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Roleplay - The Lost Boys by Briannan / Briannan

Peter Pan has gone from never never land forever. Captain Hook is recruiting Lost Boys. Never Never Land is thrown into Chaos. Tinkerbell is sent out to find a new Leader of the Lost Boys. Wether it is male or female is yet to be decided. The Lost Boys to have female members. So as an older child you are brought to never land to compete for leader of the lost boys. The benifit, you never grow old. The consequence, you have to give everything up in the real world.

Roleplay Details

-Lost Boys and girls
-People brought to Never Never Land to become the new Peter Pan
No god modding
be descriptive
No one liners unless necessary
no instant kills


ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : (wat races can u have?)
Briannan / Danya: <it doesn't say...so I would go within reason>
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : Sock woke up. he was floating through the air.. a small light flittered around him.. he thought it was just a dream, They touched down in the jungle, right in the middle of the Lost Boys camp, He rubbed his eyes sleepily, he was still topless, but the small fary had been kind enough to let him grab a coat, he slipepd the coat on, staring at what seemed a tousand faces staring back at him
"What the..." His thick german accent tainted with american
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : "16 actually... What do you meen leader..." Sock seemed puzzled
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : Sock was wide eyed "Isnt that just a fairy tale?"
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : "I.. What?" He shok his head in disbelief, brushing his hair from his face "Fly? I can barley talk at the moment" He sighed, theeyes wer boring in to him like piercing daggers, he was starting to feel dizzy
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : "What do you meen.. like make a 'caw' noise?" He asked, still sure this was a dream
rene / britney : blue cotton was one of the lost girls she saw sock she thought he was hott" tink isn't he to cute to i mean there is nothing wrong with cuteness but why yes peter was cute but he was younger than i am" blue cotton was the newest part of the group so she didn't understand much
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : Sock looked at blue cotton.
"Cute? Me?" He laughed, brushing hair from his face
SweetAndOhSoME / tinkerbell: " you need to give him time he will i hope he will get used to"tink said
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : (Couldnt finish ma post)
"Woh there.. Take out hook? You meen that evil pirate dude? God.. that man was in my nightmare til i ws about 11... and i can fight.. I can crow.. and i bet i can learn to fly as well" He was awake now... dream or not, he wasnt going to be picked on by a group of kids
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : He was now geeting angry, though he bit down his temper
"Well thanks" He said sarcastically
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : "I can crow.. i WAS scared of hook and I will learn to fly" He growled, stepping away from blue
"Come any closer in to my personal space girl and ill have to prove that i can fight" He scowled
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : Sock scowled
2Did i ask to be rought here? No.. I dont take that from ANYONE not my dad.. my friends, and certainly not stuck up snobby girls!" Something in his eyes changed, but someting was holding him back, stopping him from hitting her so hard that she was out of sight, though his muscles were tense and his fists were ready.
"Now Im warning you... Back off... For your own safety" He was stugling to keep anything steady
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : He drew himself to his full height of 6"2 he was taller than hook, and at the moment looked more threatening.
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : "Just watch it.. I have an aweful temper.. and my bites as bad as my bark.. and im sure hooks soon gonna find out... Ill help ya out.. but is this one of those 'choose.. immortality.. or your life' deals.. cos id rather have immortality"
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : Sock watched them carefully
"Thats all nice and peachy.. but im really tired.. any chance i could get some sleep before we start?" He asked
(gotta go as well.. so.. show sock where he cn sleep or sumat n ill be back on tomorrow.. its round 10 :20 pm here.. n i gt scool tomorow.. yay!! not)
Briannan: Jenny sighed. Why did the older girls always take over. They weren't supposed to be here. Unless of course, Tink was planning something. They had all showed up around the same time. What if Tink was seeing who would learn faster to take Pan's spot. She walked after Sock and Blue. She hid outside waiting for Blue to leave. She would teach him to fly. She had to.
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : (england) Sock folowed silently, he looked at the bed and te river. it certainly wasnt his old room.
"Um... Wow..." Was all he could say, he took his coat of and put it on the bed
"Thanks" He said, turning to blue, his hair was fallig in front of his eyes again
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : He dropped on to the bed, wrapping the thin sheets round his slim frame, curling up in to a tight ball, like a small kitten, closing his eyes he attempted to sleep...
Some time later he woke up, stretching "Ah.. what a strange dream" He yawned before he opened his eyes, he rubbed them and opened them up, in the bed, next to the river, he yelped, scrabbling from the bed and fell on to the floor with a loud crash.
"Ow..." He groaned
ellesmera: He laughed "Cant belive i still remember that book.. I mustve been what.. 3? When i last read it..." He sighed. "Whats there to be positive about?"
ellesmera: (sorry was away for a few days )
Sock smiled, when she turned away he spoke
"You Okay?"
ellesmera: He cvautiously put his arm round her.
"Hes an adult.. Ive spent half my life making sure their lives are a living hell.. Hooks like my stepdad.. Stick something under his foot.. and he'll go flying off the boat"
ellesmera: "And i promise you the smae" He replied, knowing she was blushing
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Shal we ga started then... I am sure i will have plenty of bruises from half failed attempts at flying before theday is done" Sock smiled griping her shoulder tighter for a split second
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Hey.. Its morning...' I know im going to get hurt, but im willing to do it' is about as optemistic as it gets til ive had something cafinated.. or a shock" He sighed walking after her.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "With pleasure" He smiled, following her closely, absorbing his surroundings as best he could
ellesmera: He sat down, watching her every movement, starting to realise.. that this was not a dream, or the result of drug or alcohol abuse
ellesmera: He accepted the coffee, draining a quarter of the drink before answering her question.
"I lived in a huge house... 14 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms.. a huge pool... I didnt see it often.. My bedroom was in the attic...I was locked in there from the moment i got home, there was no way of getting out.. even through the sky light... the roof was so steep youd break your neck... My dad beat me til i was 15.. then i learned that i was big enough to hit back, a lot harder than he could. Thats when they started locking me in my room... I wasnt doing well in school.. Absent half the time.. In hospital.. or skipping school to smoke with my 'friends'.. speaking of which.." He pulled out a packet of cigarettes and a smal red lighter, he lit one and took a drag, he had finished his coffee. "Once.. My dad thought he could hit me hard enough to really hurt me.. almost did... He ended up in hospital and i was locked in my room without any food or drink for about 5 days.. and my supply of cigarettes was clean out...Thats when Tinkabell found me.. I dont have to go back there... Thatl be my optemism... I will forget wont I?... About them.. That life?" He looked up at her, childlike hope glimmered in his eyes
ellesmera: "Seems we both had it rough...." Kane sighed.
"I dont have to go back.. do I... Its my choice...Isnt it?"
ellesmera: "Your right there!" He smiled, standing up. "So.. where we going to go to learn it?"
ellesmera / Sockagermaouse : Sock sighed in mock relief
"Glad your so enthusiastic to watch me fall on my ass and roll down a hill.. Im sure ill make it look VERY 'graceful'" He smiled, tanding and sparking another cigarette
(lets see.. two down.. he had 3 packs of 10 on him and a pack of 20 so...50...48 left.. should last him a few days ^_^)
ellesmera: He nodded, following her out of the door.
"How steeps the hill? "
ellesmera: He slowly took her hand, the fear he was feeling was gone. He broke in to a smile, the serious face gone.
"I trust you"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He sighed, sipping his hands back in to his pockets, the teddy and the stone in differant hands, he closed his eyes and concentrated on the memory and the teddy once more, the smooth stone was helping, he felt himself lift from the ground again, about 1ft higher
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He opened his eyes once he had the hovering under control.
"Now what?"
ellesmera: "Its okay.. she escaped... lucky git" He smiled, standing up.
"I need something to eat..." He looked at her. "Do you?"
(Crow has a switch in his head, when his emotions start to get to strong, he can just turn them off.. scary huh? lol)
ellesmera: (not crow... sock (god.. dont multitask forums when your usin similar charaters) He followed her to her room and waited patiently
ellesmera: "Ill be ready" He smiled, he stood up, the bag of fairy dust slipped in his pocket.
"Im gonna go explore... see you later?" He asked her as he waslked to the door.
ellesmera: Sock had been gone for a while he had been practicing his flying, he had got the jist of it now, he clould fly upwards ad go in most drections he could also land without falling, he flew back to sonoyas room and knocked on the door.
ellesmera: "Are you okay?" Sock asked, watching as steven left.
"Was he bothering you?"
ellesmera: "Okay... Have i upset u?" He asked, putting the fairy dust on her bed.
"os.. your my only friend here.. I dont want to have upset you"
Yukito / Sinashu: ((Hey! Is it too late to join?))
Yukito / Sinashu: ((Um, so can I join?))
ellesmera: (sorry)
"I didnt explore much.. more like learn how to fly." He sighed.
"You sure your okay?)
(it up to sonoya)
Yukito / Sinashu: ((Oh, alright then. I'll check back with you guys later. Ja ne!!))
ellesmera: 2Oh.. Ok.. But if he ives you troube, tell me wont you? I dont like seein fiends upset Because of jackasses." Sock sighed.
ellesmera: He sits next to her, Putting an arm round her in a friendly cuddle, he stares at the wall.
"The past should stay in the past. If he brings it up, then hes just a bad person.. depending of what context the memories are... I was alwys told, forgiveness was not the ability to move on.. as you would still remember what had happened, but forgiveness is the ability to forget all the feelings in the memory.. but still hold the memory close" He paused, the next sentence came out with laughter.
"If that makes sense" He looked at her.
"To think you have lost meens youve already condemmed yourself to failure... Thinking you have chosen wrong meens that you have no hope in yourself.. and no hope meens no confidence... I have had the worst life i can think of... yet i hold my head high with selfless pride..." He sighs. "Now im rambling"
ellesmera: "Neither is forgetting" He sighed, looking at her face.
"Dont let anyone get to you.. No matter what anyone says.. Its what you personally believe that matters"
ellesmera: "Im in your room.. If your tired I can go.. but im not tired..." He sighed. The arm that wasnt round her shoulder slowley slid accross his lap towards her hand
ellesmera: His hand brushed against hers, it rested on her hand ever so slightly, but didnt move away.
"Okay" Was al he could say, he was captivated by her eyes.
ellesmera: He smiled back, his gaze had softened, his hug had gradualy grown tighter. A slight blush had crossed his face but he didnt look away.
ellesmera: "You dont make me feel that way. Not at all" He smiles, his head inching forewards.
(gotta go)
ellesmera: There faces were only an inch away now, he could feel her breath on his face. She looked so sweet. His grip tightened slightly
ellesmera: His hand brushed her cheek, gently turning her face back to his, he was blushing madly but he braught his lips to hers, lokking in to her eyes, before losing his own, the hand round her shoulders pulling her closer. He pulled back slightly.
"I dont feel out of place when im with you" Sock smiled slightly, the blush fading
ellesmera: He stroked her cheek softly. A smile played about his lips.
"What did he say to you?"
Gaara-‰äˆ¤—… / Gaara: "You lie well" He sighed.
"Its okay to show your feelings...He wont be doing that any more." Sock sighed, stroking her cheek.
Gaara-‰äˆ¤—… / Gaara: He kissed her forehead.
"I said you lie well.. But not well enough" He paused.
"I'm not gonna start anything.. or make a fuss about it... but.. if he does anything else to you and i find out about it... Hes gonna wish that hed never been born."
ellesmera: "The first time he tries anything.. Will be the last time.. One way or another... If Hook is a threat again... We dont need quarrels within the ranks now do we... But.. one thing thats been worrying me...." He pulled out a packet of ciggarettes. "I only have 10 left.. and they wont last me the night.. How am I going to get more... If im in neverland?" He paused.
"Also... Would I be able to return home.. To get some things?"
ellesmera: (yer. sorry.. i got caught smoking at scool and wasnt aloud to go online) Sock nodded slightly.
"Its just the cigarettes I want.. And some clothes.. " He smiled.
"I dont want to leave here for any longer than neccassary"
ellesmera: "Okay..." 'I could fly home....'
ellesmera: Kane was wandering round aimlessly, racking his brains out.
"How to get home.. I have a stash of cigarettes at home... and some other stuff.... God..." He whispered to himself, he lit one (only 9 left) and took a drag, the nicotine rushing through his system. He was close to sonoya and Steven
ellesmera: Sock heard her calls and entered the room. He scowled and stubbed the cigarette out on his arm.
"Let her go. Ill give you one warning" His tone indicated he wasnt messing, a violent tone and aura could b sensed around him. He had the stance of a street brawler, and a good one at that.
(plus.. he used to fight his step dad away from him.. child abuse n stuff)
ellesmera: He watced him going, the violence and bloodlust slowley ebbed away, though he still had an angry look in his eye. He relit the cigarette.
"If he lays a hand on you agin, there will be no warning. Ill kill him." He sighed.
"Ive found a way to get home. I will be back" He sighed and left the room.
"I promise" He dissapeared in to the air...
(blah blah.. cut this bit out) he landed in his room and quickly gathered some tings, shoving some clotes in to a sack, collecting his whole stash of cigarrettes (40 packs of 20..) He then collectedall his lighters,a nd refil gas. He took the remaining chocolate from the pantry then snuck in to his stepdads room, removing 2 samurai sword sheeths from the wall, with the corrisponding swords. He then took a few throwing knves, not all of this was ment to kill hook. He took his usuall spaaring sword and then the handgun and magazines from the bx, fiing them to his belt. He crept in to his sisters rooma nd kissed her forehead.
"Ill visit.. maybe" He scrawled her a note titled DONT SHOW BEN (stepdad) which explained he had left home, and he might come back for her. He took a photo of his mom and sister from the frame and tucked it in his jacket. He felt pretty heavy now. He then took off in to the night
(skip the flying bit ^_^) He landed back outside the room he was staying in and put his stuff away, strapping the samurai swords to his back, and two dagger hooked in his belt. They didnt have samurais here.. not that he could tell from the books anyway, he put hs sparing sword by his side and left, looking for Sonaya, or steven. Judging by the daylight, hed been gone 7 hours
ellesmera: "Sonoya?" Sock walked up to her.
"I got my stuff..." He paused.
"I came back.. see " He sat next to her. "Whats wrong?"
ellesmera: "Oh...Im sorry" He put his arm round her. Knowing what steven might know, and what he might tell hook, that and the fact he seemed to have an obsession with sonoya, he didnt like this, not one bit.
ellesmera: "NO! Your not. I wouldnt be here.. If it wasnt from you, you saved me from an abusive father and a sexually abusive step mum.. I..I love you" He sighed. Pulling her closer to his chest
ellesmera: He held her to him. Closing his eyes as he explored her mouth with his tongue. His fingers traced her arms and shoulders, sliding down her back and resting above her hips.
ellesmera: All his surroundings faded away and they lifted from the floor, he had a tight hold of her as they slowley rotated on the spot.
ellesmera: "I didnt meen it to happen." He laughed, holding her tighter. They slowley touched down again. He smiled. Taking her hand. "Come on" He led her to his room and opened the door.
"I like it in here"
ellesmera: "Beds arent only for sleeping in." he sat her on the bed and stradled her. Sliding his hands down her arms he leaned in and kissed her
ellesmera: "I plan to" He smiled, slowley removing his shirt, revealing his muscular, slightly scarred chest. There was a huge scar slice from his heart that ran down his side and dissapeared in to his jeans, it shined white against his slightly tanned skin
ellesmera: "It was a few years ago.. I pissed my step-dad off one to many times.. He attacked me with a fencing sword, narrowly missed my vital organs.. No biggie..." He sighed slightly. Slowly removing her top
ellesmera: "The only experiance I have of this is closing your eyes and wishing he will stop soon.. But.. Thats under something completly differant..." He helped her remove his jeans and quickly removed her (whatever she is wearing o0)
ellesmera: "There is no need to be orry.. my ste dads a sick, sick man.. my sister.. shes 9... he does those things to her too... he had been abusing me since i was 5 maybe younger.. Bt thats the past.." He kissed her neck softly, sucking llightly on the skin
ellesmera: "Then maybe you should show me" He slid his hands over her body, smiling at the effect she was havingon his body
ellesmera: He leaned against her, his minstrations increasing in speed. He kissed her lips before sucking once again on her nipples
ellesmera: "Yeah.. Well.. You learn things quickly so you don't get beaten up.. for not satisfieng people..." He remembered his mother.... and his step dad. Forcing him to do things to his sister and mother, for their... website. As well as his two brothers and step dad. he banished them from his mind. He kissed his way up her chest to her lips. He kissed her, still teasing her crotch with his hand. He could feel her nails really diging in, almost breaking the skin. He smiled in to the kiss
ellesmera: "You want me to use the real thing?" He moaned in to her neck.
ellesmera: He slowley removed his fingers and sucked on them. He lucked in to her eyes and pushed half of his dick in to her
ellesmera: "Im not uncomfortable, when im with you" He groaned in her ear, pushing the other 5 inches in and pulling out to the head before starting a rhythmic pumping. (10 inches o0)
ellesmera: "Why would you?" He asked, slowley thrusting
ellesmera: "Maybe they were stunned by your beauty?" Sock smiled. Kissing her cheek.
"The past is the past.. And this is now.. Don't live in the past... Live for the preasent."
ellesmera / Faustus: "Well.. Actions speak louder than words.." He stroked her cheekwith his thumb
ellesmera / Faustus: "Can we resume the sex then?" He laughed. "Thats an action.."
ellesmera / Faustus: He reentered her and moaned as he pumped in to her.
ellesmera / Faustus: "I love you to" He moaned, smoothig his hands over her breasts
ellesmera: "Ah! Im..Gonna...Come!" He moaned loudly
ellesmera: "Okay" He replied. Kissing her cheek
ellesmera / Cynan Kane and Minas Kane: Sock sighed, clenching his fists.
"Steven..." His nails cut in to his palms and blood trickled down his fingers, his beserker nature kicking in.
ellesmera: "Hm.. Yes... I can fight..." He gestured to his small artilery of weapons. "I can fight well"
ellesmera: "thats fine by me....you said he was with hook? hook knows not of my identity...right?" He had many plans forming in his head
ellesmera: "What for?" He asked, his hand touched her face and he kissed her cheek.
"We will be ready"
ellesmera: he nodded and got dressed quickly and quietly. he pulled something from his bag and opened it. he sighed and looked inside. Closing it again he turnd to her, pulling on a fairly large broadsword and a samurai
ellesmera: he nodded. "I can fight extremly well" He pulled on other weapons, things foriegn to this place and then cracked his fingers. "Come on then"
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: He nodded and pulled the samurai from its sheeh, the sun reflected off of its smooth blade and he smiled slightly, he didnt just use weapons when fighting.
"Ill warn you, I dont fight with just strengt and metal"
(i wont be on for a while)
ellesmera / Sax (blue): "Youll see" He smiled, closing his eyes. He thought back to training with this little gift he had. How the wind had blown a lot slower han it was here, so he calmed his reathing, and the wind around them slowed. How the sun was a lot brighter, and, the sun in the sky aove their heads grew brighter, as if it had a dimmer switch. He slipped a shoe off and felt the ground beneath, the grass grew slightly longer. There were no clod#uds in the sky anymore and evrything had changed just slightly, enough to e noticed. He opened his eyes. "You ready?"
ellesmera: He blocked her attack with his samurai and pushed her backwards with it, the blade passing up her left side.
ellesmera: he jumped back, pushing her away again, the sharp blade passing by her shoulder. he had doubt in his eyes, doubting himself

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