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Roleplay - Looking For a Punk Girl by Joey / Joey Jonzie

Joey is at the park, putting his headphones on and starts to write in his notebook, in a small town which has nothing to offer except bowling, shooting pool, and movies...

Roleplay Details

no god mode
no magic
a punk rock girl


NoraNay / Renae: Renae walked into the park and sat on the bench woth her notebook. she hated weekends like this one.
Joey Jonzie / Joey: Joey writes with a scowl, with a drip of a tear of rejection and loneliness. Stops writing to look up at the night sky, with the sphere filled with sparks as he falls asleep on the park bench...
Joey Jonzie / Joey: Joey wakes up and sits up straight and asks "woohha, who are... what are you doing here? can i help you?"
Joey holding on to his poetry notebook, and slides his headphones off...
NoraNay / Renae: Renae looked at him with a bored expression. "I am Renae and no you can not help me with any thing. you are...?" she asked.
Joey Jonzie / Joey: "me...my name... oh, um, people call me Joey" more relaxed now sits easy, "whats that you have?" pointing at the notebook...
NoraNay / Renae: She shut looked down at her notebook and shut it. "It's....it's nothing....nice to meet you Joey." she said trying to change the subject.
Joey Jonzie / Joey: looking confused at her, replied "Ive been better... Ive been having some problems" making little waves with his notebook while he talked... "How are you?"
NoraNay / Renae: She looked away from him and shut her eyes. "I'm fine." she said curtly and opened her eyes again....still not looking at him.
Joey Jonzie / Joey: Noticing her not looking at him, he looked into her eyes, and saw a glossy brown, "Im going to ask to help you and you are going to tell me their is nothing I can help with, and then you will hold it in and I hate it when I cant help... I hate it more when I know their going to cry to sleep, I know how that is... so im asking you as a friend, what can I do to help?"
NoraNay / Renae: She studied him for a moment before she looked away again. "You can do nothing....my family...if they can be called that...can." she said softly. "But thank you...you are my first friend." she added.
Joey Jonzie / Joey: without a moment asked "then can I be their after you talk to them, and we can talk I live over their" pointing to a dark blue house, with a porch that wraps around the house... "ill be home all day, wait..." ripping out a page out of his note book and folding it "dont read it until you get to your door" handing her the paper...
NoraNay / Renae: "wait! whoa...I am not talking to them...especially when they are drunk! Are you nuts...even if they were not drunk..I am not talking to them!" she said now feeling more depressed then usual. "no..I cannot do that...you don;t understand." she said. "i...I can't."
Joey Jonzie / Joey: Joey holding his hands up, "woohhoo, Im not agents you, Im on your side... are they going to be like this all night?"
NoraNay / Renae: She looked away. "Yes...it is a weekend...they...they don't have work." she said softly. She sighed. "i am sorry for yelling at you."
Joey Jonzie / Joey: "thats alright, where are you going tonight if your not going home?" Joey sighed, and looked at her, "here, read this when you upset" she read the title out load... <<Joey's Poems>> most of them are romantic poems so I hope they make you smile" Joey starts to write something on a page inside... thats my phone number if you need anything"...
NoraNay / Renae: She looked up at him and blushed. "Well....my parents will be at a bar most of the night...so...if you wanted to...you could hang out at my place." she said looking down. she thought he would say no like everyone else.
Joey Jonzie / Joey: Joey looked at her, made a smile that had no holding back just a real happy smile and said "I'd love to hang out with you, where is your house?" standing up and reaching his hand to help her up...
NoraNay / Renae: Renae took his hand and stood up. "It is a few blocks from here. not far." she said. "you said...earlier...that you were having some problems..I want to help you now." she said and smiled.
Joey Jonzie / Joey: Joey Smiled, and said "Ill tell you all about it when we get to your house, before I heard your voice a little scrachy, and Ill make you some chicken soup if that ok?" Joey gave her a big warm hug, with his arms all the way around her... Joey wispered into her ear "I have faith in you..."
NoraNay / Renae: The hug caught her by surprise, but she put her arms around him. "Ok." she said and smiled. She could not quite explain how she felt now, but she liked it. she pulled away, but took his hand. "Come on." she said and led him down the street.
Joey Jonzie / Joey: Joey Fallowed her across the street, and kept up with her... when they got to her house, Joey stoped at the door and grabed her hand gently, "thank you for letting me help, and for helping me..." as Joey Kissed her cheak, walked inside...
NoraNay / Renae: Her face turned beat red when he kissed her. "H-How did I-I H-Help you?" she stuttered, trying to gather her thoughts again.
Joey Jonzie / Joey: His eyes still stuck on hers and said "You didn't leave me hanging all alone in the dark" He held her hands and said "Your more beautiful on the inside, and you are a really beautiful girl a-and I dont understand why you are still h-here?" as his chin started to shake...
NoraNay / Renae: she put her hand on the side of his face to stop it from shaking. She looked down. "I..I can't leave....it is hard to explain...but I can't." she said then looked up to him. "you said you would tell me about your family." she said and smiled slightly.
Joey Jonzie / Joey: Joey Smiled and laughed a little with happyness, "w-well, my father is a teacher, and my mother works at a computer store... they dont really know me, but they dont trust me... I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters, I am the oldest boy, i have 2 older sisters..." Joey stoped and then touched her fingers with his, and started to hold her hand... "and I have a uncle drew and he is a photographer... and Im not sure what it is, but I might be falling for you..."
NoraNay / Renae: Joey's last sentence caught her off guard and she blushed and looked down. "i know how you feel...my parents don't really know I exhist...but not only that...I agree with you for both reasons." she said and blushed deeper and kept her gaze down.
Joey Jonzie / Joey: Joey nearvous... shacky hand, sweaty palms, Joey opens his mouth to talk... "I dont know what it is about you, but, I dont want to go, I-I-I... I think im f-falling for you" Joey took a step back wondering what she could say.
NoraNay / Renae: "I know just what you mean...I just...I just don't want to get hurt again." she wispered and saw him take a step back. she wasn't sure if he was afraid of her or not. "I'm sorry....if....if I am...different from other girls..." she added.
NoraNay / Renae: <<is this dead?>>
Joey Jonzie / Joey: Joey looked at her and smiled "i know you are, and ive been looking for a girl like you..." then he held her hand gave her a kiss on the cheek and started to walk with her, adding "now, what is your life about?"
NoraNay / Renae: She looked at him. Well..." she started when they walked into the living room and everything was smashed and broked on the floor. "No!" she gasped and looked at the broked glass. she sighed and pointed to the floor. "This is my life....all this broken glass...that...that is my life." she wispered.
Joey Jonzie / Joey: Joey put his hand on her shoulder and said "Ill help you clean it up" as he grab the broken peices and began to clean it up...
NoraNay / Renae: She sighed, nodded, and went to grab a broom. When all of the glass was cleaned up she put the broom away. "i'm scared to see their room." she said and was deep in her normal depression. "Give me a sec." she said and walked itno the kitchen and took a small pill. She took it everyday for her depression. she stood in the kitchen...griping the couter. she was scared to go to Joey the way she was...she didn't want to scare him away.
Joey Jonzie / Joey: Joey looking around at the clean room, all but a little nicks and dents that can easily replaced, then looked at Renae, "are you ok?" as Joey held her fully in his arms, and held her very close, Joey felt his shoulder getting wet as he noticed she was crying, "whats wrong?" Joey wiped her tears away...
NoraNay / Renae: she wiped the rest of her tears away and looked away from him. "It's nothing." she wispered. she put her head against his shoulder. "i can't keep doing this everyday." she said softly.
Joey Jonzie / Joey: holding her, said "keep on doing what?" in a worried voice, adding "what ever it is, I wont leave and I will do the best I can to help, and doing the littlest things help a lot..." Joey slowly came closer and closer to her face, and suddenly as she stopped breathing heavily and Joey tuched his lips on to hers and slowly kissed as if time stood still and their was no sound and the sound of the kissing was the only thing that he could hear...
NoraNay / Renae: She put her hand on the side of his face and shut her eyes. "Finally she pulled away and smiled at him. "Thank you...for everything you have done." she wispered and touched his face again. "I...can't keep living here...Taking all sorts of pills and dealing with my parents...it's like they are the children and i am the parent..i am not ready for it." she wis[ered but still smiled at him.
Joey Jonzie / Joey: "you dont have to do everything by yourself, in fact I want to help, I will do everything you have to do to take care of everyone... I mean it, I am going to help, I-I... i- Love You" both of them stood in front of each other and just looked into the eyes of one another and slowly started to kiss with passion, after a while they cuddled on the couch and told each other secrets about their life's "I use to be addicted to pron" Joey said with a dislike of the matter... "I also I am afres of getting hurt..."
NoraNay / Renae: She looked at him. "Well...I used to do speed and herowin (Sp?)" she said and looked upset as well. She layed her head on his shoulder. "Want to go out tonight...my parents aren't coming home...so I have all night...till at least 3." she said and smiled at that fact. "joey...what's your family like?"
Joey Jonzie / Joey: Joey smiled at the fact of her telling him what the truth was and felt better, "My family, well my mom and dad are together and I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers, they all dont like me except my sisters... " and went on telling about hoe his family couldn't support him in life so he found himself alone in the matter of money and debt. "I have a snake and her name is Slinky, shes a corn snake, and very friendly..." Joey went on with his relationship with his parents and sibblings and finally, asked "what is your family like, oh and also I dont care on what you used to do, it matters on what you are going to do or are doing now... I am here for you and I need you to understand that I want to love you but its way too early to show... I do care about you and I want to be able to fully and completly love you, will you let me?"
NoraNay / Renae: she smiled. "Well...i have a horrible relationship with my parents...but I do have an uncle who is really nice...his son hates me though...I used to have a dog named Isabella but she died from a heart attack." she said. "I don't understnad the feeling that I feel around you. It is something that I have never felt before." she explained.
Joey Jonzie / Joey: Joey smiled once again in the pure happiness of an amazing girl... "do--do-d-do-oo-do" joey studdered took a deep breathe and asked "do you want to be my girlfriend?"
NoraNay / Renae: Her smiled brightened. "yes." she said and blushed. she looked down. "I can't beleive I have never seen you at school...I guess if I kept my head out of my notebook and more into what goes on around me I would have noticed." she said and smiled. she leaned in and kissed him again. the phone rang and she jumped up. "! sec." she said and ran into the kitchen. she picked it up. "Oh...hello mother....let me check." she opened up the refrigerator and sighed. "yes...you have beer...4 cases of it....what do you mean that won't be enough!....Party!?...what?....I just finished cleaning from your last one!....Whatever...When is it going to be?....in an hour...whatever...bye." she hung up the phone and leaned againt the wall. "Uh...Joey...I'm sorry but you may want to leave in an hour...I'm leaving too...there is no way I am staying in the house for this..." she said. she paced in front of joey. "Maybe my uncle is home...Maybe i can stay at his house." she said to herself.
Joey Jonzie / Joey: "both of my parents are out, you can come over with me... and watch a movie or something" joey held her and gave her another slow kiss... "everything will be fine, trust me..." smiling Joey held her closer, and said "I love you too much for anything to happen to you..."
NoraNay / Renae: She blushed. "I'd like that." she said and kissed him. "love you too." she said. the words felt strange when she said them...but in a strange way..they felt right.
Joey Jonzie / Joey: they walked to joey;s house, holding hands, and when they got to the one story simple little house, Joey opened the door and walked inside. then Joey asked "lets watch a movie, and snuggle on the couch... is that o.k. with you?"
NoraNay / Renae: She blushed and nodded. She walked with him into his livng room and sat down next to him. "you have a beautiful home...where's your family...if you don't mind me asking that is."
NoraNay / Renae: "I don't want to seem intruding." she added.
NoraNay / Renae: <<Is this dead?>>
RpgDia13 / Dani-of-the-Valley: Name: Punikitomo
Age: 16
Bio: Really punk. Loves to sing and dance. She likes guys but is scared when around them. She fells no one likes her yet she has many friends. Has a nice house, her family is still together and they are very nice and Jewish. A very proper family.

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