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Roleplay - ?? by sxc_ninja / sxc_ninja


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im nt gd at ths stuff so if any1 Is crazy enuf 2 join thy cn make it up as they go along lol!


Ceasing End / Kaidi: ELZ!!! Heya, this is Bonnie!!!
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: changed character - dnt like him
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Lmao! Um... Schools and cities are popular!
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Like... There's a city where vampires aren't affected by what kills them, and where everyone is aware of them. And there's... oh, I dunno... a girl or a boy or summat, who becomes friends with a vampire, and everyone starts going against her/him, but they don't care, and stuff like that
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: alright ill have a go!!
'ok, new home, new place 2 b rejected 4 being myself' thought a rather pesemistic amethyst as the taxi pulled up in a place which didnt quite look how she had expected
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: ((had a brainwave - ur ideas gud tho!!))
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Kaidi sat, watching. Something wasn't right... The air...? The roads...? Or maybe that girl... over there, getting into the cab. Whatever it was, it wasn't right. Today was a day for pretending. She flicked her chestnut-gold hair indignantly.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: (ill join) Kane yawned and fell from the wall e had been resting on.
"Ouch" He had fallen right in front of Amythyst. He hid the fact he was a vampire,less hassle that way. He stood up, his long hair falling around him, swaying in an almost non existant breeze, he noticed her.
"That must have looked retarded huh?" He smiled.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: amethyst stepped out of the cab and looked all around. she spotted a hostel down the street and headed towards it, not bothering to see if any people might be watching her.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Kaidi sidled off the nightclub roof, slowly stepping down, into an alley, then walking. She hated not being able to do what she wanted, but it wasn't the day for being the true her. She ran up to Amethyst.
"Scuse me, don't suppose you know where the butcher's is?" she asked, hoping to look relatively normal.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: oo.. repost mine...) Kane yawned and fell from the wall e had been resting on.
"Ouch" He had fallen right in front of Amythyst. He hid the fact he was a vampire,less hassle that way. He stood up, his long hair falling around him, swaying in an almost non existant breeze, he noticed her.
"That must have looked retarded huh?" He smiled.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: On being ignored, Kaidi span round, sighing. She'd forgotton to take off stealth... again. Walking past Kane and Amethyst, she switched it off. They glanced at her, obviously startled she had appeared out of nowhere.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: amethyst plucked up the courage to talk to this weird guy who had started chatting to her. 'ye it was pretty dumb! hi im amethyst' there's something odd about this dude she thought
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Sighing again, she looked at the couple. Kane was obviously a vampire. Although it took one to know one. Walking away, shaking her head slightly, she felt how she always did: lonely.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Kane... I must apologise for my blunt aproach.. But... Tact does not seem to be my ally.. Nor does balance" He smiled, showing sparkling white teeth. (NO FANGS)He noticed the girl appear out of thin air, but made nothing of it, he had seen far more bizare things
Ceasing End / Kaidi: (( Have to go now; Amethyst is also off comp coz she told me ))
Breathe_of_life / Evangeline Chrisanti: <<may I join>>
sxc_ninja: ((go 4 it!))
sxc_ninja: she gave a small giggle 'wow your funny' amethyst said sarcasticly to kane, yes there was certainly something really weird about this guy, but she had always felt there was somthing strange about herself. 'so who are you?' she asked kane
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "A guy who usually knows how to be casual" He sighed, brushing hair from his face.
"Im just at native to tem there hills" He put on a texan accent and flung his arms open, gesturing to the surroundings.
"Im not drunk.. Or on drugs... Before you go thinkin thats made me a loon"
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: "yeh? you seem pretty casual! haha, i was about to ask you what you were on!" replied amethyst. she felt completely at ease and at home. she hadnt felt that in a very long time, let alone with a complete stranger.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: ((damit, ma pic ddnt work!))
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Im naturally crazy. Rawr" He padded the air with a hand and smiled.
"But.. Hey.. Girls seem to like that about me... They say I haev a beautiful personality.. An sexy bbody to boot!" He shrugged.
"What do you think?"
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: ((im off now))
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: "totally! go get em tiger! you obviously have a lot in common with me! haha i wish."
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: ((now i really am going!))
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: amethyst was feeling confident, and almost sexy talking to kane. he brought out the best in her, she thought.
ellesmera / Magpie: "Well. You do have a nice body.. If you don't mind me saying so" He smiled, winking at her.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: "you really think so?" she said, her cheeks glowing a bright red.
ellesmera: "Oh yeah" He smiled. Looking her up and down.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: "wow! thanks! ill admit your not bad yourself . ." she replied looking at him all over aswell.
ellesmera / Magpie: "Heh.. " He smiled and looked in to her eyes, he had stepped closer.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: amethyst suddenly sensed that someone was watching them. she spun round,and saw a figure over by the street corner just disappear.
"did you see that?" she blurted out.
"see what?"
"that person over there! they just disappeared!thas just not normal."
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: "s-sorry if i interupted you b-by the way" she stuttered.
ellesmera / Magpie: "He just laughed and held her arm, his finger traced her jawbone and he smiled. "Your as crazy as me"
Ceasing End / Kaidi: So... Ignored... again. Kaidi was again alone. She stepped meekly away from the corner. She knew she had been noticed, but that was... unescapeable.
She came to the corner shop. True, it was quite big, but... that was that. She selected several smoothies; trying to look vegetarian isn't hard when you really are.
She paid for them, walked out the shops, and took out a blackberry, strawberry and banana one. Sniffing the contents, she drained it as she came back around. There was Kane and Amethyst... still. She walked past them, her long velvet cloak sweeping behind her. For some reason, she had her fangs out. Pretending time was over.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: 'thats the person i saw vanish' thought amethyst in the back of her mind, but she didnt want to ruin thins moment with kane by saying it out loud. instead she stepped closer to him.
ellesmera / Magpie: He noticed her step closer and a sexy smile slid across his face. He mimiced her actions, brushing a hand over her arm.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Kaidi glanced at the pair. She looked spiteful.
"Don't trust those who you barely know," she said simply. She smiled, baring her fangs, and vanished again.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: amethyst didnt know how to feel. scared? excited? happy? she decided on happy and stroked kanes face. it was soft and warm, and a rush of excitement rushed through her. could something be happening?
ellesmera / Magpie: He closed the gap between them, kissing her lightly. He felt her touches and felt elated. He could feel his non existant heart fluttering
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: amethyst's mind went insane. she had never been in any situation remotely like this and didnt know what to do. she embraced him and kissed him back, feeling surprisingly relaxed.
sxc_ninja / fred: at this amethysts worries completely faded and she kissed kane as if there was no tomorrow.
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: He fell with her against the wall, melting in to her. His hands snaked to her ass, holding her lightly as his tongue explored her
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: then amethyst just froze. this was going too far. she didnt even know this guy and they were all over each other already. also she really wanted to know why that weird girl she saw was standing right next to them, wathcing their every move.
she pulled away.
ellesmera / Magpie: He had been feeling the same way. He blushed a pale shade.
"Im sorry" He looked away, the shorted bangs of hair falling over his face
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: "no, im sorry." she said
"this is just so new to me and ive only just met you. do u wanna go get a coffee or something? so we can talk properly."
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: then she remembered that kaidi was standing just next to them.
"you want to come too or are you practising your butting in skills?" asked amethyst sarcasticly
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane rolled his eyes.
"Coffee sounds good"
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: kaidi ignored amethysts sarcastic comment, and carried on staring. amethyst turned back to kane and said "ok cool. well, i dont actually know anywhere we can go, so im counting on you on this one"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He laughed.
"Well.. My dads don't like it when I go for a coffee in public.. so.. How about my place? I have a coffee bar there.. and a killer garden" He smiled
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: "wow, ok sounds great! how far is it? only i cant stay long coz ive go to try and find a place to stay."
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He smiled and led her to what appeared to be, three mansions joined together by small houses, and about 80 acres of garden sprawled behind it.
"You can have a place here if ya want"
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: "oh my god, that wouls be amazing! could i really?" she exclaimed.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: ((gtg))
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Of course" He smiled
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: so the pair started walking towards his enormous home.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: ((kaidi come back!!!))
ellesmera: Kane put his hands behnd his head and stretched as he walked. They soon saw the mansion. Well.. 5 mansions joined with huge archways and such. The grounds spanned out behind them, an orchard could be seen and a lake. He looked bak at her as he walked to the gates.
"Who goes there?" An electric voice buzzed over the intercom by the gates.
"Who do you think" He shot back, pressing the button to speak.
"M'Lord.. Agh.. Im sorry sir... Its your change of hair..." The voice buzzed over.
"Yeah..It gets everyone.. Open the gates will you?"
"Sure" The voice buzzed and the huge gates opened.
"You coming Amethyst?"
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: "hell yeah!" she cried without thought. "i mean yeah id love to! youve got am amazing place. so your a 'LORD' are you?" she said smiling.
ellesmera: He laughed.
"Yeah.. Well.. Sort of..." He smiled as they walked on to the grounds and the gates closed behind them.
"I think one of my dads are in though...." He mumbled.
"They arent actually my parents.. Ugh..Im sort ofadopted.. from one powerful family, to another... So..If you wonder why we have differant names.. Thats why" He smiled. A beautiful blonde haired man appeared from litterally no where.
"Kane!" He cried out and hugged him. Kane let out a small choke as the blonde man did this.
"Lebran! Getyourmentallyretardedhandsfrommyperson!
Yousickpervert!!" He cried out in one breath. Lebran let go.
"Sorry son.. I forgot theres a restraining order that your thinking about putting in to action.."
"Yeah.. No touchies!" A black haired, ivory coloured man stepped out and wrapped his arms around the blonde.
"Whos your friend Kane?"
"Hm? This is Amethyst Dad..." Lebran bowed, makeing the black haired man pull away, so he didnt end up on the floor.
"Lebran Lestat" He smiled.
"Im selene Lestat" The black hiared man pulled Lebran up to his feet.
"We were just popping out Kane.. We should be back tomorrow.. Have a wild arty while were gone.. Kay?" Selene asked, eyes glinting.
"Uh.. Sure.." They left and he sighd.
"Why can't they be normal.." He groaned.
"Come on Amethyst" He hestitated and took her hand as they walked.
(If this confuses.. Read again My posts boggle the mind sometimes)
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: amethyst gripped kanes hand tightly. she didnt want to get lost in this mad place.
"well they seem nice!" she said. "so where are you taking me? this place is enormous!"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He laughed and smiled.
"Well.. We are getting coffee.. Right?" He smiled and pushed the front doors open. The hall was huge, more like a ballroom, the wide arched ceiling had a sky painted on it and the coulour blue dripped in to cream as it made its way down the wall, the italian carpet quivered liek water under their feet. He led her through the hallway, past many origional pieces by da vinci, including the mona lisa and walked through a huge, suspended archway, coming out in to the second mansion he led her down the stair, the decor didnt change much, exept it became slightly more gotic looking, he opened a door and the smell of cooking and food hit them like a tidal wave, he led her through the sea of faces, all ndding to Kane and they came out in a mini cafe, he turned the expresso machine on.
"Here we are" He smiled
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Kaidi shook her head. no-one ever seemed to take her advice. She lowered her eyes, hurt. Her fangs were still out, and several people yelped and took out garlic and crosses. She looked up at them, a miserable stare that pierced their souls. It was a look that not even an amnesiac could forget, and everyone piped down as she trailed down a cobbled courtyard leading to the Cathedral. Inside their heads, they were doubting this girl. Was she really a vampire? It seemed so. So why was she entering a vampire's worst nightmare? Nobody knew. They were all startled when she entered it and didn't turn to dust and ashes.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: "god i dont beleive this! well, for some homeless kid i suppose its normal to be excited. whats it like living here?"
but in the back of her mind she was still thinking of kaidi. would she see her again tomorrow?
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Wandering through the familiar corridors, tracing her footsteps which had worn the halls down, she was bored. Very bored. Now wasn't the time for computer games, or reading. She wanted to go and see someone, but... There was no-one to see. She wakled back out. The people who had yelped beforehand sighed. This was one stubborn vampire. She had that same, sullen face. She walked quietly through eighteenth-century archways and courtyards, reconstructed for the tourist trade. People stared, but what for? She was... different, and that was the way she liked it. She came up to outside a huge mansion. It looked like the kind of place a vampire would live in, and that's why she came here. She knocked on the door, once, twice, thrice. No reply. She waited quietly, tapping her pointed nails on a low sill.
ellesmera: "Boring...Your homeless?" He asked, slightly startled. Had he really just been kissing a homeless girl? He shook the thought from his head.
"Do...Uh..." The coffe maker pinged and he poured two coffees. "Do you want something to eat?"
ellesmera: A servant opened the door.
"Yes ma'am? The Lords are out, But their son is here.. Did you come to see him M'Lady?" He wasnt phased by her fangs.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Shaking her head, she turned away. What was it with people ignoring her? She was about to walk away when the door creaked open. She wasn't sure who opened it, but it was open. She stepped in, wandering aimlessly. She heard voices, and slipped into the shadows she could find, edging closer to hear them.
"...something to eat?" came a masculine voice. It sounded concerned. What for, she didn't know, for she tripped on a piece of uneven flooring, and stumbled into the café.
"S-sorry!" she stammered, her white face going not far off magenta.
ellesmera: Kane snapped his head around.
"Eh?" He looked at her.
"How did you get in?"
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: ametyst saw the shocked look on kanes face.
"im not like a hobo or anything, its just, well, i travel a lot. i was living in a kids home till recently then i was too old to stay. so i came here and met you. id love something to eat, im starving. what you got?" she added cheekily.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: ((whoops! ignore my last post))
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: "oh my god its you! i saw you on the street!" blurted out amethyst, without thinking
ellesmera: He snapped his head back to Amethyst. "Uh... Ask the cooks.. I burn water" He sat down on the stool. Looking at both of them.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: "I-I... Sorry!!!" she blurted out, before turning on heel and running. So much for talking. She skidded past several doorways, all of which where identical. She turned left at the next crossways, and ended up lost.
"Honestly," she said to herself, "Can't even get into a vampire's house without causing trouble..."
She tore through room after room, looking deperately for a way out, like a bird trapped in a castle. She dodged a cook, who looked very harassed, and came back to where she's run off.
ellesmera: Kane roled his eyes.
"Skittish arent you.." He smiled and sat her down. "Your not in trouble, christ.. Every vampire is welcome here.. Which is why you were probably drawn here.. This is the home of Lebran Lestat.. The first Vampire"
Ceasing End / Kaidi: She lowered her eyes, feeling slightly stupid. Well, more than slightly.
"I was just looking for company... It's boring on days like these..." she murmured, kicking herself unoticeably. She twirled a strand of hair around her finger; a sign she was bored.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: (( Got to go now, bye ))
ellesmera: "Well.. Do you want something to eat? We have bottled blood somewhere... Uh.... Its fresh, Lebran dont like old stuff, it goes all clotty or something stupid like that" He shrugged.
"If your bored... There will be something in this place to occupy your mind.."
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: amethyst just sat where she was, frozen to the spot. vampires? why? how? what would she do? run away? she couldnt stay in a house full of blood sucking freaks, yet she couldnt go anywhere beacuse she had so little energy. just thinking this finished her off. amethyst fainted.
ellesmera: He caught her swiftly and layed her down.
"Eh.. Guess she didnt realise I had fangs when I was kissing her.. Maybe I should jut tell her they adopted me.. But didn't bite me? Nah.. That wouldnt work... This is why I can't have a life!" He kicked the counter
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: amethyst was still out cold, so kaidi moved closer to kane.
"i havent seen you in years!" she said flirtatiosly. "how about we make up for lost time.." she continued, stepping closer, until they were almost touching.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: ((cmon ppl i cnt rite ths bi miself - im unconcious u fools!!))
ellesmera: He looked at her, slightly taken aback.
"Uh...." His eyes scanned the room as he tried to remember her
Ceasing End / Kaidi: ((Elz your making Kaidi sound like a flirtacious fool tart! NOOOOOO!!!! ))
"Sorry about the blood... I'm vegetarian... since last Tuesday, any way."
A smile played upon her rouge lips.
"And sorry if I sounded like I was coming on to you, I haven't had company for decades..."
Ceasing End / Kaidi: (( That's what Elz was planning! )) "I go through phases; one week I'm vegetarian, the next I hunt. It's a way for me to sustain the protection I receive in the Cathedral, for being 'Holy' and fasting from my blood feasts..." she explained, casting a nervous glance at Amethyst.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "I...See..." (lets go thru wi her plan then hehe) He smiled and leaned back.
"Would you lik an apple then?2
Ceasing End / Kaidi: (( Lol, okay >:-D )) "Um... Sure..." she replied, unable to take her eyes off of him. She knew that if Amethyst woke up now, she would be extremely pissed off. Taking the apple, and nodding her head in thanks, she bit into it, draining it, but badly. She took a bite out of it instead, feeling foolish enough as it was.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He watched her eat and made himself a coffee, drinking it slowley. She was, in one word, beautiful. Tings proably wouldnt work out with Amethyst, if she fainted from learning he was a vampire.. what would she do the first time she saw him feed?
Ceasing End / Kaidi: "Kane... How did you get so well off? I looked at that portrait of the Mona Lisa, it looked pretty real..." she asked, feeling a small blush coming on to her cheeks.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Lebran...Its his stuff.... I live here with him and Selene.. My dads... Heh..They spoil me rotten.. And yes.. The mona Lisa is the origional...Lebra made the switch with a copy..Time travel is his new hobby"
Ceasing End / Kaidi: "Wow... Cool," she remarked, stepping subconsciously closer. her long, chestnut-copper-gold hair glimmered, her hawthorn eyes sparkling with a lonely lost soul trapped inside, isolated from the real world.
(( Got to go now, bye ))
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He stepped closer, purpously and took her arms in his hands. Staring in to her eyes with hs.
sxc_ninja: ((actually i was hoping kane would refuse but hey! im gona spoil this in a sec lmao!!! hahaha!!))
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Kaidi leaned forwards, her loneliness and isolation taking the better of her. She moved her hands to his chest, having finished her apple.
(( Elz you spoil sport!!! Lmao! ))
ellesmera: He tok her into his arms and closed the gap, their lips brushing softly. He smiled
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Smiling inside, she pressed forwards slightly, and drew back. She felt herself overwhelmed. She had not been in physical contact with someone for six centuries, two after she was bitten, and now she knew what she had been missing.
She leant her head on his shoulder, closing her hawthorn eyes in a state of what she would call bliss. Having been a nun in training, she hadn't really had any relationships, and lived for the 'Holy way'. Having experienced it now, she couldn't imagine giving up love and relationships for something that probably didn't even exist.
ellesmera: A servant had carried Amethyst in to another room, two floors up, Kane held her, he tilted her head and kissed her more forcefully.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Kaidi reciprocated forcefully, wrapping her arms around him in a state of amazement. It was like her brain had been sucked out and replaced with fireworks, sizzling away in her skull. She was loving every moment of this.
ellesmera: His tongue invaded her mouth and he pressed her against the counter, all doors to the cafe closed and locked, to prevent anyone getting in. He lifted her on to it, having a better angle now he had to tilt his head upwards slightly
Ceasing End / Kaidi: She felt something flutter inside her, like a bird lost in a case of glass. Running her hands through Kane's hair, she wished she had the power to freze this moment forever. It was so peaceful, so pure, she felt that, if she could replay one moment of her life forevermore, it would be this one.
ellesmera: Kane enjoyed kssing her greatly, just as much as Amethyst, he ran his hands over her stomach, his fingertips brushing the bottom of her chest.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Breathing heavily with exhileration, she drew apart.
"Got to breathe..." she smiled, before kissing him again, running her hands down his shoulders and arms, ending up at the bottom of his shirt. She slipped her hands up inside it, feeling the sensational woop in her stomach that told her she was happy. Her libido had turned on; she hadn't felt this for centuries.
ellesmera: He moved his head to her neck, kissing and biting, his exitement making quite a bulge in his pants
Ceasing End / Kaidi: (( lol xD ))
Kaidi moved her hands up to Kane's head, running her fingers softly down his cheeks, to his neck, to nestle at the neck of his shirt.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: amethyst woke up. she had no idea where she was but she just lay there on the bed. she thought. after a while she had got to grips with the whole vampire thing.it was just that shed never seen one before although she had always known they had existed. she called out for someone to tell her where she was, then a servant took her back downstairs to where kane and kaidi were. finding that the doors were locked, she knocked 3 times, wondering what they could be up to.
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: Kane, shocked pulled away. He whispered to her "You come down here at 3 am... Okay?" He didn't wait for an answer and he unlocked the doors, he was stood behind the coffee counter, a cup of coffee in his hands as the door opened.
"The doors.. Damned stupid things.. Lebran likes them to lock behind him."
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: "oh, ok. im sorry for fainting like that, i mean, its the first time ive actally met vampires. can i have an introduction?" she said, nodding towards kaidi.
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: "This is Kaidi.. She remains pure by becoming vegetarien and fasting from blood.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: "ok . . " she said "nice to meet you!" completely oblivious to what had been going on just minutes ago. kaidi stepped forward and hugged amethyst. "good to meet you too!" she said. she csounded completely genuine. she was an excellent liar.
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: Kane smiled.
"So..Your okay with the whole... vampire thing?" He asked, wrapping his hands round the steaming mug
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: "yeh i thought it over & im fine with it, as long as im not in any danger!"
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: "Oh no..Your not in any danger... We don't bite innocents" He laughed
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: "haha, i hope your right! am i still allowed to stay here tonight? only id quite like to know where i'd be?"
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Kaidi looked at the two of them, smiling. She couldn't believe just a minute ago, she and Kane had been kissing so fiercely she'd almost had her brain sucked out, and now they were acting completely neutral.
"I guess you don't take advice from a stranger, huh?" she smiled, playing around, remembering her advice to Amethyst. Although if she hadn't said that, she wouldn't be here, in this amazing mansion.
ellesmera: "You both can stay as long as you want.. Live here if you like, company is something i crave for" He laughed slightly. Stretching
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Inside, Kaidi couldn't agree more. Checking the clock behind the counter, she noted the time. 12.03, midnight.
"It's late, don't you think we should sleep?" she asked, looking Kane in the eye. She moved her gaze to Amethyst, who found her unblinking stare unsettling.
ellesmera: "Yeah, Ill show you to your rooms.." He opened the door and led them out of the cafe, up the stairs and up somne more to a row of doors. One had the name Lebran/Selene, three doors down the plaque read 'Kane' He clicked his fingers. Their names appeared, one on either side of his door.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: "Thankyou, I'll see you later," she smiled, winking slightly so Amethyst couldn't see. Entering her room, she turned on an alarm for three in the morning, so that only she could hear it, and slumped herself on the bed, closing her eyes and falling into a slight slumber.
ellesmera: He kissed amethysts cheek and let her enter her room. He set his alarm for 3, a small sound, only heard by male vampires, and sank on to his huge four poster bed.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: The alarm soon resounded, and Kaidi, full of hyper energy by now, had been waiting for it. She turned it off, getting up and sneaking out of her room. Closing the door so it looked like she was still in there, she slipped downstairs silently, her keen eyes searching for the café in the dark. She felt a hand on her shoulder, turniing around she saw it was just a statue, as she had been backing up to see better. She considered herself lost. Already.
ellesmera: Kane stood quickly, he flew down the stairs as a shadow, he saw her back up in to the statue, a slightly differant version of michealangelos david (sp?) He apeared in front of her and took her hands.
"Hey there stranger"
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Looking left, she saw the café. Stupid girl, she scolded herself. She made her way down, letting herself in. She sat on the counter, waiting for Kane.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: (( Forget last post!! ))
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Smiling, she replied, "Havent seen you for, oh, three hours? Sorry, I'm hopeless at directions!!"
She nuzzled his cheek and let him lead her back to the café.
ellesmera: He laughed and sat her by the counter kissing her softly, the dors locking again.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: She kissed him back, wrapping her arms around him, entwining her fingers in his hair.
(( Brb, be back in a min ))
ellesmera: He stroked his hands down her body brushing fingers down her breasts
Ceasing End / Kaidi: She shivered when he touched her, but loved the feeling of his hands caressing her body. She drew her head back, stroking his hair and moving her hands down his cheeks softly, tracing his smile delicately. With that done, she leant in again, passionately kissing him, slipping her tongue into his mouth in lust and unabashed want.
ellesmera: He pressed against her, kissing her back, his own tongue wrapping round her. He felt himself want her, want her more than anything
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Kaidi moaned passionately. This was... beautiful. Pressing against him back, she continued the kiss, running her hands down his shoulders, to his stomach. From there, she slid her hands up his shirt, tracing shapes on him. She felt herself enveloped in love, adoration, lust, passion. She couldn't see for the love that was being invoked inside her.
ellesmera: He moaned and arched against her, his fingers removing her shirt as if it was a mere shadow, he pressed his lips to the exposed skin and up to her neck
Ceasing End / Kaidi: As he kissed her, she took off his shirt, feeling so... she couldn't describe it. She arched herself, leaning back as Kane neared her neck. It was so perfectly blissful, she had trouble remembering what was happening.
ellesmera: He4 sliped his hands under her bra and unhooked it, slipping it away and freeing her breasts
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Feeling the chill of fresh air, she shivered, stepping out of her flowing skirt, and embracing Kane warmly. She buried her head in his shoulder, clinging onto him with all her will. In a frenzy of passion, there had to be some stalls.
"I... I love you..." she whispered softly into his ear.
ellesmera: "I love you to" The words, which had slipped from his mouth, so many times, he could be lyieng, or even telling the truth, not even he knew at the moment. He slipped the rest of his clothes off and pulled the rest of hers away
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Kaidi leant into him, moving her face in the pressing darkness to find his, and when their lips locked again she felt a warm shock inside her, that was shooting down from her face to the tips of her toes. She entwined her hands in his hair, stroking down his neck and down his spine when she released it.
ellesmera: His erection tip stroked her enterance, he whispered.
"Do you want it?"
Ceasing End / Kaidi: She smiled.
"Only if you do," came her reply, throaty and lusty. Suddenly, she wasn't sure. What if Amethyst came down in the middle of this? She put it to one side, undoing her hair from the tight plait she had worn for years. The long hair fell down to her waist in copper-gold waves of radiance.
ellesmera: He slowley thrust in to her.
"Oh god! Do I want it" He smiled, groaning as he entered her.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: She held onto him, scared that she might fall off the counter embarrasingly, like she always managed to do when she was acting casual. She moaned into his shoulder, her face having returned there.
ellesmera: He pumped harder and harder, groaning quietly
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Closing her eyes, she let Kane do what he pleased. She was getting hungry, and that meant she would have to return upstairs some time or another to drink one of her smoothies she'd bought.
ellesmera: "Drink from me if you like, Im a vampire, so it doesnt count" He whispered. He pumped faster and faster, groaning.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: "Okay..." she replied. Digging her fangs into Kane's neck, she drained the meager amount she needed to satiate herself, then released her iron-stiff clamp.
"It's funny, I only need small amounts of blood, but fruit takes so long to satiate my hunger..."
She kissed Kane, sliding her lips down his neck, down his chest.
ellesmera: He groaned and thrust harder, loving the feel of her draining him.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: sudenly amethyst woke from her nightmare. she had dreamed that kaidi and kane were getting off behind her back. she knew she shouldnt care - shed only just met him - but she really waqnted to know. she realised she was thirsty, so she decided to go down to the cafe. she put on the dressing gown that was hanging on the bathroom door, and descended the steps to the cafe. she opened the door quietly.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: luckily neither of them saw her and she quickly pulled the door to, stepping back. oh my god, her dream had come true. she threw opn the door and heard kaidi scream. kane pulled away with such force that kaidi fell off the counter onto the floor. "oh, sorry for interrupting you, i just wanted a drink" amethyst said with a mock innocence. kane started crossing the room towards amethyst after quickly puling on his jeans. she had never seen anyone looking that furious before, and backed away quickly. "i - i real-ly am s-sorry!!"
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: kaidi was stil lying naked on the floor. she would never forgive amethyst for coming in like that. "get her out of here! dont let her ruin this!" she screamed "or even better - KILL her! please kane, for me?"
Ceasing End / Kaidi: ((ELZ YOU'RE MAKING KAIDI LIKE A TART! YOU EVIL EVIL COW!!! FORGET THAT POST!!! )) Kaidi slid slowly backwards, entering the kitchen to protect her pride. She heard Amethyst retreat back out, and went to collect her clothes.
"I'm-I'm so sorry..." she muttered, putting on her own clothes and going back upstairs. Kane was probably going to 'ditch' her now. All those centuries ago, she would have scolded herself for thinking lustfully. But now... now was different.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: ((dam u bonnie i like her tht way!! as long as amethyst gets a turn wid kane im fine lmao!!))
Ceasing End / Kaidi: (( -.- evil b*tch!!! )) Kaidi swung herself onto her bed, tears welling up. Her brilliant green eyes glazed with tears until she could no longer hold her eyes open with the tears smearing them. Amethyst had ruined everything... Everything she had lived for. She'd never had a relationship in all 900 years of life, and here Amethyst was, 16, ruining the first chance she could get.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: "im really sorry, i just needed contact with a girl. i havent for so long, and i didnt want to push you into anything . . ."
"its ok, i understand. im sorry for spoiling it for you. ill just go up and apologise to her." she turned and walked back up the stairs and knocked on kaidis door.
Ceasing End / Lykathia: Kaidi ignored the knocks. She sent a blast of magyk to the handle, and it froze solid. She felt like being lonely, and Amethyst wasn't helping. She then curled up into the sheets and buried her head in the pillow. If she could die now... She would. That was it... But how would she find a stake in a vampire's house? She'd have to summon one. This was basically tricky...
Ceasing End / Kaidi: (( Sorry, wrong profile!! ))
sxc_ninja / gebren: amethyst knocked several times more, then when she realised kaidi wouldnt answer she went back into her room. she picked up a pencil and a piece of paper and wrote kaidi a note. it said -
'kaidi - im sorry i interupted you - i feel awful. kane has explained it all to me and i just want to tell you that i respect you and id like to know you better, then maybe id understand the way you are. please meet me in the cafe at 12 lunch time later. id like to talk to you one to one. i am so sorry for ruining your time with kane, although i feel a little bit betrayed. amethyst.'
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Kaidi finally summoned a stake, burns on her hands from holding it. She dropped it, thinking about what she was going to do. It burned through the carpet, so she picked it back up again, her hands throbbing.
sxc_ninja / gebren: amethyst pushed the note under the door, knocked again, then went back downstairs to talk to kane.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: ((whoops wrong character!))
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Kaidi ignored the note, instead concentrating on what she was doing. Was it right? Or should she just leave, and be alone for the rest of her life? She decided to leave, then kill herself. Much less drama there. She opened the window, clambering out, and dropped onto her feet, bending her knees into a crouch. Her hand abruptly stopped burning; it had grown temporarily immune. She ran as silently as she could, her cloak billowing behind her as the wind whipped at her face, almost as if begging her to stay, to stop this insanity. She ignored it, her feet pounding on the grass, then onto old-fashioned cobble streets as she came out of the grounds. She ended up back in the Cathedral, her prison. She had felt like someone had wanted her, and now, thanks to Amethyst walking in on them, she was probably going to spend the rest of her life in solitary confinement.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: amethyst walked into the cafe.
"she wouldnt answer, so i pushed a note under the door" she said with out looking at kane. when she recieved no reply she looked up to find that kane was gone.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Running towards the Cathedral, she realised that she hand'nt become immune. She'd just dropped the stake. Well, bugger that. There were plenty other torture methods in the lead halls of her home.
ellesmera: (what i miss?)
Ceasing End / Kaidi: (( Basically, Kaidi's thinking about suicide and has gone back to the Cathedral, Amethyst said she was sorry and that's about it))
ellesmera: (so where am i?)
Ceasing End / Kaidi: (( Not a clue, I think Elz has made you vanish somewhere, she comes downstairs, says something to you and then says that you're not where you were when you weren't here ))
ellesmera: (i stopped bieng lazy and read the posts ) Kane had left Amythyst a note.
'Stay here. I wont be long...Im hungry and I don't want to put you in to danger'
He ran through the streets, his arms trailing at his sides as his eyes focused on the path he was following, he was going at an imense speed, like a car using NoS. He grabbed on to Kaidi, the elf in him causing him to be partially immune to the holy ground, he left the cathedral and pinned her to the wall of a nearby house, he looked in to her eyes, then kissed her neck.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: She squirmed slightly, in the darkness being unable to see. When her eyes adjusted, she saw Kane, and stopped.
"Kane, what are you doing here?" she asked him, her eyes full of surprise. Her burnt hands throbbed and blisters were forming already.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "I wont let you leave... I can't let you" He said, his voice choked with tears. He clung on to her. "Ill do anything to keep you" He looked in to her eyes again. "Id even kill myself, which is a lot harder than I first thought" He looked away briefly as a tear fell from hhis eyes
Ceasing End / Kaidi: (( Have to go now )) Kaidi looked into Kane's eyes. Upon seeing his tears, she felt guilty.
"But what about Amethyst? I thought you were together...?" she replied.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He looked away. "I want you both...." He knew that line had given him more black eyes and broken bones than any other, he had been thrown from the top of the eifle tower because of that line as well...
(noooo don't gooooo kk.. cya l8a)
sxc_ninja / fred: the jealousy kicked in. amethyst had never had a relationhip in her life, then when one seemed to start, she found out he was a vampire and shagging every random girl that walked in. she sat down cross legged on the floor and cried her self to sleep.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: (tis me ) A servant carried her to her bed. He spoke while he did so.
"Its in a vampires nature, he does have feelings for you" He layed her down and sat in the room.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Kaidi nodded.
"It's ok... I don't mind," she told him, as if she had heard what he was thinking. She wriggled free of Kane's grasp.
"But I do have a place of my own, and you have your own life to lead. I understand that, because most males do, you like more than one woman and I accept that. But I've been alone much longer than Amethyst, and solitary confinement seems to suit me better than social lives. And Amethyst has a shorter life span than either of us. She needs a companion, as do most women. But, as for me... solitary is the way I've grown up to know and the way in which I'm used to being..."
She stopped herself, refraining from tearing up back to her room, back to her home, and spend the rest of eternity hiding.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "No... Please.. Stay with me.. Like you said, she has a shorter life span.. Which meens I can't have her forever.. I want you though.. Your the only vampire.. Apart from my sire. I have ever fealt that I love... Please...." He held her gently. "I need you" He paused. "My ife.. I am in the middle of a social crowd.. But im so lonley, theyre just faces, faces and lies behind smiles.. You.. Your genuine.. Please"
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Kaidi was fighting a mental war. One part of her wanted to slap him so hard, he wouldn't be able to move his jaw for several weeks. Another wanted to run, to tear his soul into shreds, like hers was now. Yet another wanted her to make up, and make out. And then there was her - the true, pure soul that was smothered and ignored. She wanted... she wanted it to be much more distant. She couldn't decide, solitary or social? She shook her head. The true, ignored her shone through like the sun shining around a dark collection of hazy clouds.
"Look... Kane? Can we keep it... a bit more distant? It just makes it easier... Plus Amethyst... she's like a queen bee. I have a suspicion that she's been crying because she feels you are unfaithful..."
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "Distant? How so?" He was almost crying. Almost, he was holding back the tears. All four of his souls wanted her. This was ripping him apart. But he refused to cry. Not like he did over Sax
Ceasing End / Kaidi: "Just... not together constantly... It just scares me. I used to be a nun-in-training, until I was bitten. I still carried on the practice, and now... I suppose I've broken it. It takes some while for me to get used to company, as I've been so long alone..." she explained, stroking his cheek softly and turning away. She felt so guilty, making him hurt like this, but she felt intimidated by large groups of people, of company.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "I understand... I should be going..." He released her and walked away slowley. A cold air followed him. For a moment, the sound of a heart, locked in a box and ket somewhere safe could be heard, breaking in two
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Kaidi wandered into the huge echoing halls of the Cathedral. Lead floors had been imprinted with her footprints; walking in bare feet had left it's mark. She stepped delicately and lightly. With each step, the lead floors captured her pain and loneliness and brought it to the deep core of the Earth. She didn't know about this enchantment; she probably made it herself many many years back to absorb her social needs, then forgot about it. Truth was, she had a phobia of people. It was hard enough looking and talking to them, let alone feeding off them.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: He didnt head home straight away. He went on to a childs park and sat on the swings. A vampires scream filled the night. The sign that an elder was in pain, be it physical or mental.. the feeling of his heart breaking crushed him, he crumpled to the floor.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Kaidi heard the shriek; her pains having been taken, she knew nothing about him. It was as if he had never existed. She walked outside nevertheless, but to swim in the lake down the road. She slipped off her clothes, leaving them, folded, by the bank. Then she dived in, her long hair flowing around her. She dived down deep, not needing to breathe she stayed under for a while before resurfacing. (( Got to go now, bye ))
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Something stirred in her memory; a wail which sounded familiar. That wail... like a pure echo in the night... night... dark time, where people showed their feistiness... Kane... That was it! Kane... he had been the shrieker. It sounded so sad, so lonesome. But he had Amethsyt, who needed him much more than Kaidi herself needed company. She surfaced, the chilling water freezing sense into her brain, now alert and ready. She slipped gracefully out of the water, shaking her head. Water flew everywhere. She dressed quietly, with one thing in her mind: Kane. She ran, her cloak rustling in her tail-wind. The darkness she was used to; it was the saving people she was new to.
ellesmera: He was surrounded by vampires, those that would evn feed of of their own kind, and he was in too much pain to move
Ceasing End / Kaidi: She directed herself with instinct; tracking down his essence was tricky in a neighbourhood of vampires. She scented his own essence though; a mixture of pain, heartbreak and pride that had been ruined. She folowed it, tracing its delicate taste in her mouth, and ended up in a park. A pack of vampires surrounded something; Kaidi could sense he was not the surrounders, more likely the surrounded. She tore towards them. one looked up, and stood up also. He yelled one word, "Attack!"
She darted around them, dodging between two males, and tripping over Kane. She span around quickly, bringing up her knee with a precise anatomical position on another male looming behind her. She ducked down, avoiding a sharp blow, and took hold of Kane.
ellesmera: He groaned and he sensed her, something happened. A green aura filled him and explodd from him, he was levitated in he air, having slipped from her grasp, his eyes wide open, green energy crackling from his eyes and mouth over his wholoe body. Pure, Royal, Untainted vampyric magyk smashed in to the vampires, weak they were, but there were over 80. They were reduced to dust, the effects of bieng stood in pure holy light.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Kaidi stepped back slightly to stop herself from being blinded. Being used to holy energy, even liking it, she stepped back into it as her eyes adjusted. The warm light played on her skin, and as it faded she sent a wistful emerald eye after it.
"Kane... Are you okay?" she asked, stepping lightly to his body.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: He looked at her, a tattoo, hiden by clothes was pulsing, green light filled up 1/4 of the tattoo. He closed his eyes and it faded, mending the seal. "I...I need you"
Ceasing End / Kaidi: "I'm sorry Kane... I have a phobia of company... That's why I was so scared of being with people. But if... If I'm needed, that's different," she explained, kneeling by him and stroking his hair, moving it off his face.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: He held on to her.
"They say, when a vampires heart wants to beat, it meens the feelings they hold are real... And, God be my witness, my heart wants to beat so bad, and it wants to for you, I need you. You dont have to go to the parties, you don't have to meet hundreds of people, I was thrown in to this life, and I can't find a way out, but You dont need to be in the limelight.." He held her tightly
Ceasing End / Kaidi: She smiled.
"I felt something the first time I saw you. It might have been the cup of coffee I had just consumed, but whatever it was, I felt warm inside... I suppose that's not meant to happen either... I love you as much as you ever could, and I'll be there for you, like I was just now, until we die together," she told him soothingly, kissing his forehead.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: He raised up to meet her lips. "Thank you" He stood shakily.
"But Amethyst..."
Ceasing End / Kaidi: "I know. If you want both of us, I'm not stopping you," she told him, standing with him. She honestly didn't mind about him having more than one 'girlfriend'.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: one of the servants in kanes fathers' mansion saw amethyst asleep in a pool of tears in the middle of the cafe. he walked up to her and stroked her head. he felt sorry for her, he had understood exactly what was upsetting her from 1st hand experience. plus, she was gorgeous. amethyst woke with a start, staring into the beautiful eyes of one of the young servants.
"oh, im sorry miss, its just i, i couldnt stand seeing you so heartbroken. master kane is usually like this, likes a lot of girls, but he genuinely loves them. he is a very emotional person underneath it all. do you want to come with me? its my day off - do you want to grab some breakfast?"
"what time is it?"
"umm, 7:58 exactly. you have been sleeping for a long time!"
"are you a vampire too?" she asked, untrustingly.
"no, no im a human, just like you - one of the few here actually. do you want to come?" he replied softly. "by the way, im cavan."
"amethyst. yeh, ok i'll come with you. im still a bit tired though! how do i look?"
"stunning." he said, letting slip of more than he had wanted to.
"wow thanks. ok lets go." the pair walked out of the mansion without looking back. amethyst forgot almost all about kane when cavan wound his hand around hers, as they walked down the street.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: He smiled slightly.
"Thank you" He walked slowley, the scent of a servent up ahead, they grew closer and closer, he looked at Kaidi, who was by their side and the servant and amethyst came in to view. He noticed their linked hands
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Kaidi stepped back behind Kane, into his shadow. She still disliked company, but Kane was different. As they passed by, she saw their linked hands, and breathed a mental sigh of relief. She wouldn't have to share. Not that she minded, but... It was better that way.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: He looked at the floor. His eyes scanned the servant and he stopped. facing them.
"Cavan.... Your blood pressure has gone up again.. Change your diet" Cavan looked at him.
"You have special kitchen privilages already, youl die an earlly death if you dont change what you eat" He then walked off again.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Kaidi caught up with Kane, supressing a smile at his comment. "Kane... What do you want to do? Can you touch holy ground?" she asked.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "It burns slightly" He replied. "But not much" He smiled and kissed her
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Kaidi leant slightly into the kiss, drawing away when she felt like it.
"If you want to... You can come to the Cathedral. I can remove its holiness temporarily using special things..."
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "If your sure" He nodded. "Then Im game
Ceasing End / Kaidi: "Come on, then... I need to get some stuff... A silver locket will do..." she told him, making off towards a silversmith.
"You stay here, I won't be long."
She came back five minutes later holding a small locket. She joined him and together they walked to the Cathedral. When Kane stepped on the steps, he felt nothing. Kaidi smiled, and held up the locket, which had doubled in size.
(( Got to go now ))
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "WHat the..." He looked at the locket. How?" He looked at her ide eyed
Ceasing End / Kaidi: "It's a spell I learnt, a long time ago. Of course, the convent never told me it was for vampires, but I suppose they never knew themselves," she told him, enjoying the expression on his face. She clasped the locket to her chest, then put it on. It glowed faintly, and then redoubled.
"This is why it needs to be small," she joked, holding the now-apple-sized locket.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: "Shall we go in?" she asked, looking around cautiously. If anyone saw her repeating this kind of magic, she was buggered.
ellesmera: "Sure" He nodded. Taking her hand`
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: "i feel relly bad now. but why should i- the lying bastard. i didnt mean that . . umm, what did he say to you?" said amethyst, immediately regretting half of it. she looked up into cavan's welcoming, big brown eyes.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: ((u gonna b cavan nw?? coz tht wud b gr8))
"oh, well i guess it shows he cares! tell me about you."
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: amethyst looked amazed. "wow, i guess thats a good thing, huh? i don't know who my family is. i live somewhere until i get rejected or banished then i move on. theres just something in me that just repels other people i guess." she kept on walking, staring at the floor.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: she smiled sincerely up at cavan. when she met his eyes she felt a shiver run through her. he could be the one. she squeezed his hand then carried on walking, but slower than before.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: amethyst was tired, she sat down on a park bench. as it was winter, the sun was just rising, and the pair watched in silence. she shivered in the cold, and cavan offered her his coat. she took it gratefully.
"you know, you look really sexy in that coat," mentioneed cavan, grinning at amethyst. he lightly squeezed her hand. his hazel eyes, staring deep into her pure blue ones, had a questioning look in them, that amethyst recognised.she put her arms around his neck and put her face right next to his.
"i know what you want," she said quietly.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: when cavan had no immediate reaction, just staring deep into her eyes, amethyst stood up, and grabbed his hand again.
"come on you, im hungry!" she called to him. he was looking at her as if she was all he had ever wanted, and amethyst knew she felt the same. But after getting hurt after rushing into things with kane, she felt it would be better to get to know cavan a bit better.
"how old are you? i know its a bit late for introductions but i hardly know you! im 16. i think. ive never really celebrated my birthday. oh god im rambling now. sorry!"
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: He laughed slightly.
"Im 17" He smiled. "Well. Its a good time to start celebrating"
sxc_ninja / gebren: "i'm sorry, but, i dont really know how, you'll need to teach me," said amethyst, looking into cavans eyes with her own innocent ones.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: ((what??!! wrong char soz!))
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: He smiled. "When is your birthday?" He held her hand
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: "umm, i think its 6th june, well thats when i always say it is. whens yours?"
ellesmera: "21 July" He smiled. He stretched slightly and yawned
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Kaidi turned to face Kane. There was a troubled look in her eyes, and she took off, racing up the corridors, turning at the slightest hint of Kane following her. Her bare feet had immunised against the spell she had cast beforehand and she twisted in the dark labrynth like corridors and rooms. She knew this place like she knew her body: very well. She darted left, right, up stairs, through corridors, until she came up to the tower she roosted in. She knew she could lock herself in here for as long as she needed. She released the locket's boundaries, confining the holiness to this room only. She summoned the stake again, holding it in her hands and concentrating the holiness in the room.
kpnutnut / kyle: he then snogged her vicously....he began ripping off her clothes and rawly raped her on the bench.
ellesmera: Kane watched her run. He felt himself burning. "Agh!" He disspaered in to a pileof smokey shadows, reapearing quite near Amythyst and caven. He was still smoking.
"Agh!" Burns burns burns" He hopped about, his foot on fire.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: ((whoever that kyle person is im ignorin ur post coz uve got it all rong))
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: (yup.. Hey all..)
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: amethsyt and cavan continued walking, hand in hand, in silence for several minutes, exchanging the odd smiling glance. then amethyst thought something.
"do you live at kanes place?" she was hoping he didn't, and maybe she could stay with him instead of kane. she didn't think she could handle that house again.
sxc_ninja: ((cumon pps))
ellesmera: "I ahve my own house on kanes property... The masters dont go there though"
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: "wow. well, could i . . well, you know . ." she said nervously, not wanting to ask if she could stay there outright, because it might sound rude or intrusive.
sxc_ninja / Amethyst: ((g2g))
ellesmera: "Your wondering if you could stay there... Of course" He smiled andkissed her heek softly.
Ceasing End: Kaidi had never felt so lonely in her entire existence, firstly as a nymph in ancient Greece, then in Rome as the wolf who had raised Romulus and Remus, then as a Viking invader's eldest daughter... Then her as a Catholic nun. And now, the true vampire that shone in her mind. She continued to handle the malevolent stake in her hands, feeling not a single burn nor pain. The only pain was inside her head, trying to decide. She moved her tongue around in her mouth, finding that her exaggerated fangs had shrunk. She shook her head, thrusting the stake into her chest. Blood poured from the wound. She screeched in a suprised shriek of shamed pain which echoed around the Cathedral walls, bouncing out into town. She looked at her arm. It was no longer pale but slightly tanned. She stood up drunkenly, tottering over to the mirror. She was visible. She had returned, reborn as the nymph she used to be. And now she was dying. She toppled back, wincing in pain at the heavy fall. She lay quietly on the floor, her hair sreading in the crimson liquid that was pouring from her torn heart. She mustered enough energy to tear out the stake. A splinter remained, lodged in so deep death was almost certain. She felt a sudden surge of strength, and stood up. The wound continued to bleed.
Exiting the Cathedral, she made it only as far as the rose bushes. Kaidi had always liked roses. Not because of their romantic values, but because they lived for so long, were beautiful and caused damage if handled wrongly. Sort of like how she used to be. Then she tripped. Gracefully falling, it seemed like a lifetime, not a moment, was taken to reach the ground. Rose thorns tore at her cheeks as she passed between them, causing more blood to seep. The splinter which had lodged itself in her heart was moved slightly, and re-pierced her horrific injuries. After one long, feeble scream of deafeat, she closed her eyes, curling up in the dark and the filth and the dampness and was there, isolated in her pain and her sadness and her so called immortality. Her life force ebbing away, her mind thought, raced through all her memories as she faded into oblivion.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Writhing in agony, her body would not die peacefully, though her mind was willing it to. Tears of hurt ran from her glazed eyes. They slid down her paling face, dripping into the blood drenched soil which drank them up thirstily. Try as she may, she could not sit up. All she could do was toss and turn in the forthcoming gloom and wait. Waiting... she was sick of it. She had waited for millenias to come and pass, with each one a failing so shallow that a person so deep such as her could not understand.
She shivered. It was suddenly very cold. Wetness dripped onto her flailing body. The rain hit hard but tasted sweet and warm. She closed her eyes again, willing the world to just keep her alive like this. Roses drank in with adoration the first spring rain, and Kaidi drank into her mind the last rain she would probably see. Oddly enough, she felt a strenghtening gather in her worn bones. She felt a ripe bruising in her muscles that was somehow delicious. And she was alive. Hanging on by a delicate silken thread that could tear anytime. But alive. She could almost jump. But the rain was so becalming she found she could do nothing but lie there in her own blood, which had congealed over her still body, and feel the rain hit her face and nourish her body until she became truely and properly alive. The rain stopped and the bleeding started. She sighed. It had been fascination; the trickery of the mind. She lay quite still. Anyone who found her would class her as dead.
ellesmera: Kane was huddled in his room. e could feel something, like a stake tearing through his heart. He needed to find her. (are you killing her off? need to know now)
Ceasing End / Kaidi: (( Not sure! Just confused with what to do with her. You decide, I like surprises! ))
Kaidi lay, broken and defeated in the bed of thorny roses. She was covered in dirt from the thrashing she had committed earlier. A rouge rose head had snapped, and lay across her chest. A drop of her blood slid down the petals and dripped off, as if the rose were crying for the sleeping girl who was hanging on for her life. Her eyelid flickered, but her unconsciousness commenced.
ellesmera: He found her and picked her up, swearing. He closed his eyes and opened three of the 4 gates. He snapped his eyes open and the green magyk purified her body of all impurities, her blood returning, clean and the wounds healing, he had used a whole chamber to do it though.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Kaidi opened her eyes. The general picture was obscured like a child's kaleidoscope but she could sense it, like she had last time she was on her death bed. She reached out, testing to see if she was paralyzed or not. It certainly felt like it... But she wasn't. Luckily. She'd been born paralyzed, died instantly and reborn as something else. Either way, it was still a bad experience. Her hand touched Kane's cheek. She closed and reopened her eyes. She could see clearer now. Her eyes were a brilliant sapphire now, instead of the emerald they were before her suicide attempt. She woke up fully, her head spinning. The rose fell off her chest, shattering like glass as it hit the pavement. She threw her arms around Kane, slipping out his grasp and standing delicately. She could tell something was wrong.
"Kane... What's the matter?" she asked tentatively. Her hair had gone more gold than copper, and now it was more dirty blonde than anything.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: "I think I'm an elf..." she muttered. Long ears confirmed this. Kaidi turned back to Kane.
"You can take some of mine. I don't know if elves are affected by vampires but seeing as I've been one before, I probably won't... I'm a bit like a pheonix, you see," she explained, looking at Kane's slightly puzzled face. She swept her hair behind her shoulders, her startlingly blue eyes watching him.
ellesmera: He leaned in and kissed her softly.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: (( Got to go now sorry ))
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Kaidi's eyes started to return to green. Her golden hair had an obvious coppery tint. Wondering what on earth was going on, she kissed Kane back.
"Something wierd's happening... normally when I die, my shape changes and that's that... But I suppose, what with my suicide and all that, it's all confused..." Kaidi murmured to herself.
Ceasing End / Kaidi: Lol, I gotta go now. But I've revived it!
Megsrus aka Meg / Suzuki Marono: (excuse me I am thinking about creating a rp about a japanese princess who falls in love with a samurai but her father wants her to marry a prince would anyone be interested in joining?)
Ceasing End / Kaidi: (I'm sorry, I was only bringing this back up for the rp, not for people to spam on it. As it is, most of the rps I join become dead within a week.)

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