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Roleplay - Sandbox by nikita2u / nikita2u

This is the original not the delux so nener! anywho im so dedicating this to only three people cause day are the bestest yesh i love you all else but still hehe to Darren, Britt, and Tensu

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nikita2u: taking to long to load on the last one
nikita2u: i think this hole damn site is getting slow -.-
net / Mathias: (wide sad eyes) Im not one of the best? (sniffles)
girly101 / silver gates: im never being deticated to*sniffle*
nikita2u: sorry! i just love to many...to put...it on? hehe
nikita2u: okies lol
girly101 / silver gates: i no plus my puter is srewy so i cant even get in these rps half the time it wont let me in the old sandbox either.
net: i thout i was special (runs away crying)
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Ah, this is much better. Nice and quick.
girly101 / silver gates: Hay darren!srry bout deserting u earlyier>.<
and caleb u r special!
girly101 / silver gates: o and caleb can u post in ballroom?
net: (sits by Saffy not looking at anyone else)
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Thanks! Yes, the Japanese, and German language is quite hard to comprehend.
girly101 / silver gates: *puts arm around caleb*mine
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Oh and Saphire, it's no problem.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Nothing really, -given cheese to- How are you?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Oh, really? Is Brittany saying wierd things again?
girly101 / silver gates: does that mean its depressing to talk to me?*looks at caleb as if he holds the truth*
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hmmm......
net: depressing? NO U MAKING ME HAPPY!
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: -hugged- Good bye and goodnight, Nikki.
girly101 / silver gates: by nikki,thx for saying i have a weird name...i think>_<
Yay i make caleb happy!!*hugs caleb*you make me happy 2!
girly101 / silver gates: cookies?
girly101 / silver gates: im bored!!
net: lol
girly101 / silver gates: *is utterly bored*caleb do the fall on ur butt thing,that is so terribly interesting.
girly101 / silver gates: that thing were u try to a back flip.
girly101 / silver gates: ok r we like completly alone or is everyone just reading this and not responding?
net: i dunno
girly101 / silver gates: *sits on caleb*
net: lol
girly101 / silver gates: u like my responce in ballroom?lol
net: Lol
girly101 / silver gates: I was like,i need to find somthing to play with,hmm how about his belt buckle!lol it sounded a little funny but hay it works.*lays cheek on urs*
net: uses water clones who trap them in water prison
girly101 / silver gates: lol,r u bored as well tensu?
girly101 / silver gates: ill take that as a yes lol*makes it start raining cheese over tensu*
girly101 / silver gates: im sooo bored is anyone on?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: I am on.
girly101 / silver gates: Darren!!!!hi!sorry i just got back on, i hope ur still here.
girly101 / silver gates: noooo im so terribly lonely~
girly101 / silver gates: .............
girly101 / silver gates: lol hello to u to.
EmotionlessEyes / Felicity: anyone want to join my new rp 'mystic lake'?
girly101 / silver gates: i just read it,but im going to wait a while then join,see how it starts then decide what char ill be.
EmotionlessEyes / Felicity: what do you mean?
girly101 / silver gates: in no it took me forever to read it all,basically it said there was vampires and the humans had been giving them five human sacrifices a month to keep them at peace,but there was a sort of proficy that theyd be killed by girl at certain time,felicity they fear is that girl.
girly101 / silver gates: her first post says how the vampires come to kidnapp her and brain wash her so she doesnt kill them,so her dad hides her behind a secret bookshelf passage way thing.
nikita2u: hello?!
girly101 / silver gates: hi!!!!!!
girly101 / silver gates: hello?
nikita2u / Arai: ever heard of oomph?
nikita2u / Arai: http://youtube.com/watch?v=1UBQ63Mu5xM
nikita2u / Arai: omg im in love with oomph!
nikita2u / Arai: www.myspace.com/nikki_roscoe check it out!
girly101 / silver gates: i love ur pic nikki!!hi every1
girly101 / silver gates: so whats up?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Haha, hello everyone.
girly101 / silver gates: darren!!!!!!!HI!!*takles with kisses*
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Ah,hello Saphire! How are you?
girly101 / silver gates: i dont like to correct people but u keep spelling my name wrong its safire.but thx for callin me my name,again sorry to correct you.Im doing good.u?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Oh, I'm sorry, haha. I'm alright. Bored, is all.
girly101 / silver gates: arent we all?i no im waiting on caleb to get on,hopefully soon,im bored.so u in any rps now?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Unfortunately, no. Are you?
girly101 / silver gates: ya im in alot rite now actually,most ive been in awhile,i just joined that rejects one,it looks like fun,u wanna join?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hmmmm....I'm not sure. I'll read up on it for a quick second and see if theres any openings that I can come in.
girly101 / silver gates: cool
girly101 / silver gates: brb
nikita2u / Arai: hello?
nikita2u / Arai: break me down you have a lovly face...scream so loud get fucking laid...hey your crazy bitch but you fuck so good im on top of it when i dream im doing you all night scratch yourself down my back...you jump into bed with fame...your so fine....I LOVE THIS SONG ITS CRAZY BITCH BY BUCKCHERRY!
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Buckcherry? I've never heard of them.
nikita2u / Arai: omg your missing out its sexy as hell! hehe anywho i wish you could see my myspace its so beautiful (in other words creepy as hell) missded yous! i hope you day is okie dokie mr sexy!
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Yes, it was alright. How was your day? (Mr. Sexies, haha.)
net: O.O
nikita2u / Arai: (yup! sexies da word! muahahhahah) SCREAM SO LOUD GET FUCKING LAID YOU WANT ME TO STAY BUT I GOT TO MAKE MY WAY! HEY YOUR CRAZY BITCH BUT YOU FUCK SO GOOD! hhehe im being obbsesed with oomph and im like all hyper and im omg i was singing on the phone when i was on with britt because i was cleaning my room O.O
nikita2u / Arai: www.myspace.com/nikki_roscoe CALEB GO LOOK AT MY MYSPACE NO I COMMAND YOU RIGHT NOW THIS INSTANT! hehe anywho this is the link i wanted you to see you dork! (tackles Mr. Sexie)
net: (Jumps on u and licks ur face in wolf form)
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Haha, is that so? I bet she was singing along with you. Brit's like that. She adores Oomph! Her favorite song is Augen Auf. (In English it means Eyes Open.) She's also VERY random, if you haven't already noticed.
nikita2u / Arai: http://youtube.com/watch?v=x8tWES3-_ok thats buckcherrys video well his new one ewww you licked me doggy germs *icky dance* ewewew hehehe
nikita2u / Arai: yup i noticed when she said her butt hurts hehe she reminds me of me sadly i do the same in school or like if my foot falls asleep in class i jump up and start to stomp on my foot and ppls laugh *sheepish*
net: (Keeps licking you) "I already look."
net: (Keeps licking you) "I already look."
net: (Keeps licking you) "I already look."
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: hmmmmm.....
nikita2u / Arai: you must like licking me you weirdo! *hits puppy with a newspapper and then licks darren* hehe
nikita2u / Arai: okies my aunt is kicking me off and im going to have britt kidnap you so i can talk to you Darren muahhahahah cheese! anywho *hugs and kisses Mr. Sexy* and PMed you.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: -licked- x.X Thanks? Britt would probably do THAT, too. Are you talking to her right now?
I'll talk to you later, Niki. Can you tell britt I said hi for me?
net: (looks sad)
Linzi: does anyone know any other sites like this one?
girly101 / silver gates: *picks up wolfie*loves u caleb!
net: YAY!!!!!!!!!
girly101 / silver gates: lol*sits down with u in lap and pets ur head*
net: (growls happily)
girly101 / silver gates: hehe*kisses your head*
girly101 / silver gates: hehe*kisses your head*
girly101 / silver gates: hehe*kisses your head*
nikita2u: HELLLLLLOS!!!!!!!!!
girly101 / silver gates: Hi nikki
nikita2u: heyhey!!
net: NIIKKKKKKIIIIII!!!!!!!! (jumps on u and licks ur face)
nikita2u: ewe w ew ew icky doggy licky! eckstein eckstein alles muss verstecktsein eckstien~ i love this song like to death! i am like wow!
net: "Aww nikki no wike me..
nikita2u: *huggles poor caleb*
net: (chages back and hugs) YOU DO STILL LOVE ME!!
Wolf-Spirit / Kozen: Hmmmmm.........
nikita2u: yuppers
nikita2u: thats your dragon name! HEY DARREN! how are yasssss
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: I'm fine. How are you?
nikita2u: on the phone with britt thanks so much for those translations hun i have an icky tummy ate to much cheese omg i was talking to britt on the phone and i was jumping around in circles saying cheese cheese cheese and i got wraped up in my cords and i feel over and i squeeked and my lamp fell on the floor! omg britt is so cute! hehe
net: Nikki u still wuv me wight?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: .....oh....wow.
nikita2u: okeis now me and britt are cracking up by how you said that and now im hyper and yes i love you caleb and yes now im hyper and now my tummy hurts from laughing so mcuh and i just spelt that wrong and im to hyper to fix it
nikita2u: i think i need to be shot. -.-
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: ....wait. You ate too much cheese? I honestly didn't think that was possible.
You and Brittany must be getting along well, with all the hyperness, I mean.
nikita2u: your right that means....I SHOULD EAT MORE CHEESE! god yes we are she is like fricken effing awesome!
net: YAY!!!! IM HAPPY NOW THank YOU!! *hugs Nikki)
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: ....more cheese? Oh boy. Just...don't explode or something, alright?
girly101 / silver gates: my puter is all messed up i can barely get in to thr rps,im going to respond in my rps when i can get in,srry its taken so long caleb
girly101 / silver gates: omg nikki im listening to that song rite now!!!!loves it!
girly101 / silver gates: omg nikki im listening to that song rite now!!!!loves it!
girly101 / silver gates: omg nikki im listening to that song rite now!!!!loves it!
nikita2u: im singing on the phone ^__^
net: IT OK!!! *Hugs)
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: hmmmmmmmm......
nikita2u: PMded you darren!
girly101 / silver gates: *sits on caleb*
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: And I, you Nikki.
net: Lol having fun.
girly101 / silver gates: I feel left out,everyones pming eachother*lonely*
nikita2u: Pmededest you again! ^__^ hehe
net: I pm u saffy!
girly101 / silver gates: YAY
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: hmmmm.....
nikita2u: pmdededest
girly101 / silver gates: hehe i pmed you calebs!!
girly101 / silver gates: i pmed u.*sits on caleb an kisses*
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Oh no, my computer is getting angry again....
net: Lol I pm u to
nikita2u: omg my whole body just went numb i cant even feel my fingers. *huggles darren* if your comp gets angry ill um bite it! hehe
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: (Brittany wanted me to do this) -poked Nikki- x.X
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: **Pokes sorry.
nikita2u: owies *pokes back* poke poke poke *giggles*
nikita2u: Brave and a daring friend
Resounds all over the land
Impossible a word never known
Time may last for her forever
Taking all that she may give
Angel of hearts above we sing
None look past for she is here
You are my loving friend my dear
wrote this hehe *blushes*
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Ha ha...
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Oh, wow. I like that alot, Nikki.
girly101 / silver gates: i pmed u calebsssss
nikita2u: im going to make a poem for you again sometime darren but as it is i need to get off bye mi amour *huggles*
omg brittany made me laugh so hard i couldnt breathe! she was like aww okies you ask her to long to say it. i gots to go honey *kisses and more kisses and even more kisses*
net: Pmed u to..and Im getting attention crazy..Somebody GIVE ME ATTENTION AND LOTS OF IT WEEEE LOL
girly101 / silver gates: *sits on calebs lap and kisses*
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Alright, good bye Nikki.
girly101 / silver gates: *looks at u and no one else,and holds ur face in my hands*
net: lol now thats attention
girly101 / silver gates: yepis it enough?
net: Lol yep!
girly101 / silver gates: hehe,*licks ur cheek*
net: lol
girly101 / silver gates: sooooo whats up?u seem hyper or somthin.im drinkin pophehe as allways!
net: Me IM ALWAYS LIKE THIS WEEEE lol plus the sugar! YAY SUGAR!
net: Me IM ALWAYS LIKE THIS WEEEE lol plus the sugar! YAY SUGAR!
girly101 / silver gates: hehe i just ate a banana it sucked,it didnt taste very good,remind me nevr drink pepsi and banana at same time!!!!what do u like better coke or pepsi?
net: Both have sugar.
girly101 / silver gates: lol*takles u and pins u down*whats with u and sugar!!!no more for u!!haha i will torture u!!u will be pinned here for eternity.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Good afternoon everyone.
girly101: hay darren whats up?
girly101 / silver gates: that was me.its boring,seems caleb is never getting on>.<
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Ah, I'm fine. Haha, I'm sure there's SOMETHING more fun than waiting for Caleb all afternoon that you can do. Perhaps watching television? Or...reading? Something along those lines.
girly101 / silver gates: i dont want to tho,i dont really like tv and i just finished my book last night,ive read so much lately its not even funny,i just got a shower and stuff,not that im going n e where tho.anyway so what r doin?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Me? I'm just staring outside and talking on here.
girly101 / silver gates: lol,i no it just snowed here.
girly101 / silver gates: *is utterly bored*
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: ...hmmm...
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: -catches the cheese- Sorry I left without saying anything, haha.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Haha, jellos? That was random.
nikita2u: *rubs budha's tummy* whats up peoples?
ellesmera / Cail: That exchange students? rp looks gd dunt it.. lol.. nice pic tigre.. oh n anah.. im so jealous.. whered u find that picture!!!
nikita2u / Arai: actually yes it does look good and im really thinking of joining
nikita2u / Arai: http://youtube.com/watch?v=1UBQ63Mu5xM this is the best ever you just have to watch it!
nikita2u / Arai: http://youtube.com/watch?v=F-xzJ9OHZ-0&mode=related&search=
ok this is the translation lol
ellesmera / kane_vampire: well.. im kane on exchange students? he sounds really stuck up.. then again, he spent a lot of time bieng the very first vampires bitch so....
i like takin the mick out of my own characters!
nikita2u / Arai: yeah i seen that on photobucket. it was interesting though i think that is where i found this picture like in the same catagory not sure though.
nikita2u: so effing mother effing bored as hell to the point of tears.
girly101 / silver gates: im bored to
girly101 / silver gates: great im getting deppresed and and ive been doing good
nikita2u / Arai: im not a cutter anymore 2 months of not doing it
girly101 / silver gates: I havent cut in....i think 1 moth and a half so im good to.but i have to get happy,ive been doing to good to riun it.
girly101 / silver gates: sugar!!and cheese!!*randomness*
girly101 / silver gates: sugar!!and cheese!!*randomness*
girly101 / silver gates: "In my feild of paper flowers and candy clouds of lullaby,i lie inside my slef for hour and watch my purple skies flie over me"
nikita2u / Arai: imaginary by evanescence
girly101 / silver gates: yeps!
girly101 / silver gates: huh?
nikita2u / Arai: *giggles*
girly101 / silver gates: i dont get it*is confused*
nikita2u / Arai: hello?
the heartless / Orim: whats up, im back from hell yet again
nikita2u: hey
nikita2u / Alice Kish: hehe
nikita2u / Candie: hello?
nikita2u / Candie: hey heart!~!!
nikita2u / Candie: so um whats up?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello everyone...
nikita2u / Candie: DARREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Is that so? Haha, wonderful.
nikita2u / Candie: are you ok bonito? *hugs* i like my new charactor lol im tired as hell and im like all getting sad now. dont know why cheese lol i goes to da doctor to see what is going on with me an my mom might have her cancer back -.- 50% chance ill get it in my earily 30s though its non hodgkens lymphoma
nikita2u / Candie: Bonito what is your favorite song by oomph?
nikita2u / Candie: bonito, brittany wanted me to say she said hi if i saw ya so SHE SAID HI's!
nikita2u / Candie: well...since no one wants to talk or something or left....cheese...i guess ill go in like 5 mins. i hope you feel well dear bonito nice seeing you again heartless.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Alright, thank you. And no, I am not alright, but I'll get through it. I guess I always do. And my favorite song is Augen Auf.
nikita2u / Candie: yay your on! *tackle huggles* anywho even if you dont want to talk about it just know im here to be my annoying self to try and make you smile mi amour
nikita2u / Candie: I pmed you darren.
nikita2u / Candie: i have to log off cousin wants on later mi amour thank you sooo soo much darren.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: You're welcome, Nikki.
girly101 / silver gates: hiya
girly101: ...
girly101 / silver gates: *throws cheese at wall*n e 1 on?
girly101 / silver gates: hi
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: hmmmm...this place seems utterly dull.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello Safire.
nikita2u / Candie: hey people....britt says she likes those felt book covers and i thought she said salt and i was like okies and she was like english class and now im hyper damn rice and i hit a wall on accident and im a clutz and wow this is like major weirdness wow never said that before i say wow to much WHATS UP!
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Wow, Nikki. You ran into a wall? Couldn't you see that it was right in front of you, haha?
nikita2u / Candie: nope if i did i wouldnt have ran into *giggles* god britt is so cute i could squish her omg britt made me laugh so hard i squeekeded! O.O WHEN I DREAM IM DOING YOU ALL NIGHT! HEY YOUR CRAZY BITCH BUT YOU FUCK SO GOOD IM ON TOP OF IT!
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Is that so...? Oh, wait...it's a song, haha. I knew that.....
nikita2u / Candie: but with you you never know *laughs* im evils muhahahahhahahhahha*coughs*hahahahhhahhahaha
Tensu: I have a question, what type of RP hasn't been on hte site in a long time?
nikita2u / Candie: answer:one that stays
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Oh really? Haha....and yes, you are very evil.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Very funny Nikki!
"answer:one that stays"

A Vampiristic Melody would like a word with you.
nikita2u / Candie: im happy and hyper. and a smart ass hehe
nikita2u / Candie: *giggles* sorry finny (uh oh) hehe la la la *tackles darren*
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: -tackled- No more rice for you, little missy.
nikita2u / Candie: but rice is so nummmyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! you didnt do anything tensu im just ina good mood now hehe
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: I enjoy rice with sushi, though normally sushi has rice.
nikita2u / Candie: *laughs* I LIKE EL QUESO! (cheese) hehe
Finnigan: Rice is icky if you eat it all the time. I rather eat a sandwhich.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hmmmm.....now I believe I'm in the mood for sushi.
nikita2u / Candie: yay rice omg i want some rice like right now O.O
Jordan Arema / Skye: heyoooo
girly101 / silver gates: hay peeps!
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello Safire.
Jordan Arema / Skye: okies ill remake it darren do you want me to use this charactor or another one for it?
girly101 / silver gates: Whats up darren*huggles*
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: It doesn't matter, Nikki. -huggled- Nothing really, Safire. How are you?
Finnigan: *sighs* Another silent day at Elite Skills.
Finnigan: You should get some sleep, that's not very healthy for a growing boy.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: haha, that was a good one.
Finnigan: It'd be most fitting for you to get some more sleep. Your body might breakdown one day at work assuming that you do go outside.
Finnigan: There's no need to use such vulgar language. What I have said was put into context wrong. Lemme put you into a situation where you are lifting something. No need to fret.
Finnigan: Interesting, very interesting. Would you please explain where that came from?
Finnigan: Oh, well have you thought of something that wouldn't make you bored? Like for summer, I get bored really easy. When I do, I write a story. Only this spring, I'm going to start a realistic fiction story. I'm just finding inspiration on what to put in the story. I also have to finish this other story that I started last year. The only problem about the story though is that I never want to finish it. It's like trying to finish something but you never want to figure out what happens at the end.
Tensu: And the name of this magic only RP would be?
Finnigan: Touche Tensu, touche.
Finnigan: No, I was replying to your last post before you turned into a girl.
Finnigan: *Puts on glasses and pocket protector* WOWzers! That Gundam is splederific! *looks at girl* OH MY GUNDAM, it's a girl! *Blushes* The OTAKU-ness.
Finnigan: Wakatta! Chizu no justu! *Throws block of cheese in the middle of the room* Shrink no justu *shrinks Tensu's boobs* Hah, I have solved the typical anime chick.
Finnigan: If you haven't notice, I'm a master at summoning. It takes some time to work. *waits patiently*
Finnigan: I smell conspiracy.
Finnigan: That question has too many variables to be answered.
Finnigan: I don't want to reveal that information to others. My parental guidances fear for my sake as someone from this site could find where I am located and possibly kill me.
Finnigan: I am.
girly101 / silver gates: hay
Finnigan: Hello.
girly101 / silver gates: hay finn,whats up?
Finnigan: Nothing much, just wading in my little pond.
girly101 / silver gates: lol i no what u mean i hate this hour on here,no one from any of the 5959595959595990000 rps im in is on>.<suckssss.so anyway,what times it were u r?it 1:25 am here.
girly101 / silver gates: nm im gonna go bed,school today>.<ttyl finny,i got u on aim i think,night
girly101 / silver gates: nvm im gonna go bed,school today>.<ttyl finny,i got u on aim i think,night
Finnigan: Oh snap, that stinks. I have an extra day off due to institute day or wot not. It's 12:30 A.M. right here. Well I'm going to sleep too, no one is on right now.
nikita2u: i have a dream! that highschool students will stand up to their web design students! i have a dream that i will actually know what the hell im doing!...then sadly i woke up. whats up peoples?
nikita2u: i ment teachers wow im dumb hey finn if your still on
girly101 / silver gates: hay nikki
nikita2u: hey saffy
girly101 / silver gates: lol whats up
net: *whistles*
girly101 / silver gates: *sits on caleb*
girly101 / silver gates: hehe
girly101 / silver gates: *raps arms around caleb*mine!!
nikita2u / Candie: hey puppy sorry i couldnt text you last night my stupid phone has been acting all stupid lol *huggles*
net: Lol its ok (hugs saffy back then hugs nikki)
girly101 / silver gates: 2 people huggin u at once!!wow ur so loved
nikita2u / Candie: my tummy hurts >.< stupid school food @__@
net: *Is really happy*
net: Awww I gtg bye SAFFY BYE NIKKI!
nikita2u: bye byes im all alone no one here beside me..*tear* on the road again cant wait to get on the road again
nikita2u / Candie: im on tensu! *tackles*
nikita2u / Candie: la la la la im so bored cause no one is ON BECAUSE IM ALL ALONE! mmm cheese.
Tensu: I got off anbd took a shower, don't complain!
nikita2u / Candie: back! still on?
not really but knew that would get someone’s attention. Anywho I don’t feel good so here is some advice. If you don’t want people bugging you when you don’t feel good say you have the flu. Worked very well for me today
Ok tummy is all rumbley and it turns out rumbley isn’t a word even IF Winnie da pooh says it is! ok as you can tell im tired and im weird and im sick and im saying im a lot. Why dunno I just am *giggles*
Omg I have the banana phone song stuck in my head thanks to the ever annoying most egotisical asshole and a good friend of mine Craig. Dumbass needs to get smacked considering I kicked him all day. Muhahahahaha I ish evil!
Im sleepy. I ish sleepy dove who is like chasing cats! *gasp*
nikita2u / Candie: hey tensu! missded me? anywho look what i put under candies name can you tell me if it sounds like a good RP?
nikita2u / Candie: the sound of his voice ever so clear.
in the farthest reaches of my mind
he stands so bold.
tall and daring, no emotion is evident
on his closed face. but beneath that exterior
is a warmth so vivid it matches the sun in
every way.
sweet surrender lays with him, bliss
of the heavens so comforting for this
lonely lost soul. Heavens own arms
wrapped into his.
the peacefulness of tranquility. the
lovers soft embrace. so smoothly
made that the sky cries its own tears
for the beauty that rest inside him.
no nightmare or shadow can touch
this lost child in his presence for he
brings out the joys of love and laughter.
dearest friend hopeful love heartbreaking
beauty, now I surrender.
you type to slow -.-
nikita2u / Candie: dont know but do you think by what i put under her like in her personality thingy or what ever the hell you call it that it would be a good enough RP?
Rebekahxgrrface: hey all
nikita2u / Candie: hey! love your name! whats up? im making an RP soon with or with out your thingy tensu anywho.
Rebekahxgrrface: thanks for sying u like my name
whats up all
Rebekahxgrrface: what??
Adden Lee: anyu of ya know if the chat is ganna be abck anytime soon. or if its going to be back atall?
Adden Lee: is there an thing else i can try, it wont connect off of the poerty pages either.
Adden Lee: will it be back?? not much else to do when its not up and no one one rps with is on.
Adden Lee: im at school, its blocked here.
Adden Lee: hum...do you know the screen name fullmetal? or have you talked to him lately?
Adden Lee: mmkay... so what r u doin? im kinda bored. stuck in a library comp area and not alloud to move... yay for homeschooling by detective...
Adden Lee: lol. lovely, im "researching" the US gemini Prgram. it kind sux, i couldnt care less what the us is doing in space, Im irish.
Adden Lee: true. course i cant say that because im currently livign in a house with a detective who works with the US FIB thing. yeah long story dont ask by yeah, im not aloud to insault the gov't so i just avoid talking about it.
Adden Lee: lol, lovely. im not aloud to serve US armed fources of anykind. only a resident yay me.
nikita2u / Candie: hey people i acidently leaned my ass against a cactus and im like owies! anywho sorry about not posting once i made it bell rang for last hour.
nikita2u / Candie: okeis tensu *hugs*
nikita2u / Candie: oh shuddup lol
nikita2u / Candie: im good just tired got sick today how are you?
nikita2u / Candie: hihi lol anyone want to join my new RP? its the setting sun if ya do.
nikita2u / Candie: O.O
nikita2u / Candie: ah well i got the flu so right now everything but the withdrawl
the heartless / Serbian: nice.....
nikita2u / Candie: creepy...hehe anywho la la la
nikita2u / Candie: he isnt an idiot just funny hey im strange also so yesh im an PROUD idiot! hehe
Night Seeker / Snow: Lets rock an rp lol
nikita2u / Candie: well you wouldnt but im extremely proud of who i am so yeah.....in another bad mood dear?
sorrow in my soul cause it seems like wrong really love my company....and i know that he knows that im unfaithful and it kills him inside to know that i am happy with some other guy...i dont wanna do this anymore i dont want to be the reason.....i dont wanna hurt him anymore i dont want to take away his life..i dont want to be a murderor.
nikita2u / Candie: smack that! i love this song! by akon! woohoo!
Night Seeker / Snow: nice
I love the song The Famous Last Words
NO I KNOW, that I cant make you stay, but wheres your heart!but wheres your heart..... but where is your, I KNOW, THERE IS NOTHING I CAN SAY TO CHANGE THAT PART, TO CHANGE.....(awsome guitar lead) So may my lights are just a shadow, but can I speak, but is your heart understanding, while im incomplete, a life that sop damanding but yet so weak, A love that is so demanding I CANT SPEAK I AM NOT AFRAID TO KEEP ON LIVING, I AM NOT AFRAID TO WALK THIS WORLD ALONE, FUNNY IF U PRAY YOU'LL BE FORGIVING, NOTHING YOU CAN SAY CAN STOP ME FROM GOING HOME! can u say my eyes are shining right, your so weak, is your heart understanding while im incomplete a love so demanding, I AM NOT AFRAID TO KEEP ON LIVING, I AM NOT AFRAID TO WALK THIS WORLD, FUNNY IF U PRAY YOU'LL BE FORGIVING, NOTHING U CAN SAY CAN STOP ME FROM GOING HOME........................(awsome lead guitar it rocks lol).........THESE LIGHTS ARE ALWAYS BLACK, TO BLEED, I say hello, I see you lieing next to me, with words that i would never speak, and done afraid, alseep or dead, cause i see you lieing next to me, with words i thought ide never see, ALSEEP OR DEAD, CAUSE I SEE YOU LIEING NEXT TO ME, WITH WORDS I THOUGHT IDE NEVER SEE, AND DONE AFRAID! I AM NOT AFRAID TO KEEP ON LIVING, I AM NOT AFRAID TO WALK THIS WORLD ALONE!!!!
And thats my song lol
nikita2u / Candie: rockstar by nickelback
nikita2u / Candie: since im a huge idiot can you please tell me what apathetic means?
Finnigan: RAWR! It's my birthday!
girly101 / silver gates: if ur still onhappy birthday finnyhi n e one
Finnigan: Thanks Safire.
girly101 / silver gates: yeps
girly101 / silver gates: im so bored!is n e one on?
nikita2u / Candie: anyone on this lovley morning?
girly101 / silver gates: hiya nikki!
nikita2u / Candie: hey saffire
girly101 / silver gates: whats up lovely one?
girly101 / silver gates: *is very hyper therefore can be very strange*
nikita2u / Candie: lol nothing much how about you sweety?
girly101 / silver gates: same thing.do u no what time caleb usually gets on?"Better known as ur puppy"hehe
girly101 / silver gates: hello???
ShadowDoll / Rayvn: hello!
ShadowDoll / Rayvn: hello!
ShadowDoll / Rayvn: hello!
ShadowDoll / Rayvn: oops that popped up a million times!anyways wats up peeples?
nikita2u: back! hey hun
nikita2u: hey hun,
at the moment im in exams at school and since im done decided to comment on poems. your my lucky chooser person congratz (hehe im full of myself) anywho lets tear this apart shall we?
"Long ago, I was left alone,
I sought refuge inside for years.
Drastic measures, escapeing from home,
You held me tender, you fought my tears."
Oh wow. first stanza is always important to me because it is what grabs my attention as your reader. and this is abosolutly beautiful! amazing actually its not the same as all those"im dying inside someone help me im emo and still crying" sort of thing and yes i can tease emos considering i use to be one. so nener hehe
i like how you balance this out with the heartbreak but then you shed some hopeful light with your last two lines. beautifuly put and nicely read. moving on.
"Loved by you, beyond all self control,
My angel, I'm growing tired, time is getting hard to afford.
Through ties that ended up taking their toll,
And sent me through reminissions of horror..."
again amazing. what i love about it is how deep this is sounding this is a wonderful piece and maybe even a favorite of mine not sure yet. what i dont like about his is "through ties that ended" that i stumbled over a bit and had to reread a bit to understand it. its probley the only flaw i find in this part. moving on.
"How can I think of giving you up for another,
How can my thoughts betray the gift to me.
And continuous I begin to have time smother,
In endless felt tip writes indulged in misery."
damn this is geting harder and harder to critque considering how good it is. i wont be suprised if you dont get that many comments cause this may be a bit intimidating. it has me stumbling around for the words cause i HATE commenting and not helping but how can i help when there is little to no room for improvment. Im confused about your discription though what PM are you talking about? anywho near felt tip and writes indulged you may want to place a comma cause it flows into each other where you might want a small break into. makes more sence if you did it that way but thats my oppionon.
"Fights that were not worth the time,
Fustrated you hate me with your passion,
Times I feel that Im not worth, I resign...
Finished, my sanity, I ask what has happened"
you go from rhyming to none rhyming a bit unoticed unless you look at it closly though here it sounds like your contradicting yourself.
"frustrated you hate me," sounds like a contradiction. How does this person who seems to love the other person ( i dont want to make assumpitions that this is about you unless it is but i dont wish to make anything awekward...well more than i already did ) so much but then you add the placement of hatred. intriging at most. "times i feel that im not worth." you may want to place the cold and crass word of "it" in there cause that part that was as smooth as silk i tend to fall over.
"Seperated, a line now between us and family,
My pain, my hate, my anger, sulk so deep...
Weeping willows of fate angst the mourning trees,
As tears so severed fall unseen deep underneith..."
this may take me all hour to critque! O.O anywho wow sounds like a tounge twister hehe i should like try and say this 5 times fast *laughs* anyway i like the structor of this though the poem as a whole doesnt have a consistency though im glad to say you dont stray off the topic. maybe if i knew what was in your head when you wrote this i might be able to understand this. this seems like a poem that is only understood mostly by those closest to you. anyway i love the words you placed into this intracatly.
"Hopeless, I deny all but what is in love,
I make this false image besides me that I vision us to be.
Time collides with reality, three years to be, nothing for me.
Wallows of despair hold me back from when I could be happy..."
this is a bit long though hun not many will read it considering its length. you might want to revise this. "three years to be, nothing for me," bit corny though you are coming out as a shakspear talking person here. ok this is gettiing a bit redundent yes i know cant spell but you are sort of drawing this out. wow this is going to my longest comment ever! yay!
"Oh of the wants to die in this portrait,
Not heaven nor hell faults what I long for.
Heaving and feasting on false phases of imagery so fake!
Tears you don't know of, I wish you not to see thy eyes pour..."
okeis you start modern then slip into medival. now your getting a bit off track. the "oh" has been used so many times sadly that it does take away from this masterpiece a true work of art. so you might want to try and change that wow im so going to get commenting lag hehe. anyway i dont really like this stanza so much either that or the words are swimming before my eyes and i cant truly grasp what im reading.
"A name possed of false image, Michael is who I'm not,
No choice I love you, I need you, love is to sacrifice...
Sacrifice all, I said I need you, I lost things, look what it brought...
Everything that equals nothing...Nothing it brought my life..."
wowwowowow okies i get it! the inner fight between ones mind and heart! beautiful! yay! hehe im glad that this actually had a twist the thing is i only justnow started to understand this...weird...so long into the poem for me to understand what the hell your trying to say O.O oh well i love this part and this is going to be a favorite poem of mine. "..." to many of those you are just taking away and causing unnessisary breaks in this though.
"Sometimes I trail upon wounded grave site,
And I mourn across the garden of graves before me.
I can mourn my eyes away in its sorrowful song all night,
To bring back the memories of those days when I was burried..."
wayyy to many grave and mourn. it just clashes to much together. though i love the dark sence you place into this with the use of fa gravsite. but now im again lost. i dont get what you are trying to say here. really im starting to get major lag im all blah now lol. i started at 9:07 am and now its 9:35 am....eeps! anyway probley cause of how i feel atm i dont fully grasp what you are saying either that or maybe im not that dumb or maybe im just ranting atm so moving on.
"Either way I choose,
Either fork I take afoot across,
I only bring myself to loose,
To soon end up in another sad misfoutune of loss."
well only thing i have to say is if you dont choose a path because your scared of being hurt your hurting yourself. In love or friendship it causes pain. Its up to you to choose who is worth all the pain. again i dont have must to say on this so im going to move on. though here you are starting to trail off from your orrigihnal idea.
"Loss is all I know,
Why I am I held back from this, why can't I be with you.
Why does distance have its deviled charm of saddist pleaure roads,
Why can I not embrace my virtue..."
now this is the thing i usually cant honstly stand in poems (considering i do it all the time ) its called self pity. that is what this part comes off to me and again you are now in such a mixture of poem its becomeing a mudpuddle O.O i do like it though. but again that is just me. if someone took the time as i have to fully read this would they honestly understand it more?
"I don't know if I can life this way...
I just wish to fade alone...
I wish that I would close my eyes today....
And be blessed in rested nights in my nocturnal deaths home..."
ok relook the "i dont know part." that makes no sence what so ever. ok im going to redo this part for you tell me what you think.
I don't know if i can live my life this way...
I just wish to fade into the dark oblivian...
I wish to close these tired eyes today,
and be blessed in my rested night of nocturnal deaths home....
see that makes a little bit more sence now i dont mean use the exact wording just hopefully you get my point. well im all out of things to day now im going to bash my head against the wall to get these words out of my head hehe
all the love
nikita2u: hehe see that is how I comment on poems
ShadowDoll / areilie: boring day this has become.
Adden Lee / Caid: who's on? anyone know what happened to chat??
nikita2u / Candie: hey peoples anyone on that post in setting sun?
nikita2u / Candie: yay! im here! woooohooo! PARTAYYY! heh whats up hun?
nikita2u / Candie: i gots one! but its serious kinda and you have to be really good or decent to join its alled Setting Sun. check it out you dont have tojoin if you dont want to though
nikita2u / Candie: its cool okies its nicole_roscoe@yahoo.com
nikita2u / Candie: yup!
girly101 / silver gates: hi everyone!well anyone is prolly more like it
nikita2u / Candie: hey peoples
nikita2u / Candie: hey tensu can you please post in Setting Sun?
nikita2u / Candie: cheese
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello Everyone.
nikita2u / Candie: hello darren!!! i pmeded you!
nikita2u / Candie: im ganna have to go soon my baby brother has court today and i am to see if he is going to juvie and i get to see my mom for the first time in like wow since jan 1 last time i seen her
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello Nikki.
nikita2u / Candie: how are you bonito?
nikita2u / Candie: well my baby turky i love you lots now im ganna have to ask where this damn court house is i miss my mom lol so im ganna like jump up and give my baby brother a kiss he is only 15 hehe and he is on probation and he failed a couple of drug test so im ganna be a suporter and make him turn red and then inm gannna kiss him again and kiss him somemore cause he is my baby! considering i practically raised him -.- hehe
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: I'm alright. Haha, your baby brother will probably love a kiss from his older sister.
nikita2u / Candie: back and i kissded him lots in the parking lot and he was like EWIE! muhahahaha im so evil anywho back are you still on dear?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Yes, I am still on.
girly101 / silver gates: hiya peeples!!!!hays darren and nikki's!!!!
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello Safire.
girly101 / silver gates: *jumps on yous*im a little hypers,anyone no when calebs is gettin ons?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Haha, sorry but no, I don't.
nikita2u / Candie: anyone on?
girly101 / silver gates: me,i thought caleb was but apparently hes gone now.he got on when i wasnet*sad*
nikita2u / Candie: i can ask if he can come back on if you want saff
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: I'm talking to him if you want I can ask him.
girly101 / silver gates: yay!!!
nikita2u / Candie: he said he is already on O.O
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: He is on.
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Yes, but he doesn't seem to want to post. *wink wink*
the heartless / Orim: We are being watched O.o RUN!!!! *runs around then hits a tree*
net: (whistles)
net: (whistles)
net: (whistles)
nikita2u / Candie: *huggles caleb and kisses Mr. Idiots oweis*
Imaginth / Vexa: Hi hun!! *kisses* I know this isn't normally my profile but I needed to borrow Kylie's.
Imaginth / Vexa: Nevermind guess this is the right profile. lol Sorry
net: I FEEL SO LOVED! *happy*
the heartless / Orim: *hands free cheese out* =P
Imaginth / Vexa: You are very loved.
nikita2u / Candie: cheese!
I don twant to be a murderer, i feel it in the air as im doing my hair perpairing for another day a kiss upon my cheeck, i say i wont be long just hanging with the girls a lie i didnt have to tell...cause i know that he knows that im unfaithful and it kills him inside to know that i am happy with some other guy.....
net: yaY i like being loved!
Imaginth / Vexa: Making what hard?
nikita2u / Candie: its a song oh and btw I FUCKING LOVE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mehndi Rose / Archiel: Ah, Rhiana right? Sorry if I spelled her name wrong, I didn't recognize her song right away. I personally am addicted to Lithium at the moment.
nikita2u / Candie: im the girl from the dance floor wanting some more....lets go dip it low then we bring it up slow.....shake it tillt he moon becomes the sun....wellimready for ya come let me show ya...come mr dj stomp on your replay....HEY MR PLEASE MR DJ TELL ME IFYOU HEAR ME TURN THE MUSIC UP! it goes one by one even two by two let the beats from the speakers move through your.......everybody get down if youfeel me put your hands up to the ceiling....1!!!!
nikita2u / Candie: i have the cd with lithume so i hear it all the time an its on my myspace!!!
nikita2u / Candie: as you can tell by my spelling errors im typing while im listening to it hehe
nikita2u / Candie: oh wow sorry tensu! *laughs* its a song its cool and i love it muhahahhaha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jFBmHwA3hY&mode=related&search=
MySins / Jacob: MAWHAHA i made a bug rp.....wow.....lol....hmmm it needs something, *SLAMS A GIANT THING ON IT*......IM RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS lol, let the thing be that it is and let it go already. STOP YELLING AT ME!!!
nikita2u / Candie: NEVA ILL ALWAYS YELL AT YOU!!!!! *hiccups*
nikita2u / Candie: buttons by pussy cat dolls!
nikita2u / Candie: might cheese *bows to the cheese*
nikita2u / Candie: you guys suck ass -.-
nikita2u / Candie: *huggles all* the dragon (my aunt) is kicking me off.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: hmmm.....
girly101 / silver gates: hi peeples.whose on still?srry i disappeered,my mom made me get off>.<
girly101 / silver gates: bored
net: Boredom...Wait are we saying the first words that come to our mind? lol
girly101 / silver gates: @sits on you@yeps
net: YAY lol
net: YAY lol
net: YAY lol
girly101 / silver gates: well u said that a lot lol.*tickles*
net: Woah I did..*laughs*
girly101 / silver gates: but its all good
nikita2u / Candie: hey peeps home from exams yayayayyayyayayyayayayayyayayayayayay!
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: hmmmm...
girly101 / silver gates: haya guyssss!whose onsss?
girly101 / silver gates: im bored.
girly101 / silver gates: so now u dont talk?o fine then*sits alone in dark corner*
girly101 / silver gates: meeee
girly101 / silver gates: so u dont respond*burrows deeper into her dark corner*
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello Safire.
girly101 / silver gates: darren!!*runs out and tackles you*whats up!!!!!!
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: -tackled- Hello Safire! How are you?
girly101 / silver gates: boredddd.as always.i dont think calebs getting on today,ive been on awhile and he still isnt on,which sucks alot.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Haha, I see.
girly101 / silver gates: y u laughing?*looks confused*
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: It's because you and him are either talking, or waiting for the other person.
girly101 / silver gates: O,really?i didnt notice that...
girly101 / silver gates: well i g2g guys.tell caleb i was on if he gets on.
ellesmera / Erika Snow: wat u gys up 2?
Night Seeker / Snow: Hey oh, look at what I say oh =P the more i see the more i know, the more i want to let it go hey oh, woooooooh, people lead unother perfect wonder were its so white as snow, barrel lead it a world so undecided, inbetween the cover and its so white as snow, and my tracks be conseeded because theres no place to go.
nikita2u / Candie: anyone on that i know?
and i know that he knows im unfaithful and it kills him inside to know that i am happy with some other guy i can seeing him dieing i dont wanna do this anymore i dont wanna be the reason why every time i walk out the door i see him..........
i love this song its Unfaithful by rihanna
nikita2u / Candie: my stupid ass phone keeps going in and out now i cant call peoples and im like grrrrrrrrr
net: (Sits down and sings to self) All alone all alone Im in a dark corner all alone...
girly101 / silver gates: i doubt anyones on but...*sits with caleb and wraps her armsaround you*not alone
net: YAY!!
ellesmera / Erika Snow: hello........ anybody there?????
elleys back
back again
elleys back
and gerrin a new song
ok.. im actually on an writers block.. and a n artists block... :(
girly101 / silver gates: Hiya peeples!!whose ons?
girly101 / silver gates: oh.it looks empties in here..let me geuss caleb isnt on?what a wonderful day today is.no ones answer there phones...no ones on the puter..
Finnigan / Willis Illumina: Someone please join "Pugnus", I lead some more characters.
Well, what's with everyone today?
girly101 / silver gates: hay finny!!its pretty boring round here,anyone no if caleb is gettin on today?
Finnigan / Willis Illumina: I don't keep track of people. OH YEAH! I ROCK! I'm ranked 29/550 at my school.
girly101 / silver gates: ranked for what?
Finnigan / Willis Illumina: GPA (grade point average). I am in the top 5% at the school.
Finnigan / Willis Illumina: Food?
Finnigan / Willis Illumina: Cheese is good, but don't eat it all the time. And don't be covered with cheese, it will make you smell like some rotton cheese rolled in garbage and dirt.
Finnigan / Willis Illumina: I'm wierd? P'sha.
*sits at table sipping tea*
Finnigan / Willis Illumina: Ouch. *Uses bug repellant on Nikki*
Night Seeker / Snow: LETS ROCK AN RP
girly101 / silver gates: hiya peeples!!!pleases tell me someones ons!pretty pleese!!*puppy dogg eyeses*hehe
girly101 / silver gates: oh come on,u cant resist my puppy dogg eyes for this many hours!!!*gives very big cute puppy dogg eyes and whimpers*
SincerWritinAsh / Rosalind: hey whose all on right now?
girly101 / silver gates: hiya.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hey Nikki!
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: -laughs- I'm fine. Though I just found out today that my friend that's in Iraq got injured.
How are you...?
nikita2u / Candie: I'm sorry love. Damn wish i could still talk to those who go into iraq havent heard from Kyle in a long time. Well im better than i was yesterday i can say that hehe and i eraseded a lot of my poems but i printed them off so i still have them.
nikita2u / Candie: I waited for you, today.
but you didnt show, no no.
i needed you, today. SO where
did you go?
you told me to call said you'd be
there and tho i havent seen you are you
still there?
I cried out with no reply and i cant
feel you by my side........
your here.....and im never alone.
we cannot seperate cause your part of
me and though your invisible trust the
unseen i cried out with no reply and i
cant feel you by my side.
nikita2u / Candie: whoever said nothing is impossible never tried to slam a revolving door.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: hmmmmmm......
nikita2u / Candie: you know its true hehe
nikita2u / Candie: http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p238/SAESTRICK9/Funny%20MySpace%20Comments/funnystickcartoon.jpg
nikita2u / Candie: http://s100.photobucket.com/albums/m36/silver9922/Funny%20Jokes/?action=view&current=naked.jpg
nikita2u / Candie: hey babe i have to log off love you byes.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hello
girly101 / silver gates: hiya peeples
Mehndi Rose / Devin: I AM BORED MAGE!
Imaginth / Tahi: Me too -_-''
Mehndi Rose / Devin: Lucky us...when is that boyfriend of yours going to post????!!!!
Imaginth / Tahi: Hush he will...eventually lol
Mehndi Rose / Devin: safdgsklfdjg'lksjdjsdlj fjgjfs'glsfdglf!!!! to you!!!!!!! lol get your dog away from my cats!
CORN FLAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me_and_a_half / Aka: am i the only guy online rightnow?
Imaginth / Tahi: shove it i am NO corn flake
FISHY!! get it right
Imaginth / Tahi: most likely
Me_and_a_half / Aka: o yey...psh
Mehndi Rose / Devin: geh i vote that we just skip it and rp lol whatdaya say magey?
Imaginth / Tahi: NO
Me_and_a_half / Aka: im lost *-* .....
Me_and_a_half / Aka: im lost ~_~ .....
Mehndi Rose / Devin: sorry lol its all her fault!!!
Me_and_a_half / Aka: what is!?
Mehndi Rose / Devin: i dont knoW!!!
Me_and_a_half / Aka: btw please post on the darkness
Imaginth / Tahi: huuuuuun? you here or just not feeling up to posting?
Mehndi Rose / Hiita: *pokes* CORN FLAKE! *runs away*
Imaginth / Tahi: *throws a boomerang at your face* STOP CALLING ME CORN FLAKE IT IS FISHHHHHHHYYYYYYY!!!!!
Mehndi Rose / Hiita: *snickers and drops a piano on your head* CORN FLAKE!
Imaginth / Tahi: *steps out of the way* you missed! :P
Me_and_a_half / Aka: Any one here?
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: hmmm..
The Creator: *ATTENTION*
Adden Lee / Caid: LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!!!!
Adden Lee / Caid: This young Adden appears to be rather uhh achooee! *censored now, go me. who's here besides me and my rp partner?
Adden Lee / Caid: hehee, i find a certain thing to be making me very achooee
Adden Lee / Caid: ill raise to 10,000 shiny things that its before that
Adden Lee / Caid: beofre another profile got blocked i had them...not sur eif ihave them on this profile..i should go look but im lasy
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Shiny things are useless. There's no point to them except for being shiny.
Adden Lee / Caid: exactly, theyre shiny. thats the most f***in amazing thing ever..out side of pop tops of course.
Laz: :) shiney things are good for rednecks and most women <(O_O)>
Laz: Prolly views to be honest but idk
Adden Lee / Caid: I LUV HENTAI!!!!!
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: I recall that there was some type of manual that told us what shiny things were used as.
Laz: Meh must have skipped that class
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: You must have, being away from ES has done that to you.
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Hmmmm...seems interesting. When will we expect this new forum?
Finnigan / Buster Dunlap: Okay then.
BloodtornAngel: shiny object are a kind of currency.
we use them to make an announcement on the community page.
(bottom of that page i think)
it costs 100 shiny objects per posted message or something
Adden Lee: well thats crap... oh well. how be all and who whats to lay bets on how long before this is shut down?
Finnigan: Um, I don't think this will be shut down because it's been here before and it's a form of chatting. As long as we don't get him mad and make more useless topics, I think we'll be fine.
Laz / Corren Lightbrand: i think were at 10000 before mornin
Laz: Well its morning, if everyone who bet before mornin and mornin, pass me your shiney objects I would be Grateful. <(O_O)>
Laz: Why is it that my pictures have disappeared...
Webmaster: I tried to update the rp to make the threads open faster. The threads open faster but now I guess I have to fix the picture glitch? Not sure exactly what's causing it yet or why/when it happens.
Laz: :) thanks for answerin <(O_O)>
Rebekahxgrrface: hey all
girly101 / silver gates: hays
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Hmmm...good evening everyone.
Kiddo: Hi tensu...
Peace_Maker / Kael: Kiddo...
This thing is the true evil of this site...
I created it, and all it did was poison its creator...
Kiddo: This is HILARIOUS!
Wolf-Spirit: It seems as though this thing is dead?
That is very unfortunate.
Wolf-Spirit / Darren: Maybe someone will recognize me under this name?
... probably not. It has been a while since I lasted checked on this website.

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