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Roleplay - Summer Road Trip by kinkabell / kinkabell

Every summer kinkabell goes on a road trip with her friends to celebrate the fact that another year is over and done with, this year she ends up in france she has this feeling that her life is going to change for ever as her movatvation comes alive again

Roleplay Details

to have fun
to interect with others
romance is allowed
and to make friends and have a largh


kinkabell: Kinkabell sat a check in with her duffle bag between her legs and her book in the othe she twirled her hair around her finger as she rested her feet on her friends sahiars lap as she fiddled with her camara she look down on the floor were tracy was sitting looking at the brochure she tilted her sunglasses and said with a sigh " cant you look at that on the plane "tracy scowled at her and said " first of all we are waiting for troy and andy and tom to turn up 2nd i cant read on the plane and 3rd we have been delayed by two hours what else can i bloody do"
kinkabell: Ok ok sorry dont gety your thung in a bunch kinkabell said as she went back to her art history book she throught if she could just read this one book then she would be inspired for her art work and then she could pass her course next term and then she could look at her less then perfect love life as she throught of this she sighed with dismay
kinkabell: sahiar looked over whats up babe as she put down her camra " nothing much " she mutterd as she tood up to sort out her jeans shorts and back top she had blond hair with black strips and she wore a black top and black boots and blue cut off jeans she slubed back in her chair and took off her sunglasses to revile dark green eyes
Sarah Black / Kendra sands: <<hey I was looking and found this thought I would pick it up... anyone want to join?????>>>
Rose_s Thorn: <<Can I join?>>
Sarah Black / Kendra sands: << I just picked it up we need some guys and a couple more people so sure>>
Rose_s Thorn: <<Wait, should we wait for kinkabell, I mean, it is her rp>>
Sarah Black / Kendra sands: <<this is a really old rp. she might not even rp anymore for all we know>>
Rose_s Thorn: <<Oh, I get it, you're reviving an old rp. Cool. You want to recruit some people first, or just get going?>>
Sarah Black / Kendra sands: <<recruit, we need people like 4-5 girls 4-5 girls including us that way everyone gets someone and yea stay with the story line thought I like it!>>
Rose_s Thorn: <<All right, let's go to is anyone there to recruit.>>
Sarah Black / Kendra sands: <<they never listen to me, but I'll go anyway>>

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