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Roleplay - PARTY TIME by kinkabell / kinkabell


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to have fun


kinkabell: Kinkabell was wearing black shorts and knee high boots and a crop top she had long blond hair and green eyes she was getting the drinks ready for her guests
Squall Leon Hea / Tidus: Tidus came to the door and knocked on it waiting for someone to come answer.
rene / britney : britney ran to the door"i got it kinkabell " when britney opened the door and there was the most aswoeme and hott guy ever"hi i am britney welcome to the party " britney said while she grabed his hand and brought him into the kicthen to kinlabell
Squall Leon Hea / Tidus: Tidus smiled but was kind of paralyzed when she pulled him when he was about to say his name and after he reached the kitchen he he looked at Britney and said " My name is Tidus and your name is nice "
xxgamefreakxx11 / Jankitsu: Posiden sat by the fish tank and stared into it as the party went on. It was so boring he said and there was not enough water. so he decided to make this party a little more exciting. He quickly fed the a growth potion to the fish and caused them to get so big the tank broke. He started to fill the room with water....
rene / britney : lori jean walked over to johnny"hey how long have you been here you should have went outside to find me "
Squall Leon Hea / Tidus: " may I ask what is your name? " Tidus said to Britney , while looking around.
rene / britney : ph me" britney said"my name is britney and you are hot as allhell"
Squall Leon Hea / Tidus: Tidus was surprised , becuase it was all of a sudden , but then he looked at her carefully and noticed that she was cute and super attractive " wow , and you are sexy! , I've never met someone like you before "
rene / britney : ohhh thanks hun ohh i call every one hun and i like this party much better now that you are here" britney walked up to you and gave you the best kisse you have ever had in your life
Squall Leon Hea / Tidus: Tidus sure was surprised for that was his first kiss and from a sexy girl , he didn't know what to do , so he went with it.
rene / britney : "so what's up tidus what did you think of that " britney said well pulling away from the kiss
Squall Leon Hea / Tidus: Tidus was still stunned but yet able to say " Wow! "
rene / britney : "lol" britney said then grabed tidus hand and took him out side to the pool " did you bring youre bathing suit "
Squall Leon Hea / Tidus: " well my cloths , dry fast , so am ready for a swim " and then he looked at her " what about you? "
rene / britney : "just give me one second i have my bikini on under this ok i am ready " then britney turned toward the pool and grabed your hand "on the count of three we jump" and then kissed you
Squall Leon Hea / Tidus: " okay ... one ... two ... three " and they both jumped in the water Tidus got his head out first and said with a huge smile on his face " that was good and you look Hhhhhhoot!!! in that bikini "
rene / britney : "yep it was" britney said with a huge simle on her face "thanks for the compilment you do to i mean in your swimming turnks showing off your awsome 12 pack" britney said wheil running her hand down tidus chest
Squall Leon Hea / Tidus: Tidus was a confused on what to do becuase that was his first time with a girl , who liked him , but for some reason hi liked being around her , Tidus smiled a deviuos smile and then he plashed her and dove into then water , as he said " Catch if you can " and he started swimming fast.
rene / britney : britney swam faster than you thouoght she would after four mintues britney got you and took your hand and brought you to the top of the pool and put her legs around you and kissed you again" you know you are a good kisser"
Squall Leon Hea / Tidus: Tidus Smiled and kissed her back placing his arms around her and pulled her closer to him. " and you are better "
rene / britney : britney pulled away" i know but you are good for a first timer " britney said laughing" i was just joking"then went back to the kiss
Squall Leon Hea / Tidus: " well , thank you " he started acting silly and said " well how about now? " then he jumped on her and kissed her underwater.
rene / britney : britney let her legs down and put her hand on tiduses face and reacted to the kiss and kissed him back when they rose to the top of the water "wow hun that rocked you were aswome under water"
Squall Leon Hea / Tidus: " Thanx babe! " Tidus said and kissed her again , while rubbing her back with a hand and stroked her wet hair gently.
rene / britney : " i love when you do that ohhh that's where my flower went "britney said then swam over to the red flower and gave it to tidus"i love you from my herat to your's
Squall Leon Hea / Tidus: Tidus takes it and says " thanks baby , you torch me up "
rene / britney : britney laughs" you are so funny hunny " britney takes the rose and put it in tiduses hair then kisses tidus on the neck
Squall Leon Hea / Tidus: Tidus enjoyed her kissing and then he started kissing her and going down her neck and to the top of the chest and then back again.
rene / britney : britney swam with a smile " hey you think you can get me " britney said just before she dived under water
Squall Leon Hea / Tidus: Tidus Dived behind her , with a smile on his face , for he was really happy.
rene / britney : britney poped outy dfor a breath ha ha you will never catch me britney said while diving back under then when she got to the end of the pool she got out it took tidus two minutes to figure that out then britney jumped in yelling" cannon ball love watch out"
Squall Leon Hea / Tidus: Tidus Ducked and then appeared behind her in the water and started kissing her neck.
rene / britney : britney felt weird like she was missing somethimg britney looked donw at her chest her top was gone" ohhhh god "britney said while swimming over to get her top" god " britney said"why does this have to happen every time i do a cannon ball"
kinkabell: Kinkabell walked into the pool area hold a case of beer she was wearing a two piece black swim suit and boots " hey guys "she shouted out to the rest of the group
rene / britney : britney turned around in the pool " hey thorw it kinka so what are you up to so far" britney said while swiming to the shallow
Squall Leon Hea / Tidus: Tidus followed Briteny and then held her from the back and said " and where are you going baby? "
rene / britney : hey i want a beer do you have a problem with that hunny " britney turned around to tidus with a beer in her hand she put her legs around him again and then kissed you so passiontely you almost fainted then let go and opened up her beer and chugged it" ahhhhhhhhh that tasted very good so did the beer" britney said while throwing it backwards and made sure that kinka caught it
Squall Leon Hea / Tidus: " Allow me " Tidus said as he licked some of the beer that was on her " the taste is irressistable , babe " and then kissed her as he grabbed her closer.
Squall Leon Hea / Tidus: Tidus got out of the pool and followed her , with a smile , he was hungery < lol >
rene / britney : britney came into the kicthen and grabed a chicken wing and then grabing a plte" if you don't like how i eat then start stepping now"
story / mun ji : mun ji over to kinka " girl whats up " mun ji was wearing a tight blue dress with black tights mun ji took off her tight's and kept her dress on until she saw the pool and took the blue dress off and mun ji had a blue bikini the same color of her dress and mun ji ran up on to the diving borad and countof three she jumped up and did two back filps off the diving borad"back up or you are going to get wet
Squall Leon Hea / Tidus: Tidus Smiled at her and walked in and got 2 chicken legs , but he finished them before even getting half-way out < lol really hungery > , then he smiled a dorky smile.
rene / britney : britney walked in and sat out on the egde of the pool eatting " you are such a little pig" britney said pinching one of tiduses cheek and then kissed tidus
story / mun ji : mun ji went to britney and pulled her in" hey brit long time no see" mun ji said kissing britney tidus thought that was the most hotest thing that ever happend in front of him
rene / britney : hey mun ji god you are a better kisser than you used to be ohh mun ji this is tidus baby join in" britney said before going back to kissing mun ji
story / mun ji : "thanks "mun ji said while pulling away and swiming to the end of the pool and getting out ohhh hi tidus what is up " mun ji said while drying off her body
Squall Leon Hea / Tidus: Tidus smiled dorkly and then turned to Mun and said " hi! " with a the same smile on his face
story / mun ji : "hey tidus what is up wit you "mun ji swam over to tidus and kissed tidus on the cheek" how old are you " munj i said while getting out of the pool and grabing a beer
rene / britney : lori jean went to the kicthen gave herself a plate and johnny a plate " nope you cant have it unless you kiss me" lori jean said with a smile
rene / britney : {i sent you one back} okkk i don't care as long as i can sit on you "lori jean said while standing up
williamwallace7: im back are you there?
rene / britney: {{johnny i have a differnet person now her name is bella safire she is going to be my person}}
rene / britney: {{johnny i have a differnet person now her name is bella safire she is going to be my person}}
williamwallace7 / Garth: <<alright here is my new person, its garth>>

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