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Roleplay - Dracoby's school by Dracoby / Dracoby

a school for magic creatures and the base for damian lomas' train before he battles draygon at his school with headmaster draconus(go one draconus school to find out more.) students may help his train in the arts of fighting with weapons and without and fighting with wands and without.

Roleplay Details

Dracoby- headmistress (teacher for wand batle)
Wizard 334- teacher for non wand dueling
Natures gaurdion- teacher of weaponry battle
Jet- teacher of non weaponry battle
Damian Lomas- hear for training.
Cid- Damian's partner for training.


Dracoby: Dracoby sent an all clear signal for the transport of the students coming to her school for training. She stud at the train station waiting for the train to arive, it wasn't late she just liked to be early.
Tradia / Minuo: she sat silently holding her fears and doubts at bay. There was no such thing as she always being happy. of course she had told her mother she did not care if she went alone and if she did not know anyone. However she did care and her entire self shook with nerves. The others were talking laughing and sharing food. they knew each other, knew the others parents and simply had known this bussiness of traveling to foreing schools for far longer than she had. she stopped herself from wallowing in self pity and simply began to look outside the window. Pretty. quite pretty countryside.
draconus / Damian Lomas: the train made a stop and Damian came on flying Cid and their trunks along to find a conpartment. he then saw someone that was on there own.
"excuse me.." he said to Minuo. "are these seats taken by any chance?" he looked at her and felt like he had known her from somewhere before.
draconus / Sid: as cid gained counciusness he knew he wasn't at Draconus' school any more. he looked around only to stop the locmota spell wear off on him. he ended up spinning and crashed on to the floor.
"where am i?" he began and then he saw damian and remember what he told him.
Dracoby / Zeo: "thats five oiont of your house." said a timid voice from behind Cid. it was zeo the prefect, but the worst one yet. he wasn't the tp kind but a realy horrible nasty peice of work.
draconus / Damian Lomas: "i don't thinks so. it was my fault that he feel and we are special guest at the school for your information and....." but before he could speak any more zeo had blasted him to his seat and the turned his back on him. 'oh no he didn't' damian said in his head before getting out his own wand. "if you want a challenge then you have got one." he said as they bowed and walked away from each other. Damian looked around and then began.
"Stupify" he bellowed and a red spark blasted towards zeo.
Tradia / Minuo: She stared and the way those new kids or whatever they wanted to call themselves, frolicked about..or fought whichever they choose to do.she answered his previus question with a shake of her head. she had wanted to nod and stretch along the leather seat but that would be rude and minuo was never rude. well she had been rude when she was little but she was not a child anymore and her mothers careless instruction drove her to be polite. In fact she even bowed her head a little.She turned to face everyone and felt a shock of recognition. that boy. no she was wrong. she had never seen that boy before. she closed her eyes and trained the perfect smile on her lips. but the nasty trick the other boy had played on damian had snapped her out of her self imposed shyness."WOULD YOU MIND SOME PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY TRYING TO REST"she did not shout but said the words carefully,coldy and they held a certain steel to them."if you wish to figth do it outside this compartment. my cat does not like noise"from beneath the seats a fat silver cat yawned and looked at them as if they were mere fishing wives arguing over a crab.
draconus / Sid: Cid pushed zeo and damian out of the conpartment and closed the door. he sat down near the window and pulled out his text book on the rules for the school and about it.
draconus / Damian Lomas: damian began to get a great boost from battleing zeo as it had only been a few hours since he last battled with magic, so he wasn't that rusty.
"momentous" he belowed and then zeo froze and could move anything but his lips.
damian walked in to the conpartment and saw Cid looking at the rules so he got out his pet dog Riku and started petting it.
"don't worry" he said to Minuo, "he doesn't bother with cats. he only chances mise and the odd spinder." he said after trying to keep confersation.
Tradia / Minuo: Minuo aknowledged this with a small nod and asked ever so slowly as if afraid to make them angry"this, where we are going, is it scary" she was knew anyone could see that much. her cat jumped on the seat and made herself a small comfortable nest in minuos lap. Minuo ran her hyand on her silver fur and added"her name is Moonlight"
draconus / Damian Lomas: " to be honest i don't realy know. i have never been there." he said as he began to stoke moonlight. he looked at her and gave a smile. "but i am shure that it won't be that bad."
Tradia / Minuo: She began to regain her confidence. so she was not the only one. a warm smile traveled to her lips and she found herself smiling with something called sympathy or joy. "well im glad of that.at least i do not need to be alone..what is your name..My name is Minuo Devian"
draconus / Damian Lomas: " my name is Damian Lomas and he is Cid Allen." he said looking at Cid who had know fallen to sleep. he moved his hand to give her a wellcoming shake. "pleased to meet you." he sadi as his smilled widened
Shadow24968 / Shadow_: *Shadow was suddenly transported to dracoby's school* Huh!? Why did I get put in here? *Shadow Looked at Damian Cid and Minuo* Seems things can't get worse in here, huh?
draconus / Damian Lomas: "what in the name of mercy are you doing here." damian said moaning to himself. he moved up and let shadow sit down.
"we are about an hour away." HE said to them all
Shadow24968 / Shadow_: I have no idea, I was in the middle of a fight and then.... I'm here.
Tradia / Minuo: She looked up and aknowledged shadow"Im hungry" she muttered to herself and her cat meowed."shush moonlight" the cat eyed her and sat back down.
draconus / Damian Lomas: damian got out his wand and looked outside to make sure no one could see what he was doing. with five flicks of his wand dinner plates came out of no where on everyones lap and the 5th feel on the floor for moonlight and Riku. the on the second four set of knife forks and spoons apeared. then with the over three came the started main corse and desert.
" we should get changed we will be there soon" he said as he looked at his watch.
Druecilla / Shayla: (Whats happening?)
draconus / Damian Lomas: (you would be still on draconus' school but i guess you could play a new student if you want to.)
draconus / Sid: cid finished his meal and then got changed in to his robes. he knew dracoby liked preintation so he made sure he looked presentable.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla stood looking in the mirror why did she decide to come to this school she was new and it would be hard to fit in everywhere she had went everybody only wanted her for her beauty and money but she hated it."How is this gonna be any different?"She said aloud.
Druecilla: Not to mention she had no clue how to master her own powers.
draconus / Damian Lomas: damian looked outside and could see the castle in the moonlight sky. "five minutes." he said pulling his head out of the window. he was changed fully and looking at his watch waiting for the time to pass. when the trained stop he got of the train with Cid and looked round to see Dracoby waiting for him as the rest of the first year students were getting ready for there trip on the lake.
Dracoby / Zeo: "first years follow me." zeo said as he lead them to the lake. he eyed Damian and Cid and the younger students saw the anger in his eyes.
Dracoby: "follow me you two." she said to the boys as she walked towards the castle. "i understand that you are here for training. however you will be housed like in your last school but by a jugdement of skills." they apeared at the frount of the school in the great hall. she began her speach before the first years came in.
"as you know, we have visitors here for the week. as you know it is our costom that they be tested on there skills. then they will be housed, so a warning to you all. unless you want to help these two train then i wouldn't ask them anything about what they are leaning then you will be a part of it and sent to my brothers school. now let the challenge begin." she pulled up her arm and a door apeared for the boys to go in to.
"good luck" she said queitly to them
Tradia / Minuo: She followed zeo rather confused of what she was. She had no idea if she was a first year,second or thirt but because this was her first year she followed zeo. all of her confidence had drained down the toilet and she walked with her head down and her lips quivering. Moonlight was cozily asleep in her cage and she dare not distrurb her.
draconus / Damian Lomas: damian walked to the door and entered first. he looked round and saw a large room. on the other end was what seemed to be his aponant. *that can't be draconus* he thought to him self. but it looked liked him in evey detail. then three more people came in the apearence of Wizard 334, Natures gaurdion and Jet. the took there battle postions. he looked round he had no one with him. then in frount of him came a list of names. then he noticed one. ZODACIA. then pop she apeared next to him, the list changed and he noticed her brother BODACIA then another pop and list change. he looked down the thrid list and didn't know anyone but knew about the next person he chose thats because he meet him on the train. ZEO then pop he apared and looked ready for action. he looked at Zeo with a look of gratitude. then he propared to battle. his wand at the ready he saw a note on his sleave. [when your weapon or item change you must change to the different apaonat.] he now knew what he had to do. he had to battle every teacher seperatly but they could attack him whenever they wanted to. tehy began to charge he started to battle draconus in a wizard duelfireing anything that came to mind.
then he herd the word *crucio* he fell in pain and then looked up at draconus. the pain inside him began to weaken him. he rose up slowly and then stud firmly while the spell was still being used. "Impedimenta" he belowed in pain and draconus flew to the end of the room. then his wand disapeared and he had to duel Wizard 334. he had to think fast. but Wizard 334 got there first and made him spin round and fall into Zeo.
he stumbled up "Finite Incantartem" he tought and wizard 334 had frozen in to stiffness. the damian tought "impedimenta" and wizard 334 flew to the end of the room in to draconus. then in his hand a staff apeared and natures guardion stated to charge.........
draconus / Damian Lomas: damian braced himself for the first stike. he was sent across the room but was stopped by BODACIA. he recuvered himself and went for a stike, but was stopped by Draconus who had done a bubblio spell on the floor. damian got uop and ran again. draconus atempted to stop him but damian had hold of his staff and pollvolted strait towards Natures guardion. his staff disapeared and Jet was know in the air ready to kick damian on his way down. damian grabbed hold of the roof as jet began to fall to the ground then he let go and propared to kick jet as he bocned from the floor. it had successfully worked and the challenge was over. the three people disapeared and so did the oponantes. he walk out the door to appuales and cheers as he looked round the hall he saw that Cid was already sat at a table. he walked up to Dracoby and asked."what house will i be in madam." out of breath he fell towards the floor.......
Dracoby: "this student will be in the top house." she belowed as he hit the floor. she pulled out her wand and sent him to his dorm to rest. "now then bring in the first years."
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla looked uneasy as she was led into the room.
Shadow24968 / Shadow_: Shadow entered: "How would I carry on about joining?"
Dracoby / Wolf: wolf was stud behind him. "we just go in there i think" he sauid to him pointing at the door.
Shadow24968 / Shadow_: Shadow walked through the pointed door and said: "What now?"
draconus / Sid: "Now we have to fight whatever comes thogh that door." trogh the door can the other half of shadow.
Shadow24968 / Shadow_: Cool! I have two halves!!! Now my retarded mind is one with the shit!!!
Shadow24968 / Shadow_: Nah just Joking (was pissed, sorry about that!) Shadow Walked into the dark musty arena and drew his long black sword.
draconus / Sid: suddenly shadow was binded and Cid knew that he wasn't alowed to battle. then the copy of shadow spit in two. wolf and Cid knew they would have to fight them with no weapons.
Dracoby / Wolf: wolf saw the shadows split and ran towards them. he attacked each one again and again untill they went and the origanal was left. it kicked him in to the barrier and knocked him out. it was just Cid and the shadow left.

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