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Roleplay - Fairytale by Cora Windover / Cora Windover

Present day, however there are fantasy worlds interspersed - there are the vampires, the fairies, the mermaids, all hidden out of sight... The main characters are Viana de Magpyr, Moira Kingsley, and Elai (the cat). Basically the thing is, they go around to all these different places, meet all these strange characters (provided by you ~.^) and try to find out, 1: why Elai was turned into a cat, 2: why Moira is so special, 3: What's the deal with Viana's stepmom!?!?!?
If you don't understand, read the story Fairytale (by me), only the first two chaps. are up but that's all you need to understand

Roleplay Details

Basically, anything goes.... The only magical creatures that you can't include are unicorns (don't ask). The only people with magic are either Magistra (and no, you can't be one of them either, sorry..... =() or the ones mentioned by Elai in the second chapter.
List of Important magical creatures:
Have fun! I did this because I'm considering making this book into a video-game type thing but I want to see how it roleplays, it's an interesting world.
Another thing: you can't be a normal person if you want to know what's going on... normal people do not know about vampires
And no being close relatives of the main characters either........... they still belong to me.


Cora Windover: Viana jumped up and down at the train station, trying to get warm. Moira shivered in her coat, but did not skip - she was much happier to be here than at home!
Elai, on the other hand, was a different story. She was in a wicker basket at Moira's feet, and she was FREEZING. "Remind me again why we're out here in the cold?"
Viana stopped skipping for a second. "Because I can't drive, silly."
Elai grumbled, though it sounded a lot like purring. Moira giggled as a few snowflakes began to fall - she loved the snow, it was clean and white.
Viana stopped hopping again. "WHERE'S THE &@#$%@!*# TRAIN!!!" it was late at night, and there was only one other person at the platform.
Joss: Moira looked at Viana,"that was uncalled for."
Viana cursed under her breath,"I'm f*cking cold!"
Elai wanted to say something but was too busy shivering and trying unsuccessfully to keep warm.
The snow continued to fall,heavier and heavier until they were covered in the small whites flakes.
The other person at the platform did not move or give any sign of life.Moira got curious and walked over to the girl.
"Hello,"she said cheerfully.
The girl just looked at her.
"I'm Moira,"she held out her hand,"what's your name?"
Just then a little fairy looking thing
flew out of the bookbag the girl was holding.It landed on Moira's outstretched hand,"I'm Malik,this is Joss,it's nice to meet you!"The cheerful little creature hopped around.
The girl,Joss,made a noise that sounded very much like a growl,"Malik,get back in the bag."She said in a low voice.
"Why?"Malik asked.
Joss reached over with a gloved hand and grabbed the excited fairy,"Because I said so." Then she shoved her back into the bag.
Moira noticed,when Joss talked,that the girl had two very sharp teeth.Moira got scared and went back over to Viana And Elai.
Cora Windover: Viana raised a hand in greeting. "Hullo." She shushed Moira, who was whimpering. "Don't be afraid, Moire.... it was just a fairy."
Suddenly Elai's wicker basket turned over on it's side. "Let me at it!"
"Shush!" Viana hissed. "Just because YOU think they're tasty, doesn't mean..." She glanced up and saw that Joss was stalking towrds them, a menacing glare in her eyes. "Uh oh."
gothycvampyre: "What?"Moira asked,turning to look.
"I think you made her mad."Viana said.
Joss continued walking towards them,when she got there she said-in a very forced voice-,"I'm...sorry if I scared you."She looked extremely angry at having to say this.
Moira looked at the girl,"that's-uh-ok."
The fairy flew out of Joss' book bag again and said,"there,that wasn't so hard was it?"
Joss glared at her,"little bitch,get back in the bag." She grabbed the fairy out of the air and shoved her back in the bag.
"Why are you so mean to her?"Moira asked.
"Moira,that's none of your business."Viana said,her voice hinting fear.
Joss glared at Moira,Moira whimpered and hid behind Moira.Viana stared at Joss,but didn't say anything.
Joss went back to the other side of the train station.
Viana de Magpyr: Viana stuck her hands in her pockets, trying to get warm. Bloody, bloody, bloody vampires...... no freaking respect for the pureblood clans any more... and with a bloody fairy.... I never got a fairy when I was young.... maybe because my dad hated me..... heh, that could be why.
When Viana looked up, Moira was gone. She whipped her head around, searching the train station with wide eyes. There she was, walking towards that ... arrgh! Do I have to rescue her from everything? "Moira... oh, hell. She can do whatever she bloody wants, it wasn't my idea to bring along a kid and a talking cat..."
"Yes it was," Elai said. "You wanted to bring us with you so that we could help you kick out your evil stepmother, and in exchange you would help me..."
"Yeah, yeah, I know. Shut up."
Meanwhile, Moira had reached Joss. "Is that really a fairy?"
Sally_princess / Sally Makarath: i lyke fairy tales, that why i mageing things that dont exist and i like to eat my poop, so cayn i join?

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