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Roleplay - hating this life by tensaku / vindr

tensaku is the son of a rich assasin and his father has just died and left him everything. but the problem is he doesn't want the slaves or the money he just wants to meet a nice girl and carry on his father's buisness...

Roleplay Details

tensaku will be played by me
we need a few slaves that will be freed later and one that tensaku will fall in love with
time set: feudal japan


vindr / tensaku: walks through the halls of his huge home passing a few of the slaves. he had just returned from burying his father and didn't really want to read the will...
Druecilla / Krystal: Krystal walked slowly by the big mansion ~Who could live by themselves in a place like that~ she wondered. Looking at the garden and admiring the hady work of the colorful flowers she felt at ease.
vindr / tensaku: he walked into his father's "study" and read the will. he got it all, the slaves the money, but he didn't want all that. he turned to the servant at the door "bring all the slaves, who were not on my father's payroll, to this room i wish to speak with them..."
Trentiham / Kaz Hikaro: (Hey if you don't want me on here just ignore this post. You didn't exactly say if anyone could.) Kaz purred and rubbed up against Hyun's leg as he came in to stand in line. He was not a servant of that kind. He was the pet, and the scout for Tensaku's father. He was of a different sect but now that Tensaku owned everything that was him as well, at least he figured. He wanted to know his next mission and will of the new lord. He jumped up on a table and sat down.
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla stopped in front of the house."I wonder if anyones home?"She carried a basket of flower seeds and knew that they would help the garden.
vindr / tensaku: he turns to the girl he had given the order to who was now staning in the corner away from everybody "were you being payed by my father to work?"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: She nodded her head.
"Yes sir" She spoke quietly, her eyes on the floor
vindr / tensaku: he nods "alright then you are dismissed... unless you would like to listen to this conversation..."
vindr / tensaku: he turns to the rest of them "those of you who wish to leave this place free, may do so. those of you who wish to stay and work here for money you stay in the line until the others have left..."
ellesmera: She left when he dismissed her. She carried on cleaning
SincerWritinAsh / Osli: Osli sighed, making social calls for her overly busy uncle was not her favorite pass time. She was dressed in a simple yet expensive looking dress that was in a light bue which brought attention to her bright eyes. She rung the bell waiting on the door step, beside a smaller girl carrying a basket of seeds.Osli herself delivered a bottle of wine and a ealed letter noting her uncle's sympathies.
ellesmera: she opened the door with a well practiced bow.
"Master is currently seeing to business, however, I can alert him of your presense miss?" She kept in her bow with lowered eyes
SincerWritinAsh / Osli: Osli offered a reserved smile,"Just tell him it is Osli of the FairHaven household offering condolences for Isaac Fairhaven."she took subtle steps into the foyer.
ellesmera: She nodded and bowed again, making her way to his study. She knocked a few times and waited
vindr / tensaku: he nods to the few he had just added to the payroll and sighs "enter..."
ellesmera: "There is a woman downstairs.. uhm..Osli of the FairHaven household offering condolences for Isaac Fairhaven." She recited perfectly and bowed
SincerWritinAsh / Osli: Osli waited with tokens in hand. she observed the foyer's lush decoration with minimum interest.
vindr / tensaku: he nods "please thank her and ask if she would like to join me for a drink..." he sits behind the desk and sets his head on the desk
ellesmera: She bows and leaves, returning to osli.
"Ma'am.. Sir tensaku wonders if you would prehaps join him for a drink" She stayed in her bowed position
SincerWritinAsh / Osli: she nodded to the girl,"It would be acceptabl."she smiled at the girl a moment.In reality she had wished to return home as soon as possible but her uncle would be dissapointed in her if she did not perform her social responsibility.
ellesmera: She smiled. "Please follow me Ma'am" She walked to tensakus study and knocked
vindr / tensaku: he lifts his head and sits back "enter..." he opens a drawer and pulls out a few papers that he hadn't seen before...
ellesmera: She opened the doors. (gtg)
SincerWritinAsh / Osli: Osli thanks the girl and enters the room quietly. She is a very reserved and respectful girl.After a few lady like steps into the room she give a small yet dignified curtsy to tensaku.A sad smile graces her pretty mouth,"my family is sorry for your loss,sir."
vindr / tensaku: he nods "i am sorry he's gone myself but that can't be helped... he wasn't that much of an honorable man for anybody to have come to say there sorry for his death..." he turns to the girl "bring me some brandy and... what will you have lady osli?"
SincerWritinAsh / Osli: "Sir,No thank you, i do not partake of spirits but a bit of soda water would be nice."she replied automatcally as a good peotestant girl was expected to. she smiled gentley taking a few steps forward.She presented the sympathy letter from her uncle t him,"For your grief sir."
vindr / tensaku: he chuckles and sets the note on the desk "i have no grief... i was told when i was young that my father would die due to a bad deal with one of his customers so i expected this..."
SincerWritinAsh / Osli: she rased an eyebrow at his comment."well, i have no ympathy for you unlike my uncle."she said the harsh words in such a sweet manner, it confused the ear.
vindr / tensaku: he laughs "i thank you for that because there is no reason for sympathy here..." he then realizes she was standing and offers a chair...
SincerWritinAsh / Osli: she took the offered seat."well how are you holding up?"she asked in mock concern.
vindr / tensaku: he shakes his head "i think i'll be ok... though the few servants here who were used by him for... various thing... are very glad he is gone..."
SincerWritinAsh / Osli: she nodded,"you've inherited quite a,"she paused thinking about her word choice,"a very corrupted estate ir."she smiled thoughtfully.
vindr / tensaku: he nods "yes, i have which is why i just put about half the slaves my father had, on the payroll and released the rest..."
SincerWritinAsh / Osli: her eyes brightened at this,"that's quite admirable,"she said honestly.her eyes were wide with a bit of dibelief in that officially occuring.
vindr / tensaku: he nods again "yes... i have always hated slavery and will not stand for any to be working for me unless they want to, and then they will be payed..." he calls for a bowl of ramen...
SincerWritinAsh / Osli: "I see."her smiled had spread across her face,"I must say all of this is quite impressive.have you any idea what you will do with yur resources...you could accomplish quite a bit."
vindr / tensaku: he smiles seeing the look in her eye "yes i do... and with all the assassins that i have access to plus my own skills i can remove all of the people who do such immoral acts... and also i will use the money to help build up the more penniless part of town..."
SincerWritinAsh / Osli: "you should start in the western half of town. the families there barely have supply to sanitary water let alone food."she said quietly although her eye were shining at his suggested course of action.
vindr / tensaku: he smiles "maybe you would like to take credit for such an action, because if my future clients think i'm going soft i won't have the money to give..."
SincerWritinAsh / Osli: bewildered she frowned a second,"i couldn't take credit for such, it wouldn't be my doing..."she said slightly confused.
vindr / tensaku: he frowns "well then if you truly don't want to take credit i will have to find someone else..."
SincerWritinAsh / Osli: she looked up at him her eyes wide,"how would i take part in it?"she wasn't a dumb girl, just slightly naive with a too soft heart.
vindr / tensaku: he smiles again "you just take all credit and gifts and such from those who give it, while i pay to have that part of town fixed" he then goes to the wall where many scrolls were kept and opened a small hidden door next to it...
SincerWritinAsh / Osli: she watched him stand and cross the room.her mind turning,"what's the catch?"she asked cautiosly.
vindr / tensaku: he shakes his head "there is no catch... i just need a cover for my charitable donations... and i won't be the one delivering the money you will, so you'll need to comeback here every so often to get more money from me..."
SincerWritinAsh / Osli: she nodded."that's fair enough."she smiled broadly her eyes inspecting the door.
vindr / tensaku: he leans inside the door and grabs a small pouch of gold "if i don't see any improvement to the town i will personally hunt you down in your sleep..."
SincerWritinAsh / Osli: she raised an eyebrow at him,"that's plenty threatning enough to mak me want to cloth the entire west end."
vindr / tensaku: he nods "that is how i wanted it to sound, for it is not a threat but a promise... but do not fear me please, i am as gentle as a kitten when need be..."
SincerWritinAsh / Osli: she laughed at that as she stood up from the chair."I should be returning back home soon."
vindr / tensaku: he nods again "then please take this and begin fixing the town for me..."
SincerWritinAsh / Osli: she accepted the bag, surprised at the heft of it.She managed a strained smile as she bowed,"well, i suppose i'll be seeing you soon sir."
vindr / tensaku: he bows in return "you may... but we will see how soon..."
vindr / tensaku: sits back down with a sigh and relaxes...
SincerWritinAsh / Osli: Osli leave the houe passing the other woman, she give herr no second thought.
vindr / tensaku: without opening his eye s he says "how may i help you young lady?"
vindr / tensaku: he smiles and opens an eye "please sit... would you like something to drink?"
vindr / tensaku: calls for one of his servants and places his own order "what will you have?" he offers a chair to her and closes his eyes again
vindr / tensaku: the servant nods and exits with a bow, while tensaku sighs and scratchs his head "you can keep a secret right?"
vindr / tensaku: he pulls the string kepping his true ears down off and a pair of cat ears pop up "good, because if i hear of any talk of the neko assassin around here and i'll kill you... so you better keep a secret..." he then smile wide showing off his fangs
vindr / tensaku: he turns his head toward her hand unintentionally and begins a low purr "who are you? and why have you come here?"
vindr / tensaku: he pulls back looking at her oddly "what were your parents names?"
vindr / tensaku: he looks worried "will you excuse me for a second... i must look somehing up..."
vindr / tensaku: picks up a scroll from the shelf and reads down the list of names on the page "damn... he did... that bastard..." he walks back over a sits down "i know the assassin who killed your parents..."
vindr / tensaku: he looks appoligetic "my father... he killed them personally... that means they were feared by someone powerful..." he looks to the ground "i am sorry..."
vindr / tensaku: he sighs "i am truly sorry... if you want i could find that out for you..." he then sniffs once "come in higashi..." a young man walks in and bows "m'lord i have completed the task i was assigned before your father died..." tensaku smiles "good then you are free for another job?" higashi nods "yes sir" tensaku turns to jacy "may i have either a hair or a drop of blood please?"
vindr / tensaku: he smiles taking off a glove revealing his claws and pokes her finger "i only need a drop..." he then puts a few drops in a very small bottle and hands it to higashi "i need you to find the owners of the two dna's that most resemble this... and track them by scent... so if you need to ask niku for help..." higashi takes the bottle and bows "yes sir.." he walks to the window and opens it before jumping out...
vindr / tensaku: he thinks "there are only five races i know of with fangs: nekos, like me, inu's, like higashi and niku, vampires, dragons, and demons..."
vindr / tensaku: he shakes his head "i'm full neko and i don't have a tail... and there is also inu... do you usually have a craving for steak?"
vindr / tensaku: he nods "then you may be a neko, but i do know a few female dragons who have small fangs and purr..."
vindr / tensaku: he starts to purr softly "higashi looks human does he not? if i hadn't shown you my ears you would have thought me human wouldn't you? neither of us really look it but both of us are full neko or inu..."
vindr / tensaku: he smiles "all cat-like... hmmm i think you are a neko..." he hears his window open and two sets of feet land on his floor, without turning around he asks "higashi what have you found?" the shorter person with a hooded cloak walks forward and removes his hood to reveal dog ears and odd whiskers "sir there....there were... cats... nekos like yourself... when we found one of the scents he was... near dead of old age... and he said that his mate had died last year..." vindr frowns and looks up to jacy "i'm sorry... higashi and niku you are dismissed..."
Kid / MiKai: *can i join pleeease?*
vindr / tensaku: he pulls back and looks her in the eye "do you need a place to stay? i feel bad for what my father did..."
vindr / tensaku: ((yeah go ahead...))
vindr / tensaku: he smiles "no we have enough rooms to spare... now we just ned to find you one..." he stands, picking her up on his back so she can continue the scratching, and walks to the door...
vindr / tensaku: he opens the door and walks down the hall "no problem... what kind of things would you like in your room... and we have excellent security, due to all the assassins living here..." he continues to walk down the hall
vindr / tensaku: he stops at a door and opens it "well here is a room that fits that exact dexcription..." the room was extremely dark because the curtains were closed...
vindr / tensaku: he smiles a little "hmmm it looks to me that you either have developed a crush... whether that is true or not, i have grown fond of you..."he walks into the room with her still on his back planing on setting her on the bed then leaving until she says otherwise...
vindr / tensaku: he smiles and growls, as playful as she is "well then i guess i have to do something about this..." kisses her cheek and pokes her side trying to tickle her...
vindr / tensaku: he kisses her lightly on the lips "hmm..." he sits next to her on the bed poking her again
vindr / tensaku: ((hello? did i do something wrong?))
vindr / tensaku: he returns the kiss "are you sure you have a crush? or are you like me and think you have fallen into something more?"
vindr / tensaku: he laughs and nods "ok... well i still have things to do so you pretty much have free reign on the house..." he stands and walks to the door tieing his ears down again...
vindr / tensaku: he smiles as he opens the door "i will see you later... if you need anything just call either anna or vican... as for me i will be in the office" with that he exits and closes the door..
fingerz / faye: <faye is another assasiain poised as a slave> faye is sat in her room cleaning a washiki
vindr / tensaku: tensaku sighs and stops just down the hall "... i gotta tell her..." he turns to go back and remembers there could be anyone listening so he calls for vican after he gets back to his study
vindr / tensaku: he stands by the bookcase searching for something "bring jacy here would you please?"
vindr / tensaku: he turns to her, still standing at the bookcase, and nods "yes i need to talk to you, but we can't do it here for fear of being heard... if you would follow me" he turns and pulls a book making the bookcase slide to the side to reveal a staircase
vindr / tensaku: the passage leads to another door which tensaku opens and enters. the room that they enter into is a like a small library with the books and bookcases acting like mmufflers and keeping any outside ears from hearing a conversation that goes on down there "ok, now we can talk without my enemies knowing what i say..."
vindr / tensaku: he smiles and asks her to sit down "i wanted to tell you, before i lose the nerv, that i have fallen for you..." he turns away from her to hide the deep red of his face
vindr / tensaku: he smiles putting his hands on her hips and sits down "well then, what shall we do now?" he asks before kissing her softly
vindr / tensaku: he smiles "i don't care what we do as long as we keep this secret to keep you safe... as long as i'm with you i will be happy..." he nuzzles his head against her neck before biting softly just below her jaw
vindr / tensaku: he bites a little harder closer to her colar bone "i'm sorry about this but when i get... excited... my feline side effects me..." he sits up and stops
vindr / tensaku: he smiles and nibles her neck before kissing her lightly "i can't... if i do it anymore i won't be able to keep the rest of the instincts under control..."
vindr / tensaku: he looks at her worried "if i hurt you i am sorry... we like to leave a mark to symbolize that we have chosen a mate..." as he finishes talking his pupils shrink from their black "diamond" shape to mere black lines, and his hands move to her thighs as he smiles wickedly
vindr / tensaku: he kisses her after hearing no objection and presses his tongue softly against her lips, begging for entrance, and the hand that was on her thight travels up her side and comes to a stop just under her breast...
vindr / tensaku: his tongue battles hers for dominance as his hand moves a few inches and begins to massage her breast, the other still resting on her hip...
vindr / tensaku: pulls back smiling again the hand that was still on her hip moving to the inside of her thigh "you ok? you look a little... tense..."
vindr / tensaku: he chickles, licking his lips "ok, so you want any more?" as he says this his hand moves up the inside of her thigh...
vindr / tensaku: his eyes flash with glee as his fingers become clawed "i hope you didn't like this shirt..." he says before tearing it apart without harming her, and the claws retract. then he sets her on her back on the ground, licking the nipple of her left breast while massaging the spot between her legs...
vindr / tensaku: he growls a little looking at her with lust in his eyes "that hurt... i guess you are having fun" smiles evilly before removing what little clothing she had left, and moves down between her legs "hmmm i should clean this up" licks the outside of her pussy...
vindr / tensaku: he arches his back, growling in pain this time "ok that's far enough with the claws..." he moves her hands off his back "if you need to claw at something please use the floor, your claws are killing my back..." he ten goes back to his previous actons, occasionally inserting his tongue..
vindr / tensaku: he moves back up and kisses her, his hand traveling back down between her legs "you ok now? you look even more tense than a second ago..." smiles wickedly, while two of his fingers go in and out...
vindr / tensaku: he looks at her questioningly "i am really holding back... and i'm not liking it much, are you sure you want to see my wild side?"
vindr / tensaku: he smiles and removes what's left of his clothing "you ready?" he asks running his claws along her side
vindr / tensaku: smiles and kisses her as he pushes himself into her pussy slowly...
vindr / tensaku: he begins moving in and out at a quick pace while kissing her neck...
vindr / tensaku: he moves faster and begins digging his own claws in the ground "good lord..." he whispers as his eyes close...
vindr / tensaku: as he gets closer to his climax he opens his eyes. just as he hits it he stops and bites into her neck just above the collar bone. when he pulls back his pupils return to their diamond shape "i'm sorry... i'll go get something to clean that up..."
vindr / tensaku: he nods and goes to a wall grabing a few things to clean the wound "ok this may sting a little..." he says as he puts the stuff on the bite
vindr / tensaku: he nods handing her his shirt "you can wear that until you can get to your room..." he puts his pants on and opens the door that leads to the stairway that leads to the bookcase in his study...
vindr / tensaku: he smiles following her up the stairs and kisses her when they get to the top "no problem love..."
vindr / tensaku: :goes to hi own room and sleeps
vindr / tensaku: caution--------- time skip ----------caution
vindr / tensaku: (yeah sorry got bored) he goes to his desk and looks for his mission logs and gives the only two missions to two of his underlings. he then goes and sits on the roof watching all the people below, before noticing jacy in a tree "she is beautiful... i will need to make sure to up the security around here..."
vindr / tensaku: he smiles hearing a singing and leaps off the roof landing in the tree a few branches above her...
vindr / tensaku: he sits on the branch with a sad look, not even seeing his surroundings, all he sees is the night his father's enemy's attacked the house, killing his mother, and he begins to cry...

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