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Roleplay - moses by moises ruiz / moises ruiz

in a dark deserted place. alone and depresed

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moises ruiz: mark grabs a knife and wants to kill himself.
Fallenhope / Lunette: Lunette looked over to where she was standing. A man holding a knife caught her attetion. She ran over to him. "What are you doing?" She yeled at him and grabed the kinfe and held it to her.
moises ruiz: my life is a waste of time all is wrong said mark as he strugles to get the knive back
Fallenhope / Lunette: She slaped his hand away and pushed the knife behind her back. "Don't think like that..." she said to him while backing up.
moises ruiz: "who are you to question my doing" mark stands up and runs. he looks back to see if Lunette is chasing him...................she.......
Fallenhope / Lunette: Lunette followed him, of course and then looked back at the place she was running away from. she caught up to him and then growled. "Don't run away from me!"
moises ruiz: "why bother all dreams run away. you should know about it." mark replies. sudenly mark falls down crying
Fallenhope / Lunette: Lunette looked down at him and put her hands on his shoulder. "Please don't cry..." she said in a sootheing tone and forced a small smile at him.
moises ruiz: please do not try to contemp me all i can tell you is there is no hope and never will be. would you come home with me..... you dont need to stay all i want is some company
Fallenhope / Lunette: She smiled fully at him. "Of course i will...just promise me, you won't try and kill yourself...alright?" she said and then looked behind her.
moises ruiz: mark looked curiously at her and asked "what are you looking at cause you turn so much." he got up and looked at her.
Fallenhope / Lunette: "Hum? Oh, its nothing...dont pay any attetion to me." she said with a smile and got up. "I was just looking back, thats all."
moises ruiz: they walked for some time and aproached a nice house. a house of gables. nice lawn. family home style. "this is where i live. do you want to come in."
Fallenhope / Lunette: She smiled warmly at him. "sure...that sounds fine." she said and followed him inside.
moises ruiz: mark sets the table and asked if she would like to stay for lunch
Fallenhope / Lunette: "um...i don't usaly like to take food from random strangers." she told him looking down at the ground, blushing a little.
moises ruiz: "do not fear i mite have someting you mite be intrested in." he stands up "i work for a Secret organization that works to defend the human race from any threat. we are the goverment in its full extent. wether you stay or not its up to you? i must say once you step out the door you will not remember me. i can tell you i belive you would fit in to our organization well."
Fallenhope / Lunette: Lunette looked at him like he was joking. "why would you want me in you organization? I am just a girl. What could i do?" she asked him and then turned her head away from him.
moises ruiz: "you are not only a girl we can train you and you wil be redy what do you say"
Fallenhope / Lunette: She looked at him without turning her head. "I don't know..." she said with a bit of regret in her voice.
moises ruiz: Back at head quarters they were getting ready to go into war armor was ready and they where all ready to fight. Moses needed to return fast with a new recruit or the mission would fail. Moses was still waiting for her reply.

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