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Roleplay - ♥ Éñëmÿ ƒô® Éñémÿ ♥ by Ceasing End / Ceasing End

A teenage demon is pushed out her house after a huge arguement with her family. She later comes back and murders the lot of them. She takes residence in a demon boy's house, of whom they are bitter enemies. But things soon change...

Roleplay Details

I am the main character. Ask to join!
The demon boy must preferably be slightly dememted or good at fighting and arguing, becuase that happens a lot!
° No god modding
° Ask to join
° Have fun! If you look at this, please at least try to take part.
I'm a Larry on my loner.
Or a loner on my Larry.
Without company.


Ceasing End: "That's it mum! I've had enough of this stupid shopping! You think you know everything, but you don't! You just don't understand!" storms 16-year old Lykathia, demon daughter of the world's most powerful person. In the socks industry, anyway. She stamps her feet moodily. Life is so unfair, she thinks. She has had enough of her mum trying to make her wear orange. And pink. At the same time. She decides to barracade herself in her room. Tea won't be for another hour yet, she thinks. Yet her stomach rumbles. She curses as colourful as the rainbow socks on the washing line.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: < Sorry, wasn't logged in >
Ceasing End / Lykathia: < Sorry, wasn't logged in as a character >
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She sits on her bed and promptly stands up again. Bum. Her dad has put a CCTV camera in her room to check what she's up to. Joy. She strides up to it, and flicks a small poison bottle open. She pours the contents, highly acidic, onto the hidden camera. It fizzles and burns, leaving a horrible smell in the room. She opens her window to let it all out.
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: < hi can I join? >
Ceasing End / Lykathia: < Sure >
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Sure
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Who do you want to be?
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: < okay , when can I come in? >
Ceasing End / Lykathia: I can just Fast forward to when they meet.
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: < whom ever you want >
Ceasing End / Lykathia: ( fast forwarded )
Lykathia peers into the shadows. She sees a figure, but... can it be..?
Ceasing End / Lykathia: ( your queue! xD )
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: < who? >
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She looks at the face of the boy approaching her. She stands up, barely coming up to his nose, even with her enormous boots on.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: You could be the demon. As I fast forwarded especially.
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: " hello " he says " what are you doing here? "
Ceasing End / Lykathia: " I got kicked out my family. Then I butchered them. " she replies. "What are you doing in these parts? "
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: " well this is our area , I live around here " he said pointing to a house
Ceasing End / Lykathia: " I see, nice place. My dad used to own the world's largest sock company. " She says, irrelevantly.
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: " whatever " he said not really caring " anyway , you need a place to stay at for a while? "
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She takes off her coat. A pair of turquiose and black stripy socks cover her long legs. Her bat wings are folded up by her side.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: " Thanks, I appreciate it "
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: " okay " he said leading her to the house and as they entered he shouted " Mom! , we have a guest , she will stay for a while "
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She walks in. She is impressed by the size. She whispers "wow, this is huge" to herself, then follows him.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She slips off her boots. They look ot of place in this house. I look out of place, she thinks sullenly to herself.
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: he guides her to his room showing her around and then said as they entered " well , here is my room , you will be sleeping here , but on the bed and I will be down on the extra sheets on the floor "
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She nods. She looks out the window, and sees the place where she had been sitting. Other people are fighting, and she thinks she has seen a murder. She snaps back to reality.
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: he looks at and asks " hey , you okay? " < g2g now , sorry >
Ceasing End / Lykathia: < Okay, see you later >
Ceasing End / Lykathia: < Anyone who is looking at this, I am not opening this till tomorrow now coz I'm bored of being Larry! Lol, I will be back tomorrow >
Ceasing End / Lykathia: < Anyone who is looking at this, I am not opening this till tomorrow now coz I'm bored of being Larry! Lol, I will be back tomorrow >
Ceasing End / Lykathia: < I'm back now, anyone online who wants to join? >
Ceasing End / Lykathia: < gtg bi >
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: he looks at and asks " hey , you okay? "
Ceasing End / Lykathia: < Sure, back now, the demon boy's taken >
Ceasing End / Lykathia: " Yes, thanks. What about you?" She seems distant.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: < You could be anything, I don't know, his friend, who is secretly jealous? Or wanting him to chuck her out? I don't know! >
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: < you can be the kid next door > he looked at her and said " okay , well get setteled and come down , when you are ready "
Ceasing End / Lykathia: " Someone's at the door, Squall. " She says solemnly. She has a feeling...
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She takes out a small diary, her eagle-owl feather quill and her bottle of purple ink. She skims over her pages, and writes down a few notes.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She puts them back in her pocket, and sweeps downstairs.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She steps downstairs, and sees the two boys talking. She walks up to them.
" Hi, I'm Lykathia. What's your name?" she asks.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: ...?
< What's going on...? Lol... >
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She wonders why he looks at her that way. She decides it's her eyes. She tries to make conversation. " Where do you live? " She asks mildly.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She relaxes slightly. Her eyes scare everyone. She smiles faintly. Her hair falls across her face, concealing the confusement.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: " I used to live a while away from here. I was kicked out of my house but now my family are dead." She fingers her sword's hilt.
<gtg, soz, be back on tomorrow>
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: Squall looked over at them and left them alone , going to the kitchen and helped his mother out
Ceasing End / Lykathia: < Hey, back now. Sorry I haven't been on >
Ceasing End / Talkia: She looks slightly scared, constsantly looking around, fingering her sword constantly for reasurrance. She mutters to herself, something about thunder, then slips back upstairs.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: < Wrong char >
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She knows her clothes look odd, there's no mistaking it. But she can't change them... She thinks. She rustles around in her pack, and, there she has it, there is a pair of dark jeans, and a black hooded jumper. She pulls them on. She looks back into the mirror. Better, she thinks. But her hair... She takes a knife out her pocket. When she comes down, she has shoulder length, layered hair, flicking up. She is gripping the hair in her hand, sliding it into her pack discreetly.
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: Squall followed her upstairs and said " are you okay? "
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She looks much different. Her hair is shorter, but looks nicer. She replies " I'm ok, just a bit... you know how it feels to be nervous, don't you? "
She treads downstairs.
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: he smiled and said " okay , by the way , that looks great on you " pointing to the outfit
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She smiles back. " Thanks, I've never been apprieciated before. " Somehow, her voice sounds odd. She notices and tries to cover it up by coughing slightly, but she just appears to be laughing.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: < :( Brb, may be a while >
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: he laughs a bit and said " well that is odd , I thought you heard it most of the time , anyway food is ready , let's go down , Crow is joining us "
Ceasing End / Lykathia: < Back >
She walks down with him.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She follows Squall down to the table, and seats herself.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (crow) crow was already at the table, he watched lykathia as she sat down
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: Squall looked at both of them and started passing the plates to them and smiled " enjoy! "
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Thanx" He smiles, still unable to look away from Lykathia
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: he looked at them as he ate his gaze shifting from one to another
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He was captivated by her, unsure why. he ripped his eys from her and concentrated on his food as if it was the most riveting thing he had ever seen as he ate
Ceasing End / Lykathia: < Sorry, I had to go, is anyone online? >
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She doesn't know why the boys are looking at her like that, but she tries to carry on eating through a giggling fit.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: < Where are they?!? ...? >
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She finishes her supper, and crosses her knife and fork neatly. She waits for the boys to finish.
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: Squall looks at her as she finished , placed his fork and knife down on the plate and wiped his mouth and smiled at her " did you enjoy it? "
ellesmera: Crow had lost all apitite, leaving more than half of the meal untouched, he had resumed his silent, cold look as he sat in what must have been a very uncomfortable position on the chair, watching them both like a hunter stalking its prey
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She replies, "It was really nice, thanks." She smiles slightly, and wonders if her bracelets conceal the many scars across her wrist. She looks briefly at them, then flicks her bracelets up over them.
" Do you want me to help with the washing up or anything? " she asks politely.
ellesmera: Crow had noted her checking her wrists and had smirked only slightly, his calculating eyes stared at Lykathia intently, watching her every move
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She sees him watching her, and tilts her head slightly at his smirking. She wonders what he is thinking, but did not inherit her mothers infuriating knack for reading people's minds, or knowing the truth before it was said. Instead, she got her nan's clairvoyance, and her wings. Obviously not second hand, though.
ellesmera: Crows hair seemed to become a shade lighter an his eyes a tad darker as he studied her face, reading all her emotions, the slightest flicker of her eys and he knew what she was feeling
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She sweeps a bit of her hair over her eyes. She is vunerable after the attack of the medium's attempt to steal her body. Her blank odd eyes are a passage into her body, and she protects them as a lioness her cubs.
ellesmera: "Why do you cover your eyes, they`re so stunning" Crow asked, watching her for a reaction
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She appears slightly startled, but is on her feet. She replies "When my family died, they haunted me for a while. I went to a medium to sort it out. Then the medium entered my body, and my eyes are the passage to my soul." She looks vunerable for a moment, unsure of what he'll do, unsure if her fears are confirmed.
ellesmera: "Thats a shame.. you have such lovely eyes" His voice was emotionless.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She lowers her voice, " I'm just scared someone will try to engulf me, use me like that medium nearly had done." She shakes her head slightly, as if to clear it of the thought,
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She notes the lack of emotion in his voice. She thinksto herself, why are boys so hard to dicifer? It's hard enough attempting to make conversation with them. She flicks at a random strand of hair, looking, or so she hoped, relaxed.
ellesmera: He smiled .
"You have a lot to worry about it seems.. you seem stressed as wel... you should drop by the vian spa.. my mum owns it.. just tell her you know me and youll be relaxed in no time... youll age before your time if you keep up like you are" Crow said matter-of-factly
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She grins slightly. "Glad to know someone realsises. Thanks for the advice. I might just do that."
She leaves the table, and goes upstairs to wash her face. She looks at the reflection in the mirror. She feels faint. Her eyes roll into her head, and she collapses. She sees the sea, the sunlight on it making the waves slithering blue snakes. But it suddenly goes red. With blood. The skies go black. She sits bolt upright. She sees she is sweating, and makes for the shower. It seems to be a million miles away. But she gets there. When she comes down again, fully dressed, she looks even paler than before. She nods to Crow, and says, "I'm going to that spa you told me about. Can I have directions for it please? "
ellesmera: "Ill take you there.. I need to go check on her anyway... she gets a bit carried away after to much coffee.. and theres a new girl there... poor new girl... i hold my sympathies for her..." He smiles. grabbing his coat.
"See you later squall" he lookes at her, noticing she was paler. "Come on then.. Im not going to bite you"
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She giggles slightly, then stops. She hasn't laughed since the night of her insane escapade. She feels odd laughing. She says back to Crow "Thanks, I aprrieciate it. "
Ceasing End / Lykathia: < Sorry, I have to go now >
ellesmera: "Its ok" He smiled, opening the front door and waiting for her to go outside.
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: < looks like I have striked 3 and out lol > Squall smiles and waves to them and goes up to his room , to sleep
Ceasing End / Lykathia: <hey!> She walks on briskly, following Crow. Her strides are long and strangley sassy.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She says "How much do the treatments cost?" as they walk along. Her paleness is almost unnoticeable now, but she seems a bit shaken still.
ellesmera: "If you know me.. is nothing... unless shes in a real bad mood, then i have to pay it.." He smiles.
"Do you want to walk? or we could take the hummer... my brother can drive us there
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She smiles. "I don't really mind, either way works." she replies, filcking her hair behing her ears, giving her eyes a mysterious glint.
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: Squall kept any eye on them from afar as he flew with demon wings hiding from tree to tree
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "It's up to you, really. I don't mind." She says. She looks at him like she hadn't before. She appears more interested now it's just the two of them and it's more open to her.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She suddenly hears a faint rustle. She looks around, but sees nothing. She supposes it's just her nerves after the vision.
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: " darn almost seen " he thought to himself and tried to keep it low
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She slips up her bracelets again. Her largest and newest scar is bleeding, but the blood isn't red. It's a faint blue. She looks at it again, then almost faints. She staggers back into the tree that Squall is hiding in, clutching her wrist.
Squall Leon Hea / Squall Leon Heart: Squall leaped down beside her and said " what is that? " as he got first aid from a backpack
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She stutters "I haven't... got a clue..." Her voice fades. Her body goes slightly limp as she goes unconscious from shock. Her still bleeding wrist starts to heal slightly. Her vision of the blood-coloured sea repeats itself over and over.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Her eyes snap open. They are glazed and glassy, like beads. She is sweating considerably. She shivers and tries to stand up. She looks again at her wrist, where the scar had healed completely back up. Puzzled, she says to Squall, " What happened? And why are you here?" She wipes a trickle of sweat off her brow.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: <...? What's going on? Lmao! >
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She stands back up, aware that Squall still hasn't answered her. She adjusts her jeans, which had been slipping down because they were too small.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: * Too big
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She brushes herself off, and turns to Crow. "So, how are we getting to the spa?"
ellesmera / Faustus: (what was that????)
"We can alk.. or my brother can drive us"
Ceasing End / Lykathia: <Gtg bibi>
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "Do you mind if we walk? I don't really like cars..." She looks back to that painfully embarrasing day when she threw up due to travel sickness, in the school bus over to swimming when she was eight.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "It's a long story. I had an enormous fight with my family. Then they kicked me out the house. Squall toook pity on me, and allowed me to live with him for a while, until at least I'm old enough to be by myself." She looks sidelong at Crow.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "Almost sixteen" she replies, twirling a strand of hair with her finger. "How about you?" she adds.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She appears slightly nervous of all these alleys, but hides her fear quite well. She says "Out of interest, what school did you go to?" and continues to twist the strand of hair she had been previously twirling.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She is obviously sorry and sympathetic for him. She says " Was he a nice man? I'm sorry about hearing of his death..."
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She sighs, and says "My family is dead. Although..." Her voice fades as she struggles to think of what to tell him: the truth or the lie she's fed everyone else...
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "My family... I killed them, too. But not in the subtle way you had. I used my sword, and my collection of knives to kill. I used to be an assasinator, at night, when my mother went out clubbing, and my father with her. I was paid a lot. You must have had a hard life, being treated like that." She finishes.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "Of course, no-opne found the evidence. I burned the entire body with a strong sample of acid." She adds.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "Of course, no-opne found the evidence. I burned the entire body with a strong sample of acid." She adds.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: <Oops.... Lol>
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She grins, secretly pleased with herself for being able to tell the truth."You've had a hadr life. Me... I'm just a grumpy, silent, weird teenager with the wrong attitude." She replies.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She flicks out a small knife, spins it in her fingers, then flicks it back into her pocket. "Assasin's move, good for startling victims." She says.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She grins. "Hi, Cherri." She walks along with them, slightly blushing.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She turns to Crow. "Your mum's really nice!" she gushes, unable to stop herself from sounding excited, then blushing when she realsises hwo stupid she thinks she sounds.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: As she looks at Crow, she feels something stir in her chest, and it spreads from the tips of her toes up to her cheeks, to the roots of her hair. She is puzzled, and it shows.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She replies,"I think so..." She looks deep into his eyes. How beautiful, she thinks, and then almost scolds herself mentally for thinking that.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: " Yes... I'm sure" She looks a bit more than ok, though. She still feels odd, a subdued happiness inside her, waiting to burst out at the right moment.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She glances at it, then averts her eyes slightly to his face. She tucks a strand of hair behind her ears, showing her eyes, letting the light glitter on them, making the dullness fade, and making them sparkle like rubies. She smiles, with a new-found confidence. Her jumper is hot in the warmth of the spa waiting room, so she takes it off, with a tighter-fitting, lighter, flattering top underneath, highlighting her bust. She fingers her silver moonstone necklace tenderly, like a mother with a fallen child.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: < I have to go now .I'll be back on later >
Ceasing End / Lykathia: <Back> She smiles, her own eyes flitting from his chest, to his beautiful eyes, to his face. The happiness, subdued for so long, was starting to emerge. She felt the way she had done, still fingering her necklace. She moves slightly closer to him, almost with an "air" about her, her warm breath prickling on his neck, from about a metre or so away.
ellesmera / Cail: His heart was pounding hin his chest, and he was fighting with it, though he kept his laid back attitude up. he watches she got closer, as she leaned forwards slightly a bit of cleavage was shown. He watched her, absorbing her beauty with his eyes, he looked up at her face, his eyes falling in to hers, he moved closer, it was barley noticable
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She looks into his eyes, and draws closer. Her breath prickles on his cheek, and she can feel his own breath. She gently puts a hand to his face, revelling in the softness of his skin. She puts her other hand to his heart. Brimming with happiness, she feels free.
ellesmera / Cail: He puts a hand on her chee also, brushing some hair from her face, his other hand on her knee as he leened closer, he felt her breath on his chek and felt his heart flutter, he let his emotins show, hiseyes shimmering with anticiation and his whole posture looked relaxed and ready
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She leans slowly forward, her eyes glistening like rubies, shimmering with life. As their lips touch, she feels a thrill go down her spine. She puts both of her hands to her chest, feeling his heart fluttering, feeling like she'd struck gold.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She leans slowly forward, her eyes glistening like rubies, shimmering with life. As their lips touch, she feels a thrill go down her spine. She puts both of her hands to his chest, feeling his heart fluttering, feeling like she'd struck gold.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She leans slowly forward, her eyes glistening like rubies, shimmering with life. As their lips touch, she feels a thrill go down her spine. She puts both of her hands to his chest, feeling his heart fluttering, feeling like she'd struck gold.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: <Oops, not again... lol>
ellesmera / Cail: He kisses her softly, his hands moved from her cheeks and he wrapped them round her neck, oulling her bodly towards him as they kissed
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She wraps her arms around him, feeling his chest rise and fall with his breathing, stroking up his spine with her right index. She stops halfway up, then rests her hand on one of his shoulders, caressing his neck as they kissed. <It would be so funny if Crow's mum walked in!>
ellesmera / Cail: He let a hand slide down her back, it rested on the small of her back, his other hand back on her cheek, he slipped his tongue right in to her mouth, exploring her taste
ellesmera / Cail: He let a hand slide down her back, it rested on the small of her back, his other hand back on her cheek, he slipped his tongue right in to her mouth, exploring her taste (i was thinking of doing that)
Ceasing End / Lykathia: <Lol> She clings to him in a frenzy of passion, tasting him in her, feeling his body move and holding her, his tongue in her mouth. She slides a hand up his top, fingering his muscles, as she had fingered her necklace.
ellesmera / Cail: His breathing was rapidly increasing as he felt tingles of passion everywhere, he could feel lust and arousal as well. He smiledin to the kiss, hed need air soon
Ceasing End / Lykathia: <Lol> As they drew apart, Crow's mum walked in <Sorry, I had to do it!> She looks at the two.
ellesmera / Cail: (Lol... dont mind.. i rememba in a highschool rp.. my char kand and a m8s char caid were kissing in her room, in the girls dorms where lads arent allowed and the head girl walked in. things got nasty)
Cail smiled at his mum, still red faced and flustered, a small tightening in his pants. (gotta go. night)
Ceasing End / Lykathia: (kk)
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Lykathia quickly sits down. She blushes subtly, and tucks a bit of hair behind her ears.
"Er... hi, Cherri..." she said, still looking slightly flustered.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She smiles back, and gets up as well. She thinks of holding his hand, then thinks how needy she would look, and what if he didn't want to? To stay on the safe side of this new-found paradise, she just follows him and Cherri.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She immediately walks over to the essential oils. She opens one, smells it and identifies it. "Peppermint" she says. She does this to the rest of them, but pauses on the last. "Why haven't I smelt this before?" she mutters to herself. She looks at the label. "Oh... it's a mix..." She drips a bit onto her left wrist. She sees Crow watching, and smiles. "Want to smell?" she asks.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She rests her chin delicately on his shoulder, squeezing him tight playfully. She gently pokes him in the ribs, then says "Not as beautiful as your eyes, though."
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She feels oddly playful, and pulls out a ribbon. As they embrace, she ties a strand of his hair up with it. As they draw apart, she giggles. She prods him again in the ribs, and says "Look in the mirror!" Unable to stop her giggling fit, she sits down and laughs until she is out of breath.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: <Not again, lol>
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She puts a hands through his hair, stroking it and then moving down to his cheek, down to his chin, relishing the softness of his pale skin. She smells the wonderful warm smell of him, and presses harder against him. Her breasts press against his chest, and the hand she was stroking his face with flies down to his waist, smoothing along his supple form.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She slips her hands gently up to his shirt. She unbuttons it silently. She pulls it off, and it lies on the floor. She traces his scars, and then her hands are down at the top of his jeans.
"Please" she breathes.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She slides her tongue back into his mouth, wondering how someone she had met only once could be for her, but dismisses the thought. She instead thinks, 'We belong together'. She is immediately reminded of that cheesy Mariah Carey song. She strokes his back, smoothing up the spine like she had first done, sending thrills to his brain. They draw apart and she looks at him, with his beautiful eyes, and his scarred, tough, and beautiful chest. She licks his nose. "You taste funny" she remarks, not meaning it.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She gently pulls off her own top, and kisses him again. She then almost crushes him with an enormous bear hug. Giggling slightly, she buries her face in his neck. Then she blows a huge raspberry.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She falls into a passionate frenzy. She rolls off him, tugs at his jeans playfully, presses herself into his side, and relaxes herself slightly. She rests her head on his chest, above his heart, and places her hands on his stomach, tracing swirls and patterns. She moves her head up, taking his own head in her hands, kisses him again, and starts kissing his hot face, again and again, smearing a bit of her pale lipgloss over his face.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She pays no attention to the bra lying on the floor. She unzips her own jeans, and slides them off. She strokes his face, and puts her left leg over his right. She smooths her fingers down his chest lightly, but it still gives him thrills.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She slides her hands down his stomach. She removes her own underwear, feeling not embarrassed, but finding herself in mutual hunger, surveying him. 'Funny,' she thinks, 'A few hours ago, we were talking stiffly, and here we are...' She licks his nose again. "What to do now..." she whispers, playfully.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: <Got to go now bye>
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She slips off, as if to get something, and returns with a sharp needle, with some kind of liquid in. "Sorry" she whispers, and she jabs it into his thigh. He is immediately knocked out, and will be for an hour. She rolls off the massage table onto the floor, landing lightly on all fours. She reaches into her infinity bag, and dresses quickly, into a dark pair of jeans. She removes her socks, which were the only thing keeping her from killing him, and puts on a different pair. She slides on some finger-less gloves, and then four razor-sharp knife-like extrustions slip out her knuckles, on each hand. She sweeps on a stealth cloak. Never before has she felt so alive. Her pendant swings clockwise twice, and anti-clockwise once. She taps it lightly twice, and whispers, "I'm coming."
She stands up, and walks over to Crow. She gently kisses his cheek, and takes the ribbon out of his hair. She plaits a strand of her own hair, and puts the ribbon in.
She strides over to the door and clicks it open by insterting a knife-razor into the lock. Then she closes the door silently behind her. As soon as the lock clicks again, she spins round and slashes the door until it becomes mangled. Hoping no-one has heard her, she does the same to the entrance.
She runs for a few metres, then leaps into the air, spreading her large wings and beating them. She covers ground quickly and efficiently. In the dimming light, her eyesight is sharp. She eventually lands outside a cathedral. She checks her pendant again. Nearly time, she thinks. She hears voices. She flutters up to the rooftop. It is possible to mistake her for a gargoyle, the way she is perched. She looks down. The Pope is doing a marriage for the King's son, and his bride to-be, and is turning in for the night. She grins slightly.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She watches as he turns the lights off, and follows him in the shadows. She steps lightly, and not a sound is issued. As he closes the door, she unsheaths her claws, and mangles the door. She enters, facing the old, wrinkled, smelly man. He certainly doesn't look like much, she thinks. "Hello, dear." she says. She takes her sword out her bag, and weilds it, swirling it around. She deliberately aims for his wrist, and catches it with the sharp blade. The crimson spurt turns her dark side on. She takes out a small knife, and slides it into his leg, and removes it deftly. She continues, then gets out a small vial of saltwater. She grins sadistically. What she hadn't told Crow was that she is still an assassin, and under training. She is soon to be promoted, in a way. And she is the youngest assassin, to date.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: He yelps loudly. "AAAIIII! What are you doing?!?"
"My job." she replies, thrusting a poisoned dagger into his ear. "Do you have a problem with that?" she adds as she spears his jugular with a small sharp needle. Then she grins as she takes out some un-cooked spaghetti. "Now... to finish it off..."
She later emerges from his bed-chamber, covered in blood and bits of brain. Assassination sure is messy, she thinks. Especially when it involves nostrils and uncooked spaghetti. And her sword had had its share of the blood it needed to keep her alive. That was another thing she had told no-one. That sword depended on blood, and she depended on the sword. That sword had also killed her family, not the slow, painful deaths she normally administered, but a stab, using poison, so they would die in agony.
She creeps out of the cathedral, and, for good measures, mangles the door. She feels the cool caress of the wind on her face. She is reminded of Crow. But about fifty minutes ago, he would have woken up, to find her gone, and would have nothing but a note on his wrist in eyeliner, saying 'Sorry. Love Lykathia'. She can't face him. Her tattered hair flies in the wind. A strom is brewing. At least she kept a keepsake of this murder. The Pope's favourite pants.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She finds tears forming. Dear Crow. But she can't face him. He will think she betrayed him, used him. She wanders, then hears a rustle. She immediately leaps into the air, soaring high. She beats her wings slightly, and launches into a nearby tree. She sits with her wings around her. She fingers her pendant. It swings in many different ways. Her eyes widen. "No... no..." she whispers, groaning. Suddenly, there is a flash of red light as her pendant almost explodes with the amount of twisting and turning, swinging and coiling. She can't. She nestles into the tree, pearly silver tears dripping down her face. She can't do it. "He's only a child..." she reports to the pendant. But more turns and coils infrom her that she is too. And she must complete this task if she is going to live.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She spends all night dreaming, thinking about it. She falls asleep, briefly, and dreams about her task, about Crow's green eyes, looking up at her lifelessly. She can't. But she has to. Or she won't live. But he has suffered enough, she thinks. And so have I, her darkest thoughts, the bit that takes over reminds her. She grimaces slightly at her scarred wrists. She had seen Crow smirking at them. But he knew not how they had come to be. All those years of training. From seven years old. She gained her first when she was practising with her ninja sword. Shortly after, her second came around. Her latest scar had been caused by her own weapon, during the night of her family's death.
I will go, she thinks, he deserves to be rid of me. I have known no better, and will know nothing else.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She flashes back. When they first met. Tension. When they walked to the spa. Uncertainity. When they were locked together in that peaceful room. Love. But when she left him. Betrayal. Hurt. That's what she caused him. But she has to tell him. Before the secret society that employed her know what's happening. She slips down from the tree, landing, as always, on her feet. She folds her wings away, and hides them under her cloak. She decides she will walk. She has no phone, but attempts to contact him telepathically. Failing miserably, she mutters, "The agency's good for some stuff.. But psychic telepathy is beyond them."
She sees a crow, and turns away, her eyes brimming once again. The spy positioned near her believes that she is doing the task she had been set, and sends a message to the agency. She walks steadily on, knowing that each step takes her an inch closer to death.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She is soon close to the spa. She sees the doors mangled, and feels a deep guilt. Her death will help pay for this. She wipes her tears away, angrily. There is no need to cry. You are literally on your deadbed, she tells herself in her thoughts. She treads heavily, her grace still intact, and her confidence slowly decends. She can tell that there is no-one in the spa. She sighs. Every last moment counts. She strides towards his house, pausing slightly, then stopping completely. What will happen? Should she just... kill herself, and let him find her body? No, that's too dire... She puzzles over what to do.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She undoes her plait, tying the ribbon to a tree. If she is killed somewhere close, he may find it. She sweeps the last tear away. She can't tell him. How can she come in? What can she do? Her head buzzing, she hears a rustle. She leaps up, pressing a small button on her belt. She becomes invisible. She decides to creep into the house, through a window, but using an odd disguise. A bat. It was another gadget that the agency had given her. She tranformed quickly, and flapped around the windows, looking in, trying to see him.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Her acute hearing never failed her. Of course, as a bat it is even more acute. And to her, the music is like screeching. She flaps her wings clumsily, going out of control. She wafts down onto the floor, holding where her ears are. She looks up, her eyes losing their darkness and going the vivid red that distinguished her.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She appeared, once again, human, a single tear dripping from her face. That, along with red blood covering her clothes, said a lot of it. But her moon-white pendant started glowing violently. Blue-black blood trickles from a small cut. Her eyes are wide. "Please. I have litt;e time left. I must explain." She almost collapses, and rights herself. She tells him the story, why she had had to go. Now it was, or so she thought, her final words. "I have been set a task, which I found impossible. To kill you. My life depends on it, but you have suffered. You shall survive. And I shall perish. But I must tell you: these scars [She holds up her arms, revealing the many scars] are not from self-harm. I have been a staedy assassin from seven. I've gained these from training." Then a bolt comes from the sky, and hits her full on her head. She crashes to the ground.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Her world fades. There is a dark tunnel. At one end, there is an inviting white, clear light. At the other end, there is a dull light. Voices emit from that light. She realises what has happened. She cries out, but nothing can be heard. She wants to say, sorry, I never meant to hurt you, but I had to. She was aware of the pain she had caused. She deserved to die. But she was still... just a child.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She looks, trying to make her decision. She thinks, better to be paralyzed and alive then dead and healthy. Sort of. She reaches out for the dull light. It's further away than she thought. She gets up. Trembling, she makes her way to the dull light. She regains conciousness. Her eyes slightly open, giving her a blurred image, but she is pleased to be alive.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She moves slightly. Yep. All there. Her head throbs, and her wings are blackened, but still all working. She opens her eyes more, seeing properly. She looks at her pendant. It is shattered. She realises what that task was. It was a test. Nothing but a test. But if they'd seen her react the way she did, they'd know. She moves her finngers tentatively. Yep. They work. She reaches do her darkened hair, and touches it. All there. And her senses appear to be intact. How ironically lucky, she thinks sardonically to herself.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She tries to say something, but her voice is cracked and weak and frail. She tries to sit up a bit. She blinks twice. Oh wonderful world... Uh-oh. Here go her emotions.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: < Gtg, bye >
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She gathers her voice. "Crow..." she murmers. Her alert eyes appear glassy in the firelight. She sits up more.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "Crow...?" she whispers again. She sees his blood, and quakes. Look what you did, she scolded herself in her thoughts, this wouldn't have happened if you hadn't joined that society. Her darker thoughts argued, you had no choice. But you did, her other thoughts persisted. This war, her hippy thoughts whispered, is driving you insane, isn't it? She shakes her head, trying to clear it.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "I came back" she said, her voice finding strength. "I just don't know how." She whispers, planting her feet on the floor and walking up to him. She rests a hand on his shoulder.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: <Argh! Can't keep to one tense! Lmao...>
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "No. I couldn't, can't. It was a test. I see it now. Though some test. You have suffered enough, and I was prepared to face punishment for the betrayal you went through. The society will probably be after me. They know most of the shapes I have registered on the morpher gadget. It appears I am only safe as a horse... although if I am safe, then the society has broken up. I do not know. But I would never kill you. It was a task set by the society I had been forced to join as a child." she says, "But don't feel sympathy. I had a choice. To die, or to join. I was a coward. You probably think the same of me now, not being able to talk to you, to face you properly and tell you I was an assassin. But I was worried you'd come after me, and get hurt. Plus my flight is fast and hard to catch up to."
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She raised her left hand, and almost screamed. Though the cracked voice was one reason, she was scared Crow would shout at her. Her fingers, her hand... had gone. In replacement, there was a complex 'system' almost. Her fingers were long, razor-sharp glimmering knives, with joints, held together by shards of metal which moved to her thoughts. She tested this by bending her index.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She lifted her hands off Crow's shoulder, and tapped the hand experimentally. "Ouch" she muttered, as a few left-over volts of lightning ran through her body. "Uh... Crow? Did you notice... I have no left hand." she says.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "My 'birthday present' I suppose. The agency, or society, must have sent that lightning, not intending to kill. Although imagine what would have happened. Their best assassin... Anyway... I have decided to go to my grandparent's. My grandmother was also an assassin for a while, and will know why the society has done this. She's also a psychiatrist." she adds. "She can help me a little."
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She flexed her left hand. It felt odd, sure, but she was going to have to live with it. She spread her blackened wings. They are torn and the membrane is frail. "To think I may never fly again..." she murmers.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She looks down at the paper and knife. What he had been doing, she will not ask. "Anyway, are you coming? Or will I go alone?" she asks.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "I can get you there" He said.
"If you give me the directions.. I ept secrets from you..." He sighed, two cat ears covered in feathers instead of fur opened up from his head and a cats tail with feathers insted of fur also appeared.
"Im a Neko morpher"
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She looks at them, slightly puzzled, but just for a second. She is immediately seized by relief. "That means you can fly... doesn't it? But my wings may not be up to it. If they start tearing more, I'll just land. So, it's not far. Just along the main road for a while, then I'll tell you where to go from there."
ellesmera / kane_vampire: 2I can take you all the way..." He paused
"I can morph things around me as well.. i could try to heal your wings?"
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "Could you? I'd be so grateful. But what could I do in return, not forgetting 'revenge' (if you like) for the time I flew off, for you?" she asks.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: < =S Gtg now, bye (Early night for school, hrmmph >
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She smiles back. "Done. Although there aren't any left! Hehe... Right, shall we go?" she says, unfurling her wings, stretching them and feeling the now supple membrane respond to her actions. She flexes her left hand experimentally, and says, "If I have to, I'll go down to the ground and hide. The society has spies everywhere. And, as you said not to hold secrets, there is one more thing." She pulls down one sock, revealing an odd tattoo around her ankle, which is very vivid, as though it had been put on yesterday. It consists of skulls with ivy growing around them and then on the centre of each ankle bone there is a skeletal horse, with large bat-like wings. "The family I was born in was not the one I was raised in. I was born from a ninja family, and this tattoo is the symbol of it. I was left with a 'host' family, if you liked, and that is the one which is dead."
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She lets herself out of the house, and takes a few running steps forward. She leaps into the air, her strong legs propelling her higher, then spreads out her wings. She soars plainly on the undercurrent, but manages to achieve lift. She moves them slightly every now and again, getting higher. She flexes her left hand again, and realises how sharp the knives are. She heads for a building, a tall skyscraper. She lands on it, then grips at the brickwork with her hand. The knives slide in perfectly, and are removed just as well. She climbs swiftly up the building, dodging windows in case she is seen. She leaps off, spreading her wings again, feeling the thrill of flying again, feeling the wind rutsle through her hair, sending cold air blasting into her face.
She can't remember when she'd had so much fun. She lands lightly outside a park, and immediately recogises her position. She presses a button on a gadget on her belt and transforms into a beautiful grey (Or almost white) Shagya Arab, with smoky grey around the muzzle and eyes. She snorts, lifts her head, and canters towards her grand-mother's house, feeling the rush of adrenaline sweeping to her brain. She speeds to a gallop, her muscles that gave her height in jumping now exeeding the national speed limit on normal city roads. She slows down, turning back to a demon. Her now-sweating form now gets out some water, and sprays it over her forehead. That's when she sees someone she's always known, and feared.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Her mother. The 'Ninja Queen' she called herself. What an idiot. She was the reason Lykathia had been raised by a 'host' family. She hasn't been seen yet. But it's going to happen. She cools down quickly, and prepares herself for a bloody battle, a conflict of words and physical hurt and pain. She looks at her new hand, and flexes it carefully. She steps out into the sunlight, and says, "I'm back. You missed me?"
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Her mother hisses. Two large scaled wings unfurl from her back. Lykathia dodges the two poison darts that had shot out her mother's wings. She unfurls her own, much-less torn, thanks to Crow, bat-wings.
Her mother almost snarls. "You... you spiteful little heathen. You poisoned your only loving family."
Lykathia spits back, "Your fault. Got your blood in me. You can have it back."
In an instant, she draws her sword. She swings it around in a careful controlled manner, then playfully swings it. She takes on a more serious tone. She swings it into her mother's wrist. Crimson spurts there. Her mother pounces, flailing her own longer and more lithe sword through the air. It slides into Lykathia's shoulder, though she brushes it off. She quickly flings a knife out her pocket, and it flies towards her mother, who dodges it as well as Lykathia had dodged her mother's darts.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Lykathia darts forwards. Her sword hits her mother's and they fence. A few people start to watch in interest. A few minutes later of fencing, and a large crowd has gathered. There is silence, apart from the snick snack of the swords. She swings her heavier sword towards her mother, who ducks and thrusts her own sword towards her daughter.
"You... you learnt to fence. How...?" her mother asks, but still manages to keep a spiteful tone.
Lykathia shrugs and replies, "Someone had to teach me. That society took me in for a while. I got paid more than you!" she taunts her mother, slipping on a bit of loose granite. That also saves her life, for in that same moment, her mother lunges forward, and misses where Lykathia's head would have been by a millimeter.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Lykathia quickly thrusts her own sword upwards, catching her mother on the thigh. She slides under, then turns and twists, and is facing her mother, standing up. Her mother quickly slices at her right hand. Lykathia, whose right arm is disabled slightly, curses, and lunges at her mother, her sleeve riding up, revealing her knife hand, which clenches, and releases. She slams the hand into her mother's face, tearing at the muscles. The once beautiful woman is ruined. She withdraws her hand.
"Knife hands are so useful, aren't they?" Lykathia taunts.
"Where... how... when...?" her mother stutters, holding her own face, from which blood was streaming.
"Hit by lightning, probably my birthday present." comes the reply."Anyway, will you surrender, or will I have to butcher you?"
Her mother puts up her hands in surrender."I surrender. Us ninjas are all cowards."
Lykathia takes one glance at the bloody creature, and swipes at her face. She is scalped, and dies instantly. She turns to the faces, lifts up her head, and says ,in a casual tone, "Don't try this at home, kids."
Squall Leon Hea / Tidus: < why are you talking to yourself? >
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She makes to go to her grandmother's house, but people start barring the way. Her mother is known.
"Oh shit" she says, as two burly police officers stride towards her, carrying bludgeons.
She strides over to her blood-stained sword, and picks it up with her right hand, which hand healed quickly from its temporary diability. She swung it quickly, and thrust it into the chest of the police officers.
"Like I said, don't try this at--" she advised, then broke off as she was stunned with a blow to the head. She thought 'Oh bugger, I'm done for...'
Ceasing End / Lykathia: <Coz there's not much else to do...>
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She is not stunned for long. She stirs, then moves her hand. She leaps up quickly, her metal hand flexing with anger. The police officer notices it, and backs off slightly.
"Back off, bugger off, and go away, before I rip you to shreds with my trusty metal hand." she says to him. He swaggers up, and she swipes his face. He rushes off. Probably to get reinforcements, she thinks bitterly. She has to act fast.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She spreads out her wings, and leaps up. Moments later her grandmother opens the door to her, looking surprised.
"Hello, dear." she says in her old croaky voice.
"Hey, nan, can I come in, please?" she asks desperately.
"No, I saw what you did to your mother out there. Get out, and shoo!" comes the reply.
Without a word, Lykathia swoops off. That battle for nothing. At least she had a nice trip.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She walked back to Crow's house, her spirits low after the murder. "When will this stop? I'm just sick, sick of this stupid, stupid, stupid way of life. Why couldn't my mother have been a normal, everyday woman?" she murmers. She stops at a bench. She gets out a thin sharp knife and carves a word into her flesh so severely it would scar her forever. The wound has gone right into the bone, but she winced only once, when she first peirced the skin. She covers it up quickly with her bloodstained jumper, hoping it wis a dream. Just a dream. More of a nightmare. Talking of horses, she knows the society will be after her. She turns away from Crow's house. She quickly sends him a message on his mobile, through one she had salvaged from her mother's pockets, saying that she may be away for a while. She turns into the Shagya Arab she previously tranformed into, and gallops towards her old house. It is a wreck. Luckily, no-one lives there. Just spiders and mice, and decay. But she cares not.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: < Gtg, may be back on later >
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She texts back 'I won't. I've just got a few things to do' then looks out the window. She sees the rainbow stripy socks that have been hanging on the line since she left on that insane escapade. She goes outside, and takes them back in. She slips them on. Suddenly, she feels an odd feeling in her mind. It is like part of her mind has been missing, and it is all coming back now. She feels revamped. Her hair is the length it was a few weeks ago, long, yet not the dull red she remembers. It is a richer red, which appears to be dye. She looks in the mirror, and sees the girl she is destined to be. A tall-ish girl, with rich brown hair, and her eyes are not red, but a deep startling sea blue, with hawthorn leaf-green around the pupil. She touches her dyed red hair. It is dirty, so she washes it carefully. She emerges from the shower rejuvanised. She sends another message to Crow. 'Coming back now. I'll see you soon.'
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She swings out the door, and soars back to Crow's house. What fun, say her thoughts. "Life is great!" screams her mouth. She feels brilliant.
ellesmera: Crow read the latest message and sent on eback.
"Okay" He closed the book having finished it and slid it back on to the shelf her rubbed his neck slowly, easing out the cramp, then turned the music down slightly, swapping CDs to razorlight hE then settles back on to the sofa, finding he was to hot he removed the long sleeved shirt, there was at least 200 scars on his chest, 50 on his back and the amount on his arms was unable to tell, as he had cut over them so many times.
ellesmera: ((put yours after mine))
"Lifes great hey? You look... wow" He smiled staring at her, noticing her green eyes
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She flips open her stolen mobile, and reads the message. She walks smoothly over to Crow's door, and knocks loudly. "Hey, Crow! Back!" she says, not wanting to yell in case she disturbed anyone.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She smiles. "Thanks... You know... Have you ever felt that your soul is incomplete? I know this sounds odd, but these socks I found on the washing line turned me like this. It was like the missing piece of a jigsaw, but it didn't just show me the picture, it turned me into it... I wonder what kind of magic that is..."
ellesmera: He just laughed.
"Your crazy.. you know that? I like you either way" He smiled, pulling her in to a hug, his muscular arms spreading his warmth to her.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She hugs him back, enjoying his warmth.
"I like crazy. That's the way I roll!" she giggles, resting her head on his shoulder.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: <Gtg now>
ellesmera: "Speaking of which..." He swung her on to the sofa, sitting on top of her, not putting his full weight on., he kissed her cheek.
"Did i startle you?"
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "Startle me how?" she asks, knowing what he means and being playful. "I was a ninja! Me? Startled! Unspeakable!" she adds.
ellesmera: "Ah.. Ninja.... Stealth... All useless in bed" Crow smiled.
"You arent gonna shove a needle in me again are you?"
Ceasing End / Nikatia: (Lykathia) She surveys him, taking in his beautiful green eyes. "Nope. That was a one-time error I made."
ellesmera: "Gud.. cos needles is one thing i dont like having in my skin" He laughs, kissing her neck
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Lykathia looked at him, looking playfully scolding, then she put an arm around his neck, relishing the feeling of his soft skin and his lips on her neck.
ellesmera: He sucked on her skin lightly, slowley removing her top, playfully nipping her every now and then.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Lykathia leaned her head back.
"There is nothing more than this," she whispered quietly to herself, as she slid her hand up Crow's top, tracing his muscles and stroking them tenderly.
ellesmera: He moaned, having removed her top he kisses his way down her chest
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She watched him, then as he was in mid-kiss, she slipped off his top, and lifted his head with her hands, quenstioning for the warm, sweet oblivion of his mouth.
ellesmera: He captured her mouth, slipping his tongue between her lips, capturing her taste and her tongue, one hand slipped to the clasp of her bra, and the other slipped down her back, he unclipped it and it fell loose.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She ran her hands up his back, down his chest, and back up again. They settled back down at the button of his jeans. She slowly undid them, tracing up his neck with her lips.
"You know, I've never said this before, but, I love you," she said lustily.
ellesmera: "I love you as well" He replied, panting slightly as her bra feel to the floor, her ran his hands ovr her breasts, sliding his hands down her hips.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She slipped his jeans down, and started to unbutton her own, replying over and over the same words, in a lustier voice each time.
ellesmera: He helped her remove her jeans, stroking her inner thigh. He kissed her cest, repeatedly, gettign closer to her mipples each time
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She slid her hands through his hair, moving her head towards his to inhale his warm smell, then she started kissing his neck, tasting his warm skin.
ellesmera: He groaned, hooking his thumbs in his boxers he slid them down his legs and dropped them on to the floor.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She slid off her own underwear, discarding them on the floor with Crow's boxers.
"This is it, isn't it?" she murmered quietly.
ellesmera: "If you want it to" He spoke lustfully, pressing his body against him
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Lykathia smiled.
"Perhaps. The decision is yours to finalise," She said, "I've never used posher words...." she added, burrowing her head in his chest.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Lykathia hugged Crow tightly, almost crushing his chest with the amount of force excerted. She released him a little, and closed her eyes slightly, inhaling Crow's warm sweet smell.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: (( Got to go now, bye ))
ellesmera: "I want to" He breathedm his chest rising and falling just above average.
"Do you?"
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Lykathia hesitated for a moment. Did she want to? What would happen? Why now? Who did she think she was? Had anyone else got to this after a day and a bit of knowing each other? Her head was buzzing with questions.
"Of course," she murmured. She kissed him, and didn't draw away. She closed her eyes, as if closing them would make this feeling last.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: (( Got to go... again... ))
ellesmera: Crow nodded.
"We can stop at any point. And if your in pain.. and you want it to stop.. tell me.. if you want me to stop doing smething.. tell me.. okay?" He asked after he released her lips
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Lykathia stared into his eyes, and wrapped her arms around him.
"Okay," she murmured, unsure if she should be doing this, but having this feeling that it was somehow right, somehow pure.
"You know, you're my first proper friend. And my first boyfriend," she whispered into his ear.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She smiled.
"Yes." She was about to add ," As I will be," but decided not to. She relaxed, and kissed Crow lightly.
Gaara-‰äˆ¤—… / Gaara: Crow held hisbreath slightly as he slipped in to her, pushing on her herry, withdrawing and breaking through it. He knew she would be in pain so held very still, it hurt more if he moved.
"Tell me when you feel okay" He was hugging her as best he culd without moving
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Lykathia felt her pulse rise, along with her breathing. She held him, and thanked him for being careful. It hurt slightly, but it felt... good, somehow right.
"It's okay. I'm fine..." she breathed, trying to control her voice. She pressed her face into his neck lightly, closing her eyes and tasting his skin.
ellesmera: "Okay." He slowley started to thrust in to her, gradually building speed and strength in to his thrusts, he was grunting slightly
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She tried to stop the gasp of sudden pain that shot up. It came out as a muffled breath of pleasure. It hurt, but it was nice. She gripped Crow's shoulder tighter, and moved her face to his. She kissed him, and felt a tingle of lust mix in her veins, racing through her body. Soon she was infected with it. She gripped arched herself into him, kissing his neck and raking her hands through his hair.
ellesmera: Crow moaned in pleasure, his thrusts becming more fast and powerful. His feelings were bursting through the wall he had created around them, the pleasure he felt was like a wild animal
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Lykathia smiled, pleasure replacing her nervousness. Running her hands down his back, moving round to his stomach then running them back up again, she was starting to enjoy herself. As the next thrust came, she kissed him hard, reciprocating with him.
ellesmera: He groaned in the kiss. Determined to last as long as she could. He kissed her back powerfully, the thrusting did not waver in ots pattern.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Lykathia, smiling through the kiss, could feel he wanted it to last. She grasped his back and returned the fierce powerful kiss, her mind bathing in lust. Something came to her. Oh bugger, she thought, I'm going to get pregnant.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She drew away from Crow, her heart thumping, her pulse rising, reality coming back to her in a faze of pain. Crow's thrusts pained her now, and after a particularly hard one she gasped, feeling bruised.
"Crow..." she murmured weakly, "Can.. you stop... This is serious..."
ellesmera: Crow stopped immediatly.
"What? I havent hurt you.. Have I?" He asked her, worry spread over his face. He had been so close to bliss then.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "No, it's not that you hurt me... it's that I'm scared I might get pregnant. That's not a good thought..." she muttered, her eyes averting his gaze. She felt so... so selfish, taking away what was obvious he was enjoying.
ellesmera: "Well... Ive got some condoms somewhere..." Crow mumbled quietly.
"But yeah.. thats a scary thought.... Heh.. a daddy at my age.. I think id die..."
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "I know. What would... anyone say? Your mum might not like it. My proper one's dead now. Killed her. But yeah, I think condoms may help," she muttered.
"And don't even think about dying. I'd have to kill you."
ellesmera: "Heh" He smiled and reached behind the couch, he pulled out a igarette ox, a lighter and a pack of conoms, he hid the cigarettes again and quickly slipped the condom on.
ellesmera: (dead?)
Ceasing End / Lykathia: (( Sorry, was kinda busy with other RPs! ))
Lykathia sighed.
"A lot," she smiled. She noticed, with mild surprise, she had left her socks on. She removed them, and turned deathly white, her eyes turning ruby, her wings turning supple and batlike. Her demon side showed, and so did the demonic energy flowing in her veins.
"Oh," she gasped. She rolled over, so she was on top. Starting from his forehead, she made her way down his body, kissing passionately. Her more petite but demonic form was also a lot curvier, and she knew it.
ellesmera: He shivered under her touch. Moaning and arching his back
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She paused at his torso. Resting her lips on it, tracing muscles, snaking down lower. Laying hands on his neck in passionate frenzy, allowing herself a small groan of passionate love. (( Got to go now -.- ))
ellesmera: He moaned and arched his bakc, stroking his ands through her hair.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She stopped, hearing footsteps. Alarmed, she whispered, "Someone's coming..."
Reluctantly, she sat up, slipping her clothes on, and chucking Crow's to him. She left off her socks; she liked her curvier self more than her purer parts.
ellesmera: He slipped his clothes back on.
"Moms not ment to be home yet.." He shoved a cushion over his erection. And slipped the condom in to the bin next to the tv.Hiding the small box between the cushions on the couch.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "Do you want me to go and see?" she asked, feeling slightly apprehensive. What if they'd tracked her...? Her metal hand would see to that. Flexing it, she had only just realised it was there.
ellesmera / Faustus: "If you want? It might be my brother.. or my mom...." He paused. "Or something else.." he said under his breath.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: In her mind, she thought she knew who it was. Police, maybe, looking for the attacker of the Pope. Or perhaps the ninja academy, looking for her. She slid on her fingerless gloves, as a precaution.
Opening the door, she was confronted by two policemen.
"Oh bugger," she whispered, sizing them up. One was big, burly. Hard to get past, she thought.
The smaller, though more heavily armed, policeman stepped forward.
"'Scuse me, miss, don't suppose you know who Lykathia Gladiori is, do ya?" he asked in a thick London accent. Looking her up and down, he rasied an eyebrow, "You are Lykathia Gladiori, ain't you missy? You're under arrest for suspicion of attack and murder --" he broke off, as Lykathia butted in:
"Fine, assassinated, of the Pope and of Ms Nathori Gladiori," he finished. As he went for the handcuffs, Lykathia dug in her packs for her morphing gadget. Tapping it, she became a pure white horse, blood red mane and tail, with ruby eyes. Her large bat wings folded by her side, she whinnied loudly, her sapphire-coloured hooves lifting temporarily in a rear.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Snorting, she headbutted the heftier policeman, and he fell to the floor, winded. She whinnied, louder, and Crow came, curious. He understood: her eyes, mane and tail were the same shade as her demon form's hair and eyes, and her skin was just as pale as the horse's. He mounted her, and she bolted off, going smoothly, until the road. As she hadn't been this form before, the horse part was winning, and it was terrified of traffic. Stumbling blindly and confusedly into the road, several cars screeched to a halt. Lykathia legged it at the grinding racket of hissing brakes. She galloped long and hard, leaping over gates and fences, terrified for hers and Crow's lives.
ellesmera / Magpie: He clutched on to her.
"Its okay..." He whispered in her ear.
"Calm down."
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She slowed down, trotting briskly now.
((Gtg now, bye))
Gaara-‰äˆ¤—… / Gaara: He sighed and held loosley on to her. Crow sighed. "Would it be easier if I morphed in to a horse?"
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She snorted, thought for a moment, and turned into a centaur. For a moment, there was nothing on her pale torso, and she clutched her right hand to her chest. Then a flimsy leather corset, blacker than ebony, appeared on her small frame.
"Better?" she asked.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "You're not fat, and of course. There's loads of shortcuts we can take, the police won't know. If they catch me, I'll go in quietly," she said, turning suddenly left, backtracking. The police car wailed on, oblivious.
"See?" she smiled.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "It's a stealth unit, on my belt," she explained, showing it to him.
"If they find me again, I won't use it. It might be safer for me to visit you less, I don't want you ending up in prison when you've done nothing."
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "I know it's hard, but I don't want to lose you. And perhaps a little time alone will clear my head. It's been so... steamed up since we... got together. I couldn't bear to lose you. I've lost so many people I can't make friends just in case I lose them.," she sighed. They came up to the road in front of Crow's house, and tapped the morpher gadget. She turned back to demon form. Something about her looked different. Maybe it was the fact that her once pristine jeans were scruffy and dirty. Perhaps it was the fact that her jumper was too big for her and hanging off her, when it had fitted her perfectly minutes ago. Her top-heavy chest remained the same, though. She looked pasty, even for her.
"Can I have some time to be alone? We can meet up later - there's a nightclub in town I want to try out," she smiled, devishly. She had adored pole-dancing when she was younger. Slipping into clubs with her old 'friends' got her popular, especially with the boys. Thinking back, she thought about how she was so... tarty. She shook her mind silently inside herself to right it.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Turning around, Lykathia kissed Crow gently, and walked away towards the park she had hid in when she ran away. Looking back only once, she felt wrenched apart even now. There was no way she could club like this, let alone dance. She tore her gaze from Crow, and ran, her feet thudding. Her tears fell, silver pearls falling from her ruby eyes.
In three long bounds, she leaped, spreading her wings clumsily. Springing onto the pine she had slept in, she clambered up to her familiar branch. Lookig back to Crow one more time before he went to his house, she allowed the tears to fall freely and unashamedly.
ellesmera / Magpie: He let his tears fall once he got inside. He went to his room and opened the box of razors. He removed his shirt and cut deep.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: She held her head in her hands. She was so... untactful, mentioning that club. She had to evade the police; she had done for the past nine years. But it was so much harder now. A girl of sixteen, just gone, is just as suspectable as a shady man down the street. And... if she was cought, Crow would do something to himself... probably even kill. The thought of it made shivers run down her spine. She folded up her wings. The truth was, she was scared. A lifetime of murder would be finished by a life sentence in prison, and that was something she didn't want to happen. Maybe it would have been easier not to have killed her foster parents. But then she would never had met Crow... Everything seemed to come back to him. Her head hurt and hurt trying not to think of him.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: (( Sorry, wrong char! ))She held her head in her hands. She was so... untactful, mentioning that club. She had to evade the police; she had done for the past nine years. But it was so much harder now. A girl of sixteen, just gone, is just as suspectable as a shady man down the street. And... if she was cought, Crow would do something to himself... probably even kill. The thought of it made shivers run down her spine. She folded up her wings. The truth was, she was scared. A lifetime of murder would be finished by a life sentence in prison, and that was something she didn't want to happen. Maybe it would have been easier not to have killed her foster parents. But then she would never had met Crow... Everything seemed to come back to him. Her head hurt and hurt trying not to think of him.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Thinking of Crow... When she ran away, she had visions of his self harming... What if...? Surely...
She slipped out of the tree, her last tears falling like the last few raindrops from a storm, and ran off towards his house. She tripped up a bit, but that just made her look more normal. Sort of. Racing to outside his house, she knocked, just catching her breath.
ellesmera / Magpie: Loud music was blaring Raven opened the door. His long black hair trailed in strands from its ponytail, he had a bandage in his hands. "Uh... Could you wait a moment.. Need to finish something up" He closed the door and finished tending to crow before opening the door again. "Soory..Uh..Who are you?"
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "I'm Lykathia. What's Crow done to himself?" she asked, impatiently. Her heart was thudding; this meant big trouble.
ellesmera / Magpie: "Uh? Oh... Nothing serious..." He opened the door. Crows whole arm was bandaged up. He was sat in the living room with a cup of tea and a box of chocolates.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "Crow... Look, I'm sorry..." Lykathia seemed nothing more capable of that. Her insides were fighting with rage.
"I'll go now... I have to stop off at the police station..."she muttered, before turning back out.
(( Brb ))
ellesmera / Magpie: Crow jumped up and took her down. "Dont..Ever..Ever..Ever say that" He beged her, he didnt know what he would do without her. Raven looked at them puzzled. "Right you two..In the living room. Now"
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Lykathia felt sullen. It was hard enough telling him she had to, but fighting him off...? She couldn't. When he released her slightly, she jetted off, too upset and guilty for tears. Before she ran out the door, she called,
"Don't kill yourself. I'll sort them out," like it would help.
She ran, faster and faster, slowly picking up speed. She slowed a bit, coming to a sliding halt in front of the police station. Walking into the reception, she tapped the receptionist on the shoulder.
"I think you're lookinng for me. Lykathia Gladiori, assassinator of the Pope, Ms Nithiali Gladiori, and the family of the late fashoin industrial sock maker. I have come to 'confess'..."
ellesmera: Crow slumped on to the floor, tears falling down his face. Raven scowled.
"Crow.. You never cry over girls...." He picked up the box of sharp objects he had taken from his room and hid them away.
"Your banned from the kitchen, and the bathroom, unless im in there with you" He scowled, Crow stood slowely. His hair dropped, covering his eyes and he morphed himself in to a slightly older version of himself.
"Im going out.. To get drunk" He left and headed for a bar
Ceasing End / Lykathia: The receptionist tutted.
"Another one, eh? I'll check with the inspectors..."
A few hours later, Lykathia was sitting in an uncomfortable cell, hitting her head.
"Why... did... I ... do... that...?" she murmured to herself in between hits. A face appeared at the door, allowing himself in. Lykathia flew at him, full of the rage which she had bottled up for so long. He merely put up a hand, and she backed off, retreating to the walls.
"Please... No more..." she whispered, her eyes starting to glaze over with pain, fury and deep, humiliated sadness. The man smirked.
"Dere's a agency wants to make a deal wit ya," he said thickly. Lykathia stared. He continued, "If ya can stay still fer a bit, dat is... Which I don't fink ya can..."
"Continue," came the instant reply; sharp and cold in her new aspect.
"Well, dey wants you to be in dis museum of... uh... crime makers, and dey wants you to be deir new 'masterpiece' if ya know what I'm talkin' about. Dey've got a case all ready fer ya, it's not really a choice."
His thick accent confused her, then she got the gist.
"Anywhere's better than here," she muttered.
ellesmera: He had been chatted up by both genders, gotten insanley drunk and had somehow ended up in a back alley, with a man thrusting in to him from behind. The man finished and left, Crow tugged his clothes back on, still drunk, and now smelling of sex. He staggered on to the street and hid his drunken state quite well.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "Yer'll 'ave ta stay here though fer the night just ter make sure ya actually did it," the man finished, backing out of the door. Lykathia had managed to break his nose, draw blood from his stomach, neck, left arm and right leg and chip two teeth in the space of half an hour.
She resumed her place by the door, blocking everyone's view of her. How she hated the bitter truth. Her ankle tattoo throbbed and ached. It was like when she'd first had it done.
ellesmera: He staggered round for a bit, his friends had turned up, other nekos like him, they were walting around outside the prison singing the rude version of love machine
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She heard some people singing something. Not paying any attention, she returned to her venoms, which she had hidden cunningly in her pouch, also hidden somewhere...
Selecting one, she opened the bottle, sniffing it, she identified it. She continued with several,
"Arsenic... Liquid lead... Mercury... Liquid carbon monoxide..."
She hid them back in the pouch, her back turned to the door, when the burly man, with whom she had 'duelled', assisted with some police officers entered. They handcuffed her to make sure she didn't escape as they were transporting her.
"Where am I going? I thought I was staying the night...?" she asked, confused but still sane. They replied that they were taking her to the crime 'museum' of live people a day early because she was too dangerous. She lowered her head, acknowlaging it. She was unrecogniseable as she was escorted out the front. The policemen shooed the gang who were singing away, and returned to Lykathia, who had not moved a muscle, and was refusing to budge. They took out a shock gun, and she eyed it apprehensively before she started moving again.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Lykathia was hurried along, they could sense that there was trouble brewing and that if she escaped, there was more. Shoving her unceremoniously into the back of the police car, she sat silently. Normally, she would have torn at them with her metal hand if they'd treated her like that, but she was reforming, and she was determined to not let Crow know who she was. After a few minutes' travel, they took her out, and led her to her 'enclosure'. She did not retort at the barred window, or the triple glazed wall that allowed people to see her every move. She sat on the rounded mattress, drawing the two silken curtains around her. There were clothes on the bed; she was obviously expected to change. She did so, and came out feeling incredibly foolish. She was wearing a shoulderless, loose crimson velvet dress, with purple platforms, and ribbons going up her legs. She felt and looked like a female prostitute.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Crow scowled. He lit a cigarette, something he didnt usuallydo, he had sobered up the instant he had smelt her, and he remembered the man. He stubbed out the cigarette and canged to a Crow, flying home and in to his room.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: The curtains in front of her 'exhibit' flew open. Her soul exposed, she sat back on the bed, turning her back to her audience. People yelled and complained, but she was taking out the venoms which she had been identifying earlier. She turned her head, surveying her enclosure and ignoring the onlookers. She tipped a small amount of a particularly powerful acid onto the glass. Nothing. Perhaps they had suspected her. She shook her head, returning to her place on the bed.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "Go away... Leave me alone!" she yelled violently at the crowd, but they just jeered, hearing nothing through the thick glass. She held her head in her hands. One way communication... She should have known. She contented herself by taking out her sword, swiping it voilently towards the glass and stopping it. The crowd slowly thinned as people moved away, scared she might actually escape.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Crow was dragged by Raven.
"Come on.. Nexius said something about violence" They stopped outside Lykathias exhibit. Crow put his hands on the glass, looking at her. His fingers curled, screeching on the glass
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Lykathia turned her head around, in the middle of sniffing toxic chemicals again. It had become a habit. Seeing Crow, she writhed silently in her mind. Feeling close to tears, she turned her head away, picking up her sword. Her metal hand charged with electricity from the shock guns she had earlier been shocked into submission with. As she touched the metal hilt, a spark flew. She slid back a bit. She wasn't paying attention to Crow any more. She grabbed her chemicals, her pouch, and took her sword in her left hand. Bringing it round onto the triple glazed window, it almost shattered. She said goodbye to her sanity, as the spark turned to a small flickering flame.
ellesmera: Crow leapt back, raven catching him. Crow struggled as Raven dragged him to the car. he threw him in, clambered in to the other seat and drove.
"Crow..ELAIN!" Crow bowed his head and told him everything
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She sat opposite the growing flame. Any minute now, a passer by would notice, and they would tell the staff. But nobody did. She stepped back, as the flame grew into the standard size of a campfire. Her wings went around her protectively. Onlookers started screaming; putting into sound what she was feeling. But still nobody came to her. She was backed against the wall now, a fiery inferno starting to form. Smoke poured into her lungs, out onto the streets.
ellesmera: He slammed on the breaks outside the meuseum.
"Get her out of there.. Now" Crow nodded and rushed in, becoming a pheonix, he smashed through the damaged glass, becoming cool to the touch, he grabbed her with his huge claws and dropped her in to the car, he formed back in to crow and the car flew off again.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "Crow... I'm sorry. I know what I've done, and I know I have to say it before... before they find me again..."
She looked at Crow, choking slightly on the smoke that she had inhaled a few minutes back.
"And thankyou. If it wasn't for you... I'd... I'd be toast. Literally..."
ellesmera: The car morphed, wings, it took in to the air (Aeroplane wings)
"I don't want to lose you" Was his reply
ellesmera: The car morphed, wings, it took in to the air (Aeroplane wings)
"I don't want to lose you" Was his reply
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "They'll find me... I know they will someday... I know it sounds pessimistic... but it's probably true," she muttered, lowering her head. She felt so guilty about this whole episode. If she hadn't murdered her foster parents, she would have never been in trouble in the first place. Although she would never have met Crow. The painful war inside her commencing, she lifted her head to look out the window, peering down.
ellesmera: He clambered in too the back and kissed her softly. he didnt know what to say
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She paused the bitter fight inside her momentarily; a temporary truce. Leaning into him slightly, she felt exhausted, and closed her eyed, almost asleep on Crow's shoulder.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Lykathia stirred. It had felt like hours since they had taken off. She opened her eyes blearily, waking herself properly. She sat up slightly, wincing because she was stiff. She straightened out a bit, rubbing her eyes.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: (( have to go now, bye ))
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: They were on an island. Unseen by human eyes, where those too differant, or dangerous for the world lived. Crow smiled as she sat up. Some people were hugging Raven.
"Welcome home" They smiled to him and he merley nodded his head.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Lykathia looked around, neither curious nor troubled. All she wanted to do was sleep.
"Can I go to sleep?" she asked Crow groggily, yawning tremendously.
ellesmera: "Sure... Raven.. Wheres your home?" Crow called to raven, he detatched himself from the group and showed them the house.
"Just pick a room..."
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "Oh right... okay then," she replied, stifling another yawn. She selected her room, and, upon feeling the softness of the bed, she fell asleep immediately, dreaming that she wasn't so fortunate.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She woke to find dawn breaking the night sky. A bird trilled, and a chorus of others joined it. She got up, redressing herself in clean, non-smoky clothes, feeling refreshed. She saw Crow sitting by the beach, and went to sit by him.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "How'd you guess?" she replied, sitting by him.
"And also if you know anyone who can return my hand. It's kinda difficult with one metal and one flesh," she added.
ellesmera: He smiled.
"I shall answer your second question first. "me and raven can do that for you.. the first questions answer... hm.... we sre at seastretch port, halfway between somewhere and nowhere, not quite this realm, but not quite the next, you culd jump off this floating patch of land and fall right back on it."
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She smiled.
"I knew you would say that in gobbledegook. Now in standard English, please," she joked, staring out across the skies. Apart from the odd cricket sounding, there was silence.
ellesmera: "Were in a patch of land the government cannot access... A sanctuary for those to dangerous to exist..."
Ceasing End / Lykathia: (( Long time no post! Sorry! ))
Lykathia stared out to sea. A white dress formed around her like sea foam; her hair lengthened and became brown.
"Ahh... I can change at will now..." she said quietly to herself. She turned to Crow, "But why are you here? How can you be danger--"
She stopped. Seeing Crow's face, she silenced herself, got up, and walked off down the beach barefooted. Her dress trailed forlornly after her, her hair flowing with it. She didn't look back. She wanted to explore, but in a way that made her more invisible, less noticed by people. Right now, some time by herself was what she wanted.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: She wandered for some time, her hair reddening, her skin paling. Then she stopped. She liked having brown hair. So she changed back. She came to a grove, having gone deep into the forestation. A lake, turquise with copper, was fed slowly by a small waterfall. She sat by the lake, dipping her feet into the cool water. She watched curious fish swim up to them, then laughed silently as they swam away.
Trapped, she thought, in a world where Crow is the only one I know. Trapped in a world where I don't know anything, where everyone is dangerous.
She dipped her hands into the cool wetness, then decided she wanted to swim. So she made sure nobody was watching, then undressed. She got into the lake, up to her shoulders. She swam for a while. She looked curiously at the waterfall. Swimming up to it, she found she could climb behind it, into the plung pool. So she did. She sat there, watching the world from behind a veil.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "You like my sanctuary?" Ravens voice echoed round the small cave behind the waterfall.
"I know what your thinking, this little world, is full of people as dangerous as yourself, if not more dagerous.. together, we live in peace, we are only 'dangerous' to those who fear our power. We do not fight within our communitis, and th few times that happens, theres always someone to break them up, me... crow... a huge giant of a man with 8 eyes and tentacles...." He smiled as he stepped in to the light.
"And dont worry, I didnt watch you while you were swimming, nor did i watch you undress, and i didnt wath you enter here" he wasnt looking a her at all, he was looking through the sheen of water.
"Crows worried about you..." He sighed and ran a hand through his hair.
"Ive never seen him so infatuated with someone before"
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Lykathia lowered her eyes. She always seemed to feel guilty now. What was causing it? Why?
"I'm sorry. I'm just so... Flighty, I suppose. I don't even know why I killed people. If it wasn't for my temper, I wouldn't be here, this wouldn't be happening," she replied, her hair gently sweeping around her to cover her. It had no conscious mind, but it acted. She tried not to look at Raven. If she did, she knew hormonal instincts would take over and she would probably burst into tears.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "Raven... What if the police found this place like you can? What would happen?" she stammered weakly. She was nervous, and confused. Nervousness happened to other people, not an assassin, she told herself. But you're not an assassin anymore, are you?
She looked at her wrists. Sure enough, there were the scars of her training. She had never shown them to anyone apart from Crow. She hated herself for it. A confused thought screamed out amidst several thousand others, "What's going on in here?"
Of course, only she could hear it, but she quailed silently. She detested herself. What had she done?
This is my fault - it's my fault I'm here - I should never have handed myself in, she thought miserably. Tears almost rolled down her cheeks, but she stopped them by refusing to blink until they faded away.
ellesmera: "The police cant.. and if the impossible happens, we have lines of defence... the location of our home changes randomly, even we cannot determine.. we are currently based in the clouds above an extinct volcano.... unable to be seen" he knew nothing of her troubled mind
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Lykathia let out a troubled sigh of relief.
"That's ok, then..." she murmured. She slipped out of the plunge pool, and crawled back in a few minutes later dressed.
"I feel slightly more comfortable with clothes on," she explained. Embarrassment took over, and she couldn't help blushing, feeling foolish.
Ceasing End: "Raven, how did you get in here without me seeing you if it's so... small? I know it sounds I doubting of your abilities..." she began, "But I would just like to ask... Can you teach me, please? It will probably be useless now... But it would help. And I will repay you somehow - in whatever way you want."
She watched through the pale veil of water, which distorted the view of the world. The trickling sound calmed her. She transformed into her red-haired form so as she could see better.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "I... have to be alone..." she muttered, and slipped out the plungepool. Wearing leather, she didn't get too wet, but she shook herself dry anyway. Using the transformer, she turned into a horse, white with blood eyes, ruby mane and tail.
Wanting to explore, she burst into canter, dodging between trees and leaping over run down fences. She decided to go and find Crow. Slowing to a trot, she ventured her own way around the island, silently contemplating.
Seeing Crow, she almost whinnied loudly, but restrained herself. Speeding up again into canter, she came right up behind his back, breathing horsily down his neck.

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