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Roleplay - Inuyasha Future by Sinashu / Yukito

Alright, let me explain something before we get started. This is set when Inuyasha has a child, yes. This is about sixteen years after the jewel shards are found, colected, and put back together into the shikon jewel. The jewel was destroyed, Inuyasha not becoming a full demon like he wanted to become; instead staying a hanyou. But, there's a catch, and this is for all you yaoi fans out there! Kagome is not his wife! Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! Nope! Sesshoumaru is!!!!! -shock&gasp&faint- I know! As you see in my character, he is Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha's son. I'm sure you can see that from his markings. Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. So, I only want maybe two more children, but that's it! I kind of didn't want more than two, but we'll see how it goes! Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru, and any of the other main characters needed!!

Roleplay Details

Just have fun with it!
I did want to say though that please No One Liners unless there is absolutly no way around it!! Those are hard to reply to! Anyway, there is also no god moding. I don't mind much about power playing, as long as it doesn't get too out of hand.


Yukito / Sinashu: Silver hair bustled in the wind as bright Golden eyes scanned the area. One clothed leg hung over the side of a tree branch as the other rested up near his chest. A slightly taned arm reached up to run slender fingers through the unruly silver locks. He was so bored! A sigh escaped from pale lips as the male looked around him bordely. He didn't know where his Fathers had gone; they had dissapeared earlier that morning before he woke up, and hadn't seen them since! Sinashu blew upwards, blowing his bangs from his eyes before he jumped down from the tree branch, his tail swirling slightly behind him when he landed. His right ear twitched slightly as he started to head for the stream. Maybe he'd find something fun to do there!
Yukito / Sinashu: ((Wow.....I'm bored.......))
Yukito: ((Do do do dododo do do...
-Jeopardy theme-))
koransha / Jewes Atron: (Can I join and not be one of the childeren, but my own character that is not in the tv seris? By the way, Im a huge fan of Inuyasha that it really scary.)
MiyuMaiYoki / .*:Kilala:*.: (((can i join as Kilala?)))
Ashonku: **Can i join as my character**
AkioTakahashi / Shiroku Takahashi: <<Can I join with my character?>>
DevyDarkside / Devy Darkmoon: ((May i join?))
MisoSoup / ~Miroku~: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/102148 ((please join))
LadyVulpine / Vulpine: May I join as my character? she's no one in particular really... Hope you'll accept

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