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Roleplay - Question about an RP by Onitaro / Onitaro

Ok...This has been bothering me for awhile now and I need an answer. What has kept the roleplay "Vampiristic Melody" alive for SO long!?
Its not a bad thing. I would actual LOVE to see this happen more often...But why this one?

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This can also be used as OOC posting about it I dont care.


Finnigan: Well, that's because they are a close knit group of friends that wouldn't stab each other in the back like I would to some of you.
See I've been reading "Vampiristic Melody and I'm still on the 312th page. I won't catch up now because they like post another 50 posts. See, the story wasn't involved in such complex twists and plots. They took a topic that was wide and general and slapped it down in Michigan(?). It didn't have to involve fighting dragons (that did happen though at the beginning of VM) most of the time. They actually progress through the story.
"Vampiristic Melody" killed off all the other vampire RP's because it rocks so much. The characters actually know each other without being in a situation where they're like, "Hi I'm...". If you seen how they posted, it's better than the people that are in these "second rate RP's". I dub VM best RP.
No one that can't post like that should enter that role play or you would seriously screw the thing up. That is vampires, dragons, sucubi territory. No samurai, bladeholder, and little punk kid is going to ruin it. I can't see a regular human in it (correct me if there is one VM cast).
Vampiristic Melody is the hit movie that everyone should go to watch only this time you should read it. I'll probably get done with it in like five months or so.
The thing that people don't really know about Role Playing is that length does not matter at all. I sucessfully made a RP that only lasted 3XX posts. That story was complete.
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: Becuase, dear one. It gains new characters around every turn yet the oldest main characters, moi aka Lorkyn, stay fully functional and in tact. The rpers there are the finest you can find and have been rping together for a few years, always adding new twists and turns to the story and simply not letting it die out...
drk_angl_17 / Lorkyn: awww. Thank you Finnigan:) *blushes* glad you liked it so well. And Relik was Mortal by the way, however, he isnt anymore...And there are not all vampires. There is an old blind man from time to time who is mortal I do believe. Yeah. You flatter me and everyon that plays in it though. You should join, if you are such a big fan of it. Actually, Ive been thinking of a finding a new rp to bring to life, any suggestions?
Onitaro: Well because of ES, I am now a hater of Vampires. I used to love them...Now...
The only reason why I wish to know why it is still going on is because I can learn from it. What have I been doing wrong? And What exactly do these people want? No one is dedicated enough. I have tried to make a RP on here that would last awhile. Everyone gets too overwhelmed or something and just leaves. Or that they are just so damn lazy to make up their damn minds on what to do.
I can accept rejection, sure I have no problem with that. Not everyone will like what you do.
Archons Debut...My only "famous" roleplay. Not famous but you know what I mean. People usually know me by it...That and I tend to rant because of how much I hate things.
But to get down to my point. I have tried to make a good story and I honestly think I did that a few times. But for some reason, VM has surpassed me and continues to grow more...and more. I WANT to RP as much as those in there. I WANT to actually STAY on the story and STAY in a place where people wont leave.
So Vampiristic Melody and the creator...Congratulations. You have done something on here that no one else has done from what I can see.
drk_angl_17: Ah, many thanks:) Though I am not the creator of it, she left it in my hands as it became too much for her to handle. Ive tried to get her back in it, but she doesnt want it. Ah well. Hmmm...perhaps you should create a new vampire rp and tell me about it. Im sure we could get a story goin, if that is what you wish...
Finnigan / Willis Illumina: I doubt that anything can live as long as Vampiristic Melody. As far as I can see, people are lazy and do not put any effort in Role Playing. They aren't RPers, they're second-rate wannabes. See, what I have leanred is that you can't make a RP and not expect some type of error in it, it's unavoidable.
What I see on these boards are chats, cheap-versions of some great classics, and ideas that they barrowed.
Onitaro: As much as I would love to make a long lasting RP with the creator of Vampiristic Melody, I am quite sick of vampires now.
I love them in only one place now. Movies and NOTHING else.
Because of of this vampire trend on ES, I can not stand vampires anywhere else. Underworld...Great movies for Vampires. ES...I used to like it but now, its over used and everyone wants to be the "Dark" one in the group.
This is the reason I never even bothered with Vampirefreaks.com where all the "Dark" lovers are nothing but pretentious.
Nowadays on ES, it seems vampire RPs are the only way to get anywhere. Its kinda like "Oh this doesnt allow vampires...This RP is stupid"
So again, I will RP only in places where the vampires take over the story.
Onitaro: where the vampires DONT take over the story, my appologies.
And sorry but things are not exactly on their feet in the life of Onitaro. So please try not to think of me as some over raged human being.
Sure I hate humanity, but whoever shows decency and respect, and most of all understanding, is definately a possible friend of mine.
Finnigan: I understand Oniboy, I know what's going on with you right now. I also agree witht he vampire trend that's been going on. No matter what, ES will always have some plague placed upon it. Jimmy doesn't hate us, he likes to see humor and torture.
Onitaro: I guess you do understand, since your the only one I kinda told about...
Jimmy? Hah, you make him sound like "God" Sorry if that was offensive. But now that I think about it, Archons Debut only had 2 main people who roleplayed, including myself. If not for Jaz then Archons Debut would be a COMPLETE failure, just like my others.
But what is it that I must do to make a long lasting RP? What must I do to KEEP these damned people to stay? All I ever wanted since I started to RP. Before I came to ES and after I left my most loved RP place (It was shut down) all I ever wanted to do was make a long RP. One where I can have a group and actually just once finish it with a great ending. Where the story just makes it enjoyable for myself and the others.
Finnigan / Willis Illumina: Jimmy's nice but he needs to actually set regulations on the RP section. There needs to be a limit to how many RP's you can make. This part needs to be improved the most.
Archon's Debut was pretty good, I've read through the whole thing, and this time I'm looking at VM. I'm bound to finish reading it someday.
I do want that story that does have a good ending. So far, there has been no ending to an RP. All these RP's have died before they can see the conclusion.
Onitaro: Thats really my whole point...Thats really all I want from this site. And I cant leave this site for that exact reason. 1, I think its addicting to just keep checking it out. (that and I have no where else to go) and 2, It haunts me that I have never finished one single RP on this site.
Finnigan / Willis Illumina: I've only finished one RP on this drat site.
Onitaro: Technically I did finish one but that was only because the other guy was a complete idiot. He just sorta ends it saying we both went our separate ways.
What are the people into other than Vampires...Maybe if I can make something else I might be able to get rid of this Vampire trend. Although hopes like that are much too high for someone like me.
Panda Rancher: I have had this problem for the day since I joined.. It's complicating me and I'm sorta sad since nobody likes a natural rp, saying that, It looks like Tensu is the only logical guy who would make someone feel welcome. I haven't had much success lately. There's only one rp I intend to keep since I can't think of anything more is Natural Unbalance, its probably on page 5 by now since Tensu didn't post yet.
Onitaro: What is it we all love about this site? I hate it...but somehow I just cant seem to leave it without thinking something is wrong.
All I want is to get rid of this vampire trend...then everything would start to fall into place.
Panda Rancher: I think the vampire tread is the problem of people's personality. Vampires like the dark and black clothing, yes? Than, the only thing you have to get rid of is the darkness and black or join them.
Onitaro: I sort of thouth of myself like Tensu. Someone with respect, morals, and actually likes the peace.
I like all of those things (And hot tea lol) and I used to make people feel welcome...but now its just kinda..."Meh"
But there is one thing I do not like...reality. I absolutly hate reality in RPs. Like a real-life RP. Despise it. I RP for a reason. To get AWAY from the reality and the world we all live in. I want to go away...sink into a story filled with things I have always dreamed of.
SincerWritinAsh / Shanabu: I just started rping less than a month ago, i never seem to be able to stik to an rp fo very long- people just seem to disappear as soon as the plot starts to take shape. I like the vampire thing, i mean im a huge btvs and anne rice but plz there are far more interesting things besides fangs.
Onitaro: Ok dont get me wrong, I love the darkness...the black. I am the kid in every group who stays into his dark corner like some emo.
But not everyone can be the "Dark" kid. It just cant be done. Things get all ***** up because of it. Alot of people out there are just wannabes and are just kinda "OMG SO COOL!" ...Makes me sick.
But...I am very peaceful...Hate self mutilation and such. I am a very calm person. I dont even like roller coasters or getting my feet off the ground! I drink hot tea and just relax. Of course, I guess this is where my procrastination comes from...But its like my common phrase that I say in my head, "I'll Worry about it later..."
Panda Rancher: Well, it is quite nice to hear someone doesn't like self mutilation, I was actually emo several years ago and had even cut myself atleast once but no more. It was .. painful instead of relieving, "TO ME" but yeah. What kind of rp would you like to accept or ideas you like? The one thing that could be done about it, is just to ignore the rp like the past few days/weeks/months, who knows what could happen, it may die and go back to page 15 one day.. Like that'll ever happen.
SincerWritinAsh / Shanabu: im a sucker for mideivalrps yet they're always the same so when ever I get into one, another one pops up and the other was running slow I just jump onto the new easily replacing it. None of the mideival are very long lasting that I know of, atleast not on this site.
Onitaro: I love the Midieval roleplays also, along with Fuedal Japan, Dark Ages, etc. I like the Old days with knights and such.
But what I am REAL interested in is Magic and MAYBE one involving elements. I usually dont seeing as everyone started those because of the show "Avatar" I loved the elements before that but the stories just dont fit.
My point about the mutilation is...Well I think like an Emo, but I know I am not. Im sure all people at one point are just depressed but for me, its a permanent thing. But I dont let it hold me back and that I can work around things. The REAL point is people can be dark, but it doesnt have to consume them.
Ok Basically I am just a calm peace loving guy who likes to be alone. (With the exception of a very small group who I can actually talk to.)
drk_angl_17 / Merrique du Lac: ah. An open invitation to come to VM and watch a huge battle unfold between a dragon and a vampire...should be interesting, no? *wicked grin* oh, and fyi, you dont gotta be goth to post in a vampiric rp. Than name contained vampires, so it is about vampires, naturally. Like i said, I am looking for a change, any good rps in mind, let me know and I will join, possibly with a human character;)
fallen_angl_2 / Sosha: Wow. Im truly flattered that this was created. Drk Angl/Lorkyn asked me to come and read this when it was first posted up on the rps but life had me biz and well VM is my life and came first. lol. The reason why this rp has lasted as long as it has is b/c we are all friends we talk about the rp outside of the rp and god knows how many times we bit nails trying to keep this thing alive. It takes a lot of dedication. If you find that you don’t have friends who will stick with it then join some of the bigger rps *like VM* make friends and then get to gather and make one. I know all of us on VM have contacted each other on plot twists and just general ideas that may pop up. I know I have almost every characters on my messenger that I talk to all the time and not just about the rp. This rp has brought a lot of us together and personally I thank that it has made us friends for an eternity. Yeah we all fight and have our spats but we don’t let it get in the way of our rp. *though a few times came close* You have to work with your fellow rpers and it dosnt have to be just about Vampires at all. Anything can work if you all work together. If someone leaves or quits then pick up the peaces and go on. Go to the other rps and invite people. Ive even put a banner up on my myspace account to invite people to VM. We at VM might be some of the best rpers on this sight but we gladly welcome all who come to our door step *so to speak* Right now things have started to slow down again and would be perfect time for someone who dosnt know the general idea to come in. if anyone wishes to join and get something rolling please by all means we would love to have you. Thanks for all your support and for reading our work. It helps knowing that we entertain at lest one person out sides our selves. Lol To all my fellow VM players Love you guys !
drk_angl_17 / Relik: ATTENTION! I know many of you have followed the plot of VM but have been too...intimidated? of joining. Now is your chance. After a short dead spell, it is once again gaining life. Currently we are seeking a source of evil, any race will suffice as long as you contain an air of magic, ie, Sorcerer/ess, Witch/Warlock. If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact me. Thank you and have fun rping!
silentblade / Itami Kojima: I followed AVM for a while, but stopped after I took a break from ES. I'm overjoyed that people are keeping this RP alive. It's the last brilliant RP. This RP is the heart of Eliteskills. All quality posts, with a good balance of dialogue, romance, and action. The fact that people nowadays just spit out RPs every 10 minutes is really ticking me off.
Onitaro: If no one has asked, I wouldnt mind in playing as a powerful Necromancer? When a powerful warlord is needed, Im always around. The bringing up of this topic interested me and I decided to check around ES once again.
Again, I have to say I always shadowed the work of VM. I had a few good ones in my day but never have they been as popular as that inparticular one. I would be honored to be accepted.
Onitaro: I just read that and thought of it as strange sounding. I had no intentions of godmodding or anything. But if you need an evil magic user with many spells...But by a source of evil, might you mean one that seeks to rule?
Kiddo: I would like to join, but i'm intimidated...
Peace_Maker / Kael: Kiddo, this RP was made a while ago...
EclipseIV: Sex. Simply Sex. (Joke for those who get it of course.) Quite frankly, I'm happy its lasted so long, but the characters will need to stop dividing up the stories and bring them all together into one single intertwined story that will either force them together or apart, it has great potential.
Miles / Sebastian Witherton: Hmm...

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