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Roleplay - Long Lived Evil by Shayla / Druecilla

Vamires everywhere, Human slaves what more could you ask for? Evil is on an uprise, humanity suffering!

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Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla turns around looking from the balcony she has yet to notice the gleaming river and the body of the handsome vampire she had known for years. They were seperated many years ago but she had never forgot the look of his face or the way he made her laugh she wonders what happened to him its not clear to her all she can remember was that he was fighting for her life, but after that its all blank.... Now she has someone who doesn't love her just wants her throne to be King of all that is evil.
Looking across the sky she realizes she has to get back inside before daybreak or she will get toasted and that would do no good for her cause.
As she turns around she notices that someone had been there watching her but whom she wonder...
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane was in the shadows behind Shayla. He wasnt a vampire well known anymore, he was sired 1000bc. More than 8 milenias ago.. 200 years after the very first vampire was born in Italy. The smell of power filled the room, ancient, untainted, pure power, that one could only get from bieng one of the first few vampires, Kanes power was more than 20 times that of the most powerful vampire. For he was the seventh son of the seventh son from the most powerful clan ever to exist. He could upsurp the vampire government and Take his rightful place as leader of all vampires. That was, after all his inheritance from the first.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla shivered unwilling she tasted the power of the one who had been there watching her... and yet something inside her made her long to walk on the wild side but what would her family think surely they would be distraught... and the face that came in her dreams the face so familiar and the night that he had tried to save her but what did this all mean shayla tried to shrug it off but the picture of his bloodied face still haunted her. Who was behind her and how did he get in such a guarded place shayla wondered if she was in danger.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane stepped out. He had a wooden stake stabbed through where hishear would be, it looked pretty firmly lodged in there. He wasnt dust though. If it had been about 100 years earlier or more, the girl before him would have bowed, or broken down in tears at the sight of the injured king of darkness, no one even recognised him as king now.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla stared silently showing him no fear and said."To what accord have you entered my royal chambers?"
Druecilla / Shayla: then suddenly Shayla heard a rustle at the bottom of the balcony in the river she saw something no someone moving but who could it be?
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kanes lips curled up.
"You think I meant to end up here?" He tried tugging the stake out again. He failed again. He growled and set fire to it, it burnt to ash and the gaping hole showed he didnt have a heart there, even vampires had a heart, wether it beat or not. He didnt at all. It healed quickly.
Danae / Ani: Ani looked about the tiny room that she had just been locked into, shivering with fear. The vampires had taken her as she was going for her morning walk. She was focusing on not crying-she didn't want the ones who captured her to see her cry. That would be like admitting defeat. She also thought hard about a way to escape.
Druecilla / Shayla: "Who are you and what do you want!"Shayla replied fangs showing.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane showed his fangs as well.
"Im... Kanermatus Lebran-Lestat Dorien Tskoki" He said his full name, as Lebran Lestat was well known as the first, and only those sired by him had his name in theirs. This showed just how high up he really was.
"Of course, Pleople just call me Kane"
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla looked in amazement she had never met someone of such high standards and he was someone she had only heard in about in the stories of her childhood."What are you doing here she asked?"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "I got attacked.. Hence the stake.. But it had these wierd spikes on it, so I couldnt pull it out.... I just randomly flitted here, to get away from them.. Thing is though.. Im out of vampyric magyk.... and blood."
Druecilla / Shayla: "How Can I possiably help?" Shayla asked. "I am limited to my powers for I have yet to be married and only then can I have the full extent of my magyk." Then she heard it again the rustle of something in the river."Did you hear that?" She looks over at Kane.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Yes" He replied to her question. He lookedout over atthe river.
Druecilla / Shayla: "What was it?"Shayla said looking down over the balcony into the pitch black night."No one has acess to the river."
ellesmera / kane_vampire: It was... Vampiric" Kane whispered.
Druecilla / Shayla: "But why would something vampiric come into another vampiric space?"Shayla asked. "Why sneak in here instead of come through the palace and request acess?"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Maybe they dont want to be noticed.. Maybe, for the ruler of this household, they are unwanted attention"
Druecilla / Shayla: "Whom is unwanted attention in my house?"Shayla remarked."Anyone who enters shall be recieved with open arms!"Shayla thought a moment"Unless they are the enemy in which I should go down and investiagate princess or not I am able to hold my own."Shayla's eyes gleamed.
Druecilla / Shayla: "Tell me Kane what do you see when you look at me?"Shayla randomly asked.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "It oesnt have a threatening aura... It seems to be week, and following your scent" he apused. 2It knows you"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "I see... Beauty... Death... Deiance.. Hatred" He paused.
"Whome is it that you hate?"
Druecilla / Shayla: "It is?"Shayla looked a bit worried."Kane please answer my question." Shayla look at him sensably.
Druecilla / Shayla: "Myself!"Tears came to her eyes."Myself I can't stand it anymore all I do is hurt people."Shayla looked away.
Druecilla / Shayla: Then she heard the noise again louder this time."shall i call out to it?" Shayla asked.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Its calling your name" Kane sighed. He could sense it now, definatly vampiric
Druecilla / Shayla: "How does it know me all I have ever known has been in this palace!"Shayla looked into to Kane's eyes.
ellesmera / Faustus: "I dont know... But its not my name that its calling." He staggered slightly, paling.
"Ow.." The stake had been laced with poison. He hadnt detected it.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla ran up to him fear in her eyes somehow she knew this guy from somewhere somehow she felt feelings for him she reached out to him."Kane!"she cried out."Tell me what do I do, how do I help you!"
ellesmera / Faustus: "The poisons infected th blood... I need to get all the blood out.." He groaned, hed only just fed as well.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla repeated"How can I help you?" Shayla guided him to the bed in her room"Lay here" she told him."It might slow the poison."Shayla had a tender look on her face"Where do I know you from you seem so familiar?"
ellesmera / Faustus: "Im infamous for my murderous habits.. Maybe from a book.
"Is there anyway you culd drain the blood from me, without letting it enter your system?"
Druecilla / Shayla: "It's possiable, I think."Shayla said."But first we need to get this stake out of you."Shayla stated"How di it get in you in th-...."Shayla couldn't finish the sentence because she turned around and there something sat on the edge of the the balcony.
ellesmera / Faustus: Kan scowled. The thing on the balcony unearved him. He was in a delicate position, evry movement hurt him.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla shot into fighting stance looking over to where kane laid her fangs slightly out"Who are you and what do you want?" She demanded.
Druecilla / Shayla: The stranger said nothing just stood there looking at her and then at Kane. Shayla turned to look at Kane and then looked back and it was gone."Who was that?"She walked back over to Kane bent down and put her hand gently on his arm.
ellesmera: "The blood needs to come out, quickly... But the stake must be removed first. " He qroaned, trying to pull out the razored stake once more, he yelped in pain.
Druecilla / Shayla: "We have to find a less painful way"Shayla pleaded."We just have to think about this and make sure that we aren't doing any lasting damage."Shayla looked tenderly into Kane's eyes.
Druecilla / Shayla: "We have to find a less painful way"Shayla pleaded."We just have to think about this and make sure that we aren't doing any lasting damage."Shayla looked tenderly into Kane's eyes.
ellesmera / Erika Snow: "Ill heal quickly.. There will be no lasting damage... Just burn the stake out and then drain the blood, but dont swallow any..." Kane groaned
Druecilla / Shayla: "Ok."Shayla said looking a bit nervous.Shayla burned the stake out and then bit Kane on the neck stoping only to spit the poisoned blood out.Atlast she no longer tasted the strange taste the blood had, had. Shayla looked at Kane"I think I got it all."She whispered.
Druecilla / Shayla: "Kane who are you really you don't seem like a blood thristy murderer to me..."Shayla added.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane felt much better now that the blood was gone, the ole where the stake had been showed that there wasnt a heart there, it healed quickly then he spoke.
"I was born in the south of italy, 1000bc... people called me lots of things, but one that suck was the black sheep.. I was in a very noble family, one that i ended up slaughtering.. I had no one, so when lebran, the first vampire took me in and turned me, my past reflected with that of the vampiric nature.. I became as blood tirsty as lebran.. with power tenfold o his... I felt humanity was against me, so would kill for fun, and thas how ive been ever since... I care not for the human race, they are merley cattle... raised to be eaten." He sighed. "I am a blood thirsty murderer to the humans... to the vampires...well the old nation of vampires, I was a vapiric martyr... which is complicated to explain.. Bjut I changed the peoples view on vampires.... over 8000 years ago." He sighed, sitting up.
Druecilla / Shayla: "What happened to you?" Shayla thought."How did you get injured maybe I can help you how do you say open up."Shayla smiled sweetly.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "I was feeding and a slayer was near by.. I thought theyed all been killed... took me by suprise.... He thought hed staked me" He laughed slightly. "But I dont have a heart or him o stake.. well. its not in my body anway"
Druecilla / Shayla: "I feel like I know you from somewhere...."Then suddenly an aray of arrows come flying in and hit Shayla, she falls to the floor moaning in pain.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla tries to move but her body won't seem to work right."Kane"she moans.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane dropped to his knees, puling the arrows out with practiced ease. He looked out the window, trying to find the source, he shut the balcony doors and went back to her.
Druecilla / Shayla: Her eyes plead with him"Kane...what ha-ppened?"Her words weak.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "I dont know.. Stay still" He put his hand to the wouds, green energy, pure vampyric magyk rushed through her body, purifying anything the arrows had done.
Druecilla / Kaden: She gasped.Looking at the man who had just saved her she slowly got to her feet and looked Kane in the eyes."Thank you" Shayla said tears in her eyes turned away to ashamed for kane to see her cry.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Its okay to cry" He whispered. Putting his hand on her shoulder
Druecilla: "Its not" she murmered."It shows weakness"I can't be weak she replied."Not now not ever"She whispered"Or they'll kill me."
Druecilla / Shayla: Turning to Kane she rested her head on his shoulder looking up she asked"Is this ok?"
Druecilla / Shayla: She sighed the pain her body had been inflicted had vanished"Kane."She said."What is wrong with me?"
ellesmera: "Nothing is wrong." He sighed, stroking her hair. "Nothing at all"
Druecilla / Shayla: "Something has to be everybody wants me dead i have no purpose here."Shayla shivered."How can it be that i was once loved but hated so much now?"
ellesmera: "Its them.. not you.." Kane sighed
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla gazed into Kane's eyes"What pains you so?"Shayla asked.
ellesmera: "I hate to see such a beauty suffer from such insecurity." Kane stroked her hair softly.
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Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla"I'm anyting but beautiful."Shayla said. Her arms went around Kane's waist"But thank you for telling me that!"She smiled sweetly, softly stroking Kane's face.
Druecilla / Kaden: She sighed wearily something in the room was out of place she could feel it.
ellesmera: "I wouldnt lie about your beauty." He sighed, holding her close to him.
Druecilla / Shayla: She looked up at him."Kane I know you wouldn't."She smiled.
Druecilla / Kaden: Suddenly there was a knock on her chamber doors. Kaden waiting paciently out side them.
ellesmera: "Should I hide?" Kane whispered to Shayla
Druecilla / Shayla: "No." She simply replied. "Who ever it is can deal with the fact that your here and I don't think they would mind either way."She smiled.
Druecilla / Shayla: "No." She simply replied. "Who ever it is can deal with the fact that your here and I don't think they would mind either way."She smiled.
Druecilla / Shayla: Kaden tapped his foot lightly on the floor waiting for the door to open then he heard light foot steps coming towards the door, it opened and thier she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla looked at this stranger some how he had seem familiar."Of what service may I be too you, do you not know how late it is?" Looking back at Kane she could tell something wasn't right.
Druecilla / Kaden: He saw the anger in her eyes"I..I...I only wanted to be graced with your beauty..."Looking back to where she had looked he saw him the one who he had been sworn to kill "You he growled deep in his throat."Get your hands off of the princess!"He roared. Pushing Shayla aside leaping at Kane.
Druecilla / Shayla: Tears came to her eyes as she saw this stranger and Kane fighting she couldn't make out what they were saying but the blood was enough for her to slide down the wall and rest her head on her knees and cry she had never felt so helpless in her entire life.
ellesmera: Kane let his vampiric magyk rip from him, it blasted its way down his body then smashed Kaden in to the wall, holding him their with 4 ropes of energy (like octavia from spiderman 2)
"Your more stupid than you look!" He hissed
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla cried out something Kaden was doing to her that Kane couldn't stop. She cried out in agony.
Druecilla / Shayla: She tried to fight it but it was too strong maybe it wasn't either one of them maybe it was an outside force.
Druecilla / Shayla: Her breath had grown ragged. She stood straight up looking at Kaden with hate filled eyes.
Druecilla / Shayla: She looked at Kane and somehow here anger subsided kane had the situation under control.
Druecilla / Angelus: "kane whats going on here?"shayla asked."why is...was he so intent on killing you?"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane dropped the unconcious body.
"He seems to have a problem with me.." He staggered backwards, to hold him there had taken a lot of strength, the first chamber of power was nearlly used up.. Hed have to open the second soon. (4 chambers in his head.. read profile to understand fully)
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla rushed out to him taking him in her arms."Kane are you alright what can i do?"Her hands cupped his face.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Its nothing..." He closed his eyes with a pained look on his face as he opened the second gate, relief flooded him as did the magyk from the second chamber, twice as much as previously before. He sighed. The pain gone
Druecilla / Shayla: Some how Shayla had reicived feelings from him"Kane...?"
Druecilla / Shayla: "Are you sure your ok?"Shayla questioned.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Yeah.. Im fine.... I was running out of vampyric magyk.. so I opened up my reserves"
Druecilla / Shayla: "Oh so tell me would it be lady like if asked you to stay here with me?"Shayla blushed.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "It would depend what your motives are for asking me to stay" A smile on his face
Druecilla / Shayla: She smiled"Well they are not very lady like."She looked up at him lightly kissing his lips.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He kissed her back.
"I like your motives" He smiled taking her to the bed. Kadens body moved outside the room with the help of vampiric magyk and the door locked.
Druecilla / Shayla: Her hands traced his face.
Druecilla / Shayla: She felt the bed under her."Kane..."She kissed him again.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He layed her down on the bed, he was sort of stradling her. He slid his hands down her body, never breaking the kiss
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla moaned softly. removing his shirt her hand roamed his chest.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He goaned at her touch. He remembere his hip, pelvic and shoulder tattoos and blushed slightly, remembering their origins. He slid his hands beween the fabric of her top and slid it over her head, breaking the kiss just to alow the fabric to fall away.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla's body was tingling she wanted kane so much she nibbled on his shoulder playfully.
Druecilla / Kaden: Shayla's hands found thier way to his pants tugging on them gently.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla closed her eyes letting kanes hands roam her body.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He pulled his pants away and the rest of his clothing, laying completley naked before her, he remved her clothing unceramoniously and kissed her chest, nipping playfull at her neck before finally meeting her lips with his again.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla moaned in extacy wanting kane to free her of the fire in her soul."Please..."She whisphered softly.
Druecilla / Shayla: "make love to me"She whispered softly in his ear.
Druecilla / Shayla: She moaned"Perrrfect...."Shayla couldn't help but arch her back.
Druecilla / Shayla: "More please..."She moaned
Druecilla / Shayla: There was a sound outside the door. Shayla raised her head up."What or Who was that?"She asked.
Druecilla / Shayla: "Oh well"she was to busy with Kane to really care."Don't stop"She pleaded.
Druecilla / Shayla: "I need you..."Shayla's moan was filled with passion.
Druecilla / Shayla: She moaned loudly she was sure whoever was outside could hear her.
Druecilla / Shayla: "harder!"she whisphered.
Druecilla / Shayla: She gasp she had never felt such a sensation of pleasure in her life and she was loving every second of it. Her fingers traced his markings and the back of his neck.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla kissed Kane and ran her fingers through his hair.
Druecilla / Shayla: "I need you"She whisphered softly.
Druecilla / Shayla: "Kane...come back to me"She noticed the distant look in his eyes.
Druecilla / Shayla: "Kane..."
ellesmera: He shook from his trance.
"Sorry... " He resumed his pounding, which had slowed down a lot
Druecilla / Shayla: She smiled"Are you ok?"
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla had only seen kane like that before and that was when he had kaden help up against the wall.
Druecilla / Shayla: Nipping his neck. she traced his markings softly.
ellesmera: "Im fine...." He nipped her neck, his long hair covering the bed. Itd be a bugger to untangle later. He could feel himself comming closer to the edge of bliss
Druecilla / Shayla: She smiled."You look tired my love."She cooed softly.
Druecilla / Shayla: "Kane you make me feel things ive never felt."Shayla said.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla cried out in pain and joy"KANE.....I....LOVE...YOU!"
Druecilla / Shayla: "Harder..."She moaned.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla's body shook with extasy.
ellesmera: "I don't know how long I can last this time" He groaned
Druecilla / Shayla: She smiled"wanna take a rest?"She wanted him to be happy.
ellesmera: "But im all hard again..." He whined, burying his face in her neck
Druecilla / Shayla: "Ok."She laughed."let me have it"She grinned knowing she couldn't resist him.
ellesmera: He slammed in to her, about 15 mins later he came in her again, colapsing and roling to her side.
Druecilla / Shayla: she smiled kissing kane softly and laying her on his chest.
ellesmera: He closed his eyes happily.
"What keeps you here?"
Druecilla / Shayla: "My duties to my people."She sighed."just because some people made bad decisions i shouldn't take it out on them."She looked at kane.
ellesmera: "Don't you have a master.. Even I have a master..." He blushed slightly, his master, he suposed was dead, unless he was an=woken again, the true king of darkness, and his prince, they would rule the vampiric race again, one day
Druecilla / Shayla: "Yes....well...I did but he died long ago saving me from a slayer."A tear fell from her eye.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla hated to think about him. She hated to remember that he had promised to never leave her.
ellesmera: "Did you love him? I..My master... He was over protective, I was very disobediant and cheeky in my first 500 years.. Before he bit me.. I had a lover, with the most beautiful blue eyes.. a face carved by angels and a body to die for, I loved him... Lebran.. My master cut his eyes from his head and gave them to me.. Destroying and raping my lover, and his whole demon clan, all 8000.... It took him 500 years, but i finally became dominant.. He broke me, i stopped bieng defiant and bcame his pet, till he sired my best friend of the time, and sacraficed himself for that man..."
Druecilla / Shayla: "Yes very much I hated him in the begging for turning me but just before he died i thanked him because i have seen another side of life that i love...Kane...?"Her hand touched his face."Do you ever feel like you've met someone new but its like you've met them before?"
ellesmera: "Sometimes.. I was shopping.. for some food.. On some days i can eat it without it turning to ash... And.. I swear I saw Sax... The eyes.. He had the same eyes" he paused. "Why?"
Druecilla / Shayla: "because i feel like i know that Kaden guy from somewhere...and you i feel like ive known you all my life..."Shayla couldn't tell him that she had saw him in her dreams just the night before.
Druecilla / Shayla: "I just wonder weird things sometimes"She smiled.
Druecilla / Shayla: "I normally don't get attached to people though but some how your different."Her brows furrowed slightly.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla giggled pulling kane over too her for a kiss.
ellesmera: He smiled.
"I wonder what that Kaden is doing" He thought aloud
Druecilla / Shayla: "Who cares"She smiled brightly "do you want to take a stroll in the court yard or just stay up here and play?"
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla looked at kane.
ellesmera: Kane thought about it.
"Its up to you"
Druecilla / Shayla: "ummm i want you to choose"She said sexily.
Druecilla / Shayla: "ummm i want you to choose"She said sexily.
Druecilla / Shayla: "ummm i want you to choose"She said sexily.
Druecilla / Shayla: Kane had that distant look in his eyes shayla touched his shoulder."Kane..."
ellesmera: He jumped on her. Kissing her neck.
"I chose"
Druecilla / Shayla: She laughed."I can tell."She said kissing his neck.
ellesmera: He slipped his hands down her chest.
Druecilla / Shayla: She moaned softly in his ear.
ellesmera: He moaned slightly, sucking on her skin.
Druecilla / Shayla: "Play rough with me."She smiled nibbling on his ear.
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: His claws cut in to her skin.
"My rough might be differant from your rough"
Druecilla / Shayla: " I doubt it."She said. Biting his shoulder.
ellesmera: He smiled. He pushed his nails in deeper.
Druecilla / Shayla: She moaned."Do with me what ever you desire."
ellesmera: He spread her legs and traced his tongue down her chest, kissing her stomach and navel. His face was now at her crotch and he smiled, pressing the flat of his tongue to her hole.
Druecilla / Angelus: She was in true extasy loving every thing he did to her, she moaned slightly. wanting more and more.
Druecilla / Shayla: She was in true extasy loving every thing he did to her, she moaned slightly. wanting more and more.
ellesmera: He smiled and elntered her hole with his tongue, tasting her. His fingers working on her clit
Druecilla / Shayla: She cried out, she was in so much pleasure all she could do is lay there.
ellesmera: He removed his tongue and slipped his finger in instead, his tongue now on her clit.
Druecilla / Shayla: She moaned feverntly."I need you."She cried.
ellesmera: He removed his finger and shoved his dick in to her, meeting her lips with his.
Druecilla / Shayla: Her body arched with his wanting him to give her pain.
ellesmera: His nails pushed in to her shoulders and he slipped his lips down to her breasts. Biting them.
Druecilla / Shayla: She moaned.biting hid neck and her nails digging into any skin that she could reach.
ellesmera: He thrust repeatedly, hard and fast, causing slight pain for both of them
ellesmera: He thrust repeatedly, hard and fast, causing slight pain for both of them
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla cried out in pain and pleasure wanting kane.she kissed him her tongue connecting with his.
ellesmera: He sucked on her tongue and his pace increased, as did the strength of his thrusts
Druecilla / Shayla: She was in need of him in so many ways she didn't realize that they were both tiring out.
ellesmera: He was moving them across the bed and was bleeding slightly. He moaned loudly.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla looked at kane he was enjoying himself so much as was she when he thrust she maoned loudly.
ellesmera: He felt himself getting close to cumming
Druecilla / Shayla: "Harder."She cried.
ellesmera: He pounded in to her at an amazing speed.
Druecilla / Shayla: She moaned loudly in his ear.
ellesmera: He came loudly. Paning heavily as he held himself up.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla was out of breath noticing kane was hurting"Are you ok my love."She asked concerned.
Druecilla / Shayla: (be back l8r)
ellesmera: "Yeah" He smiled. Collapsing next to him
Druecilla / Shayla: "Are you ok?"She asked.
ellesmera: (her.... o0)
"Yeah.. Need a quick rest."
Druecilla / Shayla: "alright."She smiled.
Druecilla / Shayla: "alright."She smiled
ellesmera: He stood after a few minutes.
"Okay. I'm good."
Druecilla / Shayla: She laughed wrapping herself in the cover and walking to the balcony looking out.
ellesmera: He stretched, his muscles rippling. He inspected the tattoos on his shoulders. They were intact. But the one that held Kean had a broken chain on it now. He had forgotten he had released Kean.
Druecilla / Shayla: Looking outside she felt safe knowing kane was with her and she looked out over the river happily. Not noticing kane walking up behind her.
ellesmera: He wrapped his arms round her as he recalled Kean, the chain fading.
Druecilla / Shayla: She had the back of her head resting on his chest."Its beautiful isn't it?"She asked looking out across the river.
ellesmera: "Yeah, almost as beautiful as you" he kissed her neck and looked out at the view
Druecilla / Shayla: She blushed. Looking at the river she saw the fishes bright in color and the animals grazing."I love you."She said.
ellesmera: "I love you to" He smiled, holding to her tightly.
Druecilla / Shayla: She smiled. Turning towards him she buried her face in his chest.
ellesmera: He melted against her. Closing her eyes
Druecilla / Shayla: "Don't leave me."She looked at Kane.
ellesmera / Faustus: "I don't plan to" He smiled. Kissing her nose.
Druecilla / Shayla: She smiled back."So where do we go from here i can't very well stay here."She said
Druecilla / Shayla: She smiled back."So where do we go from here i can't very well stay here."She said.
Druecilla / Shayla: "Can we?"She asked.
Druecilla / Shayla: She looked up at kane.
ellesmera / Magpie: "I dont think we can.... People don't seem to like me" He shrugged
Druecilla / Shayla: She looked in his eyes."I do."She replied.
Druecilla / Shayla: "Where would we go where ever i go they will find me."She sighed she knew she was bound by a magical force she couldn't speak of.
Druecilla / Shayla: "...."Shayla was lost in thought.
Druecilla / Shayla: "...."Shayla was lost in thought.
Druecilla / Shayla: "its gettting light outside."She replied."maybe we should sleep then head out later on tonight."She said.
Druecilla / Shayla: looking at kane he looked worried."Is something bothering you my love?"Shayla asked.
Druecilla / Shayla: snuggling up to him.
Druecilla / Shayla: "Kane what do people have against you?" she asked.

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