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Roleplay - Five Regions by Blood†Tears / Blood†Tears

It's the year 1650. There are five different regions, the region of fire, the region of ice, the region of water, the region of wind, and the region of earth. Recently, a new region was discovered, the region of void. All the enter the region of void never return. South of the void, is said to be castles, and many riches free for the taking, but one man, strong as he his wishes to travel through the void. In order to do so, he needs help from friends. Who ever is willing to travel through the Six Regions, has to also be willing to carry the burden of constant dragon attacks, orcs, and other beastly creatures.

Roleplay Details

Basically, this is an adventure. Any races allowed, no godmoding. Respect all other people, unless you wish to be their enemy.


Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: He sit there at the coast, watching the waves crash down, wondering if he will ever be allowed to travel the regions. The moon slowly rising, and the tide going out, he gets up and kicks the sand. "I wish someone would help me," and began to walk.
poppi: She ran up behind him slowly, the element of surprise always her favorite. She sauntered up next to him saying in calm low voice "kicking sand all you ever do?" He turned around to glare at his attacker "Why are you here?"
"Oh whats wrong dragon riding no fun anymore? and why shouldn't I be here?"
RyukiTZR / Evra C. E: A soothing, musical voice silkily glided through the gentle breeze as she sang, propped up in a tree, as she watched the coast from quite a distance. A traveller of almost unknown origin, she could only tenderly clinch on the only of her memories through the unkown, melancholy voice. She did not know how did her features appear so mysteriously dark, how the song so foreign to her could call from her throat.
The melody now became faint as she saw a another person travelling by. She could only look down from where she was, eyes twinkling in wonder.
Blood†Tears: "As of right now, kicking sand is all I can do," he look around, "this is the water region, and I know not how to swim. Dragons I fear... they ruined what small life I had. Can you swim?" He turned and looked at her. He stopped and looked around, "Did you hear that? It sounds like someone is singing," he looked around for a moment and then lay on the ground.
hatredsmuse / Marionetta: She had heard rumors of a small group willing to brave the five regions to find the famed treasure hidden beyond the void. This sort of excursion wasn't something Marionetta would normally undertake, but she was, after all, a mercenary and if the treasure was as exquisite as some claimed it to be, it would be well worth the danger.
She set out for the coast as soon as she learned the location of the group. It took her a full day's ride to reach the long stretch of sand. Marionetta dismounted and left her stallion at the water's edge.
She trudged through the sand, dodging the waves as they rolled in. Moving closer inland, Marionetta was able to avoid the splashing water. She soon spotted figures off in the distance; they had assembled under the bright moon.
She absentmindedly tapped the ivory hilt of her sword, as the watched the others introduce themselves to one another.
With her trusty weapon strapped around her waist, Marionetta approached the group, "I hear you are in need of a little help."
poppi: "Well of course i can swim! Picked it up in the icies (ice region) want to learn?"
"Again did you hear that?"
"the singing or the footsteps? becuase I heard both. Do you have your sord?"
"Why would that matter? But I do anyway"
"Well the women aproching seems to have a rather large sord at her waist and......."
"Hello, my name is Marionetta. I have spent a days journy seeking you! May i ask your names?"
"Well my name is Shaant and her name is Raven"
poppi: "Why have you been looking for us Marionetta?"
"Why does it matter shaant? isn't it simply enough that she found us?"
"I think you have spent to much time in the ice region and its frozen your brain."
"Excuse me, but i have saught you out as i am the next compainion in your quest for the treasure past the void region."
RyukiTZR / Evra C. E: <<Ehhs.. Poppi ya gotta learn. Roleplaying has nothing to do with you using speech with other chracters. In other words, u can only talk in your character. It is not roleplayin when you're talking to yourself.>>
Evra was pleased with herself as she saw the man starting to lie down, she herself wanting the song to carry on. But her voice went mute by itself, as another presense dropped into the scene. She could not hear much, and had no idea the two would be talking about. Did she wanted to know?
poppi: ok i'll talk as my self...never plaed an rpg before and in english class we're working on dialog sorry
poppi: Can you here the song? it's strange and i've never head it before.....its lovely though.
poppi: then does that mean your coming with us? becuase as of now all we're doing is sitting and complaining. I'm going swimming now....anybody want to come?
poppi: removing her shoes and weapons even those conceiled, poppi headed for the water. It had been awhile since she had been swimming and she intended to enjoy this thouroghly. After the time she spent in the ice region, she new that this would be a sweet release
Blood†Tears / Dredge: He stood for a moment, almost frozen to the spot he stood. Falling from everyone else, he sat on the ground and just stare, not speaking, not blinking, not breathing. Memories of the past flooded his mind, so soft yet at the same time like a rushing river.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Darkness: "What am I doing," he stood up and looked around at everyone, " You can have the plunder that fills the castles, and you can have the region not yet named, but I want revenge, and to do so I need to get there, and prepare myself. Training, and weapons made of the blackest lead. If you want to come with me, then we have no time to waist," you could hear his voice getting louder, and that something was wrong with him. His eyes began to burn at furious red and the sand around him began to melt. "I do not swim so please, never ask me to... Besides, I hate the water. I must hone my skills of the air around us more, I am not yet strong enough to do what I must, unless..." He looked around and noticed that he was sinking into the molten rock. Tilting his head up he made a tempting smirk, and stepped out of the bubbling lava, " I am sorry but sometimes I just... forget myself."
ellesmera: Hyun saw the group, She carefully made her way to dredge.
"Please.. Sir... I ask of you... Would I be able to travel with you to the region beyond the void? I do not seek its treasures, or want a part of the fame... I merley want to... Taste new air... See new things... I... You are the catylyst.. The stone that will jut the wheel of time from its cycle.. Upon reaching your destination... The fates will try to stop you... But.. I could be of some use there..."
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: The ground around him began to cool off, turning to a glass like rock. " I am sorry for the way I acted. Of course you may join me. I need all of the company I can get, when lonely, sad, or scared I forget myself. I guess you could say, the people around me are my heart beat," He stepped off the glass and look down into it, " This is merely a scrying glass. I have to make myself upset in order to do certain things. Look into it and tell me what you see"
ellesmera: "I can see things without aids.. but they do help..." She looked in to it and shuddered.
"I saw.. Pain.. Hurt... Misery.. Betrayal? Yes.. I think it was betrayal... Deception.... The fates closed the future on me..."
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: He took his sword and thrust it into the center of the glass. " It is no aid, these types of things you can't just see. Nothing is like a scrying glass. Mine in perticular, shows emotions, fears, and the future past and present. Your worry of something, for someone. Your running from, rather then to." He looked at the skys which were now building up with large dark clouds. We all must leave, I have a small map that I can use to lead us about. First, we must find shelter for the night. We are rite now at the southern edge of the Earth Region. The closest city, which would be the Castle of Shammon is around two lans north, or 10 miles. In front of us now is the Water Region, east is the Ice Region. The Gap Chasm runs through the Ice Region, Wind Region (which is south of the Water Region) and into the north west section of the Fire Region. It stops at the Region of Void, and it goes under the Great Black Wall. Tonight, we shall find a cave, I know of one that is a short walk from here. In the morning, we travel to Liben Village. From there, we will get supplies, and figure out our course. Are there any questions?" he rolled up his map and store it in a side pocket in his sheath.
((I actually drew out a map so i'll send it to any one who wants it, but it's not totally finished yet, I've only got the five regions and one other continent, monutains the gap chasm, i plan to do a full detail one with towns and villages etc.))
ellesmera: (ooo me!! Ill have a copy when your done ^_^ itd be a lot easier than thinking.. 'umm.. whats the next village????') Hyun sighed.
"Lead the way sir... By the way.. My name is Hyun Ae...."
poppi: "AAHHHHHHHHHH! you wouldn't let me swim, then you got all melty and made scrying glass, can we please get some food before we go to sleep?" poppi put her wepens back on and dusted the sand of herself with slight patheticness to add ephisis to her hinger. "Or if your not intersted in buying food I'll make something"........"So Please?"
poppi: oo i would like a map please:] and please excuse my spelling errors! i'm a bad typer and my keyboard is broken
poppi: "oh excuse me, has anyone seen my scribb (small cicular object with pointed ends) i seem to have miss placed it? It's not where i normally put it."
poppi: "oh excuse me, has anyone seen my scribb (small cicular object with pointed ends) i seem to have miss placed it? It's not where i normally put it."
poppi: "well hello!! and thanks anyway i'll just make a new one, I am poppi so very pleased to meet you!! and whom may you be?"
poppi: "Well i have a map somewhere around here" <poppi patted herself up and down while saying this> but if you want you can come with us and we might find one along the way.
poppi: "Fine ignore me, and kill the poor tree, but i happen to know a few monks."
poppi: "I'm not sure, i lived their for a time but i myself was born in the fire region and i was more recently in the ice region
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Enough, we have no time to waist, do you not understand that if we don't leave now, we will all be in water up to our necks, if not higher. If your going to travel with us Sauske, fine but know that we simply have no extra time." He turn from everyone and look up at the sky. Something in the distance was coming towards them, it was fly and at a fast pace. Squiniting his eyes he stumbled backwards and shouted, " Dragon! Everyone run, hide somewhere," he pulled out his sword and got into a ready stance, just waiting was one of his favorite methods to kill.
ellesmera: Hyun closed her eyes and saw a flas in to the near future, blood.
'no duh' she scolded herself as she reteated to what she hoped was agood lace to hide, shadowed by a tree under a small ridge
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: The dragon landed furiously as Dredge lost his blance and fell to the ground. Stammering back up, he started to whisper to himself. A jet of water left the tips of his hands, as the dragon began to breath fire. Smoked filled the air and the ground shook. Dredge dropped his sword and kneeled on the ground putting his hands togeather he slowly seperated them, along with the ground. A giant fissure was created, cought by surprise the dragon fell in but was flying out, Dredge then put his rite arm behind him towards the water region, and thrusted it forward, making a monsterous wave crash down on everything. With his last bit of strength, he closed the gap and float in the water.
ellesmera: (is the dragon dead?) Hyun closed her eyes and forced a shield of ice round herself, it cracked in several places but stood strong
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: The water started to drain down back into the Water Region and Dredge was just getting up. "Come on, we have to leave now, dragons never travel alone," he couged up a little blood and shook his head as he finished rising to his feet, "I don't know if he's dead, but he is stuck underground. Unless he's really smart and desides to attempt to melt the rock," you could hear he was being sarcastic," in any case, he'll burn himself to death." He walked over to Hyun and offered a hand to help her up.
ellesmera: She accepted it, the ice melting.
"Id like to kill the next one.. A dragon slaughtered my family not long ago... payback would be nice"
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: He looked at the ground, a sudden sadness fell upon him. " I would much rather we not talk about family. Maybe another time." he pulled her up on to her feet and seemed to not want to let go of her hand, unwillingly he did, only making eye contact for a second. The light blue his eyes were seemed to be swirling into green. "I am sorry, but I feel unstable rite now. Let us find shelter, we leave for Liben Village in several hours." He forced a smile on his face and began to walk north.
ellesmera: She walked close to him.
"Would you like to lean on me? For support?" She added hastily, a light blush crawling across her pale features, she faught it back and smiled slightly.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Thank you but I should be fine, if something happens to me then something happens, I don't wish to tire you out." He smiled and finally got a wee bit of courage to ask her something, " I would very much like it though, if before we headed out on our journey, that you would having something to eat with me," he looked at the ground as they continued to walk, " I mean, like dinner... perhaps."
ellesmera: "I would love to." She smiled. Butterlies fluttering in her stomach, as they walked, behind her flowers started to bloom.
"There is something worrying me Dredge.. When I, ever so hastily retreated behind the ice barricade, I had a small insight to the future... Blood, in the near future as well.. Lots of blood..."
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: He paused for a moment. "Here sit down," he took several large steps away from her, "If you give me a moment, I will... no I won't, you need not to see that half of me, I shall do it a different way." He kneel and place his fist on the ground. Water began to seep upwards. For a minute, after there was a resonable puddle, he rest and put his other first in the center of the puddle. From the middle out, it began to freeze. "It's another way to make my scrying glass, but you can't touch it. Tis extreemly cold."
ellesmera: She looked over at the dragon with great disdain before returning her attetion to dredge
ellesmera: (sorry.. posted before finished)
"Im no sure If i want to see the futre with the blood in it... But, it could help us.."
'or hinder us' She thought to herself. She looked at the hiney ice and after a brief moment fell backwards.
"Well.. Thats not very nice.." She rubbed her head, stood up and tried again.
"I thik I prefer the internal bleeding than what I just saw..." She sighed.
"The ice revealed... Darkness... Heavy, thick, choking darkness..."
"What happened to the nice futures? Did they all run out?" She sighed.
"Ah well... At least we know more despair is chasing our tails.."
poppi: "Wow sauske i've never seen anyone jump on a dragon that fast, do you think next time you could get one to light a fire for us, and maybe not kill one, it hurts me when they die, it hurts me when everything dies.....well yes now we must be off. Its getting late and i've given up on dinner
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: Dredge looked at Sauske and norrowed his eyes. "Hear this, if you travel with us, then you don't talk to dragons..." rage was building up in his eyes and the tempature around him started to get warm, " I don't really care, for dragons, or any animal that attacks me. Infact, dragons are what caused me to go on this quest," his blue gloing foot prints began to go purple and start to look red. He took several steps forward, " Hyun and and I, are leaving now. Poppi, if it hurts you to see things, or know that things are dieing, you should be in a world of pain, because as we speak, so many people are starving, being tortured, and animals killed for skins and horns. I'm not the person to travel with if that's how you feel. I only kill when needed," he looked at the ground an noticed he heat streaks in the air. Tilting his head up slightly he looked at everyone around him and chuckled softly, " Is anyone hungry?"
ellesmera: Hyun was about to say something, about her 'talent' the fact that she was so sensative to everything, on all planes (eg physical plane and spiritual plane) she could feel the deaths of things, and suffering, plants and small animals (saller than wolves) were only a numb feeling to her, and she could block them with ease, she could only sense things within about half a mile, but when it was creatures that were large (larger, the more stronger their presence and the more painful their death) it was not as easy. She wanted to kill the dragon that had slaughtered all but 2 members of her family, but, to do so, would cause so much mental pain, she would be in a coma for a few days afterwards. The dragon that he had locked in the aerth was suffering greatly. It had roasted itself alive, and was in the process of dieng, it hurt her, and she sent a numbing mind link to he creature, though, anything the link brushed would feeli it as well.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Darkness: "Mother forgive me," he put his hands into the ground, glowing a brilliant red, the dirt sand and rock began to melt. It was bubbleing thick lava, Dredge shouted," Get away from me!" He start to slide down into the molten earth, not seeming to get burnt. Before the top of his head dissappeared, he looked up and shot a firey red glance at the spot where the dragon was trapped underneath the earth. The ground started to quake and another fissure opened. The dragon lay in a small cavern almost dead. Dredge lifed the beast with the brewing lava, which seemed to not burn the dragon. He thrusted it up over the ledge and then the fissure gap closed in on him. He closed it on himself to have his own quite time. The dragon, laying just above him seemed to be healing, although Dredge was very angry, and was regreting doing this he revived the creature best he could. The fissure re-opened and he just lay there with a pale look on his face.
poppi: "And how would you know my pain? Its easy after a lifetime to block it out and get used to it, as well smaller spirits don't hurt as much or things i care less for. But other things cause great agony and bring me closer to death then you have ever been! We can ignore my 'sensitivity' for now but it will help us one day and you will regret your earogance" Poppi was hurt by this but she chose not to show her emotion instead she started casting spells to help revive the dragon.
poppi: The dragon was close to death and she could feel it slipping away. She chanted her spells in her native language to enforce their strength hoping it would help. Soon she could feel the fire begin to build up inside her. She was prepairing to use it if she had too.
ellesmera: "Wait" Hyun spoke. She approached the dragon. Its eye was focussed on her.
"Your covered in burns, on the inside..." SHe whispered she put her hands to his stomach and let the enerfgy she had been storing flow in to it, her head thrown back up to the heavens, it was a lot of power, far to much for a small body to hold for such a long time. The dragons breathing eased and became more steady.
"Work on its wings, a dragon doesnt see the point in living, lest it has its wings to fly on" The wings were in tatters, but she was using all her strength on the internal organs
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: Dredge sit in the small cavern panting and sweaty. His heart racing faster the the stars light. Why did he do such a foolish thing. What was right from wrong. He didn't know anymore. He was cought inbetween the ultimates. He had no choice any more. He rarely did to please himself. It was always about others now. He picked himself up and climbed out of the hole. His eyes a soft blue now and a cool but elegant breeze followed him. He walked over to the dragon. It twitched and winced as he got closer but with a soft tone he said," Do not fear me. You shant have to perril in agony, and you shant have the ability to fear," he stepped closer and put his hand on the dragons neck. It's wings began to mend back togeather, but at the same time, Dredge began to get weak, tears on his arms began to appear. He was to weak to stand by the time the dragon was completely healed. "Now go... before I change my mind..." The dragon rose to it's feet and took off into the air.
ellesmera: Hyun held on to dredge.
"Ill carry you if i have to... Wheres this cave you mentioned?"
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: Sounding weak and sad he groaned, " I can do it myself..." as he stood up he looked around, "Tis north of here, 500 paces..." He started to walk but his sword was falling off of his shoulder. With a sudden burst of strength he straightened himself and walked best he could. Leaving a small trail of blood behind him he said nothing more.
ellesmera / Erika Snow: She sighed.
"Why are all men so stubborn!" She could see the cave he had indicated and stormed past him, her hair swaying angrily behind her.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: He looked at her as she walked quickly past him and thought to himself 'Why am I so stupid... I tried to do the rite thing, and simply it's not good enough.' He stopped there and lay on the ground. ' I'll just rest here.' Stubborn as he was, he didn't want to seem like a little boy any more. He was almost 18 years of age. Though inside, he was just as scared as a little boy, just as nervous, and just and sad. Laying on his back he put his hands out in front of his face, and several birds landed on them. "Sweet little birdy. Good little birdy, nice little raven...."
ellesmera / Erika Snow: She turned round to see him on the floor.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: He roll over on his stomach. His body was healing quickly and he felt much better already. He pulled out his map and looked at where they were. He figured if they traveled to Liben village by that afternoon, they could cut across the Hollowell bridge. It would be much safer then the Hollowell mines which were below the river that supplied most of the Water Regions water. Or, they could go the the Castle of Shammon, which was only a little further then Liben, and from there travel south west, over the Roven Mountains but then they would have to get through the Thurgood swamp... He pondered for a second and put his legs up behind him. Then they would have a direct pass to the Fire Region... completely skipping the Ice and Wind Regions. He took his and hand began swirling it around in a circle, in his hand appeared something that looked like sand. He threw it out in front of him and a flock of birds flew in. It was birdseed. "Tell me little ravens, what would you do." He swirled his other hand and then appeared an apple. As he took a bite of it he rolled on his back and streched. Thinking to himself outloud, ' Hyun, please forgive me... no no .... Hyun, I am greatfully sorry... no... Hyun, to ease things up, would you like to have dinner with me?... hmmm yes... yes that sounds nice... hmmm present I need something to please,' he whistled and one of the ravens flew over to him, " I need a present, what do you think?" The bird skipped and hopped around for a short time, " your rite, that would be nice," he smiled and threw the rest of the apple to the birds. Leaving his sword and boots on the ground, he pulled out from behind him a large box. "Come here little raven." In the box was a ribbon, he tied it loosely around the ravens neck and gentley put him in the box, " Thank you my friend," he smiled and the bird tweeted to him. He closed the box and put a few holes in it. 'Lets see' he though, ' your name, shant be sweet, it shant be scary, it shant be spicy, and it shant be dreary, so your name shall be calm, yet full and rich.... Drewin!' He walked over to the cave and peeked in." Uhh Hyun, can I talk to you?"
ellesmera / Erika Snow: Hyun had her eyes open, they were icy blue. There were seven mirrors, all made of ice, all as large as her body, scrawled in front of them were differant signs. One was obvious, it was the fire region sign, next to it, ice, next to that, wind, next to that, earth, void, dragon, fith. Those were the symbols scrawled in the earth. She looked at him and the mirrors shattered, melting away with the symbols.
"Sure" She replied, her eyes returning to normal.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Umm, would you by any chance, before we leave like to yea... umm have dinner with me?" he held out the box and handed it to her.
ellesmera / Erika Snow: She took the box.
"Sure" She opened the box and the raven hopped out. She smiled. She looked over at Dredge.
"This is sweet.. Im sorry for bieng... well.. you know.." She hugged him and smiled, letting the raven hop on to her shoulder.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "His name is Drewin, he will be at your side through the good and bad, as I will too." He smiled... "Step outside with me." It had already turned to night, there was a full harvest moon in the sky, he grinned and pointed to a light in the distance. There was a blanket on the ground with candles. Pies and apples covered the blanket along with other fruits. "I don't really like meat, but if you would like any kind please, let me know." He continued to smile. God, he didn't remember the last time he smiled so much, but she made him so happy. He light a blue flame in the palm of his hand to illuminate their path to the food. He laughed nervously as they sat down, "So, do you like it? It was the best I could come up with considering the place and time." His eyes glowing a soft green, he picked up an apple and took a bite, " I adore apples" he grinned.
poppi: poppi stopped her chanting as soon as the dragon was out of site. She did her best to mend its soul as it flew away, she could only hope that it would not die and she woul not have to encounter any of her family. She soon caught up witht he others, she noticed the raven on hyuns shoulder. She smiled at it sweetly. Ravens were the messengers of her Clan her cursed family. But she kept smiling remebering the one she had and relising her raven must be serching for her now. With this thought she began to sing to it. It was a silent song only one her bird could hear.
poppi: Her pet soon came, it was with a message. poppi let her bird settle on her finger as she read the note.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Poppi, if you are hungry do let me know. There is plenty of food." Dredge smiled and returned to his new obession, Hyun.
ellesmera / Erika Snow: Hyun was also eating an apple.
"I love apples...." The raven was aparently enjoying a flight around her head. She laughed.
"Thank you for letting me come with you dredge"
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "It was my pleasure," he lowered his head, " I really enjoy having you around." He got up and sat next to Hyun. Thinking to himself, 'hmm maybe the yawn and put my arm around her trick... no... I'll just let it go how it does' He looked at her and smiled.
ellesmera / Erika Snow: She smiled back and sat closer to him.
"Its getting cold" She sighed.
poppi: Poppi finished reading the note, she was upset and she could hear it in her own voice responding to Dredges question. "Umm thank you Dredge but i'm not hungry anymore, you two enjoy your time alone, i have to go. With that Poppi quickly left heading towards a dark part of the woods. Her raven still perched on her finger. With every step she felt it fading away. She cuped the bird in her hands and crooned to it softly. Finally she felt it die and what remain in her hands was a pile of ash and a feather. she blew the ash away and placed the feather in her hair. She knew her bird didn't need assitance to the other side but chanted for its spirits safety anyway. She then reread the note. AFter reading it again she made it burst into flame without even thinking. It was a short letter about how her family had poisened her bird and the only way for it to live was to come home. She knew it was a lie and her pet was going to die anyway. A blackness began consuin her and soon she was standing in a fire surrounding her. She relised her istake and let her rage go. She stumbled back to the group
ellesmera: Hyun looked up at dredge. A smile played about her face and she snuggled in to his side, burying the side 0of her head in to his chest.
poppi: Poppi saw dredge and Hyun, she turned away and walked toward a tree. She was tired and still in pain, she could still feel the fire coursing through out her veins and decided it best to stay away from everyone for now. She sat down and began to sing softly, waiting to become numb to the death of the one thing from her home she loved. She no longer had ties to her home and she no longer had a messenger. This would be a problem she knew, becuase as a daughter of the clan of macabre she new she would have to escort the souls that were lost over to the other side and destroy those that were tainted. Becuase of her birds death she now also had to purify her bells when she found a new bird. (the bells are what alow poppi to enter the state of death,incase there was some confusion)
black_raven / Dredge Lite: He smiled and looked at Hyun. "Do you believe in love at first sight?" he could tell that he was blushing, thankfully the sun was down.
ellesmera / Erika Snow: "I do... Do you?" She was blushing madly, she was sure it lit her face up like a fire.
poppi: The numbness seemed to come with the gentil breeze to Poppi. She could feel her body relax and she knew her eyes would soon return to the stone gray they normally were. Relief swept over her ands she started to fall asleep
poppi: <erm Dredge how's that map thing coming?>
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Well," he said," Erhmm of course I do!"... he could see Hyun blushing and knew he was too. As he leaned in to kiss her again he desided to hold her hand. " Have you ever wanted to get married?... or... umm never mind, it was a silly question." He smiled and stood up, "we should really get going. The day doesn't last forever,".
((It coming rather good, just doing details rite now, the have to colour it *nods* should be done by mid next week :D ))
poppi / Poppi: <erm thanks, make it pretty colours too!!!>
poppi / Poppi: After falling asleep for a short time Poppi could feel a dark presance coming. She woke up suddenly and unsheethed her sword, it burst into flame lighting up the imediate area as she ran to the others to warn them of the presence.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: 2Wait.." She said, making sure he didnt stand up. She cupped his face in her hands and kissed him, opening his mouth with hers and slipping her tongue in. Her eyes closed.
poppi / Poppi: <ummm kane what does this have to do with our story? not to offend but i'm slighlty confused>
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (sorry.. this is Hyun)
poppi / Poppi: <thanks for verifying>
poppi / Poppi: <thanks for verifying>
poppi / Poppi: Poppi Stopped running and turned around to see the evil that was coming. She then sensed it was a spirit and doubted if any of the others could help. She dusted the dirt off herself and sheethed her sword again. She quickly drew the 2nd bell she wore and sounded it. Its was a sweetly mellowed slightly high note. As it rung the spirit became visible
poppi / Poppi: As it took form she replaced the second bell and reached for her fourth. The deep hollow note sounded and both her and the spirit were dragged into the waters of death.
poppi / Poppi: On the outside her body looked the same but it was completely frozen. In the waters of death her wings unfurled, along with her hands and feet turning into claws. She attacked the spirit with her sword and a chime with the 8th bell. The spirit went down on its knees were poppi beheaded it. It slowly floated down the river. Poppi almost went with the spirit though. The water told her to come to follow but she ignored it. She replaced the 8th bell and rung the second 4th bell once more to leave the waters edge.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: (( anyone wanna refresh me, i just come back today, and theres people making out and spirits so yea a little re-cap of everything would be nice))
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (poopi got rid of a spirit.. n Kane is hyun ^_^ n im hyun... So.....)
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Poppi got up with her sword still in her hand. She started running and tripped. Her sword stabbed through her body and when it reached her heart it burst into flame. At that moment she turned to dust and was carried away by the wind.
ellesmera: (hyun) (erm.. acording to previous pages.. you ^_^;)
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: Dredge stood there looking at Hyun. "I think I have fallen in love," he smiled at her
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla looked around what was this place she wondered.Staggering along she reached out for someone or something to grab hold of. Her previous injuries did her no justice.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: Dredge noticed a girl staggering and ran over to help her, "Your wounded, please sit down and rest." Dredge put his hands over his torso and began to mumble to himself. He was trying to consentrate very hard but something was bothering him. He ignored it with pleasure, and began to mumble again. "Just hang in there, a few more moments and--" he didn't even get to finish his sentence for a burst of energy bolted through his hands and into the girl. All of her wounds were healed and she was fully revived. Dredge was pushed back several feet and the ground shook a wee bit from his weight. "I must rest, it's a dangerous thing to switch ones health like that. You had poison in you... now I have poison in me please, tell me what did this to you so I can save myself." He was groaning in pain but managed to stand up and regain himself somewhat.
ellesmera: Hyun rushed over to him.
"Stay still" She took his head in her hands and entered his mind. She found the source of the poison and made the rest of it return to the source, she then contained it and retreatd from his mind.
"This is gonna hurt" She forced the poison out from his arm where she had contained it, leaving a hole in his arm, she healed the wound and the poison became a marble of glass.
Druecilla / Kaden: Shayla shocked that a stranger would just up and come to her rescue was a bit odd."Thank you, I am forever in your debt." Shayla ask him if he would like to join her in a walk and then she would explain all, but she only asked him not the girl he was with she didn't fully trust her yet.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla had no reason not to trust her it was jsut something about her that threw Shayla off.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: Dredge looked at Hyun, "Thank you my love," he smiled and got up. "Of course I'll go for a walk with you, learning about others amuses me much so." He smiled big and white, hugged and kissed Hyun and began to walk. "We'll be back shortly".
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla sighed. Well here it goes she thought."My name is Shayla I am from the Water region, I was attacked by something I can't quite remember what it was to be exact." she shuttered."I am a vampire princess and I was kidnapped and I had just managed to get away from my captors but thats all I can remember...."
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Would you like to travel with us?" Dredge was trying to be nice but he much missed Hyun, "Let us go back now, you should meet my very close friend" He smiled and they started to walk back.
ellesmera: Hyun was at the cave they had earlier been told to go to, the others were wandering around, giving Hyun privacy. She had 4 ice mirrors up, an Ice mirror on the floor and on the cieling. She was floating between them. (The mirror on the floor is floating, and so is the mirror on the cieling.
"Show me" She whispered, all the mirrrors started to rotate on the spot, then spin left to right, then crisscorssed, soon it seened ther ewas a huge spinnign ball in the cave as she was shown her past, she learned from her mistakes and banished bad memories. She had just finished and the mirrors stopped when dredge returned
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla looked at the girl and looked a dredge "I would much rather travel alone if thats ok with you but thank you anyways" Shayla walked away she couldn't tell them that her beloved had died in the process of protecting her it was to hard for to get out.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Suit yourself, but if you ever need anthing, simply call upon the ravens, I will have them be at yourside." Dredge smiled and walked over to Hyun. Hugging her tightly he smiled. "We must travel north, to the village of Liben".
Druecilla / Shayla: "Thank you."She said in a sad voice and started walking east. She couldn't tell them the whole story and of how she would have rather died earlier she then would have been with Kadarius and they would have been happy but she now knew that she must go with them"I've changed my mind if you guys don't mind I shall go with you."
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Thats find, just know this, we all stick up for eachother, weather you put yourself in danger or not okay, do unto us as you would like us to do unto you," Dredge smiled his big white smile and sat on the ground. He whistled and several birds flew over to him. He held on of the small ravens and began to sing to it.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla turned to hyun "Is there a river near by?" she asked quitely.
Druecilla / Angelus: "Ah Ha there you are my love!" Angelus said happily."I thought you were dead but now that I have found you it will be all better the boss will be so happy I found the one that got away!"Angelus said matter of factly.
ellesmera: "Yes." She smiled. "Its just past those trees, theres a small brook and a river leading from it." She stroked her hair back and sat next to dredge. A small ice mirror spread from the ground. This was the first one had had actually seen her make. Her raven popped out of it and fluttered to her shoulder. She smiled and waved her hand over the mirror.
"Aaresodeous" She spoke, an aged woman looked through the mirror, she had been looking in her own mirror when hyuns face and dredges filled it.
"Hyun! You scared me then! Do you want to speak to Aaresodeous?"
"Yes Mimithe" She nodded and left the room, It was obviously a house in the ice region, the view was frosted slightly, even though the mirror was made of ice it was far more frosted than it would be normally, the window showed huge blizzards raging. Aaresodeous came in view, he was quiete young, handsome, with shocking blue hair tghat waved down his back, definatly the ice region.
"Hyun!" He smiled, his half blind eyes saw more than physical plain.
"Your drained Ae... What have you been doing in the earth region?"
"Working hard. Healing a dragon, scrying..."
"You used The room of ice mirrors didnt you?" He scowled as she nodded.
"What have I told you about that!"
"That YOU use it in emergancies.. Dont forget that im the 7th of the 7th and have far more power than you!"
"How big?"
"The dragon?"
"Urm.. Big.."
"How big?"
"Big.. I just said that!"
"The mirrors!"
"Huge.. Twice the size of me, each." She had a guilty look.
"Ohh.. Im gonna tell mama that."
"Dont you dare Aa"
He stuck his tongue out.
"Whos the greb?"
"Hes not a greb Aa.. This is Dredge. Im traveling with him." He rolled his eyes and muttered More like sleeping with him'
"Aa!" She growled.
"Sorry Hyu.. But its what I think baout you!"
"You may be my brother, but you know nothing aout me! Did you get the things I needed?"
"Yes.." He passed a bundle to her.
"Thanks. Bye" Before he could protest the mirror closed. She sighed.
"Hes immature."She put the bundle in her pack quickly and laid down next to dredge, stretching like a cat, it accentuated her curves and breasts.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: Dredge smiled, "It's okay". He pulled a ring off his thumb and put it on Hyuns hand. " I want you to keep this for me".
ellesmera: "What is it?" She asked, sliding it between her fingers.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: His smile slowly faded, "it's my mothers... was my mothers, and it's in a way, my heart."
ellesmera: "So.. In a way.. You just gave me your heart?" She smiled, hugging him tightly
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Actually, yes it's alot like that," he hugged her back.
ellesmera: She kissed him, it was sudden, but she needed to. She held him to her. Craving his touch
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: He kissed her back loving every second of it. Her lips were so sweet, he felt like he couldn't get enough. Honestly, he would sit there and kiss her for ever, he would look at her forever, he would give anything to have her forever in his arms. "Let us go to the Village of Liben, it's not far from here, maybe an hours walk, we can stay there for the night, I trained there when I was a boy, so most of the folks there know me," he smiled and picked her up onto her feet.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Sure.." She grabbed her bag and the raven perched on her head.
"Before we go..." She waved her hand over the landscape, an slab of ice fell in to her hands, it had a perfct shot of where they were. Another ice mirror opened up.
"Aa" She whispered and she passed the picture through and it closed.
"Hes wanted a picture like this place for years" She smiled
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: Dredge smiled and they began to walk. Before they knew it, they arrived at the Village of Liben. "We shall stay at the inn tonight, in the early morn, we shant was time, but I wish that you will meet somone, rather close to me..." He smiled deviously. "The inn is just over there, the don't serve alcohol to people under the age of 18, but I'm sure they'll allow it for me since I am almost of age, if not, I will make them," he laughed jokingly.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Really," he laughed, "Well in my travels, I've found it one of the best things to help one get to sleep, or to throw off and edge of stress," he smiled at her. As they arrived, and walked in, the room was filled with life. They sat at a table set back and a women came over, "Dredge you little demon your back"! He lauged, "yes yes, i told you that I would return someday." "Who's this young lady," she said smiling. "This young lady, just happens to be... someone I'm in love with. Her name is Hyun, could you get us some rum please, with lots of ice... and some apple pie!" his voice seemed to get lighted and more calm when he added in the apple pie. "Of course young ladd, but don't think your fooling me, everyone round here knows your not of age, don't tell em' it was me got it" He lauged, "Yes I got it"
Blood†Tears / Dredge: "Wow, i'm from a different continent. It's called the continent of Murr, I came from the province called Verenshire. It's a very nice place actually, but very poor. The alcohol though, is amazing!" he liked talking to her about his past, for some odd reason, he hated to tell anyone else about it, but he liked telling her.
ellesmera: (u got the map done yet.. im gonna need it for her to talk about her past n where she lived n stuff) Hyun smiled.
"Well... My past isnt exiting, I helped Mishi and my brother predict when really bad blizzards n stuff were coming..."
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: ((it's almost done, i'm adding fine detail today, i'll have my friend syd scan it tonight, and i'll try to put it up either today or tommorrow ^_^))
"Really, I can harnest the weather. It was the last magic I learned to do." As the waiter came back with the rum and pie Dredge picked up Hyuns hand and held it. He took a big swig of his rum gulping most of it down and then eyed the apple pie. "Would you like some?" He was almost drooling now but he managed to resist the pie... piiiiieeee....
ellesmera: "Oh... no thank you... I have to watch my weight.. Getting to curvy for my liking" She smiled, she was actually really thin and hadnt eaten in a few days.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "But please, you haven't eaten and your practically starving yourself." His smile disipated and he looked almost sad and depressed. "Just a small peace, it's really good honestly, and it won't make you fat, besides, even if it did who cares, you'd still be beautiful."
ellesmera: She looked up at him.
"Okay" She smiled weakly. She cut the smallest slice imaginable and ate it.
"Happy now??"
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: He was confused but yes, he was happy. "Yes i'm happy," he wanted to smile but it wouldn't seem to come abraod. "So, what do you want to talk about or do?"
ellesmera: "Urm.. Im not sure... Its up to you. I meen.. its your quest and all...." She drank her ale, enjoying the taste
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Well I want to do what you want to do," he finished his drink and leaned back in the chair, tipping it onto his two hind legs and eventually loosing balance and crashing to the floor, only slightly intoxicated, he called to the waiter for another drink.
ellesmera: She cracked up laughing.
"If your this clumsy after one drink.. Id hat to see you after 7" She finished her ale, it didnt go to her head, not all of it anyway, she giggled.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: The waiter came over with another drink, "He isn't clumsy yet, he's never been able to balance good." Dredge got back up and was laughing, "Bring me 7 more, I'll prove you wrong, i can drink more then anyone!" By the time he had his 5th he was all over the place, laughing and stumbling.
ellesmera: She groaned.
"Are you determined to be able to dance on the tables before this night is through?" She giggled, getting very light headed.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "I don't need to dance on tables, I'd much rather dance with you," he smiled, "Would you like to go for a walk?"
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: He didn't even speak a word. He simply leaned in and kissed her, wraping his arms around her and holding her close. He stopped to take a breath, "I'd much rather kiss you."
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: He laughed a little, for surely intoxicated now, he was drooping down to the floor little by little.
ellesmera: (u there?)
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: (( i am now ^_^ grounded, hard to get on))
"I think i'm going to the floor," his speach was slurring but he stood up straight, " I love you, and I want to marry you," he smiled and took her hand walking over to the counter, "We need one room for the night, because we haf no over place to shtay." The man at the desk gave him a key and told him room 3. As they walked up stairs, drege leand against the wall for support, still gripping Hyuns hand.
ellesmera: She sighed.
"I hope you dont snore mister." She wrapepd an arm round im, letng him lean on her. They got to the room.
Blood†Tears: "Nooo, I don't snore... well I don't think I do... I hope I don't," he smiled and as soon as he saw the bed he stumbled towards it and fell. "Golly, tis been many moons since i've slept on a bed."
ellesmera: "Heh" She layed next to him.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Yes," he wraped his arm around her waist, " have you ever liked anyone? well I mean have you ever loved anyone?"
ellesmera: "Only you.." The words slipped out as she curled in to his chest and she blushed.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Really, because I feel the same way about you," he paused then wrapped his arms around her. Lightly he kissed her head.
ellesmera: She moved an kissed his lips. A blush on her face
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: Intoxicated beyond belief, he slowly started to fall over towards the floor, catching himself every so often but coming close to crashing. He drank to much, and he knew it. His head was throbbing and he felt sicker then ever. He slipped off the bed stumbled as he stood up "Cheers, to a happy life for Hyun," he lifted up yet another flask of alcohol popped something into his mouth and swiged it all down. Moments later, he was on the ground and unconsious.
ellesmera / Magpie: "What the...." She looked at him worried.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: He lay still, eyes shut and chest lowly rising and sinking at a steady pace. He felt numb all over. Was it rite? Should he tell her about his liking for the little but dangerous drugs that were out there? Moon Sugar was his favorite after all, it was what they put in medicine to revive the extreemly sick, and in some cases put to rest those who failed to sleep a nights restful sleep. No, it wasn’t his fault, he simply forgot to tell her, was he suposed to be dreaming like this? ‘Am I even alive anymore’ He feared how much he had taken it was a chalky substance after all, it could have been compacted tightly, he could have taken enough for 10 men, but he was 10 men, he would be fine, at least he hoped he would be. How bad he felt now, dreaming of dieing and of Hyun, what did she think of him? For all he knew she hated him for his doing of this disdainful deed. Several minutes passed by, Hyun looked worried as Dredge opened his eyes slowly, he tried to sit up. He got on his hands and knees and crawled over to his sword. Looking at Hyun with sad and lonely eyes he spoke, “ I am sorry for I am addicted, to you almost as much as this Moon Sugar,” he paused,” please don’t hate me, for such a simple mistake is not worth such trouble. You now know one of my faults--” his sentence was cut off by a gasp of air. He went into the pocket of his sheath, pulled out a map, a gold chain in which had a small vial on it, and an envelope. “Here,” he tossed the envelope over to Hyun. “Tis the other circular half to my ring. I want you to keep it, until I am worthy of your heart, if infact I ever am, which I highly dout for such a ill mannered boy like me, could never be entirely worthy of a beautiful women like you.” He took the small vial and the chain and emptied it’s entire contents into his mouth. He slouched backwards and started to close his eyes.
ellesmera / Magpie: She clutched the ring and crawled to his side, hugging him tightly.
"You will always be worthy of my love" She whispered in his ear.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: Dredge was drifting in and out of reality. Everything was going slow now, her telling him that he would always be worthy of her love made his heart melt. His body was going numb, he felt paralyzed. Perhaps he did take to much, either way, it didn't matter any more, he did what he always wanted, fell in love, and avenged his parents.
ellesmera / Magpie: She was leaning on him, crying. She closed her eyes and cried herself to sleep.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: Later that night he awoke with a headache. He noticed that Hyun was sleeping. As he stumbled onto his feet, he grasped his side in pain. Dredge felt oddly uncomfortable, extreemly iritable and rather depressed. Although he wasn't going to let it bother him. He waved his hand infront of his face, and appeared a picture frame floating in the air. It had a picture of a boy who looked like dredge when he was young, a girl, a man who looked much like dredge but older, and a women who looked much like the girl but older. It was his family and he missed them so. Still grasping his side, the picture dissipated, almost melting into the air. Dredge sighed and looked at the empty vial on the floor. Thinking to himself, he wondered ' Why do I have to mess things up, when their going good'.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "I am sorry," he whispered.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Moon sugar, it is only in Vvanderfell, on the continent of Murr. It can be used for many things, though it is illegal." He was still grasping his side at this time, "Its effects can be devastating at times, severly devastating. More deaths have been shown to occur since it was taken away from the public, I became addicted when I was 12, just before my familys accident... That was when I began to have my violent outbursts." His face turning slightly and wincing, he continued to clutch his side.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: (Soon doing details and stuff) "Wot, wot is it?" he seemed confused and the pain stopped now, "Thank you," he pulled her down to his level and kissed her.
ellesmera: She smiled and kissed him back
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "I know, let us go to Vvanderfell, I shall show you all over Murr, would you like that?" Dredge sounded enthusiastic but honestly like a little boy.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "Really, well lets go now then, we can put everything else off for the time being." Dredge got up on his legs, wobbling at first, but gaining his balance after a few moments. "Lets us go to the ship yard, we can get there quickly that way... then again," Dredge looked outside and onto the ground, licking his finger and sticking it in the wind he shouted, " I know a quicker way, come one," he grabbed his sword and put his armor and boots on. Each step he took made the floor boards creak and bend down, it was rather frightening. As he was walking towards the door, he took Hyuns hand. They rushed togeather out the front doors, a women was sweeping the walk way, he pulled out a few gold coins and handed them to her as they were walking at an extremely fast pace. When they got to their destination, aproximately 10 minutes later and 1000 meters away from the docks, a meadow surrouned them. Dredge knelt down on the ground and put his hands softly on the grass, "Now, you have to pay close attention okay, I'm going to take you under the earth, it's not really that bad, you won't get burnt by the lava that covers us, maybe somewhat hot, but not burnt, now give me a few minutes to get myself hot enough, it may take up to an hour." still on his knees, he pressed on the ground and bed over whispering to himself.
ellesmera: She watched him. He had secrets, but so did she. She clutched her necklace tightlly
Blood†Tears / Dredge Darkness: Within moments, his eyes were firey red, the tempature of the air around him sky rocketed and his soft blue glow turned to a devious red. He stood up and tightened his shoulder muscles, the ground below him began to melt. Bubbling lava surrounded him, around 3 to 5 feet in a complete circle, "Come here," his voice was raspy and unclear but she knew what he said. As she stepped onto the circle, she knew that he was telling the truth, she didn't get burnt, it was only madly hot. "Don't let go," he took her hand and they began to sink into the earth.
ellesmera / Magpie: She held on to him tightly, using her ice region magi to cool unerneath her skin. She kept her eyes open, watching everything rush by them
Blood†Tears / Dredge Darkness: Rushing through magma and large deposits of iron and rock, melting every thing he touched. His body also began to become hot, infact it was starting to get too hot. He was thinking of memories past that were making him flare in a uproar. Dredge was aware of his bad temper and his heating up, he was getting worried that he might hurt Lilly, but his worrying was cooling him off which would be worse then anything for then both of them could be burnt alive but the magma that surrouned them, or stuck in rock and sufficate unless he got to his dark self again. Dredge closed his eyes tightly and ignored everything else, he stopped worrying about burning Lilly, and getting stuck in the earths core, instead he thought about his favorite hobby, which he kept to himself because it's not rite for a person to like to watch people worm and squirm in pain, he knew that when they got to Vvanderfell, he got himself moon sugar, he would have one night to himself in which him, him the reaper of the past would soon be back.
ellesmera: She closed off her 4th gate, becoming immune to the feeling of pain. She wondered how hot he was going to get, and knew a question she must ask when they got out of here. She thought back. To the ice region. A boy from the fire region had moved there, and the ground he stepped on melted. They treated the boy like a leper. If people watched her footsteps closely, the ground frosted over. How would people treat her in the place they were going to?
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: It was only a few minutes later that they thrusted out of the earth. Being shot in the air and going only 5 or 6 feet, it still hurt when they fell to the ground. Dredge layed on his back and laughed "He, well that was interesting," he stood up and gathered himself. They were in an ally way, and it was rather dark out. Dredge scratched his head and looked at Hyun, "are you okay?"
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla walked over to the river undressing and climbing in she knew she looked like a mongrol and needed to bathe, little did she know that she was being watched.
ellesmera: "Im fine" She smiled. Brushing herself of as she stood up. She smiled. "That was...Hot" She laughed, not saying cool, as it wasnt.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: "He you can say that again... Look over there," dredge pointed towards a girl, chuckling to himself he turned around. "My, people here sure can be open." Dredge took off his armor and sword. Setting it neatly in a pile he looked around, "I'm going to set up a minute camp, you can rome around if you like until i'm finished." Dredge walked over to the edge of the woods near by at the end of the ally. There was a large field ' I could have landed us closer' thought dredge to himself.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla heard voices she jumped noticing dredge."I...I..."She stammered diving underwater heading towards the waterfall how could he back be did he remember her she wondered.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla came up for air only to notice dredge standing by the water. She hid behind the waterfall realizing that her close were by his feet."Damn it."She said quietly.
ellesmera: Hyun yawned and slipped her feet in to the water, cooling them off. She closed her eyes, and picked up the clothes near her.. She put them on the other side and layed back, closing her eyes
Druecilla / Shayla: The water had grown chilly. Shayla swam to a warmer spot trying to hide from anybody's eyes.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: Dredge sighed and thought to himself, 'wot is with girls and swimming...' shaking his head, he slipped off his armor and sword droping it to the ground and shouting, "Hyun, I'll beat you going under!" as he was rushing towards the waters edge.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: Dredge sighed and thought to himself, 'wot is with girls and swimming...' shaking his head, he slipped off his armor and sword droping it to the ground and shouting, "Hyun, I'll beat you going under!" as he was rushing towards the waters edge.
Druecilla / Shayla: How could he not remember her. She sighed.
ellesmera: she looked at him.
"you beat me" she shrugged and closed her eyes. slowley slipping further in, removing all her clothes. she didnt care who saw her naked body.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: Dredge shrugged. Holding his arms close to his chest he waddled out of the water and shivvered alittle. "Its kind of cold, I think I'll just sit out here for a while," and he smiled.
Blood†Tears / Dredge Light: Dredge look at the sky. Clouds began to build up in the north. He looked around himself, and saw that he was alone. It seemed like he looked at those clouds for days. He felt darkness consume him. Dressing himself back with his armor, and bright white robes, he picked up his sword and tightened his boots. He was alone. The truth was, he never had anyone. Thinking of all that happined, it must have just been a dream. He looked back towards the clouds, and set off in the direction of Vvanderfell. His home town.

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