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Roleplay - Promote an RP by Chloe / Danae

Post the following form here to get more RPers to your roleplay or one that you're in that's lacking characters.
Name of RP:
Genre of RP:
Gender of New RPers:
Race of New RPers:
Other Notes:

Roleplay Details


Danae / Chloe: Name of RP: *~Slave Market~*
Genre of RP: Romance, Adventure
Gender of New RPers: preferably male, but females are also accepted
Race of New RPers: Any
Other Notes: Can we have some more masters/mistresses please?
Finnigan / Willis Illumina: Hey, I deem this useful now. It's an improved version of RP character recruitment. I'll join your RP.
Name of RP: Pugnus
Genre of RP: Action, Present w/ Fantasy elements
Gender of New RPers: I have one more spot for a female, but males are really in need.
Race of New RPers: Humans
Other Notes: Make sure that your character has a sport bike/crotchrocket
SincerWritinAsh / Ginn: yes i forgot to add a title to my rp...its blank. it's the under water adventure...mer people finally confront humans about the pollution problem. we seriously need more people or its not going to go any where. please check it out.
SincerWritinAsh / Shanabu: Title of RP: Shanabu.
It's a desert society that is simple, conservative, and content. Order becomes disrupted when three main characters come together: a saint, a king, and a wild nomad.
Charcaters needed! male, female, just simply existing wuld be good.
Gatotsu / Alexander II: Name of Rp: Code of Chivarly
Genre: Medieval Romance and Action
Gender of New Rpers: Male and Female knights, don't have to be knights but must be some type of warrior.
Race:Human, can have some supernatural powers but must be overall human.
Other Notes: Could use more bad guys. Be creative
williamwallace7: i need some people for the rps, Controlled by Crime, which is a mafia story, and World at war, a ww2 fantasy but in a different world
Danae / Minndell: If you need a female character in a school, romance, adventure, or fantasy RP, please leave a message about it here. I really need to join some new RPs!!!!!
Danae / Ani: Name of RP: A Will of Wishes
Genre of RP: Fantasy, medieval
Gender of New RPers: Any, preferably male
Race of New RPers: No preference
Other Notes: We need some people who are not going to be royalty, but just guests at the party that's about to start in the castle.
VampireMaiden / Srellia: Name of RP: Armeculaturs
Genre of RP: Fantasy
Gender of New RPers: Any
Race of New RPers: No preference
Other Notes: We just want to get it off the ground. Need some more people, but its not failing or anything. Just join. Its fun.
Peace_Maker / Tetsunosuke: Okay...
Rp: Scars of War
Genre: Fantasy/medieval sort of
Rpers:It doesn't matter, I just need people who know what they are doing
Other: Vamps or demons are not needed
Briannan / Anna Lee Merced: Name of RP: The end of the world as we know it
Genre of RP:post-apocalptic
Gender of New RPers:any
Race of New RPers:any
Other Notes:
Rain_wolf_girl / Rainy_wolf: Name: The Dark Realm (third one down if you search)
Genre of RP: Fantasy, action.
Gender of New RPer's: Any and all!
Race of New RPer's: Any and all!
Other Notes: Come have some fun.
Princess of Ra / Lillian: I need ppl to join my sucubus Rp come ooon it will be fun! all are welcomed!!
Princess of Ra / Lillian: Name the meaning of life
Genre like I don't kbow what to call it.....it has demons humans and pretty much anything
Gender of new rpers any
Race of new rpers any
other notes Pleeeaaase join!
Kemy542 / Soulia: Need a male god for The Goddess of The Wind
Josie174 / Sammie Lee Carter: new rp
called i love you...
bf needed plz
Kgirly101 / Kerri: Name of RP: Celezio and over the seas
Genre of RP:Fantasy, Romance, drama
Gender of New RPers:Any
Race of New RPers:Any
Other Notes:Celezio is basically a kingdom, the Princess is Kerri, my characters, no plot, just wing it! Over the seas is when everyone gets on a cruise and may get attacked by pirates and they try to find those pirates and take back what rightfully theres NO KILLING!
Kgirly101 / Kerri: name of RP: disney, nintendo anime OC's (NEEEED PEOPLE)
Genre: Romance, drama, fantasy, present (elecrtonics), Action, Adventure
Gender: Both
Other notes: so it takes place in Celezio, with electronics, with the characters of Zelda, Kingdom hearts, Disney, Brawl,OC's etc....
So this had happened so far, is that Kerri my character had been moving, to castle, but didn't know. And she said goodbye to her good friends, and met a new guy who is Link and they secretly like eachother. So that very same night Kerri had a dream about the world without Kerri, and it replayed (btw Zelda turned into a baby by a book called Korridie) so, Kerri's rival named Makayla or Morine, tried to get revenge and also turned Kerri into a baby in her dream, and so Miley and Link found her in the dream, but they also knew she had the dream in reality on the RP, and Kerri woke up as she turned from baby to tiger to human, to babboon. So she went to ask Miley and Link about the dream and Miley ran from Kerri, and she found a place called Aloradio, a beautiful place with waterfalls, and an inn on a hill. Kerri and Link had a cute moment, for a second, but Makayla/Morine ruined by calling Kerri fat and Kerri ran to her room crying the last thing she said was "I have to do this, I can't be teased" and Link ran after her after Kerri ran off, she's becoming anorexia. (the Korridie of Zelda is not part of the dream, but she's back to normal)
ikoshima / Alexis Flower: Name of Rp: Chased By Love[NEED GUYS]
Genre of RP: Romance, Action, Drama?
Gender of New Rpers: Guys
Race of New Rpers: Human please.
Roady / Cruella: Name: Boarding School
Genre: action, romance, huor, fighting, drama
New rpers: Anybody, idm.
Races: All races.
Name of RP: Knife Blood Knighmare (Needs People!)
Genre of RP: Romance , Rebel type
Gender of New RPers: 0
Race of New RPers: human
Other Notes: real pics please
Fal / Mercy Halbet: Name of RP: One Lucky Day
Genre: Drama, some adventure, and gods.
Gender of New RPers: Male and female
Race of New RPers: Human and gods
Other noets: No anime pictures prefered.
CandyStar / Clera Michelle: Name of RP: Richinson High
Genre: high school...romance
Gender of new RPers: male and female
other: anime pics prefered
lanihead7 / Jessica Ryan: Name of RP: Coed School?
Genre of RP: High school
Gender of New RPers: Male
Race of New RPers: Human
Other Notes: Human pictures perfered. Must be semi-literate and have the ability to write more than 3 sentences.
Kgirly101: Name of RP: True love may hurt
Genre of RP:Romance, hurt, drama, little adventurous, action
Gender of New RPers:Both
Race of New RPers:Humans??
Other Notes:A love story of video game characters, and OC's it took place at the mall, and with a rival girl following up to a young 15 year old princess.

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