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the humans thought they were the only intellegent beings on earth for hundreds of years... but little did they know, there were other creatures hiding amongst them, that were smarter and had been around since the beginning of time...
the dragons had the ability to change to a human form, and when the humans began to hunt them down in the time of kings and castles, they hid themselves amongst the humans and started the rumor that dragons had never existed... now there is a dragon who wants the dragons to be the ruling species again, and is slowly gathering an army of dragons to his cause... but illian thinks that the dragons can live at peace with the humans... illian wants to be able to return to his true form as much as the rebel dragons but he has also fallen in love with a human named kitarae...

Roleplay Details

no god modding
i need someone to play the leader of the rebel dragons and someone to play kitarae, she is shy and smart, she doesn't like to fight but she can defend herself if need be
you can either be a dragon or a human, but if you are a dragon you must specify whether or not you are a rebel or one who wants peace among the two races


vindr / illian: illian walks down the streets, two things on his mind. the first is the group now so hateful towards the humans. the second is his crush, kitarae, he wondered where she was and if she was alright...
NoraNay / Kaname: <<do you want me to be kitarae?>>
vindr: ((to let you know this is a modern rp... and if you would like to be kitarae then you may..))
NoraNay / Kaname: <<Ok...sorry scratch that last post then.>
Kitarae walked down the street and spotted illian. She smiled at him and walked up to him. "Everything ok?" she asked softly.
vindr / illian: he smiles and nods "yeah just alot on my mind..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled. "Well relax." she said and she put her hand on his shoulder. "want o get something to eat? I was just about to." she said looking up at him.
vindr / illian: he nods again "yeah i would love to" he said wishing he could tell her his secret...
NoraNay / Kaname: Kitarae sniled. "great...come on." she said and she led him down the street and into a little room. she sat down across from him and smiled. "So what's going on. I haven'yt seen you around for a while...everything going ok?" she asked concerned.
vindr / illian: he sits and looks into her eyes thinking 'im a dragon and i love you..' but says "my family is going through something... and i'm not allowed to talk about it..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "Oh, i'm sorry...if there is any way I can help..please ask me." she said and smiled. She put her hand on his lightly. "Other than that...you are ok?"
vindr / illian: his face turns red at her touch and he turns away muttering "yeah..." he wanted so badly to tell her his feelings but just couldn't bring himself to do it...
NoraNay / Kaname: After they ate she got up and looked at him. "Come on..it's a beautiful day."
NoraNay / Kaname: <<got to go..be on later.>>>
vindr / illian: he stands up deciding he would tell her "umm... kitarae?" he said looking down
NoraNay / Kaname: she looked over at him. "Yes?...is there something wrong?" she asked concerned.
vindr / illian: he nods and looks into her eyes... the ones he could get lost in forever... and tries to tell her "kitarae i... i l-l-love... you..."
NoraNay / Kaname: A look of shock came across her face but it broke into a smile. "Illian....I have had the same feelings for you for a long time. You have no need to keep such secrets....even though I did.." she turned her head away from his gaze and her face turned a slightl shade of red.
vindr / illian: he smiles and turns her face to look at him. right when he goes to say something a young boy, about the age of twelve, runs up and tugs on illian's shirt "i have news about the others..." the boy whispers illian looks to kitarae and appoligizes "i'm sorry but there is something i must do right now... i'll meet you in the park later?"
NoraNay / Kaname: Kitarae nodded and smiled. "You do what you must." she said and she left. She walked down the street slowly and pondered what had just occured.
vindr / illian: as kitarae walks out of ear shot he turns to the boy with a serious expression "what have you heard about the rebels?" the boy stands straight and salutes him "they have recruited 15 more of us from the suthern part of the city... and they are planning an attack on a human orphanage in three weeks" illian scowls "those cowards..."
NoraNay / Kaname: Kitarae walked into the park and felt the cool breeze in her face. she sat down on a bench and smiled to herself. Illian had the same feeling she did. It made her happy to know she had no more hiding.
vindr / illian: he walked to the park, about thirty minutes after kitarae had left, and he hoped she hadn't been waiting on him long. he a little ways ahead of him so he called out "hey kit... i'm sorry i had to cut our conversation short earlier..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled and her face turned red again. "It's fine." she said looking over in his direction.
vindr / illian: he jogged up to her and smiles "how long have you been waiting here for me?" he asks trying to start a conversation
NoraNay / Kaname: "Not very long...is everything ok? That boy seemed awfully serious for his age." she said steping toward illian.
vindr / illian: he nods still smiling "yeah he was just telling me about this group of people i've been following... i'm trying to get as much info on them as i can..." he looks into her eyes wishing he could tell her...
NoraNay / Kaname: She nodded and smiled. "You started to say something...before the boy showed up." she said looking him in the eyes and she blushed.
NoraNay / Kaname: <<got to go.>>
vindr / illian: he smiles and blushes a little "oh yeah... i said i love you and now... i'm debating whether or not to tell you my secret... i know i can trust you but i don't know what you would think of me after i told you.."
NoraNay / Kaname: Kaname looked at him and then heard yelling behind her. she turned. "Illian sir...they have attacked...Oh my appologies Kitarae. Will you come with me? We have the city in a safe location." Kitarae looked at illina helplessly but then walked out of the park...leaving him with the boy. she was almost there when she saw smoke. "The orphanage!" she cried and headed there..despite the fact that she knew she may get hurt.
vindr / illian: illian runs to catch up with kitarae and grabs her arm "i'll handle this i want you to stay away from there... i don't want to loose you..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked helplessly at him. "but the children!" she said tears welling in her eyes. "They're going to die...I want to help." she said burrying her face in his chest.
vindr / illian: he hugs her "i'll get them out, but i need you to go to safety..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked up at him and nodded. she walked back into town and into the building where all of the ohters were. Buildings in the town were burning and people were screaming. She looked out of the window and saw a dragon. "A dragon!" she exclaimed...fear entereing her. "Illian is out there with a dragon!" she thought to herself. She ran out of the building and over to the orphanage. "i hope illian won't be too upset with me." she thought as she ran. she saw the orphanage...it was on fire. she stopped..her body paralysed by fear...but she forced herself to go in. she ran in and saw 3 children trapped bahind a fallen staircase. She made her way behind it and put one of the children on her back and the other two were in her arms. she made her way out of the orphanage and back to the building. she laid the children down and a boy ran up to her. "kitarae...you wounded!" "No..I am fine...it is just a small burn. "your bleeding...We have to get you help." and then all went black for her.
vindr / illian: illian jumped out of a window on the second floor with four children in his arms. he landed nimbly on the ground with the help of black wings he had coming out of his back. he didn't want to go to his true form yet because it would knock down the building. when he handed the children to one of his charges he saw another carrying kigyo away from three children, who were scooped by another of his charges. "what happened to her?" he asked running over "i don't know i saw her com out of the building carrying those children and she passed out while i was trying to get her to come with me..." illian swore and nodded "i'll take her to the hospital i just need you to get the remaining children out of there..." the boy nodded as illian became a black dragon and the boy set kigyo on his back.
NoraNay / Kaname: Kitarae woke up in a small bed in the hospitle. she sat up slowly and saw the blood stain on her side. She looked around and saw illian. "Are the children safe?" she asked softly. Avoiding his gaze. "i am sorry if you are upset with me...I had to help."
vindr / illian: he smiles hearing her voice "the children are safe... i could never be upset with you... i would have done the same thing in your situation..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked at him and smiled. "I..I saw..I saw dragons." she saod softly. "I know it sounds weird...but it is true." she said looking at his eyes. she blushed. "You must think I'm crazy."
vindr / illian: he smiles and shakes his head "not really that's what i was wanting to tell you..." he holds up his hand and in a small flash it turns into a black claw with five talons "i'm kinda a dragon too... though me and my friends all the people that come to talk to me and treat me with respect are good, we are trying to stop this group who wish to either kill all humans or make them slaves..."
NoraNay / Kaname: Her eyes were filled with shock. she put a hand out and touched the talon then drew back quickly. She smiled. "I don't mind." she looked up at him. "your still the goof-ball I grew up with." she said and laughed slightly before stopping because of the pain in her side.
vindr / illian: he frowns and hands her some yogurt "you should eat then get some rest..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She took the yogurt and took a spoonful before putting it down. "I am fine...just a little sore...Are you ok?" she said leeting her hand slid over his.
vindr / illian: he smiles and kisses her hand "i'm fine... just worried about you..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She blushed and turned her face away from him. "I am fine now...just a little bit shaken up."
vindr / illian: he smiles and sits next to her on the bed "good so you won't mind if i sit here..." he puts his arm around her "the dragons you saw may come after you... but i won't let them get anywhere near you... i love you and don't want to lose you.."
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked up at him and smiled slightly before turning away again. "A war...a war has started. People said it would...but no one listened to them." She rested her head on his shoudler. "Illian...will people get hurt...like the children and the rest of the town?"
vindr / illian: he sighs "the people you have been hearing talking about a war... they're dragons... and i will try to keep anybody from getting hurt..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked at him and smiled. "so they are like you. I trust that you will protect this town." her smile faded. "Illian...I want to help." she said. "i know you want to say no....but you have to trust me." she leaned up and kissed him gently. "I..I'm sorry...i shouldn't of." she said and blushed and turned away.
vindr / illian: he smiles returning the kiss "i know of a way you can help... and become half dragon at the same time... but it may be too early in the relationship..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked puzzeled but then knew what he meant. "you are right..but I can watch the children for now." she said and kissed him again. "That will allow me to help."
vindr / illian: he nods "yeah for now that will be the best thing you can do... what do you want to do now... you have already been cleared to leave when you're ready.."
NoraNay / Kaname: She stood up slowly and looked back at him. "I want to help clear the damage from the fire. Meet me for dinner?" she said and kissed him lightly. "If so..I'll meet you in the park in an hour." she said and hurried off toward the orphanage.
vindr / illian: he stands and runs after her "hey wait... it's already been cleared... "we" already did it..." he grabs her hand "so why don't we go to the park now?"
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled and blushed. "Ok." she said softly. "i'd like that." and she walked with him to the park. They sat on a bench and she looked down at her hands. "So...how...what..." she thought for a moment, trying to organize what she was trying to say. "What exactly...not really what 'are' you...but...how do you 'work', that's not really the word of choice...but it is the only way i can explain it at the moment." she said and kept her gaze on her hands in her lap.
vindr / illian: he smiles and takes off his shirt "see this white 'undershirt'?" he shakes his head and the while the 'shirt' opens as white wings "no you don't because it's not a shirt it is wings... and they channel my dragon magic while i'm in human form"
NoraNay / Kaname: she looked at him, puzzled for a moment before turning away again. "i..i understand." she said and looked up at the sky. It was starting to get dark out. she looked at him,stareing at him eyes.
vindr / illian: he smiles and opens his wings wide "here step on my feet and hold on tight..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she looked at him for a moment..trying to decide weather or not that would be a good idea, but her curiousity had gotten the better of her. she stood up slowly, trying to not cause her side any more pain. she held his waist gently and stepped on his feet.
vindr / illian: he put his arms around her shoulders to makes sure she didn't fall "hold tight... don't want you to fall..." he said this smiling as they raised up into the sky...
NoraNay / Kaname: Her grip tightened and she squeezed her eyes shut. she opened after she knew that he was going no higher. she looked down hesitantly and smiled at the view below her...it was breath taking. she looked up at him and smiled. "it's beautiful." she exclaimed.
vindr / illian: he smiles "isn't it... i can show you a place i love but we'll have to free fall for a second..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she looked scared for a moment..but again,her curiousity got the better of her. she nodded and shut her eyes..ready for the fear that would grip her.
vindr / illian: he holds her tighter and his wings quickly wrap around them and they begin to fall but a few seconds later they were standing still "we're here... but before i open my wings... are you afraid of the water?"
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked at him and smiled. "yes very afraid..that is why we would go to the beach dirning the summer." she said and laughed. she kissed him gently on the cheek and smiled. "no..i am not afraid.
vindr / illian: he smiles returning the kiss and opens his wings to reveal that they are standing on a cliff over looking the ocean
NoraNay / Kaname: She got off of his feet cautiously and looked over the edge,still holding onto his waist. her eyes lit up with excitement and she looked back at him. she layed her head on his chest. "it's beautiful." she sighed.
vindr / illian: he hugs her kissing her forehead at the same time "i see something more beautiful than the look of the ocean..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she looked at him with a puzzled look. "and may i ask what that would be or is it personal?" she asked.
vindr / illian: he laughs and kisses her lightly on the lips "it's you..." he stands behind her with his arms over her shoulders and his chin on the top of her head
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled. "Thank you." she said. She looked back up at him. "may i be taken back to where reality may still be." she said smiling. "i think i am getting dizzy..being up for too long."
vindr / illian: he smiles picking her up and takes off over the water where there was more room between them and the water "hold on..." he says as his wings cover them again and they fall for a second before they are back in the park...
NoraNay / Kaname: She held her head dazed. "you move so fast." she said smiling again. Her face flushed. "Thank you though."
vindr / illian: "i'm not really moving fast i'm teleporting.." he sets her on a bench and covers his wing again "i used light to move me wherever i wanna go..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she looked up at him. "school all seems pintless now. i think you just went against all of the laws of phisics." she said and ;aughed in that melodical(sp?) tone again.
vindr / illian: he sits next to her and smiles "yea we dragons do tend to do that..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she laughed. She looked at the sky and sighed. "it's getting late..i really should head home." she said and stood up. "i guess i'll see you tomorrow?" she asked.
vindr / illian: "i can take you home..." he offered standing up "would you rather fly with my human form or my dragon form?"
NoraNay / Kaname: she looked at him and smiled. "i think i'll walk." she said and held out her hand. "coming?"
vindr / illian: he entwines their fingers "yep" he kisses her again and let's her lead the way...
NoraNay / Kaname: She fianlly came to her house and turned to him. "This is it. can i get you anything before you leave?" she said smiling at him.
vindr / illian: he smiles "nothing that you should give right now..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she looked up at him, a puzzled expression on her face but decided not to ask. she leaned up and kissed him lightly. "See you tomorrow then." she said and started up the steps. she turned back. "and illian, please be careful." she said and walked insode her house.
vindr / illian: he smiles again and walks toward his hide out...
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled to herself when she entered her house. she was exhausted. she changed out of her cloths and went to bed.
vindr / illian: he walked into the hide out and was assaulted with questions of "where were you sir?" and "how is your girl sir?" he just ignored them and ordered a few people to watch for the rebels before going to sleep...
NoraNay / Kaname: Kitarae awkoe and got up slowly. she knew that yesterday was a dream but it was herd to beleive. she got dressed and walked outside. she saw John getting ready to leave. "morning." she called and walked over to him. "Morning miss kitarae." she looked at his bags. "going away?" "no..I joining at army." "army?" "yeah..there are humans that are helping the half dragond...we don't want to become slaves...so abunch of us are joining to help." kitarae though for a moment. she could join...of course Illian would hate that..but maybe...just maybe. "I'll think about it." she thought to herself. "Well..i wish you the best of luck." "same to you kitarae." he said and they parted. she walked down the street slowly pondering to herself.
vindr / illian: illian ran toward kitarae's house hoping she hadn't heard about the small army being formed 'i should have payed more attention last night...' as he ran around a corner and ran into somebody when he looked up his heart nearly stopped "kit... i'm so sorry..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she shook her head and grabbed illian's shoulder so she wouldn't fall. she caught her balance and let go. "hey...it's fine...don;t worry about it." she looked at him. she knew he was probably going to fight and the idea scared her a bit.
vindr / illian: he helps her up and enywines his fingers in hers "where were you going?" he asks looking a bit worried...
NoraNay / Kaname: she thought for a moment. she decided not to answer his question. "Illian....are you going?..to war?.....are you going to fight with them?" she asked and looked at the ground.
vindr / illian: he shakes his head "the group of dragons who are respectable and kind... the group that i am part of... we wont fight unless the rebels attack... then we will defend everyone, human and dragon..." he hugs her "i don't want you to join us... you will be hurt... unless you are half dragon..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "illian...but I am not a half dragon...and I want to help...in any way i can." she said and looked up at him desparately. "please...you must let me help."
vindr / illian: he looks away whispering "there is a way for you to be half dragon..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked at him. She wasn't sure what that way was...but a part of her wanted to find out. "well, I must be off...i'llsee you later ok?" she asked hoping he would let her go without a fight.
vindr / illian: he grabs her arm and pulled her back "i won't let you leave until you promise you won't fight until you are ready to become half-dragon..." he had a look of sadness on his face
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked away from his face. She hated to see him like that. she sighed. "Illian." she said desparately. "Fine, you have my word...I won't fight until I become a half-dragon." she emphasized the word 'fight'. "Ok?...can I go now?"
vindr / illian: he pulls her into a hug before letting her go "please don't get hurt..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She rested her head against his chest. "I promise." she said and pulled away. "see you later." she said and lefte around the corner. she entered a small office. she walked up to the desk. "hellp Kitarae." the mand said. "What can I do for you?" she looked down. "i want to join the army." she said and met his gaze. "what!? Kitarate...you could get hurt."
"I won;t fight...but i can be a nurse or something of that sort." she said calmly.
"but what if they attack camp...Miss Kitarae this is not a good idea."
"Please trust me."
"ok." he said and wrote her name down.
"Um...will Illian see this list?" she asked
"yes...he hasn't decided yet if he is staying or going with the army."
"going with the army?"
"Yeah...they have to leave...the dragons are attacking different areas."
"Oh, well i have a feeling he will be going with us now." she said. "Thanks for you help." she said and left.
vindr / illian: he walks into the hidden door behind the recruitment office and walks up to his room looking for his necklace that he had bought the day before...
NoraNay / Kaname: kitarae smiled as she walked home. she walked in and got a suitcase. she started to pack it. she was scared..but at the same time excited. she had never left the town and was looking forward to leaveing." she walked outside and sat on her porch when she was done. she Shut her eyes and enjoyed the sunlight.
vindr / illian: illian had decided to go see if what he had feared was true so he walked over to kit's and saw her on the porch "hello love..." he sat next her on the porch and looked down...
NoraNay / Kaname: She opened her eyes when she heard illian's familiar voice. "Hello..something the matter?" she asked, already knowing what was bothering him.
vindr / illian: he looked up with sadness in his eyes "you joined the army didn't you? i saw your name and didn't want to believe it was you..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "Yes..
I did...but I will not fight..i promised you. So..will you come to?" she asked with a slight smile.
vindr: he snaps and starts pacing "that is why the rebels want to kill or enslave humans... because most are primitive and don't realize that if we were to go to war with the rebels all the humans would die... me and my men were trying to recruit as many dragons as possible so that we could defend all you humans..." he kicks a rock that sails a few miles down the road "now there are humans trying to order my men around like we don't know how to do anything warlike..."
vindr / illian: ((sorry wrong char.))
NoraNay / Kaname: she stood up slowly and looked down. "so....your not...coming?" she asked and then looked up to meet his gaze.
vindr / illian: he grabs her hand "i have to go... because you are going... but my men are in the process of trying to convince the other humans to calm down until we get more dragons and half dragons..." he loks into her eyes and whispers "i love you and don't want to see you hurt..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled and took her index finger and tapped the tip of his nose. "your worry way to much for me...but i love you just the same." she said and smiled again. She kissed him lightly. "You worry way too much." she said again.
vindr / illian: he shakes his head "it's not possible to worry too much..." he kisses her and smiles
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled in return. She wasn;t going to argue with him. "Well..I finished packing..so what to do now?" she said to herself and looked up at the sky.
NoraNay / Kaname: "Oh....how rude of me." she said shaking her head. "Please, come in." she said and let him insode and into the kitchen. "Can I get you anything?"
vindr / illian: he follows her into the house "sure if you have a dr. pepper..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She nodded and went to the fridge. She took out a soda and handed it to him. "Here." she said and motioned for him to sit. She sat in a chair across from him. "So..I have a question....do half dragons....do they eat the same food as humans?" she asked eyeing the soda.
vindr / illian: he nods taking a drink "yeah all dragons and half dragons eat and drink the same things when in human form... but when we are in dragon form we eat all meat and drink water only..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She contemplated that. "Oh." she said and it seemd like her thoughts were elsewhere. "So...how long do you think this war will last." she said focusing again.
vindr / illian: he shrugs "i have no idea... i may have taken only a couple of years before but now that we have to keep humans from dying it might take longer..."
NoraNay / Kaname: Fear crossed her face before she concealed it. "Great." she muttered. she sighed. she wasn't sure if joining the war was the best decision she had ever made but she was not about to turn back now. "I'm sure everything will work out.....somehow." she wispered and looekd at the table.
vindr / illian: he slides the chair he is in closer to her "i won't let you die in this war... i won't let any human die or be captured..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled and put her hand on his then took it away. "That's good." she said. The phone rang. she stood up and picked it up. Her face paled. "no...wait...where is the fire...ok..ok..I got it...what floor is he on....no stay where you are..i'll get help." she hung up the phone and yelled as she ran. "The is a building on fire..i have to get help." she said and she ran out the door.
vindr / illian: he runs after her "did you forget i can fly?" as he says this his wings come out from under his shirt "what building and who is in it?
NoraNay / Kaname: It took her a minute to grasp that before she nodded. "The central bank...and tons of people are in it...Mr.Bostov..the neighbor...he's on the 4th floor." kiarae said quickly. she hesitated when she saw the wings. she wasn't sure wheather or not to get on.
vindr / illian: he nods "you go back in and call to see if the fire department is on it's way..." he flies off towards the bank...
NoraNay / Kaname: she shook her head. "always leaving me behind." she muttered as she ran back into the house. she called up and the fire department was on their way. She sighed. she hated being left behind. she she ran down and saw the smoke. "miss kitarae." one of the firefighters said. "here." he handed her two children. "Oh." she said and wrapped her arma around them. "Where are your parents?" she asked softly. "They pointed to two people who were getting taken into an ambulance. Kitarae put her hand over her mouth. "i'm so sorry. here i'll take you to the hospital...come on." she said and picked the smaller one up and walked them to the hospital. she left them in the room with their oparents and went back outside to see if she could help.
vindr / illian: he lands next to one of the firefighters that had joined the army and sets down three unconcious people "there are more people in there..." as he goes to return to the building he sees kitarae...
NoraNay / Kaname: Another few children were passed to her. "why were their children in there?" she asked. "when the orphange got burned we had to put the children somewhere." he replied. Kitarae gasped. She was took about 25 kids to the hospital before the fire was out and the people were safe. she leaned agaisnt the wall on the side of the building.
vindr / illian: he places three more people in an ambulance, with a total of 24, and runs over to kit "ok do they know why it caught fire? i mean if it was something inside like an outlet?"
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked up at him...her face grim. "They came back...they attacked again. Everyone thinks that they will call war soon." she said and looked down at the ground. "People are getting hurt illian...something has to be done."
vindr / illian: he sighs and looks down "i will order my men to move out secretly tonight... don't you dare tell any of the humans who joined the army... we are going to attack the rebels in there own base..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked up and put her hand gently on his face. "i promise...but only if you promise to come back unharmed." she said. "Promise me."
vindr / illian: he kisses her gently on the lips "i promise... this won't stop the attacks on the city but it will delay anymore from happening for a while..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled. "Ok..I trust you." she said and sighed. "I truely am pathetic." she said. "how i feel when you are away from me...it truely is pathetic."
vindr / illian: he shakes his head "it's not pathetic it's love..."he kisses her again "in any case we have a few hours until i need to leave so what do you want to do?"
NoraNay / Kaname: She took his hand. "Well...now that i really know who you are." she said. "I want you to tell me more." she started down the street and pulled him with her until he followed next to her. "Is your whole family like that?"
vindr / illian: he frowns "the only one left in my family is my brother and he is fighting with the rebels..." he closes his eyes trusting her to guide him "he killed our parents because they thought it wrong to have humans as slaves..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She stopped walking and gasped. "i'm so sorry." she said and shook her head. A tear fell down her cheek and she truebnd her back to him and continued walking in slilence.
vindr / illian: he shakes his head "no it's fine... i never liked him and he never liked me and i'm actually glad he's joined the rebels, because now he can get what he deserves..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She didn't turn to him and she remained silent as she walked ahead of him. She nodded.
vindr / illian: he hurries up next to her "are you ok?" he puts an arm around her...
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked at him. "what you said bothers me. Don't you love your brother?....you shouldn't want him to be hurt." she said trying to understand.
vindr / illian: he nods "i should love him... but it is hard when all i have known him from was torture, ever since i can remember he tortured me... and then he killed my parents..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "Oh Illian! i'm so sorry." she said and hugged him tightly. she didn't know what she would do if she ever lost her mother.
vindr / illian: he smiles and returns the hug "i plan on making him sorry for what he has done, so that he will not harm you... i recieved a letter last night from him saying that his first slave will be you... that is why i decided to attack tonight..." he kisses her with a grim look "i have to go get ready soon..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She nodded and kissed him passionately. "you still have to keep your promise...you promised that you wouldn't let anything happen to you." she reminded him and smiled slightly.
vindr / illian: he nods "i know and i plan on it... plus i'll have the advantage of surprise on my side..." he picks her her and flies her to her house "now i must go..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She kissed him passionately again. "I'll miss you." she said and hugged him tightly.
vindr / illian: he smies and returns the hug "i'll try to be back here tommorrow afternoon..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She nodded and watched him go. She was shocked at how sad she felt when she watched him leave. She walked inside and went up to her room. she looked out the window and prayed that he would be safe.
vindr / illian: he flies to the compound and packs a few things to eat and grabs some of his weapons then goes to join his army...
NoraNay / Kaname: It had been about an hour before she heard a noise downstairs. she crept to the steps and slowly went down. "hello? anyone there/" she said and entered the kitchen. she saw it...the man,standing there then when she blinked, he was a dragin. she screamed and dove under the table when he tried to get her. He screached and tried to break the table.
vindr / illian: he had knew his brother would send someone after her so he sent his neko friend over to watch her house...
vindr / tensaku: tensaku runs in and tackles the dragon putting his knuckle blades to his neck "miss kitarae are you ok?"
NoraNay / Kaname: She screamed again as the table smashed and he grabbed her by her wrists. "no...let go!" she screamed and he laughed.
NoraNay / Kaname: "Help!!!" she screamed as she fell to the floor.
vindr / tensaku: tensaku growls and cuts the juggular of the struggling dragon under him "miss i am not here to hurt you... i am tensaku... i was sent here by illian to protect you..." he stands up and wipes off his blade and offers her a hand...
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked at him and hesitated. She wasn't sure wheather or not he was telling her the truth. She took his hand, choosing to trust him and she got up. Her kitchen was a mess.
vindr / tensaku: he nods and picks up the dragon's human body and throws it out the door "illian told you that his brother would come for you did he not? and he is going to attack tonight, you and me are the only ones not going that he told..."
vindr / tensaku: he nods and picks up the dragon's human body and throws it out the door "illian told you that his brother would come for you did he not? and he is going to attack tonight, you and me are the only ones not going that he told..."
vindr / tensaku: he nods and picks up the dragon's human body and throws it out the door "illian told you that his brother would come for you did he not? and he is going to attack tonight, you and me are the only ones not going that he told..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked at him, then at her kitchen. Everything she thought was true and right, now changed. "I...I don't understand...what did I do to him?...why does he want to kill me?" she asked quietly, still stareing at her destroyed room.
vindr / tensaku: he shakes his head "he doesn't want you dead... he wants you as his slave to piss illian off... now go get some clothes and anything you might need, we're going to illian's place..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She stared at him for a moment before nodding and heading up stairs. she had never been to Illian's place. she grabbed the bag that she had packed and came back downstairs. she sighed as she looked around. she wasn't sure if she would ever see her house again. she came back into the kitchen. "Ok...I'm ready." she said.
vindr / tensaku: he nods and grabs the bag she has and asks her to hop on his back "i can get us there faster than having you walk..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She hesitated. she still wasn't sure if it was safe but then got on his back and shut her eyes.
vindr / tensaku: he ran out the back door, jumped to the roof of the closest building, and began to jump from roof to roof "we'll be there in a minute..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She kept her eyes shut. while he ran she hoped that Illian was ok.
vindr / tensaku: he stops ontop of an odd building and jumps down to an open window setting her inside "here you get comfortable and lock this window... i'm going to tell illian that you are safe..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she nodded and watched him leave. She locked all of the windows and doors and felt scared by the silence around her.
vindr / tensaku: he lands in the middle of the group of dragon, who were all in their human forms except for a few who had gone dragon "illian, kitarae is at your house would you like me to stay with her until your return?"
vindr / illian: illian nods "if it wouldn't trouble you my friend..."
NoraNay / Kaname: Kitarae was curled uo in a ball with her head against her knees...trying very hard to breath deeply. but she was too scared. she hated to be alone now and was hoping desparately that illian was ok.
vindr / tensaku: he smiles "i'm always glad to help a friend..." he then leaps away from the dragons and a few minutes later he is at the window of illian room "kitarae let me in..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked up and then saw who it was. she hurried to the window and opened it. "sorry." she wispered.
vindr / tensaku: he smiles "no i told you to lock it... illian wants me to stay here with you until he returns... he will be ok... the dragon i killed earlier was the strongest that the rebels have besides illian's brother and i know for a fact that illian is stronger than that traitorous bastard..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she flinched when she heard that. but composed her face. she knew why they said things like that. She sat back down on the couch and out her arms around her knees. "When will he be back?" she wispered.
vindr / tensaku: he shakes his haed and sits on the back of a chair "i don't know how long it will take them, because they are just leaving now..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "Oh." she said quietly. "When can i go home?" she then asked.
vindr / illian: illian nods to the rest of the group and they all shift to their dragon forms and fly off...
vindr / tensaku: he looks to the ground "it won't be safe for you to go home until illian returns... but he will be back sometime tonight, or in the morning..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she sighed. "He can't protect me forever." she murmured under her breath.
vindr / tensaku: he looks up and smiles "he knows that but he is willing to try..." he hops off the chair and goes to the fridge "want anything?"
NoraNay / Kaname: She shook her head. "no thanks...I'm not hungry." she said and put her head on her knees again.
vindr / tensaku: he walks over and sits next to her eating some fresh tuna "don't worry he will be fine... if it makes you feel any better, this is nothing compared to what he went up against when i first saw him fight... now he has some help on his side..."
NoraNay / Kaname: All she did was nod. It didn't make her feel better at all. she stood up and walked over to the window and stared out. There were still people around the orphange and the bank where the fires were. she saw familes gathering around eachother...mourning over loved ones...and it made her feel sick.
vindr / tensaku: he looks to the floor "you know he's doing all of this for you... illian i mean..." he throws the empty tuna can and it lands in the trash can "he loves you more than his own kind..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She spun around and looked at him. "i know." she wispered. "I'm not worht it." she added and shook her head.
vindr / tensaku: he laughs "you don't get it... to him you are worth it, and that is all that really matters... if he could, he would become human..." he looks at her and shakes his head "that is why his brother is coming after you..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "what?" she said and turned around. "why would he come to get me because of that?" she said,confused now.
vindr / tensaku: he looks at her amazed "you haven't figured it out? his brother wants something that will give him power over illian... and if he has you he will be able to control illian with ease... that is the only way illian will lose to his brother"
NoraNay / Kaname: "what?...No!...I can't pssibly be that important...he can't give up for me....I won't allow it." she protested and looked at Tensaku.
vindr / tensaku: he stands up and puts his hand on her shoulder "kit he loves you with all his heart and he doesn't want to see you hurt. he will do anything for you to keep you safe and that is why he sent me to watch over you when he left... he knew what his brother was thinking..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "That gives him no right to work for his brother for my sake." she said but she felt truely wonderful after hearing Tensaku's words. "I don't know what i would do if he were to be controled bacause of me."
vindr / tensaku: he chuckles "that is why i'm here... to keep his brother from getting his hands on you..." he goes to the window and looks out it "you think i could leave you here by yourself for a few minutes? i've got a job to finish..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she nodded. "Yeah..I'll be fine." she said and smiled slightly.
vindr / tensaku: he looks at her and then opens the window and whistles "i won't leave you here alone..." as he said this three cats with white collars attached to their tails appear in the window and the largest one speaks "what'cha need boss?" he climbs out the window and nods toward kit "keep her company while i go make a kill to get the money i was promised..."
NoraNay / Kaname: Kitarae looked at the cats and stepped back. she walked to the other side of the room and stayed far away from them. Her fear was plain on her face.
vindr / tensaku: two of the cats went to the only windows and watched for danger and the third and largest of them (one is the size of a kitten another is just a little bigger and thelast a full grown adult house cat) walks over to kit and purrs "there is no need to fear us, we only scout out the bounties for tensaku.. we are only here to protect you..." he then walks closer to her slower with his head down trying to not to scare her...
NoraNay / Kaname: she screamed and jumped back. "Dragons...half-dragons and now talking cats." she mummbled under her breath. she sunk to the floor uneasily. she tried to breath evenly with no sucess. "just...please...stay over there." she said and pointed away from her.
vindr / tensaku: one of the smaller cats opens the window it is watching and tensaku jumps back in "are you ok? these guys are friends they won't hurt you... and illian is headed back this way... they are done earlier than i thought..." he nods to the cats and they leap out of the window...
NoraNay / Kaname: she stood up slowly. "i'll be fine." she said her voice strained.
vindr / tensaku: he looks worried "are you sure? you should sit down..." he tries to help her to the couch "illian would kill me if i let anything happen to you..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She put her hands up and stepped back. "i'm fine..honestly...not to worry." she said and sighed.
vindr / tensaku: he nods and locks the window before walking to the door "if you need me, i'll be in the hall... oh and we still have an hour before illian gets here then i'll be out of your hair.."
NoraNay / Kaname: When he left she sighed and. This was not going well for her. she felt herself falling apart more and more every second. she leaned against the wall and put her head in her hands.
vindr / tensaku: he sat outside the door up against it as the cats walk to him "tensaku there are dragons coming this way... we couldn't see who they were so we came to tell you" he curses and gets to the roof top just as a large group of dragons, all in dragon form, land there...
kairne / xyphers: (imma be a rebel um can i be a half breed if not i'll be a full dragon can someone fill me in)
vindr / tensaku: ((you can be half breed but you will be one of the lower class soldiers for the rebels and the only thing you really need to know at the moment unless you wanna scroll back is that the rebels just got ambushed by illian and some of his dragons))
NoraNay / Kaname: Kaname heard a loud crash on the top of the roof and saw the window shatter. All she saw was a scaley tail before she sreamed. One of the men walked in...followed by others. "this little worthless girls is what the boss wants?" one of them said and made a disgusted face. "get her and let's go." one of the others said and one came over and grabbed her...she screamed again.
vindr / illian: illian heard kit's scream and him and his army shift to human and run with tensaku down to his appartmentand saw six of his brother's henchmen, one of which had kit over his shoulder "let her go bastards..." he growls and slammed a claw through the skull of the guy/dragon that had kit
NoraNay / Kaname: Kitarae was dropped to the ground and she held her head. she ducked and ran under Illian's table and watched the fight.
vindr / illian: illian's eyes go red and the remaining dragons die within minutes, while the dragons who were under illian's command cower back, having never seen this side of illian. when all the dragons had been killed he settles down, seeing kit under a table and walks to her "are you alright love? did they hurt you?"
NoraNay / Kaname: She came out from under the table and held her arm. she had a small cut but nothing bad. "just a little cut..I'm fine...are you ok?" she asked in a shaky voice. she was more scared than she had ever been.
vindr / illian: he sighs with relief "i'm fine... i'm sorry if i scared you there, but the only thing going through my mind was that you would be taken from me if i didn't act fast..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she put her hand lightly on his lips so that he wouldn't finish his sentence. "I'm fine." she said and hugged him tightly. "what's going on?" she wispered in his ear.
vindr / illian: he shrugs "i guess the dragon that tensaku killed had backup and when he didn't come back they followed you guys and waited til tensaku was away from you to attack..." he kisses her lightly "i'm sorry i left you alone..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "don't be sorry...you can't always protect me." she said and kissed him...keeping her lips on his.
vindr / illian: he puts his arms around her middle deepening the kiss slightly and all of his men/dragons look to the ground and back out of the room, including tensaku who closes the door...
NoraNay / Kaname: She let her hands rest on his chest and kissed him back. she felt all of the years of wanting to kill him come out in this one kill. she pulled away. "i love you." she said and kissed him again.
vindr / illian: he smiles pushing her gently onto the couch and sitting next to her "i love you too..." kisses her again...
NoraNay / Kaname: She leaned her head on his shoulder and shut her eyes gently. "I'm sorry...that you havr to protect me all the time." she wispered.
vindr / illian: he lifts her head so she is looking into his eyes "love i will protect you with my life just because i love you, not because i have to..." he kisses her lightly before putting an arm around her waiste again pulling her closer
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled and layed on his chest. she let her hand disappear under his shirt and she touched his cold skin with her hand.
vindr / illian: he kisses her cheek "please don't do that, it's hard enough to control my animal instincts..." he clinches the hand not around her into a fist, and his leg starts bouncing...
NoraNay / Kaname: She backed away and looked at him with a weird gaze. she wasn't sure whether to be scared or curious. "Ok." she said and nodded.
vindr / illian: he chuckles "my instincts are nothing to be afraid of, they just make me a little rough if i get 'hyper' and you don't want to see that right now do you?"
NoraNay / Kaname: She blushed and shook her head. "I don't think so. So what know..will I get to go home? or is that not safe?" she asked.
vindr / illian: he sighs "well my brother will continue to try to kidnap you... so would you rather stay here with me or me stay with you?"
NoraNay / Kaname: "Well...I have no kitchen, most of the windows on the side of my house have been smashed, and part of my staircase is broken....so I guess it would be better if I stayed here." she said and shook her head and sighed.
vindr / illian: he sighs "my men can fix your house in a couple hours if you want to stay there..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "No..no it's fine...I just have to go and get the rest of my things...if that's ok." she said and looked at him again.
vindr / illian: he smiles nodding "you need a ride? i'll be glad to get you there"
NoraNay / Kaname: Sghe stood up and shook her head. "No..i'll walk..I need to clear my head." she said and smiled slightly. "You can come with me though if you want."
vindr / illian: he smiles "i think i will..." takes her hand and waits for her to head out...
NoraNay / Kaname: she walked out of the appartment building with illian and walked down the street to her house...staying silent but thinking to herself. She tried to calm her self anf she felt her body slightly shaking.
vindr / illian: he stops her and looks into her eyes "i'm sorry... i shouldn't have dragged you into this... will you be ok?"
NoraNay / Kaname: she looked up at him and kissed him gently then put her head against his chest lightly. "Yes...I wouldn't want to be anywhere else." she said and shut her eyes gently.
vindr / illian: he smiles then sniffs and growls slightly picking her up and running the rest of the way to her house...
NoraNay / Kaname: when she was fianlly put back on the ground she looked up at illian concerned. "are you ok?" she asked, unlocking her door.
vindr / illian: he looks down both side of the street "i smell blood and death. my brother is a shadow dragon and knows some necromancy... you can guess what that means..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She nodded. "i'll be quick." she said and ran up the stairs,throwing everything into a bag. she ran back down. "Ok..i'm ready. Let's go." she said and took his hand.
vindr / illian: he nods and his wings rip his shirt off "we're flying this time... not taking any chances..." he then picks her up and flies quickly toward his house...
NoraNay / Kaname: she was placed gently on the ground again and they walked up to illian's appartment. They walked in and Kitarae seated herself on the couch again and sighed. she was exhausted.
vindr / illian: he looks out the window then mutters something before walkg over to a wall smiling "if you wanna go to sleep you can have my bed..." at the he kicks the wall and a bed slides out near the bottom of it...
NoraNay / Kaname: she was really tired. "No..you need the rest from fighting...I'll take the couch..It's fine." she said and smiled. she layed back against the couch and yawned. "i'll just change." she said and went into the bathroom and came out in pants and a top. she also had her hair down. she sat back on the couch and looked into Illian's eyes.
vindr / illian: he chuckles and picks her up off the couch and sets her on the bed "now there is only one way i see us both getting our way..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she looked confused but smiled. "and what would that be?" she asked playfully.
vindr / illian: he hops into the bed next to her "we both get the bed... you have any objections?"
NoraNay / Kaname: She laughed and layed her head on his chest. "Not at all." she wispered.
vindr / illian: wraps his arms around her smiling "good..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she leaned up and kissed him. she put her arms around his neck. "you work to hard...you need to relax." she said and laughed.
vindr / illian: he raises an eyebrow tickling her side "how am i supposed to relax with you around? you just get me all excited..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she moved off of him and smiled. "Oh...I'm sorry..I didn't realize." she teased.
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled at him. "you need to relax...so I guess I'll leave you alone then." she said and laughed.
vindr / illian: pouts and rolls over on top of her "maybe i want to be excited..." smiles and kisses her neck
NoraNay / Kaname: she laughed and enjoyed the feeling of his kisses. Her hand rested on his chest gently. "Well....do you want to be excited?" she asked and smiled.
vindr / illian: he nods kissing her collar bone "of course... because you are the one doin it..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She giggled. his kisses were tickling her. "good." she said and smiled again. she ruffled his hair slightly. She turned her head away. Last time she touched his skin he got over excited and she had to stop. she wasn't sure wheather or not it was ok.
vindr / illian: he smiles "earlier i didn't want to do something you didn't want to do... if you want to have some fun then me geting wild will be a good thing..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smirked. "i like fun." she said and kissed his neck. Her hands went under his shirt and up his chest slowly.
vindr / illian: he shivers kisses her more "well then let the fun begin..." he putting his leg between hers and he kisses her neck again "the only thing i won't do with this fun is remove anything unless you ask me to... don't want to go too far..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled and brought hus lips to hers and kissed him passionately. Her hands all over his chest. "I trust you." she said.
vindr / illian: he looks at her questioningly "you want to let me go comepletely wild? if i do there is no turning back from this..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she looked at him and put a hand on the side of his face. "no turning back from what?" she asked him. she could see that he was torn between something and she wanted to help.
vindr / illian: he blushes moves off her "i thought you knew what i was talking about i'm sorry..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she sat up and looked at him. "you can tell me...I'm sorry if i am not understanding...what's wrong?" she touched his face again gently.
vindr / illian: he chuckles slightly "when i go wild the only dragon instincts i have take over... and those instincts are to mate..." he looks away extremely embarassed...
NoraNay / Kaname: She laughed and smiled at him, and took his hand. "you didn't need to be embarrassed." she said then blushed. "
I'm just not ready yet." she said.
vindr / illian: he looks at her appoligeticly "that's why i said earlier you might not want to get me too excited or i might lose myself to my wild side... but that doesn't mean you can't touch me, just don't try to tickle me..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she laughed softly. "I think I can do that." she said and smiled. she leaned her head on his chest. "good night." she said and shut her eyes.
vindr / illian: he smiles closing his eyes with a happy sigh and his arms around her...
NoraNay / Kaname: She awoke when the sun hit her eyes.she sat up. She had rolled next to Illian. She got up and looked at illian sleeping. She walked out of the room and went into the kitchen to make breakfast.
<<see you in a week>>
vindr / illian: he sighs as he feels her leave the room and mutters to himself "what have i gotten her into?"
NoraNay / Kaname: She made eggs and toast and put them on the table for illian. she wasn't hungry. she sat at the table and put her head in her hands and tried to tell herself that this was all a dream.
<<Hey...sorry that i have been gone so long.>>
vindr / illian: he walks in and kisses her forehead taking a piece of toast while whispering "i'm sorry you were brought into this..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked up and smiled. "I told you...i wouldn't want to be anywhere else." she said and smiled again. She stood up and walked over to the counter. "i made coffee....would you like any?"
vindr / illian: he nods "sure... thank you... love, why do i get the feeling you don't like what's goin on as much as you say you don't mind..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled as she placed his coffee in front of him. "you are right..I do not like what is going on...but I do not mind it much...I wouldn't like to be away from you...knowing that you are fighting somewhere....I want to help." she said and sat across from him.
vindr / illian: he sighs "love the only way i can be sure you won't be hurt in the fights i get in would be for you to become a half-dragon, and i know you aren't ready for that..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled. "trust me..I will be fine..I have you." she said and reached her hand across the table and touched his...before drawing back again and standing up. "I need to wash up and get dressed. Be right back." she said and left the kitchen.
vindr / illian: he sighs and says loud so he can hear him "would you mind trying to befriend tensaku... he is my friend and i have asked him to watch you when i can't..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She spoke while getting changed. "I will try...it's just...i feel very uncomfortable with his talking cats." she said honestly and came out again with her hair up.
vindr / illian: he chuckles "he didn't tell you? those cats are his little brothers and sister... they got stuck in their cat form..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she tried but could not conceal her fear. she opened her mouth and then shut it quickly. She stared at Illian with a weird expression on her face.
vindr / illian: he laughs "they were following tens when hewas on a mission, and they had been in their cat forms. well tens as ambushed and the little ones had been knocked unconcious. when they woke up they couldn't change back to their 'human' forms"
NoraNay / Kaname: She stared at him strangely before turning away. "It is easy for you to be calm." she said under her breath. "I can't help being afraid." she said to him. "It's just...so unreal."
vindr / illian: he nods "i could easily send you back to a normal life... but you would lose all memory of me and carry a different name... you don't want that do you?"
NoraNay / Kaname: She shook her head. "No that is not what I want." she wispered and started on the dishes. "Is it difficult for you...having me know all of this?" she asked without turning to him.
vindr / illian: he stands and put his arms around her waist "it's ot difficult for me, i'm just afraid it's difficult for you" he kisses her cheek
NoraNay / Kaname: She wiped her hands on a towel and turned to him. "It is not too difficult." she said. "but It is very confusing." she said and kissed him.
vindr / illian: he smiles ad kisses her again "oh ok... anything i can do to help rid this confusion?" his arms are still around her waist
NoraNay / Kaname: "I'm not6 sure if there is any explanation for everything that is going on....I am still confused though....why am I in danger?"
vindr / illian: he sighs "you're in danger beause my brother knows i love you... that's the best expanation i can give..." he pulls her into the other room onto the couch so that she is sitting on his lap...
NoraNay / Kaname: She leaned her head on his shoulder. "So what's on the agenda for today?" she asked, looking up at him.
vindr: he smiles "nothing really just you and me all day..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled. She liked the idead...but she din't want to stay indoors all day. she enjoyed being outside to much. "Want to go anywhere?" she asked.
vindr / illian: he smiles and kisses her "anywhere you wanna go love... just name it..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She thought for a moment. "Well....I was thinking...there was this place that I wanted to show you...I go there when I want to think." she said and touched his hair.
vindr / illian: he slips his shirt off to unbind his wings "tell me exactly where it is and we will be there in a second..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She touched his wings lightly and scowled teasingly. "That takes all of the fun out of it." she whined then laughed. "nuh uh...no way." she said and smiled.
vindr / illian: he smilies and puts his wings away and puts his shirt back on "ok then gimme a second to make sure everyone is ready... we have to have a guard..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she looked at him then sighed but nodded also. she didn't want either of them to get hurt. "Ok." she said and smiled slightly.
vindr / illian: he smiles "you won't even know they're there..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled wider and took his hyand. "Ok....come on...let's go." she said and pulled him to the door. "Ready?"
vindr / illian: he nods following her "of course..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she led him to her house and stopped to stare at the damage before leading him into the woods behind it. she led him into a small ring of trees...where the light showed through slightly. there were light colored flowers and under one of the trees was a small bench. she sat down on the bench and smiled at him.
vindr / illian: he smiles and sits beside her "so this is your favorite place?"
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled and nodded. she turned her head and watched as the little light came through the trees. "I used to play here when i was a kid." she said and turned to face him.
vindr / illian: he smiles and kisses her jaw "it's beautiful like you.."
NoraNay / Kaname: she blushed and her face got a little wamrer from embarrassement
vindr / illian: he pulls her closer "don't be embarassed... it's true..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she blushed again and leaned against him. she was not used to being told things like that.
vindr / illian: he smiles and kisses her "you seem cold love... are you alright?" he asks feeling her arm...
NoraNay / Kaname: "Y-Yeah...fine...you don't need to worry that much." she said quietly, looking at him.
vindr / illian: he takes off his jacket and places it around her "i don't like it..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She pulled the jacket around her. "Thanks." she said softly. "But...won't you be cold?" she asked concerned.
vindr / illian: he smiles and kisses her "i am a dragon remember... i have an internal heater..." he the holds her hand to his face and it heats up in seconds
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled and blushed. "you are warm." she commented and leaned against him.
<<Sorry I won't be on tomorrow>>
vindr / illian: he pulls her onto his lap and wraps his arms around her heating her up "and you are quite cold... maybe we should go inside..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled and nodded. "Ok....I am getting cold." she said and stood up and help out her hand. "It's easier to stay out here in the spring." she said and smiled.
vindr / illian: he picks her up bridal style trying to use his body heat to keep her warm "your house since it's closer?"
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked at her house and thought of the destrustion insiode and it almost made her cry. "Um...could we....um.." she wasn't sure how to word her feelings.
vindr / illian: he frowns slightly "let's go back to my place so i can have our guard go do some work for me..." he leaps into the air flying slowly toward his apartment.
NoraNay / Kaname: She breathed a sigh of releif when he didn't ask questions. she thought that he knew though. she leaned her head against his chest so she wouldn't see how high they were.
vindr / illian: he lands on the roof and opens the door to the stairway "you head down to the apartment i need to talk to the dragons that had been following us..." at that moment eight men land on the roof
NoraNay / Kaname: She nodded and walked down the stairs. she walked in and sat on the couch and shut her eyes. she was too tense to fall asleep but tried to rest somehow.
vindr / illian: he talked with the men and they flew off, then he walks down to his apartment "you want to go to bed? we can if you want..."
Aculara / Sillina: -can i join in?-
NoraNay / Kaname: she opened her eyes. "Oh...no no no...I'm fine....I don't want to sleep." she said and smiled slightly at him. "everything ok?"
vindr / illian: ((you can if you don't mind reading a few pages)) he smiles "everything is fine... you're house will be as good as new tommorrow morning... i hope you don't mind my men staying there tonight, i promise they won't get into anything they shouldn't..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She shook her head. "I trust you...thay can stay." she said happy at the thought of her house together again.
vindr / illian: he plops down next to her on the couch "good cause i'd have to go tell them htey couldn't stay myself, and i don't want to leave right now for anything..."
NoraNay / Kaname: Her face turned bright red and she looked at her lap. she never loved anyone like Illian so she was not used to that. "Why not?" she wispered.
<<If you read demon wars...you will know why i will not be here.>>
vindr / illian: he kisses her "because i wanna stay here and sit with you... maybe watch a movie..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled up at him. "Sounds good." she said. she needed something to take her mind off what was after her.
vindr / illian: he nods "what movie do you wanna watch? we can watch any movie you want..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "Um....how about...<<Insert movie name here>>?" she said and smiled. "Um..Illian..what is today's date?" she asked after a moment.
vindr / illian: he thinks then goes over to the calender "the 17th... why?"
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked away from him. she couldn't bear to look at his face when she said this. "Tomorrow..I leave...for the war..remember?" she said and kept her eyes on her hands.
vindr / illian: he shakes his head "no you don't... i am the commander remember? and i get to say who is going and who isn't... tensaku will be leading the battles until you are ready to help me face my brother..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "What!?" she said and looked up at him. she leaned her head against the couch and put her hand over her eyes. "Illian...I can't just sit here...I want to help...in any way i can." she said and sighed. "You can't keep me out of this."
vindr / illian: he sighs "it will be safer for everyone that is fighting for you to stay away from the battles... if you are there it will bring my brother there and there isn't one soldier that could touch my brother..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She sighed as well. she couldn't be selfish and risk everyone else's lives for her sake. "Ok...I understand." she said and opened her eyes and looked down at the floor. "I'm sorry."
vindr / illian: he shakes his head sitting beside her "it's not your fault... i want to fight too... but i will not force you to be put in an awkward situation with tensaku's siblings..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She thought about that for a moment. "So...if i got along with tensaku and his siblings...then I could fight?" she said and glanced at him.
<<Got to go...bibii>>
vindr / illian: he looks down "no i'd be able to fight... but i will show you how a dragon fights until you think you are ready to help kill my brother"
NoraNay / Kaname: "Show me how to fight?" she asked confused.
vindr / illian: he nods "a dragon uses few human weapons unless we wish to remain out of sight... i will teach you to use a sword... and when you are ready,tooth, claw, and tail..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She was still confused. "But..I...amd not...a...dragon." she said extremely confused.
vindr / illian: he smiles "yes i know, but you will be enough of one to use tooth claw and tail, when you are ready to become half dragon..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "I am still not following this." she said and raised an eyebrow.
vindr / illian: he sighs "the only way for you to become a half dragon is to mate with a full dragon and that dragon must incorporate their DNA into yours with a bite during the buissness... you said you weren't ready before... the only way for you to be able to even touch my brother is to become half dragon..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She blushed and looked away from his gaze. she didn't know what to say to that. she did not expect him to say that either. "Oh." was all that she could say.
vindr / illian: he looks down "i'm sorry... i was just saying that until you are ready you need to at least be able to defend yourself... so we will start your sword training when we can stay in your house... we'll use the backyard..." he stands up "i'll leave you to your thoughts if you want..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked up at him and tried to cover her expression. "no...it's fine...I would feel bad..this is your appartment...I'm fine...honestly...it just...took me by surprise...of all the reasons...i didn't...expect that one." she said and smiled at him. "You don't need to leave."
vindr / illian: he looks up and smiles "yeah we do... if you want to learn to fight we'll need to leave or else my house will look like yours did an hour ago..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled and stood up. "Ok then...lead the way."
vindr / illian: he chuckles pulling her onto his lap "love my men have yet to complete the fixing of your house..."
NoraNay / Kaname: Her face flushed from embarassement. she felt stupid. "O-Oh." she said. "I guess I didn't think of that." she said quietly.
vindr / illian: he smiles and kisses her "am i embarresssing you love? good... you are really cute when you blush..."
NoraNay / Kaname: His comment made her blush even more and she smiled at his words. she leaned in and kissed him gently.
vindr / illian: he laughs and returns the kiss and deepens it...
NoraNay / Kaname: She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned against him and shut her eyes.
NoraNay / Kaname: She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned against him and shut her eyes.
vindr / illian: lightly licks her lips asking for entrance, as he closes his eyes and parts his lips slightly...
NoraNay / Kaname: She opened her mouth slightly. she was so lost in the moment that she couldn't remember where she was...only that there was her...and him. And that was all that mattered.
vindr / illian: he slowly pushes his tongue past her lips and plays with hers before exploring her mouth...
NoraNay / Kaname: She felt his tongue in her mouth but didn't care. she let her hands trail down his spine slowly.
vindr / illian: his hands end up on her hips and pulls her closer, continuing to kiss her. he ends up laying her back on the couch leaning over her pulling back from the kiss, to kiss her neck, then her collarbone...
NoraNay / Kaname: one of her hands reached up and stroked his face lightly. The other one trailed down his back again. she kissed the side of his face...moving down to his neck.
vindr / illian: he smiles and looks into her eyes looking for the answer he needed "love... are you sure you want to continue this?"
NoraNay / Kaname: She thought for a moment and then smiled. "I'm am more sure than i ever was...and i know...after this...there is no turning back." she said seriously.
vindr / illian: he nods and kisses her again (ummm what would kit happen to be wearing at this moment?)
NoraNay / Kaname: She kissed him back.
<<Um....we'll go with pants and a shirt...it is easier.>>
vindr / illian: (bra?) he slowly slides his hand up her shirt moving the kisses down to her neck and he presses his thigh against the sensative spot between her legs to bring her pleasure...
NoraNay / Kaname: <<I guess.>>
She moaned slightly and undid the buttons on his shirt. She touched his chest. amazed at how muscular it was.
vindr / illian: unhooks her bra without removing her shirt, yet, so as to give her a chance to backout if she wanted to, then tweaks her nipples as he kisses her neck and with his free hand he begins unbuttoning and unzipping her pants...
NoraNay / Kaname: She studied his face. "I'm not backing out...I've decided." she said completely serious. She was sure. she loved him and wanted to help. She knew what had to be done. She undid his pants and slid them off.
vindr / illian: he nods pulling her shirt, bra, and pants off one hand sliding under her panties and the other playing with her breasts "ok well then i'll just have to make sure this is as much fun as i possibly can..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled at him then smirked. "Fun?"
vindr / illian: he nods plunging a finger into her opening "yep... fun..." he starts nibbling her nipples while fingering her...
NoraNay / Kaname: She moaned again and touched him gently and startd to thrust.
vindr / illian: he continues to slide his fingers in and out trying to get her to orgasm before he actually took her...
NoraNay / Kaname: She moaned again slightly and looked at him. There was determination in her eyes.
vindr / illian: he smiles and kisses her deeply as he pulls his finger out to play with her clit, which he has found normally makes women hit their climax faster...
NoraNay / Kaname: She moaned again and shut her eyes. she was reaching her point.
vindr / illian: he continues to play with her waiting for that last moan that signals her release...
NoraNay / Kaname: She moaned again and sighed. Her hands slid to his neck.
vindr / illian: he smiles and positions himself just outside her opening "you ready?"
NoraNay / Kaname: She nodded. "Yes...I am." she said and smiled at him. she knew that she would be different after this but she was ok with that.
vindr / illian: he entered slowly tryin not to hurt her until he felt resistance, at which point he pushes forward sharply to get passed
NoraNay / Kaname: She moaned again slightly. The only part she was nervous for was when he had to bite her. she wasn't so sure about what to do for that,but she trusted him.
vindr / illian: he groans in pleasure as he slowly moves in and out and his eyes slowly turn yellow and his pupils become slits as he continues...
NoraNay / Kaname: She didn't know what was going on. "Illian..are you...ok?" she asked between moanes.
vindr / illian: he nods "instincts... takin... over... fine..." he mumbles as his fangs grow about half an inch...
NoraNay / Kaname: She watched him with concern. he looked like he was in a fight.
vindr / illian: he closes his eyes continuing to thrust into her when he opens his eyes, they are completely yellow except for the black line that is his pupil. he grins as he reaches his peak and leans down biting into her shoulder, and sits there for a minute before pulling back..
NoraNay / Kaname: She squeezed her eyes shut as the pain dulled. She felt a pain in her head that she couldn't describe. she put her hand to her head trying to ease it.
vindr / illian: hsakes his head and his eyes return t normal as he stands up "i'm gonna get you something to cover that..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She nodded but didn't open her eyes. she took the other hand and put it over the bite.
vindr / illian: he hurries to the bathroom to get some gauze and an ace bandage. when he get's back he cleans the bite and wraps it up "there... now there are some signs that you are shifting... you should have a headache for one as you get the knowledge of how to survive... then you will grow your fangs, then your pupils will become slits before changin back, then the righ between your shoulder blades will hurt for about three days as your wings grow... then you will be able to shift to a dragon form..." he smiles slightly "you ok?"
NoraNay / Kaname: "I've been better." she said honestly and smiled. "I'm ok..thanks." she said and started to feel pains all over. she shut her eyes again and laid back.
vindr / illian: he smiles "i'm sorry but if you wanna help this is the only way..." he lays beside her wrapping her in his arms... (i'm goin to bed... night)
NoraNay / Kaname: <<Night.>>
She opened her eyes and looked at him. "i know...just everything hurts." she said and laid her head against his chest.
vindr / illian: (um kit is now halfdragon, once i train her to fight we will be going to fight the rebels...)he runs a hand through her hair, and kisses her forehead "i know... i am sorry about that, but your body is shifting and readjusting to allow you to change into the big beast that is a dragon..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "I know." she said and felt a surge of pain hit her back. she winced. "I understand...you did give me a choice."
vindr / illian: he rolls her ontop of him so the pain is less on her back as she begins to grow her wings "i am really sorry about this love..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She sighed. "will you stop apologizing...it is not your fault that i am in pain." she said. Talking loudly made her head spin. she laid it on Illian's chest.
vindr / illian: he sighs and puts one hand around her waist and the other on her head "whatever you say love..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She winced again. "And when does this end?" she asked quietly.
vindr / illian: he looks away "it should be over in another two hours.. the most painful part anyway..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "Ok...I can deal with that." she smiled.
vindr / illian: he smiles slightly "and that's when the dragon dna takes ahold of your reproductive organs... oh god, did i forget to tell you about that side effect of changing you?"
NoraNay / Kaname: Her face turned pale. "Yes...you did foeget that....what happeneds?" she asked scared.
vindr / illian: he sighs "dragon DNA doubles the chances of a couple having a baby... that's why there are so many of us..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She gasped and her face paled. "what?" she gasped, trying to get a hold on herself. "B-But...I...I'm 18!" she exclaimed and shut her eyes.
vindr / illian: he flinches and frowns "i know but there is still a 20% chance you won't get pregnant..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she sighed and winced from pain. "Yeah...I...guess." she sighed again.
vindr / illian: he smashes a hole in the wall with his head "i'm sorry... i can't believe i forgot that side effect..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "God..illian!" shs houted and took hold of his shoulders. "Please...please stop." she pleaded. "Illian....don't do that...it is not your fault...i'll be fine...."
vindr / illian: he looks at her confused "don't do what? put my head through a wall? i could put my head through a concrete wall and all i'd feel is a little sting..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "still for me...seeing you smash you head threw a wall...well that hurts me..so please." she hugged him tightly.
vindr / illian: he hugs her frowning "i am sorry i didn't realize..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She laughed slightly. "Well...if you saw me slaming my head threw a wallk what would you think?" she leaned up and kissed him.
<<got to go...bibii.>>
vindr / illian: he grins "i'd think the dragon dna finally took over..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "Yeah...the pain stopped." she said and laid her head on his chest.
vindr / illian: he smiles slightly "now your shoulder will be sore for a couple days as your wings grow to their full size... and you'll have to start wearin tank tops or nothin until you can wrap them around your chest... and if you don't start puking within the next week you won't get pregnant... at least not yet..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she sighed. "I think I got it all." she said and shook her head. "Is it always this complicated?" she asked and smiled.
<<gotta go...bibii.>>
vindr / illian: he shakes his head "only when turning someone..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She nonned and seemed to be thinking. she sat back on the couch and laid her head back and shut her eyes. The pain in her body was dying down.
vindr / illian: he sits next to her and kisses her cheek before relaxing and almost falling asleep...
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled. "I'm going to get a drink." she said and stood up and walked into the kitchen. She walked over to the sink and felt a rip against her shoulder balde and she cried out in pain. She sunk uneasily to the floor and squeezed her eyes shut.
vindr / illian: he runs to the kitchen worried "what happened?"
NoraNay / Kaname: She was breething deeply. "Just...give....me...a...mintute." she said slowly and grasped her shoulder.
vindr / illian: he looks at her shoulder and noticed that her wings hadn't really broken the skin until a second ago and the skin that had split had already healed "i'm sorry love... it was just your wings... they are beautiful white ones though..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled slightly and rested her head against the side of the counter. "I'm ok...just..the pain took me by surprise." she said and worked on standing up striaght.
vindr / illian: he helps her up and brings her back into the living room then heads back to the kitchen to get her the water she had gone in for in the first place...
NoraNay / Kaname: she took the glass from him. "Thanks." she said and took a few sips and sighed. "So...whe this is over...how hard will it be to fly?" she asked casually.
vindr / illian: he grins "you should be able to fly once they stop growing... but it will make your shoulders sore pretty quick the first couple of times until your muscles build up..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "Muscle bild up? I feel like I'm about to enter millitary camp." she teased and laughed slightly. she touched his face gently. "I'm sure I'll be fine though...I have the best teacher.
vindr / illian: he smiles and kisses her "i'll be sure not to push you too hard... it'll take the fun out of the rest of the evening.."
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled and her cell phone rang. she picked it up. "Hello...oh....hi dad....yeah...I'm fine....sorry I didn't call back...yeah....um....yes...no I am not hurt....yes I know...please ba careful...dad...I'm not a kid anymore i know....don't worry I won't get myself killed...yes i promise...love you too...bye." she shut the phone and sighed. "He worries too much."
vindr / illian: grins "i like him already..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled. "Of course you do...he's just like you....worrying too much...I know he means well though.....you brother...won't bring him into this...right?"
vindr / illian: he shakes his head "not unless he had a tap on your cell and i know he has no spies in the phone companies because all of the phone companies are owned and operated by my best friend's and their families.."
NoraNay / Kaname: She breathed a sigh of relief. "That's good...i wouldn't want him to get hurt because of me." she looked down. "how much trouble am i causing..please tell me the truth?"
vindr / illian: he smiles "seriously you aren't causin that much trouble..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled slightly. "I sure hope not." she murmered. "So i'm not...holdong you back?"
vindr / illian: he chuckles "nope... you don't hinder me a bit..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "Good." she said and took his hand. She sighed again, her shoulders were sore.
vindr / illian: he smiles and pulls her down in front of him and begins massaging her shoulders "sorry you have to live with this pain for a little while..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She winced and then sighed. It felt nice. "again...it's not your fault....it's the price for what i'll get in return." she said and shut her eyes.
vindr / illian: he smiles and leans down nibbling her ear as he continues to massage her shoulders...
NoraNay / Kaname: She giggled and sighed again. "your good at this...how many times have you done this?" she teased and giggled again.
vindr / illian: he smiles "my mother taught me... her human job was a masouse..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "Oh." she said softly. she never heard him talk about his parents. "I bet she's really nice." she said and smiled to herself.
vindr / illian: he smiles nodding "yeah... she was..." he kisses her cheek and continues to massage her "how are your shoulders feeling?"
NoraNay / Kaname: "Better thank you..you can stop if you want to...I'm fine now." she said and stood up. she stretched....she was so stiff. "I'm tired...i'mm gonna turn in for the night." she said and stretched again.
vindr / illian: he nods and stands up with her putting his arm around her and walks with her to the bedroom...
NoraNay / Kaname: She needed the support more than she thought. she got to the bedroom and laid down on the bed and put her knees against her chest.
vindr / illian: he lays behind her his arm around her "you alright? you seem... upset..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled slightly. "No..i'm just5....nervouse...the most exciting thing I have evr done is go to california for a week...you remember that...when i went to see family....this is just....I don't know..i guess it's stupid to be nervouse." she shrugged.
vindr / illian: he smiles tightening his grip slightly "you'll be fine i promise..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled and leaned against his chest. "Ok...i beleive you." she said and leaned her head on his shoulder.
NoraNay / Kaname: <<i will try but i will most likely not be on for two days because of roshashana....sorry bibii.>>
vindr / illian: kisses her cheek and leans back falling asleep after a few minutes ((alright))
NoraNay / Kaname: She shut her eyes and stayed against his chest and fell asleep.
she woke up the next morning but was too sore to move at the moment. she stayed against the pillows. she must have moved there during the night.
vindr / illian: he opens his eyes slowly and smiles kissing her neck "i'll go make us some breakfast, you stay here... after that i'll massage your back again i know you need it..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled slightly. "Thanks...I owe you." she said and her smiled widened. she shut her eyes again.
vindr / illian: he grins as he heads toward the door "you owe me nothing, i do it because i love you and you don't need to do anything to repay me..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled and pushed herself up so she was sitting. she leaned against the wall.
vindr / illian: he makes some pancakes and brings her a plate of them with strawberries sitting ontop "hope you like it..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "I'm so hubngry right now that i will eat almost anything." she laughed and took a bite. "Illian....were you...born a half dragon....or did someone...change you too?" she asked, taking another bite and looking at him.
vindr / illian: he chuckles sitting next to her "love i was born full dragon... both my parents were dragons... but i know the pain of becoming a dragon because i was born while my mother was in her human form so i was stuck in my human form until my parents taught me how to change at the age of five"
NoraNay / Kaname: she stopped chewing and stared at him in facination. "Really?" she said and started to chew again. "Wow." she whispered. "Hmmm....do you...ever wish you were human?" she asked.
vindr / illian: he smiles "yes i do... because that would mean i wouldn't have to worry about this war and could stay with you..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She blushed. "You don't need to worry about me." she said and took another bite pf her food and looked down. "i'm fine."
vindr / illian: he chuckles "that's not what i mean... i meant that instead of fighting in this war i could just sit here with you and do whatever..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She laughed. "yeah...but if life was...somewhat normal..what fun would it be?" she asked and put her plate off to the side. "I don't regret anything of done in my life."
vindr / illian: he nods "true... so you want that massage now?"
NoraNay / Kaname: She shook her head. "i think I'm fine...don't think I need it but thanks." she said and looked out the window. It was nice out. she stood up slowly and went to change. she put on a tank top like illian suggested. she wore old jeans and a bright red tank top. she sat back down on the bed.
vindr / illian: he stands putting on his normal black pants and white hoody, liking the ying-yang effect, then puts the black collar, from which a heart in the style of ying-yang hangs, around his upper arm...
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked at him and smiled. "nice." she said and smiled again. "Um...can we.....leave the house....i don't know get some air?"
vindr / illian: nods "yeah sure... where do you wanna go?"
NoraNay / Kaname: "Hmmm...I don't know...i'm just restless...i have so much energy right now and i do not know why." she comented.
vindr / illian: chuckles "ok well if you still have energy when we come back i'll see if i can find a way to release said energy..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she stared at his face with a curious expression. "You're scary sometimes." she teased and laughed.
vindr / illian: smiles "sorry that can't be helped..." he then nods toward the door "come on let's go..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she got up and walked over to him. "i hae no idead where to go...so lead the way."
vindr / illian: grins "who said we were goin anywhere? we're just going to walk around..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled and took his hand. "fine with me...i just need to get out."
vindr / illian: slowly walks toward the door
NoraNay / Kaname: "you ok." she asked concerned and touched his hair lightly.
<<what does Illian look like?>>
vindr / illian: nods smiling ((at the moment?))
NoraNay / Kaname: <<Yeah.>>
she walked out with him and walked down the street. "Ok...hmm....what do i not know about you?" sghe mused. "i vow to try to learn everything about you by the end of the day." she said. "so speak."
vindr / illian: grins "uhh that would take more than the rest of the day..." ((he's looks to be around 18, light blue hair, and he's wearing black pants, white hoody and a black dog collar around his upper right arm, and hanging from that collar is a heart which is a yingyang style black and white))
NoraNay / Kaname: she stared at him for a moment. "Well....you need to start speaking now.....even if it is just a suammary...I need to know everything." she laughed.
vindr / illian: ((change the pants to black, make the shirt a hoody, and turn his hair a light blue and that's what he looks like)) he smiles "what do you wanna know first?"
NoraNay / Kaname: she thought about that and was about to ask a question then changed it. "I want to know where you were born."
vindr / illian: nods and looks to the sky "well i was born about 119 years ago... my mother and father had been living in japan at the time... in the kyoto region..." he then smiles "we were the happiest family you had ever seen... everyone except my older brother, Senshi, he was always dark are drooding..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "Wait....119 years ago!"
vindr / illian: grins "yeah... i am one hundred and nineteen... dragons age physically slower than humans but mentally, we age mentally extremely fast..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she thought about that. "Ok...so continue...you were saying..."
vindr / illian: he nods "well at around my twenty-fourth birthday, our family needed to move so we made it look like we were killed in a massacre during the great war, and our bodies were moved to a boat by our bretheren that also lived in japan... well we moved here and about a year after arriving here my brother killed my parents..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She gasped and looked down. "god...Illian...i'm sorry." she said.
vindr / illian: he shakes his head "it's nothing to worry about... i have learned to live with it... and if you want to be technical we didn't arrive here to this city... we were in canada..." he then smiles "i only came here about 19 years ago..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled. "That's when i met you." she said remebering.
vindr / illian: nods "yeah... you were what? two?"
NoraNay / Kaname: she laughed. "That would be two and a half thank you ver much." she said and smiled.
vindr / illian: chuckles "fine two and a half..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled satisfied. "I don't remember the first few years too well....all i remeber was snow." she said and thought silently.
vindr / illian: hugs her "well... what else do you wanna know?"
NoraNay / Kaname: "I want to know what happened when i was 2 and 3...i can tell by your face that you remember."
vindr / illian: smiles and nods "well... when i met you i was actually your baby-sitter... heh it was kinda funny... but that was also around the time i learned to control my appearance..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She shuddered. "I can imagine that.l..must have been awful....my dad told me how bad i was a a little girl."
vindr / illian: scowls "please you were an angel... the only time your dad saw you during that time was just before you were to go to bed so of course you were a bit unruly"
NoraNay / Kaname: "A bit unruly?" she laughed. "you give me way more crdit than my father." she said and laughed.
vindr / illian: chuckles "it's the truth... you were never a problem until you were told you had to go to bed or take a nap... then you were crying and runnin around..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she alguehd again. "I still hate going to sleep...nothing changed there."
vindr / illian: nods "well about four months into the job i mastered changing my appearance and started going to my 3 yr. old self and making the illusion of my "19" yr. old self to go with me..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "That is why we grew up together then." she said. "you used to play with me in my backyard."
vindr / illian: nods "i decided you needed someone to play with and i ended up fallin in love... oh and if you want i can teach you how to control your appearance..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "That would be cool...but after my father dies....he would freak." she said and frowned slightly at the thought.
vindr / illian: grins "it takes a while to learn and perfect..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled. "Then you'll need to teach me." she said and looked at the sky as dark gray clouds appeared. It looked like rain was comming.
vindr / illian: smiles "we can start tomorrow after your battle training is over... learning to control your appearence is less taxing then learning to fight"
NoraNay / Kaname: she nodded. "sure." she said and light drizzel fell." she spun around in the rain and jumped up. she had so much energy right now.
vindr / illian: smiles grabs her arm and pulls her over to him looking into her eyes a few inches from her lips "have you ever been kissed in the rain?"
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled and shook her head. "no." she said and laughed.
<<gotta go...be on tomorrow.>>
vindr / illian: grins as the rain starts to pour and he leans in slowly whispering "well now you have..." then kisses her passionately...
NoraNay / Kaname: she kissed him back and wrapped her arm,s around his neck. He tasted sweet from the rain.
vindr / illian: slowly his wings move over their head to keep them from getting any more wet so they don't get sick...
NoraNay / Kaname: she felt the water disappear from her head but she didn't care. she was filled with passion at the moment and din't want to end it.
vindr / illian: pulls back slightly "you still hyper or can we head back to the apartment?"
NoraNay / Kaname: "I've calmed down...a bit." she teased. "Yeah we can go back...I need to shower and change anyway."
vindr / illian: smiles "well... let's go... and you think you'll need a shower now?"
NoraNay / Kaname: "Yeah...i'm all wet." she said and started to walk back with him, holding his hand.
vindr / illian: chuckles "ok ok... but i guess that means i need one too..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled. She walked back into the appartment and went to her bag and took out clean cloths. "May I use the shower?" she asked just to make sure.
vindr / illian: laughs "i think you missed my little hint there..." grins and takes his soaking wet hoody off throwing it in the laundry basket...
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked confused. "what hint?"
vindr / illian: sighs with a grin and wraps a towell around her waist and pulls her to the bathroom "if ya don't mind i think i'll take a shower with ya..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she grined and then blushed. "illian...I....I am not ready to have a kid...." she said seriously...not looking at his face.
vindr / illian: smiles and lifts her chin "and am i sayin we're gonna do anything but take a shower? i just wanted to take a shower with you cause i can't help but think your body beautiful..." he kisses her lightly "alright?"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she smiled and walked into the bathroom and slipped off hercloths and turned the water warm.
vindr / illian: smiles and follows her his eyes glowing white for a second and his wings disolve "to give us more room..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled and steeped into the shower.
vindr / illian: removes his pants and everything else stepping in behind her "ahhh... warm..." he sighs as he wraps his arms around her waist...
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled and kissed him. Laying her hands against his chest. "Yeah..it feel nice...calming." she said.
vindr / illian: nods and runs his hand through her hair "hey you know... your hair looks really good wet..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled. "Thank you...maybe that is why i like the rain...it makes my hair look good." she said and grined.
vindr / illian: chuckles and kisses her forehead "ok you wanted to take a shower... who's gettin washed first?"
NoraNay / Kaname: "We4ll...I need to wash my hair badly...So.." she leaned over and grabbed the shampoo.
vindr / illian: smiles and snatches the shampoo and whispers "i wanna do it... it''l be fun..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she stared at him then smiled. "sure...why not." she said warily.
vindr / illian: he smiles and lathers her hair, massaging her scalp "heh sorry, i am just tryin to be helpful..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "no it's not that...it's just...i've never been close to someone like this before...just trying not to blow it." she admitted softly.
vindr / illian: smiles and leans closer "the only person i hav ever been close to besides you i only gave her a massage so this right here is a first for me too"
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled and wiped soap from her eyes. "i love you illian." she murmured.
vindr / illian: turns her around, partly to let her rinse her hair and to kiss her deeply "i love you too kit..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled and washed her hair out. "Ok...your turn." she said and took the shampoo and put some in his hair and giggled as she washed his hair.
vindr / illian: sighs happily, cuz the last time someone did this, he was 6 and his mom was the one washing his hair "i forgot how good it feels to have someone wash your hair... it's like you could fall asleep..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled and brushed the hair out of his face. "Yeah...my mom used to wash my hair when I was little...can't remeber it well though."
vindr / illian: smiles and rinses out his hair before kissing her "you should be able to soon..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked confused. "how?"
vindr / illian: smiles "a dragon's memory spans that of all of his ancestors, which means i can remember everything that has happened to all of the dragon race... a halfdragon will get a part of that memory ability which means you'll be able to remember everything that you have ever done..."
NoraNay / Kaname: shye thought about that and her forehead creased. she wasn't sure if she wanted to remeber everything. she was kinda glad to forget. she stepped out of the shower and rung her hair out and wrapped a towel around her boady.
vindr / illian: grins and a small voice rings through kit's head "i can remove any memory you don't want..."
NoraNay / Kaname: Her eyes flashed up to meet his. "how did you do that?" she asked mystified.
vindr / illian: chuckles "the same way that i know that your father just got to your house..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "Ok...first off.....I still have no idea how you did that...second...i thought my house was in peices...and third what is he doing there? he has an appartment away from the city?"
vindr / illian: laughs "actually your house was fixed about three hours ago... and i have no idea why he's there... and all dragons have a conection with other dragons so they can talk while in dragon form and because they leave their minds open for such conversation they can sense other people..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she sighed. "I better get dressed and go see what he wants." she sighed again. she walked out of the bathroom and threw on jeans and a tank top. "you comming too...you don't have to."
vindr / illian: smiles and pulls her back and into a hug and a passionate kiss "there is no need to go... he's leavin already... and tensaku is on his way here... tens talked to your dad..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She let out a sigh of releif. "Ok...that's a relief." she said and kissed him. "what did my father tell him?"
vindr / illian: smiles "if i could tell you that tens wouldn't be headed here, he'd know i heard and told you... but i can't hear that far away..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She bit her lip nervously. she wasn't sure if what he had to say was good news. he normally called her if it was good news.
vindr / illian: smiles and kisses her "tens would've been here already if it was bad... he's taking his time..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled slightly and sighed. "you can never tell with my father. his words always have double meanings."
vindr / illian: shrugs and opens the window "well we'll find out in a minute won't we?"
NoraNay / Kaname: she sighed. "Yep....bring on the shakles." she mumbled.
vindr / illian: smiles and kisses her then turns to the window when he hears a thump
NoraNay / Kaname: she looked out the window curiously.
vindr / tensaku: stands in the window and smiles "hey your dad came by... he wanted you to know that he is gonna join the resistance and didn't want you to worry... and that he wanted to know the one thing about him that only your mother knew, and i was quite surprised..."
NoraNay / Kaname: Her face paled and she turned away. she pulled out her call phone and texted quickly. Then turned to him. "and what would that be?" she asked in a strained yet curious voice.
vindr / illian: looks confused and waits for tens to tell the last bit...
vindr / tensaku: looks slightly perturbed "well... he said that your grandfather, his father... was a dragon... so i guess that makes you more than half..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she rolled her eyes and sat on the couch and growled slightly. she picked up the phone when it rang. "O....just the person i wanted to talk to.....mother told you mot to tell tall tales....i told you that....yes i know.....that doesn't change thing...yeah...sure....bye." she shut the phone loudly and sighed slightly. "Ignore him...he doesn't...approve of my feelings for Illian." she said feircly.
vindr / illian: looks to her frowning "how does he know i am a dragon? the only ones who would know are the ones who have already signed up for the army, and the rest of the humans who have found out have had their memories fixed... and what is your family name?"
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled. "He doesn't know you are a dragon...that is why he does not like you." she frowned. "All females in the Henchi family are to wedd a dragon of the head of the houses choosing." she quoted him perfectin. "He picked one already...his name is..." she tried to remeber. "Aiden...that was it." she said and frowned again.
vindr / illian: raises an eyebrow and laughs "little aiden? wow... your father has the worst taste in dragons... have you met aiden?"
NoraNay / Kaname: "no...and I don't plan on it....he wants to join the army and watch me to make sure i get close to him." she scowled. "Fool." she muttered. "so he found out about you....and...well...he was not happy."
vindr / illian: falls over laughing "you remember that little kid that had come tell me about the meeting that night before our first actual date? that was aiden... he is the second youngest dragon in the army... and he is deffinately the weakest..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she was not laughing at all. "than why?...."
<<gotta go..bibii.>>
vindr / illian: takes a deep breath slowing his laughter "your feather wants to be able to control your husband and he deffinately chose the right dragon for that position... he doesn't like me because i am the second most powerful dragon in the world, well strongest now..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She folded her arms across her chest. "I hate him." she growled.
vindr / illian: grins "well let's go change his mind about me and show him that if he wants to join the army only to make sure you fall in love with aiden, he'll die by my hand... i can be a big threat even to army members..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "Must ypu pick fights with him...that will only make him try harder while he's alive....how old is he any way...8?"
vindr / illian: raises an eyebrow "aiden? he is 47... your father doesn't scare me... and aiden looks up to me like an older brother..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "aiden is 47?" then she remembered the aging process. "right...well..." she sighed and pulled her knees up to her chest and kleaned her forhead against her knees.
vindr / illian: sits beside her putting an arm around her "love i will change your fathers mind about me... and he will realize that you can handle yourself..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked ahead. "I beleive that he will trust you...but he may not leanr that i can handle myself...he's....very...oppinionated."
vindr / illian: he smiles and pulls her close "i can change many peoples minds..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled and relaxed a bit. "Just be careful...please?"
vindr / illian: nods and smiles "of course..." he then leans her back and kisses her "you wanna go train here soon?"
NoraNay / Kaname: "I thought you said we were using my backyard?" she said and smiled up at him. "I would like to see my house again."
vindr / illian: he grins "i didn't mean here... i meant here pretty soon... and your house is ready..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled. "Than can i go to my house than?" she asked. she didn't mind his apprtment...it just wasn't the same as her house.
vindr / illian: smiles and snaps making the apartment go bare and three small suitcases sit beside him "only if i can move in with you... ok you can go even if i can't i just want to..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiles. "I am offended if you actually think that i will say no." she kissed him light;y. "Of course."
vindr / illian: smiles and stands with her in his arms the bags floating behind him "well then lets get over there"
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled. "you know that i am very able to walk right?"
vindr / illian: nods and kisses her "you want to get there fast right?"
NoraNay / Kaname: "I guess...why?" she asked confused.
<<gotta go..bibii.>>
NoraNay / Kaname: "what else can dragons do that I am not aware of?"
vindr / illian: grins "i have strengthened my wing muscles so i can fly at near mach speed..." he grins and leaps out of the window...
NoraNay / Kaname: she screamed when he lept and shut her eyes tightly, turning her face into his chest.
vindr / illian: holds her close as his wings reappear and the wind begins to whip passed them "you're alright love we aren't falling..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she didn't open her eyes, she was too busy struggling to breaht properly.
vindr / illian: frowns as the wind stops and he kisses her forehead "love are you ok? we're here..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she opened her eyes and exhaled sharply. "N-Not too fond of heights." she explained and stepped down happy to be on the ground.
vindr / illian: frowns and picks her up again "well then maybe i should put us on the ground instead of your roof..."
NoraNay / Kaname: He face paled and she shut her eyes again. she adhn't even noticed. "yeah...good idea." she muttered.
vindr / illian: alights in front of her front door "i'm sorry i forgot about the hieghts thing..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she now finally stepped on the ground. "Don't worry about it..it is not something i usually need to voice often." she said and looked at her house. she smiled and stepped inside. she laughed out of jow and sank into of of the sofas.
vindr / illian: smiles and plops down next to her...
NoraNay / Kaname: "Wait!" she hopped up and ran into her kitchen. "Yes!" she yelled from in the kitchen. she leaned against the countger fro support,she was sop happy that her kitchen was in one peice.
vindr / illian: laughs "i told you my dragons are good at what they do..." he walks in slowly behind her wrapping his arms around her waist "now when do you want to start the training..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled. "When ever you're ready i guess...I have nothing else to do."
vindr / illian: sniffs and shakes his head "you should rest... that scare i gave you back there made you use up alot of energy... and you'll need that energy..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She rolled her eyes. "I do not need as mi=uch rest as everyone seems to think...I am not that fragile." she scoffed.
vindr / illian: frowns "no i can sense how much energy you lost... if you do the training i planned before you rest you will die..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she sighed. "Well....fine." she said and leaned up and kissed him. "I need to put my things away anyway." she said and took her bag and started up the stairs and into her room. she started putting her cloths back into her dresser.
vindr / illian: walks up to her room and smiles "where am i putting my stuff?"
NoraNay / Kaname: she took his hand and brought him into the spare bedroom. she laughed at his expression. "i'm not saying that you have to sleep here...just to keep your stuff because this is the only other dresser i have." she laughed again.
vindr / illian: laughs, snaps, and instantly the one room becomes five, though the demensions of the house do not seem to have changed "ok now my appartment will fit here... that way we have a safe haven for humans..." he grins as the two suitcases that had been following him explode in the room refurnishing it to look exactly like his apartment...
NoraNay / Kaname: she could not compose her shock. "how..." she stopped. "you know what nevermind...I guess I'll learn eventually."
vindr / illian: smiles "it's a technique i made up... it allows me to open other demensions... that's how i got us to that cliff on our first date..." grins and kisses her "i'll teach you how to do it when we are taking breaks from the fighting later..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she shook her head. "Unbeleiveable." she muttered. she smiled and sat in one of the chairs.
NoraNay / Kaname: <<i will not be on later tonight...sorry.>>
vindr / illian: grins "yeah... this room now connects this house to my demension where we can send all the women who are not fighting and the children..." sits on the floor in front of her leaning his head back in her lap "how does that sound?"
NoraNay / Kaname: "That sounds very....safe." she said and sighed. "But i get to fight...right?"
vindr / illian: nods "i wouldn't send you away... and that's the whole reason i am teaching you to fight..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled slightly...turning her face away from him. "Thank you."
vindr / illian: smiles and pulls her to him kissing her "of course..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled and kissed him beck gently.
vindr / illian: nods towards the stairs "you seem to have enough energy now..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled and stood up. "Great lead the way."
vindr / illian: grins "you get on more comfortable clothes to fight in and i'll meet you out back..." he then walks down the stairs and out the back door, before shifting to a better fighting form...
NoraNay / Kaname: she put on a pair of red sweat pants and a black tank top. she ran outside to meet him.
vindr / illian: grins as she walks out to see a 6'5" reptilian man with black scales and black wings "well this will be weapon...my body" tosses her a katana "and that will be yours..."
NoraNay / Kaname: Her face paled as she looked from the blade to the giat creature in her backyard.
vindr / illian: the dragon-man laughs with a deep rumble "kit it's me... now, for now do not untie the the rope holding the sheath on that blade..." he then gets into a stance holding one hand behind his back the other pointing palm up toward her, wings open wide...
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked at him nervously. she had no idea what he expected her to do.
vindr / illian: he grins "i'll send you small clips of attacks to your mind... i want you to copy them then we'll spar like this every night until you are fast enough to actually hit me... and you must also try to block my tail, at first i won't go all out but as you get better i will make it harder... and after our spar i will teach you a couple spells..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "spar?" she said nervously. she took a step back then shook her head and stepped forward again...scared.
vindr / illian: he smiles and shifts back to his human form "i won't make you fight with me if you don't want me to... but i would never hurt you even if i wasn't holding back..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she sighed. 'i'm sorry...It's just....I don't know....I'm scared...I..."
vindr / illian: smiles and hugs her "love if you want to be able to stay with me in the fights during the war you will have to learn how to fight... and i want you to learn how to fight with a weapon before you start using the draconic weapons, teeth tail and claws..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked up at him. "It just feel wrong fighting you...and...it's so BIG!"
vindr / illian: grins "that is the only type of weapon that you can weild in your dragon form..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She sighed. "i'm trying...it's just....hard..."
vindr / illian: shrugs "ok name some one you hate and would love to just rip them to shreds..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "I...really don't hate anyone that I would rip to shreds....my father doesn't count."
vindr / illian: chuckles "ok someone you want to beat the crud out of... anyone besides my brother or any of the dragons in the resistence..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "Um.....illian...i don't dislike anyone...dorry but i pretty much like everyone i meet." she smiled.
vindr / illian: raises an eyebrow "what about tensaku's siblings?"
NoraNay / Kaname: "I never said i don't like them...i think they're....creepy...that's all." she said looking for the right word. "On my head...cat's don't talk."
vindr / illian: frowns slightly "it's not really their fault they are now permanently cats..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she nodded. "I am not blaming them...but you have to see my point a little...I have not known them for years...the only cats i know...go 'meow'...not 'can we help you'."
vindr / illian: chuckles "oh i'm not to sure about that.. since dragons do have a language that consists of roars like that of an animal's we do understand most other animals... so you will be hearing animals talk more... or at least you'll be able to understand it..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She sighed. "Still...even so....that does not mean that i hate them...I don't hate anyone."
vindr / illian: chuckles "didn't say you did... how bout your dad... would you be willing to fight him?"
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked down. "No..i promised my mother that i wouldn't...before she dies." she said and turned her head.
vindr / illian: grins "how bout we ask her if you can..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She shook her head. "I can't do that to her....especially when she's in the hospital." she shook her head. "It's unbelievable..she won't let any of the dragon healers my father hired help her."
vindr / illian: smiles "how well in tune is your mother with the draconic world?"
NoraNay / Kaname: "Well.....I must sound like an idiot...but the whole Draconic council hate her because she is one of the only femails in my family to not marry a dragon...which is like a sin.....so she knows a lot...she used to do research and everything." she sighed. "So the council does not like me...so my father is trying to make me marry Aiden...because as you said...he can control him...but it will also bring back the pride of our family name." she said. "I feel used." she looked up at him. "Does that make any sense to you?"
vindr / illian: nods his grin widening "so your mother knows that the doctors your father hired are not real doctors... your father doesn't though... they work for my brother... i bet she wouldn't mind me helping her..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked down, fighting back tears. she wrapped her arms around her waist. "S-She doesn't want to live anymore...she's tired." she said her voice cracking slightly. "Vindr...I'm scared for her...she wants to die...but..I can't...can't let her go." she looked up at him. A few tears sliding down her cheeks.
vindr / illian: (illian...) he hugs her "no... she thinks she has no chance..." he then leads her into the house laying her on the couch "tens and a few of my personal guards are stationed around the house... i am going to see your mother..."
NoraNay / Kaname: <<sorry...i am confusing myself^_^>>
She nodded slowly and shut her eyes.
vindr / illian: kisses her and walks out of the house heading to the hospital...
NoraNay / Kaname: She feel asleep quickly after he left.
<<I guess i will be the mother then?>>
vindr / illian: ((if you don't mind)) walks up to the desk to ask the nurse where kit's mother is and then heads to the room knocking softly before entering...
NoraNay / Kaname: <<I'm gonna name her sara.>>
Sara opened her eyes slowly. "come in." she called. her voice sounded slow and tired.
vindr / illian: smiles and walks over to her bed "hello sara... i bet you know who i am..." bows slightly "but i will still introduce myself, i am Illian Tentou"
NoraNay / Kaname: Sara shut her eyes slowly. She motioned with one hand to a picture on her bed. A picture on Kaname and Illian. She opened her eyes and looked at him. "The dragon who has taken my daughters heart." she murmered. "are you here to kill me too?"
vindr / illian: ((kitarae you mean?)) he smiles and takes her hand "no i would like to help you... i am sure you know how well i can heal with my powers"
NoraNay / Kaname: <<Yeah sorry...I keep messing up.>>
She snatched her hand back. "i know much about your kind...too much." she said and looked away from him. "your kind is no good....why are you here?"
vindr / illian: shakes his head "i guess you only know of my brother and the anti-human rebels... i came here to heal you... your daughter wants to help me rid the world of these rebel dragons and i needed you to help me think of someone she would hate enough to try and rip them to shreds..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she laughed darkly. "Well...I would guess her father....but she would never...she promised." she said then amirked. "she didn't tell you about Ed...her ex?"
vindr / illian: shakes his head "hold off on talking for a few minutes so i can heal you... then you can come with me so we can get her to learn to fight..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She glared at him. "I do not trust you....you are dragon....you are evil...your nature is to hurt others." she still glared at him.
vindr / illian: raises an eyebrow "would you like to see the true nature of dragons? i can show you though i will need you to place your hand in mine..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked away from him. "I want to speak to my daughter...whay are you aone? what have you done to her?"
vindr / illian: sighs "she's at home resting... she is a bit weak from consenting to a turning... i'll see if she wants to come speak with you..." has a small mental conversation with one of his men that are guarding the house, and the guard walks into the house, up to kit "your mother would like to see you..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She sighed and nodded. "fine whatever....tell her i'll be right there." she said standing up.
vindr / illian: the guard shakes his head "i was odered to bring you there as fat as possible..." the guard then picks her up running outside before vanishing in a burst of speed...
NoraNay / Kaname: when she was finally put on the ground she glared at the guard. "Next time..i think I'll walk." she muttered and walked up to her mother's room. she walked in. "Kitarae." her mother said releived. "You're still alive."
"Um...yeah....am i not suppose to be?" she asked looked at Illian confused. "what's going on?" she asked.
vindr / illian: he sighs waking over behind kit, wrapping his arms around her "your moter thought i killed you..." he shakes his head and kisses her cheek "i appologize for the rudeness of chisoku...i asked him to hurry..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked confused. "Though you killed me..what?..why?"
vindr / illian: shrugs and sighs "you'd have to ask her love"
NoraNay / Kaname: "Mom..what's going on?" She was tired and confused. Her mother sighed. "I'm sorry sweetheart...I thought he was trying to kill me...I thought because you were not here...that that meant that he kill you already...I apologize." Kitarae nodded slowly. "Ok....so will you let him heal you?" she asked. Her mother smiled and nodded and Kiarae breathed a sigh of releif.
vindr / illian: he nods walking forward and placing a hand over her heart and it begins to glow..,.
NoraNay / Kaname: Kitarae sat in a chair against the wall and watched with facination.
vindr / illian: his eyes begins to glow as the woman's body also glow and he begins to chant inaudibly
NoraNay / Kaname: sara shut her eyes and kitarae had to look away to keep from screaming.
vindr / illian: pulls his hand away and a trail of black liquid follows and then vanishes, making illian collapse
NoraNay / Kaname: "illian!" kitarae yelled. "mom..what should I do?" she asked worried. "Carry him home darling." she suggested. "you are a half-dragon now....you are stronger than you think." Kitarae lifted him up and it was fairly easy. she started on the walk home. 'please please not drop him.' she begged herself.
vindr / illian: half-way back toher house his eyes open "what happened?"
NoraNay / Kaname: "Illian!" she cried happily. "You passed out." she said still holding him.
vindr / illian: he smiles "sorry... that process will take a lot outta you..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "Can you stand or should I continue to carry you?"
vindr / illian: smiles "i can walk but i will need a bit of help.."
NoraNay / Kaname: she let him down slowly and took hold of his waist. she stated toward the house.
vindr / illian: he smiles and walkswith her an arm over he shoulder as he stumbles occasionally
NoraNay / Kaname: They got to the house and she helped him ontot he bed and sat next to him. "will you be ok?"
vindr / illian: he nods and smiles "i'll be fine..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "Can I get you anything?" she was looking at him likehe might fall over any second.
vindr / illian: nods "a drink please"
NoraNay / Kaname: She went downstairs and brought him up hot tea. she handed it to him. "to make you feel better."
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vindr / illian: he gulps it all down hardly effected by the heat...
NoraNay / Kaname: She laughed. "do you want any more?" she asked still amiling.
Kels-001: He decided to walk after her to see what was going on. As he went around the last corner...
vindr / illian: he shakes his head "no thank you.."
NoraNay / Kaname: She laid against the pillows and sighed. "She thought you killed me?" she said again shocked.
vindr / illian: nods and hugs her "i guess people still see us as mindless animals"
NoraNay / Kaname: She leaned against his chest. "Well...then they don't know you very well....like my father....oh...he called while you were out....he wants me to meet him tomorrow...to meet Aiden." she said dully.
vindr / illian: he laughs "aiden has already told me that there is no reason for you to go, he will inform your father that you are not leaving me..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled "Excellent." she said and smiled wider. "I love fighting with my father." she laughed. "Fun."
vindr / illian: grins "i'll be ready to spar in a little while if you want to try learning again..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She bit her lip." but we still have not found anyone who I hate." she said.
vindr / illian: smiles "i think we can manage.."
NoraNay / Kaname: She sighed. "Fine...but you need to tell me what i have to do..not just let me stand there clueless."
vindr / illian: smiles "sorry i just figured you'd fight with instincts... i'll help you this time..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled. "Thanks...I'm new at all this....I've never fought anything before...well...physically...I am great at verbal fights." she laughed.
vindr / illian: smiles "i can walk you through a fight right now... go get your sword..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She got up and walked over to the couch where she was sleeping before. She picked it up and looked at it warily. "Ok...sword...got it."
vindr / illian: he nods and smiles "ok now holds it like this" an image pops up in front of him of someone holding a katana, tip pointing to the sky and both hands on the hilt...
NoraNay / Kaname: She copied the picture. "Ok."
vindr / illian: nods and the picture begins to move, lifting the sword over his head and bringing it down as if he was slicing someone in half "copy it..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "Um..I don't want to break anything Illian...and I'm a clutz." she said and smiled sheepishly.
vindr / illian: he chuckles "you won't i promise... well if you do i can fix it..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She nodded and copied the image, stopping before the sword hit the floor.
vindr / illian: nods and smiles "ok now..." shows more pictures...
NoraNay / Kaname: She copied them each. Her arms started to get tired from holding the sword. she dropped the tip of the sword to the ground.
vindr / illian: chuckles as the sheath hits the floor "ok i think we are done for today... come on... sit with me..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She leaned the sword against a chair and sat next to him on the bed. she looked up at him. "are you feeling better?"
vindr / illian: nods "a bit... i'll be able to join you after i get some sleep..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "So get some sleep then." she whispered and kissed him deeply.
vindr / illian: chuckles snuggling up to her and falls asleep
NoraNay / Kaname: She pulled away when he fell asleep and walked down the stairs to the kitchen. After she did the dishes the door bell rang. she opened it and her smiled faded when she saw her father. He walked in. "Why won't you see Aiden!" he roared.
"Shhhh...will you quit yelling....someone's sleeping upstairs." she sighed. "I don't love or even know aiden...i love...illian." she said softly. He father waved his arms in the air and sat at the kitchen table.
vindr / illian: is awakened by the shouting and heads downstairs slowly "what the 'ell are you yellin' at her for?" he asks slightly slurred from his sleepiness
NoraNay / Kaname: Kaname stared at the floor. He father stood up and pointed a finger at him. "THIS Illian?!" he was funimg. "The COMMANDER of the dragon army!?" he glared at illian.
vindr / illian: he looks at her father "would you rather her want to marry the leader of the other army? he wants to enslave the entire human race and i am trying to save your ass... plus her mother thinks she made the right choice and aiden says that he would much rather her go with me and be happy and safe than with him who is much younger and weaker..."
NoraNay / Kaname: Her father growled lsightly. "you have no idea about what is right for my daughter!" he roared. "You're just using her!"
vindr / illian: he gets angry at this and growls deeply, his pupils becoming slits "how dare you accuse me of such a low thing... i love your daughter and would die for her, and know more about what is right for her than you, who is just trying to pawn her off to a rich dragon family for more money and their protection..."
NoraNay / Kaname: He stepped back slightly. 'how did he know what was going on?'
"you lie!" he grabbed he coat and walked past them. "Kaname...this is my last warning to you......watch it girl!" he strode out of the kitchen. Kaname winced as the door slamed shut. Her face was frozen and expressionless.
vindr / illian: ((kitarae)) he shakes his head and sits beside her "he's not gonna do anything... and it's the truth... ask aiden..."
NoraNay / Kaname: <<I'm so sorry...i keep doing that!>>
She shut her eyes. "Married off for moeny and protection...I feel the love."
vindr / illian: he hugs her "i am not allowing it love"
NoraNay / Kaname: She rested her hands on his chest and looked up at him. "I don't want to marry him...I love you Illian...but my father is not done bothering me yet." she said dully.
NoraNay / Kaname: <<gotta get off...bibii.>>
vindr / illian: he shakes his head "you won't marry him and if it comes down to it i'll beat your father til he agrees to leave you alone..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smirked at the thought. She kissed him tenderly. "Love you."
vindr / illian: grins and returns her kiss gently "i love you to, with all my heart"
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled and sighed, leaning against the counter again. "I hope you don't mind...my mother's comming over later...since she's batter now."
vindr / illian: he chuckles "why would i mind... she has no problem with me now right? and maybe she can help train you..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "No she has no problem with you...but how could she help me...she is no dragon...she was the wife of one...which is no more since their divirce."
vindr / illian: smiles "no she's not but she can sure fight like one... i saw one of her memories when healing her... wow... i didn't know you were related to the world famous kawakami gensai..."
NoraNay / Kaname: Kaname blushed and looked down. "We don't really...talk about that much." she said, playing with her hair. Her mother taught her matial arts but not the use of a sword.
vindr / illian: he chuckles and kisses her cheek "if the man slayer was really your great grandfather, and your mother learned all of his skills then she can help with your katana mastery"
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled. "Yeah...I have my martial arts down pat." she said and smiled.
vindr / illian: he grins "we then that's less i have to tech you, though you'll have to learn to adapt it to your half-dragon form..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She nodded and turned to the counter to put breakfast together. she put coffee on. she need something to wake her up. "you want anything to eat." she asked as she turned the stove on.
vindr / illian: he shrugs as he stands "some fruit would be nice..." with that he heads to answer the door hearing the bell
NoraNay / Kaname: Kitarae nodded and opened the fridge. "It's open." she called and her mother walked in. "Mom!" she yelled and ran to hug her. "you can walk!" she hugged her tightly. "Yes...I can...thanks to your friend here." her mother smiled and kissed Kit's head lightly. Kitarae brogutht hem all into the kitchen. "So how are you feeling mom?" she asked and handed Illian a plate of fruit. "I feel better than ever." her mother replied. "I never really got to thenak you." she said turning to Illian.
vindr / illian: grins eating a strawberry "don't mention it... couldn't let kit's mother leave us so soon..." offers her the plate "oh by the way we need your help with something..."
NoraNay / Kaname: Kit's mother took a blueberry and looked at Illian with cinfusion. "I will help in any way I can...what do you need?"
<<I will be away on vacation till next sunday because where I am going has no comp...so sorry..bibii.>>
NoraNay / Kaname: <<back>>
vindr / illian: smiles "i need to tell you that in private... i don't want kit to worry..."
NoraNay / Kaname: Kit smiled slightly and her mother chuckeled. "That was not the best way to say it Illian...now she'll worry even more." her mother smiled. "Can you give us a minute dear...I'll be fine." her mother said stroking Kit's hair. She nodded and left the room to go upstairs. After her mother was sure she could not hear them she looked at illian. "what do you need?"
vindr / illian: he smiles "well the last time i tried sparring with her to teach her to fight she couldn't do it... and i just needed to find out if you knew of anyway we could get her to fight.."
NoraNay / Kaname: Her mother thought for a moment. "she was never much for violence....but I may have an Idead...you need to be careful though...I assume you wish to keep your relationship with her." she said. "You need to anger her...though I do not like how her father acts...you need to act like him....she'll fight you then." she explained.
vindr / illian: he smirks, then his form looks as if it were becoming a mirage and kit's father comes into focus "that should be easy... she won't know the difference between me and him... and i can even make her think that i am here as well"
NoraNay / Kaname: Kit's mother grinned and shook her head. "It looks just like him...but will she actually go and phisically fight him....that will be difficult...but i'm sure you can handle it." she smiled. "Just be careful.....you don't want to hurt her too much...emotionally."
vindr / illian: smiles and tells her "i won't be hurting her... i'll be hurting me... making her mad..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled and touched his hand lightly. "she'll forgive you...she always does." she smiled and stood up, taking the plates to the sink.
vindr / illian: snickers "i'm not the one that needs to worry about forgiveness..." he then nods to her and goes to find kit, after returning to his usual form.
NoraNay / Kaname: Kit was upstares paceing her room. she finally stopped and sat in on of the chaiors in the room. she drummed her finger against the arm of the chair nervously and shut her eyes.
vindr / illian: walks into the room kit was sitting in "we're ok... you can come back..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She opened her eyes. "Oh...I didn't hear you come up." she smiled. "What did you two talk about." she said, trying to get him to tell her something.
vindr / illian: grins shaking his head "can't tell ya... just come on down stairs..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She sighed and nodded. she walked down the stairs with him.
vindr / illian: he wraps his arms around her and hugs her tight "don't worry kit nothing will happen, it's only training..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "Ok...what do I have to do?" she asked warily.
vindr / illian: he smiles and kisses her cheek "you and your mother are to stay in the living room while i prepare the back yard for our training spar... it will only take a minute or two"
NoraNay / Kaname: "Ok?" she said and turned to him. "And you said that nothing bad would happen?" she asked just to make sure.
vindr / illian: he nods "not that i can think of... though i cannot control what would happen if someone outside of this house were to come..." he kisses her once more then walks outside...
NoraNay / Kaname: She walked into the lving room and sat next to her mither. she felt jumpy and nervous though she didn't know why...she knew that something bad was going to happen.
vindr / illian: his voice could be heard in the living room from the backyard "what the hell are you doing he-... hey qui-.. help!!!"
NoraNay / Kaname: she jumped on. "what's going on?" she asked nervous.
vindr / illian: he continues to call into the house "help!!" his voice getting weaker with every shout. every so often a loud "THUMP!" can be heard
NoraNay / Kaname: Kitarae looked over at her mother then ran out of the house. she stopped when she got outside the back door.
vindr / illian: there stood her father, over an unconcious and bleeding illian. her father smirks to her "now how do you plan to disobey me? your love is dying and cannot be saved... the only way to even get to him is through me..."
NoraNay / Kaname: Kit stood there at first confused. she thought that illian was really strong and was a dragon army leader. Then she felt rage. She felt her blood flowing faster through her body the she charged at her father with speed she didn't even know she had. she knocked him backward them kept punching him with this strength that boggled her mind.
vindr / illian: he let her get in a few hits before the illian that had been on the ground vanished and "her father" grabbed her wrists stopping her "that's great... see you can fight..." illian said returning tohis original form from that of her father's
NoraNay / Kaname: Kaname gasped and stepped back slightly. "Illian?...wait..you were over there and...you were...dying." she tried to make senmse of what just happened. "I'm very confused...what's going on?"
vindr / illian: he winces and scratches the back of his head nervously "well you remember how i told you about my ability to create an illusion of myself?... well to get you to fight i took the form of your father and made that illusion..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "you...you did..." she stopped and glared at him. "Illian you scared the hell out of me...i thought you were dead...and I was scared and..." she slid down and sat on the grass.
vindr / illian: frowns and sits beside her pulling her close "i'm sorry.... really i am... but it was the only way i could get you to fight at all..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She shook her head. "I assume my mother knew about this." she said and shook her head. she looked up at him. "i really thought you were dead." she whispered and kissed him.
vindr / illian: he kisses back, and whispers "i'm sorry... but now you have a reason to be mad at me... and you can use that to release the anger you seem to have gotten from the dragon in you..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She grinned. "I was moving so fast...it was kinda fun." she giggled.
vindr / illian: he nods smiling "yeah... and that is all the training we are going to do for today... maybe i should have taught you to fight before you got the dragon strength..." he finished rubbing his jaw.
NoraNay / Kaname: she smiled appologetically. "sorry....but you looked like my father...so I felt no guilt." He touched his jaw lightly. "you want ice for it?"
vindr / illian: he shakes his head "no it's ok... just a little sore..." kisses her softly "now tomorrow when we spar you must remember what happened today and release the same anger.... but realize that i won't just let you start wailing on me..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she nodded slowly. "So...i'll have to fight you then?" she said looking up at him. It was hard to imagine herslef actually fighting him even thought she had just done it without realizing.
vindr / illian: he nods "but it'll be easier now that you've awakened..." smirks, nibbling her jaw "all dragons have a hunger for battle... just most of us have learned to supress it... but it is still there."
NoraNay / Kaname: she giggled. "My hunger for battle must be buried pretty deep then." she said.
vindr / illian: he nods chuckling "yeah... kinda... it was hidden inside the dragon part of you that had yet to fully awaken... it's awake now and now you should be able to access it at anytime"
NoraNay / Kaname: "Fun." she said dully.
vindr / illian: laughs and kisses her "let's go back inside..." he slips his arm around her waist...
NoraNay / Kaname: She nodded and they walked back in. she saw her mother slipping her jacket on. "Well my work is done." she said smiling. "i'll see you later...ok Kit?" she said.
"Yeah...ok...take care mom." she said and hugged her. Her mom left and Kitarae sighed. "Now what?"
vindr / illian: he smiles and motions to the living room "let's go watch a movie..."
Jets / Rai: <<OoC: Has any room for one more?>>
NoraNay / Kaname: Shye walked into the living ro9om. "sure...but I warn you now...I don't know if I even have the attention span for a movie." she grinned.
vindr / illian: ((ooc: of course... we need someone to play illian's brother)) grins "yeah neither do i but we can act like we're watchin..." he winks slyly jumping onto the couch the movie turning on instantly
NoraNay / Kaname: she turned to the screen. "how do you do that?" she said sitting next to him.
vindr / illian: he smiles "years of practice my love... hundreds of practice" wraps her in his arms...
NoraNay / Kaname: She leaned against him. "will I ever get to do that?"
vindr / illian: he nods "after blowing a few thing up yes..."
NoraNay / Kaname: she laughed. "sounds fun." she said smiling at him.
<<gotta go in 5 so if i disappear you know why.>>
vindr / illian: nods, leaning in for a kiss, "yeah.."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled and kissed him softly.
vindr / illian: *pulls her close, slowly deepening the kiss...
NoraNay / Kaname: He moved her hands up his chest to his shoulders. She slid her tongue into his mouth slowly.
vindr / illian: toyed with her tongue, laying her back on the couch leaning over her...
NoraNay / Kaname: She leaned against him, her hands trailing up his neck slowly, then across his jaw-line.
vindr / illian: smiles kissing her again, pressing himself against her "i love you so much kit..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled. "It took you long enough to tell....how long did you love me...before you told me?" she asked, looking up at him.
vindr / illian: shrugs "i'm not sure but it was stupid of me to hold that information inside.." kisses her neck gently
NoraNay / Kaname: She nibbled on his ear playfully. 'I guess it is partly my fault too...I should have told you how I felt...I always thought that you like Alexa." she whispered. alexa was he best friend. when Illian would hang out with the two of them...it had always seemed that he had loved her.
vindr / illian: he moans softly "no... i just tried to keep my mind off of you because my draconic instincts were telling me i needed to do something... and i didn't want to do it so early..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "so early? it's not like you liked me for year." she said confused.
vindr / illian: with that he smiles, blushing in embarrassment "dragons search they're whole lives for their soul mates... most of the time it is a dragon... so they can show they're love soon after they meet... but you were too young when i met you..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She stared at him, shocked. "What? no...you couldn't have liked me when i was little...I was just a kid. I couldn't even fend for myself."
vindr / illian: He nods turning a slight red in embrassment "i knew you were the one, even when you were young... dragons have a natural instinct about it... they know who it is without even knowing their name until they meet face to face..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She blushed too. "Oh...is that the only reason you stayed all these years? because i'm your mate?" she asked.
vindr / illian: He frowns thinking she is upset by that thought and explains "a dragon's mate is their everything... we would lay down our lives for that person, to make sure they are never hurt nor unhappy.."
NoraNay / Kaname: "Really?" she asked, slightly pleased by that. not that he would risk his life for her...but that a dragon cared for their mate so deeply.
vindr / illian: he nods and kisses her softly "yeah... and you are my mate... so don't go thinking i wouldn't lay my life down for you... if you aren't happy i am hurting...."
NoraNay / Kaname: "I am happy." she said and kissed him back for a few moments, then asked. "Do mates ever change?"
vindr / illian: he shakes his head "one cannot aquire a different mate... they may force themselves to mate with others who have lost their mates, if they have lost their own mate, only for the sake of continuing the bloodline, but otherwise no a mate never changes...." he replies.
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled. "so you're mine forever? I like the sound of that." she said and kissed him.
vindr / illian: he smiles and kisses her deeply before replying "yes... forever"
NoraNay / Yamanaka: She smiled again and stroked his face. Then she let her fingers trail down his neck slowly.
vindr / illian: he smiles and pulls her closer "mmm you smell... a bit..." raises a brow "oh..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She looked at him confused. "what? I smell a bit what?" she asked.
vindr / illian: he grins and nibbles her neck "well... excited..." he whispers after a few minutes. "it's intoxicating..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "Wait...you can smell how i feel? I didn't know feeling had a smell." she said, feeling stupid.
vindr / illian: he chuckles nervously "not that kind of excited... and yes when the body gets a particularly strong feeling a chemical is released creating a scent specific to you as well as that emotion..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "And the.....scent...smells good?" she asked,embarrassed.
vindr / illian: he nods slowly his eyes bearing a seductive look "very much so..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She smiled, relieved. "That's good to hear."
vindr / illian: he grins getting closer to her "you do realize what this scent is right? and what it's doing to me?"
NoraNay / Kaname: "I think I know what it's doing to you...but I still don't know what you smell." she admitted.
vindr / illian: he smiles and nibbles at her neck for a moment, then whispers again "your excitement... apparently you don't even realize it yet... then again it's only a faint smell so this might be from earlier today... feremones..."
NoraNay / Kaname: She blushed, embarrassed. "Oh." she said and laughed uneasily. "I see it in your eyes. It's making you crazy." she whispered after a moment.
vindr / illian: he grins again and nibbles her neck again "mmmm it just spiked... mmmmm god it's getting hard to control myself..."
NoraNay / Kaname: Her smiled faded. "Then maybe we should stop....a lot can happen Illian....and I'm only 18...it's not smart."
vindr / illian: chuckles "we've already done it once.... plus your are half-dragon... you have more control over your body than most 18 year olds..." kisses her neck
NoraNay / Kaname: She took a breath. "illian...it's not that...i don't want to...it's just...with the war...and everything going on...i'm not ready to have a kid...so...maybe we should stop before you lose it."
vindr / illian: grins "again you misunderstand what i am saying... dragons have a choice.... if they feel it's not the right time... there is no chance of it..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "Wait...i'm confused." she said looking at him.
vindr / illian: laughs and leans in whispering "dragons have a natural instinct on whether it's the right time to concieve... so if it's not then they can stop themselves from concieving but they can concieve at anytime in there life... they are never too old to have children... but since you are only half dragon.. you have the human conception span... at least i think you do..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "I'm still missing the point." she said slightly frustrated with her slowness. "I don't want to have a child Illian."
vindr / illian: kisses her neck "you can choose whether you get pregnant or not"
NoraNay / Kaname: "How is that possible...that makes no sense.....that defines every humsn law." she protested.
vindr / illian: chuckles and points out "human law... exactly.. you are half dragon.. and dragons can choose..."
NoraNay / Kaname: "So let me get this straight. I can choose whether or not i have a child? is that what you're saying?"
vindr / illian: he nods and grins "it's a good thing right?"
NoraNay / Kaname: she smirked. "It's a very good thing." she said and kissed his jaw line.
vindr / illian: shudders grinning. then he picks her up setting her on his hips, her legs around him "so i can let myself go?"
NoraNay / Kaname: she smirked. "completely." she said then kissed him.
vindr / illian: his eyes flach becoming draconic slits. then he shreds her clothes leaving her naked and riding his hips, before his own clothes vanish, and she slides down his hardness quickly without warning.
NoraNay / Yamanaka: Her breath caught and she gasped. she groaned.
vindr / illian: he grins, lifting her slowly, and dropping her just as slowly, moving to the wall putting her back against it.
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vindr / illian: ((*blinks* wow i have been gone quite awhile, we used to be able to...))
NoraNay / Kaname: She groaned and pushed against him.
((what's goin on?))
vindr / illian: he kisses her neck ((apparently we can't cyber so we're not gonna put details)) --TIME SKIP-- breathes heavily as he lays beside her, having moved to the floor at some point "wow... our longest go yet..."
NoraNay / Yamanaka: she was breathless too. "I know."
((really...since when? oh well.))

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