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Roleplay - City of Angels by Angelus / Druecilla

Los Angeles. Demons ,vampires, Fallen Angels, Black Angels. You get the drift.

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Druecilla / Angelus: Angelus looked around everything seemed normal I mean this was his club and everybody seemed to be having fun even the guy who always came in here in sort of a daze. Angelus sat back in his chair and asked on of his employees for whiskey on the rocks.
Druecilla / Angelus: "Ahhh never."he smirked."never to early to make my time better."He laughed.
Jordan Arema / Skye: She walked in a tiny child that she was. Not many people would notice her if it wasnt for the blank look in her eyes. She glanced around and frowned a bit annoyed at the scene she saw. Drunks, whores, well this was like her ususal hang out shrugging she went up to the bar and got a bottled water, not drinking it just holding it for the soft coolness comforts her in these depressed moods. It would help if she could remember where the hell she was and how she got here.
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: It had been a long time she hadn't been chased down by the goverment for some murder. She was still cautious, still paranoid as she walked though the streets, keeping her head down as she moved. A trench coat, 'borrowed' from a dead body kept her warm, and she didn't care if anyone bumped her as they walked, gave her a glare, or make a remark. She ignorged them, as all ways, a lost soul of sorts.
Maddened / Veda: Veda entered the bar,her pale skin as white as marble.she walked to the bar and requested a cup of wine.she glanced down at her perfectly neat attire, a knee length skirt that had a high slit that showed a nice expanse of her muscular thigh, and the white oxford blouse that was half buttoned to reveal a red camisole beneath. shaing her head at the modern styleof dress she accepted the tenders gift with a faint nod of her head.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: he sat in the back corner. he didn't like places like this they should me ileagel. he though he was sitting in a back section a collar on with a chain comming from it and a large ugly man was holding on to it. he didn't bother to look up. if only his kind weren't treated like crap.
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: She would enter a small bar, and take a seat, studying the other partons. She would feel the aura of various races, but would simply sit there, shooting glares at anyone who came towards her. The people who glared at her would turn around and go back to their seat or find another seat. She didn't want anyone near her, lest someone recgonize her.
Maddened / Veda: Veda took a sip of the wine finding it undesirable. she pushed the glass away and left a few random bills on the counter. she swiveled on the stool, her eyes surveying the patrons. her eyes fell on a chained pet. he tilted her head, her gold eyes sizing him up.
Jordan Arema / Skye: She glanced over in the corner. getting up she walked to the person with a chain. "hello" she said in a small sweet voice. She had a strange confidence about her that shook her victems to the core when they found out who they were dealing with. " are you thirsty?" she smiled a bit and offered her water. She knew that his kind had a sort of caste system, in other words they usually had no rights to speak of. "my name is skye." she set down beside him lightly not meaning to apear rude to the chain holder but contempt for him showed on her young face.
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: Anima would notice several partons gathering around a rather smaller and fragile looking creature. She'd murr something under her breath and order tea, and would sip it quietly, not caring that the hotness of the luquid. She had grown good at not showing emotions on her face.
animethemed / Artemis : Noticing what appeared to be a young girl taking pity on the chained being she stood up and approached him and his owner.her heels were loud on the dirty wooden boards of the floor.her eyes distant as she reached the table.
Maddened / Veda: (wrong char sry)
Jordan Arema / Skye: glancing up at the approching feet she stood up politly, as was custome..though where she learned this she doesnt remember. The lady was beautiful but all humans to her were beautiful their intelligence was unique and amazed her at odd moments. "hello" her blue eyes looked at her though they looked as if they saw through the lady.
Jordan Arema / Skye: ( :) i do that alot also)
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: Anima would mutter something again. How many damn people were in this bar anyway? She felt rather calstrophobic, but forced herself to swallow the hot tea, which keep her mind occupied. She used pain to forget about her past, about what she had been, innocent, a child. Now she was something different, and she wanted to forget. But she never did.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: he man looked over watching the girl, "I'm kuri" he said the he saw veda looking at him and looked away back twords skye, "why are you being nice to me" he asked tilting his head. an angel vampire cross breed was a rare thing to see but they were not a free race.
Maddened / Veda: surprised by the girls eyes she smiled in greeting, a side of canine showing."good evening."her response was kind and her voice was gentle.her eyes on the other hand wiftly inpected the male at the small girl's side.
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: ( o-o My name! -Tackles- )
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: he smiled feeling the chain being tugged, "stop that' the man growled at him and he siped the water setting it down.and looked in the oppocite direction
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: Anima was trying to hide, or she was trying to dissapper. She'd contuine to sip her tea, and it would bring back some few warm memories. But they were shattered into pieces as the normal, hateful, painful, memories surfaced again.
She'd flinch, and pull up the trench coat's sleeve, and slash a claw upwards. Flinching at the pain, it chaed away the memories, and she smiled some-what, as the blood dripped down to the floor.
Maddened / Veda: When veda eyes saw the tugginng of the chain,her eyes widened.she shook her head.her eyes glared at the owner deciding she outranked easily.her voice purred, a warning mile at her lips,"hello.name.,"she ordered as was he right in the caste.
Jordan Arema / Skye: Turning her attention back to the angel she gave him a curiouse look "what have i against you, that i shouldnt act kindly?" she sat back down and looked to the woman in front of her. "you know, you can never be to careful though i can see with you, you dont trust very easily." she spoke half to herself not minding if she sounded crazy. Not born a human she was use to acting out and going by her own rules. Seeing the woman by the bar looking there way she offered up a childish smile, looking through and seeing what there was to see. Understanding dawned in her eyes though she looked away so as not to offend the yound lady. "Kuri, such a beautiful name. Not very common though, something to be proude of i do say." she talked as if there was no interuption and reached over to finger a bandage on his arm. "creatures who should by right have wings should never be locked up, but that is my oppinon."
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: ( Yup! -Hugs- )
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: he nodded to skye and smiled at her, "I'm fine I've benn like this all my life and my wings are cliped too so there are no worries there.
the man looked at the lady, "mine of the idiot over there" he said refering to kuri and kuri didn't bother to look at him or even listen at the moment.
Maddened / Veda: Veda became quicly angered at the man's lack of respect.she reached a quick and assaulting at his throat lifting him out of the chair."Listen boyo, pay me due curteousy."she threw the man down at her feet violently, she had spoken loudly so the room' occupants would see the man's own debasement.
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: Anima would smile softly as the wound healed quickly, lookign down at the small puddle of blood under her seat. Shrugging a bit, she'd lean against the wall, being at the end of the bar. Trench coat was stained a bit, but she probably ditich it when the weather got warmer.
Jordan Arema / Skye: Being such a small child her lithe body easily moved with grace when she commanded that of her body. Being as she herself is being hunted by the very people who created her, she kept her identity to her given name S.K.Y.E. why change it when people already knew what she looked like. "that is very rude to be put on a chain though a cage of metal not yet known to this town isnt that much better. are you hungry Kuri?" she didnt wait for an answer and moved slighty walking around the woman Vamp. and the injured man. Walking up to the bar she noticed the Young lady still sat there. Curiosity killed the cat they told her, But satisfaction brought him back. "hello m'lady." she pointedly looked at her as she oredered a bowl of noodles.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: he was yanked when she thru the ma nand he ended up on the floor, 'my name is miyagi I'm just trying to sell the kid out to some people or get rid of him" he said shaking and kuri layed on the floor when he was pulled too.
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: Anima was somehwta surprised as someone talked to her. She would simply stare back with her amber eyes as the little creature spoke. She'd turn away, not willing to talk to her. Why bother? She'd probably end up a vampire's meal by night's end.
Jordan Arema / Skye: Hearing the mans voice across the room she raised her own to match the noise. "really for sale? may i buy him?" her concept of slave and master was really in short friends though she didnt know the workings of a slave market. "how much?" she curiosly glanced at the small angel on the floor.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: he was shakinga bit, "I think this lady was here first" he said scared of the women, "which ever I don't care just make an offer or something" he said and kuri sat up sitting next to the falled chair.
Maddened / Veda: At the other woman's interuption she turned from the idiot and halfbreed.the fact that she was upset was visible in her gold eyes,"Veda of the lorencian league.nice to meet you sucille.pardon me a moment please."she turned her eyes on the lout at her feet."your advertising skills are lacking, kiddo. how much for the boy?"her eye found the boy had been dragged to the ground as well.she stepped over the shaking owner and reached for the hain herself breaking it easily. she looked at the boy directly, warning him to stay put.
Jordan Arema / Skye: Shrugging she got the bowl of noodles and looking once more at the Lady in the coat she smiled and walked away, before she was to far she looked back once more. "it ok, he doesnt look all that scary and so far no one knows about him, you can relax m'lady." she then turned and went to the now chainless (sort of) angel handing him the warm bowl. " i agree with Lady Veda if i may be so bold you do suck at advertising,you should brush up your skills." she said cheerfully.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: he started shaking him self and and looked away and started messing with the end of the chain that she broke and looked back up at her tears in his eyes, "three hundred" he said , "I payed six hundred for him two years ago" the man said studdering.
Maddened / Veda: Veda pulld out a wad of bills, doublin the six hundred."he's worth far more than that price."she beckoned for the boy to stand.when he did so she offered her hand in greeting expecting him to shake her hand,"my name is veda of lorencia.you are?"
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: he reached out for her arm after a little while, 'my name is kuri" he said quitely and took a few shakeing steps tword the woman looking down the entire time. then he looked over at skye and nodded to her thanking her for her kindness eariler
Maddened / Veda: Veda recalled the young experiments offer to buy kuri.she smiled slightly to herself than at Kuri."would you like to get cleaned up?"
Jordan Arema / Skye: (eeps!!!! sorry!!!)
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: "I--If that is what you would like" he said trying to be nice and not seem that he was stepping above him self. he then looked up to take a look at her and he felt a bit safer with her then with the man before hand.
Maddened / Veda: Veda tiltd her head at his reply,"i asked you if you'd like to clean up...do not bring me into your wants,i asked you and you decide it so."her voice had been kind yet reprimanding. she recalled the young girl once more, turning away from kuri he smiled at her,"miss skye, would you like to hav lunch with kuri tomorrow?he's seems to have befreinded you, im afraid my household is a bit lacking in company at the moment, perhaps your presence will make him feel more at home."she reached in her gucci hand bag, taking out a business card.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: "I'll get cleaned up then" he decided he wasn't used to makeing dicisions at all or doing any of the sort. he nodded to her and walked over resting his head on veda.
Jordan Arema / Skye: "sure!" she replyed happily almost ready to bounce in her seat. "i would love that Lady Veda. though i might be a bit late...considering i still have no idea where i am but i found it once ill find it again." she took the card and sat down with a big umphf.
Maddened / Veda: Veda wrapped a comforting arm about the boy's shoulders as she held out the business card for skye expectantly.
Maddened / Veda: raising a teasing eyebrow at the girl,"well if you look at the card you may gather what city and state your in."she thought about time,"its about midnight now."
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: he wraped his arms around her loosely happy to have some one that wasn't going to hurt him or at least he though that, he whispered something, "thank you" he whispered and smiled a little.
Jordan Arema / Skye: She hit herself squarly in the forhead "you would think i would have thought of that but hey im about as smart as the idiot still quaking on the floor." her smart ass smiled was pined on him "i never really cared for big bullies." she swung her legs in the chair for they barly touched the floor.
Maddened / Veda: Veda smiled at the girl,"well, take care of yourself.i'll enjoy having you for lunch."she smiled a bit allowing a hint of fang to show.after that she laughed at her own lameness leaning heavily on kuri briefly, before regaining her composure.once more the kind business woman with a bit of mirth in her smile.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: he let go of her, "I'm sorry for that" he said and followed her out and looked up at her, "what is you nameif it is aright for me to be asking.
Maddened / Veda: Veda followed after him, smiling at the fact that she'd already told him her name."I'm veda.let's take you home."she grasped his hand as a mother does a small child. she walked briskly through night, her heels loud on the pavement.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: he held her hand and stayed close to her he was a bit lost in the night but his night vision was quite good since he was part vampire. he looked around he was a holy vampire he then though abou t it but holy things kill vampires. then he started wondering about how he was created (gtg for a little while)
Maddened / Veda: Veda stopped and upon arrival at a small townhouse, opened the door with a key she'd fished out from her bag.walking in she turned on the lights to show a pristine apartment decorated in warm shades of cream,bronze,and maroon.she led kuri in and direted him towards the washroom."take your time."she herself walked to the fridge,to retrieve a bag of blood.which he promptly put into a black mug and heated in the microwave. as she waited she kicked off her heels and unbuttoned the blouse revealing the red camisole.she drummed her fingers waiting for the blood to heat up.
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: ( >_> <_< Mind updating me? )
Fallenhope / Shinon: (Yep...i want to join. Yep, tell me whats going on if you want me)
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: ( -Pokes board- My character, is in a bar, and sitting in a corner. The vampire and angel went someplace else. The little person went some place to.)
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: Anima would contuine to study the partons of the bar, fianlly finished with her tea. She had ignorged all attempts to start up a conversation with this girl who seemed to be hiding in the darkness at the end of the bar. Her amber eyes reflected light, much like an animals would.
Fallenhope / Shinon: (Neat. I don't know where i could fit in though...*Crys*)
Fallenhope / Shinon: (I feel loved...n_n) Shinon walked into the bar. His eyes reflected a smile, even if he wasn't smileing. His lips remaind unmoving and cold. He sat down at a random seat and saw a girl next to him. "Hi! How are you doing?"
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: ( Posted on wrong character n_n)
Fallenhope / Shinon: (Oh god, your person reminds me of my younger brother. >_<) Shinon looked at her and then shoke his head, making his white hair sway to side to side. He ordered some tea and waited for it. He rocked back and forth looking at her. "Why do you cause your self so much pain?"
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: ( o-o *Hides )
Anima would mearly watch him, carefully calculating him. He appeared weak, fragile, easyily killed Good, he wasn't a threat. Muttering something about the cutting, she's tap the wound, showing that it healed, and she'd let the trench coat's loose sleeves cover her arms again. "...What do you want?" Her voice was rather soft, but there was something in it, something sinster, something of a dark history, or perhaps it was nothing at all.
Fallenhope / Shinon: (He does. I have to slap him to make him stop though. Only 12 and he is a emo...) "Nothing...just wanted to say hi." He smiled at her and then rocked back into the seats postion and gulped down some of his tea. Of course it was hot, he gulped it and stuck out his tounge.
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: Anima would nod, and yawn a bit, showing off rather sharp fangs. Perhaps she was a vampire, perhaps not. She would smile a bit.
"Full moons near, La." She would murr, looking down at her rather sharp claws. Another chance to live for something, or to do something other then wander. She would order some more tea, but didn't make a face as the tea burned her mouth.
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: (Yep, you got another person. Maybe i am that speical.) Kammui walked into the bar, following Shinon. He grabed him from the coller and looked at him. He sighed. "Where have you been...?" He growled at him and brought his face close to his.
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: Anima would glance over at the man who walked in. "And who are you, Mr. Asshole?" She didn't like people treating other people like crap. Studying him, she would smile a bit, showing her fangs. "La."
Nilachan / Echo: (OH shit! Its you...*Pokes*) Shinon smiled nervoulsy at him a and then kicked his feet a little. "I haven't been anywhere brother." he said with a smirk and a quick flash of some pointed teeth.
Fallenhope / Shinon: (Me if you pleases)
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: Kamui rolled his eyes and droped him on the floor. "I am Kamui. That is my brother, Shinon the 'angel'."
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: Anima smiled. "Nice to meet you. Treating your brother nicely, hm?" She would ask, and sip her tea again, it burning in her mouth.
Sereto_Uesugi / Kuri: (what happened............. or maybe I can't do anything)
Fallenhope / Shinon: Shinon strugled to get away. He blinked a few times before biteing his hand. He droped on the ground and grined. "Your just mad becuase mother loved me best!" He pointed out and rubbed his neck.
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: (Still at the bar. I don't know what happend. I just joined.) Kamui sighed and kicked him. "Mother loved nether of us. She only cared about herself, much like your friend here." He said and pointed to her.
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: Anima would shake her head. "My mother loved only herself, and hated me. Beat me." She would shrug and mearly watch the kicking of the smaller angel, keeping her face blank of emotion.
Fallenhope / Shinon: "Ours too!" He said and then popped out of the way of Kamui. He grined cheekly and then stood in front of Kamui. "Are you going to take me back?" He asked bitting his lip.
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: Kamui looked down at him and sighed. "Yes, i am. Say good-bye to that girl. You will never see her again." He said with a quick smile that faded as fast as it came.
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: Anima would notice this smile, and she'd blink. "Ah, your going to take him away? And where are you taking him?" She asked, sipping her tea. She could stop them, but she mearly sat there.
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: "No of your busniess girl. Come on Shinon." He looked down at him. "IF! You tell her where i am takeing you, i will snap your next right now and let them find your body..." He growled in his ear so nobody could hear.
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: Anima might have heared what he said. With her acute hearing, and being so close and all. "it's not nice to threaten your brother. Your no better then this mother of yours." She said calmly, and siped her tea again.
Fallenhope / Shinon: "Aww! She likes me brother!" He said and smiled widely. "No, its not that. He just is saying that, becasue if i told you...you might just want to kill us!" He said getting a slap from Kamui in the back of the head.
Fatedblue1 / Kamui: (i got to go now, don't go far.) Kamui turned his head and looked at this girl. "What is it of your concren?" He asked a little bit pissy right now.
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: Anima would look over at the girl and blinked. "Evesdropping hm?" She would ask, with a small smirk on her face. She'd sip her tea again and yawn a bit. "Full moon soon, la." She would murr a bit
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: Anima smirked. "I'm not a lycan...I just...like the full moon." She said, smirking at her and siping her tea. She didn't feel much pain, now that her mouth was used to the hot luquid.
"Well, perhaps you should show me this 'place' of yours, hm?" She asked, getting up, and streching a bit.
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: Anima would nod. "Sure." She'd look to the two boys. "I rather leave them here. One's an asshole, and the other's a sissy." She spoke bluntly, and turned to head for the door, her trench coat flapping a bit as she walked out into the cool night air.
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: Anima smiled. "Dunno. Let's just walk." She said, heading down the street, not waiting to see if the girl followed. She avoided people's gazes and looked down at the sidewalk as she walked, humming softly to herself. She would flinch as someone bumped her, but would keep walking, taking turns to no where, and walking no where.
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: Anima nodded. "Doesn't matter." She would courch for a moment before jumping up, landing neatly on a rooftop. She would sigh and sit down, memories surfacing from her eariler days. Snarling, she'd slash a claw up her arm, not caring if the blood stained the trench coat she wore. Looking up at the almost full moon, she felt the demon stirring, screaming for blood. Whincing, she'd hold her now thobbing head.
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: Anima looked up. "I heal quickly. So no worries." She didn't even look up, and would tap the wound, which had already begun to heal.
"What trouble me? Myself, what I am." She muttered, turning away from the girl, her expression now stone cold. "Nice to meet you. Call me...Deamon."
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: Anima laughed a bit. "Fade?" She asked, and would shake her head. She didn't feel explaining to the girl about what she was. Streching a bit, she'd look up at the full moon. The demon would stirr again, and begin to scream, causing Anima to start shaking, even though her face was calm.
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: Anima wasn't cold, the demon was trying to claw it's way out as usual. Snarling suddenly, she would slash her palm again. "Fucking thing." She snarled, and would look down, avoiding looking at the almost full moon.
Maddened / Veda: (hey kiddos, what have i missed?)
Maddened / Veda: (thanks a bunches)Veda had finished her mug o' blood in a few seconds. the taste felt tangy on her tongue but it was acceptable.she was a patient hunter when it came to her prey...she sinked herself into their lives then indulged in her hunger, the wait made it seem more like art, although it was just the same. she ordered blood off the black market to help her get by until that long awaited time.she closed her eyes and sighed a moment.Walking through the living room she searched around for Kuri.She slipped her white blouse from her shoulder, leaving her in her red camisole,skirt, and stockings.It was quiet,but she knew he was still in the apartment somewhere,she called his name hesitantly,"Kuri?"
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: Anima sighed, and hopped off the roof, landing catlike on the street. Standing up, she'd hesitate following the girl for a moment, before following her, keeping her face blank as usaual.
XxTwoSoulsxX / Anima: Anima followed her, her head thobbing somewhat. Damnit, she'd have to kill something soon or she'd lose it.
Druecilla / Angelus: "Angelus"He replied"I own this club."He smiled.
Druecilla / Angelus: "And your name?"angelus asked.
Druecilla / Angelus: ((alright)) "nice name."He said smugly.
Druecilla / Angelus: "i've known about this place for ages."He laughed softly."i just didn't think i would see you here, no i didn't follow you either."he said.
Druecilla / Angelus: He grinned he had been around awhile not to know that she was flirting."It is."He smiled at her.
Druecilla / Angelus: "Maybe."He smirked.
Druecilla / Angelus: "Sure it is its an answer between yes and no"She smiled.
Druecilla / Angelus: "ummm thats what they all say."He laughed joyfully.
Druecilla / Angelus: "Oh you mean this thingy."Reaching into his trenchcoat and pulling out the flashlight.
Druecilla / Angelus: he smiled."me a thief yea rite."He handed it back to her.
Druecilla / Angelus: "Ummm maybe."he smiled lucidly.Very content he reached for the light switch"I do pay my bills."He laughed turning on the lights.
Druecilla / Angelus: "Hmmm i don't live here i just bought the place a few days ago."He smiled "Still working on that but just so ya know these are demonic rats ya know demons in another form."He laughed.
Druecilla / Angelus: "To fix it up maybe expand my club."
Druecilla / Angelus: "A little bit of both."
Druecilla / Angelus: "Awww never."He smiled.
Druecilla / Angelus: "unless you would like to stay with me that is until i fix this dump up and then maybe i might just let you be manager over it" he smiled.
Druecilla / Angelus: "Oh its not a matter of trust i trust no one."He explained.
Druecilla / Angelus: "both" he said.
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: (did kuri ever come back?)
Druecilla / Angelus: (no)
Druecilla / Angelus: Angelus looked at her for awhile."So wanna take me up on my offer?"He asked her.
Druecilla / Angelus: "ummm hmmm."He said."Not quite sure yet."He smiled showing his fang and very nice white teeth.
Druecilla / Angelus: "Well im not just gonna give you the job."He smiled."There will be other interviews and if I can't find anyone better no offense because i like you but you know i believe in fairness so yea."He said.
Druecilla / Angelus: "I don't know."Angelus said."what do you want to do?"He asked.
Druecilla / Angelus: "sure does."He smiled."Shall i lead the way?"He asked.
Druecilla / Angelus: Angelus laughed."now just remember no un lady like intentions."He charmingly grinned.
Druecilla / Angelus: He looked over at her"lets go."he said.
Druecilla / Angelus: He laughed."Alright lets go."He walked in front of her leading her to his car."We're in for a long ride."He said.
Druecilla / Angelus: "Well i got my ways."He smiled."Its a Mustang."He loved his car almost more than himself his car was mainly for his racing habit.
Druecilla / Angelus: "Ummm no."He replied."Its my one and true love."
Druecilla / Angelus: "But i guess if you want to you can."Angelus replied.
Druecilla / Angelus: "But i guess if you want to you can."Angelus replied.
Druecilla / Kaden: Kaden lurked in the darkness. Sensing somebody was there he turned around.

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