva, i will rip every bone of your body from your flesh, and i will make no holes. i will melt all of your organs and send the remains to this goddamned "him" as a porridge. do not assume that you can talk to me as you havce just done, i have the blood of two Great Elders flowing through my veins. go back home, little bat." Delue stared her in the eye for a moment more before looking back to his magic map, then gestured again and took flight, after Darkenn adn Sara, in a more concealed mannor.
Pheonix389: (Sara i do believe we just cast your role as the slayers mother who my beloved turned so if u want the part u got it)"sara you caniving bitch I cant believe you, i knew i should neer have removed the rada'han not even for an instant" Darkenn whipered his strength nearly at an end.
drk_angl_17 / Miravelle: Miravelle awoke and found herself laying on the ground, a bullet laying next to her and a slight pain in her neck. She didnt have time to wonder what had taken place; there was trouble and she knew it. She rose from the ground quickly and saught out Delue. She rushed to him, knowing he was tracking Darkenn and Sara down...she had unfinished business with Sara herself...She found Delue talkin to...what appeared to be some vagabound vampire...with a powerful blood line in her. She had no time for games. She slapped her full force and watched as she was knocked into a tree about 20ft away. She lay there and looked at her. *Delue, come, we must go now!* she said as she took his hand and took to the skies after Sara...
(dang, i missed a lot. Sorry, lot goin on any my new laptop wouldnt load the page all the way for a while, not sure why....good twist here tho:))
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: After getting Lorkyn to almost full health, Eva helped her stand, then stopped suddenly, sniffing the air, a look of concern on her face,"Are you well enough to fly mistress?" she asked her,"We must go, Master needs your help, and there's something else...." she shakes her head free of the feeling, though...the last time she'd sensed that smell..it was the night she.....no no...it couldn't be, though that scent, it pulled her, almost called to her...she couldn't let it get to her, she had to help Darkenn.
She hooked her arm around Lorkyn's and they ran forward, both sprouting thier wings and taking flight from the cave, following Delue and Darkenn's path.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie circles over Detroit, in the same neighborhood where she had first encountered Delue, and given her lightwater to the girl she had met there. The vampire trails, the smudges of magical essence, have worn out long ago, and the lightwater leaves no trace she can detect. But she has skin samples, and she can sense that aura. When she comes near the house where the girl took the lightwater, she should be able to detect a change.
She drops to the ground in an intersection, takes out Lorkyn's skin sample, and slowly, hesitantly, brushes it against her lips. Her frenzy grabs her, watching and wrapping around the bits of skin, and Annmarie jogs away, zig-zagging over the streets in a grid pattern, looking for the only weapon that might be of use against a vampire turned by Lorkyn.
Xion: Delue had tracked Sara to a mansion-like house on the far outskirts of Detriot, in the middle of a crop of corn. Miravelle was just beside him, and he had a bad feeling about that female vamp that had run into him. he shook it off, and with a final, deciding move, he drew down into the slenderest profile he could and darted straight for the window that Sara and Darkenn were crossing, Sara still holding Darkenn against the gun muzzle. Delue had created a magic fold in reality to mask himself, but it wouldnt last for long. he crashed through the window and tackled Darken to the marble floor of the Roman-style mansion hallway. the gun went off iN Sara's hand, and Delue looked ot Darkenn to ensure that he was ok. everything was fine with his master. Miravelle flew in and Delue handed his master gently to her, "Miravelle, GO! you have to save him, now!" with that Delue dropped his stealth spell and charged at Sara's guard, getting behind him just as she shot another volley of her bullets his way. the guard was hit several times, and he dropped like a sack of rocks to the floor before disapeareing in ash. "now, bitch, lets see waht you have in youself. drop the gun and-" Delue felt something...strange. he looked down to his chest and saw a small hole just to the left of his heart. the gunshot he had heard when he had tackled Darkenn had hit him. he stumbled a little, but held it all together and faced Sara once again. "you will still die by my hand today, shebeast."
Rokhal: [I do Annmarie, too, Phoenix.]
Sara sneers. "I would be shocked," she tells him, and grabs him by the hair to slam him against the floor. He throws her off easily. "My, you're strong," she exclaims.
She kicks him in his wound, grabs a rope from the window curtains, and smoothly knots it, whispering for a few moments. "This is a special knot," she tells him. He lashes out at her, but she dodges and flings the rope around his head and arm. Delue starts to throw off the rope, and Sara jumps on his back, digging her knees into his kidneys, and works the rope down over his body. She makes an odd clicking noise, and the rope tightens by itself, making Delue gag. "I used to be a witch," she explains. "And I used to kill creatures like you. I found the two skills to be complementary.
"Now. Your good master is wounded, and will die without my care---or go permanently dormant, which is worse, depending on how you look at it."
"Liar," Delue grits. He can't move his body below the rope, which is still tightening over his lungs.
"I thought you might think that. Your friends will figure realize you must be in trouble, and I can negotiate to trade you for Darkenn. Don't bother," she says, as Delue tries to untie the rope, and then to fray it with his fingernails, "The spell won't let you out. And it will keep tightening, not too fast, or I won't have much of a hostage to trade. I am only interested in Darkenn, he is a peculiar sort of vampire. You are, also, I suspect, but not the kind I need."
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: As they were flying, Eva could sense someone following, it was a dark, evil feeling...she didn't like it at all...<Delue...Delue where are you?> she calls to him telepathically, her voice worriesome and concerned as she flies with Lorkyn, seeing Miravelle in the distance with Darkenn. They fly down and meet her, Lorkyn and Darkenn reuniting once more,"We have to find a safe place for now" she says, then looks around...someone was watching them....
Xion: Delue pulls and tugs at the rope, but to no avail, he gasped for air one last time, then fell into a trance, breathing shallowly, and conserving all of his energy. he had no time for talking, nor any energy. in this state, he would be able to survive for days with the small amount of oxygen i his lungs. as a vampire, loss of air wouldnt kill him, but it could seriously damamge him. he got Eva's message and sent back his location strongly to her and more intensely, to miravelle, and also sent, < DO NOT COME!>Delue didnt know what else Sara had in store, but he would rather only have himself and Darkenn killed rather than the other three vampires, if it came to that. Delue closed his eyes, and waited.
Pheonix389: Darkenn felt delues pain and it staggard him. He knew he had to atempt the impossible and draw on the earth to heal his wounds. He knew. (I will elaborate later cuz i g2g so dun do ne thing major...please.)
drk_angl_17 / Miravelle: Miravelle dropped Darkenn off beside Lorkyn. It was like an instant boost for Lorkyn, having Miravelle so close, her other side, and her lover returned to her arms...its as if that was what she had been waiting for. She watched as Lorkyn jumped up and ran to Darkenn, kissing him deeply. The reunion was short lived as Eva was swept away by some strange vampire...Lorkyn looked at Darkenn...*regain your strength quickly love. You must face Sara, i am her maker, yet you were her lover. It is up to you to decide what to do with her...*she finished with a sad sigh. *I must go after Eva now, love* she said as she kissed him once more and took flight after Eva. Miravelle stayed with Darkenn, she couldnt let anything happen to him. She placed him inside a dark cave. He promised her he would be ok. She knew no harm would come to him, she was going to go to the source of the harm before it got to him. She gave him as much of her blood as she could without it weakening her and took flight back to help Delue. She seen him bound in the rope, her scent and presence was masked...Sara looked up. Damnit. Miravelle was half Lorkyn, of course Sara would be able to sense her. She flew at Sara, knockin her off gaurd, breaking her concentration just enough for Delue to get free. She tossed him a vile full of her blood to aid him in his battle, for it would be fierce, but she would not leave his side until it was all over. Once Delue drank this vile of her blood, he would have Lorkyn's full strength, equal to 3 ancients...The fight would be hard, but he would come out victorious no matter what...she just hoped that Lorkyn got to Eva in time....
Rokhal: Sara drags Delue out of the room by one arm, feeling more comfortable keeping an eye on her hostage, and into a larger windowless room, where she keeps her equipment, and her most hardwon treasures.
There are several species of vampires, each descended from and linked to a single individual. A certain spell performed on an ancestor vampire would trickle down to all its descendents, in this case, dissolving their will. Sara had found one particularly ancient vampire already and performed the spell on him; he and his descendents are now her slaves. With her servants' aid, she had captured and enslaved several other ancients. In a few years, most of the world's vampires fell under her control, operating independently when she has no need of them, but bound to her when she asks. A few small bloodlines have escaped: Lorkyn and her kin, a handful in Nepal, an unusually advanced clan off the coast of Antarctica, Delue's and Eva's lines, whose ancients had agreed to a truce with Sara, and Darkenn, among others.
Darkenn, however, is unique. If she could enslave him, he could spread the spell to all vampires, and who knows, perhaps to humanity as well. When she finished with him, he would seem normal to his friends--Lorkyn would probably figure it out, but by then her brain would be wiped and she would be nothing.
Sara surveys the room, her vault, where she keeps the binding. Any spell like this needs some sort of object to hold all its subjects together; Sara uses a wad of her own hair enclosed deep in a welded stainless steel cylinder composed of layers and layers of progressively smaller pipes, starting a foot across and ending, at the core, the width of her thumb. She intends to live a long time, and wouldn't want her zombie slaves staggering about like so many pithed frogs, just because her binding was destroyed.
She sits down to wait in an old oak chair, watching Darkenn and playing with the cylinder of her revolver. Anyone barging through the tall door without her permission will have a nasty surprise; the suits of armor standing inside it conceal two of her strongest ancients, and their swords are poisoned.
Rokhal: [Okay, that's what she was doing before Lorkyn got there.]
Rokhal: [Dangit! Miravelle.]
Rokhal: Sara calls in her mind as she wrestles Miravelle for the sword, coasting over the miles to find the wave of vampires she had called an hour ago when she had seen that crowd of them caught in the death cyclone. Poor planning, just letting them die, but some others are nearly here.
Delue is busy with an armored ancient, and has just discovered their swords burn vampire flesh.
Sara kicks Miravelle off her, but loses her grip on the sword. In an eyeblink it hovers over Miravelle's shoulder, poised to chop Sara's head off like a dandelion.
"Darkenn dies without my medicine," she snaps, before Miravelle can strike.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie has found the house, stuffed the skin back in her pocket, and teased open the door, now taking deep breaths to keep the frenzy down while she is near civilians. Girl's bedroom, girl's bedroom.
I'll never find it, it's all a stye. Oh, here it is.
She stops by a battered door with a poster of a lavender unicorn on it, and pushes it open gently.
The foggy light from the water hazes off the furniture and the girl's face, frozen in fear, clutching a gun. Annmarie ducks and flails for the lightswitch, darts aside, and siezes the gun and the girl's mouth. "Sh-sh." She looks into her eyes and calms her as she had done before, the sense of a windy meadow, and takes the lightwater from her hand. "I need this. I'm sorry, I really, really need it back. If I were you, I'd forget everything you saw tonight, because there's nothing you can do about it."
From outside, as she leaps up in dragonform from the square launching pad of a nearby intersection, she sees lights flaring all over the grimy house.
Back up the wind, back to the cave.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Eva's eyes widen in shock as she's scooped up by arms she cannot see, her screams pierce through the air,"Let me go!!" she hisses to the invisible figure, watching as they rush in the air, little by little seeing her Mistress become smaller and smaller, until she cannot see her anymore.
She twists and turns fighting this 'thing' off of her, until she hears her voice in her mind <He has been waiting far too long for you Eva, it's time to take your place by his side>
Eva dosen't like the sound of this, she thrashes and jolts about in Hudson's arms, then stops, grabbing hold of her arm and clenching down with her teeth, ripping a piece of her arm from her and holding it tighting clenched in her mouth, the blood dripping from it as Hudson, screams out and drops Eva in the air, Eva having not much much time to think, feels her wings burst from her back and she dives down through the clouds, flying back to where her mistress had been, not realizing she was about to fly directly past her. She held the skin in her mouth, hoping her mistress would be able to tell who's bloodline this thief belonged to.....
Pheonix389: darkenn calls the earth to run through him to fill its self in his wounds to complete him. He whispers the song that was sung to him when he was first turned "You see I cannot be forsaken for you see im not the only one, we walk amongst you feeding raping..." but darkenns strength is needed ans his wound is almost closed. He calls from the core of the earth allowing the magma to fill him making his blood liquid fire. Darkenn stood in the dark and looked down at his hands. with every heart beat a light outlined his veins. He took a runnning leap spreading his immense feathery black wings. he would deal with sara. His agiel whipped into his hand...oh he would deal with sara.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie is closing back on the cave as Darkenn takes off; she sees him and follows closely. Her frenzy is muted---thank God---by the presence of the lightwater, and she can approach him if she needs to.
Rokhal: Fifteen of Sara's vampires are approaching her house, and most of them split up and begin to circle it, watching for intruders.
Greyson / Grey Lachtee: When Hudson returns without his chosen one, Eva, The dark, evil Vampire stood in his own rage. Coal black mist arose from his skin, swirling around him eerily,"You've failed yet again my daughter, tell me, is my Eva so hard to catch? Especially for a hunter such as yourself?" he asks Hudson, his face, a stony canvas, showing no emotions, yet she knew he was enraged. He paced back and forth a few times then stopped beside her,"Did she defeat you?" he questions, looking down at her arm, noticing the large hole and gash that's left there,"Maybe she is more of a gem than I'd even expected" he notions, sniggering to himself while contemplating his next move.
Rokhal: Watching Maravelle, Sara leans back into her mind. Latchee.
He sounds busy.
     You still want your share of the slaves, don't you?
     Of course. Do your job.
     I would if I could. I found the Egyptian, wounded, if you can believe the luck, but Lorkyn was hanging around. He escaped.
     And Half-a-Lorkyn, and what seems to be a Child of Lorkyn, and two others. I'd like some help.
     You said you could do it yourself.
     I know what I said! You said you could figure out how to shield yourself on your own.
     I did, witch.
     Only after I dissected my spell for you. Could you please help? There's a very angry Half-a-Lorkyn staring me in the face right now, and she's going to cut off my head.
Greyson / Grey Lachtee: *And why shouldn't I let her dice you to bits witch?*
Grey, one of the first True Vampires seems as though he's grown tired of all these games,*I'll help you, if you get me the girl in return, if you fail me, you'll be my next meal* he hisses into Sara's mind, turning to Hudson,"Go help the witch before she's of no use to us any longer, we need her help, for now" the he turns back to his darkness to meditate.
Pheonix389: darkeen lands on the windowsill staring at sara. "Release delue or pay the consequences sara. i will not warn you again" darkenns pitch black eyes strared at her as he raised the white knuckled fist that gripped the agiel. "What will it be"
Rokhal: A-hole, Sara thinks as she breaks off the connection with Lachtee. Obsessed with this girl, it'll be the end of him.
She hears Darkenn, and startles. He must have grown stronger, much more skilled, to recover from his wound. "If you want him, take him. He's right there," she says, pointing to where Delue and Sara's ancient stand glowering at each-other, Delue clutching his arm from a sword cut. She backs away from Miravelle.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie slips into the open door, the tiny vial of lightwater closed in her fist. The air is oppressive. "Shield your eyes," she barks, and opens her hand.
The foggy light makes little difference under the incandescents already in the room, but around her the vampires catch their breaths and shield their eyes. The armored ancients slam down their visors. "Go, go--- Ah." Her heart speeds so hard she feels dizzy---been years since I've really panicked---but she advances on Sara steadily, her hands poised to uncap the bottle. "I'll need help," she announces, her voice strained, unnaturally even. To Sara, "Kry ta-ang, ngteng-gar. Why did you not burn yourself in a kiln?"
Sara turns her face, behind her hands, sees Annmarie and gasps. "You came back."
Annmarie snarls like a dog. "You went under!"
"I---I wanted you to be safe. A spell, an old spell---wander far from me and come back powerful---when I can get rid of them."
Annmarie can think of nothing but the terrified girl she had taken the lightwater from, back in the city. "All of them, and you," she whispers.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Disregard the last post.
Pheonix389: Darkenn is knocked inside as sara is siezed through the window. He hears the intent of the voices. Once sara came back through the window darkenn siezed her holding his agiel just above her throat casusing her to stop fighting. She knew that if the agiel touched her throat and he so desired it that she would die, choking on her own blood "WHY ARE YOU HERE?" he shouted "AND WHAT ARE YOU UP TO? darkenn gripped her tighter and sent to miravelle "Find annmarie then the bothy of you find evaand lorkyn.Meet back here and hurry" Darkenn lifted sara nearly choking her as he watched miravelle leave "ANSWER ME!"
Rokhal: Sara's mind races as she jerks under Darkenn's grasp, until an owl sweeps in through the window and turns into Annmarie.
"To save her," Sara cries. "To save her from you." She tenses, waiting for the end.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn almost crashes into Eva. They are knocked to the ground, but Lorkyn catches Eva before they fall and give them both a safe landing. Lorkyn eyes Eva intently...there was a strange scent on her...of an ancient...one of the first vampires created...."Lachtee"....Lorkyn whispers in a vile tone. "Tell me now Eva, and do not lie, how do you know Lachtee!" Lorkyn's head cocked to one side, she felt Darkenn regain his strength, she knew he would be ok. She just worried that he would leave her...He is now alone with his daughter and his old lover...come what may, she thought...then she heard presences, someone powerful searching for eva as they stand there talking..."Never mind that now. We must flee. Lachtee is too strong for me to take alone. We must fine Miravelle. Let us go now..." Lorkyn could sense Miravelle drawing near. They all needed to regroup and go to where Darkenn and Delue were...Lorkyn and Eva took flight just as a dark presense swept over where they had been standing. They flew faster than light, to the extent of Lorkyn's power. Miravelle raced up to them from afar, in shock of the day's events. "Darkenn is facing Sara alone!" she said to Lorkyn. Lorkyn simply nodded and raced ahead to where she knew Darkenn was, looking beside her to make sure Eva and Miravelle were at her side. She took Eva's hand in hers, no way would she let Eva be jerked from her grasp, from Delue...this was a fight she had to win, a fight she would win....
Pheonix389: Darkenn let her fall to the ground "If I had known I had a daughter I would have cared for her. If you remember you turned on me not the other way around so dont twist your toung saying you were trying to save her." darkenn felt lorkyns worry that he wouldleave her and so reassured her that this would not be the acse. He turned once more to sara "To save OUR daughter from what...the only thing she could have needed saving from is a treatcherous snake like you!" darkenn sliced the rope that was begining to choke delue although he hadnt the time to help the youth untangle himself. (Sorry to be so harsh but we 'created' this charicter with a past already made and part of it was that she betrayed darkenn and was turned into a vmp nby lorkyn)
Rokhal: [No problem, she's a filthy liar.]
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Eva squeezed Lorkyns hand and shakes her head as they flew, she wasn't quite sure why this 'lachtee' was trying to capture her, but she did recognize the scent...she just couldn't place it.
"I don't know who he is Mistress, I don't know why he wishes to have me so badly?" she says in a confused manner, more worried about Delue, than anything else. "I just want to make sure Delue is alright, I don't care about some vampire" Eva had no idea just how powerful this 'Vampire' really was.
Pheonix389: Darkenn knelt down to saras level "You left out dauhter for conquest, you left her to become a warrior who was trained not to have normal feelings. Because of you she lost all chance for a normal life. You have no right to rescue MY daughter!" Darken stood
Rokhal: "And what would she have become if I had kept her?" Sara hisses. "I could not raise a child; how can you think that of me? She would have lived from day to day in danger!"
Xion: Delue took this opportunity to unwrap himself and, as the two ex lovers talked, he seeked out his beloved Eva. the entire time he had been bound up, all he could think of was his beloved lover, and what that she-vamp had said just before he had headed to retrieve Darkenn. he found her not far away, and sent her a love filled, cherised feeling. he made it so strong that it would sweep over her, making her feel his love to her very soul. he missed her terribly, he felt as if they had had been apart for eons, whne really it had only been a few days. after he had sent her his love, Delue walked to stand between the two vampires. "now then, if you two are done arguing about the vamp killer, no offense, master Darkenn, but i believe this little demon deserves to have her heart snatched from her chest." with that, Delue charged against the female vampire who had tried to kill him.
Pheonix389: Darkenn told delue to stop but he was gone "No Delue i am not finished, you will not kill her" but delue would not listen. Darkenn did something he had done only a handful of times in 3000 years. He lost his temper. Delue flew into the wall nearly going through. Darkenns eyes were black as a wind picked up the room and lighting flashed in every direction "I SAID NO". Darkenns arms jerked to and fro wreaking havock on the house. Seconds later there was but rubble. Lightning still showered the three. The ground rumbled and split up bringing with it bones, graves, boulders and dirt. It swirled around the forming a barrier with them in the middle delue lying near the edge wind whipping them all. Darkenn advanced on Sara shouting "AND WHAT KIND OF LIFE HAS SHE HAD? SHE HAS LIVED IN DANGER SINCE THE SECOND YOU LEFT HER! SHE NEVER HAD YOU TO SING TO HER OR TO COMFORT HER WHEN SHE WAS SCARED! YOU ABANDONED HER!" Darkens hands jerked out and subtractive magic flew from them. Subtactive magic was from the underworld. It was the opposite of what addative, the normal magic. Addative magic added and multiplied things and changed them, subtractive took things away. It ripped through the air black as death seeming to rip the light and the air from the earth. The subtractive lightnig cracked from his finger tips as darkenn screamed in torment the pain of everything in his life, from the time when his entire family had died ntil now. He knelts, scratching his face and arms making them bleed "you betrayed me and her...But I betrayed her. I never came for her, I never knew she exsited and I should have" Blood flowed freely from his arms and face as more appeared by his hand. Blood flowed from his eyes as he ripped at himself he knelt to the ground screaming an unearthly scream. The wall of rubble dissapated although darkenn continued to cut and scrape himslef. (Damn im dramatic but if i cant do it in life i might as well do it here)
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: "Stop it!" Annmarie snaps, kicking Darkenn in the back. She leans down and grips his torn shoulder. "And never, never, call on those black forces again." She looks up to face Sara, clutching the lightwater in one fist to keep her frenzy down. "He seems to think he knows me well, doesn't he?" she asks lightly. "'Save her from them.' How come you're still alive, if you believe in their evil? Any honorable slayer would find a way to die after being changed, but you are shkuk qarsaidhe. You, traitor. You claim to protect me." She smiles, and her teeth look very long and white against her smoky skin.
"I set a spell," Sara explains, backstepping, as though she had only listened to Darkenn.
"The only spells here are by witches," Annmarie spits.
"It was good! 'Go far from me, and return powerful.' To keep you safe."
"But I went too far, and I am too powerful, and now, what good am I to you? Nothing.
"Darkenn understands me well, witch. But he is not my father, and you are not my mother. They adopted me and raised me, and they are dead. I will deal with both of you as I find necessary, not out of any sense of obligation.
"You took Darkenn. Why not take me, when I was keeping company with three other vampires, each equally dangerous?"
"Because I knew he could turn you, decieve you---"
"You wanted Darkenn."
"Delue!" Annmarie barks, like a commander to a nameless underling. "Restrain her. I'll find what she wants."
Pheonix389: Darkenn stood the rage and pain gone. He felt nothing. No hate no sorrow no grief. THey were gone. Darkenn only stared into space before getting to his feet. He stood in fron of Sara and looked at her...His eyes were not black but they were not normal, they were white.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie glances about as she waits for Delue to help her, notices Darkenn's eyes, and recoils, remembering other past missions and mindless undead. "Are you---dammit. Delue, something's wrong. Lie down on the floor---make him lie down, tie his arms behind his back. How strong is he?" She watches Sara suspiciously, afraid to attack her for fear the situation will go out of control.
Pheonix389: Darkeen curls into a ball black and which lightning lacing his body .
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Sara turns to run. Annmarie leaps over Darkenn, drawing her dagger, but Sara had already started running and dives out the window. Annmarie turns back to Darkenn, then faces Delue. "We've got to catch her. Get away from him, something's going to go bad. Come on."
Pheonix389: Darkenn sat felling no will.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn races in on the group. The sight she saw almost took her breath away. Something was wrong with Darkenn. She raced to him. *No! Stop! Something is wrong with....*She avoids the slayer's warnings to her and races over to Darkenn, skidding to a stop on her knees and laying down beside him. Without hesitating, she throws her arms around him and embraces him. She sensed all his feelings draining from him, she could not let that happen...she loved him, she had to make him realize he still had something left, something besides the pain and treachery he has had in his past. As she threw her arms around him, sudden sparks erupted around the two of them. They both lay there, black and white lightening jumping back and forth from their bodies. Lorkyn closed her eyes, oblivious to the pain he was sending her and kissed him, sending him all the happiness she could spare without losing her own in the process....
Pheonix389: Darkenn looked up breathing " I diddnt know what else to do" he said horsely "I couldnt take it anymore"
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn whispered in Darkenn's ear *It ok darling, im here* as she rubbed her fingers through his hair to calm him down. The lightenting began to subside until it was nothing less than mere sparks...
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: "Deal with it," Annmarie bellows to Darkenn as she climbs out the window. She shifts to owl and drifts off, watching above and below for Sara.
Pheonix389: DArkenn stands his wounds healing feeling slight embarassment at his episode. He diddnt know what happened. "Get over yourself girl if you had been alive for 3000 years youd have a mental breakdown a couple of times too"
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn stood with Darkenn and sighed, relieved that it was over. She pressed her body close against his and stared up into his eyes. *I love you...dont ever scare me again like that*She sent to him as she kissed him deeply, sending him images of her love for him...
Pheonix389: Darkenn kissed lorkyn and said aloud "I love you too". Darkenn helped her stood, there was still buisness to attend to
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Eva followed lorkyn, and watched as the events took place, almost in amazement. She charged up to Delue and grabbed his arm, her eyes looking up at him with concern,"Do not follow her Delue, this is her fight" she said to him, as AnnMarie lept from the window to follow Sara,"She said she would deal with Darkenn and Sara, which means that if she can deal with her own parents, we are naught but undead waste to her, and though I am strong, and you...even stronger, I truly believe we should let her deal with Sara herself, but if she tries to attack Darkenn, we must defend him at any cost" she announces, then wraps her arms around Delue lovingly, having felt she'd been away from him for ages, even if it had only been a few days...it felt like forever,"I've missed you" she whispered up to him, closing her eyes for a moment.
Pheonix389: Darkenn walked and a brisk pace into the sunrise after sara with lorkyn by his side
Pheonix389: ......
Pheonix389: ........................
Xion: Delue began to sprint after Sara and the Huntress, but his beloved pulled him to her. his heart sunk in his chest as his adrenaline began to wear off. he looked into Eva's eyes as she pleaded with him to stay wtih her, to let Darkenn and Sara and thier daughter go off and settle things. he felt so strongly for her that sometimes it scared him. he looked to his master and mistress, hoping that they would give him some direction. he rememberede his vows from a few days earlier, his eternal, binding vows to hte two of them. then he thought of this strong, eternal love that he had forged with his Eva, his Soul. he realized then that he was a man, well, an undead man, but reguardless, for the first time in his life he was forced to make his own decision. before being turned int hat dark alley in Detroit, his mistress had owned him, soul and body, and after that he had taken under Lorkyn as his mistress and later Darkenn. now, he had to make up his own mind, and he couldnt look to either of his role models for guidance. and this was such a quizzical choice! to follow or not to follow. in the end, he knew that Eva was correct, that the fight was indeed his master;s and his master's alone. before Darkenn was able to chase his daughter and Sara, he connected with him telepathically, through the blood they shared, and said, <Master, i will let you go fight your own fight, but i am always here. send for me across teh Blood Link, and i will transport to you. i wil die for you, master, and for your beloved, my second and only mistress. i go now to continue the work that we have started in killing the Soulless. thank you for your gifts. always remember that i am here when you need me. now go, and find you peace.> then Delue turned to his beloved, kissed her deeply, as a soldier might kiss his new bride, the same bride he hadnt seen in four years of being deployed, and swept her off of her feet. there they stood, within the shattered and scorched vault in the broken mansion. he walked calmly to the window that Sara had dropped from, turned to his master nad mistress with his beloved in his arms, and nodded. with that, he flew out the window, searching out a place to rest for the day.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: "You've made the right choice my love" Eva purred in Delue's ear, cupping his face with her palm,"And you know we'll feel it if they need us" she tried to comfort him, hoping he didn't regret the choice he had made.
As they flew down, her in his arms, cuddled and nuzzled against him, she whispered heated teasings in his ear, then nibbled his earlobe teasingly, a devilish smirk forming on her lips as she does so,"But before that, how about a little adrenalin rush my love?" she growls seductively, pointing over to a group of gnarling vampires that are stalking a group of young kids walking home from a party,"Shall we sexy?" she giggled melodically, leaning in to kiss him passionately, feeling the rush building inside of her....She was ready for some fun.
Xion: Delue lowered himself to the streets of the suburb of detroit over which he had found himself. his beloved tempted himself, and his body was responding in kind. then she made her indecent proposal of a little fun and Delue nodded in agreement. he floated a little farther away from the group of vamps, who were stalking the five or so young teens through the 7am streets of the suburb. Delue allowed his beloved to jump down, and then he smiled wickedly, leading the way. he flashed in front of the vamps, and peered seductively at teh two young female vamps. "hello there."
Pheonix389: As sara came into sight, nursing a broken ankle (hope thats ok) from the forrest they had chased her through, darkenn slowed.He saw her clutching he twisted limb not out of pain but simply putting it into place. Darkenn grabbed sara by the har and threw her to the nearest tree as he waited for annmarie to tie her up.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Eva looked over at Delue with a delicious grin, then moved towards the group without worry. Her sultry approach catching more than just an eye or two as she tosses off her cloak, revealing her slinky little pink slipdress that clung to her every curve.
The unsuspecting vamps stopped thier pursuit of the young teens and focused thier attentions on Herself and Delue,"Mind if we join in the fun?" she purrs out seductively, making them believe they were there for the chase until she got closer, then without warning tore the throat out of one of the males instantly, grabbing another and clamping her teeth into his flesh sucking him free of all the blood he held, leaving behind just the undead flesh.
Blood dripped from her chin as she rampaged through the vamps like an animal, turning as she watched her beloved in the same venture....the sight of him like that only magnifying the burning desire she held for him....
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drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn sighed and just stood there, watching Darkenn and Annmarie attack Sara. She was in deep conflict within her head. Her vampiric side said to protect Sara, her only fledgling, at all costs. Yet, her mortal side said to kill Sara herself for all the pain she has caused everyone. She took a step forward, then backed off again. She looked at Darkenn in utter confusion. What kind of vampire would she be if she did not protect her own? She would be a hypocrit...she had to uphold her image. She shot out in front of Darkenn, kissed him deeply, then threw herself in front of Sara who was already tied to a tree. "I can let no fatal harm come to this vile creature here. She is my only fledgling, hate her as I may for what she has done, I am her creator, I took on the job of her protection when I made her, before I knew who she was. Her past cannot make me turn my back on her, no matter how much I so long to...* She said as she cast a vile glance down at Sara. She looked at Darkenn, still a hint of confusion, but loved mixed in with it this time.
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drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: . . . . . . .
Xion: Delue grabbed two of the females by the throats and crushed them in his fists, then hurled the two into a male vampire that was charging him. Delue ran to the downed male, grabbed his head and with great force, tore it from his neck. blood showered him. he ran to the two females and sucked them dry, revelling in teh feeding. his anger and temper had been drained from him, but his lust for blood hadnt. even inthe daylight, when most vampires should be weakest, Delue was strongly hunting and tearing flesh. one of the males, who looked to be the alpha, slammed him across the back and sent him hurling. Delue stopped himself in midair, upside down and facing his attacker, who held a metal bat. he smiled wickedly and flicked his pinky finger on his left hand. an electric pole on the suburban street slammed down onto hte alpha male, severing his head. Delue looked to the woman he had fallen so deeply inlove with, and admired her form. she was so sleek, graceful, sexy. he walked to her after they were done, licked some of theblood from her cheeks and lips, and then looked into her eyes. "my love, i think it is time we found a more private area for ourselves," he smiled wickedly. they flew off to the west, and bvehind them, ashes and crushed asphalt lay in hte middle of a suburb street in detroit. far off, sirens could be heard.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Allowing Delue to sweep her from her feet and whisk her away, she turned back only momentarily to watch as in the far distance, flashing lights zoomed towards thier latest battle site.
Eva turned back to Delue and nuzzled in his neck, wrapping her legs around his waist as he swoops around buildings, and flies them through clouds. She nibbles and suckles on his neck as her body presses against him, molded perfectly as if they were made for one another,"Where do you suggest we go my love?" she asks, still teasing him relentlessly, her nails finding his chest as they grate across it with just enough force to scratch him, but not hurt him, then lowers her head to lap up the small scrapings of blood it left behind,"There's a farm, on the outskirts of the city...an abandoned barn about 10 or so miles out, let's go there" she offers with a wicked little smile, feeling her lust build within her each moment she's pressed against him.....
SouthrnQT: .
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: (I'll not reply til Annmarie or Darkenn does...)
Pheonix389: darkenn looked down with sad eyes on lorkyn. "My darling i had never intended to kill her...actually im not swure what i had planned. If it is your true wish for her not to be harmed then swhe shall not be, although a price of guilt will be extracted from her. Her soul she shall once more have." With those words darkenn rose his hands in the air a light air seeming to form around them. Darkenn brought them down sending the air swirling around sara finally entering her bodie through the nose mouth and eyes. Her soul was once more restored
Pheonix389: i really wanna know what happened, you should message me with the storie
Rokhal: Annmarie stares from Sara to Darkenn, stunned. "Did you do what---never mind." Her knee is digging into Sara's throat.
[Sorry, I've been wiped out from working. Go ahead and take Sara over, if you want.]
Xion: Delue smiled wickedly, and winced in excstacy at the scratches on his chest. he wanted so badly to take his lover here and now, in the sky, but he agreed with her idea for the barn. her lust was equalled by Delue, and she could feel it both emotionally and physically from him. he sped as quickly as his lustful powers would push him to the barn, and as they landed, he beganto kiss and nibble at his lover, her ears, her neck, down to her abdomen, and then he pulled her forcefully into the barn. he tore her shirt off and began to passionately kiss her. in the back of his head, he felt that something urgent was happening, but he couldnt see past his blind passion of the moment. he allowed his emotions and his love to take control of him, guiding his hands and mouth to his lover.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Soft sighs escaped Eva's lips as Delue claimed her once again, though she sensed something inside of him, something hesitant, she could feel something urgent herself, she could feel her Mistress and was torn between giving in to her lust, and calling to her Mistress.....Her tongue swirled and danced across his skin, then stopped...."Let me call to our mistress my love, if they so need us, she will tell me, and we'll go" she insists, cupping his face with her palm,"If they do not need us...well then, they'll be no need for me to get dressed" she says with a smirk, nipping at Delue's tummy playfully.
She then leans back and concentrates....<Mistress....Mistress....Where are you? Please...tell me if you need us...we're...we're sensing a disturbance....Just say the word, and Delue and I will be by your side> She opens her eyes and looks down at Delue, who's now positioned beneath her while she sits straddled across him,"I've sent her a message, let us see if she needs us" she explains, letting her hands dance like a feather in the wind across his skin once more...awaiting the response of thier mistress....
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: *My dear Eva...We can manage fine without you for know. Be with Delue for a while, you deserve it, both of you. Give him my love, dear.* Lorkyn sent to Eva. She nodded at Darkenn and walked over to him, giving him a passionate kiss.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Where is everyone? Just lettin ya know...things at home got worse. Im at a friends house rite now...hadda get out...almost raped...*cries* phones cut off...wont be on hardly any at all...right now i tapped into someon else's computer...*evil grin* yeah...well...i get on as often as possible...take care and keep this rp goin, its really good:D
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: ((We're all here for you hun, you just hang in there :) And we'll see you whenever you can get on ok :) ))
Pheonix389: (evss right eller were all here for you. I promise it will get better. Just what ever you do do not go back to that house alone or with out a cop! kk? ok love *wipes tears*) DArkenn smiled evilly "you may releasse her ava she will do us no harm" (also...soryy i have been gone im at campp and i just broke sum very big rules to get to this comp but i had to kno that eller was alright ect. ok luv yaz bye."
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: "Mistress and Master are fine..." Eva purrs to Delue seductively, her hands roaming over him once again removing him of his shirt, pushing him back against the piles of hay around them,"Tell me my love....what do you wish of me?" she asks with a devilish grin upon her lips as she licks them wetly, leaving behind shimmering trail.
She lowers herself onto Delue, her body, not quite touching his as she hovers over him playfully, teasingly, though her lust builds, and she knows she won't be able to stand teasing him for long.....
Xion: Delue closed his eyes in pure delight as he moved his hungry hands over Eva's body, becoming more and more lustful by the moment. he rolled her over and forced her to straddle him as they lay down in the dirt. he tore off her shirt, revealing his lover's perfect, ivory skin and his lust took him. he kissed her all over, her breasts, her stomach, her neck, her cheeks, her forehead. finally his mouth found hers and he pulled her down on top of him as they kissed. they rolled around and Delue began to float up into the loft of the barn, where there was a bedded area. he lay his lover down on it, now naked, and he endulged in her flesh.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Sweet sighs echo from the loft as Delue takes her once again. The ground rumbles beneath the barn, the wind howls and swirls around thier naked flesh as they unite as one. Gutteral moans escape Eva's lips, not able to control the lust...or passion she's held inside after the first time they'd been together like this, though...this time was different, they were both more powerful...thier feelings had become even stronger for each other....thier need for one another broke any barrier....And here, they connected, two bodies, one soul. Her eyes opened to look up at him as he laid above her, her hand cupping his face,"Forever my love...." she whispered as thier bodies unjulated and writhed, skin to skin in erotic bliss.....
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Sara's eyes dart around in confusion from face to face. "Is she disoriented or playing us?" Annmarie asks Lorkyn. Her eyes are yellow, and her lips drawn back in disdain. Witch-scum, vamp-scum for a mother, and now I'm dealing with more vamps. Darkenn seems a good ally, though. "Since she's yours, can you find out what she wanted Darkenn for?"
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: .
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: "Sad to say, I cannot. Once I created her, I blocked her mind from mine and likewise mine from hers. The only one who can figure that out now is my beloved Darkenn."
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Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Or we could try something more direct, Annmarie thinks, not daring to mention torture in front of Lorkyn. She puts the chain to her lightwater around her neck and drops it down the back of her shirt, leaving her hands free.
"Geyaaghaiii!!" screams Sara, her head jerking back. "Ah-Ah, AAGH!"
Annmarie hisses and kneels on her stiffened shoulders, both hands firm on her throat. Sara's eyes are open, staring through the muddy grass against her arched head. "Mm. You said something about returning her soul?---" She grips with her ankles as Sara relaxes, then bows backward again with another cry. "I think she's just panicked." I know the feeling. On a whim, she leans to Sara's ear. "Tell me everything I want to know and it will all be fine." Annmarie has seen many who suffered like Sara become extremely susceptible to suggestion.
Sara screams, her skin feels like hordes of beetles and her guts are like maggots. Her back tightens of its own will and squeezes out her lungs, her brain.
A voice.
"---all be fine." I'll be fine. I'll be fine but I DON'T KNOW---I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAP---what happened. I don't know. It's dark, her eyes ache and they see rings of black fuzz, with a blurred light in the center.
A touch on her face, and she calms. "Lucky," says the voice. The hands stay there, rubbing over her forehead and gently along the sockets of her eyes. As her body eases, she can think and remember, and she shudders. Her head drops back against the grass, and she feels the mud with her hand, feels someone small kneeling on her chest.
"What did you want with Darkenn?"
Images flutter behind her eyes. "He was . . . ah." She sighs. "He was my lucky stag, he was my blessing---"
"Stop talking in figures," says the voice. The hands leave her face, and the air is cold where they had been. "In what capacity was he valuable to you?"
"Whah---" She opens her eyes, squints, and sees a face against the dawn sky, bent low over her own---a dark, broad, angular face, the same exotic-not-beautiful bones that won her so many long stares years ago, and still, now.
"God!" she cries, jerking upright as the night's events crowd back. Annmarie is tense with hostility, rubbing her hands against her moth-eaten army shirt from when they had touched Sara's face.
"In what capacity---"
Ang-nggarr-i ku Ruhakarang Roka-ar is no daughter of yours, booms a voice in her head, and she finds herself breathing Annmarie's breath, staring into her rigid eyes finger-breadths from her own, but only for an instant. Annmarie jerks back as though dodging a thrown rock. "Darkenn, take over. I am not distanced from the subject.
"And you, tell us. This is tiresome," she adds to Sara as she leaves her chest to restrain her by one arm.
Rokhal: CRAP!!
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: sits in grass near Sara, still in conflict, wanting to hurt her but knowing she shouldnt...
(God, i swear im through with guys! I thought i found someone to help me get over Zane...tunrs out he did me exactly as Zane did...he found someone else...well...he didnt wanna break up with me, but imma break it off with him. Far be it for me to stand in the way of true happiness...I was made to play the sad role anyways...:'()
Pheonix389: (its okay eller i know how it feel. Just when i thought i could be happy again it was all stripped from me...)Darkenn leaned over sara lifting her by her arms. darkenn stared deep into her eyes searching her mind. He drew her forth into his mind and in that way, because her mind was in his and there for part of his, searching it. with a gasp darkenn dropped her severing their connection . He now knoew why sara had wanted him.(sum 1 else can fill it in im just too depressed to fill creative)
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: (whats wrong?!)
Lorkyn rose to her feet as Darkenn dropped Sara. She read through his mind what Sara had wanted him for. It wasnt really Sara's fault...She was merely a pawn. She was sent to seduce Darkenn and take his powers away...but her feelings came back for him and she grew week, she could not do it...Lorkyn turned away, saddened and began to walk off in the direction of the woods.
Rokhal: Annmarie sighs. "What is it?"
"She's enslaved most of the world's vampires," Darkenn replies, aghast. "She wanted to take me, too. Make me a . . ."
"Put you under." Annmarie supplies the usual euphemism.
"Destroy me. And I would spread the enslavement."
"It wasn't me," Sara protests.
"Sar?" asks Annmarie.
"What?" replies Darkenn, puzzled at the word.
"Eh. Sar, sir, sire---it's an expression of loyalty. Is she lying?"
"No. It's not her fault, someone took her over."
"Of course. Any idea who or what that was? If she still controls the vamps, we should have a chance at killing him."
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: (YES! I GOT OUTTA MY HOUSE!!!!:))
Pheonix389: Suddenly in darkenns mind something clicked and an icy wave of shock over took him. His hand on lorkyns shoulder which had been pulling her back towards him. "Marious" darkenn sat down rubbing his face "Mariouse wanted to enslave me." darkenn blinked "but we killed him...or did we? Mariouse has many tricks and he is popssible of anything...but why would he need me?"
Scyron Aucole: Any one on?
Pheonix389: (i have nuthin to post so im postin this...my fav part of lose it by missy elliot)
I've got a cute face
Chubby waist
Thick legs in shape
Rump shakin both wayz
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Flo froppa head knocka
Beat stalla tail droppa
Do ma thang muthafukas
Ma rose royce lamborghini
Blu madina alwayz beamin
Ragtop chrome pipes
Blu lights outta sight
Long weave sewed in
Say it again sewed in
Make dat money tho it n
Booty bouncin gon hit
Pheonix389: ...................
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: *shakes head* "I dont know how he could have survived, nor do I know what he wants with you...We must worry about that later however...we have an issue at hand..."she looked at Sara..."Since she was not out to destroy you...she has gained some trust...I should assume, within you, my lord?" Lorkyn said turning towards Darkenn..."The choice is yours...take your old lover here along with us...or leave her to fend for herself..." she gave Sara a vile look then hurried and looked away, feeling guilty for disrespecting her only fledgling...
Pheonix389: darkenn sighed " we might as well take her along. If there is any trouble I would prefer it to be where I can find out about it."
Pheonix389: ..............
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Unable to control her mortal emotions at the moment, Lorkyn stomped off away from Darkenn and Sara...In search of Delue and Eva, time to get the group back together again, something big was going to happen very soon...*Eva, Delue...Im comming for the both of you, be ready* she sent to them.
Pheonix389: Darkenn sighed but let her go. He knew that she was simply upset at his decision. What she did not understand was that her betrayal had forever turned his heart cold toward sara.
Xion: Delue sat up, naked, next to his lover, and smiled shyly as he heard his mistresses direction. "come, lover, we have to be ready for our mistress. and i sense something...all together different about her. she is angry." Delue smiled at Eva and stood, shaking himself of hay and standing before his lover in his full natural form. he flexed his muscles unintentionally as he pulled his black clothes over himself. he brushed his hair clean and turned to his still lounging lover. "well, you heard Lorkyn, too, what are you waiting for?" he kidded.
Pheonix389: "My love," darkenn sent to lorkyn "do not be angry with me i am only doing what i think is best...her betrayal has turned my heart cold to her forever" Darkenn sighed and sat down.
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: With a cat-like stretch, Eva rose from the hay, her body still dewed with moisture as it glistened against the light of the windows,"I fear she's not angry with us, but with Darkenn....she's in turmoil with herself, and her feelings....I can sense it, I can feel her pain" she sighs softly,"Her love is strong for him, though she knows not what to do for him...she's feeling helpless....as she did when she'd lost him for so many years" she explains to Delue in whispered tones,"All we can do is be there for her...this is a battle she must face with her own concious...her own heart" she finishes, a bloodied tear falling from her eye as she dressed without another word.
She felt close to Lorkyn, as if when she'd given a part of herself to her, that she gave her an insight on her emotions....her lost soul.
Eva dropped her head to Delue's shoulder and let him hold her briefly,"I will never let her feel alone, she will always have us..." she mumbled against his chest, squeezing him against her before releasing him,"Let us find her, and assure her of our loyalty" she insisted, leaning over to kiss him once more before runnin towards the window, leaping out, flying towards her mistress...
Pheonix389: Darkenn looked toward sara his agiel whipping into his fist clearly seen by her "what did marieus want to enslave my descendants for?
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorykn met Eva and Delue, who was not too far behind her. She looked deeply saddened..."Come, the battle is begining, I will lead you back to Darkenn...* she turned without sayin a word more and went back in the direction she had come...
Rokhal: Sara shrugs herself upright---Annmarie has tied her elbows together behind her back, and attached a rope from her ankles to her throat. She glares helplessly at her daughter, then eyes the agiel; she feels strangled, though the rope at her neck is still slack. A cautious breath.
"You can't be serious---oh, you are. Marious . . . was very old and secretive. He got the better of me, and never explained more than he had to. As I could tell, he didn't much care for your descendants at all, Darkenn. He asked me about you for a long time, about the experiments I did---just little ones, nothing to worry about. I think he needs you for a springboard. Magic gains speed when it hits you, then it spills over where it couldn't ordinarily go. Enslaving you would affect more than your descendants, I believe."
Pheonix389: "or possible it could enslave the humans....maybe he was interested in my descendants after all" darkenn looked at annmarie "but he needed both parents for it toowork. From there he could enslave the rest of the world.marius was always fascinated with power"
Pheonix389: ................
Pheonix389: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
Xion: Delue noded and took off with the other two. in his mind, he could feel Darkenn's anguish over wanting to do the rigth thing, and wanting to show his love to Lorkyn. he knew the feeling. he flew on, flexing his muscles, and training his mind. this battle would be a long, and a hard one. he remembered being slammed around by sara before, and he didnt wish to do it again. he sent to Darkenn, "we come with the sunset, brother and master. all is well."
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn swiftly descended before Darkenn. She looked him cold in the eyes. Then she walked off to the edge of the woods, under a weeping willow, and sat down, flicking her hands as if to say *carry on*....she had no part in the interogation process as of yet...
Pheonix389: A single blood tear fell from darkenns face but he turned away from lorkyn. Before he had a chance to continue questioning he screamed but it terminated replaced by pure black skin blacck eyes and an expression less face. Images rushed before him of a world thrown into chaos. Magic was.....altered out of existance an as such the world was unraveling. Darkenn felt the words come from his mouth though they were not his. this was not like any prophecy he had given before "Beware where light meets dark. Beware the crossraods where shadow lurks. They often hide in fires crackle and travel easily on sparks. Beware of high places and down holes caves and shafts of every kind. These fey creatures often hide in waters brink. Some are of terrible icy beauty but some are shaped by whim.
Pray not provoke these creatures for they revel in causing extravagant harm and are merciless souless theives of magic . Heed my words and mark them well: Beware the chimes Ricci Vinci and Sentrosi. If need be great draw yourself thrice in sand and salt and blood a fatal grace." Darkenn opened his eyes and impact hit the air it was like thunder with no sound. The ground rippled and the trees waved and the joints of the people around him seared with pain for the moment. "we have a problem" he said once back to normal
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie groans. "Of course we do. Mind saying what exactly you just did? If you know?"
Pheonix389: Darkenn shook his head "it was all very unclear but things i have learned in my life i think fill in the blanks" darkenn sat down and grimly looked to eva and said "the chimes have been loosed, the chimes are underworld beings who were created during the wars between magic and the anti magic. or those who thought that magic should be extinguished" the chimes were designed to suck the magic from the world. They kill any beings of great magic that gets near enough to them but other wise drain the magic. What puzzles me thought is that the chimes are loosed to proect one being of magic at the cost of all the rest
, that is why they were never actually used because it would not actually demolish magic. anyway I assume they were released on m behalf but by whom i dont know." darkenn sighed " their names are ricci vinci and sentrosi and they each have their own allure. They try to draw you in and seduce you, then kill you...ricci is air in the old toung it trys to kill you by lureing you off cliifs ect, vinci is water i think that explains itself, sentrosi is the leader he is the soul of the fire and is most deadly." Darkenn closed his eyes as tears seeped down his face "there is only one way to banish them..."
Xion: Delue stood up after he had collapsed from the fire that had suddenly engulfed his joints and went to stand next to Darkenn. he looked around himself at all the trees and, standing int the middle of the forest, he looked to Sara, who was tied and bound. he smiled at her and then turned to his master. "Master Darkenn, what can we do to help you against these chimes? wil they come to us, for we are all strong in magic now, because you have combined your blood with Lorkyn's to aid myself and Eva." he turned to Sara, and walked up to her, standing just before her as she writhed on the ground. he lowered himself to his knees and got in her face. he was only inches from her face and he bared his fangs. he hissed and gathered dark energy around him, making himself seem more intense thanhe was, a simple trick he had received along with a million others, when he had recieved his increased power from his master and mistress. he spoke so quietly that no one would have been able to hear had htey not had their increased hearing from being vampiric, "you, little she bitch, have caused a lot of strife to those i love most. you WILL die soon, of that i guarantee you," he looked her as intensely in the eyes as he could, "and when we kill you, we'll flay you before you die, and ill give you tenfold the pain youve caused my mistress and master. and then, when you're on the brink of death, ill hand you to all three of the chimes, and they';ll have their way with you." Delue allowed his magic to settle back again, and it was just him looking at her, just as intensely, "of that, i swear to you," he said loudly. he got up off of his knees and walked to his beloved Eva and kissed her passionately, winking at her when they were done, reminding her of their time in the barn. then he turned to his master questioningly.
Pheonix389: " im afraid not delue for feeding the chimes is dangerous beyong belief. There is only one way to kill the chimes and i fear there is no way around it" darkenn swollowed and looked to lorkyn...he wwould have to die. A single blood ear fell.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn looked up from the ground. A single image ran through her mind...The death of Darkenn. She stood, defiant, staring at him coldly. She had revereted back to her old ways of not showing emotion. *So, you must leave me forever this time? SO BE IT!!* she screamed as she took flight and raced off into the distance. If Darkenn had to die, then so would she. She felt the presence of all three Chimes...she would seek out Sentrosi...If she had to die, she would die in a blaze of glory...
Xion: Delue looked to Darkenn urgently, and said, "well, what are you waiting for, go after her. Eva and i can take care of the prisoner, we will seek out Marioius and deal with him when you get back. go!" with that Delue turned and walked back, away from Eva, and beckoning her to follow, he approached Sara. "well, maybe i cannot feed you to the chimes, but i will kill you, just the same." Delue turned to look after his Mistress as she streaked away in to the distance. his heart sunk at her screamed and peircing words adn thoughts. his master and mistess could not-would not, die. he wouldnt allow it. Delue formed a plan in his mind.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie eyes Darkenn. Pompous ass. She grunts, then draws her vial of light-water out of the back of her shirt, keeping her back between it's dim glow and the vampires' skin. She covers it with on hand, then stuffs it in a pocket and waits, digging a pair of grubby dishwashing gloves out of her bag. "I'm thinking I can hold the frenzy down until the fighting starts. I'll kill Marious but probably not you, as long as you don't come too close," she explains. "Are the chimes mortal? I think I'm safe from fire, water, and cliffs, but not if they take me all at once."
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: [Whoops. I meant to say Delue, not Darkenn.]
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkkyn continues to race ahead, not stopping to think where she was going. Suddenly, a thought occured to her. She masked her presence from Darkenn and swiftly descended to the ground. She held her septor out and closed her eyes, chanting. She opens her eyes quickly and shouts; SENTROSI!....With that, the groud began to shake and crack open around her. Through the cracks, fire blazed up. Lorkyn looked up in the sky and saw Darkenn approaching swiftly. Before she had time to call out to him a warning to leave her alone, a hole opened itself up in the ground. Lorkyn fell through and the hole closed as quickly as it had opened. Lorkyn found herself falling, flames all around her, with no end in sight...
Xion: "well, ms Annmarie, despite your feelings about me," Delue said as he approached her, black hair falling about his face in strands and green eyes intent, "i do believe that we are about to find out the answer to the question you just posed." before Delue could continue, the ground began to shake and tremble, cracking and fissuring all around, and then as quickly as it had begun, it stopped. Delue looked worriedly to the south, where his mistress had flown to. "damnit, Lorkyn, now ive lost you."
Pheonix389: Darkenn reopened the ground chanting not wasting a second to divve in after lorkyn although sppeding himself with magic to reach her more swiftly "What are you thinking! There is always a way around death you klnow that iw would have thought of something." A beast loomed beneath them, not the true form of sentrosi because fi9re had no true form but it was sentrosi. Darkenn was caught in its beauty longing only to be a part of it, something pulled at the corners of his mind and he realized that the fire chime was luiring them in. Darkenn grabbed hold of lorkyn and orbed in a dark light up to the surface. " yhe set lorkyn down and readioed himself for battle (im not donee yet so leave room for me to fininish this please)
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn simply sits there and stares into abyss...she's broken...something happend to her when she saw Sentrosi...she cant react...
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: Eva slumped upon the ground against a tree, across from Sara and just stared at her intently, without a word. She knew something was about to happen, but didn't know of what, though she would fight til death for her Mistress and Master....and for her beloved.
She looked over to Delue with an impish grin as he paced and flexed his muscles, she admired him for a few moments more before speaking....
"We can't very well leave Sara tied to a tree, if the chimes approach, they'll feed upon her...will they not? And Master Darken said if we feed them, they'll be worse.....We have to move her....or kill her now." she makes a pointed statement, looking from AnnMarie to Delue for a bit of input....."Whatever we do...it must be done soon" she adds, looking do Delue once more, her eyes glued upon him with fervor,"Search inside....we must do what's right my love" she insists, then leans back against the tree, her sparkling eyes now downcast with the thoughts invading her mind....
Pheonix389: Darkenn shook lorkyn, she had been dazed by the fire chime as he had been. That is why the chimes were so dangerous. They lured y ou in with the promise of happiness and eternal life but just when you think youve got it you die. they were underworld beasts and unkillable except for one way which made them all the more dangerouse. Further more the longer they were in this world the more magic they were fed and the stronger they became.Their magic would soon begin to faulter, the weaker magics first but then the stronger would go. Darkenn put a middle finger to lorkyns forehead bringing her out of her daze, darkenn simply looked at her then stood and walked away "I cant do this lorkyn" he sent to her "Im not going to sara and you need to understand that" darkenn was almost out of sight but he looked back "because your breaking my heart"
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: "Ive no heart left...*Lorkyn said in a monotone as she rose to her feet and began to walk off...
Pheonix389: darkenn watched her and felt his heart break. Darkenn turned and walked a small distance and sighed. he knew what he had to do...darkeen drew threee fatal graces, a square inside a circle, just touching the edges, inside of another square with a eight pointed star in the middle lines emminateing from each. Each fatal grace interlock with the next, each was drawn of either sand salt of blood and the light that formed around each as he finished told him he was ready for the next step. Darkenn called the chimes and they appeared, ricci a swiriling form of a man, vinci, the bright water form of a woman, and sentrosi a blazing figure that seemed to have no form. Darkenn spoke " The protection is lifted and you are not bound return to your dark dwelling and leavethis place forever more" darkenn slumped to the ground as a wave of darness enveloped them casting a shadow so dense that it seemed as if there was nothing in the world but yor own houghts. When the darkness lifted darkenns head was on his knees, he was dead in a different way...his heart was dead, he knew this was what had needed to happen in order for the chimes to be gone. The chimes were of the underworld and had numerouse bodies. They cared only for the greatest of sacrifices.
Xion: Delue looked into his beloved's eyes as he paced, thinking about what to do. he looekd away, to annemarie, to see what she felt. she didnt repond, she seeemd deep in thought. he suddenly formed a sword, from Earth Elements with his magic and twisted it so that it was at Sara's throat. the blade felt cold against her neck, and Delue applied just a little pressure, to make a point. "i should kill you now, you little bitch, for all the trouble youve ccaused. but i will not." with that he cut her bindings, set himself squarely before her, and said, "go to your master and tell him he has three days to run before i come for him. tell him Delue, former servant of the clan of Ash-Haman, searches to kill him." with that he turned away, banishing Sara from his thoughts. he loked to annemarie, and asked, "where do you suppose darkenn got to-" but with that he felt the loss that Darkenn had felt, and the reaction that tore Lorkyn apart from the inside out. Delue hit the ground, his knees slamming into the soil in the clearing of trees. he opened his mouth but no words came out. all he could think of was immense loss, terrible, destructive pain, and sorrow beyond belief. tears streamed from his eyes as he realized that his master and mistress had lost the very things that gave them souls. if htat was true and htey had lost thier souls and hearts...no, he wouldnt accept that as an answer. his eyes looked to the South with great distress.
drk_angl_17: Lorkyn looked up, eyes wide. She saw Darkenn slumped over on the ground. She screamed, blood tears of hate rising to her eyes. She looked around at the chimes and stood, with a defiant look on her face. She held her septor up and chanted. Her arms were thrown back and so was her head, eyes closed. She started to levitate, cast inide a red, transparent orb. The orb took her higher and higher, then it turned solid black with red streaks pulsating on it. Only the vaguest image could be seen of Lorkyn now. She screamed and her arms shot out. The scream turned from single to double and through the dense orb, a vague image of Lorkyn splitting in two could be seen... The orb disappeared and Lorkyn and Miravelle dropped to the ground. Together they raced after the chimes....
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Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: It wants me to turn into a fish, Annmarie had thought, feeling a sickening tightness in her lungs, cold viscuous air dragging through her bronchi. The dragonform knew it was illusion, and shunted the sensations away where she could observe them but not act on them. She had lost track of the older vampires, and forgotten what she had come to do. The frenzy did not see the chimes, could not drive her against them.
With a gasp she realized she was drowning. The dragonform seemed frozen, and the chime's illusion leaked out around it, overpowering her fragile brain as she struggled to stay rational---her thoughts turned only human for the first time in six years. It burns magic, doesn't it? Dragon brains run on magic. A spot of pain swelled over her left ear.
The illusion left her like a dog dropping a shred of hide at the sound of the food pail. She saw Darkenn standing, by his posture attempting to spell the chimes into submission, a rent in the ground, a smoking grass fire. She squinted to two figures standing before Darkenn, beside a tower of brushfire, just as a dark fold, like a bubble of glass, hid them from view. When the bulb dissipated, only Darkenn remained.
"He didn't," exclaimed Sara, on the ground her.
"What happened?" Annmarie demands. Aaahh, ow.
"He just sold himself. The greatest part of himself, the part that loves. It's the only way to get rid of the chimes."
"Kssaqt-chke? He lost his soul?"
"Define 'soul.' It's gone."
Would he prefer I just kill him then? Or will he turn on us in a few minutes and force me to?
(Then Delue decides Sara's fate.)
"Ng'ting Delue---Delue! Where's Lorkyn going?"
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: [I seem to have trouble putting in prepositions today.]
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn looked at Miravelle...then at Darkenn, with pain on her face. She would get his soul back, even if she herself died in the processs. She aimed her septor at Vinci and chanted. A huge ball of white light cast itself around Vinci before he could react. The orb slowly faded into a crimson color and obsorbed itself in the aurora of Vinci, giving Lorkyn temporary control...only for a few seconds...
drk_angl_17 / Miravelle: Miravelle raced straight for Sentrosi...she sensed Lorkyn's plan...but in order to pull it off, they would need to work quick. Miravelle drew her longswords and attacked Sentrosi from behind. A great, fiery mass turned on her and rushed into her body. She dropped one of her swords and doubled over on her knees, screaming. Sentrosi was inside of her. She opened her eyes and fire blazed out. She took an elemental dagger from her belt, water, and stabbed herself in the stomach with it. She opened her mouth up in a guteral scream and Sentrosi lashed out of her in a torrent of pain, leaving Miravelle gasping for air on the ground. She recovered quickly and attacked him again....She was only distrating him while Lorkyn took control of Vinci...If Lorkyn was sucessful, she could fuse Vinci with Sentrosi...opposite elements...water and fire...They should be so confused by the fusion that they wont know what to do for a while...giving just the right time needed for them to destroy eachother...fire would evaporate water and water would put out fire...leaving them with just Ricci to fend off...or it could leave either Vinci or Sentrosi left...but SEVERLY weakend in state and power...Lorkyn would have to defeat Sentrosi in order to get the sould of Darkenn back...and she would have to do it on her own...
Pheonix389: (just making sure you guys kno that the chimes were banished and that theyre in the underworld.) Darkenn had bugun to turn as black as obsidian even his eyes and hair. His wings unfolded and he felt heavy, he had begun to will himself to death, he was turning to stone...
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: "Stupid---ssha! Sar!" she bellows, running toward Darkenn. If he were human she would look into his eyes, pull into his mind and fix him, or at least hold him stable. She has never entered a vampire's mind. As his skin blackens, making her own skin crawl in sympathy, she barely controls the urge to sieze him by the hair and make him look at her. Instead she swats him across the face with her gloved hand, feeling the rubber come away cold under her shocked fingers. She slaps him again, muttering. "Patience. Courage. Duty. Courage. Duty. You would never shirk duty, would you? Courage, duty. Hold with us a while," though she remembers her country's code of suicide for the bitten, and wonders if Darkenn is attempting something similar.
Xion: Delue raced after Annemarie, beckoning his beloved to follow, and watched as Sentrosi, Vicci, and Ricci being banished to the underworld, with the help of Lorkyn and Miravelle. he slammed to a hault as he felt his Master's heart deteriorate and crumble, along with the rest of his body turning black. his heart sunk, and he gasped in pain as the anguish of it all hit him like a wave. he wept the tears of vampires, blood tears, and lowered himself to the ground, looking on as annemarie went to minister to him.
drk_angl_17: Lorkyn stopped dead in her tracks. She felt Darkenn slowly passing. *Miravelle, its all up to you now!* she sceamed. She raced up through the fiery pits and broke through the earth right before Darkenn's feet. She slowly levitated herself even with the earth's surface. She looked into his eyes...she cast her soul into his body, her mind connected with his. If he were to die now, then so would she. It was all up to him now, Lorkyn gave herself over to his will completely...If he can bare to see her die now, then it would happen...but if he chose to save Lorkyn this one last time...they would both make it...
Pheonix389: Darkenn felt ann odd sense of being. He was not sure how long it had been since he banished the chimes. It was as if everything had gone dark and nothing matterd. He diddnt know why he had this sudden sense of being and will to live but the explination came when he looked up. The figure of lorkyn stood before him. darkenn stared "Im sorry" he said before standing and taking her in his arms kissing her deeply spinning her aroun "thank you...thank you....I love you lorkyn you and only you until the end of time....forgive me?
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn laughed in Darkenn's ear. She kissed his ear as he spun her around. They stopped spinning and she looked up into his eyes. *Im must say sorry too love, mortal jealousy overtook my vampiric senses* She looked at him innocently then fell to kissing him. *I love you, til the day I die...*
drk_angl_17 / Miravelle: Miravelle watched as Lorkyn took flight and left. She turned back to Sentrosi. She saw Vinci comming at her out of the corner of her eye. She leaped just as Vinci tried to blast her with a surge of elemental energy. She had a plan. She dove in front of Sentrosi just as another surge of power shot out at her. She ducked and Vinci lept at her...Miravelle ducked out of the way just in time to see the fusion of Vinci and Sentrosi begin....
Pheonix389: darkenn kissed her and said "I will love you forever my love" then took her by the hand as they began to fade from time to a place where death was, not took place. dakenn inteneded to fight the chimes, all of them.
Pheonix389: darkenn kissed her and said "I will love you forever my love" then took her by the hand as they began to fade from time to a place where death was, not took place. dakenn inteneded to extract his vengance on the chimes...all of them
Pheonix389: sorry ignore thye first post where i intent to kill the chimes
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie had backed away quickly when Lorkyn arrived, uncertain if the presence of two vampires so near would rouse her frenzy even without physical contact. She watches them in bewilderment, two undead---immortals?---rapt in total trust, with a love that has lasted centuries.
She turns away sharply and scans the area. "Time to meet the watchdogs' master, then?"
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: *I'll stand by you through anything, my love* Lorkyn said as she allowed herself to fade away with Darkenn. The two chimes, Sentrosi and Vinci, should be greatly weakend by now anyways...*Eva, Delue, You've been great pupils and the best of friends. Follow Annmarie in the quest for Sara's master until we return..do not worry about us...we have eachother now....*she sent to Eva before the world faded away...
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: "Right, then," says Annmarie, rather surprised. "Just a minute, I'll do a quick scan for him." She takes her orange brick and a long chain out of her pack, cradles the brick under her arm so both prongs are touching her hand, and swings the chain around her head in a broad arc a few times. "Ah," she says, packing her equipment again. "That way. Twenty miles or so."
"That's Lake St. Clair," remarks Delue.
"He's probably set up on an island. You don't have problems flying over water, do you?"
miroakukirara / nolane: can i join
Pheonix389: (dont see wy not, you might cast yourself as marius) darkenn opened his eyes to see the chimes and miravelle in a raginging battle and wasted no time, pulling a sword from no where slashing at the now giant flaming form of sentrosi stabbing him through the chest then spinning with the white hot sword and stabiing sentrosi following up with a slash through vinci . "all the chimes were made to be defeated by a sword, its about the right combotnation of strikes...fire cancels water water wirhgs down air nd air blows out fire...remember that for it is the only way to truely kill the chimes.
Xion: Delue looked to his beloved Eva and then to Annemarie, finally resting his gaze on his master and mistress, battling the three chimes. he was torn between his order to hunt and find out more from marius and to help his Master and Mistress. but i nthe end, he knew that they would both want him to carry out thier will. he turned to Eva, kissed her, and held her hand as he ascended into the air. he turned to annemarie after her remark about the water, and said dryly, "you'll see, just try to keep up, rookie." with that, he was gone, in the blink of an eye, and was over the waters of Lake St. Clair. the energy of Marius hit him like a brick wall as he slowed down. it wasnt that Marius was more powerful than anyone Delue had encountered, it was the way that he was powerful. his energy was...different...than anything he had ever felt. he charged forward, rushing straight for the battlemented castle that sat upon a ten-mile wide island in the middle of the lake.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie shrugs, shifts to dragon, and follows him. If he thinks I'm a rookie, what's his experience?
That smells familiar.
A scent of rotten eggs, with an earthy overtone, gone in a second as Annmarie mounts to the cross-wind level. Where have I smelled that before?
Marious---NgarIuus. With a transporter. Oh, hell.
Didn't I kill him already?
Pheonix389: Darkenn had been flung back hitting the stone wall hard enough to send a rippeling wave along it. darkenn was quickly back on his feet dodging and throwing blows in earnest, the battle had been raging on for hours but he was only just begining.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn charged her elemental sword in the form of water and went straight for the heart of Sentrosi. She plunged the sword in deep and he roared, flames spewing everywhere. He knocked her back and she fell on the ground. She was up in no time, sword charged with water again, attacking...It wouldndt kill him, but it would weaken him enough to be killed, if Lorkyn had enough strength left to keep the attack on until he reached that crucial breaking point...
Pheonix389: darkenn smiled wickedly
drk_angl_17: . . . . . . .
Pheonix389: i have nothing to put....
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: [sorrysorrysorry internet trouble + sloth]
Annmarie sees the island: mostly a shrubby sandbar, but at its high point it holds a cluster of cottonwoods and a showy mansion---at least any passing boats would assume it is a mansion. Smoke from the highest tower drifts toward Annmarie as she descends, still trying to place the smell.
A hundred feet high, her lungs sieze up as though she had just swum thirty meters underwater. Her vision blurs and the webs of her wings tingle; with a start, she shifts to seagull and the sensations disappear. RokA. That's the smell. RokA is a fungus bearing a compound that stimulates oxygen lock-down in dragons. She had seen it used once, in her own world.
Wonder what he's hit Delue with. Where'd he get to?
She lands under a prickle bush and shifts to dragonfly, noticing a glint of steel in a patch of open sand as she takes off; probably a beer can, but assuming Marious is the NgarIuus she and her team had fought three years ago, it could be a land mine. And the mine would detonate with a microwave blast, then grow tentacles to digest the bodies. NgarIuus seemed to love the technologies of other worlds; he had repulsed Annmarie's team with winged vipers, enchanted mist, and an anti-aircraft cannon. Annmarie had assumed he had died when a pyrokinetic had detonated the fuel tanks of his Corsair fighter, but evidently they had underestimated his expertise in magic.
She swings back and forth across the narrow island, looking for Delue. Marious must have had a telepathic link with Sara. Since he knows Annmarie's capabilities and she knows something of his habits, Delue and Eva are the only dark horses arriving today.
If I'm lucky, we'll kill him right this time, and then one of his imported pets will kill Delue for me, she thinks, remembering the terrified girl she had met in the alley, when she had first found the vampires. I'll bet he took the bite willingly.
Xion: Delue flew ahead of Annemarie and his lover, and just as he reached the island, he was pulled forcefully and invisably into a window of the mansion, smashing the glass, somehow silently, into the hallway that he landed in. Delue shook himself, flexing his powers, which were now emense from practice and inner training, making sure he still possessed all of his abilities. he turned slowly as he heard a sucking sound, and he saw that behind him were two huge, octipus looking beings, completley black, with over thirty apendages each, suckling and hissing, venom dripping from thier maw mouths. Delue blasted the right one to test them, and then rushed forward adn punched the left one hard in its only visable eye. he flipped over and was about to kick the monster, when ten arms at once slammed him to teh ground. he averted them grabbing him by the ankle narrowly and he backed up, charging again and using a reverse polar attack, trying to separate the very ions inside the monsters from each other, while at athe same time containing the huge blast that would come from that diffusion. it didnt work, however, as Delue realized taht these beings were not included in the anatomy of Earth. he learned another hard truth as he tried to get between the two of them-they learned specifically how each adversary they fought attacked and defended. when he was able to drag himself off the ground, he closed his eyes and focused on the beings, not physically, but magically, dodging their tentacles without thought as he did so. he finally found a rythm within their magic Centers, and charged his arm with Fire, Air, and Earth energies, binding them together in a very specific and certain way, and threw it at the two of them, spearing the shots directly into thier mouths. they made a lurching, metalic sound as they imploded, simply seizuring and then folding into themselves as thier very anatomic structure, an other-worldly thing, destroyed itself. Delue breathed heavily as he finished, and then began walking down the hallway, feeling for whatever energies were inside the mansion. many things were magically masked, but there one thing that stood out, seemingly almost on purpose. it was Marious. Delue knew it. he lay within the very heart of the Mansion, on the third floor, center living room. Delue sent to his beloved, "Eva, come to this location and meet me, we will deal with Marious without the Slayer." Delue then began walking that way, thinking, "that bitch probably still wants to kill me. wonder is she knows that i asked for the bite?"
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: (where is everyone?)
Pheonix389: Darkenn had the chimes where he wanted them. the battle had moved above ground and the chimes were each locked in one of the fatal grace imprisoning them, darkenn opened his arms wide and took them in taking back his essance and imprisoning the chimes once and for all.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: If he doesn't wait for me, why bother with him? Annmarie drops to the ground, shifts to rabbit, and scrapes a shallow pit in the sand, then crouches there, listening to a steady mechanical whir. Probably a generator. She shifts back to dragonfly and approaches the castle in a wide arc, watching for traps and feeling small and fragile. A gull or dragon would draw fire, she tells herself. Another dragonfly passes under her from further inland, and she is reassured. No death fields.
She notices a dozen likely spots for surveilance cameras in the architecture, but if they are there, they're very well hidden. She crawls into an air vent on the roof, shifts to a spider, and follows ducts at random, dodging around the corners of three fans, until she reaches a vent to a room.
Gecko. Glad I listened to Jack and got one of these. She edges out of the grate, onto a room's ceiling, eyes the drop to the bottom, then releases her toes, flips, and shifts to human on the way down, landing in a crouch.
The room is carpeted in gray-blue, and wall-papered in little sailboats. Beside a large, boarded window sit a dusty bed and a low chest-of-drawers with a small television on it. Around a corner are a shower room, a sink, and a knee-high refrigerator. There are mosquitoes breeding in the toilet. I guess he doesn't still rent the place out, she thinks foolishly. The castle did have the impractical, extravagant quality of a four-star bed-and-breadfast, and she had noticed the wreckage of a small marina.
The door is unlocked, but jammed somehow. She shifts to cow and shoulders her way out.
Xion: Delue walked past several doors, closets, windows, and shutes, on his way directly for that source of power that was Marious. he opened one of the closer doors to teh power, and saw something he hadnt yet seen in his years. five male vamps, all very powerful, stood on the cieling, hair hanging down over thier heads, and all were loading guns, or sharpening blades. three females walked ont he ground, readying weapons as well. "Fuck," Delue said as hte first bullet shot as him. he jumped for the left wall of the room, kicking hte door closed behind him. two fo the females jumped after him, clawing for him, and the rest began shooting at him. he dodged most of hte bullets with his regular strength, but he knew that he wouldnt be able to withstand thier UV weapons as well as battle these two she-vamps. he turned to face the two, and drew on his magical energies. he closed the three of htem in a bubble of magic, impenatrable by weapons or any solid mass. Delue flashed forward faster than sight could follow and slammed hte blonde girl in the jaw, breaking her neck and killing her with one blow. the red head round kicked him in the face and sent him backing into the bubble's edge. he shook his head and bared his fangs at her, which she returned. she drew a silver blade with a sturdy wooden hilt and twirled it in her hand with more skill than Delue had ever seen anyone handle a manual weapon. it whirring show stopped and she lunged at him. he threw himself into the air and caught the blade with his boots, twisting his entire body to fling her to the ground by the blade. he landed just in front of her and grabbed the silver blade. it burned his hand as he touched it to his bear skin, and he drove it into her skull. she burst into ashes and Delue finally let hte bubble fall. the other five males and the third female all engaged him with their UV guns, but he zoomed through the bullets, faster than they could track him, and he fianlly reached the first male. he snapped his neck and then used his body as a limp shield. the UV bullets planted themselves within his flesh hundredsof times before the body burst into ashes as the red head's body had done. Delue flashed up to the cieling and used magic to hte finish the rest of the assault crew. he landed on the ground with a satisfied smile and walked out the far door, closer to Marious. behind him, bullet-ridden walls, doors, and floor were covered in blood, soot, dirt, and ash. a light fixture fell to the ground and shattered just before hte door closed behind Delue.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn raced above ground, carrying a limp Miravelle in her hands. She laid her down and looked at Darkenn..she seen he had everything under control with the chimes. She flashed hima quick smile then stood up slowly above Miravelle's body. She extended her septor and chanted a few words. A bright white light shot forth and surounded both Lorkyn and Miravelle. They both began to levitate, white light glowing from their skin. The orb lifted them higher and higher. With one more word, the orb ceased all movement and flashed red...The last thing that could be seen was Lorkyn's head snapping back and a fiery red tendril shooting into her mouth from the body of Miravelle. Five minutes later, Lorkyn screamed and the orb burst, sending her falling to the ground. She simply lay there, breathing quietly...her energy was drained, but everything would be ok...
Pheonix389: Darkenn quickly scooped lorkyn from the ground takig flight heading for marius.
Rokhal: The gunfire is muffled when it reaches her, still in the top floor outside a cluster of guest rooms. Every other shot is a metallic echo. She catches a whiff of vampire as she passes an air vent, the same kind of vampire as NgarIuus.
Delue has found the hornets' nest. Annmarie is a bit astonished at the lack of security on the building's upper levels, considering he expected her enough to have rokA burning as she arrived, but, she thinks, death-traps work better indoors than out.
The room leads out to a balcony over a mahogany staircase, which disappears half-way between the first and second floors into a diamond-embossed steel sheet. Visible at the bottom are seams for a trapdoor and a flat handle. She assumes the lock is on the other side, probably a simple bar-bolt. She rips out part of the bannister with a horn, shifts back to human, and descends the staircase, waving the scrap of wood through the air in front of her and testing each step, then setting it against the edge of the metal surface to see if it's electrified. It isn't.
NgarIuus must have a transporter with him. Delue might get too close and spook him---or I will, but I know I won't get near him without running into something nasty. And under this metal is probably some sort of gas, robot, or animal . . . He'll keep the transporter within arm's reach.
At least he doesn't use hostages, as far as I know.
She pads across the steel plates, her soft-soled boots nearly silent, and listens for a sound from below that might be something interesting, like a generator or a submarine idling in a tunnel. The steel goes on as far as she can see, like a high flash-flood frozen four feet deep indoors.
She hears a rattle in front of her, and a steel-on-steel blur rolls around a corner, extends six legs in a triangle, and shoots white light at her, burning the luxurious panelling behind her head as she reflexively shifts to dragonfly to dodge the shots. Oh, crap.
Pheonix389: Darkenn landed swiftly on the island that was once his home so many years ago. Dropping lorkyn in one swift motion they both set of at a run toward the gunfire.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie dives at the small robot, hoping to land on the back of its gun and avoid its fire, then shift back and jam her dagger into something sensitive when its program stopped paying attention. Her vision bursts into supernovas and she bounces off thin air, back into the range of fire.
A single shot would vaporize her tiny insect form. She shifts larger, to the wet-skinned, locust-boned creature she had used to calm herself after fighting the swarm of vampires with Darkenn. It dodges three shots before she truly feels its feet against the floor, rippling along its length like a flag in a gale. Her vision is in radar and thermal, and strobing---the creature sees too fast for her to interpret, and its brain has several times her own capacity. She forces it not to run away from the ray gun, and it solves its dillemma in another strobe-flare of runaway thought: it ducks its head and spits on the robot.
The creature, like a certain desert lizard, spits blood by bursting capillaries in a pressurized sac. The robot has stopped firing and begun to steam as one of its legs drops off. Smoking welts appear in the wall and floor that had caught the spray.
Spitting is one of the animal's less favored weapons in nature, and Annmarie's least. If she shifts back now, her neck would burn out from the creature's loose blood. She lifts the robot awkwardly in one foretalon and smashes out a lakeside window with it. Water could neutralize the blood.
The stuttering world disturbs her; this body is like an ill-trained elephant, yearning to rampage a market for ripe fruit---or in this case, walking meat.
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Pheonix389: darkeen leapt to a window sill timimg the jumps just ight so they were unseen. He beckoned to lorkyn who jumped and grabbed his hand. When darkenn had pulled her through the window sill he turned motioning her with his eyes to follow him. Darkenn dissapeared into the shadows heading for mariouses room.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn stood still for a crouched down on the floor. She raised her eyes to see Darkenn running off in the direction of Marious...*this will be difficult* she thought. She jumped up and sped after Darkenn, her septor at the ready. This time, Miravelle could not help them. Lorkyn could only call her out when her powers were at their peak...and right now, they werent...
Pheonix389: Darkenn stoppe in fron of mariouses room turning o lorky. He looked her in the eyes "no matter what happenes I love yuo now and forever" the he turned jerking his arms open sending the door flying. He strode into the room as mariouse stood he looked him in the eyes before the battle began. Darkenn slammed marious against the wall...
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn was stunned for a brief second. She watched helplessly as Darkenn burst into the room and charged Marious. She rushed in after him, septor glowing, ready for a fight. *Eva, Delue...where are you guys...the fight is about to begin and...I CANT HANDL IT ALONE* Lorkyn cut off the message...it was the first time she had ever needed help, much less asked for it...she knew the results of this battle were not going to be good. She didnt know about Darkenn...but her power and strength were not as good as they should be for such a battle...she had not the time to improve them before it all started...
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: (hello by the way)
Xion: Delue moved quickly through the mansion, waiting for his lover Eva and at the same time drawing ever closer to the quarters of Marious, which judging from Delue's senses, were enourmous-a house unto itself. he finally reached the hallway down which lead to Marious and he heard in his head Lorkyn's desperate plea for help. Delue knew that his mistress would never, ever, under ANY circumstances, ask for help, and especially not from someone that she considered her inferior, unless she really, truly needed it. he was worried emensly about his lover, and very suspicious of where Annemarie had gone. in his mind, Delue realized that there was an animosity between the two of them, even though they had cleared up that Delue had a soul back in the woods. he disliked Annemarie greatly, and she returned the feeling. Delue shrugged and then turned to walk into the quarters of marious. he realized the doors had been blown away about the same time that a red laser bolt slammed him in the chest. he flew twenty feet back to the wall behind him, slamming into it with such force that the wind was knocked out of him. when he picked himself up off the floor and got his vision to stop swimming, he saw that his master and his mistress were in the middle of knock-down, drag-out fight with marious, a losing battle by the looks of it. Annemarie hadnt been underestimating the beast. he was only five-foot ten-inches tall, almost half a foot shorter than Delue, and unassuming, but he had such power that it hurt Delue's head just to try to get an exact read of Marious's powers. Delue was mildly angered by the stray shot that he had taken directly in the chest, and he charged again into the huge quarters. Lorkyn was providing the assistance to Darkenn's slamming attacks. Delue added his own attacks, shooting magical attacks of Water, Earth, and mostly Fire at Marious. to delue's horror, Marious wasnt even paying attention and still the attacks just melted off of him, with no effect.
Pheonix389: (hello just wanted to say that im taking a break from the waklers of sin book and i would like to work on this one, i have an editor lined up and she wants to look at my progress so i need something to do in the mean time. Is it okay with all of you that i make this a book?) Darkenn was knocked back sever feet by a blast of power from marious. Darkenn knew he had to get close enough to touch marious if he had any chance of killing or capturing marious. darkenn took a step foward. It took an immense ammount of effort. the whole room seemed to ripple and slow even the lighning wich rained down upon them crumbling he cieling and walls seemed to take several seconds to stike. Darkenns ears were ringing marious had a shield around him, darkenns skin began to catch fire and flake as he took three more steps he collapsed and was thrown back caught by delue. Darkenn was only down for a moment beore he began to unweave the web of magic that was spun around marious
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: [cough, snort. Sure, whatever. Do we get to revise it first, or are you actually going to try to sell our scattered mpromptus?]
Pheonix389: (no i can e mail it to u. I would be doing what i do with the other rp i would tak ethe story line and the main actions of whats happened and turnit into a book cutting out the stuff that was taken from any other sources and then sending to the other authors. your names will be on it too so u dun have to worry about crefit.)
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn raised her septor and chanted fiercly. A white light erupted from it and pentetrated the shield of Marious's magic. It made a small hole as it entered, but the whole closed up after Lorkyn's magic entered. Marious stood with a somewhat smug look on his face, then he began to frown. The white light of Lorkyn's magic enveloped him and sent tiny tendrils of blue light coursing all over his body. Then, they left his body and attached themselves to the protective sheild surrounding him. Once the ivisible shield was totally blue with Lorkyn's strong magic...She screamed one last encantation and banged her septor down on the ground. The orb of blue eneryg shattered like a thousand pieces of glass...Leaving Marious sheildless...Lorkyn knew the worst was still to come, even without his protection up, he would be hell to defeat. Lorkyn colapsed on the ground...
Pheonix389: Darkenn shimmered lorkyn to a safe place where she could return wwhen she awoke for now though darkenn sprinted at marious but was thrown back into the wal. The second time he tried darkenn was caught by marious he could feel dark tendrils crepping into him seeping his life and immortality from him. If he diddnt revese contact so that he was holding marious not marious him, he would die
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn woke with a start and was back in the battle i no time. She saw Darkenn trapped within Marious's power. She stepped in front of Darkenn and directed the power from her septor back at Marious's power. With a crash of light, Lorkyn flew backwards and Darkenn colapsed. At least she had broken the hold Marious had on Darkenn...
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: . . . . . . .
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: (where did everyone go?)
RealityTears / Lillith Friend: O_o o_O
Rokhal: We don't really know what what's going on. And I'm off swimming.
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Pheonix389: Darkenn could feel the life slipping from his body marious was draining his immortality. He felt his sires grip drop and saw lorkyn lieing on the floor. He ran to her checking her making sure she was alive. Darkenn woke her and looked into her eyes. He felt a pain in his chest and looked down. A blade protruded from his chest and blood dripped onto lorkyn. He saw the fear in her eyes and he knew it was an immortal sword. He was to die. He could only manage to choke out her name "l-ork-yn" before his vision went black and the noises around him faded away...
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn screamed. She gently kissed Darkenn's forehead as she removed his limp body from hers. She stood, slowly turned around to face Marious with fire burning red in her eyes. She shot her head back and threw her arms out. She let out such a piercing scream that the walls of the room shook and the windows broke. Her septor blared. From it poured forth every ounce of magic Lorkyn possesses. It builds around her, consuming her, entering her, changing her. Her hair began to fly around her changing from black to red with blue tips, the color of flames. Her skin glows whiter than the whitest snow with a slight red tint to it, her viens bulge and pulse with bright red color. Her fangs lengthen a great deal as her scream continues. She grows a few inches in hight, her muscle tone builds up to 3 times of what it was once. Her arm lowers and she allows her drained septor to fall onto the ground. She looks at Marious with contempt and rage building. He cowers slightly but then just stands there, defiant with a smug smile on his face...yet he did retreat a few steps...She flew at him faster than he could see...her speed and ggility had increased by 4 times of her normal...She attacked him, sank her fangs in his neck before he could throw her off. He fell against the wall with a gasp before he flung her off...he knew he was no match for her now. Lorkyn crashed into the opposite wall...she was up almost before she hit it and flying back at him. He sent a burst of energy that hit her and crippled her on impact...but only for a few seconds. He charged her with all his power. It entered her and sparks flew from her body as she sent it flying back at him. He was thrown against the wall and busted the desk he landed on as well. He got up, rather slowly, but still his strength had not failed him fully. While on the desk, a thought occured to him. He picked up a large piece of shattered glass. With a strained voice, he chanted a few inaudible words and the glass behind his back glowed a faint black color...Lorkyn did not see this. She spread her hands apart and formed a ball of glowing red energy between them. She looked at Marious, then at Darkenn...than back to Marious with and evil grin. She thrust the energy ball at him, it contained all her power, her life was drained within that energy ball, her mortality was all she had left after that...The ball hit Marious dead in the chest. His eyes widened as he screamed, then choked. Lorkyn smiled, then screamed. As soon as the energy went through Marious's body, it shot back at her, it had hit the glass Marious had enchanted with all his power and reflected back at her. It hit her with not only her own power, but with Marious's as welll. Lorkyn's eyes widend as she stood there in shock. The fire in her eyes seemed to burn out. Her skin turned a slightly blackish color. She looked down at her body, examining herself. She had been poisoned. She bent down and gently kissed Darkenn's cold, dead lips before she fell to her knees, gripping her heart. her hair turned white and her bone structure went back to normal, if not smaller than what it was. She screamed, her face contorted with pain. The power had taken her heart now, entered it, eating her from the inside out. *I...l-l-love you w-w-with m-my lasssst bb-b-b-breath...* she managed to choke out before she colapsed, dead, before Darkenn's body.
* * * * * * *
Lorkyn's septor lay next to the fallen lovers. The orb had cracked and two separate streams of dark, rich crimson liquid flowed out. One was Lorkyn's blood, the other was Darkenn's. Lorkyn's blood flowed into Darkenn's body and vis versa. The septor rose in the air, one last trick...It cast the room into Darkness and formed a white orb around the fallen lovers. The last piece or Lorkyn left the septor...She always said she didnt have a soul...she was half right...it was in the septor. Her soul split into two pieces and entered the fallen bodies. With that, the room returned to normal and the septor fell to the ground, broken and useless now........
Pheonix389: Darkenns eyes went wide. there was darkeness all around him, and then there was light pure white light. He lifted off the floor a drew a breath.he coughed and sputtered before landing hard back down on his back. Stuggeling to turn over and draw a breath he saw lorkyn. He could feel her presance, it was as though his soul was his and hers at the same time. LIke he was a part of her a never bofe. She lie there barely breathing. He dragged him self to her barely sitting up "lorkyn?"
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn barely opened her eyes. She seen Darkenn bent over her. She didnt have the strength to sit up, she was barely managing to breath. What was Lorkyn without her power? She closed her eyes as Darkenn's arms wrapped protectively around her. She felt her soul, all of it, Darkenn seemed to be an extenstion of it now. She felt what he felt, her pain was now his pain, they were to share everything now until the end of time. Lorkyn smiled at this thought as she coughed. Her breath caught in her chest, she stopped breathing. She was still mortal. Lorkyn's septor began to glow. The shattered pieces reformed the orb it once was, Lorkyn's power was still within it. It flew over to her and placed itself on her neck and formed a silver chain around her neck. A silver glow throbbed the length of the necklace before it lay dormant on her neck. With one huge pulse of white light into Lorkyn's chest, Lorkyn opened her eyes. She took a long breath. She looked at Darkenn with fear in her eyes. She grabbed his dagger and slit her hand open...The wound did not close. She was mortal. Tears ran down her face, the were not blood tears. She wiped them away and showed them to Darkenn...Lorkyn had given her most powerful weopon to Darkenn, her immortality...
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Pheonix389: Darkenn covered his mouth and held her close. "you have a choice lorkyn, you can have your immortality back or you can stay a mortal. Which will it be?"
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Five feet or so underwater, about fifty yards from shore, Annmarie has finished flushing the blood from her form's throat, and is now exploring the edges of the island.
It must have been amphibious for millenia, she thinks of the creature. Its skin is always moist, and though she can feel vibration all up and down her body from its protrusive bones, overall it is reasonably hydrodynamic; its four legs close neatly to the sides of its long linear body, and its tail undulates powerfully like a crocodile's. It sees in sonar, sharper than a dolphin.
From the moment her head had entered the water, she had felt irregular vibrations from some sort of activity. She notices a shape in the sand, like a boxcar buried from one end, and sweeps around to see it head on. It has a heavy oval door, and a round handle.
Pheonix389: darkenn waited...
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn fell to the floor and cried. She didnt know, for the first time in 2000 years...she didnt know. Cedric, her lover, her maker, had brought her over before. That was all she had left of him, her immortality...She didnt know what to do. She loved Darkenn with all her being, but somethings you just could not give up so easily...Lorkyn looked up at Darkenn with tears standing in her eyes. She kissed him softly on the lips and pulled back a little shocked. He was so cold, his skin so hard...she was a weak, delicate mortal now...*I dont know...anthing...anymore...*she whispered into his ear as she got up and slowly walked away from him, away from the room...away from everything...
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: (this one better not die...)
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon:      The door opens after a few spins of the handle, and inside she finds a switch that activates a pump for the airlock the door lead onto. Soon she is standing in a large rectangular vestibule, with sickly green steel walls and deep drainage grates under her feet. She hears no alarms sounding, but since the pumps activated, whoever's watching the systems already knows she's here.
     The door out of the vestibule also opens easily, after shifting back to human, pulling her orange box out of her bag, and using it to hack into the newly-exposed wiring of the passcode keypad. It opens onto more medical-green hallway, with neither alien attack dogs nor gun turrets in sight.
     Still cautious, she switches to the bony velociraptor-shaped body she's been using. NgarIuus shouldn't know about it, it can dodge bullets sometimes, and she doesn't expect to meet anything it would run amock on. Her talons clatter rhythmically along the steel floorplates. Color-blind now, she can see the shapes of the sealed double-doors she passes, feel the magnetism of the complex's wiring and from living things behind many of the doors. She can hear the stress points on metal as sounds pass through them.
     The hall hits a fork. She takes the right, where the most vibration and electrical activity are, where the valuable parts of the complex are more likely to be. Forty paces in, electricity peaks. The disturbance is shaped like a cluster of frizzing suns, probably a bank of monitors. Someone would be watching those monitors. If there is, why hasn't security activated? Has it, already? Maybe the cameras are only watching inside the rooms . . .
     She trots past the door to be sure rest of the hallway is safe, returns to the door by the monitors, and changes to human. She presses herself to the wall and waits for an assault, in case security was watching for her to be vulnerable, then shrugs and pries off the door's keypad with her dagger, hooks her orange box up to a random pair of wires, and whispers for it to open.
     The door makes a lovely gentle whirr, and even human, as she stuffs her equipment into its proper places and prepares to run or attack, dumbfounded at the dearth of booby traps and loose carnivores in the complex, Annmarie can feel the sleek weight of the massive bolts behind the wall retracting to release the lock.
     Something hard and coarse swats her to the floor in mid-shift, and the spell dies undirected in a flare-flash. Annmarie scrambles away while the creature is dazzled, and glimpses a shaggy wedge-shaped head, white-edged eyes, limber shoulders the size of a Clydesdale's. She matches the marks as the creature squeezes out: bear-like head and neck like Strain3 werewolves, lengthened digits like naturalSouth, broad shoulders from reduction crossing, true wolf color, shortened hind legs and very long, agile forelimbs. She leaps back, falling against the wall to keep herself upright. Size worthy of the Giqrof variation, which according to the slope of the back, it obviously is not. NgarIuus must have taken up werewolf blending, using stock from Home.
     The werewolf's eyes are blue. Its teeth are longer than her palms, jaws heavy and triangular, lips thick as steaks. She could put her fists in its nostrils. It darts forward and she shifts to dragon, grabbing for its foreclaws, but it throws her at the ceiling with a toss of its head. Dazed, her wings jammed against the sides of the tunnel, she ducks to dragonfly moments before the wolf crushes her throat.
     She buzzes over its shoulder, but sees its ears turn in the back of her globular eyes---it knows. She shifts again to dragon as its massive head leads the turn to face her, one paw reaches fighting space, and before her back feet touch she bites it behind the jaw and slams its head against the wall. The noise echoes, and the dragon and the wolf collapse unbalanced. Immediately she levers up, her jammed wings an advantage now, grabs the wolf's jaw again and bangs it repeatedly into the floor, standing on both its forepaws with clasped talons. Its hindlegs are still twisted under its body, useless.
     It stops fighting. Annmarie plants a foretalon high on its neck, switches her tooth grip on its face, and heaves its head sideways until it cracks. Shift back to human. She draws her dagger and slips it through the neck muscle, feeling for the vertebrae, and leaves it blocking the spinal cord. The wolf's eyes are closed, unconscious. Werewolves are astonishingly tough, especially the war breeds.
     The bank of monitors, to her surprise, displays rooms all over the complex, upstairs rooms she herself had undoubtedly visited. She sees a broken window and a robot leg on one of them. Other screens show cells in the underground hallway sector, and one shows a mass of wreckage. This room is unfamiliar. The camera is at an odd angle, shooting from the ground. Part of the screen seems buggy; it's picking up a brilliant white blob in the whole right half.
     Something moves in the view, Delue's legs, crossing the blob. So it's actually something in the room. What?
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Rokhal: I saw SouthernQT (Eva) on the online list yesterday. She might need a synopsis after all that.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: (uhm...kinda drunk..ne one wanna find her and give her the synoposiss...uhmm yeah or whatever? haha..damn...QUARTERS! shit...why am i posting? fuck if i know lol...*laughs hysterically*)
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: . . . . . . .
Pheonix389: (haha ella and annmarie that was a seriously effing long post, i just skimmed it, sorry too lazy right now) DArkenn watched lorkyn walk away he thought that perhaps she needed a moment.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn kept walking, out of that cursed place and into the woods. She sank to her knees in the middle of a clearing and cried. She heard twigs snap behind her. She took the ready position, ready to fight....then she remembered...she was weak. She ran as fast as she could. She suddenly stopped. she had never ran from anything, it was degrading. Whatever it was, if it was going to kill her, she stood ready to die...
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie steps out of a small steel elevator, back into the more comfortable upper section of the mansion/castle/lair/hotel. "Which way?"
The small boy, wearing a denim jumpsuit from his locker in the control room, leads her down a hall, around a turn.
"Ah," she remarks. The tan carpet is scorched in front of a room up ahead, and shards of laquered plywood are sticking out of the opposite wall, like wreckage from a tornado. The boy edges behind her, and she reaches back for his hand. "There's nothing left to worry about," she murmurs, and enters the room.
"Sar," she exclaims, noticing Darkenn. "I would have helped, but I was unavoidably side-tracked."
"Who's he?" he asks.
"You can call him Tim, I couldn't get his name. Marious had him manning the security console. I got rid of the mind control that was left on him from when his master died and asked him where you were. He wanted to come along. He's a werewolf.
"The lower levels are containment cells and generators, and there must be a submersible somewhere, who knows why. Marious had a sophistocated security system that Tim was in charge of, but something went wrong and the controls all blew. That's why hardly anything came out to meet us---as far as I saw, anyway. Miracle of wiring . . . something always shorts.
"Where's Lorkyn?"
Pheonix389: Darkenn tturned his head I think shes in the woods, I think she needs help. darkenn clmly walked out of the room tand found lorkyn she stood in a clering obviously ready to fight or die trying.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn seen Darkenn and colapsed in a heap of tears before him. *Curse these mortal emotions!* she shouted as she stood to blindy run away. She hated the fact that Darkenn was seeing her at her weakest moment...
Pheonix389: Darkenn caught her arm and pulled her close "your weakest moment is when you stop trying." Darkenn looked her in the eye "I can give you your immortality and most of your powers back, all I have to do is bite you and have you partake in my blood, your blood, our blood" Darkenn swallowed. If she chose mortality then so would her for he would not live eternity if she died.
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: "Hyena," Annmarie remarks, jabbing her thumb toward a large animal prowling in the sand-brush a hundred feet away. It doesn't look like a hyena---three hoofed legs, a body-length straight tail tipped with spikes and raised for balance, protruding tusks in a wedge-shaped, stalk-eyed face, and pale featherlike fur---but it moves like one, circling, head lowered toward Lorkyn. Annmarie frowns; Lorkyn hasn't gotten up. "What's wrong with her?"
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Ignore that. All of it.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: (I remember you lol:P)
Lorkyn bows her head. She looks up at Darkenn with a sad look. She kisses him softly, shivering at his coldness then she stands. "There are things I must do...ive been given a second chance at mortality, most would kill for that. My love, you must stay as you are...I must leave you for a while. I will be fine, trust me. I will ask for the assistance of Eva and Delue...do not follow me love, I will return" She said as she walked off into the distance..
(I have THE BEST FUCKIN idea for this...I need two things from you all...one, Evan and Delue, I need to hear from the both of you and Darkenn...play along lol, dont follow me...do your own thing with annmarie for a while...I promise, you will FUCKING LOVE where it will end up:P ^_^)
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: She glances at Darkenn---pain, fear, worry. They had had immortal love, she knows, and Lorkyn is leaving Darkenn where he cannot follow.
She brushes his elbow. "Come, sar. I need you to help sentience-test the prisoners."
"Let her go, and see if she comes back." He twitches in anger, and Annmarie heads him off, blocking him from Lorkyn.
"You think I would manipulate her?" he demands.
"No, sar, not knowingly. Sar, you know what I feel about vampires, but I have no reason to loathe you. I know you and Lorkyn are honorable, you can trust me---" she sighs and starts again. "It's bewildering to come out of a spell."
"I know. I know!" He still stares over Annmarie's head. "Is she even safe?"
Annmarie turns around. "Sar Lorkyn!" she calls. Lorkyn pauses slightly, and keeps walking. "Keep to the shoreline and avoid getting boxed in!
"No mines on the shoreline," she explains to Darkenn. "I haven't seen anything loose around here yet. Please. Come with me, I need your help to pin down Marious's werewolf recombinants; I need to see if they're still sane. Knowing him, he's left me an interdimensional barnyard to clean up."
Pheonix389: Darkenn looked back and followed annmarie. "fine" he said only half there. Comeing out of his daze as they entered the room where the remainder of the werewolves were darkenn turned to annmarie. "I know it doesn mean much to that im your father but...thank you for accepting me...thank you for saving me." darkenn shook his head and wavered his mortal emotions as he had been lacking to do for sometime now. he shook his head and said looking at her "Im sorry I wasnt there, I should have been"
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: (ok fine...I guess I will have to do it on my own. I shall create a few new characters for the purpose though...no clue where eva and delue went...)
Lorkyn walked slowly into town. She checked the pockets of her robes and found she had a plentiful source of money. She walked to the nearest inn and bought a room for the night. She was very tired. On her way up to her room she discovered a man looking at her. She supposed she must look a bit disheveled after the nights events. She hurried to her room and locked the door behind her. She undressed, thinking how weird it was that all these mortal habbits came back to her so easily. She slipped under the covers and went to sleep, thinking about what she would do tomorrow...
(im going to create the new character, the man that was looking at her and a vampire to watch over her unless I can find someone else to do it...)
RealityTears / Lillith Friend: (Lorkyn, I'll be the Vampire if you need someone... Message me if you want me to be the char, and if not, oh well. Byes)
drk_angl_17 / Daemion: Daemion quitely enters the room where Lorkyn sleeps. He has heard many a tale of her, this all powerful female vampire. He was curious to see how she would be as a mortal. He stood in a darkened corner and watched her sleep. He cocked his head to one side as she stirred. She woke with a start, shot her eyes straight to the corner and threw a dagger at his chest, which he easily caught. *Well, though you are mortal, you are still a damn good fighter.* He said to her with a smug smile as he walked over to her and handed her dagger back. *May I introduce myself, dear Lorkyn...I am Daemion...*He said as his voice trailed off...He was lost in thought...Could this be the same one...Lorkyn...Cedric had brought her over centuries ago....Cedric was....his son...Daemion gasped at the realization and looked at her. She was ready to attack again. He eased her with his mind. *Im not a fool simply because I am mortal once more. Those mind games do not work with me, old one. But, I suppose, if you wanted me dead, you would have done so already. Stay if you wish, Kill me if you desire...but for now, my body demands sleep* With that said, she rolled over and fell back into a deep sleep. Daemion was taken off gaurd...she reminded him so much of his son...he didnt know what to do or say. He went back to the corner, deciding then that he would be her gaurdian and let no foul means pass her...
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn slips off into event filled dreams. She dreams of a man bound in a cellar...seems to be taken captive by a female vampire who is very very strong...He has scracthes all over his body that are bleeding profusely. She hears but one name uttered: Relik...that must be his name. In her dreams...she feels some sort of...connection...to him...It was hard to explain but she felt his pain, every lash with the whip, every bite his captor gave him...he was in torment...and she was helpless...she could do nothing for it was only a dream...or was it?
drk_angl_17 / Relik: (sorry, just introducing my new characters)
Relik's head snaps up. He is on his knees, she had delt him badly today, he was so weak. Thats what he got for being so rebelios today he supposed. But his attention was shot elsewhere...in his head, his mind...he felt something. A fuzzy feeling...like someone probing around...He pushed back with all his might and was shocked to find th origin of the feeling lay in a girl...a woman...very beautiful he thought. He smiled to himself. She looked like a fighter. That was good...she must have been strong to get inside his head, not even his mistress had suceeded in doing that as of yet...He gently pushed back, blocking her for the time being....he would have to play around with this later...when he had the strength to play...
drk_angl_17 / Daemion: A thoughy arises within Daemion. He thinks of Darkenn..He knows Darkenn was Lorkyn's immortal lover, surely he must have concern for her...Daemion thought to himself *I should find this...Darkenn...keep close ties with him...let him know her progress and that she is well gaurded and no harm will come to her....* He setteld on this thought and left Lorkyn for a while to search for Darkenn. He called out to him with his mind, letting him know he ment no harm and came with news of Lorkyn...
(just tryna keep everyone in the story here:))
drk_angl_17 / Relik: (FYI...Daemion is vampire/angel...long story lol dont ask:P)
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: Annmarie shrugs, then turns to smile at Darkenn. "Thank you."
The cell they're in is lit by bare flourescent tubes, walled in cinderblock, and sectioned into 6x4 foot stalls with heavy bar gates. The effect is of a long kennel for gorillas. On each side of the door the first cell is empty, bare walls with an exposed gutter running along the back and a hog drinking nozzle in a rear corner. The air is clingy and foul, and under the hum of a circulation fan whispers a hum of breathing. No arms stick out of the bars down the rows.
Annmarie begins to survey the stalls. The third on the right is the first to be occupied: a bundle of pale ribs and matted hair has rolled itself into a corner. "Hi," says Annmarie. The word echoes, and she watches the being as a movement filters out of the rest of the stalls, a sound like mushrooms growing. She rests her hands on the bars and leans closer. "What is your name?" she enunciates. No response.
She moves down to the next occupant, a stall down.
"WHO THE @#&% ARE YOU?" he screams, a tall naked man, still faintly tanned and muscular, with about six inches of beard. He had thrown himself at the cage door as Annmarie approaced, but now backs away until the hog nozzle pokes him in the back and starts dribbling down his rear into the gutter. He shifts position, glaring at Annmarie with the whites of his eyes and pulling his lips a little too far back from his teeth.
"I'm a friend. Marious is dead, the man who kept you here. What is your name?"
"Pete. Jernegan---how the #@$% long have I been here?"
"I hoped you could tell me. Do you know what was done to you? What you are here for?" Annmarie stays level, with a tone like an emergency operator or psychiatrist.
"@$#%'s a psycho freak. Givin me weird drugs make me think I'm some kina animal."
"Thank you. Where are you from?"
"Just around here," he replies, shaking his head. "Just around here."
"Detroit. Went fishing, woke up here."
"Good. Anyone here not from Detroit?" she calls down the rows. A few grunts, a yes, an "I'm from Canada."
"Was anyone very far from here when they were taken?" she asks.
Silence. "Other end of the lake," says the Canadian.
Annmarie nods to Darkenn, and they walk up the rest of the aisle. All the prisoners are human, in varying states of neglect, and most of the 17 are alert. Three of them have withdrawn like the man in the first cell, one is hyperactive, and another is hairy, with glinting eyes. If anyone had been near enough to see into his cell, they might have questioned Pete's drug theory.
"Marious went the test-tube and syringe route with these," Annmarie mutters to Darkenn. "We get them out of the cells, then I'll try to 'port them to Home for pop-tags and treatment. Most of them could return to their families, if they can pay for the pop-tags."
"Pop-tags?" Darkenn asks.
Annmarie lowers her voice. "Silver-cased grenade under the sternum. Pretty safe; only goes off if they transform outside one of our force-rings. If Home can't take them, I can port them elsewhere and install the tags myself, easy surgery."
"You gonna let us out, or what?" calls one of the two women Marious had caught.
". . . yes," Annmarie decides. Don't want to make 'em mad. "I don't have clothes for you, but you can take the stairs up and wash off in the lake. No one's around." An absurdly simple keypad at the far end controls the gates; she runs her hand down the buttons and the door bolts retract one after another. They watch the exodus---a few of people fall over each-other as they rush to the exit, but others wait, pry the three inert men from their cells, and carry them outside.
Annmarie leads down the hall. "I usually hate working with immortals, sar. They're depressed, antisocial, arrogant, they---they screw everything up. But you're alright.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn shot straight up from her bed, wide awake. Daemion had gone...no matter...she thought. Her dreams woke her. This...this Relik character...he seemed so far yet so distant...and how was it that she was connected to him? She wasnt vampire anymore...she couldnt remember if she had had phsycic ability as a mere mortal or not. She decided to try something. She sat on her bed, cleared her mind and tried to link with Relik in a non dream state...*Relik...is it? Where are you...Why are you in my head? What's happening to you...?* she sent him, hoping it reached him...then she sat and opened her mind to him, awaiting his answers...(hope that opened the way up well enough...not too creative right now, alot goin on...)
drk_angl_17 / Daemion: Daemion flew until he felt a strong presence pulling at him. He looked down...there were to creatures...one had the scent of Lorkyn still clinging all over him, he assumed this to be Darkenn. There, next to him was...as slayer?! She had Darkenn's blood flowing through her veins..was it...his spawn? But Lorkyn's blood did not course through this slayer's blood...no matter, he would figure that out later. He descended before Annmarie and extended a hand in greeting as he deeply bowed. *I am Daemion...I am not to be feared, I am not an enemy. If you wish it, I have news of your...Lorkyn....*
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: *We meet again? Define again...Do I know you from somewhere...what is this vampire's name?* Lorkyn questioned, trying to get to the bottom of all this...
Pheonix389: Darkenn stepped back pulling annmarie back with him. A knife was in his hand and at the vampires throat. "Who are you and why have you come." Darkenn knew that the vampire would not lie to him in the face. In three thousand years very few had ever lied to him without his knowing.
Xion: Delue looked into the setting sun, in california. he was perched upon a rock jetty near san fran cisco. tears streamed down his face as he held the only piece left of his lover. a silver locket, it was all that he had found of Eva. Delue had left his master nad mistress months ago, after Marious had died, to seek out his lover. she had dissapeared that morning in the barn, and he had tracked her through the midwest, down into the southwest, and then up all the way to the Victoria Island of Canada, and finally here, to california. he still hadnt found out why she was running from him, but he knew that she was. every time he drew near, she fled. and she could feel him just as he could feel her. that was what hurt the most, the connection, through blood, that would always be there. he clenched his fist around the silver locket, singing his skin, and wiped his tears. his competely black outfit, trench coat with black dickeis and a black ribbed shirt, flexed as he rose from his crouching position. he turned from the sunset, and his usually light blue eyes had turned dark dark brown. the light of his soul had gone out, and there was only pain and suffering now. little pieces of history and future had been filtering into Delue's psyche lately, and he thought that he knew from where. somthing huge was happening in Detroit, with his Master and MIstress. he needed to get back to them. Delue took flight as the first of the evenings stars peeked out, and felt the same dark presence that had plagued him ever since Eva's dissapearance. so far, Delue had been able to fend off the dark, oppressive spirit that was inside his head, seductively whispering in his head to destroy everything. kill everyone, embitter everything, as his life had been embittered. but he fought it weakly now, and he found himself in tired moments wondering if it would better to just give in to the dark feelings. he shook his head and flashed toward his master and mistress, who were strangely seperated.
drk_angl_17 / Daemion: *I come for the reason I said. News of Lorkyn. She is under my care now...until the time comes when she wishes to return to you...I thought it best to not leave you in the dark as to her and her being. I will not harm her, for reasons you may never tell her, or another soul for that matter. Her maker, Im sure you know of him...Cedric? He...he was my son. It is my obligation now to protect his lover against all odds since he himself cannot be here. I shall return periodically...if you so desire, to tell you of any changes in her or to delier messages....If she loved you as much as is apparant, she will send word to you through me...if that be your wish. I mean no harm...*
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: *You aren't...you cant be...that little boy I saved from the wolves years back? So foolishly brave back then...I see the wolves werent the only thing hunting you? Assuming I am right about who you are of course...that was a very strange occurance...I cant quite put my finger on it...but i saved you for a purpose...somthing about you caught my attention....*
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: *And why not one such as myself? If you're speaking, of course, about my new found mortality, that is of no circumstances. I still hold very strong connections within the vampiric world...*
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: *Hmmm....and when have I ever not been in danger?* She asked with a sarcastic grin spreading across her face...Then she realized it...Does he know she is mortal now?
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn feels him break the bond between them...She cant...she doesnt know...of all that could have responded...why did his mind reach hers? There was something more to it...When Daemion returned the next night, if he would, she would ask him for help...she had to find Relik...had to find what the hell was goin on...
RealityTears / Lillith Friend: *Alright Lorkyn, I'm ready to start in here... If you want me to just make up my own enterance, cool. Or if you want me to enter a certain way, that's fine too. Just tell meh and I'll start posting! :) Byes)
Pheonix389: Darkenn made a half turn of the knife catching it by the handl and returning it to its place. "If she sends word then return but unless she does I have no need to follow MY lovers every action." darkenn turned from him to annmarie. "Where to?"
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: (correct lol. If you dont mind...we need, rather I need, you to be the Vampire Mistress to Relik...enter however you wish...)
drk_angl_17 / Daemion: *It shall be as you wish, Master Darkenn.* Daemion said with a bow before he disappeared. He Re appeared directly before Lorkyn who was sitting on her bed, seemingly in deep thought. *What is it child, what ails you?*
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn told him all about her dreams. She didnt know why she trusted him so much...there was just something there that seemed so....familiar? After she was finished, she looked at him solemly and said *I must help him...I dont know why or how...instinct just tells me I need to help him...and I cant do that...without you...* She said. He nodded his head. *I shall help in anyway I can....*He broke off and hesitantly said* I spoke with your Darkenn earlier...I told him you would be ok...not to worry...Would you like to send word to him...?* Lorkyn thought a moment. Then she nodded. She went to the writing table in the corner and sat down to write a letter before her journey to save Relik began...
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: [How about if we follow Delue's lead and everything here is taking place after two months? That makes more sense, and it clears up the pointless island deal.]
"I hate places where angels come down and act like mortals," Annmarie mutters. "Bad sign." She turns up at Darkenn, taken aback. "'Where to?'" You go back to your business, I return Home . . . Lot of good they've done me, though. Or I, them. "I'm going back where I came from. About time, actually, I rarely stay anywhere this long unless it's for research. Might as well go now." She pulls her orange-rubber brick out of her bag, a state-of-the-art fusion of magic and electronic circuitry. "I'm sorry, sar," she tells him, her eyes shading to yellow. "I don't travel on my own time."
Single transport is simple; Annmarie sets the polished prongs of her computer into her palm, issues a mental command, and the device silently engages. She waits for the world to fuzz and shift to the barn-like rooms of the headquarters, for the confusion of half-divided senses, for the shock of quick temperature change. Nothing.
Her eyes turn gold and her breath rasps into a low snarling. "Ss|krrrrR hikskIss!" She gasps at Darkenn, blood trickling from her shifting gums. "The damn *%&@. They cut me off!"
Xion: Delue sailed over morning crested skycrapers of Detroit, and reached the industrial district with a twange of memory. he had been created here, in this very ally that he now sailed over. his heart returned to last time he had caught a glimpse of his lover. it was in Phoenix, Arizona, it had really had a hint of chance to it all, seeing as he hadnt been specificaly looking for her that day. he had taken time off after the lovers tie that connected them had temporarily been severed. Delue had known that she was trying to severe that connection for some time, and it had pained him deeply. he had turned a corner in Phoenix and there she was, standing ont he corner. she looked at him only for a split second, and his heart had fluttered, the only thing he was living for was looking him in the eyes. she hissed deeply and threw a huge beam of energy into his face, slamming him against the bulding he had been standing behind, and then soared off in bright daylight, in front of everyone. he had been left bleeding and brokenhearted. now he shook himself from his thoughts as that voice in his head whispered again.
"no," he said aloud, "i will not allow you to take control!" Delue soared on and as he entered the forested area he had lived in for those months that Lorkyn and Darkenn had trained him, he saw a vampire take flight in the morning light. the voice in his head picked up intensity, which scared Delue since he had always just considered the voice to be his own despair, and said "KILL THE DAEMION!!" Delue screamed and grabbed his head, forcing the voice away. he trailed to teh ground and began roaring, beastially tearing his clothes to shreds and transforming between human and vamp-beast, finally resting again as hte human form of Delue, sweating and crying, panting heavily.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Lorkyn finished her letter. She quietly read it to herself...
My Love, I am sorry. Surely, you of all creatures should understand this, my decision. In 2000 years I have never been offered a chance like this. I do plan to come back to you and take the gift which you have to offer...I wouldnt dream of taking such a gift from anyone but you, My love. Fear not, my decision is simply to fill my curiosity. I wish to remain mortal for a while. This does not mean I love you no more, you should know better than that. I've just...been through alot over the centuries...and quite frankly, becoming mortal is a better escape from it than becoming dormant, falling into a deep sleep for decades on end. When the time is right, I will come back to you. This is not as easy as you think it is on me either, Love. Every day I'm away, every breath that I take...shall bring me visions of you...I Love You.
Your's forever,
Lorkyn handed the folded letter to Daemion to give to Darkenn. Just as she did so, his head cocked to one side. *My child, there is a creature outside, a vampire to be exact. He seems...not well...your scent is within him...is he perhaps one of your old friends?* Lorkyn gasped...*Delue!* She shouted. She threw open the back door and ran down the stairway. She saw Delue on the ground, clothes fairly shredded, in a fetal position crying...never before had she seen such a broken creature. She crouched down and threw her arms around him. *Delue...its okay Delue. Shhhhhh...*She stroked his hair and rocked with him, cooing in his ear to try and calm him down...she hoped he would not lash out at her newly found mortal self...
Pheonix389: Darkenn took his daughter by the hand lifting her back up. He checked her for any serious injuries but none were found. Darkenn frowned "why?" He spread his wings as he often did when he was concentrating. the long black expanse of feathers shimmered in the dawning light. He figured that perhaps they should find lodging. He knew of a hotel not a mile away. They could stay there with the money he had found nearly two monthes ago at marious's. "Come" he said starting off " we need to find lodging"
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: "Fsieq. Fsiek, s|hasza, I'm an idiot. Oh, I'm such an idiot." She had already found and destroyed Marious' transporter, in the basement of his mansion. Home had declined the werewolves, but had let her port stolen gold to them in exchange for a crate of pop-tags and containment rings after she had sent the sane prisoners to a friendly facility in another world. She had never thought that Home would simply cut the connection, setting her adrift. Annmarie's transporter finds the universes it interacts with only through its connection with the base. If it could find a universe, it could take her there, but it has no stored locations of its own.
Annmarie shakes as she drops the computer back in her bag, and sits as though her knees are shot from under her. She would never see the team again.
"Those shkukje %*&#ing scum," she snarls, shuddering. A string of bloody spittle lands on her pants. "Whoever gave that order, I'll . . . if I ever get back, someone's gonna wish he was burned alive. Oh, screw it all."
"That can't be the only way back," says Darkenn.
"You know that round thing I smashed with a rock, then made a kiln to bake it in till the edges melted? That was the core to Marious' transporter. It's dead. Even if I could reassemble the rest of it---"
"How did you get there in the first place? Your mother sent you. And Marious, too, he came from here to your world. He lived here for hundreds of years before he started traveling. Our worlds are linked."
The red from her outburst starts to fade from Annmarie's irises, showing green around the outside. Anticipation. "I am an idiot. Sar, thank you. Thank you." She gets up, her face flat as usual, and takes a breath. "You don't have plans of your own, do you? I need to do some research."
Rokhal / Annmarie the Dragon: [IGNORE PREVIOUS!!!!!!]
"Fsieq. Fsiek, s|hasza, I'm an idiot," she spits as she walks. "Oh, I'm such an idiot." She had already found and destroyed Marious' transporter, in the basement of his mansion. Home had declined the werewolves, but had let her port stolen gold to them in exchange for a crate of pop-tags and containment rings after she had sent the sane prisoners to a friendly facility in another world. She had never thought that Home would simply cut the connection, setting her adrift. Annmarie's transporter finds the universes it interacts with only through its connection with the base. If it could find a universe, it could take her there, but it has no stored locations of its own. She would never see the team again.
"Those shkukje %*&#ing scum," she snarls, shuddering. A string of bloody spittle lands on her shirt. "Whoever gave that order, I'll . . . if I ever get back, someone's gonna wish he was burned alive. Oh, screw it all."
"That can't be the only way back," says Darkenn.
"You know that round thing I smashed with a rock, then made a kiln to bake it in till the edges melted? That was the core to Marious' transporter. It's dead. Even if I could reassemble the rest of it---"
"How did you get there in the first place? Your mother sent you. And Marious, too, he came from here to your world. He lived here for hundreds of years before he started traveling. Our worlds are linked."
The red from her outburst starts to fade from Annmarie's irises, showing green around the outside. Anticipation. "I am an idiot. Sar, thank you. Thank you." She gets up, her face flat as usual, and takes a breath. "You don't other plans, do you? I need to do some research. Got to have some understanding of this world's magic."
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: (note to Lareth...We mite needa speed things up a bit...2months already passed and she hasnt found Relik yet...you know the plans lol...lets try to keep the time limit within a year...then she can return......)
drk_angl_17 / Daemion: After making sure Lorkyn was in no danger in the presence of this...Delue...Daemion took flight and found Darkenn at once. He handed him the paper, Lorkyn's scent still clung heavily to it. He bowed and turned to leave. Then, he turned back, *Do you wish to send word back or no?* He asked rather coldly...he had the feeling that Darkenn did not like him...
fallen_angl_2 / Constance: Constance steppes out of the safety of the shadows. Keeping her guard up for the vampire that just left and any which may come. She had heard the sounds of a man crying and then the banging of doors, as the dark woman and the vampire came to his aid. Though she could not tell, but she was positive, that the woman was safe enough to confront. She calls out to the woman she sees bending over the sobbing man. Is there anything I can do to help. Instantly she felt the woman’s eyes on her. Constance was uneasy and didn’t know whether or not to run or to come further into the light. Her voice shacked as she spoke. I--I can help if you wish, I can at lest help you carry him into shelter. She fearfully started walking closer to the two beings laying in the alley. Her heart pounding as she came to see that the hurt man in the alley was a vampire. Her eyes quickly met the dark woman’s. She didn’t know whether to keep quiet or scream.
Xion: Delue had become lost in the voice in his head for some time. he didnt notice that Lorkyn was comforting him, and he hadnt even sensed the other vampire fly away, but then a voice had cut through the dark thoughts of world destruction. a female voice. it was muffled and incomplete, but he could hear it begin to suppress the others. "..into shelter at leas-".
Delue opened his eyes to see the ground. he moved his head and it was in between his legs. he was crouching, murmuring and hissing to himself. as his mind became more acutely aware of his surroundings, he looked up and saw Lorkyn. it had been months since he had seen her, and seemed like years since he had felt her presence this closely. he had known right away when her immortality had been stripped from her, but he had decided to keep that quiet. he didnt want to upset her, as she must be grieving over losing her immortality. the thought of grief brought a twange of hurt to his heart, and hte voice almost whispered again, but he pushed it out of his thoughts. Delue took Lorkyn's hand in his and kissed it in appreciation of her motherly comfort. he helped her rise, as a son would do for his beloved mother, and as he did, hte muscles that crossed his frame flexed and waned in the morning light. he looked over to see a woman. his black and gold wings fluttered and then retracted into his shoulders, bringing him back into a more mortal form. Delue had only tattered black dickie pants for clothes, and his power emenated from him in waves. something was seriously wrong with him, and for some reason, he felt that the voices were connected to whatever had taken flight over the trees when Delue had had his attack. he didnt speak a word, only looked into the stranger's eyes with his dead black eyes, there was only pain and loss held there, where before they had been pools of love and entrancement. Delue closed those eyes as a tear streamed down his cheek, and turned to go into the house. he let go of Lorkyn's hand, and began resolving in his mind what he would do next. the time for love and caring was over. he had only duty now. duty to his mistress and master, Darken, who was oddly absent. and he still had buisness with annemarie. Delue sat down on the couch insidde of the shelter and waited for the other two.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: (I thought lillith was playing the vampire mistress? If she doesnt reply soon...like after I get home from work...I'll start the character off myself...)
Lorkyn looked at the stranger. *Scream and I will have you killed...Hold your tongue and we can talk* She said to her. The woman simply nodded. Lorkyn looked her up and down...she had always been a good judge of character and this woman did not seem to be of any threat...Besides, Lorkyn could use all the help she could get...She nodded her head and pointed to the house where Delue had went saying *Come with me* They entered the house. Lorkyn sat beside Delue and threw her arm around his broad, powerful shoulders. *I told you, did I not? Before things with you and...her....got too far? I told you where it could lead. But you chose love...understandable, I did the same thing. I just didnt expect you to take it so hard...but I understand what you are going through, believe me dear Delue, I do...But there is bussiness to be had now, sweets, and I need all the help I can get....* She trailed off...she felt Relik playing at the edges of her mind again. She snapped back to reality and leaned in close to Delue *Im always here for you, my child* she whispered in his ear as she kissed his cheek and rose to her feet. She looked at the stranger and spoke *So, who are you? What are your origins? Why do you wish to help? Know now, you are getting yourself into something way bigger than your petty mortal life...should you choose to accept....*
SouthrnQT / Eva Zindraezen: After what seemed like an eternity....Eva stopped running...it had been too long since she'd felt anything, she just wanted to disappear, yet no matter how she tried, Delue's face flashed through her mind, over and over, reminding her of what once was.
She knew that she had hurt him....but she couldn't tell him why, she had been warned only once, and knew if she broke down and fled back to him, that he would surely die, the yearning for him to be near her cried out inside of her as a bloody tear fell to her cheek, then dropped to the ground, echoing against the concrete in the bitter silence......
She collapsed to the ground, her knees buckling as she went down and could feel the steely cold air swirling around her.....It was him...the evil that encumberred her life and forced her to flee from the only one she'd ever loved, he was the one that took her from Delue "One day you'll learn to get him from your mind dear Eva...for you are mine now, remember...if you leave me, and find your way back to him, I will see to it that he is wiped out, him, and your dear mistress"...............The words he spoke ran up her spine like an ice cube, her insides twisted,"Please.....I'm not good to you, I can bring you nothing, I am noone...nothing without Delue" she cried out, her hands covering her face as the bloody tears poured from her eyes....she was dying inside...if she could only send him a message...something that he would know her love was still strong in her heart...that it wasn't he who drove her away, but that it was Lord Lachtee, only Lorkyn and Darkenn knew of his powers, and now...so did Eva, as she knelt helpless to his powers....he owned her, kept her, used her...the smell of him sickened her as she was held there on the ground, "I'll never love you...I'll never be truly yours" she said softly, praying Delue could know somehow that she needed him, that Lorkyn would sense her distress, that someone would save her from this hell she now lived....he wasn't about to let her go easily, he truly believed she was his mate, that she would fulfill some prophecy of his....he was mad...insane and she was his possession.....<My heart is yours> she sent out through her mind...hoping Delue would hear her faint whispers and know she was still his......
*SMACK* the impact of a stony fist bashed against the side of her face and knocked her over..."Do that again Eva, and I'll kill him" the dark one hissed at her, walking away, leaving her there to hold her cheek within her palm....she was surely in hell......

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