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Roleplay - The Knights Of Orion by Hilton / eggshells

the 12th century, a new kingdom is being established, there is only one knight, he is recruiting other knights, and a king, there are dragons about, and they are terrorizing all the other kingdoms, this knight has found the perfect spot for a kingdom, it is in a cave, right beneath a dragon's lair! This is a perfect spot because dragons know nothing about it, so the new kingdom of Orion might just thrive here! There is a good water supply near the area, a good river, called the Bangriel, it occasionally runs red with the blood of cattle and men that the dragons have killed, but now a dark wizard is also rising, he threatens all that is good, and is trying to find a special magic that is conjured through dragon's blood, noone knows how he'll be stopped if he finds the secrets of the dragon blood rituals, so the now the new knights of Orion must not only build this new kingdom, find a king, and thrive with little food, but they must also fend there new kingdom from the dark wizard, his followers, and the dragons!! So suit up, knights of Orion, a new destiny is about to begin.

Roleplay Details

Knights of Orion
King of Orion
Dark Wizard
Followers Of Wizard
-no godmodding
-"" used for char. talk
-** actions
-<<>> for outside talking(you)
-have fun and don't be an ass
-if a player asks you to leave for good reasons, plz do so.


eggshells / Hilton: The sun rises, a new day has begun. A single man can be seen, equipped with such amazing armor. His sword is brilliantly shining in the sunlight. He turns his head over to a cave, he smirks, he then hits the ground, looking overhead. A dragon flies over him, screeching through the sky, it is red with swirls of green. It is a lesser dragon, but powerful all the same to any mortal. The man grasps his hand, it pains at the sight of a dragon, he feels the Power stirring inside of him, he is ready to punce and fight the nearly immortal creatures, even though he knows he could kill hundreds on his own from personal experience, he dares not to let this land see his power, not yet.
He gets back up and surveys the land, looking for persons, hopefully in need of a kingdom...
eggshells / Hilton: Hilton then continued to walk, noticing that there was no people in the area. Although he hoped with the greatest of his heart, there was no one. It was very lonely, being an orphan from pillage attacks, but he knew that many had lost family and lives that way, well, he wasn't going to let it weigh him down or keep him back, he was going establish this kingdom! He started back to the cavern area, it was nice since the way there was covered it dead thorn bushes that not even a dragon's eye could pierce and see him. Then he stopped, he could of sworn he saw movement...
he looked off to the east...
<<p.s. this is an opening for anyone to join, plz do!>>
eggshells: "hello there," Hilton greeted. The woman jumped and was obviously startled. <<what race are you thinking of... and do you want to be a knight, or what. BTW i gotta go to work, be on at 7 tonight. hopefully ill see u there>>
eggshells / Hilton: The woman began to shiver, he grabbed ahold of her, " I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to scare you!" She looked cold into his eyes, a sudden rush went up his spine. She still continued to shiver. He felt so right holding her, calming her down, like he was supposed to do this, like he was her protector. He shaked the thought away from his head, that was ridiculous, he just met this woman. He then went back to concern, "Ma'am, are you alright?!" He checked her for bruises, slices, or any sign of hurt. "Ma'am, please respond, ARE. YOU. O.K.?" She just continued to stare at him and shiver, it seemed as though her eyes were penetrating his soul...
eggshells / Hilton: With no sudden warning, the woman collapsed. "God damn it!" He shouted to no one. He slowly let the woman's body fall towards the floor, he then put her body in a comfortable position. He looked across the land, as if expecting to see something. And there it was, that something he was hoping for. From afar it looked to be a person, maybe human, with a white gown flowing in the wind. Or he could be hallucinating. He didn't care, he was going to call out anyways. "excuse me!" he shouted. "excuse me!" the figure seemed to remain still, he was lost, he had a woman who had fainted, a strange white figure, and dragons always nearby. He turned back towards the unconscious woman, wow, he said, i got a lotta shit on my plate...
lancerdrag0n / Genown: Genown watches as the dragon descends and lands on a mound. He had followed it since it destroyed a small village. The dragon began to pull arrows out of its body and cleaning the blood off itself. Genown waited till the dragon was finished and it was preparing to lift off. He then rushed in and the dragon, startled, shot a blast of fire at him. With ease, Genown drew his blade and slashed the fireball in half and sending a shock wave right at the dragon, hitting it and stunning the beast. As the dragon recovered from the blow, Genown leaped into the air and slashed the dragon's shoulder, causing a rush of blood to sprout forth. <<is there magic?>>
eggshells: <<lol, a vegetarian vampire, how sweet, well i think thats ok, just kinda leev it out, don't really flaunt too much that your a vampire, this is based around knights, wizards, and dragons, but it's cool. And, magic is cool but we're mainly knights here, but we could use like one or two court wizards, if you'd like to be one.)
Hilton went up to woman who had fallen, "yes, yah kinda did give me a little fright, are you alright?" His eyes drifted towards her breast that her dress had unveiled, it sorta popped out and caught his attention. He quickly cleared his throat and shot his head the other way. "ummmm, ahem! I don't suppose either of you have a place to stay out here, and that's perfect, because I, Lord Graidor, just call me Hilton, am creating a new kingdom, so that our followers can study and stay away from the evils that have shadowed over these lands. You're more than welcome to stay and hopefully," he stared into the faint woman's eyes dreamily and hopingly, "flourish our kingdom..."
He led them through the thick dead thorn-bushes, through a well-beaten path that he had made, and finally into a large cave, it looked as though it could fit three Babylon's in it. "well... sha'll you two be the first ladies of our kingdom?" He bowed and then waited for an answer.
SincerWritinAsh / Erato: Erato was a creation of her Sire. She didn't refere to the wizard by his name, she only addresed him as Sire. She was a strange creature, etherlly pleasing to the eye and distant in temperament. She was homnind in all respects and as graceful as a dancer. She had been tired and wearied from his last visit at the bare cavern he'd left her in, his lessons were tiring. Deciding to leave the hideaway for the first time, she strolled about in the open fields. Her faire hair blowing in the breeze, the fear of dragons unknown to her and unneccessary, for they sensed her as one of their own. Her Sire had made her with their blood flowing through her veins. As walked across the the open space they flew past her and whistled in greeting, he smiled whistling back. As she approached a large well hidden cave after a few hours walking, she sensed there was something more.
lancerdrag0n / Genown: The dragon retaliated by trying to bit him. Genown blocked it with his blade pushed the dragon back with a mighty swing. As the dragon's head flung back, Genown leaped up and slashed downwards, releasing a giant shock wave, slitting the dragon in two, and scaring the ground. Genown then cut out the dragon's fangs as proof of his victory and walked away.
eggshells / Hilton: Hilton smiled at the woman who was speculating his relationship with the vampire. "well," he began in response to the lady's mutter, "dragons know nothing of this place, the thickets that we walked through veil our prescence." *plus* he thought *the dragons all remember his display of power that day, they wouldn't dream of coming back for me, not untill they knew the inantations* "stop!" Hilton suddenly bellowed at a low tone yell, then he whispered "we're in danger, I heard something, everybody hide, get down, and close your eyes." Hilton stood next to the entrance, standing by the side, out of view. He held up his blade, there goes his hand again, *dragon?!* he thought *no, something worse...*
lancerdrag0n / Genown: As Genown approached a cave, a great down pour started. He approached the cave and noticed some motion inside. He placed his hand on his blades handle and continued to walk towards the cave. He could feel there were a couple of people in there.
eggshells: Hilton's blade gleamed dimly in the little light of the flames. He crouched down, now there was two life sources, but they didn't seem to travel together, maybe they didn't know that the other was there. *This might become tangled* he thought.
<<genown, ummmmm, this might be a problem, the erato char. said she was going to come in, so uhhhh, you're coming at the same time, like, battle with the erato person or something, I don't eant to kill you, lol, i'll join if you battle with her. p.s. erato char. ummmm, like just flee from the battle or something, say you were just surveying the territory or something, and you found us, i don't know, let's not have someone die this early into it. thnx>>
SincerWritinAsh / Erato: Erato felt the presence of many, unused to company she fell into the shadows of the cave, eye peeled at the unfolding action. These bing were similar to her Sire but much different. She sighed as he saw a dworded man enter towards the large thicket blocking the entrance of the cave. The sound cufling feet reached her ears fom the other side, and with wide eye she saw the entrance of a second man. That's what the creatures were,merely men. Her Sire had told her that mortal men were nothing worry over although these men looked formidable from her hiding place.
SincerWritinAsh / Erato: (wrong char, sorry)
SincerWritinAsh / Erato: Relief at seeing the girl breathing easier washed over her cold features. Then the unknown term came to her ears.With an unused and akward voice she shipered quietly,"A drow?what is a drow?" Confusion wrinkled her brow.
SincerWritinAsh / Erato: Still confused with the term she mentioned and the 'sir' she as serving she bac against the cavern wall beside the girl.Whispering,"Erato." She beckoned the shadows to surround them and hide them from sight.From the dark they could watch the two men's conflict.
eggshells: *Something's wrong* he thought, *the dragon's presence was still there, but it had moved, it was almost as if...* Hilton whipped around, his eyes glowed with an evil green, "Ayaka! Move!" He shouted, she jumped at impulse as hilton rushed the blue creature that reaked of dragon. He lifted his blade and began to strike, but he stopped. *what?! This is no dragon...* he held his blade above her head, so close to the deep blue skin of her face, she was whimpering, *this is just a girl... this doesn't make any sense.* Ayaka went to her side and held her, "Ayaka, do you know her?! What is going on?!" *but wait! the other person I sensed...!* Hilton ran to the entrance, and stopped yet again, there was a manly figure, with blade drawn, *oh god! what the hell is going on around here?! more trouble?!?!* Hilton got into a fighting stance, his blade ulled back to his waist, the tip of it staring at the figure's chest. "who are you, and what buisness do you have here?!" he shouted, and then waited for an answer.
SincerWritinAsh / Erato: Shivering in ayaka's arms Erato stared with wide eyes at the man who had held the sword so close to her throat. This was not right, they were not supposed to harm her. She reached a shaking hand to her throat feeling the shallow scratch left by the sword, a few drop of blood fell to her fingers.She fet the warm liguid and held her neck.
SincerWritinAsh / Erato: She gulped looking up at Ayaka,"It's not that serious." She tilted her chin to show the already healed wound, not a scratch left, just a bit of smeared blood."It was just that i didn't expect such a reaction." Her voice was becoming more audible the more she spoke.
SincerWritinAsh / Anila: She smiled slightly, "I was a bit scared, my apologies." She leant her back against the cool wall, enjoying the safety of the shadows,"You call him sir like he is your master, did he make you?"
eggshells: Hilton stood steady with sweat dripping from his brow. He was scared and confused. His blade was shaking, his hand trmbling with the stench of dragon flaring through his nostrils, and he couldn't do anything about it. His mind was whirling about. He hoped that this person wouldn't attack, because he didn't know if he could make a propper strike or block. "I said," he began again, "Who the FUCK are you?!"
SincerWritinAsh / Erato: Looking at the hungry seeming eyes of Lily Anne, her stomach tightened up. Erato managed a slim smile and then her eyes fell back to the two men.
eggshells / Hilton: <<im gonna control that other knight char. because he hasn't responded for awhile, hope nobody minds... >_< >>
Hilton kept staring into this figure's eyes, awake with wonder and maybe a little fear. HIlton began to lift his sword up, ready to strike, at that, the other knight fled, racing through the brush and away from their sight. HIlton was relieved... but now he had to tend to something else...
Blood†Tears: " I do hope I'm not interrupting *nods* I am Dredge Light, at your service for any of your needs" *bows*
SincerWritinAsh / Erato: The shadow faded from the girls as erato forgot to hide. She was enthralled by the running man who, th ones th girl's refered to as 'sir', and the new one who had appeared magically. Not one of his footsteps had she noticed. As the day's light spilled about th unshadowed women, her eyes were wide with interest and an amazed smiled grazed her mouth.
SincerWritinAsh / Erato: Turning her head lightly to her right she looked at Lilly beside Ayaka,noticing her tightly cloed eyes. She recaled the earlier hunger she'd een in them. This lilly was of a different compostion from the humans about them, she was similar to Erato...there blood flowed differently. Erato's Sire had given her warm powerful blood, dragon's blood flowed through her veains keeping her warm and everlasting. he bit her lower lip as she sensed that Lilly was a being, a cold bloodless being. Perhaps she was empty from blood? Maybe he hungered fopr blood, for that warmth that kept Erato herself safe... Erato did not know. Climbing out of the lose embrace she'd had with Ayaka, the conflict of the two men fading from her interest replaced with curiosity she made her way over to Lilly's side. She taped the woman's shoulder and offered her wrist, unlike the men engaged in battle this creature she did not fear.
SincerWritinAsh / Erato: Confused Erato shook her head at the girl's statement."I am continous." It seemed strange tht the girl would be decline something so small as blood. Your heart continously cycled it and at the loss you could refill it with fuel. Surely it wasn't that big of deal."It's wont harm me.You're the one that is able to become empty."
SincerWritinAsh / Erato: Erato jumped at the slight sting. She focused her eyes back on the men's conflict attempting to ignore the rushing in her body. Her body would not allow Lilly' to keep feeding, but it had no affect on her. She did not feel tired or dizzy,simply as if she were running, the pumping to keep up with Lilly.
SincerWritinAsh / Erato: Erato nodded,"Anytime." She lifted her now geyish wrist to her mouth and licked the wound, it healed instantly. She glanced at the girl, seeing that she seemed dazed."Was it alright?"
SincerWritinAsh / Erato: (okay have fun.) Tilting her head he said quietly,"I understand a few things about your physical self but I do not know of your kind. You are the first I've ever met." She leaned against the wall, thinking it better to shadow them from the wall from observers she called back the shadows, lending herself a sense of safety.
SincerWritinAsh / Erato: Her bright black eyes lit up in the dark,"You have a sire too? I have no species, I am my only kind, My sire created me with, well I am not sure. I left before he could teach me." She looked brightly at Lilly a million quetions painted upon her expresion.
SincerWritinAsh / Erato: Apologectically she turned her face down cast."I am sorry for your path." She sighed and continued to glance down at the ground.
ellesmera: "I have grown to accept it.. I sometimes enjoy it... I can be carefree, and not have to worry about the concequenses.. I can slaughter a thousand men and be gone in the blink of an eye... but after a while, after ouve lived for half as long as i have, you need to find ways of.. fading away... just becoming another blade of grass in an oceon of flowers...." She smiled at the metaphor.
eggshells / Hilton: Hilton walked over to the figure that was hunched over Erato, he grabbed Lilly by the hair and pulled her up. The blood drained from her mouth, "Lilly..." he spoke in a soft and soothing voice, "leave here, please I do not want you to know awhat is occurring, I need to talk to erato."
He watched as she slowly left, when she was gone, out of sight, he knelt to erato, the cold scared feeling her eyes only empowered him more, "ummmm... erato, you may bed with us and stay here, but i will watch you. You are something that you do not know, you will awaken the beast inside later, don't worry, I'll protect you..." Hilton then left towards a corner of the cave, he laid down and curled itno a ball, he then fell asleep, amazing himself more than anyone else.
ellesmera: Lilly examined the walls, something sparked from her hand and the stone grew, becoming a ledge, high up, she jumped on to it, wiping all the blood away she curled up, her eyes clouded with tears.
SincerWritinAsh / Erato: Erato resealed the puncture on her wrists as Hilton turned away. Sighing quietly she stood up and her head moved to watch Lilly jump to a higher ledge. She left Ayaka side to walk along the cavern wall, she could see relatively clearly in the cave's gloom, she smiled at the form of Hilton sleeping. Far enough away from him, her back against the wall, she sank down to rest herhead on her bent knees, her arms craddling the postion. She closed her eyes and dreamnt of another.
eggshells / Hilton: Hilton stirred yet again. He knows he cant sleep, he had barely been able to when no one was around, and now, he rustles upwards, silently. He, of course, already has his sword, and now glides through the cave and to the entrance.
He goes to her side and holds her, obviously startling her. "I'm sorry," he whispers into her ear, "I care not of what you are, but of what she is. Even you can tell that she's different, stronger, just concealing power way too great for us to even understand. I'm serious, I'm sorry."
At that, he flew off into the night, becoming again what he always was, a lion, a cat, a wild animal that in battle thought of nothing but to win.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): Lilly watched him as he left. She sighed, failing to sleep. she went to the enterance of the cave, looking up at the moon, feeling her powers strengthen
YukixAzel / Ayaka: Ayaka stood up and left the cave of people to wander back off into the wilderness. Soon forgetting her purpose she walked past the line of trees that marred the territory she ventured off into damed lands where her race thrived in the mountains. With a rugged sigh she continued away from the cave her hopes up high for sights on the Akiviri Mountains was clear.
Blood†Tears / Dredge: Slowly but cautiously Dredge entered the cave. Clothes torn, gashes down his back pouring blook like a river, and barely enough strength to keep himself from collapsing down to the ground. Gasping, with what may be his last breath, he mumbled, "Dragons!" and he fell down to the ground. Unable to move, to think or feel, he fell into a deep sleep, life flashing before his eyes, and hoping that someone would save him.
Starless Knight: ((Would anyone mind terribly if I joined?)) A young girl approached, her eyes an odd honey color, and her hair such a perfect shade of brown that if she crouched down and let the cascade of long waves surround her you could not see her in niether forest nor field. She stood only around five and a half feet, with a slightly muscular yet also pleasingly feminine build. She wore dusty brown breeches and a tight, forest green tunic. Her boots, gloves, and belt were all of fine if non-descript leather. The only thing out of the ordinary would be the fact that she carried more weaponry that a girl her size should have been able to lift - yet she carried them with such grace and ease as one would walk naked. She had two short swords and two Kris daggers on her belt alone, and smaller throwing daggers all around the belt. She had a medium-sized bag strung across her back, and the strap made an X across her chest in conjunction with the strap of her quiver and bow-sheathe. She wore no real jewlery save for a leather choker with a small dragon-shaped pendant made of silver dangling just below it. She approached the Kinght, and kelt with graceful reverence, "I cannot tell you who I am, where I am from, or anything about my past save for my training. I cannot even tell you my true name. What I will tell you is this - allow me to fight for you, and I shall be the most loyal sword in your service," she said, her voice was smoothe and dark like honey, and her tone was set with determination. "I am called Whisperer these days, or just Whisp, if it so pleases." she added. All the time she kept her startling honey-colored eyes locked on the ground out of respect for the knight she'd all but worshiped during her training.
SincerWritinAsh / Erato: Erato listened to the newcomers, she creeped with in the hadows to watch. Seeing the male was injured she stepped into the dimly lit circle.Her raspy voice heisitant,"Do you need help?"
Blood†Tears / Dredge: Hours later, waking up with none to little energy, " I fought them best I could," he slowly pushed himself up into a sitting position and yelped in pain, " I think my arm is broken, could you tell me if the bleeding has stopped on my back?" He stood up leaning against the wall, " There were 3 of them, all black and mighty, angry and breathing fire, my sword was no use to fend them off." He looked at the ground in dissapointment, " I'm a failure..."
ellesmera: Lilly dropped from her perch. She had not aproached the man for fear of draining the little life he had left. Though she had her hunger under somewhat limited control.
"Your back needs cleaning but the bleeding has stopped." She tore a strip of fabric from her arm and gently, but firmly wrapped it round his in a bandage, she placed a little metal strip under his wrist, and bound it in place.
"It is broken. And your face is slightly burnt."
She needed to get rid of the open wound on his face and neck before she attacked him. She held herself back.
"This will sting" She held her hand over the burn and a blast of green light illuminated around them, casting the cave in to an earie green vapour as the magyk swam around the cave and to his face and back, it smashed in to his face, sending him backwards, only slightly before hurtling in to his back, ripping out the bacteria and destroying the small infections before taking some of her own health and life energy and sealing the now clean wounds and burn. On most men this would reduce them to tears. She lowered her arms. Her eyes closed and the green light faded. It had taken a lot of energy to heal him, but he would still be in pain for a fw days. She leaned against the wall.
"You still need to wash the blood and puss off" She whispered hoarsley
Blood†Tears: "Thank you," his eyes were watery and changing back to his normal green instead of infuriated black. " I saw them coming, and I knew you were all here, I did the best i could to fend them away, but they will be here soon," he looked around," did i bring in my sword with me?.*he paused* I'm terribly sorry, have we met before? I am Dredge Light, former Dredge Darkness... I found my self in a situation in which... It's not important, I know not why I am rambeling on like this. Thank you so much... I will not allow the dragons to reach this place." He stood still for a moment and thought back. He remembered it, all of the pain he felt, and he couldn't let this happen to anyone else. "I'm going to kill them... All of them... In honor of not only my Mother, but now you, because... you saved my life" He bowed his head and walked outside. The full moon casted an eerie glow on his skin. As he turned around for the final time, he said once more, "Thank you," he walked out slowly at first, almost limping at a sluggish pace, and transformed into a small raven. Leaving his clothes and a ring behind, he was leaving to take revenge on the three dragons that took his mother, weather he died this time or not, he wouldn't fail...
ellesmera: Lilly ran outside to the pile of clothes and the ring. It was raining heavily, she scooped the clothes up and ran back inside, starting a smal fire she set the clothes by it to dry them.
"Dredge.." She whispered as filled a small open bowl with water. An image flickered across the bowl, a raven, flying.
"You shouldnt go out just yet... Ill have to save you again..."
eggshells / Hilton: Hilton grabbed Dredge by one of his crow's feet. He pulled him down, and held the bird by his steel encrested foot until he turned back into human form. Dredge groaned, he was badly hurt and sore. "you're too weak Dredge," Hilton smirked as he spoke to this man, "you probally not remember me but I am Hilton, and old childhood friend of yours, you've always been reckless ever since you were a child, god I miss those days..." at the end of a long pause he hugged dredge, accidentally reopening some of his wounds. Hilton quickly wiped away the blood and put some herbs on the scratches to heal properly... and then bandaged them up with flexible metal. "The dragons you speak of, brother, they're not mortal, it takes an immortal or one who has powers equal to an immortal, to defeat them. Right now, we have a woman living with us, her blood is of dragon's. You have always been a wise advisor for me, ever since we were children, and now I ask of your help, yet again, Dredge Light, will you join me and my knighthood?" At that, hilton led Dredge to his horse, they fled back towards the cave, Hilton walked up to lilly to apologise... Hilton moved his pained face back, after lilly had slapped him, "damn, I'm sorry..."
He walked back to Ayaka and talked to her, confiding in her and being her rock, to cry to. He greeted the new woman, "if you have no home, you are welcome here, as long as you agree to serve and protect everyone here as if they were your own child, for they will treat you the same, I must be off to bed now, You guys just tire me out!" He chuckled and walked off to bed as everyone stared at him very strangly...
ellesmera: Lillys eyes ardened. Dredge reminded her of lewis. A boy she grew up with.. though he died because of her. She had softened momentarily. She let the vampire in her return. 'I only healed him so i did not drain him and dedstroy him.. there is no other reason' she thought to herself as she jumped back on to her ledge, letting her magyk swim around her, calming her down before she ripped the throats from everyone here. She would leave when night ceased to day.
SincerWritinAsh / Erato: Erato had slid back into the shoulders watching enviously, the ease of which these creatures interacted amazed her. She herself found it akward to converse more than a few words with them. There seemed to be many arrivals in and out, Lilly she saw was waning, her aggression rising. She felt sorry for lilly, having to deal with emptiness as she did. She inspected the man with her soft eyes, lilly had done well to heal him, he had kind hands. She finally decided to bring herself into the light, allowing herself to be more visible to the others.
Starless Knight: (( . . . can I take the fact that I'm being ignored as a sign I'm not wanted or what? lol))
ellesmera: Lilly looked at Whisp. Her eyes cold. It was the sort of look you could feel, that you didnt have to see to know that someone was sizing you up, measuring you, figuring out your best fighting stance and your strength. Her green eyes pierced through Whisp, her lips curling in to a snarl.
'in this world.. there are people who have been through much less than you, yet are stronger by tenfold. You must learn to overcome the jealousy, and grow stronger.' Those were the last bwords her tutor had spoken. Lilly was special, before she had been bitten, and turned in to a vampire, she had become a jounin, a high ranking ninja. Her eyes saw everything in slow motion when she faught, so even the strongest will fall in her hands.
Starless Knight: Sensing the attention, Whisp suddenly looked up, her startling eyes resting on Lilly's. Cat-like, many have found Whisp's gaze entrancing, so she didn't often offer strait eye contact. 'The enemy of a dragon is a cat, the enemy of a human is a dragon, and logically one would assume a cat and a human could befriend each other.' her master had told her. Unable to speak back to him, all Whisp had been able to do was wonder . . . then why did her father kill her mother? The lesson, her master had later told her, was that one like her could never have friends. Whisp learned it well. That's why if there was a bit of hostility in the girl's eyes, Whisp took it with a docile nod. Whisp was a mutt, after all, a dirty half-breed with ties to the earth beyond what anyone could fathom. She was, in essence, more or less just an animal and in the end she oftentimes figured she deserved a bit of hostility. "I have uses," Whisp added, in responce to the knight's silence. Whisp reached out and caressed the ground beneath her, whispering to the earth for a moment with her eyes closed. Beneath her hand, a patch of clover grew wildly. She could grow things like vegitables, and fruits as well, though the required more work. She was doing a demonstration, though, and she was a ver efficient girl never wasting energy. Whisp stood slowly, "I can grow many things - almost anything, with time and work," she said, "With me in the party you would never go hungry. I can request rain, too - but the weather is much more powerful and doesn't always listen when I ask something of it," she said. If they really needed water, she could probably get it, but there was always the chance that the weather was too set in it's own plans to bother with her.
Blood†Tears / Dredge: " I can to fight them," Dredge said angrily," I might be wouned, but that does not mean that I am useless. Imortal or not, I will see to them suffering for eternity, they took two things that meant everything to me and-," he was stopped from speaking for a memory came back. It was not to long ago, but only two years, sitting there with his mother. He could smell the apple pies baking on the hot fire. He simply went out to fetch some water, so he could help her cook... Why didn't he stay, or say no... he could have saved her... he could have been so much better then he is now, if only he saved her...
"I will do as you ask, and stay only till I am well again, and the new moon rises... Then I will have my revenge, even if I again have to become Dredge Darkness.."
ellesmera: Lily bared her fangs slightly, almost hissing. She dissapeared from her perch, a blast of fire at the enterance died away and Lilly was looking outside again, her shoulders shaking slightly. Then she was gone, appearing next to dredge almost silently, she cupped his face with her hand firmly and lifted his chin up forcing his head to face her.
"You talk of death like it is yours to give, and you justify it with long cried memories." Her eyes hrdened.
"You are strong and quick. But to m=the dragons you are moving in slow motion, with as much strength as they have in their tallon like claws. In your current state you would have to train till the full moon has graced us three times, yet the dragons would be stronger still. You cannot defeat them on their own. Your voice is layered with despair. Yet you know not the meaning of the word. You speak as though you are a victim in a fairy tale. Trying to grab the centre of everyones attention. I tire of you quickly Dredge Light. And trust me when I say that I can kill you from 2000 paces." She stared intentky at him, her deep green eyes piercing through him.
"Stop your whining. Cry baby" SXhe released him and walked away, a cold air about her, she jumped back on to her ledge and watched everyone.
Blood†Tears / Dredge: His eyes became glassy and he had no more to say. Slowly, he walked outside to sit on the ground and just be alone, all alone, and trying to understand what Lilly said, but failing in every try... He didn't want to be the victim, he wanted nothing like that. He simply wanted his family back. He lay down on his side, facing away from the cave and a tear streamed down his face. "I am not accepted here as I was anywhere else." He closed his eyes and waited to drift into sleep, hoping that something, for everyones sake would kill him in the night.
Starless Knight: Whisp flinched, feeling the pain as a teardrop fell on the land. She gave up with the rest of the party for now, hunting this 'Dredge' character. When she found him, she approached, forgetting that her feet made no noise until she was fairly close to him. She knelt down softly, reguarding him with her strangely colored eyes as she tilted her head much like a curious cat. "Crying does no good, Master Light," she said, using the generally acceptable title she'd been taught it was polite to address strangers with. She reached out slowly, her hand touching his arm as delicately as a butterfly landing. Then contact, however was soothing and filled Dregde with a sense of peace and balance and healing that only Mother earth could bless one with. It was the least she could do.
Blood†Tears / Dredge: "It is not something that I can help. I'm not going to whine any more about this situation... I am not a failure and I am not a cry baby..." He stood up and looked at the ground. I will respect what Lilly thinks of me. I am not here to make a big scene. Thank you for your words, but I... I have no use for them at a time like this. I feel an anger so retched inside me..." He walked several steps forward. I think I lost my ring, it must have fallen off when I was running from the dragons. It was my mothers, and it was the only thing that keeps me from wanting to..." He stopped and thought about what he was saying. " I'm not about to rist everyone elses life, and the expence of a silly ring. The fact is, I need it..." He started to walk, but looked back," I'll be back when I find my ring."
Starless Knight: "Wait!" She called when he moved away from her. "You don't need to look - I can ask for help!" she said, a gentle smile on her lips. "The Earth will find it, and I sense a nearby tiger who would be willing to bring it to you, if it is not too far away," Whisp said, wanting very much to help. "And I believe that Lilly girl is too harsh. Something bothers her - to be so hard of manner. When one is balanced, it takes much more to upset one," she said with a gentle manner as she stood gracefully. "I am rather empathetic, and I feel your pain - worry not what others say," Whisp said soothingly. Of course, Kindness was Whisp's greatest power. With a soft word she had befriended even the very Earth itself. She'd even won the heart of a few dragons - but the secrets of her past would remain just that - a secret. "Now, would you like me to ask this favor?" Whisp offered.
ellesmera: Lillys eyes became full green, a blast of fire and she was stood outside, though she pretended not to notice tem until she could keep her teeth under control. She turned round. In her arms a budle of dry clothing, sitting on top of them was his ring.
"These are yours I believe." She thrust them in to his chest.
"I do not meen to be harsh. But you must understand. I have not had an easy life. My father slaughtered my whole family, and almost killed me to.. I watched as my mother was slayed. I lived on the streets and would havde died the folowing winter. It always snows where I lived. I welcomed death with both arms and a smile. I had no family, i wanted to kill my father, but he had been kiled in battle.. I was an uneccassary life, I had no meaning, No purpose, and.. to havbe no purpose, for me was worse than death. A man.. A ninja took me in.. he gave me purpose, he trained me in the way of the sharingan. Though.. I was just a tool.. I would protect him no matter what. My skills exeeded his own... Yet I still let him use me as a weapon to follow his dream, I wasnt aloud a dream of my own. But I was happy. He was attacked, by a creature of the night, and I threw myself infront of him. I was bitten by the creature... I became usless, bleeding to death on the floor. I begged for death.. As I couldnt bring it upon myself, I had outlived my purpose... The creature laughed and slaughtered my master before raping me several times and tainting my pure blood.... Ibecame one of the creature.. His..I xcouldnt die.. I killed several hundered people for that creature, then killed the creature itself... I refused to cry... I was bored of crying. I have known nothing but pain, nothing but hurt.. No one ever showed me pity.. or lent me a kind word. So if I seem harsh to you.. or if I lash out at you.. Don't take it personnally.. It is the only way I know" She turned away and started to walk back towards the cave.
Starless Knight: Whisp reached out, and might have offered peace akin to the peace she'd offered Dredge but something still her hand. A wind blew, whispering warnings in her ear. The very earth refused to offer the peace Whisp wished to spread - and without the power of the Earth behind her, Whisp had near to nothing. Slowly Whisp lowered her hand and shook her head. The Earth had never refused someone before, but Whisp trusted in a wisdom greater than her own. Some had to find a peace within themselves - and wounds that deep took much to heal. Sensing there was nothing she could do for now, Whisp turned her attention back to Drege, keeping her gaze lowered as was her habit. "There is much pain in that one - but there are plans for her yet, I can sense them," she said quietly. "As for you, though . . . learn to be at peace with yourself. Pain is a state of mind, and one must overcome it in order to achieve the things one wants. What is do you want? It is rare to see Light come from Darkness," Whisp said, thinking of his name change.
Blood†Tears / Dredge: He dropped the clothes on the floor,"Sorry if I have been a burden..." his eyes getting darker by the second and his mind burning," I do not mean to find out your life stories, I am but on my own quest... Bad weather is upon us... I shall return when I will, until then, I suggest none of you try to..." he stopped talking and fell to his knees, grasping his head and rocking back and forth," I am not about to become the monster I was... for my mothers sake... I will go no deeper into my past for you then I already have..." He slowly stood up," I am not a failure..." He stopped at the entrance to the cave, then slowly turned around. Walking back to the pile of clothes he scavenged through them and to his deepest passion, found his own half of the ring. " I can't leave with out this." He changed into the black little bird, and slipped the ring on his leg. Eyes glowing a mad red, he took off into the rising sun.
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Starless Knight: ((Well that leaves me without a lead . . . lol)) Whisp gazed at the horizon, watching the raven fly off with a serene expression. She looked around, and finding little else to do found a nice corner and circled around a couple of times before settling in and idly sharpening one of her blades. She would wait until the Knight she had come to offer her service to would spare her audience. Whisp didn't look disturbed at all, though - as always she had a serene look on her face as she hummed quietly.
Blood†Tears / Dredge: Quickly, but hours later, he returned. "I can't do this alone, I need help... Please, help me any of you... I am sorry for how I act, but please, if you help me, I will offer my life of services to come to you, to all of you, I will devote my courage and power... All I was is to find the other piece to my ring." He looked at the ground and felt a sudden sorrow consume him. " I don't wish to be the outrageous monster I once was, but I can't do this alone." He cupped his hands togeather and sat on the floor. "I am sorry, but this monster feeds on my emotions, and they anger of me not having my ring complete is making me sick..." He aroused and walked to the cave entrance. " Severe weather is upon us... Floods of great ammounts. I can only rais the ground and push them back so far. Would any of you like me to get you stuff before the rains begin? I would be more then glad to." He sat outside on the ground. "I'll be here if you need anything," and he began to hum a simple melody to himself.
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ellesmera: Lilly watched him return.
"I shall help you... Dragons have a strange effect on me... But.. I can use it to my advantage"
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: He looked at Lilly, " You really will?" he walked outside, while holding his arm close to his side, "I will leave when ever you are ready, and I will do what ever you ask of me," he bowed his head. "If you want to leave now, I will do my best to stop the rain, or atleast push it back."
ellesmera: "The rain may hurt. and sear the flesh of others like me... But I am stronger than that, the rain is no problem. We can go now, three dragons wont be that hard to kll...." Lilly knew some of those words were for comfort purposes, but she was going to help.. why? she didnt know, but she would help.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Thank you so much," he fell to the ground and began to bow for her. As he stood up he stepped outside. A large simile on his face and his steps glowing a bright blue, bringing to live anything dead within several feet of him. He face the clouds and raised his hands, his face calm and with every step forward he took, the clouds seemed to move back miles and miles. He turned to Lilly and held out his left hand while his right arm was again clutched to his side, "My lady, will you be so kind as to let me escort you out of the area," he smiled.
ellesmera: "Sure" She smiled, flashing her brilliant white teeth and two slightly pointed canines She toom his arm.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Do you like flowers?" he questioned with a smirk on his face. "For if you do, I can give you some." He reached behind Lilly and pull out a single black rose. "For you," and he showed his white smile in return of hers.
ellesmera: She took the flower gratefully.
"You sweet" She played the flower about her lips, the smell of the flower increasing. She loved it, she siled brightly.
"Shall we get this deed done then?"
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Mmhmm, the problem is I don't really know where to start, I'm in a rather mellow mood, not perticularly in a place to take charge, I'm not sure," he looked up and pondered, " I don't know what is first to do." He seemed sure of himself and nodded.
ellesmera: "Find the dragons in question.. Might be a good place.. Im good at planing and stuff, oce we locate them, I can formulat a plan.." She smiled.
'Wow lilly, way to go, show off your big head with big words' She scolded herself
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Well don't take all the credit! I have a large vocabulary myself, infact it is an exqusit one, and usually I show it off unabashedly, but today I am feeling unequivocally tired, but after a nice rest I should be greatly prosperous by morning." He smile in return, but then as he took another step fell. He walked rite into a hole in the ground. "Oh my," he said," I fear that showing off my rich vocabulary has cost me," he chuckled," I see an exit further up, just keep walking and I'll be out in a flash."
ellesmera: "I could get you.. Or are you too stuborn for that?" She hadnt yet revealed exactly what she was.
She held her palm out and offered it in a sign of help.
"Well? Do you want some help out of there? You dont know where that leads.."
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: He smiled,"Sure, I could use a ton of help," he reached his hand out and grasped Lillys.
ellesmera: With strength, that could be matched to a dragons moe than lilly she pulled him up without even straining.
"See.. that was easy" She brushed herself off. "Now watch your step next time."
Blood†Tears / Dredge Darkness: He laughed a little, " Thank you," he stood in front of her towering more then a foot above her head, paused for several seconds, then lowered his head and kissed her. As he rose back up he walked away and looked at the ground the whole time, " We uh, we better get going, no time to waist," and he smiled as he continued to walk.
ellesmera: "Hey! Get your ass back here!" She called out, grabbing his arm.
"Dontcha know its not nice to kiss a lass then leave..." She pulled his head to hers and kissed him back. "Without letting them kiss back?" She grinned and then skipped off ahead slightly.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Darkness: He smiled and ran up to Lilly, " Sorry, I didn't know, lets stay here for the night I'm suddenly oddly tired," he sat on the ground and lay there, proped his head on his left arm and drifted off quickly into a deep sleep.
ellesmera: She just sighed.
"Strange kid. Mae I should tell him.. About the monster inside me.." She summoned a rock and morphed it in to a cave, covcering the door with ice.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: As he woke up he streched his arms and winced as he hit his right arm on a rock, " Golly when did that get there," he sat up and smiled, " Good morning, wot shall the plan for today be?" He picked up his boots and slipped them on and sat back down on the ground.
ellesmera: "Find the dragons?" Lilly smiled slightly, the rock sank around them and so did the ice, it all returned to the earth and they were showered with sunlight.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Blimey wot time is it! I'm wicked hungry, shall I go get us something to eat? Tell me wot would you like, " His face was pale and eyes a brilliant blue. He took several steps forward and streched again, blue smoke seemed to rise from under his feet," I'll get you anything you'd like, " he said with a grin on his face.
ellesmera / Erika Snow: "Im not hugry... I ate yesterday" She smiled slightly.
"You get something.. Then we can find the dragons?"
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Hmmm, are you sure," he reached behind himself and pulled out an apple pie, " these pies sure are tasty, would you like blueberry? rasberry! No? Strawberry!" he pulled out several more and smiled.
ellesmera: She laughed.
"Trust me.. Im fine.. Now. You eat up.. and then we can get on with the littl challenge, we can relax when we kill them
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"Suit yourself, but if you do want anything, please fear not to ask," he nodded in assurance," Well,where do we start?"
ellesmera: "Finding the dragons.. Can you?" She asked lightly, tracing his arm with her fingers
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Hmmm...." he started to whistle. A flock of ravens appeared. "Follow the birds!"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: They did. She kept stealing glances at him, a light blush across her face, though she didnt know why
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "The ravens are my relatives... I love them, I feel like I'm one of them... when I was first learning magic, the first thing I could transform into was a raven. Infact, I love them, almost as much as I now realize I love you." He kept looking forward keep a straight face trying his hardest to be a tough guy, but on the inside he was meling into a puddle of nothing.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: She blushed madly, holding on to his arm ever tighter.
"Im not gong to let you go" She whispered. Loud enough for him to hear. "And thats a promise"
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: He smiled. The wind was blowing strong, and there was a scream. It wasn't any old scream it was a ear splitting scream. Dredge kneeled to the ground covering his ears. He was curling up in a ball screaming back at the noise. The wind imediately stopped along with the screaming. Panting heavily he stood up. "Well that was interesting... Lets move on," he knew what the scream was, and he knew what it ment, but he had not intention of worrying Lilly. "We shall hunt these dragons down, and I will be complete... almost..." He smiled a little and held his hand out for Lilly to take.
ellesmera: She didnt banish the thoughts but she took his hand. They soon found the dragons.
"Wow.. Theyre big..."
Druecilla / Kaden: Sadly enough there was already a girl in there with the drangon she was known as the mistress of drangon and she quickly got to her feet.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: Dredge pulled out his black lead sword and held it in a ready stance. His body glowing blue started to turn purple. "Move, so I may reak havok and tear revenge upon these gastly beasts." His voice was booming loud and you could hear anger building up. Soon he was glowing mad red, the ground below him was melting and he was Dredge Darkness.
ellesmera: Hyun realsied, he had already failed twice, maybe more. She scowled, one of the dragons were seperate from the others.
"Ice mirrors!" She screamed, huge mirrors surrounded the dragon, it roared and tried to breake them, they wouldnt, she melted in to one of the mirrors and the dragon was soon screaming in pain.
Druecilla / Shayla: " I shall not move, and you shall not pass!"She roared."What wrong have these done to you if not one of thier eggs had been wrongly stolen my Dragon's would not be attacking your people return the egg before it hatches and all attacks will be stopped!"She glared.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Darkness: The fire in his eyes burned. He was so angry. Seconds away from killing the dragons that cursed him. For some odd reason, he felt sadness in the dragons. As he was starting to sink into the ground from the molten rock he looked at one of the dragons. "I will make you a trade. I know where you blasted egg is, but I want a dragons life in return. The egg is not harmed, and so many people are. You have killed my family, and put me in more pain then ever. That is my final offer. I wish to kill the blue one." He pulled his feet out of the magma an picked up a scoop of it. Swirling it in his hand, he threw it up in the air and then appeared an egg. Falling into his arms he held it there. "I have kept it, safe, sadly, because I wanted to raise it to be rite and not kill humans, no matter what." he held the egg over the swirling lava pit. "If you do not make the trade with me, that dragon for this egg, then the egg goes to the core with me, and I will kill you all...." His eyes were glowing mad red and his voice was booming. His breath heavy and he was definintaly being serious. He would melt them all away. All except for lilly, but he would offer himself. Anything to avenge his family, and himself.
ellesmera: She had the blue one in the ice mirrors. The dragons nodded in agreement, sadly however. Lilly walked away from the blue dragon. The others bowed their head in defeat. They wante dthe egg.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Darkness: Dredge sat the egg down behind him and the dragon stomped over towards him. The lava puddle expanded to be twice the size of the dragon and turned into a fissure. "After you," he said with a sickening grin on his face.
ellesmera: Lilly looked at Dredge.
"Is this it then.. Can we go soon?" She could feel her power draining, dragons did this to her.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Darkness: After several minutes with the dragon under ground, the earth began to quake. Boulders were falling and lava was spewing up from the ground. Dredge burst up through the crust bloody and torn. "Jesus Christ." He ran over to Lilly and picked her up in his arms. Turning back before they left. "I am sorry for the loss of your dragon, as your dragon probably was for my family. But fair is fair, and I needed to set things rite formyself. Until we meet again." He nodded in acknoledgement and with one stomp another crack in the ground appeared. With lilly in his arms he jumped in. She passed out from the fall, but when she woke, they were in a calm field, and Dredge was laying on the ground next to her weak and tired.
ellesmera: Her power returned quickly, but she was oh so hungry, oh so thirsty. And he looked so weak, she could launch at him and rip in to hsi throat, taking what she wanted, and pleausing him at the smae time (mental influences) but, he wasnt her prey, not anymore anyway.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla sat motionless on the ground next to her dragon tears poured out of her eyes and the dragons behind her had gathered around her the dragon he had choosen was her father he had been cursed like this by the witch and that is why she took up to protecting them she had failed to do what she had always sworn and that was to protect her father.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: Dredge looked at Lilly. After several moments he got up and sat next to her. His blade next to him, he made a cut in his arm and put it out to her. "I do not mind," he said with a low calm voice, deep and shallow you could hear death echoing in him.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla had been in that same spot for aver three days when she finally got up she went out seeking the people she had almost destroyed. When she found them she looked pitful."I'm sorry she said you shall no longer have the threat of my dragon's instead..."She pulled out the egg." Here raise this it was important enough to steal so I figure you might want to raise it."She put it down and went and sat on a rock.
ellesmera: Lilly eyed his arm hungrily.
"Is it that obvious?" She whispered quietly to herslef. She took his arm, her fangs extending and she sank them in to his arm around the cut, creating two more sources of blood. She swallowed hungrily, his arm turned a ghostly white and she stopped. She had less restraint than she thought.
"Im sorry" SHe sighed, looking away as she wiped the blood from her mouth
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla had been in that same spot for aver three days when she finally got up she went out seeking the people she had almost destroyed. When she found them she looked pitful."I'm sorry she said you shall no longer have the threat of my dragon's instead..."She pulled out the egg." Here raise this it was important enough to steal so I figure you might want to raise it."She put it down and went and sat on a rock.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: Dredge looked at the blood that was pouring from his mouth. He waved his hand several times, and appeared a dark black glass in front of him. He held his arm on top of it and the blood seeped into it. Smiling he said, " I have secrets too," he handed her the cup with and enthusiastic look on his face. "It's not that it was odvious, but that ones enrichment, meaning life or blood, can do wonders for another. In other words, if you are like me, your blood is like a river that will never end, my love for you is my blood, a river that will never end." He sighed and lay down on his back, smiling lightly he looked at the stars. He looked over at the other lady, "You are to keep you egg. I wish not to raise it... nor to be near it... not anymore... I trust you will take care of it fine."
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: (( not mouth, arm i wrote mouth instead of arm first sentence ))
ellesmera: She sighed. Her eyes were watering up. She rubbed them with the back of her hand and smiled.
"I wish not to take from you any more than you are willing to give"
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "I'm willing to give it all," his eyes were a swirling forest green and blue. He was obsessing so badly, but he didn't care, he ment it, he would let her drain the life out of him if it made her happy, besided, he wasn't joking about his blood, sweet and red it would never run out unless he was cut with gold. Otherwise, he was an ocean of the crimson red juice.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: She smiled. Her stomach rumbled and she groaned.
"I didnt take enough for 5 minutes worth of energy?" SHe couldnt believe how fas her blood metabolism rate was.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Do you want more?" he questioned her with a grin rising on his face.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "If thats not to much to ask" She nodded. Slightly nervous. "And I can give you anything in return" She emphasized the word anything
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Of course it's not to much to ask, " he pulled out a silver dagger from his sheath and made a deeper slit in his arm, " Anything you say?" his jaw got tight and he thought really hard, when he came to his choice he said, " I simply want you to love me for who I am, and promise you'll never hate me." His eyes became watery and he seemed upset. He pushed memories away and smiled at her. Although it was a fake smile, he didn't want to upset her, and she did infact make him feel alot better, especially when she was around him.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: She nodded. She bit in to his arm again and drank deeply. When she finally fealt full she stoped, kissing the wound, it healed quickly. She wiped her mouth. Lilly looked up at him. She kissed im deeply. Sweeping her tongue in to his mouth
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: Dredge fell backwards in shock. Her lips tasted like his blood. Almost instantly, he felt like water, paralized and motionless. She made him numb all over and it was something that he wanted to feel forever. "I love you," he said as he kissed her back.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: She smiled in to the kiss.
'You make me feel so alive, something i never thought i would feel again, your like my favrite sweet, i can't get enough' She thought to herself, wondering if he could read thoughts. She stroked her hands down his body.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: He smiled and put her hand in his. Her's was much smaller then his was and colder. His were warm and soft, "What do you spose we do now, I feel like a new man, revenge has been reaped, and I am a free soul."
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "I have a few ideas" Something in her eyes suggested they werent lady like ideas either, she brushed her fingers through his hair, smiling.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Really, what kind of... Ideas, because... i'm ready to do something interesting," he smiled, and looked at her eyes.... they were so beautiful.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Well," he was stammering and studdering all over himself, "Tell me, your definition of modest," a smile was brewing on his face.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "hehe, i guess it's true that you learn something new every day. I could teach you a few things, although i'm young," he laughed. Laughing was all he could think of to do, he was oddly nervous, he didn't know why, was it love that did this to him? it had to be, he's never been in love before, this is the first time this has happened, and he just fell in love. Dredge was overwhelmed with all that was going on and he was enjoying it. As he sat up a little he took his shirt all the way off then leaned back again. He put his hands on her waist and as he looked into her eyes, he felt almost hypnotized. He would do anything she asked.
Blood†Tears / Dredge: This was all happening to fast, rite before his eyes, it was driving him mad. He didn't know if it was the rite thing to do or not, but he couldn't help himself. He knew he wanted it but he knew he didn't. Although he loved her, he had no clue if it was the rite time and place. He wanted to ask her so badly but her beauty made him still all over.
ellesmera: "Do you want to do this?" She asked him, seeing the uncertainty in his eyes.
"We can always wait.." She smiled slightly
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: He didn't know what to say to her. He was mezmerized by her eyes. They made him so weak, he knew he wanted it, "I do." His voice was shakey, he was odviously nervous. All he wanted to do was look into her eyes. For ever and ever, until his body rotted away and turned to dust. He smiled at her and pulled her close and kissed her, then wispered in her ear, "I do want it," and smiled again. His eyes were glowing a devious green by this time too.
ellesmera: She smiled ^_^ (like that ^_^')
"Good.. Because so do I" She slipped her tongue in to his mouth. Slipping her thumbs in to the waistband of his pants and slowley slid them down. Her long skirt covering him.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: He kissed her neck and had his large hands all over her body, she was like an addiction and he wanted her so badly, infact she was an addiction, and he wanted her for the rest of his life. He was kissing her neck and started to slide her skirt off when he stopped and looked into her eyes. "You are the most beautiful women I have ever seen, and I am sure of it, that I want to marry you," he smiled and kissed her again, as he continued to take her skirt off.
ellesmera: She let the words sink in as her skirt slid away. She smiled.
"Id like that" She slid her small hands down his body. She wanted to make love to him so badly, she kissed his neck, inhaling his sweet, sweet scent
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Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: Dredge adored how she was kissing his neck," Are you thirsty?" his face made a questionable look and he was hinting towards blood.
ellesmera: "No.. Im horny" Was her very blatent reply as she stroked her hands further down his body
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Well, that tells me alot." He paused mid sentence and stared into her eyes again, "If you want something, you should just take it. Don't bother to ask," his voice was deep and low, not really grungy but roughish and reasonably seducive.
ellesmera: "Really?" She let a sly smile creep across her lips. "In that case..." She lowered herself on to him, moaning in pleasure
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: His head was spinning, Dredge had never felt anything like this before. His hands on her waist he leand up a little and kissed her, it was no soft kiss either, it was a blood thursty roaring with energy hard kiss. His body was going numb, " I want to marry you." All he could think of was the wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "What do you like?" he was so curious, he wanted to know everything about her, all of her likes, and dislikes, but rite now, he didn't care what he knew about her, he just wanted to listen and be with her, do things... good and bad...
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Really, is that what you like," he smiled and looked at her deviously, he wasn't often the controling type, but he could be. He turned her over on her back, pinning her arms up beside her head. "I sure can give you what you like," icy shackle like restraints froze on her rists. He grinned and began to kiss her neck, breathing heavily, he said, "Tell me what else you like."
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Is that so, that your wish is my command," and just as he said, he did. The icy shackles turned to fire, burning her rists but not too bad. By the next morning, there was dry blood all over the both of them. Cuts and bite marks. Drege awoke first, and left for a short time to get cleaned up. When he returned, Lilly was still sleeping. He sat there and watched here, while eating a green apple he smiled, she was so beautiful when she slept, he knew he wanted to marry her.
ellesmera: She was curled in to a ball. Blood on the grass around her. She slowley woke up. Wincing. She hadnt been bothered about the burns and wounds last night. But they hurt right now. She didnt mind. But winced all the same. She sat on her knees and stretched, causing more pain to erupt. She rubbed her eyes sleepily. Lilly slowley stood up and she felt heavy. She looked over at dredge and flung herself on to him, crashing them both to the ground with a suddon burst of energy. She laughed through the pain.
"Im gonna wash..." She stood up again, leaving the stunned dredge.
"Don't be ashamed to watch!!" She called back. laughing slightly as she headed for the water.
Blood†Tears: Dredge laughed, tossing out his apple core he stood up and streched. "Well last night was interesting wasn't it. Wot do you spose we do now? An adventure I presume?"
ellesmera: "Im gonna clean up!" She called back as she removed her clothes and slipped in to the water.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Well of course that, but I mean wot shall we do next, go find some treasure, take over some kingdom, wot do you want to do my love?" he was stairing at the clouds in the sky, big and white with a blue tint.
ellesmera: "Hmmm.." She washed and dried her clothes and walked behind him, slipping her arms round his waist.
"I dunno.... I meen.. Ive been alone for so long... I don't know what the world looks like anymore..."
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Well lets go see it then, lets travel!" his voice didn't sound very enthusiastiac, but he seemed to look forward to sight seeing. "Just pick a direction, for I wouldn't mind walking around the world a hundred times with you."
ellesmera: "Urm... That way" She pointed east
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Rite then, east it is!" he took her hand and in the other appeared an apple. He took a large bite and began to walk.
ellesmera / Magpie: She walked alongside him, humming happily
Blood†Tears: "So tell me about yourself, how did you come to be where you are today? I'll be glad to exchanged my words for yours." He wanted to learn all he could about her, although it would be minutely hard for him to tell her about his past, he would tell her anything she ever wanted to know, and if he didn't have the answer he'd do what ever it took to find out.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "So tell me about yourself, how did you come to be where you are today? I'll be glad to exchanged my words for yours." He wanted to learn all he could about her, although it would be minutely hard for him to tell her about his past, he would tell her anything she ever wanted to know, and if he didn't have the answer he'd do what ever it took to find out.
ellesmera / Magpie: "Uh...Well... A few hundred years ago.. A vampire sired me.. Kanermatus Tskoki..I had been a good little christian.... And he destroyed that side of me.. He was everything I secretly wanted to be.... He.. Destroyed my mind"
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Destroyed your mind... but you still have your heart, mind and body are simply states of reality, your heart and your soul are the only two things that he couldn't take from you, or did he?" Dredge was odviously curious of what happened.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "I'm so sorry....," dredge was concerned, he wanted to help her with what ever he could, "Can I do anything for you?
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "I can try," he smiled and kissed her, holding her tightly in his arms, not even starting to let go.
ellesmera: She melted in to him. Her body made contact with his everywhere. She slipped her tongue in to his mouth.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: He kissed her back and then retreated. "Do you want me to tell you about myself now? Ask me anything and I'd be glad to tell you," his blue eyes widened as he said anything, and look a tad glassy but it passed as he continued talking.
ellesmera / Magpie: "Whats your family like?" He asked him
Blood†Tears / Dredge Darkness: "Well, my dad worked in a mine. He harvested metals from the earth, and then he got another job, and he melted them. When I was 8, he quit that job and just did metal works, he made things like watches and clocks and stuff like that. My mother was a house wife, but she was in a group of ladys that all they did was gossip. I remember coming home one day and my god there had to be 50 other women all talking you know, stuff like oh my god, and did you hear about so and so, haha, and then there was my sister..." he paused," She never talked, well to anyone besides me, I was the only one she ever spoke a word to." His eyes turned a soft green and the blue glow from his feet lightened significantly and slowly turned green aswell. He was odviously sad.
ellesmera / Magpie: She sighed and hugged him. "Im sorry" She wispered
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "It's okay, she was a good girl either way...So what else would you like to know?
ellesmera: "Have you ever self harmed?" She asked
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: His ears seemed to perk up like a cats, "Pardon me? do you mean have I ever done things to myself? Like cut myself or suicide?"
ellesmera: "Yes.. But.. If you commited suicide, you most likely.. wouldnt be here at the moment.." She blushed and looked away
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Well," he paused a moment, " How do you know that rite now, I am infact alive and not really dead." Raising his eyebrow he grinned a grin that seemed to come up from the depths of hell itself, infact it was rather scary. "Not say I am dead, but not saying I'm not either. Everyone has secrets I just happen to be good at keeping mine."
ellesmera / Magpie: She scowled and hit the back of his head. "Dont grin at me like that!" She scowled. "I dont like that smile"
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "OW,"he shouted in pain. She had a hard hit for a girl it was rather hard for him to resist to ask but simply he rubbed his head and looked up at her. His eyes turned from the evil grinning purply red to a soft emerald green. "I'm sorry," he looked at the ground still holding his head.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: She rolled her eyes and stretched.
"You havent answered my question mister very confused if he is actually alive becausehe twists his answers" She said in one breath
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: (hunni .. would you like to take part in a new rp im doing? look on is anybody on (or watever) for the details)
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "He stood up making a fist but relaxing it after. I am very much not alive.... I am sorry if it offends you or upsets you... or anything..." Dredge seemed upset but calm at the same time, "Yes I wanted to kill myself, and no I didn't kill myself. My death was the result of gaining the knowledge I have today.... my consequence for dying is my uncontrolable tempers I have... so there you know, now run away like everyone else does think i'm so monster try and kill me all you want I'm already dead, or condem me into living either way i'll me miserable." He plopped on the ground and began to cry.
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ellesmera / Cynan Kane: She put her arms round him. "Hunny.. Im a vampire.. Im not alive either" She kissed his cheek. "Id never run from you" She kissed the tears away. (will do)
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: (can seem to find urs, and skools bout to get out, and i gotta shut muh lapper top donw, i'll head to the library *hugs* laters)
Blood†Tears: His tears continued to fall to the ground beneath him. Wiping them away with his oversized hands he looked up at Lilly, "Well, we can be dead togeather... forever rite?" he sounded like a little kid. "I died when I was 15.... but really, I died when my family died.... my heart is blacker and smaller then anything.... but you make it full and alive." Dredge was being honest, but all the words he could say would never ammount to the feelings he had for her, " I could say every word to express how much I care for you, but I love you says it all..." He looked back at the ground and sighed, continuing to cry.
ellesmera: She hugged him close to her.
"I love you as well, please stop crying.. Or ill cry.." She kissed his lips softly.
Blood†Tears: He wiped away the last few tears that his sorrowful green eyes shed. "I feel like... I feel like reaping havok upon everyone now... is that normal? for me to want to show the world how strong I am, and hurt others... to kill and not be killed.... to expell all of this extra energy from my corroded veins?"
ellesmera: She didnt let the fear show in her eyes.
"Everyone has a dark side, abnd sometimes that side needs to get out... I am purley dark, but your bringing out the light in me"
Blood†Tears / Dredge Darkness: "But you've seen how I can get... sometimes I fear I'll hurt the ones around me, that I don't want to hurt..." He paused and then looked up at the sky. His feet started to sink into the earth faster then before. He pulled himself out of the thick lava, and looked at Lilly. "Close your eyes," he said with a tempting voice and he began to rise into the air. Suddenly he blased up into the sky. It seemed that he was headed towards the sun. Moments later there was a blinding flash and a big rip in the sky appeared. A red cloud seeped out which made the sky itself turn red. Black smog followed soon after. All the trees around Lilly shrivled and turned black. Dredge came flaring down and crash laned into the ground making a large firey crater. Fire licked his hands, and his eyes were redder then anything. His body seemed twice as big and his armor was blacker then soot. "This Lilly, it what I like to reap, tell me its okay now...." Dredge lost control, he never brought the dark realm to earth.... he finally did.... Taking massive steps he began to walk. "Now, I'm going to show you all you want to know about what I know, as Kane put you through what he did, I'm going to show you my way, but, the catch is... well you'll figure that out later...." Dredge continued to walk "Let me know if you want to go the the actual dark realm... this is just a taste of it, if it were on earth." He grinned and began to eat an apple that appeared in his hand.
ellesmera: She examined him slowley, sizing him up, measuring him, inspecting him like he was a piece of meat in a butchers. Her hair grew longer, and her skin paler, her fangs slid from her mouth and her eyes became the deepest shade of black, she grew slightly taller, and bustier, filling out more, ever so slightly, till she had the curves of a godess.
"This is what Kane made me" The russian accent she was so good at hiding now tumbled from her mouth in thick waves.
"He made me a body, for a vampire queen" Her clothes slipped in to shadows and they reformed around her, becoming more revealing, showing her sleek curvy legs, the small, minute skirt barely covering her ass, yet somehow keeping her modesty, her corset changed, becoming just the cups with a few straps of fabric holding it on. She took his free hand.
"I like both of you. And I dont mind where we go"
Blood†Tears / Dredge Darkness: "I wish to teach you what I know, and make you my queen... for I am the king of this dark and dead world...." Screames echoed from all around them, but suddenly, it all went away. The red sky, the dead trees, and Dredge was normal again. "But in order to do that, you must give yourself to me, and let me take over your mind and body..." he paused and let go of her hand.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: She nodded, if he tried anything, though she may be powerless, Kane would intervene. Plus, she felt safe with him.
"Okay" She nodded.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "First, tell me your fears... You must be honest about them all Lilly," Dredge seemed older for a moment, more wise and educated but he was still himself, for the mement.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: (hewwo sumone say sumfing)
ellesmera: "I fear the darkness in my own heart...I fear my sire and those who hunt him...I fear I will hurt those I love...I fear roses... Yellow ones..I do not fear death, more so the way I die" She replied, looking at him
Blood†Tears / Dredge Darkness: „Gut Sie müssen bereit sein, ängstlich von mir“. seine Stimme war krächzend und er nicht ertönte zu nett zu sein, aber immer noch sie könnte erzählen, dass er irgendetwas zu ihr würde nicht geschehen lassen, dass sie verletzen würde. „Wenn Sie ängstlich von mir sein können, Sie müssen alle von Ihren anderen Ängsten verlieren, und müssen letzten Endes mich nicht befürchten. Dann müssen Sie Ihre Seele, in Ihrem Fall ich bin nicht sicher anbieten, wenn Sie Ein haben. Tatsächlich, wenn Sie nicht machen, müssen Sie sich widmen, erntet Hölle auf sich, und bietet Ihren Körper an“. Schleppnetz hat eine Faust gemacht und hat es auf gehalten. „Sie müssen swollow Feuer, und essen Nägel. Sie müssen auf dem Boden bluten, und müssen Hölle sich geben“. Das Gesicht von Schleppnetz ist blassere jede Sekunde geworden, schauten sie Himmel roter zusammen mit an.
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: (woah.. translation to english?)
Blood†Tears / Dredge Darkness: (( uh sorry ))
"Well you have to be willing to be afraid of me." his voice was raspy and he wasn't sounding to nice, but still she could tell he wouldn't let anything happen to her that would hurt her. "Once you can be afraid of me, you must lose all of your other fears, and ultimately not fear me. Then you must offer your soul, in your case I'm not sure if you have one. Indeed if you don't, you must devote yourself, reap hell upon yourself, and offer your body." Dredge made a fist and held it up. "You must swollow fire, and eat nails. You must bleed on the ground, and give yourself to hell." Dredge's face became paler every second, they sky was looking more red along with that.
ellesmera: She was stating to fear him now.
She took a few steps backwards shadows swirling around her till she became more childike.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Darkness: "What will make you powerful? Answer this question with utmost honesty, tell me what do you think will make you powerful? killing others? taking their souls? or both...." His armor shined black and glicened off of the red skys, he was odviously trying hard to do this rite.
ellesmera: "Blood...The blood of others increases my power, adding their strength to mine...Blood...Draining and killing others..."
Blood†Tears / Dredge Darkness: "Wrong..." Dredge put his hand up and a flame appeared. It streched towards Lilly and wraped it's self around her, squeezing her and causing excruciating pain. "What makes you more powerful?"
ellesmera: She screamed out and closed her eyes, trying to stop the tears from falling, she had always been told that that was it, blood.
"I..I don't know!"
Blood†Tears: "You have to cause pain, you have to take their fears and make them your powers...." he looked around and withdrew the flame... "You need to kill them, torture them, take their souls and entrap them, drain the life out of them until their lives are no more...." he made another first, and the flame returned, "Look over there," he pointed behind Lilly and there was a little girl. It was her when she was younger, innocent, and just a child. "That is you," soon after appeared a boy next to her, "That is me." Dredge walked over to the two children and laughed. He laughed in their faces and they began to cry. "They are us," Dredge then allowed the flame to wrap around both of the children, engulfing them in flame, screams echoed in the air. As the flame retreated, two adults stood there, mindless and quite. Dredge looked at them and examined them. "Not bad eh? This is what you will first learn to do...." He walked over to Lilly and took her by her shoulder and pulled her to a rocky patch of ground. "Now look at the ground. Think of someone dead... Someone you love... Think of the ground being there grave, a rotton corpse burried beneath.... Bring it back.... Take my powers from me, drain me and bring a person back!" he shouted loud enough that the ground shook and her ears were ringing. His hand still on her shoulder, and green glow crept down from his shoulder and met hers. "I've given you enough, now bring someone back." he narrowed his eyes on Lilly and slowly steped away.
ellesmera: She looked at the ground briefly and closed her eyes. There was only one person she wanted back. She felt tears creap down her cheeks as she consentrated. When she was turned, kane had impregnated her. The baby had been born full vampire. Dead. She concentrated hard on bringing her daughter back. She wanted her daughter so badly.

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