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Roleplay - Big Top of Wonders by Sellerace / Briannan

It seemed like any ordinary day it Treal City. The sky was blue and the air was filled with the scents of summer. Somewhere toward mid-afternoon a circus comes into town. It is no regular circus though. The tents are black and the ring master shows things beyond your wildest belief. Beyond anyones wildest belief, demons, and vampires, story book characters, and real magick. It is called the big top of wonders. The only problem is when the circus leaves town it takes a kid with them, as payment for their woders.

Roleplay Details

-no One Liners
-Be Descriptive
-Any class, but if you are other than human you have to be a part of the circus
-no godmodding
-no instant kills


kinkabell: Kinkabell drove it to a town called Treal thats were she heard they were taking the show next she needed to find work in gardens or plants she could work wounders with plants but she had no throught of why she was kicked out of her circus at 18 she made things grow out of strange places and things went wrong and they threw her out now all rhat was on her mind was finding work and fast
kinkabell: Kinkabell drove it to a town called Treal thats were she heard they were taking the show next she needed to find work in gardens or plants she could work wounders with plants but she had no throught of why she was kicked out of her circus at 18 she made things grow out of strange places and things went wrong and they threw her out now all rhat was on her mind was finding work and fast
kinkabell: Kinkabell drove it to a town called Treal thats were she heard they were taking the show next she needed to find work in gardens or plants she could work wounders with plants but she had no throught of why she was kicked out of her circus at 18 she made things grow out of strange places and things went wrong and they threw her out now all rhat was on her mind was finding work and fast
NoraNay / Renae: Renae walked up to the girl. "Hey, you looking for a jop too?" she asked walking over to her.
Briannan / Danica: The ring master stood in front of the big black tent, a large black umbrella covering her skin from the sun. Her name was Danica. She stood watching the crowds mill about curiously, but at the same time aprehensively. She overheard bits of conversation. "No no, pets, the first show is tonight. Come and see what the Big Top of Wonders has to offer. Come see things beyond your wildest dreams. I will paint you a picture of wonders that you will never forget. Buy your tickets now, pets, come and view a new form of the world." She expansively shows the way to the ticket booth. Her second in command came up to her, "Should be a sold out show. We've already sold two thirds of the tickets for tonights show and tommorrow night should be even better. "Good," was the only reply Danica made before entering the tent to help set up the show.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg watched the activities from a hill above the circus. She should be practicing but it could wait. She might as well watch for a bit not that she didn't know what was happening. She had been here almost all her life. There was no other place for someone like her.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg watched the activities from a hill above the circus. She should be practicing but it could wait. She might as well watch for a bit not that she didn't know what was happening. She had been here almost all her life. There was no other place for someone like her.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo walked up to the black tents with her ticket in hand. She was a bit frightened and wasn't quite sure of what she might see at this circus. It was very strange, first, because the tents were not bathed in an array of bright colors. She was, however, curious to see what this circus was all about. She wasn't going to let that, "Curiousity killed the cat" saying get her down.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg got up and slowly walked down the hill. She made sure to steer clear of the crowds and slipped into the main tent. Her mind on other things she almost ran into the ring master.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg mumbled a quick appology and climbed up into the rafters. She settled down by her friend Chachamaru. Since they were both demons they had hit it off pretty well. "Hey," Meg said lazily.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg smiled a crooked grin. She knew how fed up Chachamaru could get when she played errands girl. When it came to lighting the lanterns they had to have a fire demon. Meg just happend to fit the bill.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo took in a deep breath before walking into the tent. 'It seems they are still setting up.' she thought. At that moment, her attention was caught by what looked like a pair of wings. Wait... They were a pair of wings! Her jaw dropped. She really had never seen anything like this as she stared in amazement at Chachamaru.
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Megsrus aka Meg: Meg jumped down in front of a girl staring at Chachamaru. "Can I help you," she said lazily while igniting the lanterns around the exits. Five seconds a new record.
heyhey77 / tasha333: Hey you guys get your future read at my post "Tarot Card Reading" just tell me 3 things about how you feel that exact moment and then email your feelings to me at hottie_sweet234@yahoo.com and then ill email your cards that ur feelings mean 2 u
heyhey77 / tasha333: Hey you guys get your future read at my post "Tarot Card Reading" just tell me 3 things about how you feel that exact moment and then email your feelings to me at hottie_sweet234@yahoo.com and then ill email your cards that ur feelings mean 2 u
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: " Can I help you?" said one of the other members of the circus causing Miyamo to jump a little. She turned her gaze away from Chachamaru to look at Meg. "Oh!" said Miyamo. "Uh... I was just... I..." She was even more amazed now when the girl lit the laterns around her like it was nothing at all. With nothing at all coming to Miyamo's mind, she quickly bowed her head a little and said, "Gomen. I was just a little anxious for the show to begin." Miyamo hoped that she wasn't in trouble.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg noticed the girl's reaction, "Well it is the Big Top of Wonders."
Megsrus aka Meg: (add)
Meg decided to have a little fun with the girl. She allowed her red hair to take its true form, fire. It crackled and burned leaving a smoky smell in the air.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: "I... It's incredible." Miyamo breathed, her eyes wide with wonder. "And you are incredible as well." she said standing up straight again. She had never seen anything like this and she began to wonder what it would be like to be someone who was non-human. How was it to be able to do things people like her could only dream of? It was almost unbelievable.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: (add) When the girl made her hair as red and as furious as a flame, Miyamo gasped before applauding. "Wow." she said and more thoughts about these people zoomed through her mind.
Megsrus aka Meg: "Thanks, it would be pretty bad if I couldn't do a couple tricks with fire. After all it is my element."
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: "Your element?" asked Miyamo slightly confused. "You mean, you have complete control over fire or anything related to it?" Miyamo was 100 percent interested in this circus now.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg stretched lazily, "Yeah, lots of fun at parties. You know I'm waiting for you to ask the question."
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: "The question?" said Miyamo. What did she mean? Could this fire manipulator read her thoughts? Was she waiting for her what she was thinking the whole time. "What is it like..." began Miyamo nervously. "...being this way? With strange abilities, I mean."
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg looked at her mysteriously, "Do you really want to know? You might not be able to handle the truth."
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo looked down at her shoes in uncertainty. She took in a deep breath before looking back up at the girl. "I would like to know." she said but added, "If it is something that is not forbidden from my knowledge."
Megsrus aka Meg: "Follow me," she said going out one of the many side exits toward the performer's tents.
Megsrus aka Meg: (g2g see ya soon bye)
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: (o.k. bye.) Miyamo hesitated a bit but decided to follow. She was leading Miyamo towards the performers' tents. Her little heart was quivering with excitement and, even more, fear.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: "Uhh..." said Miyamo as the Chachamaru asked her a question while looking her over. "How good is your balance?" Miyamo stared at Chachamaru, a little bit frightened. "It's pretty good." she finally answered. "Back at the town I used to live in when I was younger, I was one of the best on the balance beam." Of course, back when she was a gymnast, it was the only think she was good at unfortunately. There was just something about standing up in a high place that made her feel comfortable.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: (Oops. take out the "the" before Chachamaru.)
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo looked at her with suprise. She wasn't sure what she should say. She had just come to see the circus and now she was being asked to help out with an act. Miyamo's head began to nod. "S... sure." she replied. "I would be honored."
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: "Oh. O.k." said Miyamo not sure if she should be offended by the developed comment. It was true so it made no sense in getting upset. She bowed her head respectfully before walking towards the tent. A few minutes later, she emerged fully dressed.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: (Did you mean kodachi?)
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: "Alright, senpai!" said Miyamo quickly. She walked over to where the net was and made sure the kodachi was secure before starting to climb up the pole. It was actually easier than it looked and Miyamo wasn't at all frightened of the height of it.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo nodded. It wouldn't be that bad. Then again, it was higher up than a balance beam and things like this are easier said than done. She gathered up her courage and started across. She held her arms out to her sides to balance herself as she stepped slowly across the thin rope. She finally reached the opposite side and turned to head back. Only once, towards the center of the rope, did she wobble and feel like she would fall but she regained her balance and finished her task. Safe on the platform where she started, she let out a sigh of relief at a job well done.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg watched the display from below. "You know personally, I think she should have the real blade," she yelled with a crooked grin on her face. But Meg knew something that Miyamo didn't and had to grudgingly admit that Chachamaru had played her part well.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: miyamo couldn't believe all this was happening in just one day. Her mind was in such a jumble trying to piece together all the events that had happened so far. Fighting one another on ropes? Falling? Perverted demons? Even more, demons!? "oh, my." she muttered under her breath. She felt like she was in over her head. She looked down at Meg who looked tiny from where Miyamo was standing.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg nimbly climbed onto the platform. "Don't worry I'll introduce her," she said. "Besides if she is going to work here you better go tell Danica."
Megsrus aka Meg: "Love to really but I have to do some practice. Don't wan to get rusty you know."
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Before Miyamo descended, she held out her hand to Meg. "I haven't introduced myself yet."she said kindly. "I'm Miyamo. Kurosawa, Miyamo." She smiled sweetly waiting for Meg to say something.
PrincessOfDark: ((con someone give me a good place to come in??))
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg shook her hand," Names Megsrus but everyone calls me Meg. It is way easier." Meg turned to Chachamaru," No idea where she is but like I said I got to get some practice in. See ya guys later. Meg turned and walked out toward her tent to get her supplies.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: "Nice to meet you, Meg!" called Miyamo after her. She climbed down off the platform and stood next to Chachamaru. She looked down at her feet, wondering how long she would have to do this. It was just for this one night, right? 'It's just once.' Miyamo thought. She looked up at Chachamaru. "What now, senpai?" she asked.
Megsrus aka Meg: Shadows danced along the walls og Meg's tent. A peculiar tune could be heard seeping out from under the door. The shadows and music seemed to get faster and wilder then everything was still.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo nodded to Chachamaru but she gave her weapon a little tap. She wondered if she could be able to use this on anyone, even a pervert. Her gaze shifted up to the rope that was so many feet above her head. She was good at balancing but fighting and balancing at the same time!? She'd have to work on that. An uneasy look appeared on her face.
Megsrus aka Meg: Not to bad Meg thought smiling. The good thing about being a fire demon was that you didn't need to practice alot. Meg walked back toward the main tent forgeting to change her eyes.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo noticed Meg reenter the tent. She turned to wave to her but stopped before she completed the action. She took notice of Meg's eyes. They were different then they had been before. "Uh..." she said not sure what to say. "Your... eyes..."
Megsrus aka Meg: "What oh I forgot to change them back. Sorry it just getrs annoying covering up how your hair and eyes look. So every now and then I let then take their natural form. My hair is fire and my eyes are red."
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo was amazed. "So, the way you look when you're walking around isn't your true form!?" she asked. Meg was a very interesting person to Miyamo. She wanted to learn as much as possible about Meg and Chachamaru too. They weren't like other people she'd met. They were different but interesting. Miyamo's imagination went wild thinking about what kind of adventures people in a circus like this might have.
PrincessOfDark: ((i am going to use ani. she is a demon and works in the circus as and act.))
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: (o.k.)
Megsrus aka Meg: "Nope, how I look and act is a lot different than most "species" well besides fire demons of course." Meg smiled to herself, by the look on Miyamo's face she was quite impressed by the circus.
PrincessOfDark: at the mention of fire demons ani came in. "Hey" she said. ani was anti social. she hated humans abnd demons.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo's daydreaming came to a halt when someone new to her appeared. She looked at Ani, wondering if she was also part of the circus. Well, she had to be if she was here. Miyamo bowed her head politely. "I do not believe we have met." she said still bowing. "I'm Miyamo..."
Megsrus aka Meg: "Hey," Meg said and turned her attention back to Miyamo. Ani wasn't what you'd call a social butterfly. More like a lone wasp. She didn't like anyone so people tended to stay away from her. Even though she was like Meg in more ways than one she kept her distance.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo straightened back up when Ani remained silent. She didn't seem like a friendly type. Maybe she was shy? Miyamo didn't think it polite to keep pushing for an answer so she turned her attention back to Meg.
PrincessOfDark: Ani knew that the girl who introduced herself to her was human. demons have the natural tendency to stay away from her. Ani sat down on a blakc cushion. she usually came in here to tortue the humans, but sence this one was talking to someone else from the circus she kept quiet.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: "What other kinds of people work in the circus?" asked Miyamo. She had so many more questions than just this one but throwing them all out at once wouldn't have been right to do. One at time would be a less confusing process.
PrincessOfDark: "Demons, shapeshifters, other idiots like the one your tak=lking to." Ani said leaning back on her couchion. her act was about to start. but before hers was megs. ani didnt say anything. she didnt eally care.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo glanced over at Ani. Why had she said that about Meg? Miyamo had been keeping herself from speaking out but finally she just had to. "I'm sorry but..." she said stepping closer to Ani. "I don't think Meg is an idiot. She's very talented and i'm sure she's very intelligent. You shouldn't go around saying mean things about people. Even if you dislike them, it isn't right."
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg didn't even look at Ani, "Well there are lots of different kinds of people around here. There are shifters, demons, perverts like Ani here, and an assortment of others. Of course the higher classes such as myself don't judge by species unlike others who shall remain unnamed."
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo looked back at Meg. Did Ani not like anyone of a different species? She returned her gaze on Ani. Maybe something had happened to her that included other species. That may have been it. It didn't matter though. She would be Ani's friend no matter what.
Megsrus aka Meg: "Well looks like my act is on feel free to watch Miyamo. And if I were you I'd stay away from the perverts they are all complete idiots."
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo nodded. "Good luck with you act." she said waving to her as she left. She stood next to Ani in silence. Finally, she decided to say something. "How are you?" she asked trying to start a friendly conversation with Ani.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo nodded to Chachamaru. She waved goodbye to Ani even if she seemed so keen on avoiding Miyamo and made her way to the back of the main tent. She began to practice handling a weapon on it. It was harder than she thought and the practice was good for her.
PrincessOfDark: ani elbowed Chachamaru. "What ever she shouldnt be here anyways. human are all stupid." she said crossing her arms.
PrincessOfDark: "Hmph." Ani frowned and didnt say anything.
PrincessOfDark: Ani wiped her check. the new girl reminded her of the humans when she was younger. "whatever. I willdo it for you." she called out after Chachamaru. ani put her hands on her knees and began to medate. that girl brought back memories she needed to repress in medataion.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg slowly walked toward the center of the ring her hair blazing as the lights went out. Suddenly a singe flame appeared in the air. A tune was soon heard, one that made you want to dance and sing, made you feel happy and sad, and could unlock your deepest desires. The flame began to grow slowly but steadily and it began to turn in a wild dance. "Ladies and gentlemen look into the flame. There you shall see your deepest desires for I am Megsrus the Tamer of the Flame." And as the audience stared they did see. Some saw loved ones, others fame or fortune, and some saw their wildest dreams coming true.
PrincessOfDark: a cloud of dark matter formed around her. ((sorry it short))
PrincessOfDark: Ani got up and walked out by Chachamaru. looking down at her ani looked around before she kissed te top of her head. "I wil try. i dont like humans. ar anyone for that matter."
Megsrus aka Meg: Suddenly the flame vanished and the forms of angels appearred high above and the devil's minions along the floor. And so a war began as the tune got louder and louder, faster and faster, fire hissing through the air both sides suffering casualties and a form appearred between them making the fier done and the figures flame. Meg looked around her eyes glowing red and said
in a low voice that everyone could hear, "This is the Big Top of Wonders were anything that can happen will." And with that all went dark and a moment later the lights came on with the ring completely empty save a small pile of ashes.
PrincessOfDark: Ani shrugged. "How the hell should i know? the last time i read her mind...well you remember what happened. i like you because you didnt try to be all goody goody to me when we first met. i respected you for that and still do. kido." ani ruffled her hair.
Megsrus aka Meg: "Yuck, I think I'm going to be sick," Meg said as she leaned against the wall not far from them. But she could understand their view kind of, it was just that Meg wasn't into public displays of affection. Whenever she acted nice it was for recruiting or because it might lead up to something interesting.
PrincessOfDark: Ani shot a fire ball at her and stormed off back into the tent. everytime she opens up she gets pissed. what the hell is the point? ((tensu-kun reply in neko world))
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg quickly defused the fire ball and smiled mischeviously," You know it seems like the primary weapon against me is my own element. Kind of dumb ya know."
PrincessOfDark: Ani nooded. she was in no mood to be nice not even to Chachamaru. ANi walked into the main tent. the dark chamber music playing. the whole tent pitch balck. "Now i need a volinter from the audience." she called out. today she was going to do something different...
Megsrus aka Meg: "Why do I suddenly feel like number one on Treal's Most Unwanted List? I mean really a couple of joking comments and I get the could shoulder. Where is your sense of humor, your sense of well-meaning, and most of all the excitement of the circus that inspires the young and old alike," Meg said dramatically walking about and waving her arms.
Megsrus aka Meg: (nice pic along my own interests)
Meg raised her eyebrow. A volunteer? Something must be up and whatever it is will will probably be worth watching.
PrincessOfDark: ((*evuil laugh* i am going to have some fun))
When a girl about 25 came down ani grabed her hand and walked her to the center of the tent. she threw up some fire balls in the air to light the tent. she knew she was going to get in trouble but she didnt care. she wanted some fun. Ani positned the girl and then a wall of fire apperaed around her. the girl scrreamed and so did the rest of the tent.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo hopped off the beam. "I'm pretty good at it now." she said walking to Chachamaru's side. Miyamo peered into the main tent and gasped. There was fire everywhere. "What..." said a panicking Miyamo. (I missed alot.)
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg nodded,she had been right. This would most definately be fun. Meg even did a first even for her and helped to aid the flames.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo shook in fear. "What is she going to do that girl!?" asked Miyamo. She wanted to rush out and free the girl but what could she do against fire? She was only human after all.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: (to do *to that girl.)
PrincessOfDark: ((party pooper)) "I was haveing fun for the first time sence those bastards demons and humand had there way with me." Ani said walkign off. she never said bastard. she ahted that word. when ani walked out of the ten the fire she did died out.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg's eyes glinted dangerously revealing a darker side of herself. She slowly smiled and made the flames grow steadier and more powerful. She concentrated on Ani and used a rare ability between elements to speak to her through her mind, "Lets say we have a bit of a truce for now. After all this is getting enjoyable.
Megsrus aka Meg: (ignore last post but be warned muahahaha)
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo couldn't help but step in Ani's path. "Why do you despise humans so much?" she asked. She really wanted to understand this person. She must have went through so much pain to hate someone this much? "Why? I want to know."
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg walked toward Miyamo," Are you ok? You look a bit shaken which is understandable."
PrincessOfDark: Anis voice was filled with coldness and hatred. "What happened to me is none of your concern." she walked into her tent closeing the door with darkness the only one whocould get in was machamaru.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo looked at Meg. "I'm fine." she said before turning back to Ani. "I really want to be your friend. I can stand to see someone in pain. Is that what you feel whenever you think of the past?"
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: (*can't)
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: (agh. Forget all of my post except for what I say to Meg.)
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg sighed, she had a feeling that Miyamo was going to stick to this for a long time. "You know how about we exercise the phrase forgive and forget. I personally don't use it often but you are never late to start so how about we all go our seperate ways?"
Megsrus aka Meg: (lol that still stands only cut out the part about sticking with it)
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo walked over to the beam where she had been practicing moments ago and sat down. She didn't understand. Not all members of one species are bad. Even if some have done something horrible, it was just them and not everyone similar to them. She looked up at the sky. She would be Ani's friend no matter what. "I really want to understand you." she said. "I..." What else could she do?
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg walked out of the main tent and back up to the hill above the tents. She gazed up at the stars quickly identifying the major constellations. She always had liked the night sky although she didn't really know why...
PrincessOfDark: Ani didnt say anything. she just reste her hand on cachamaru's head. "I...i am soory. its just your the only onei trust because i knew you before....before what happened. its hard for me to trust. you knwo that." She stood up and walked over to her mirror and began to brush her hsort jey-black hair. "Dont cry on my account,hun."
PrincessOfDark: Ani placed down the brush. she really did try to trust more. but she was more than 500 hundred years old and her memory never failed. Ani even remmeberd the first day she met young cachy-chan.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo looked up at her. "Hai." she said softly. She stood up and followed Chachamaru. "Will Ani-san be alright?" she asked. She was worried about her even if she despised Miyamo.
PrincessOfDark: Ani sat on her bed. pitch black sheets and red pillows. she layed back and closed her eyes. danica-samma...danica-samma. she was very grateful to her for takeing away from that place.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg looked toward the tent. Chachamaru's act should be on just about now. A trace of a smile appeared on Meg's face. She walked back to the tent and went to a position where she'd get a good view. After all this might be decent.
PrincessOfDark: Ani walked out of her tent. she wanted to see cachamarus act. so she flew yp to the top of teh main tent. no one noticed her. she was to fast.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: "Oh!" said Miyamo just remembering something. "I still have my real weapon. I need a fake one for the act, don't I?" She didn't want anymore bad things happening.
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: Ani was getting bored. where was cachamaru? she usually was never late for one of her own acts.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo nodded and replaced her blade with a wooden sword. She looked at it for a while, a bit frightened. How had she gotten herself into this? Not wanting to waste any more time, she climbed up the pole and took her place on the platform above. Miyamo looked up at Chachamaru. She could feel her legs shaking. She held her weapon at the ready, waiting for the act to begin.
PrincessOfDark: ani finally saw cachamaru and smiled some. she loved to watch her act.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo tried to keep her balance as Chachamaru's weapon hit hers. They had locked weapons. Miyamo's arms were shaking. She unlocked them by quickly twirling her weapon about then she slashed out at Chachamaru. She tried not to swing too hard because she was afraid to hurt Chachamaru.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo was caught by surprise when Chachamaru attacked and sent her falling into the net below. She lay in the tent looking up at the tent's ceiling. That wasn't as terrifying as she thought it would be. Her shoulder ached a little bit but it didn't bother Miyamo much. She let out a sigh before climbing out of the net. That was kind of fun.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: (lay in the *net.)
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: Ani claped some and flew out to her tent. it was a quick match. because she was fighting with a human. when ani reached her tent she returned to a blakc cushion and began to medate.
PrincessOfDark / Kagome-Kaiba: "i am sorry for the way i acted beofre." ani said looking down. it was hard for her to admit she was wrong, even thought she was.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo took a bow herself before walking out of the main tent. Chachamaru had said she could rest in her tent but Miyamo was eager to get better at the act. She walked behind the tent where the beam still was and practiced with a sword, staff and any other weapontry the circus had.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg silently watched Miyamo practice on the beam. "You know," she said lazily stifling a yawn," I might be able to help you. I mean no offense but you couldn't really get worse."
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo looked over at Meg when she spoke. "You can?" she asked happily doing a half turn on the beam to face Meg. She went a little too fast and her balance left her quickly. "Oof!" she said as she fell right off the beam and landed on her butt. "Ow..."
Megsrus aka Meg: "First a tip for balance, watch one thing only and don't move at the speed of light." Meg went over and picked up the staff Miyamo had just dropped. "Pick your weapon," she said expertly twirling the staff.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo nodded and picked up the wooden sword she had used in her first act. She stepped onto the beam. "Alright." she said holding her weapon at the ready.
Megsrus aka Meg: "Ok welcome to Meg's School of Fighting. Lesson number one never take on someone beyond your league unless they are going to go easy on you like me.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: "O.k." said Miyamo with a serious expression on her face. She was determined to get better at this and she was going to memorize everything Meg said about fighting.
Megsrus aka Meg: "Lesson number two you must pay attention to your opponents eyes and feet. The eyes show if they are serious about fighting, hesitant, or just bluffing. The feet show the direction, their experience, and to the trained eye their very moves."
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo nodded. "Got it." She had to pay attention to the eyes and the feet of her opponent. Miyamo lost he concentration for a moment. Did that mean she had to watch those two spots while keeping her balance and search for an opening to attack? This was easier said than done.
Megsrus aka Meg: "Ok and lesson three it is not you and the sword. It is merely you. The sword is an extension of your arm. Everything is one fluid motion. You keep these lessons in mind you might have a chance," Meg said assuming ready stance. "Now show me what you got."
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. She readied herself, her eyes looked into Meg's eyes then she looked down at Meg's feet. She remained stationary. Miyamo felt she should attempt the first attack. It's just me, she told herself in her head. She raised the sword, pulling into an offensive position. She stared down Meg until she felt sure she could hit her. Miyamo swung the sword while aiming for Meg's shoulder.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg saw Miyamo's movement and blocked the oncoming sword. Then she swung the staff at her hip giving it a small blow and stepping back tapping Miyamo's sword's point causing it to shift position in her hands.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo wobbled a little but kept herself on the beam. The attack she had done left her wide open but at least she didn't fall off. She positioned herself again, watching Meg carefully. Perhaps, she shouldn't have been in such a hurry to attack.
Megsrus aka Meg: (sorry about the small post)
"Now let's try that again shall we," Meg said challengingly. She suddenly stepped forward shifting her wait and slashed at Miyamo's legs.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo attempted to jump up and avoid the blow but her timing was a second off. The weapon hit her feet which caused her to fall flat on her face next to the beam. She pushed herself into a sitting position and pulled a strand of her loose brown hair behind her ear. She was determined to get this but she was panicking everytime she or her opponent attacked. She really needed to calm down if she wanted to get better at this.
Megsrus aka Meg: "You know you are doing considerably well considering how old I am and all my years of experience," Meg said leaning on her staff. And it was true she had been taught by some of the greats. Both mortal and not.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo stood back up. "Thank you." she said hopping back on the beam. She was ready for more. She felt she had to get better at this. "I'm ready this time!"
Megsrus aka Meg: "OK," Meg said as she jumped to the ground and put down the staff. "If you feel you are ready my job is done. And like I said I'm not as young as I look so even going easy I'd beat you. And then you might lose hope," Meg said as she stretched her arms.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo nodded to Meg and smiled. She wondered how old Meg was but asking would probably rude especially if she didn't want to say. "Thank you for helping me." said Miyamo jumping off the beam. "You advice will really help me."
Megsrus aka Meg: "No problem and by the way I'm 372. I could tell you were wondering and no I can't read minds. Just a good guesser," Meg said lazily as she walked out of the tent. She slipped into her own tent and blew out the lantern.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Wow, thought Miyamo. She waved at Meg and called after her, "Thanks again! I really appreciate your help!" She sat down on the beam and looked up at the sky. It looked darker out. Maybe it was time to go rest. She stood back up and walked towards Chachamaru's tent.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: "She did." said Miyamo with a bright smile. "I'm glad there are some friendly people here in the circus. I bet there are even some perverts here that are nice." Miyamo thought a little about what she had just said. It sounded kind of wierd for her to say but you never know. They had feeling too. She stood thinking about what she said for a while. "Why am I even..." she trailed off. She was in her own little world.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo looked over at Chachamaru and sat down on a stool. "Well, perverts do have feelings like this." said Miyamo. "Otherwise they wouldn't be called perverts. But... I've known someone you would call a pervert who was pretty nice. He said alot of crazy stuff but he never would do anything too bad."
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: Ani walked into cack-chas tent. and didnt see the human. "Hey i was wondering if you could sleep in my tent to night? or i could sleep in here." ani said looking only at cachamaru.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo sat in an extra hammock and watched Ani enter. It was obvious that she did not see her. "Um... hello, Ani." she said, making herself known.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: "I'm sorry." said Miyamo kicking her legs up onto the hammock. "Maybe I should have just been quiet."
PrincessOfDark / Hiei Jaganshi: Ani put on one of her rare smiles. "So where do you want to sleep tonight? in your tent or mine?" she said kissing the top of cachamarus head.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo laid down and looked up at the tent's ceiling. All this seemed strange to her. She had just come to see the circus and she became part of it. She let out a sigh. Maybe Ani would get used to her being around. She just hoped that Ani didn't hate her.
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: (9wrong pro sorry *gets hit by aaron* i said i was sorry!! *gets into fight with aaron*))Ani put on one of her rare smiles. "So where do you want to sleep tonight? in your tent or mine?" she said kissing the top of cachamarus head.
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: "Okay. you can let go of my arm. your cutting of the circulation." ani said wrestling her arm out of her grasp and placing it around cachamarus shoulder. walking into her tent she sat on the bed. them with a smirk she asked. "Where do you wanna sleep?"
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo yawned. She wondered if she would do any better in the act tomorrow. She yawned again. She hoped she would. Miyamo soon fell asleep.
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: "Thats exactly what i wanted you to say. the bed is big enough. i think they gave me a huge one because they were afraid of me." she sid laughing. "i need to change" sani said snapping her fingers. her outfit changes from the tight dress to black shorts and a black tank top. "You cn to if you want." she said laying down on the bed her hands behind her back.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg slowly pulled a rope by the door of her tent. The top slowly folded back to show a cloudless night. Meg laid down on her bed and sighed. As she drifted off to sleep she couldn't help but murmur," We'll be in the brightest star in the sky."
PrincessOfDark: "I also know you dont fall asleep that fast." ani turned on her side an lowerd herself so her face was in front of cachamaru's. then she draped her arms across her waist. "'night"
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: ((ou arent perverted. at least not that i know of...)) Warm sunlight hit ani's face. she opened her eyes and saw cachamarus face inches form hers. smileing she quietly got up and changed.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo's eyes slowly opened and she let out a yawn. She sat up and looked around. For a moment, she couldn't remember where she was but one word awoke her memory: circus. Of course! She got up from her hammock and stretched.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg slowly opened her eyes as the sunlight warmed her face. She had forgot to close the curtain again. She went to her door and pulled the rope before walking slowly out of her tent. She stifled a yawn as she stretched her arms. She looked around as the rest of the circus awoke.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo walked outside of the tent and smiled at the beautiful day. "Oh. Chachamaru." she said seeing her outside the tent. She smiled brightly at her.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg put her hand over her mouth when she noticed Chachamaru's clothes. Boy was she going to milk this she thought shaking her head. She waved as she spotted Miyamo. She walked over and said," So how was your first night in the circus?"
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: "It was alright." said Miyamo smiling at Meg. "I'm really beginning to like this place!" She looked around and noticed that the circus was alive with activity once more. Everyone must have been awake by now.
Megsrus aka Meg: "This place has that effect. As a wise demon once put it 'a circus captures your heart and never trully lets it go'. Wise words huh?"
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg casually glanced toward her friend Sam's tent was. She smiled when she saw him holding a camera and giving her the thumbs up sign. She turned back toward Miyamo and Chachamaru innocently.
Megsrus aka Meg: (lol shouldn't have given me and ideas)
Megsrus aka Meg: any*
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: "Not at all!" said Miyamo cheerfully. "I had a good night's sleep." Miyamo couldn't help but follow Meg's look to someone holding a camera. That probably wasn't good. She turned her gaze back on Meg when she turned around. "Everybody seems lively today, huh?" she said.
Megsrus aka Meg: "Yeah today we have two shows os we have to be ready," Meg said lazily. "Speaking of which I have uh business to attend to," she said and went off to Sam's tent and disappeared inside with him.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo watched her go with suspicion in her eye. Should she tell Chachamaru? Maybe but she felt she should get a little practice in this morning first. She started to walk over to the beam.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg scowled aiming a fireball at Chachamaru's head and smiled with satisfaction as it ignited. "To me it looks like you are just a hothead," she shouted to her.Meanwhile Sam Sam put his tent back up using his ice golems. It was kind of ironic when you thought about it. A fire demon and ice demon were best friends. But hey that didn't matter to them.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo fell off the beam when the ground shook. She saw a tent collapse and she ran over to see what had happened. Obviously, Chachamaru had found out about the pictures. "Cha... Your..." said Miyamo when Meg shot the fireball at her and got her. "Please don't fight..."
Megsrus aka Meg: "Tell that to her! I was merely making sure that moment would last forever when she colapsed Sam's tent. Retaliation was justified," Meg said annoyed. Miyamo had better get used to this she thought because she was going to see a lot of it.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: "It isn't right to fight." said Miyamo quickly. "And... you shouldn't blackmail people either." She wondered if this always happened. There was so much tension between people here.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg looked offended," I was not going to blackmail her. It is against my standards and lower than my pride would allow me to go." Meg waved goodbye to Sam and walked over to Miyamo. "Come to my tent. I believe it would be wise for us to have a talk." And with that she disappearred into her tent the door rustling as she passed through.
PrincessOfDark: Ani was inaware of what was apening she just sw cach-chan walk back into her tent. "I got same of your clothes n the bed." ani said begining to brush her hair.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo was a little hesitant but she walked over to Meg's tent slowly. She peeked into the tent first before completely stepping inside. "What do you wish to speak with me about?" asked Miyamo, a little frightened.
Megsrus aka Meg: "Look inside and you shall know," she said while assuming her meditative stance on a mat in the middle of her tent. "You seek knowledge that I can provide. Sit," she said gesturing toward the mat next to her.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo walked over to the mat and sat. Miyamo looked around the tent before her eyes fell back on Meg. "You can answer my questions?" asked Miyamo. Was it that obvious that she had questions she wanted to ask?
Megsrus aka Meg: "Yes but beware not all answers are trully wanted," Meg said mysteriously. She took a slender black cylinder out out of a pot and used it to light the candles in the tent. A sweet aroma filled the air and blue smoke danced along the top of the tent.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo watched the smoke rise. It swirled and took many shapes before brushing against the tent ceiling and losing its old form. "I wanted to know..." she started trying to choose her words carefully. "My stay here... It is only temporary right? After the circus is done here, I can go, right?"
Megsrus aka Meg: "That is the one thing I cannot tell you. Fate can nevr be known by mortals just as we have no control of it. Only time can answer that question. However your other question I can answer."
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo sighed. That was one of her questions that she really wanted to know. Everyone seemed to talk to her as if she would be staying in this circus forever. She looked at Meg. "You can answer my other question?" she asked.
Megsrus aka Meg: "That I can answer."
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo looked down then back at Meg. "Why is there so much tension between people here?" she asked. "It seems like none of you get along that well, except for Ani and Chachamaru. It's almost like there is something someone her doesn't like about the other. Why?"
Megsrus aka Meg: "People like us are usually solitary. We join together here for safety and acceptance. Around the world we are feared, hated, and attacked. Yet in our sanctuary of this circus we can remain as ourselves. Some of us have a hard time accepting this fact and we take it out on others. Some however are naturally like that. I myself was difficult for over a year do to the trauma of my previous life style."
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: "But that's of the past, isn't it?" said Miyamo. She usually wasn't one to argue but... "It doesn't matter anymore. The past always makes you stronger but you shouldn't hold on to it. You should accept the now and accept the people around you. Chances are things will be different and better for you!"
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg sighed and looked at Miyamo. "Do you remebder how old I am Miyamo?"
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: "Oh." said Miyamo trying to remember what Meg had told her yesterday. "372, right?" she said. She was good at remembering things.
Megsrus aka Meg: "Correct. I am one of the seven people under 800 here. There are 42 people in all. That is 35 people with over 800 years of bad experiences. Ani isn't the only one here who hates humans. Yesterday people asked me how I could talk to you after the way humans screwed up my life."
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: "Someone really said that?" asked Miyamo. Did they really hate humans that much? It hurt to hear that some of the circus folk despised her kind so much. "So, I guess it is too hard for them to forgive and forget." She stared at the tent wall. "What if someone showed them that not all humans are bad?"
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg laughed harshly," You'd be surprised how they have mastered the art of seeing only what they want to see. Trust me the best thing to do is let it go. I mean more than one person here hates me because I'm only half demon."
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: "But people shouldn't hate eachother like that!" yelled Miyamo. When she realized she had yelled, she calmed herself down. "I'm sorry." she said. "I shouldn't have burst out like that." She didn't know what had come over her. Maybe it was the thought of someone keeping so much hate bottled up inside.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: (I won't be on for a few days starting tomorrow but I will be back on thursday.)
Megsrus aka Meg: (k)
'No problem," she said lazily blowng out the candle. 'Come on we have a busy day so we need to practice."
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: "Alright." said Miyamo standing up and walking from the tent. She walked over to the beam and started to choose a weapon for practice. She bent over to pick up a wooden staff and a circus member passing by whistled. She straightened back up, blushing fiercely. Perverts are many here like Chachamaru said' she thought as she slowly turned around.
PrincessOfDark: Ani sudnely apperaed where meg and miya where at. "I can secne your talkign about me." her voice was full of anger. and at the end of every word you could here somewhat of a growl. "Listen meg i dont want anyone to know about my past. i dont even want to remember," ani closed her eyes."so talk about me in heed." with that ani disaperaed.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo stared at the spot where Ani once was for a while. She turned to Chachamaru quickly when she came by. "Don't be mad at Meg." said Miyamo. "I was the one that asked. I should not have been so curious. Gomenasai." She looked back at where Ani had been standing again. She just wanted to understand her. She didn't mean to cause such a fuss.
Megsrus aka Meg: "Trust me her I can handle," Meg said slowly walking out of the tent. As she reached the last tents she went faster and faster until the landscape was blurred. She stopped gasping for breath. She hadn't told anyone here what had happend to her. She would have cried if that day hadn't hardened her heart. She sighed as one thought ran across her mind. I wasn't talking about ani I was talking about me.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg sighed as she laid down on the grass. Maybe she should rest for a couple minutes. She could always practice afterwards. She yawned as her eyelids drooped and she drifted off to sleep.
Megsrus aka Meg: A one-hundred year old Meg walked through the forest with her father. He pointed out all the animals and told jokes to make her laugh. Meg's smile widened as she recognized the old trees in front of her house. But as she walked through them her smile faded. She saw her house, burnt to the ground and footprints in the dust. She walked over to the wreck and too late her father covered her eyes. She had seen the bodies of her mother, older sister, and her newborn brother. She clung to her father sobbing. She already knew the humans who lived nearby had done it. Her father picked her up and put her into a knot in an old oak tree which she used to play. She watched her father walk off toward the human's houses his ghostly glow disappearing over the hills. She waited there for days while the rain poured drenching her and making her shiver. She crawled out and ran to the tops of the hills. Even from there she saw the fire used to purify demon's souls. Suddenly humans were all around her with knives and torches. The flames refused to go out and as she ran they kept up with her. Finally she slipped and felt the heat of the flames as a torch was flung onto her. And it was then Meg awoke sweat on her body from the nightmare that was her past.
PrincessOfDark: "okay. its a date." ani sid turning arouns and kissing cach-chans check. then walking out
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg got up slowly brushing her hair away from her face. She slowly walked back toward the tents wondering how she would explain all this. As she reached the hill above the grounds she finished her excuse. Meg started jogging towards the tent making sure some ash was on her hands. She walked back towards the main tent and leaned against the doorway.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo watched as Chachamaru and Ani walked off towards the town. She knew Ani would not be pleased if Miyamo asked to tag along so she just watched them go. She would have liked to come along but she didn't want to seem like a pest to Ani. It seemed best to stay out of her way. Miyamo walked slowly towards the main tent and found Meg there. She gave her a smile before looking around the main tent. There was no audience at the moment and everyone looked very busy.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg nodded her head at Miyamo and then disappeared into her tent. For the second time she lighted the candles and sat on the mat to meditate.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo kept herself busy for a while by watching the circus members set up for the performances later on. She soon let out a sigh and walked to the back of the tent to practice. She picked up the wooden sword, she had decided she liked using this weapon the best, and hopped up onto the beam.
Megsrus aka Meg: The odd smoke swirled around the tent shifting in and out of shapes both known and not. The sweet smell dominated the air and an odd sound could be heard. Then all was calm.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo looked over at Meg's tent curiously. She didn't know what was happening as she watched the swirling smoke and breathed in the trange and unusual smell. She didn't know if she should but miyamo decided to walk over and see if everything was alright. She approached the tent and stood outside the entrance with fear gripping on to her a bit. "Meg?" she called. She waited for Meg's reply.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg's eyes slowly opened as she heard Miyamo's call. It was obvious she was worried. "Yes," Meg said blowing out the candles. She walked over and poked her head through the door.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: She looked down at the ground then back up at Meg. "I didn't mean to disturb you but... Why was there smoke around your tent and what was that noise? You don't have to answer if you don't want to though. I don't want to seem to noisy." Miyamo was hoping she would tell her. She was curious after all.
Megsrus aka Meg: "The smoke was because of the candles and the noise was a tape," Meg said with a grin on her face. Miyamo was one of the most curious people she had ever seen. Not such a good thing here.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: "Oh. O.k." said Miyamo. "I'm sorry for being so curious." She took a few steps back. "This place is so...mysterious to me. Everything is just strange and...unimaginable."
Megsrus aka Meg: "You don't know the half of it," Meg said under her breath. "Don't worry I was finishing up anyway. I have an idea. Maybe I could show you this place I found unless you are too busy practicing."
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo looked towards the beam then back at Meg. "Not at all." she said. "I think I've practiced enough for now. I can take a little break." She looked forward to seeing whatever it was that Meg wanted to show her.
Megsrus aka Meg: "Follow me," Meg said as she headed towards the woods beyond the tents. As she weaved through the trees she decided to have a bit of fun. "Watch out for the bears," she said seriously.
Anime_Elfling / Kurosawa, Miyamo: Miyamo gulped when Meg mentioned bears. "Hai." she said in a shaky voice as she followed Meg through the forest. (I'm sorry but I will not be on for a long, long time. This will probably be my last post until maybe two weeks pass.)
Megsrus aka Meg: (alas another great rp has fallen to the ashes)

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