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Roleplay - Ä š¢hôöl ôƒ té®®ô® by Nikatia / Ceasing End

Halfway around the world, wherever you are, is an odd school. It teaches several thousand subjects, yet there is one which must be learnt. Fear. It is compulsary to remove all fears from the students, especially as it is a haunted, old, and crazy school. Anything happens. Even flying pigs. Although that's possible anyway.
It's a stormy night, and a new girl has just arrived, a dark angel from the Blesper academy.
Anyway, this is a boarding school, with dormitaries, tennis courts, swimming pools, and the like. The particular favourite place of this dark angel is the stables, and this is where the story unfolds.

Roleplay Details

I play the dark angel. You can play:
° Teacher
° Student
° Inspectors (For school not RPG)
You can be one but not two or more at the same time.
Don't ask to join, just find yourself a place to fit in, and try to keep the ooc chat to a minimum, although important messages, like <Gtg> or <Brb> etc are fine.


Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia looked around. For the first time since coming here, she feels safe. Sort of. She pats the deep bay Andalucian stallion snorting at her, and looks into the sky for a while.
"There's a storm brewing, look." she says to the horse. His only reply is a gentle blowing through his nostrils.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: She looks out at the large school. Her mother had made her come here. She winces painfully at the bruises she'd recieved for not agreeing. She moves along the stalls, then comes along to a beautiful deep chestnut Morgan gelding. She calls him to her, and he cowers in the corner. He is in a sorry state.
"Come here, boy. I won't hurt you." she whispers, holding up her scarred hands.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: He walks over to her, timid and uncertain. She strokes his velvet soft muzzle calmly.
"Hush, hush." she soothes him. "I won't hurt you. You're in a sorry state, aren't you?"
She looks at his ribs, clearly visible, and his sores and cuts. She gasps at his hooves. They are overgrown hideously.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: She pats his muzzle, looking up at the sky.
"I'll be back tomorrow, boy, I'll make sure." she says to him. She walks off, looking back at the once beautiful Morgan who rests his head over the door, looking back dolefully at her.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: She hears footsteps, and swirls around suddenly, facing a tall boy. He surveys her, but she sweeps away, her thudding footsteps not quite as fast as her thumping heart. She runs swiftly up the stairs, and opens the door quickly. She is greeted by the secretary, who shows her a map of the place. She grins slightly, and says "Thanks" to her. She slows down into a brisk walk, and warches to the girl's dorms.
Squall Leon Hea: < talking to yourself? >
Nani / Brianna : Brianna had been outside, trying to get a glimpse of the beautiful sunset. But, another thunderstorm was on its way and she could see that it was going to be pouring soon. Slowly standing up from the tree she had been leaning on, she steadily walked back towards the academy. Just as she stepped inside, it started to sprinkle out and she could feel a cold breeze as she closed the door. Slightly shivering, she walked towards the cafeteria.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia looks out the window as she brushes her hair. Life, she thinks, is so horribly unkind. She tosses her hair over her shoulders, and sweeps towards to door. As she goes downstairs, she remembers that she forgot to get changed.
She shrugs to herself, and walks on.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: She walks down, hearing the rain thud hard against the window. She sighs. "Hello? Is anyone here... at all?" she yells, hearing the echo resounding over and over. She looks out the window, through the cascading pour of the wetness. Lightning flashes, and in her mind, Nikatia can see the frightnened Morgan huddle in his stall, with his hideously overgrown hooves. She swings her head, her eyes wide with fear. A cold hand touches her shoulder. She tears away, not daring to look behind her.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Later, back at the stables, she looks again at the Morgan. She swiftly steps into the tack room, getting the gear she'll need for helping him. She lets herself into the stall, and tethers the horse to the ring next to his feeding trough. She lifts his hhoves, and sands them down. Already he is looking better. She rubs ointment of some sort into his sores and wounds, and feeds him. She wanders back up to the school, getting soaked along the way.
FMC / James Thomas: "It's raining, you know that right?" James was being sarcastic, but when he saw the girl out by herself petting a horse in the middle of a storm he had to say hello, and also throw out a sarcastic remark.
"Wanna come under my ubrella?" he asked Nikatia.
Elfie / Kaitlyn : Kaitlyn slid along the hallway, trying to run from her Dad.Tears were sliding down her cheek
{{I know he hates me but does he have to leave me here??}}
She cried desperatly in her head
running she slipped and fell on her butt
FMC: After walking Nikatia inside with his umbrella they said thier good byes and James walked on towards his room, where ever it was. He turned a corner just in time to see a girl, with tears streaming down her eyes, fall on her butt. Lucky for hr no one else was in the hall but them two, or else this would have been quite embarressing. He bent down and picked her up off the floor and looked at her. She was very beautifull, despite the fact hat her eyes were a bit red from crying. "Are you alright?" he asked with comfort n his voice.
Ceasing End: Nikatia wanders, looking at the portraits, fingering the onyx in the back of her skull. It tells her that something bad is going to happen, but she ignores it. That onyx is always predicting bad omens. Pity she refused to have it removed.
She fingers a statue, trying to decide whether it is granite or marble. She decides on marble. As she steps away to study the next statue, she hears a mighty clanging.
"Bloody school bell." she says, having jumped noticeably. She takes out her timetable. "Great. Maths. Oh joy." she remarks to herself sarcastically.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: She makes her way up to the maths tower, shivering slightly in the dank conditions. She arrives, slightly late, in the classroom. Her onyx warns her not to sit alone. She ignores it and sits by herself in the far corner, getting out her books. 'This place is so creepy' she thinks, 'so why do I feel at home here?'
She takes out her pen, and scribbles down the date messily in her book.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: She looks out of the window, and her mind escorts her to the stables. The Morgan gelding is being mistreated by a bunch of hooligans. She stands up, her eyes widening. Her maths teacher yells at her, yet she remains standing, packing up her things silently. She flings herself out of the tower, down the stairs, into the entrance hall, out of the door, and towards the gang of hooded hoodlums, brandishing her hand fiercely. This was now her horse, or so she now thinks him. She kicks one of them hard in the stomach, then flings her arms around the horses neck, encouraging him back into his stall.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: (( Sigh, may as well create characters and play them on my Larry... ))
Ceasing End / Nikatia: After securely locking his stall and feeding him, Nikatia pats the Morgan goodbye, and walks back to the building.
"Why is it always rainy when I'm out?" she says to herself, having a sinking feeling that the onyx is on a roll. She walks back up to the dorm, hiding in the spacious wardrobe, sitting down and looking into the gloomy depths. Her eyes accustom quickly, and she leans back against the wall and closes her eyes.
"Lucky no-one knows who I am, apart from James..." she whispers.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane appears round the stabels, noticing some trouble with a gelding. He helps the struggling girl with the horse, then turns to the boys, who still hadnt left, he hissed at them.
"Get lost" They werent scared, infact, they advanced, trying to hit hi, he grabbed one by the arm and snapped it like a twig, the others fled.
"You okay? Is the horse?" Kane asked Nikatia
Ceasing End / Nikatia: She comes out the cabinet ((Lol, changed last minute )), her eyes gleaming with tears. "Look at him." she takes kane towards the stall. The horse, chestnut but filthy, is in a sorry state. His left fore is wasted, his ribs are visble and a new whip mark is bleeding. His hooves are still cracked though not as long. "See. This is my responsibility now."
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (sorry slow typer)
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (is it any race)
"Who did this?" Kane asked, stroking the horses neck softly
Ceasing End / Nikatia: ((Yes, 'course)) "Those boys you sent off. I'm in big trouble, though. I ran out in the middle of a lesson to save him." she tells him, tears welling up, although she tries to hold them back. She looks back at the horse. "Are you willing to help?" she asks him.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "I can help." He looks at the horse sadly. then at Nikatia
Ceasing End / Nikatia: A look of gratitude fleets across her eyes. "Thankyou. I really appreciate it. I hope you're not nervous around horses, because your first task is on its way." She goes again into the tack room, and takes out a headcollar, leadrope, and some farrier's tools. "Get the headcollar and leadrope on him, and hold him firmly. I've got to sort out his hooves, or he'll go lame." She hands him the headcollar and leadrope. "Off you go." she says, almost smiling.
Lyrikz / Saori Yoshimi: Saori Yoshimi walked into looking for a place to rest. Being new in town was hard and she needed a place of her own to think. She heard voices but tried not to be noticed, she quietly snuck into another stall.
((Is it ok to join now? ))
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kae just smiled
'if only you knew how many horses ive had to do this to' he smiled. He quickly put them on and held him firmly while he checked everthing was stable.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: ((Sure)) Nikatia takes a hoof, and picks out the mess. She sands it down until it is normal, and cold-presses a horse-shoe onto his hoof. She nails it into the insensitive wall, and says, "So, what brought you to this school?" to bring up conversation.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "It was this or....prison" He sighed. It wasnt the full truth, the truth was, it was this, or be experimented on to see how hes been able to survive since 1000bc.. and how he isnt effected by any of the vampiric weaknesses.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: She starts on another hoof, checking it and cleaning it before sanding and shoeing. She pats him on his rump whilst she works to let him know she means well. She looks up, then moves to the forelegs.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: "You sound like you've had a harsh life already." she remarks, wincing silently as she leans accidently on her bruised side. "I was forced to come here. My mother's had enough of me to last forever."
Ceasing End / Nikatia: As she finishes the hoof, and moves onto the next, she is struck by fear. "Oh... my... uh... whatyamacallit..." she says, as she comes across an enormous swelling. "That's causing pain, isn't it? He's going lame..." ((Gtg))
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "How come your in this school?" Kane asks, shifting his weight from one leg to the other
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (4get ma last post) Kane crouches next to her.
"I.. I can fix that... If you want me to?" He said to her, inspecting the lump carefully
Ceasing End / Nikatia: "You... can? If you could, that would be great. It would save his life. I think." she says, with a gleam in her eyes. She pats the horse's shoulder, stroking his stiff filthy mane.
Briannan / Sellerace : Sellerace walked slowly toward the stables. It was the only mostly quiet place in this mad house.Her hair was short and dark, displaying a brand on the back of her neck. Her eyes were a vivid white that made it look like there was only white and pupil. She hiked up her long skirt and stepped into the old wooden building. She sighed but then saw other people. They looked up at her. "Sorry," she said quietly.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia looks up from the horse's swollen hoof. "It's fine, you're not interrupting anything." she smiles sort of, the onyx in the back of her skull flashing a warning sign. She ignores it, as always.
Briannan / Sellerace : Sellerace looks up at the girl. "I'm Sellerace." she says so quietly that it is hard to hear. "What's wrongwith him?" she points to the horse.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: "Swollen frog. He's been tortured, and I'm his avenging angel. Sort of. By the way, I'm Nikatia." she says, her wings itching to spread. She instead pats the horse's neck, feeding him an apple.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: "So, what brought you here?" she asks, attempting to strike conversation, all the while ignoring the alarming messages beeping through her brain, sent by the onyx. She screws up her face ever so slightly at the intensity of the messages, the volume in her head is up to max. She knows they will be back, perhaps angrier.
Briannan / Sellerace : Sellerace walks toward the angel girl and the boy. The horse whickers softly, "Don't worry," She croons softly to the injured horse, "I'm not going to hurt you." She touches the horses neck, running her fingers through his mane. "Oh, you poor boy. That hurts a lot, doesn't it?" She lets her mind reach for his. The horse jumps a bit, "Calm, boy, calm. I'm not going to hurt you." She keeps running her fingers through his mane hugging his neck. "You've been hurt bad for a long time haven't you boy? You should be more skittish than this. Why do you trust us boy?" She letsher hands go down his body to the lump on his leg. The Morgan shivers. 'This is really bad' she thinks to herself, 'if someone doesn't fix it he will have to be put down.And at this school someone will figure out rather soon.' She closes her eyes and consentrates but then immediately backs off. "Sorry," she mutters, "I wasn't thinking. This isn't my business. I might hurt him, I'm sorry. I shouldn't havetried that." she throws herself back against the wall of the stable and smacks her forehead a couple times proclaiming what an idiot she is. She then realizes what she is doing and stands up straightening her skirt. "Sorry about all that."
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia looks slightly alarmed. "Hey. I don't suppose you know where to find a white hot needle...?" she asks, trying to sort out what she had just seen.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: A single message running through her brain tells Nikatia her fears. They're back. "Stay here. And keep hold of the horse." she whispers to the two. She runs out of the stable block, and is greeted by the gang of boys. Her wings spread out, the flight feathers slowly turning into sharp scythes. A sudden gust of wind makes her hair fly around her head like a golden halo. Her eyes go deep black, all-seeing, filled with black fury.
"Leave" she warns them. They ignore her. One calls out,
"Hey, fellas, another one! Let's get 'er!"
She leaps at them, pummeling one's face, kicking another in the stomach.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: She walks off, ignoring their taunts, throwing off their remarks like a horse with flies. She returns to the stall, pats the horse's muzzle and gets out a needle. "This is going to hurt." she whispers, preparing the horse. She bends down, and sticks the frozen pin into the swelling. A thick yellow liquid spurts out, and Nikatia is relieved. "Just a blister" she informs the two. "Bandages?" she adds.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: As she waits, she sands down the sore hoof, and cold-press shoes him. She then lets his hoof fall to the ground and sees how well he copes with it. She decides not to bandage him. She leads him out of the stall, with his floating pace it was a wonder no-one had not ridden him She walks him around once, and then makes him trot. Contented, she makes for the tack room. She ties him up outside, and goes in. She come back out with a saddle, numna and bridle. He accepts it, and she tries to get up. ((Gtg))
Ceasing End / Nikatia: The gelding balks, flashing the whites of his eyes. She leaps down quickly. "Sorry." she whispers, stroking his mane, as she takes off his tack. "I shouldn't have expected all this."
She leads him back into the stables, then looks into his eyes. A moment of clairvoyance and purity runs through her mind. She touches a large and probably painful cut. It heals instantly. In this dreamy trance, she continues to heal his wounds. When she is done, she thinks of healing herself. But she knows that is selfish. Her limited pure powers, slowly digressing all the years she had been exiled, were for helping others, and other purely.
Her exile had started several centuries back, yet she has been alive since thousands of millenia ago, at the dawn of time. She had come five seconds before the Authority, and knew his secret. But he swore her to secrecy. Then he exiled her several centuries ago, drawing her powers out slowly, so she was known as a dark angel. Yet she still managed to keep her teenage looks, and feelings.
The Authority has a lot to learn, she thinks quietly.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: She walks back up to school. As always, it is raining. As the lightning flashes down, she still has not come back from the trance-like state. She wanders around, looking up with wide eyes at the paintings. Her particular favourite is one with a large angel. It slightly resembles her when she was young, all those millenias, nanoyears and however many else ago. She remembers that place...
She looks at the picture carefully, remembering the time when she had accisently materialised in front of a person, as a guardian angel. She looks at the artist's name.
<i> It was her <i/>
((If this doesn't go italic, don't blame me!!!))
Ceasing End / Nikatia: She turns around, wanting to find a way out of this mad house. She finds the walls closing in on her. She sees large metal rods appear in the narrowing room's walls. She passes out. But she is not squished. It never happened.
ellesmera: Kane found Nikatia unconcious, he gingerly picked her up, caqrrying her to his room, he didnt know where hers was, he layed her on his bed and knelt by her. Stroking hair from her face.
"You seem so familiar... Almost like someone I have met before, though that would be impossible... absolutly immpossible.. i havent met someone as pretty as you.. in.. thousands of years, you almost remind me of Lebran... Or the picture of the Angel he had on my wall...." He sighed, letting his fangs slide out til they protruded from his mouth and hung over hsi lower lip slightly, he brushed his hair about his face, he looked around his bare room, there were a few posters of heavily breasted women in bikinis, he flipped them round, revealing heavy metal bands, on the cieling above his bed there was a postger of his favorite band, trivum, and next to it Children of Bodom , another band, he slipped out of his wet shirt, revealing a large rose tatoo that disapeared under his jeans, he had chains round his neck that hung down his back and a strange earing. the walls were decorated in a slate like colour and the windows were barred. Overall, it looked like a prison.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia finds herself, once again, in an odd posistion. It is not the first time she has passed out in a trance, and she is not sure what is happening. She stirs slightly, opening her eyes. She sits up slightly.
((Gtg now, bye.))
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia opens her eyes blearily, the world fuzzing. Her head fuzzes, and she flickers from form to form as her mind pulls itself together. Temporarily, it pauses on the form she had taken in the picture, her first materialization, even if it had been an accident. She gathers her thoughts completely, blinking twice and making sure she was all there. She quickly checks her upper arm; the scar is still there.
She turns back to the form she is currently known to use, and looks around the room, her eyes scrutinising the place for any clue as to where she is. She looks at the barred windows, the bands she had never heard, yet probably would have liked, then thinks of her favourite band, Guns 'n' roses, a band she had always admired, especially Slash, the guitarist. Yet they had split up. A shame.
She murmers, holding her throbbing head,
"Oh bum."
ellesmera: Kane rushed to her side, his shirtless chest rising and fallin, he had a tattoo on each shoulder, and onme that dissapeared down hbis jeans
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Her eyes widen. "What happened?" she mutters, then hitting her forehead lightly as she remembers. "Blast. Stupid. Knew I shouldn't have done that... Oh bugger..."
She looks at Kane, at his tattoos, and at his face, "Oh, and what am I doing here?" she asks, trying to sound polite, but sounding more curious.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Suddenly she knew she had to tell Kane what had happened. "I healed the horse! I did it! I never thought I still had the power... but it just goes to show, doesn't it?"
She brushes a bit of golden hair from her eyes as she surveys Kane for a response.
ellesmera: "I could have left you, lying there on the floor... but unlik the rest of the male species in this place, im a gentlemen" Kane sighed. "This is my room..."
ellesmera: (4get post) he looked dumbstruck. "What do you meen?"
Ceasing End / Nikatia: "Oh... Thankyou," she says, unsure if she should remain sitting up or if she should hug him in gratitude. She hasn't really talked to boys much in this guise, and feels slightly nervous. She blinks twice, and leans slightly backwards, dusting a little dust off her dress.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: ((And mine)) "I have a special state of mind, which enables me to heal anything, regardless of shape, form or size. I would show you, but I can't really, not since... well, it's hard to do, and I... er... well, would you like to see him?" she ventures, about to stand up.
ellesmera: Kane smiled, watching her. "Are you feeling okay?"
Ceasing End / Nikatia: "Mostly. It's just that this state of mind requires a lot of will power and energy, and it isn't the first time I've passed out. Actually, it's the 7,684th. So, shall we go?" she smiles, her cheeks slightly reddening, but she turns away a bit so it only appears to be shadow.
ellesmera: if your sure" KZane replied. he opened the dor, revealing a huge rose tattoo on his back
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia looks at the rose tattoo, but averts her eyes. "Yep, I'm sure." she murmers, her onyx urging her to do something. She stands up and follows Kane, a slight smile on her lips as her hair flies behind her like a golden halo. For a moment, it looks like she has a silver aura framing her head.
When they reach the stables, she calls to the gelding, patting his healed neck as he comes. There are no scars, or any signs of scars, and he looks very healthy and happy.
"See? This is my strongest power..." she begins, her voice fading as she realises she is starting to tell him her secret. She tries to change the subject. "Do you want to help me bathe him?"
ellesmera: "He was.. he was nearllyt crippled.. He was screaming in his head, the pai..." He shut up. "Sure.. ill help" He seemed to also have secrets
Ceasing End / Nikatia: She seems happier to be washing the horse, and she pats as she wets his body. As she massages shampoo into his neck, she catches Kane watching her.
"Can you go get the grooming kit? I think this fella needs a good brush and trim, don't you?" she says, trying to sound casual.
ellesmera: kane tore his eyes from her and looked at the horse.
"Your right..." He smiled awkwrdly, he hadnt fealt like this si8nce his teen years.. over 300000 years ago he grabbed the grooming kit and walked back to her
Ceasing End / Nikatia: She smiles, the silver aura is visible, much stronger now, and with a pinkish tint. "Thanks," is all she can muster. She pours a luke-warm bucket over the suds, and watches them drain away. Facing Kane, she steps towards him, offering him a body brush. "I can't do all the work, you know!" she smiles mischieviously.
ellesmera: Kane almost blutrted out his secret, his fingers brushed hers as he took the brush, is fingers felt cold, freezing cold.. like a corpses hands, and, if examined closley, it wsas noticable that kane wasnt breathing.
"Im sure you cant"
Ceasing End / Nikatia: ((>_< Gtg now, bye.))
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia appears concerned slightly at the icey-coldness of his hand, but brushes it aside. Besides, it could be that he is hiding something, although she doesn't mind not knowing. She smiles, and returns to the horse, slicking the body brush down the horse's neck, stroking him softly and humming slightly as she works.
ellesmera: Kane moves to the other side, he starts with the neck, watching Nikatia.
"You said you healed him.. how?"
Ceasing End / Nikatia: "I found that state of mind, the healing one that gives me powers, after you left. I healed his scars, and now he just has to learn to trust, I guess," she remarks, sliding the brush over his shoulders and then starts humming an old Guns 'n' roses tune, Sympathy for the devil.
"It's ironic really. I'm humming sympathy for the devil, but I'm an angel..." her voice fades again and she clasps her hand to her mouth with wide eyes.
"Bugger. I didn't say that... did I?"
ellesmera: "Yes.. you did... The picture i found you under looked exactly like you.. i had already guessed.. after you told me about the healing... since were bieng so honest... " He paused, the words did not come easily.
"Im a vampire.. the 2nd sired by the 1st ever... I am the perfect vampire and have been alive since 1000bc...."
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia looked thoroughly shocked. "Wow. Vampire? But... What about the sunlight? Why doesn't it affect you?" she asked tentatively.
ellesmera: WWhen lebran was born, he had all th pros of a vampire, and non of the cons...only two people know how to kill him, thats me and him.. and.. as i am a direct sire.. i too get all the pros and non of the cons.... Which meens, sunlight, holywater... and all that other stuff doesnt effect me.. the only thing that does is the 'cant enter without permision'.. which i hoose to obay.. out of gentelmans honour..."
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia smiled.
"I sort of guessed you had a secret when I touched your fingers. So you're still like the living dead? Oh, and, if you're wondering where my wings are, they're here."
She pulled off her jacket, and her slender figure was revealed. Her back-less dress also revealed two small feathered wings, which she then spread widely, reaching over 10 foot in span. She then turned the feathers into large scythes.
"Sorry, couldn't resist showing off," she grinned.
ellesmera: He laughed.
"Its fun to flaunt" He laughed, his laugh was slightly unearving, and a hint of fang was now noticable.
"Theres an upside to bieng a pure-kin instead of a normal vampire though.... through the generations our vampiric magyk has weakened, til only imortality and quick healing emained, i still possess the untainted, raw vampyric magyk.. an unusually strong amount.." He smiled.
"Wanna see?"
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "Sure, I don't mind," she smiles, sensing somethiing in the air. Her onyx bleeped maliciously in her mind. She ignored it as she looked at Kane.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: ((Sorry, wrong char))
ellesmera: He smiles.
His eyes become a vivid white before green, raw energy bursts out of his eyes, smashing in to his shoulders violently and snaking its way down his arm, the horse didnt notice, as animals cannot see it. It streaked its way to his outstretched hand where it crackled in to a massive orb, still coming from his eyes, his mouth was also open and it was sparking from there as well, cascading own his body, he spoke his voice coming from nowhere and everywhere.
"Its raw magyk.. I can do anything with this" He let it die down, it snaked back in to his eyes and mouth, his eyes stayed white for a few seconds before becoming noral, thats when it was noticed that his green eyes were the same colour as the magyk, and, if inspected closley, crackled and flickered.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia's eyes widened slightly. "Wow. Most of my powers have been abolished. Just so you know, I'm actually the oldest concious being. I was created about five seconds before the Authority, or God, but he was much more powerful and swore me to secrecy. But after a few billion millenia, or several centuries ago, I got bored and told some young weak-ranked angels. Then He found out, and I'm an ex-angel."
She smiled.
ellesmera: "Ouch" He visibly winced.
"My past aint so pretty... I was behind the rise and fall of the romans, the sinking of atlantis.. babyllon... Most religions... assassins, most poisons, and quite a lot of vampire horror stories, such as dracular..." He sighed. "I was used.. for over a millenia as an assassin/call boy... which wasnt nice... I was thrown out of my homeland, italy..." He sighs
Ceasing End / Lykathia: "Italy? That was where I first materialized. In front of who I believed to be Leonardo da Vinci, who painted me. The school actually has the original copy. Spooky," she remarks, "The Romans? Oh, yes, they were a handful. I remember having to act as the moon goddess for them sometimes. It was actually quite cool."
Ceasing End / Nikatia: ((Wrong char again...))
ellesmera: "They romons only survived because of me.. and in the end... they fell apart because of me...." He sighed.
"Ive been behind, or involved in nearlly every majr historical event.. and you will not find my name in any book"
Ceasing End / Nikatia: "How evil, they had to mention you somewhere..." Nikatia broke off, looking at Kane with an odd feeling in her chest, both warm but cold, smooth yet fizzing. She tried to carry on, but all she could muster was a small croak which sounded like a cough.
ellesmera: "Are you okay?" He asked, moving closer to her, a worried look in his eyes.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: "I'm... I'm fine... I'm fine thanks," she replied, something in her voice making her sound oddly husky. She edged nearer, looking kind of nervous but still grooming the horse.
ellesmera: He still seemed worried, he got closer to her.
"If your sure" He layed his hand flat on the horse. He was less than 1 ft away from her now
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia looked again at Kane, stroking the horse, but her eyes were focussed on him and him alone. Everything else was a blur.
"I think we should name the horse, don't you?" she asks, her voice quivering.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia looked around confusedly. "Wha...?" she started. ((Gtg now, that goes for Enemy for Enemy as well))
ellesmera: "Its your horse..." He paused. His eyes were focused on hers, he had gotten even closer now.
"I had a horse.. Cercatore who looked just like yours... It meens seeker in Italian.. But maybe Speranza.. Which meens Hope would be more suitable?"
ellesmera: Kane span round. His cold green eyes softened slightly from the cold stare that had flickered on his face, he sighed.
"Its in the main building.. want me to show you... Its really easy to get lost here"
ellesmera: "Kane Tskoki.. Whats yours?" Kane asked, his vivid green eyes focused on him, as if sizing him up, judging his best distance and wether he uses attack or defence.
ellesmera: Kane just laughed slightly, the air around him crackled with power as he began to turn back to the horse
ellesmera: "Who says its unwanted?" Kane called out, he waved to Nikatia
"Ineed to go somewhere.. ill be back in a few hours" He walked leval with Tensu and that isnt flaunting."
The power around him increased tenfold.
"Thats flaunting" He growled, his fangs bared as he dropped the power again, the sun seemed to run away from him.
ellesmera / Sax (blue): Kane scowled.
"Theres worse things for me to worry about than that." He heard a small laugh and span round. He turned back to Tensu and saw the impossible, stood, right in front of him was Lebran Lestat. Lebran had gotten playful the last few months, and had been poping up to visit Kane regularily, but he had been changing the times, there was no pattern, Kane scowled as lebran walked past Tensu.
"Come on now Kane... Lets have a little game" He paused, smiling nastily.
"How about Hide and Seek?" Kane shot back, taking off in a random direction. Lebran threw his head back and laughed.
"When will he learn..." He paused. "You can't hide from me.. Let the game.. begin" And he vanished
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia remained in the stables, grooming her horse.
"What's your name?" she asked him, looking into his eyes. "Cercatore, I think. Kane said you look like his horse. I wonder what breed he was. But you are Cercatore, I know."
She patted Cercatore, stroking his mane.
"Will you let me ride you, Cercatore?"
The horse whinnied loudly. Nikatia went into the tackroom, and saddled him up. "You're a fine horse, aren't you?"
She mounted him, and he amazingly accepted her. She got him into trot, then tapped him into a canter. "This isn't fast ebough for you, is it?" she asked, then aimed him for a large jump, a few hundred yards away. She kicked him into full gallop, and he soared over the jump with feet to spare. She continued to practice.
"This is great, isn't it?"
When she had finished, she dismounted and untacked Cercatore, and washed him down. She threw a stable rug on him and settled him in his stall. Then she set off toward the school.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia looked at Tensu, and walked up to him.
"Are you the guy who Kane went off with? You look kinda lost..." she said, trying to look kind-ish.
ellesmera: ((sorry.. my internet doesnt want to work on my laptop.. so am usin ma computer.. )) Kane was in his room, staring up at the posters, fresh wounds.. Lebran had caught up with him, as always, drained him of the little blood he had left, half mutilated him then left him on his floor. He was very slowley healing. If it hadnt been for lebran he could have lasted another 4 days without feeding.. itd have to be tonight now.. if he could run that long on empty.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: "Okay, erm... Up the stairs on the left, down the right corridor, second door on the right. Then you'll have to figure out where they put your stuff," Nikatia told Tensu. "I'll go with you, the girl's dorms are opposite. That way I can see if my orienteering skills are up to scratch, too."
She led him up the spiral staircase.
"What bought you here, then?" she asked.
ellesmera: A shockwave of pain shot through his spine as he attempted to move. It took a lot of energy just to speed up the healing process, he let the green magyk blast from his eyes and it levitated his body in to the air, snaking round him, healing him. He dropped on the bed.. the green light gone, it had taken a few minutes, and now he was able to hunt. He got to his feet, easing off the bed and tested his strength.. he was almost back to normal, he opened his door. Hunger, Pain and Anger flooded from him, though he had no control of the flow. He walked out of his door, it looked like he was gliding, he only had jeans on and some battered trainers, revealing his tattoos, includig the hugerose on his back, his prison tattoos on his shoulders and his pelvic tattoo. He headed in Tensu's and Nikatia's direction, his fangs hung over his bottom lip.
ellesmera: Kanes line of vision caught Tensu and Nikatia, though he was in his 'predatorial' mode, and was basically functioning on animal instincts he knew not to attack these two, especially the girl. In his considrably weakened state he would stand little chance. He forced control over himself, which caused a pained grimace to grace his face. He was inching towards the two
ellesmera: Kane growled slightly. Blood lust heavy in his eyes. A shadow moved behind him. It seemed like there were four souls trapped in his body, all trying to get free, but the vampire was lost to the blood lust, and was fighting himself, trying not to lunge at Tensu
Ceasing End / Nikatia: As Nikatia looked at Kane, her onyx yelled in her mind, "Quick, run before your secret is out! Something is wrong!"
It was audible from where both Kane and Tensu stood, and in her mind it was louder than loud music pumping through a megaphone at full volume.
She screeched. The echo of it resounded down the narrow stone corridor, yet regaining the loudness.
She turned into spirit form, something she had not done for eight decades, but still appeared to be solid, and took heed of the warning the onyx had sent her.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia tore down the corridor, then ran through a door, as she was still in her spirit form.
"Oh bum," she said aloud. She hurtled down the stairs, towards the stable. She made herself solid again, then ran to Cercatore's stable. She patted his nose, and offered him an apple. She went back out to get his tack, then tacked him up and mounted him.
"Hello, boy. Up for some galloping?" she whispered in his ear, which immediately pricked up at the word 'gallop'.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: (( I had a look, I'll probably join but I want to make a new character for it [ I love making characters!] ))
She looked at Kane. "What happened?" she asked, her eyes drawn to the gunshot wound. She moved towards him, her eyes moving to his as she stepped closer. Cercatore snickered lowly.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: "Did you see me walk through that door, even though it was closed? That's a huge mistake I made," she said. She looked at the gunshot wound again.
"Do you want me to try and heal that?" she asked.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: "I'm not supposed to unmaterialize. I haven't done so for eight decades, although that seems like a few hours ago to me, it's not supposed to happen, and last time I caused loads of trouble. Although no-one ever banned me..." she said, her mind finding the right state quickly. She touched the gunshot wound, and it healed, ejecting the bullet as it did so. She immediately snapped out of it as soon as it had healed.
"Done," she smiled.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: She looked into his eyes, into his soul. Another useful power that had not yet diminished. She saw him, in his full power, and his other souls. She kept silent.
"You're welcome," she smiled again, edging closer, without knowing she was.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: She heard his words.
"I always thought myself a picture that would break mirrors if I had had the chance to look into one," she whispered, appearing to be joking. She felt the prickle of his breath on her skin and the chill of it. She didn't wince.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia walked over to Cercatore, and patted his neck.
"I'm going out to ride him, do you want to come out on a different horse?" she asked, her eyes glimmering with a small ray of hope. She led Cercatore out of his stall, and looked back at Kane.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: (( Got to go now, bye ))
ellesmera: Kane quickly saddled anther horse up. A black colt, no older than about 7 He quickly followed her.
"Havent done this in a while."
ellesmera: (sorry.. she sorta ran off and Kane went hunting.. Not gonna pick a fight wi you or her when hes weak as that...)
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia widened her eyes. They started to turn black, all seeing, all searching. She opened her wings, and her feathers turned into scythes, steely edged, and poisonously curved. Cercatore never flinched. He whinnied loudly, tossing his mane and snorting. Nikatia looked wildly to thew exit, to the light. She kicked Cercatore into a strong canter, pacing him and swerving last minute to avoid Tensu. She then urged the horse into gallop, and postioned herself accordingly. With the wind streaming through her long golden hair, whipping her face and lashing at her body, Nikatia felt elated, free somehow. She looked back, and called,
"Kane, quickly! Before he gets you!"
Her voice echoed towards the stable.
Ceasing End / Niniy: Nikatia smirked. "I can't die, it's impossible for an angel of my ranks to die," she said through her smirk.
(( Got to go now, bye ))
ellesmera: (sorry.. couldnt get on internet.. my m8s dragged me out for about 8 hours yesterday.. would have come on.. but it was 3 am... o0) Kane hadnt moved. Tensu and tallow didnt scare him, neither did the thought of death... he had four souls... and what he was afraid of was hte fact that if anything happened to his body. The prophet would be free. As soon as his vampiric body died, the mopst evil entity created would be on the loose, with his origional body, not tainted with kanes body #9as they fuse together) The mot pure elf would also be free, and, even though he is pure, he despises what the world has become, and would destroy half the world before stopping. His 4th spirit was the human in him, the bieng that died and was bound rto his body because of lebran and the council of elders. The vampire welcomed death. His soul would be taken to the upper ranks.. where the elders were before he could escape.. there he would b punished for letting the prophet escape, and would be reborn, and have to go through the process of having the elf and prophet channeled back in to him again. This had happened several time.. Though he wasnt immortal, he might as well be. The horse he was on reared up, snapping him from his trail of thoughts. He had become so lost in his own thoughts that one of the other spirits had been able to take over and becoem dominant. It was the elf. His body grew taller, to around 10 ft, his features became more gentle, more beautiful, his fangs shrank away and his ears elongated, his eues became an oriental shape with sharp, spear shaped pupils. The green of his eyes became even more concentrated as the magyk shattered from its mental restraints and rocketed down his body, transforming him in to dorian, pure elf. In turn, the horse was changed, metal armour appeared round it and formed on to its skin, his hooves became spiked and pawed in to the ground. The saddle became a liquid metal and welded to the back of the horse, his eyes became an earie green with no pupil, the whites of its eyes dissapeared and it snorted loudly, pawing at the ground. One word was heared.
'Cercatore' though no one had spoken it. The elf threw his head back and laughed. The green magyk blasting rom his back, a loud crash was heard ion the stables. He turned his head.
"Ive been waiting for you to slip up for ages vampire. Dont you worry your pretty little head.. The prophet is still in you... So you wont go through as much pain when trying to channel me back in to you. Im sure rthe elders wil be fetching you at any moment."
With that, the elf was gone, leaving a very stunned and pissed off Kane behind him.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: ((O.o)) Nikatia stood up. A wave of sudden darkness surged through her veins, causing her aura to glow with streaks of violet. Cercatore whinnied, unnafraid but concerned for his master. She closed her eyes, and opened them. They had turned a vivid scarlet. Her skin turned deathly white. Underneath her eyes, two tattoos snaked across her face, outlined in black and filled in with red. They were formed in a Celtic dragon shape. More Celtic patterns flowed around her body. Her wings slammed open, glimmering maliciously with the promise of blood and terror, which this shape had bought for centuries. Her hair remained the same, but violet flowers in a ring wove themselves into it. A bright purple dress, Celtic style, replaced her grey-black one, showing her slender body off to the maximum. A silver staff, with an onyx stone set into it, appeared into her hand, gleaming red.
"I am not any old angel. I am a Celtic angel of death," she said, in a new voice that was not hers. Cercatore touched her. He too transformed.
"And this is my horse, indeed called Cercatore," she whispered, as his long whinny turned into a shrill eagle-like screech. His ears were underneath a set of curling ram's horns, set on a thin gaunt face, nothing but bones. The whole skeleton was covered in vevelty skin. The tail had legnthened, turning serpentine, with bone projections. His ribs were seperate.
"Someone today shall lose their lives. I must reap their souls, send them to the after life," she said, her onyx moving to the front of her head, visible in her forehead. Her scythe wings supported her as she lept onto Cercatore's back.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: (( Got to go now, bye ))
ellesmera: (also... Kanes body holds four spirits.. each of those spirits contribute to his power. the ghosts power was merged in to the elfs a fedw centuies ago... kane has effectivly lost half his stealth, strength,stamina, power and knowledge. This hasnt happened in quite a long time, terefor he will be a little stunned. all the good magyk andpower has left him. And to top it off.. this happens... :) which.. isnt very nice for him...) Kanes eyes were wide, he was shaking as all emotions left him. His human soul, which had bonded to the elfen soul a while back had left with the elf. He could see what the elf was doing and what he was doing, like watching two screens at the same time, he tgried to block it out but found he couldnt. He felt a stirring in his mind as the prophet, who had been dormant woke up. He then started to fight the vampire for dominance, he was visibly thrown across the stabels by absolutly nothing. He screamed out in pain as a pitchfork jammed in to his spine.
ellesmera: The prophet thrashed violently, knocking in to the elf, who hit him in return.
"Whatch your step" The elf growled.
The other two remained silent.
"How many times now?" The origional spirit sighed.
"Lost count" Replied the vamp
ellesmera: "I am" Both vampire and ghost spoke. The ghost sighed.
"I died... And was kept in the body... Me and the vampire are the same soul... just seperated"
ellesmera: All three sirits supressed a snort.
"Um.. Yeah.. You could say that." The vampire strated. The prophet looked at him coldly.
"The question should be how many sins didnt he commit" The prophet laughed slightly.
ellesmera: (thats why i said three not four)They quitened down.
"If your not gonna do that.. then what are you going to do?" The prophet asked.
ellesmera: The prophet screamed. The ghost and the vampire smiled happily and waved goodbye as he dissapeared. As he dissapeared, something happened. The ghost dropped to the ground and the air around him grew stronger. As did the vampiric spirit. After the transformation stopped they looked at eachother.
"It seems we get our power back afterall" The vampire smiled.
ellesmera: They dissapeared back in to the lifeless body and bonded together again.
"Whats he gonna do to the angel?" Kane thought remembering tallow
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia woke from the temporary stunned silence which she had just encountered. As she had fell from Cercatore, he had turned back to his Morgan state. Now, he cantered away, thoroughly spooked. Niktia mustered enough voice to call him to her, yet he refused.
"Cercatore, please..." she called as her call weakened. She turned into spirit form, for the last time. She ran through the castle walls, slowly solidising as the power was sapped from her body to make new angels. She had just reached the other side of the wall when she had fully solidised. Her hair had gone jet black. She ran up the staircase, into the corridor on the right and entered her room. She locked the door shut, and used her staff to cast a circle of protection around it, so nothing paranormal or spiritly could enter it apart from her, the one being protected. She pulled her stuff into the small walk-in wardrobe, and took down the few posters scattered on her wall. She made the bed, rushed her CDs into the wardrobe. She took out a knife, hidden under her bed, and sliced one fine, neat line across the wardrobe door. She shut herself in, undoing the protection spell on her room, and instead withdrawing it to solely the wardrobe. She leaned against the wall of it, a tear rolling down her cheek. Life is bitter, she thought, and so are grapefruits. It was a good thought at the time, anyway. She turned into her last form before settling. Her hair shone golden from the sliver of red light slicing through the piercing darkness.
Ceasing End / Niniy: She pulled her raven wings closer around her body, warming her and consoling her thoughts with their softness.
"This is it. My true form. I have taken it on so many times to perform my duty. But I never thought it was my true form. I have to stay like this," she whispered. The onyx, which had migrated into the choker around her neck, confirmed this. It shone, and sent her a more subtle message, 'Go get him. He's there, and you're here. You might as well. And feed yourself. You'll starve, otherwise.'
She came out of the circle, her wings still wrapped around her, so that one looking at her might think she was hiding something, like the fact that she was naked. But she wasn't naked, just cold. She had never falt so cold. Her dress trailed, the feathers around her ankles fluttering like lost butterflies. She walked solemnly back into the grounds. The airy confidence she had once demonstrated had vanished. Instead, it was replaced by an unslakeable loneliness. She saw Kane, sat there. She lowered her eyes, and made off in the opposite way, another tear trickling like a stream wanting to make it to the sea. Cercatore cantered away from her as soon as he saw her. She looked lost.
She whispered lowly, almost inaudibly, to him. "Cercatore, what have I done? Forgive me."
She remembered what had happened.
'Oh bum,' she thought, as she was reminded of the Celtic death angel that had shortly possessed her.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: (( Forget last post )) Nikatia peered through the small slice of wardrobe she hada allowed herself. Her raven wings curled around her, and in the darkness, she smiled.
"I know. I just needed to do something," she murmured through the gap. She lifted the spell, and came out. Her wings looked like they were concealing something, like nakedness, but she was not naked. The feathers around her ankles fluttered like lost butterflies. She looked pure, but lost, and lonely.
"This is it. The form in your painting. My true form."
Ceasing End / Nikatia: (( Hmmph, got to go now, bye ))
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia looked startled at Kane's sudden ailment. She tried to find her special state of mind, but couldn't.
"It's lost me... Or I've lost it," she said to herself.
"What's happening? Why is it happening to you? How did you get that gene?" she turned and asked Kane. She reached for the so-called safety of her staff. She felt revitalised, recharged, almost.
"Is there anything that will help? I can't just sit here and watch you die, you know. I've done enough with blinking death to last forever. Although I'll probably have to go back to my job sometime soon, when they find a way to kill angels..." she said, lost in thoughts as thick as fog in her mind. Her long hair fell across her face as her eyes cleared from their trance. "I am not a Celtic death angel. That was me being possessed, as I am time to time, due to having a weaker mind from being engulfed by the human race in general." Her staff gleamed with some kind of malice, although it was supposedly good.
Gaara-‰äˆ¤—… / Gaara: "The gene is something inherited at birth.. The Tskoki linage.. Were origionally Shamen... Oricals and other such biengs.... The gene lets the carrier be possessed, yet still gain control... Thats the Shaman side of it... The Orical side... The gene... Lets you see in to any souls past or future.. If somewhat.. blurrily... Im not dieng.. Theyre calling me.. Sucking My spirit energy in to the higher levels to either assign me a new soul... Or to destroy my current one. Either way... Im going to be in a lot of pain.. The longer I deny the calls..." He coughed up more blood. "The more viscious the calls get"
Gaara-‰äˆ¤—… / Gaara: "What a choice" Kane sighed. Thinking back through all the years as a carrier. The pain hed been through. The torture.
"You dont give us much choice do you" Kane sighed. Two voices speaking at once.
"What fun is there to be a lifeless doll? But wheres the fun without a body?"
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia sat on her bed, her thoughts misting over her mind, each yowling to be heard first. She sighed.
"Why is this happening? Tallow, why are you doing this? He's lived for thousands of years... But I have, too. And you're not doing this to me, are you? What is the point?" she snarled, angry and stroppy. She slumped against her wall, crossing her arms. She looked like a very stroppy teenager who hadn't got their way.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia glared back at Tallow.
"I am NOT a kitten. If you call me that one more time--" she broke off, looking at him with a fierce stare, "And what do mean he's dead? He's part vampire, so of course he's dead... Changing the subject, if this is messy, then go somewhere else. This is still my room, you know," she said matter-of-factly.
Gaara-‰äˆ¤—… / Gaara: "Ive always been dead" Kane sighed.
"Isnt their a way I could just cease to exist...?" Kane looked over at his body. It was.. Moving.
"Oh Shit" Kane said matter of factly. Its eyes opened up. Its fangs bared.
"Vampires.. Dont need a soul to survive.. It just makes trhem heartless... Emotionless and cold." Kane sighed. Watching as 'Flesh Kane' stood up and stretched. It looked over at the three then vanished in a poof of green magyk.
"Well.. That can't be good"
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia agreed.
"Nope. Although, if he gets the Maths teacher on the way, I'm happy. I have a detention with him for walking out of class. I don't suppose you can get back into his body?" she asked, aiming at Kane, "Because it's a waste of soul if it just poofs. It's also quite messy. I've seen it happen. Another change of subject; it's odd that three... uh... humanoids... shall I say? But anyway, we're all experienced in death, and I find that odd that we're all trying to kill each other," she smiled. She loved to make an atmosphere lighter, although she had a feeling she had failed pretty successfully. Although success meant failure. Whatever.
(( Got to go now ))
Gaara-‰äˆ¤—… / Gaara: "It is possible. You severed the chains of fate.. but... A vampire soul has more links to the body than that.
"I am attatched to it by the power levels. something that you cannot sever... Its nice tgo have an ace in the hole.. dont you think? Anyway.. If I stay out of my body long enough.. Theyle take me for dead.. Not bother with me any more and use another carrier.. Anorther 10 minutes should do it"
Gaara-‰äˆ¤—… / Gaara: "Nothings touching that body" A voice came from the shadows.
Gaara-‰äˆ¤—… / Gaara: (laptops playing up)
"No one touches that body" A voice came from the shadows.
"It belongs to me" Lebran stepped out.
"As do the souls." Kanes souls headed for the window. Lebran held out a talisman and Kanes souls were sucked in to it with death threats and lots of cursing. The vampiric body of Kane walked back in to the room. It growled hungrily.
"Oh no you dont.. I know that look" Lebran hit Kanes stomach with a cane and the vampire dropped to the ground unconcious.
"Im lebran Lestat. Nice to meet you. And.. dont try any of that with me... Its not going to work.. My soul was taken.. Years ago"
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia looked freaked out by now.
"Look, why are you trying to kill him? He's uh... unique. I suppose we all are, but soul collectors are pretty rare. So why do you want to kill him?" she asked, frowning. She took her staff, and pointed the glimmering onyx sphere at Tensu. Dark spirals circled her arm, moving dark magyck up into her blood stream. So she thought, anyway.
"Argh! Blinking--" she muttered, as she fell unconscious, and the Celtic Death angel who had shortly possessed her materialized.
"Nice, party. But someone here is going to have to leave. Forever. Or so I've been commanded," she smiled, in a smarmy smirk. Her voice had an odd slur, as if she hadn't talked for ages. A large wheel appeared, with many different symbols on it. Just as she was about to spin it, Nikatia regained consciousness, and yelled, "Leave, you understand? I've told you! Now get out! What on earth do you think you're doing?"
The Celtic angel simply shrugged and fizzled away. Nikatia moved towards the window.
"Why are you doing this? Stop, or I'll jump."
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Niktia again glared in anger.
"Okay then, farewell," she said, a cool, uncaring face replacing the angry glare. She lept lightly out the window, unfurling her wings and landing clumsily outside the stables, where Cercatore snorted, obviously angry he'd been left out of the action.
"Sorry, boy. Just running for somewhere I might be accepted," she murmured into his ear. She took him out, and jumped onto his bare back. She sat there for a while, thinking about where to go, and why she was leaving. She slid off him, and instead put him in the field.
"If I'm not being accepted, I'll just live with it," she told herself, rubbing the red mark where Tensu had slapped her, "And I'll give Kane and Tensu and Tallow a wide berth."
She moved towards the woodland just outside the school, which she knew was safe. As she walked, she cherished the birds' twittering, and thought of it as their soothing song. She sat down on the floor, under a large weeping cherry, its late spring blossoms slowly falling down. Several fell into her hair, as she sat and looked into the clear blue sky, reminding her of her comfortable place in the Clouded Mountain.
She thought angrily about how other people came to conclusions that she came to conclusions. It was probably true, but she was cross, and she couldn't bottle it up. A magnificent stag paraded into the clearing the weeping cherry was in, and then cautiously stepped towards her.
"Hello, it's okay. I won't hurt you," she breathed, reaching a hand out to pet him. He fled, and Nikatia's face fell again into her moody, sad position.
ellesmera: "I dont care about the other two souls. I only care about the vampire, and the origional spirit... And.. He is not a soul collecter.. they collect them of their own will.. Kane is a soul carrier.... A vessel... Oh.. He could be a soul collecter.. If tauht right.. but frankly.. He just wants power.... And hes got power.. Leave him be. The higher council have released their binds on him... He will not be used to carry dangerous souls, that are to powerfulfor his body to sustain anymore.. Im suprised hes managed to stay 'alive'" Lebran glared at him.
ellesmera: "Im his master.. I own everything about him. Apart from the two souls you have already... disposed of." Lebran looked down at the younger vampire.
"Lets put this right" He released the two souls from their cofinment and channeled them back in to the body, finishing it by reconecting all severed chains. Kane looked up at him and groaned.
"Trust you to be here... " He snarled.
"Shut up ingrate" Labran growled, shoving him roughly to his knees.
"What exactly did th boy do to have quarrels with you?" He directed this question to tallow and tnsu, holding Kane stil by his hair. Kane whimpered slightly, his long hair was scrunched up in Lebrans fist till it hurt him.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Oh? And hows that?" His grip on Kanes hair tightened and Kane let out another whimper. Lebran was enjoying every moment
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Oh.. Up to your usual stuff then Kane? Seriously.. I let you be for a few centuries.. and this is how i find you? Your almost as old as me.. surpass my abilities by tenfold.. yet i can bring you to your knees and make you beg for forgiveness like a naughty child... what do you have to say for yourself.
"Your hurting my head and im about to rip your wrist apart" Lebrann yanked his hair and threw him against the wall.
"Soory? Didn't quite catch that." Lebran growled.
"Sorry... H
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia looked up towards the school. Some school. She'd only been in five minutes of one class. She tossed her head. At least the boys had left off her. She stood up again, and folded her wings behind her. They drank in the sunlight, heating her up.
"You know, black wings are really annoying..." she muttered to herself, as she walked towards a large sturdy elm tree. She looked for some lower branches, and found one. She hauled herself up onto it, and continued to gradually ascend towards the canopy of the woodland. She sat about halfway, where the branches would hide her, but where she could still see. She brought her wings around her, as they were warm with the sunlight, and it was cooler in the shadows. She lifted her head, and looked at the enormous leaves. Her cheek was still glowing red. She ignored it, and did the same to a raven who had settled nearby.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: The raven hopped closer, cawing loudly. Nikatia flared her eyes, and it still wouldn't budge. She decended down the tree, and slipped on the second to last branch. She fell, momentarily stunned, and righted herself. She ran back up to the school, and burst into her room, where Kane, Lebran, the original soul, Tensu and Tallow all stood. Nikatia folded her arms across her chest.
"Explain," she said sternly, tapping her foot, and raising an eyebrow. Her cheek throbbed. She looked at them all, and sighed.
"Honestly, men."
She opened the wardrobe door, and shut herself in. Her staff materialized in her hand, and she cast another protection spell. She covered up the small slit in the door, so no-one could look, and changed into jeans and a fitted T-shirt. She ran through her hair with a brush, and came out again, looking relatively normal. She went back outside.
ellesmera: Lebran watched her leave.
"Well... Kane.... I think a punishment is in order. Where may I ask is your room?"
Kane whimpered.
"Show me" Kane rushed out the room. Lebran looked at Tensu and tallow.
"Its easy to control him.. Once the fear sets in" He then dissapeares after Kane
ellesmera: A scream of pain was heard before there was a large thump which shook the walls. Lebran stepped out of Kanes room, wiping blood from his hands on one of Kanes shirts. He threw the bloodied shirt back in to his room.
"Behave!" Lebran ordered him as he dissapeared in a well maintained and controlled flash of fire. Kane stumbled out the room. Missing a hand. He was cluthing the bleeding stump. Kane had fed recently, but all the blood was leaving him now. He concentrated on the stump and a green aura surounded it. He clenched his teeth in pain as first the bone regre, then the tendons and muscles, the veins and nerves and finally flesh. He dropped to the floor, panting, if it had been anything more than a hand, Kane wouldnt have been able to regrow it without fainting. Lebran had locked 3/4 of his power away.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia heard the scream, even though she was about half a mile away. The raven which sat at her feet cawed loudly. She heard another sound; that of huge beating wings. Knowing full well who it was, she span around, and as he landed, she threw her arms around him. Her face looked down at his massive snow white wings, and he in turn saw her glossy, slender black wings. She sighed as they drew apart.
"It's been so long, Ferixa," he murmured softly.
"Shh, that's not my name now. Call me Nikatia. And I know, too long. If only He hadn't banished me..." she in turn whispered, fondling his soot black hair. She often did that when they where together in the Clouded Mountain, but they weren't, "Why are you here? I thought you were his personal bodyguard...?"
He replied softly, and she muttered something in his ear. He broke down, into long, pained wails.
"I'm sorry, but you're... not right any more," she said, her voice rising. She turned on her heels, aware that he was watching. She turned back to look one last time, and said,
"Farewell, my love."
She ran up towards the school, as he yelped and ran after her. She brushed aside his remarks, his pleads. She slowed, and walked at a brisk pace up the stairs to her room. She saw Tensu, and stopped him to ask, "Can you get rid of angels?"
Ceasing End / Nikatia: On no repliy, she locked herself in her room. Getting out her staff, she locked it so nothing could enter unexpectedly. She, once again, went into the wardrobe, and emerged with a knife. She carved what she normally did into her upper right arm. She changed into her dress; now no-one was looking at her, she could relax and wear what she felt comfortable in. Narcalos, her former lover, banged on the door, yelling, pleading with her, trying to change her mind. But she remained sitting on her bed. She slid down, so she was lying on her side. Blood from her self-mutilation printed onto her covers, leaking out like a small but persevering stream. She thought she was pretty lucky that Kane wasn't there, because she had known several vampires who had seen her bleeding and tried to kill her.
She rolled over, spreading the forming lake, and sighed. Narcalos had given up, and was quietly sobbing outside her door. She paid him no attention, and retrieved a book from under her pillow. Opening it, she flicked through a few pages, her brain not registering what she was looking at. She felt a dull ache in her heart, where Narcalos would normally be.
Gaara-‰äˆ¤—… / Gaara: Kane fell through his door. He could smell blood from Nikatias room. He was still full, and wouldnt hurt her.. if he could get in. There was an angel sat outside her door. Crying. He wasnt a fan of angels.. Nikatia was differant. She was also an outcast from the society thta had once loved her. He was 3feet away when he droped to the floor.
"Bastard" He growled. Repeating it several times.
"Lebran. You fucking bastard" Lebran appeared behind him. Grabbing his hair again.
"What was that little Uke?"
"Im not a little Uke. And Im not yours"
"I wouldnt agree with that. " He knelt by him, still holding his hair, which caused Kane to yelp slightly. In his room was bad enough.. But in the corridor, in front of an Angel was worse.
Lebran bit his ear, ripping it. Kane new better than to heal it.
"Let go of me" He plead, thrashing against the elder vampires grip on his hair. Kane held his eyes shut, summening a shuriken.
"That wont work on me" Kane growled as lebran made that comment.
"Who says its for you. Kane slashed his hair, cutting himself free. (cos it was long) He addored his hair more than anything apart from his speed and strength. But that had been taken from him by lebran when his power was sapped.
Lbran watched as Kanes hair fluttered to the floor.
"You.... You cut your hair.." Lebran had left a hole in his defense. Kane swiveled round and smashed his magyk reinforced fist in to ebrans gut, sneding him against the wall.
"How..." Lebran coughed.
"To stop myself from causing harm.. I have chambes of power.. you took 3/4 of my power, from the only chamber I had open... Ive only opened the second chamber once before... The first chamber is weak compared to that of the second.. and the second is minor compared to the third.. which I will open only if I must.. and I have never opened the 4th. There are many levels to the chambers.. and chambers within the chambers... I have never been just vampire, as you well know... But.. Before all this happened.. I was never actually a baseline human." Kane had been faking a lot of the pain on the corridor.. but to cut his hair off was something he regretted, he couldnt regrow his hair.
He smashed Lebrans face in to a wall.
Gaara-‰äˆ¤—… / Gaara: Kane fell through his door. He could smell blood from Nikatias room. He was still full, and wouldnt hurt her.. if he could get in. There was an angel sat outside her door. Crying. He wasnt a fan of angels.. Nikatia was differant. She was also an outcast from the society thta had once loved her. He was 3feet away when he droped to the floor.
"Bastard" He growled. Repeating it several times.
"Lebran. You fucking bastard" Lebran appeared behind him. Grabbing his hair again.
"What was that little Uke?"
"Im not a little Uke. And Im not yours"
"I wouldnt agree with that. " He knelt by him, still holding his hair, which caused Kane to yelp slightly. In his room was bad enough.. But in the corridor, in front of an Angel was worse.
Lebran bit his ear, ripping it. Kane new better than to heal it.
"Let go of me" He plead, thrashing against the elder vampires grip on his hair. Kane held his eyes shut, summening a shuriken.
"That wont work on me" Kane growled as lebran made that comment.
"Who says its for you. Kane slashed his hair, cutting himself free. (cos it was long) He addored his hair more than anything apart from his speed and strength. But that had been taken from him by lebran when his power was sapped.
Lbran watched as Kanes hair fluttered to the floor.
"You.... You cut your hair.." Lebran had left a hole in his defense. Kane swiveled round and smashed his magyk reinforced fist in to ebrans gut, sneding him against the wall.
"How..." Lebran coughed.
"To stop myself from causing harm.. I have chambes of power.. you took 3/4 of my power, from the only chamber I had open... Ive only opened the second chamber once before... The first chamber is weak compared to that of the second.. and the second is minor compared to the third.. which I will open only if I must.. and I have never opened the 4th. There are many levels to the chambers.. and chambers within the chambers... I have never been just vampire, as you well know... But.. Before all this happened.. I was never actually a baseline human." Kane had been faking a lot of the pain on the corridor.. but to cut his hair off was something he regretted, he couldnt regrow his hair.
He smashed Lebrans face in to a wall.
Gaara-‰äˆ¤—… / Gaara: "Thats for fucking my life up from the moment you met me." He hit him again.
"And thats for making me cut my hair to get away from you" Lebran, battered and bruised left in a flash of fire.
"If only I had been telling the truth... I had to open the third chamber fully, as well as the second to do that..." He dropped to the floor.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia heard the commotion, and the explicit language. She sat up, opening the door a crack, looking out cautiously. Opening it fully, she looked out. What she saw made her shiver. She had felt that Kane loved his hair, and to see it lying on the floor upset her, knowing he must have been in trouble. She shook Narcalos roughly. He looked up, and braved a smile. He reached for her, but she leant out of his reach.
"What happened? Why is Kane's hair on this floor like this?" she demanded, a touch of sorrow in her voice. She looked again, and saw Kane lying on the floor. She gasped and ran to him, crouching down to him. Narcalos saw her and walied loudly. She took Kane in her arms, looking slightly embarrassed, and lifted him, dragging him into her room, where he could enter because he was with her. She laid him on her bed, like he had done when she had collapsed, but in his room. She stroked his forehead tenderly, as a mother would, and left his side, opening her window so some fresh air could blow through. The blossoms which remained in her hair from her short excursion fell out from the sudden gust of wind, and fell around her room. She took her stuff out of the wardrobe, and arranged it. Outside, Narcalos wailed, and screamed in pain. She paid him no attention. As she put up her Guns 'n' Roses poster, she thought she heard him stir. But she carried on, because she was adamant that she would finish. She looked back at him, and he had remained where she had laid him. Then something hit her. She had left blood on those sheets. She sighed and put her hands to her head.
"Please wake up. Please let him be okay," she wished silently.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: (( I have to go now, goodbye ))
ellesmera: Kane stirred slightly as he smelt slightly fresh dried blood. He wasnt hungry.. But it was enough to rouse him. He had been in the dark reccesses of his mind. Refusing to come outtil he knew he was safe, first that darned reaper slices his souls away from each other then Lebran forces him to cut his hair.
"Ow..." As he had hit the floor in the corridor, he had banged is head and had a small bump on it. He had closed the 2nd and 3rd chambers and only the 1st, now full chamber reained, though he had used 1/4 up to heal his hand and to attack lebran. So he had 3/4 to survive on till he next fed. He opened his piercing eyes slowley.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia heard him stir, and turned around, clutching her still-open arm. Blood seeped through her fingers, but she paid it no attention.
"You're awake... What happened? Why did you cut your hair? It was pretty obvious to me that you adored it..." she asked, trying to look innocent, as if she had fallen and not delibrately mutated her arm. Her eyes fell upon one of the blossoms which had fallen from her hair. It had landed on his arm, daintily sitting there. The rest had scattered around her, in a curious malformed circle.
"I was worried, you looked... so sorrowful. Even exiles can taste pain... And I'm one of them," she murmured, turning her back on him to hide the locket she had been gripping in the mutilated arm. She looked like she was just looking out the window, but she hastily stuffed it in her cleavage, hoping he had not noticed it.
ellesmera: "My... Sire... Lebran.... He turned up.. Again... And decided to punish me for having a bit of fun... I wont have him bieng able to control me anymore.. He had hold of my hair.. so I cut it off.. Made me look like a girl anyway. You can tell im a lad now" He faked a laugh.
"Why is there an angel at your door?"
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia lowered her eyes.
"He was my lover. We met when he was created, and he was... a flirt, shall I say? He was... very... uh... pushy, and he wanted me a lot. I could tell, as I've been in many relationships, often ending when I got sent on miniature 'missions', or they were removed for being disloyal. I haven't seen him since I was exiled, and since then, he betrayed me by becoming Metatron's, the one who found out I told so-called "God's" secret, bodyguard. I hated Metatron," she said, reminescent of what he had attempted, and shivering uncontolably. When she had stopped, she said, "Lebran? Was he the one beside you when Tensu and Tallow were trying to kill you? You looked male anyway."
The cold metal locket had started slipping down her top. Any minute now, she thought, it's going to come down to the floor... But it didn't.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia felt something in the back of her mind. Narcalos was trying to see through her eyes. She stepped silently towards the door. As she opened it, Narcalos fell back, his startled cry giving way to a smile.
"You came... What is it that you see in him? For he is impure..." he said, trying to sound as if he was wondering aloud. Nikatia swelled.
"He is as impure as I. We are both exiles, both feared and ancient. I sometimes wonder if he knows as much as I. You are foolish to suggest that I have any intimate feelings towards him, except for friendship. We are more alike than you and I," came the reply. The cool locket slipped deeper into her cleavage. This time, it was Narcalos who swelled.
"You... You flirted, you flanut your powers like a female dog in season flaunts that! You are as infatuated as a love-bitten teenager! And you passed that stage many aeons ago! You are ancient, I do not deny, but he... he is a vampire! A plague of filth! Have you imagined how many people he has devoured souls from? You can only think of his long, lushious locks! But now they are lost to him, and good riddance!" he yelled back.
"He... He is merely a soul that got collected by Lebran. I daresay you knew him, didn't you? Oh yes, back when you were human, you had many dealings with Lebran..." Nikatia smirked. She was not finished, as the next part came out as a severe, sharp yell. "I was an angel of death! You had no idea how many lives I've had to claim! And you... you used to kill for sport! You blood thirsty beast of a miserable hypocrite, you! I never want to see you again! You..."
She broke off angrily, as he opened his mouth. He didn't get a chance to speak, as she swiftly slapped him hard on the cheek. He moaned, his cheek having gone bright red with the sharpness of the slap. She slammed the door behind her.
"Sorry about that," she smiled, attempting to look lively. In reality, her heart was wrenched in two. But she couldn't think about that. She returned to her spot by the window, looking out, she felt life would never be the same. That arguement... meant the end of her relationship with Narcalos. They had been together for one millenia, eight decades, five years, four months, two weeks, five days, two hours, twenty-three minutes and a second. Give or take a few. A tear rolled down her cheek, dripping down to form a pearly pool on the mahogany window frame.
ellesmera: Kane just sighed.
"Can I hit him? I may bee a vampire.. But I am not going to take what he just said about me... Im not tainted.. as far as vampires go.. Im pure as they come..."
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia smiled.
"Of course. I don't give a damn what you do to him now. He is my enemy; a spy of the Gods. He sent him, to check I was 'behaving'. He is a cheat. Now I'm out the way, he'll probably go chatting up some other blonde angel, much younger, but unwise. He is as impure as he said you were," she finished. Looking at Kane's face, she could tell she had over-done it. "Sorry," she added hastily, "I couldn't help it."
ellesmera: "Ah well.." He left the room, dragging the angel with him.
"Ill show you whse impure you fluffy winged bastard" He growled, a fanged smile as he entered his room, the walls were still spalttered with blood.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia's eyes widened, but she turned her head towards the window. She looked out, and saw Cercatore happily grazing in the paddock. She grabbed her timetable off her shelf as she passed it, and came out of her room. It was swimming. She turned back into her room, looking in her wardrobe for her swimming stuff. She emerged with a blue towel, wrapped around a slinky grey-black tankini. She wandered down towards the pool, dreading the moment when she had to show she swam like a seal. She hated showing off. To her distaste, people were still lining up for the changing rooms. Several people looked at her like she was a weirdo for having wings, but she consoled herself by hating them back, for being the same and not having wings, just for a joke. As they went in, she selected a secluded corner, away from all the popular girls, and quickly changed, her wings swooping around her to protect her pride, not that there was any left intact.
When they walked out, she saw a lot of boys goggling at her. She stared scathingly back, and they shuffled away from her, confused. They went in, one by one. She couldn't wait, though, so dived sleekly in, her wings like that of a diving bird, and she swooped up in the water to resurface. After the lesson had finished, and they had got dressed, she went back up to her room, as it was the end of lessons and the beginning of the evening. She just hoped Kane had finished by now.
ellesmera: Narcalos was back outside in the hall, bloodied, beaten, and by the looks of it had several new tatoos. The shower could be heard from Kanes room. He stepped outside, he was fully dressed.
"Cleaning up.. Lebran left a lot of blood. As did he." He pointed at the unconcious angel and dissapeared back in to the room. The shower went off and he stepepd back out.
"Whats your next class?"
Ceasing End / Nikatia: "I'm not sure what it is, but I know it's downstairs, towards the cellars. Everyone says that it's something like fear class, or something like conquering fears. I've heard the school gets freakier the lower down it gets," she replied, looking at Narcalos. She hoped he was regretting what he said. Her still wet hair dripped, and she shook her head violently as if to rid it of the damp. Smiling, she said, "What's your next class? I haven't seen you go to any classes, yet, so it's a possibility that we're in the same set. Possibly."
ellesmera: "Yeah... Same.. Fears... Theyle be lucky.. I fear only one thing.. And to make me confront him, would meen the death of everyone" He smiled brightly.
"Im gonna ace this class"
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia grinned, and tried not to laugh. Suppressing a chuckle, she smiled, "I don't know that much fear. That I had before was of forgetting to go up and say hello to Metatron..."
She stopped at this name, and shivered.
"Let's go."
ellesmera: "Okay. " He smiled, he contemplated taking her hand, and it was obvious in his eyes, he anished the thought, she could more than likely mop the floor with him.
"I have swimming with you as well.. But, I had to get the blood before it dried"
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Smiling, she saw that there was something in his eyes, which troubled her slightly. She ignored it, but paid attention to him.
"I can't navigate to save my life. You might have to help," she said, suppressing another grin. She almost thought of taking his elbow to surprise him, but thought herself a flirt after this thought, as much a flirt as Narcalos had said. As they made their way through the corridor, the thought hammered in her head, refusing to let her forget it.
ellesmera: "Well... We got 2 minutes.. or were late so.." He cautiously took her hand and ran down the hall, pulling her with him.
"Lets go"It was th eonly way he could think of holding her hand, without it seeming like he was coming on to her.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia gasped. Good god, he was fast. Although that should be 'bad authority'. She grasped his hand slightly tighter, trying to make it seem like it was slipping. Pupils moved out their way; you don't cross a girl with wings and a staff, especially not if she's being pulled along by someone who looks like he's late for the train. As they ran down the stairs, she couldn't help feeling a little thrilled. A figure who had so much to do with the Roman period she used to help rule, holding her hand. Within minutes, they were at the door. The class was just going in.
"That was... fortunate," she managed, before catching her breath.
ellesmera: "Sorry.. I had a sudden burst of energy.." He laughed. Still holding her hand, he realised it was no longer neccassary, and, with regret and a forelorn look let his hand slide from hers.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: As they followed the rest of the class in, Nikatia saw Kane's forlorn regretting face. Sitting in a corner away from everyone else, she beckoned for him to come sit by her, brushing a strand of hair out of her face, so her purple eyes gleamed with a ray of sunlight slicing through the narrow windows on the opposite side of the room. As soon as Kane was in earshot, she smiled.
"Wonder what this class is like. Hope it's better than maths," she muttered.
ellesmera: "I dunno... Cant wait" He smiled, sitting closer to her than was needed.
"Wonder what the teachers like"
Ceasing End / Nikatia: A tall, pale man entered the room. Everyone fell silent. The man intoduced himself, his hooked nose tinged red.
"You - there- silent! My name is Alastair Koovis. I will be teaching this class. I am sure you all know what fear is. But how many can fight it?" he smirked, his pale blue eyes provoking fear in the amount of hatred stored in them. Stepping over to Kane, he yelled,
"You! Get on your feet! I have a small task for you!"
Nikatia watched Kane's expression, tilting her head slightly as she did so.
ellesmera: Kane supressed a smile, he got to his feet.
"Yes sir?" He asked, putt ing his hadns in his pockets, every head was staring at him, like an oceon of eyes, if he wasnt used to the fangirls that followed him around (when they could find him) He would have been slightly intimidated
Ceasing End / Nikatia: "You must look into that cupboard. Tell me what you see. Come back and report it," Alastair barked fiercely, knowing what multifearers would see, expecting Kane to be one of them.
Nikatia looked at Kane. He seemed to be coping fine. She just hoped he wouldn't break.
ellesmera: Kane walked over, looked in to it, he was looking in it for about 3 minutes, he slowley closed the doors.
"I saw myself" Was his reply as he went back to his seat. His answer had suprised him.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: It had also surprised Alastair.
"That's an... erm... good sign... I suppose," he muttered, the last bit under his breath. Nikatia sensed confusion in Kane's face, and bit her lip to stop her from doing something stupid. Looking again at Kane, she felt a warmth in her chest. Probably that Tikka Masala you ate yesterday, her third thoughts thought.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: "It means you are only scared of one thing. Now shut up and do the work I have set you! Your new books are on the desk!" Alastair snapped.
"He's a bit cuckoo, isn't he?" Nikatia whispered in Kane's ear, getting out a pen and writing the date.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: "Yeh, the stuff on the board. Got to answer the questions... Pretty dull," she murmured, her voice rising slightly. She was aware of the amount of female attention he was getting, and started to feel slightly jealous.
(( Got to go now ))
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia eyed the girls suspiciously. She knew they were heavy flirts, and most of them had lost their virginity in their first highschool days. Many of them had done it at least twice this week. She'd heard rumors, and lots of them. She glanced sideways at Kane. Her powers were nothing like his, and she disliked flaunting. She tore out a page of her excercise book, and scribbled a note, saying, 'Do you want to come outside for that ride we never got together? Not now, when we've had all our lessons. Sorta late afternoon, early evening?'
She quickly passed it to Kane, sliding it under his book.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He quickly ead it and scrawled back.
'Id love to ^_^; Get away from the attention im getting.. I swear some of these girls are gonna leave the classroom bald...'
he then thought to himself.
'or maybe ill take advantage of them...'
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia smiled. That's that sorted, then. As she was about to write back, Alastair yelled, "Almost time for you to leave! Hand me your books as you leave!"
The bell rang, resounding over and over in the stuffy classroom. As the class stood up, several girls blew kisses to Kane. Nikatia silently fumed inside her head.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Nikatia.. Just let them see how far they can get with me.. Before riping their heads off... Im a vampire.. I like messing with people heads. He handed his book to the teacher and was scooped out of the classroom by three girls.
"HEY! LET GO!" He shouted as they dragged him off.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia hurriedly handed her book in. Running swiftly out, she summoned her staff, then slowed to a brisk walking. The onyx sphere gleamed maliciously, along with her purple eyes. She pointed it at the group of girls, coming to a standstill and raising her eyebrows. Purple flames ignited around the sphere, making their way down the staff. They didn't touch her hand, but she took a piece of paper out of her pockets. Dropping it into the miniature inferno, it didn't have time to ignite before becoming ash. Even that was burnt as it made its way down.
"Let him go, or one of you gets it."
Ceasing End / Nikatia: (( I have to go now, sorry ))
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Three of the 6 girl ran off. Kane could be seen now, theyed stripped his shirt from him and he was covered in lipgloss.
"Your no fun" The other three pouted, they had kane in a rough grip, there was no doubt that he could get out of that
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia raised an eyebrow at the three.
"The Celtic death angel, she said someone would die today, didn't she?" she pondered, aiming the question at Kane. "It might be one of you girls," this directed to the girls.
Her hair fell about her face, and she raised her right hand to brush it away. Her staff dissolved, but the purple flame remained, withdrawing to surround her left hand. Her left eye remained purple, but her right turned blue. Her right side started oozing out purple light, and the left side, blue. Her left wing turned to scythes, her right whitening, softening.
"Leave him."
At this, she staggered backwards, the light suddenly coursing back into her body, and she returned to normal, but very dazed.
"Never... has that got so far... light side... never ejected so much dark... dark never.... thrown out so --" she broke off, trying to support herself on the wall. Staggering wildly, she slowly regained her grace.
"As I said. Flee, and I'll spare you. If not, you're dead. One of you, anyway."
(( Sorry I haven't been on for a while, just came back from a visit to Devon ))
ellesmera: (i love devon ^_^) They ran.
"Ugh.. Girls..." He brushed himself off.
"Your the only girl i can actually stand" He laughed
Ceasing End / Nikatia: (( We have a caravan down there, it's really nice! )) Nikatia smiled. A small ray of light shattered the uncertanity in her mind. The fire withdrew into her hands.
"I need to change into trousers, I can't ride properly in a dress. I hope you don't mind," she sighed, "Can you look away for a second?"
She quickly, as Kane's head was turned, changed the skirt into jeans, effortlessly, with her mind. Her new powers came in handy.
"Done," she smiled.
ellesmera: He laughed.
"Wow.. That was quick.." He smiled.
"I have a suprise for you at the stables" He took her hand with a little less hesitation than before and once again ran down the corridor to the stables, but not as fast as last time. When they got their he stopped at one of the stalls that had previously been empty. A huge black stallion with white socks and a white stripe down its back was drinking from a water trough.
"Meet Cercatore" He paused. "I braught him back from the past.." Upon hearing his name it lifted its great head and snorted slightly at Kane. The stallion was at least 19 hands tall.
"He died in battle many years ago... But this was what he looked like before he died.. He wont age, like me..." He paused. "Well.. we will age, but very slowley.... Iveonly aged about a year since I was bitten.. Hes a non-horse.... Cast from a foal in the demon realms and given to me.." He had never really spoken abiut his horse before.
"What do you think?"
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia smiled.
"He's amazing... Wow, he's enormous, too..." was all she could manage before reaching out to pat his neck. Her own horse whinnied, clamouring for attention. She laughed, and walked over to him.
"You need a new name, don't you? Speranza, I think. You needed a lot of it," she whispered in his ear.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia went out into the tack room, returning with two saddles, bridles and saddle pads. She tacked up Speranza, and gave Kane Cercatore's tack. She mounted quickly, and tapped Speranza out of his stall.
"What way are we going?" she called to Kane.
(( Got to go now ))
ellesmera: "Sounds like a good name.." He rubbed Cercatores neck and smiled. "Im glad t have you back boy.." He walked over to Nikatia. Something in his eyes, she was so beautiful.
"Ive.. Been meaning to ask you something.."
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia looked, slightly puzzled, at him. She could see something in his eyes, but he could fake. She had learnt that the Earth was a faking, scheming planet the hard way.
"Yes?" she asked tentatively. If this was a joke, or if she was going to be used in any way, shape or form, she would explode. And that was messy.
ellesmera: He blushed.
"Could... Could I kiss you?" He looked in to her eyes.
"Ive been wanting to...For so long..."
Ceasing End / Nikatia: She smiled. It was obvious he liked her. She felt something welling up, which she hadn't felt for centuries.
"Of course," she replied, her deep purple eyes seeing into his brilliant emerald ones.
ellesmera: He smiled. He stepped forewards and met her lips with his. His hands on her arms
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia closed her eyes. It had been a long time since she had done this. As they drew apart, she smiled.
"About that ride... " she whispered, her hands snaking up his front.
ellesmera: "It can wait a few minutes?" He asked her, slipping his arms round her.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: "Perhaps... The horses look curious," she grinned. Indeed, Cercatore and Speranza were snorting, looking at the pair. The cool metal locket slipped down, falling down to the waistline of her jeans. Ignoring it, she leant her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes as if sleeping.
ellesmera: He sighed. Moving so her forehead was the thing her forehead was leaning on. He kissed her again from this strange position
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia smiled inside, sighing after Kane. She slipped her tongue into his mouth, exploring it. She felt two sharp objects, presumeably fangs, and removed her tongue, drawing apart with it. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders like a giant soft toy, holding him close to her.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: "You think?" she whispered back. Her long hair fluttered behind her in a small breeze that had flown through the open barn. She laid her head on his chest, and added, "There's a nice spot down in the woods. It's right by a lake. We could go down there..."
Ceasing End / Nikatia: She smiled, noting Kane's reluctancy.
"It's a lot nicer than a stuffy barn. Trust me," she smiled, mounting Speranza. She trotted him out the barn, and slowed him to a steady walk, waiting for Kane and Cercatore to catch up.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia smiled at Cercatore's longing. Fiery, that one, she noted mentally.
"Look at the sunset. Isn't it lovely?" she called to Kane. As he looked at it, her hand darted down to the locket, clasping it in her hands. She pocketed it. It can't be seen by anyone else, or it will vanish, she remembered.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: As they trotted, a raven cawed. Nikatia shot it a scalding glance, and it shut up. It knew. Speranza did, too. He suddenly bolted, Nikatia hanging on for dear life. He jumped, leaped over fences, kicking. He was out of sight, when she fell. The raven cawed, taking the locket which had flown from her pocket. Nikatia reached out to stop it. Too late. Power, deep, raw power seeped through the locket, into the raven. It transformed. Metatron. Her fear. When Kane caught up with Speranza, it didn't take long to find Nikatia. Or some of her, anyway. Feathers lay strewn across the floor, torn. her hair lay in strands, blood formed pools. Her locket had been drained of its power. It now lay on the floor, cracked open. Inside was a picture of her attacker.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia lay on the floor, slowly being sapped of her life. Her will remained, though, and she tossed and turned wildly. Metatron smiled, his teeth uneven.
"She was unwilling. I am the master. Her master. She never told you what I did to her? I'm suprised. A little blasted ANIMAL!" he roared, kicking her side so she lay still. A possibly fatal wound to her chest gushed blood out, her wings spread-eagled and tattered.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Metatron smiled, his scaled wings opening. Raising an eyebrow, he taunted, "So, old vampire loves even older angel? You're just a toyboy, then. But everyone is to her. I don't know why she hasn't given herself up yet."
He beat his wings, sending gusts of wind into Kane's face. ((Brb, possinly gtg))
Ceasing End / Nikatia: (( Sorry, have to go now ))
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia stirred. Metatron struck at her. She raised her hand, feebly, and held the power, strong enough to blow her up, and it had done previously, but now she could touch it. She sat up, slowly, and started standing. She looked a bit like a puppet, inhabited by a reluctant spirit. Her head lowered, her hair hung limply around her face. Looking up, but her head remaining in the same place, her face split into a small smirk. Metatron, obviously taken aback, stepped backwards. he had seen this state; it was dangerous.
ellesmera / Faustus: Kane looked at her.
"That doesnt look good..." He took a few steps bakwards. He held his hands in fists at his sides. His evil soul was bieng dragged back towards Lebran, who was trying to summon him, refusing it hurt. a lot.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia looked sideways, glancing at Kane. Metatron took advantage of this; with a small grunt he thrust a red ball of power at him. Kane turned instantly to stone. Still hearing, still seeing, but stone.
Nikatia, unfazed, turned back to Metatron.
"I was once more powerful than you. I took your powers, and you became weak. With Authority's help, you became powerful again. You drained my powers, slowly, so I wouldn't notice. Now I'm getting them back again," she said, carefully, and clearly. With that, a jet of purple-blue light shot out her hands, catching him full in the face. He split into atoms, coming together again but weaker. Kane returned to his normal state, dazed but alive.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia ran over to him, embracing him briefly. Turning back to the aged, wounded Metatron, she held out her hand. His atoms separated, his powers, every single one of them, flew into her. She absorbed them. Turning back to Kane, she had transformed. Her wings had healed. Her hair, lank a few seconds ago, shone with glory and power. Her pale skin reverbrated with a healthy aura. All cuts had healed.
"About that walk," she said, a smile playing on her lips.
ellesmera / Magpie: "I..No!!!!!!!" He clutched his head, both of them were suddenly in Italy, a huge mansion. A vampire stood over them, almost aqs old as Nikatia herself, about 2 years younger.
"Kane.. Why do you not answer my summons"
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia looked up, her old powers raring to strike. She kept them firmly under leash, but even so, her skin cackled with the static of them. She could see his age; she had a suspicion on who this was.
"Greetings... Lebran?" she asked politely, holding out a hand. She knew he could probably send her to an Eartyh hospital when she was weaker, but she insisted on being polite.
PrincessOfDark / Catalina-Wolf: ((can i join?))
Ceasing End / Nikatia: (( Sure, I don't mind ))
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Lebran took her hand and bowed, kissing her outstretched hands.
"Its a pleausure to meet you" He smiled. "Nikatia.. That is the name you go by.. I am right.. No?" He asked as he stood up. Kane slowley got to his feet, groaning loudly, upon seeing the state he was in, worry flashed over his face.
"Kane?" He half asked half cried. Holding him steady as he had been swaying.
"I see I summoned you at a bad time Prince.." He mummbled.
PrincessOfDark / Catalina-Wolf: she was watching them from the shodows. not what she liked to do, scince she was a light element person. but she had to. she did not want to be noticed. (you can control my person i g2g. be back in a few hours bye bye!)
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia glanced at the pair.
"He was turned to stone shortly before we met you. Having just been recovered, I think he is shock," she said to Lebran, "And yes, my name is Nikatia."
She looked around at the magnificent house, taking in the arched windows, the huge grounds, the rare and exotic plants. It seemed Lebran was seriously well-off.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "My poor Prince" He sighed, he helped him walk. "Please follow.." He asked her as he led them through the mansion, the mansion was a ctually several mansions, joined together with a huge courtyard in the middle. All followed the same pattern, decoratins, it would be easy to get lost here. They passed the origional painting of the Mona Lisa. It looked freshly painted. (Hes a naughty boy ^_^ replacing the origional with a realistic copy, just after it was painted.. *Gasp*) He reached a room with a large sofa in it and layed Kane down.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Nikatia stopped momentarily at the Mona Lisa. Tilting her head, it looked pretty real. She hurried on, not wanting to lose herself.
"That picture of the Mona Lisa, is that real?" she asked, "And this house is beautiful..."
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Yes.. Its the origional... Just aqquired it today.. Waiting for it to dry properly though.. da Vinci didn't even notice the switch.. The fool" He sighed, sitting by Kane, who was now asleep.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Smiling, she said, "I thought he was a genius, though... Didn't he invent the helicopter? Poor bloke, ignored like that..."
She watched Kane sleep for a while. He looked a lot more peaceful there.
"You knew Narcalos, did you not?" she asked, tentatively, "I'm not sure what he was called then, but he's pretty much dead, in an angel way, now..."
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Narcalos? Hm.. Ah yes.... Vindictive bastard if I do say so myself.." He laughed, it war rich and merry. "May I ask Why Kane has died is hair? It came out in such unusual colours.." (Hi pic is his natural hair colour.. cos of the multiple soulsthing..)
Ceasing End / Nikatia: "He... didn't dye it. I haven't got a clue... wait..." she pondered. Closing her eyes, she let herself see into Kane's mind. She opened them, and explained.
"It's something to do with... you know he has lots of souls...? I think it's something to do with that. Couldn't say why, but I just do..."
ellesmera: "Poor Knae.. Hes always tried to hide it.." The brown dissapeared. (hair is in the pic of Kane) He groaned in his sleep
Ceasing End / Nikatia: "Will he be okay?" she asked, her mind worrying.
"And, yes, you are right about Narcalos," she smiled, "Nasty, thieving traitor," she added under her breath.
ellesmera: "Hes undoing all magyk on his body... He will be fine. Hes trying to piece together his mind"
Ceasing End / Nikatia: "Okay," was all she said. She closed her eyes again. Reminiscencing back when she was young, at the dawn of time. She went through every memory in her mind, everything she remembered. Being attacked by Metatron for the first time. Being raped by him. Being the 'goddess' of a deity for several years. And so it went on. And on. And on.
ellesmera: "Lebran.." Kane groaned.
"When I became a vampire.. I forgot to ask.."
"Why my memories fade after a few years?" He said slowley
"Because we live for an eternity, our brain retains only neccassary parts of the memory... unless you remember it frequently"
"Is that why I can't forget..."
"Yes.. It is" Kane then passed out agai
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Still looking back at her memories, Nikatia saw nor heard nothing. She felt disturbances, but did not make any more. She came to her favourite memory; meeting Kane. Then she thought of school. Oh bugger. Oh bum, she was... Late...?
Ceasing End / Nikatia: (( Have to go now, bye ))
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Opening her eyes slightly, her vision became blurred. It was like she was being dragged somewhere... In her mind. Hurriedly closing htem again, hoping it would go away, only made it worse.
Her head buzzed, her mind ached. It was like... Being exiled all over again. But there was no feeling of hatred, of fear. There was a warm tingling in her body. It was as if she was being accepted again. Her hair swirled around her. She subconsciously stood up, and vanished.
ellesmera / Magpie: Lebran watched her go. "Heh... Big mistake girly" He smiled and woke Kane up from the sleep Lebran had implanted on him. "Huh?" Kane woke.
"Come on" He growled and dragged him upstairs.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Something had brought her here. Not sure what... or why... but it did. She landed unceremoniously on her rear, but stood up, brushing herself off. Okay, you're not in heaven. That's one thing... but... here?
It was like a fort, but several thousand times bigger. Cruel, leering gargoyles stared at her. She stared back. And then, something slammed into her. She sat up again, having fallen. She knew where this was. It was... the room of judgement. Where angels who have lived so long they have worn away went, to be remade. But... She was happy with who she was, she was the most ancient being in existance.
ellesmera / Magpie: He cut deeper, a few millimeters awa from the arteries He cried out and collapsed on the floor. Just as his brother came home.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: (( Huh? )) She knew it. Captured, tricked. So Authority could gain the title of the most powerful, oldest creature in existence. She knew how to escape. So she thought. She thought of the upper world, the world in which she'd lived in. She was slowly being sucked into somewhere... Into something like oblivion.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: She beat her wings, groping wildly for the edge, trying to save herself. Then images of Kane, of her friends, of all those who mattered to her, swirled down. Authority, Authority himself came to her. He was ancient, but looked young. Somehow, Nikatia had managed to preserve her youth. Another of Authority's failings. He boomed to her, in a voice that wasn't as she remembered it.
"You, or your loved ones."
Nikatia's adoptive mothers were dead anyway. They all vanished. All her friends had long since deserted her. All who was left was Kane. Ahh. Kane.
"Him, or you."
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Waking up, drenched in sweat, Nikatia's first instinct was to clutch her hand to her chest. She was in her bed, in her dress. But it was torn. What happened? Why?
She cried. She'd let Kane down. Right now, he was probably dying. She looked at the knife, lying in her hand.
How had that got there? However it had got there, it was looking friendly. Somehow... things weren't right. Nothing was, any more. The bell rang, for morning. She sat up, going into her en suite. She undressed, and got in the shower. She turned it on, and made it so hot, and made it jet out so hard, she yelped aloud in pain. She was punishing herself. She'd have to try harder.
ellesmera / Magpie: Gah..wrong one ment ot be) Kane screamed as Lebran ripped his clothes away and raped him violently. Gauging marks in to Kanes body
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Getting dried, dressed and groomed was pain-free. But she took her knife down to breakfast. Slicing away violently as she walked slowly down the corridors. Teachers tutted at her, girls screamed and boys gawped. She gave them all back a fierce, withering stare. She had to get back to Lebran's soon. Kane... could be dying. That wasn't good. She tried to remember how they got there. After breakfast, she walked down. Speranza and Cercatore were waiting patiently in their stalls. She saddled them both up, tethering Cercatore to Speranza. She tapped them into a gallop. She remembered where she fell off, and went through everything in the motion. Hours later, she arrived at Lebran's door. What if...?
PrincessOfDark: ((what happened whilei was gone? this is catalina-wolf))
ellesmera / Magpie: Kane was bleedin, unconcious and abused, lying dressed on the sofa, how he had been when she left, Lebran healed the wounds but left the pain. He had showered them both. It seemed like nothing was wrong. He sensed her at the door and waited
PrincessOfDark / Anidori-Kiladra: ((be back soon)
Ceasing End / Nikatia: "Hello..?" Nikatia called clearly. It was quiet... too quiet. She tapped on the door, then went around the back of the mansion, seeing just how big it was. She studied the windows, the courtyards, the garden. She found a girl waiting, hiding behind a bush. Kneeling down, she asked,
"What are you doing here?" Her expression was kindly, but tone sharp.
ellesmera: Lebran sensed her move round the back and sighed, slumping in his chair
Ceasing End / Nikatia: She moved back around the front, tapping the door nervously. What she would find, she had no clue. When there was no answer, she pushed the door ajar, and crept in. Not knowing where she was going, she went the way she thought she remembered. She came to Kane, still unconscious on the sofa.
"Kane..." she whispered softly, moving a strad of his hair off his face, "Kane... wake up... please..."
Ceasing End / Kaidi: "Kane... Are you okay...? I thought --" she broke off, looking at Lebran, then back at Kane. She lowered her voice.
"I thought I'd lost you... At least you're alive... Thank god you're alive..." she muttered, unsure if she should actually be praising the so-called 'Authority' or cursing him. Cursing him was a lot easier.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: Trying to restrain Kane was easier said than done. Dragging him back with all the stregnth she had, she was still unable to do so, and he flew from her arms. She retreated slightly, unsure what was going to happen now.
Ceasing End / Nikatia: ((Forget that post))
"Kane..." Nikatia muttered. Seeing the anger in Kane's eyes, she knew better than to restrain him. She stepped backwards, knowing full well how powerful Kane was and also how powerful Lebran was.
"Just... be careful," she told him telepathically.

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