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Roleplay - A Vampire's Hidden Secrets. by Juliet / shilala

New York, New York. Characters love the nightlife. Takes place in most night clubs run by vampires and very rarely does a vampire go to a human club.After shuliana met the prince vampire, she lives off the streets, unable to drink from regular human blood. she only feasts on criminals. while she is hunting in the daytime, she meets a human guy named Dally. He follows her back to one of her night clubs and is chosen by the prince as Shuliana's mentor for dancing. the prince and Shuliana are to be wed though Shuliana hates it.(warning: i may add more details throughout the roleplay)

Roleplay Details

Shuliana(me):The most powerful vampire. She doesn't know she is the most powerful vampire. The only way she gets her full powers is when she drinks the blood of her soulmate. She's basically an orphan, her parents died, leaving her alone at age 5. She had met a prince vampire and he changed her. She is able to change forms into different people as long as she has bitten them because the prince vampire does the same. If you are changed, you have the same powers as the one who changed you. There are five other vampires like her. She doesn't want to marry Prince Vladamar but she has no choice. When he changed her, he said to her that if she doesn't meet her soulmate, she would marry him. Little does he know, Shuliana's mentor is truly her soulmate.
Dally: He was a dance teacher along with his father until his father died and he was sent to live with his mother in New York, New York. While he's on a walk in a dead forest, he finds a girl stalking some 40 year old male with a machete(sp?). he watches as she kills him and saves a little girl he was going to murder. He follows her to the club and finds a man seeking a mentor for this girl. He agrees to it and teaches her to dance for her wedding.
Prince Vladamar: he loves Shuliana for the wrong reasons. He loves her beauty and wants her for his collection of 19 other trophy wives. He doesn't understand thaht Dally is actually Shuliana's soulmate so he proceeds the wedding.
There can be other characters. I don't care what the characters look like to be honest except my own. The vampires can come out in the daylight but they must have jackets and glasses. They shimmer in the daylight if its not cloudy outside thus leading to other people knowing they are vampires. have fun in the roleplay everyone :)


shilala / Shuliana_: Shuliana crossed the rickety old wood bridge seperating the city from the dead forests. It had been snowing and there was white everywhere. She wore her black jacket with jeans and her once black shoes were turning white from all of the snow. She could smell and angry man from about two miles away and knew that he was a murderer. She had been following him, feeling her hunger of blood. She never killed the innocent, unless it was a rat or something. She could never get over taking an innocent human life. So she made herself only kill those who had done wrong, even if it still didn't satisfy her. She crossed her arms, not feeling alot of cold, but just for comfort. She smelt the cold air again, feeling like she was getting closer.
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: (can i play dally?)
shilala / Shuliana_: <<sure>>
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: Dally was watching her silently. He could tell she wasnt doing anything.. bad... he was curious. He stayed just out of her sight at all times
shilala: Her feet lightly touched the snow, not crunching an inch. She finally closed in on the man and saw him raise the machete(sp?) She stopped and let her senses take over her. Her sense of smell was hightened as was her sight, she was now in hunting mode. She charged to the man and pushed him against the tree. She sunk her teeth into the mans neck and sucked him dry of blood. After a few moments, she let him drop to the ground. She wiped her mouth clean of the blood and looked towards a little girl in the snow. Shuliana walked to her and knelt next to her, "Everything will be okay, I promise," she said kindly. She brushed the little girls hair out of her face and picked her up gently. She walked through the snow with the little girl trying to sing her to sleep.
shilala / Shuliana_: <<sorry wrong profile.>>
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: He followed, his dancers feet now breaking the delicate flakes and he was slightly shocked at his discovery
shilala / Shuliana_: She notices a man standing a few yards from her. She tries to hide the shock in her face, unsuccessfully, and lowers her face so that she is looking to the ground. She keeps walking, one foot in front of the other, hoping he hadn't seen what she had done.
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: He followed her silently. Hoping she didnt drain him as well. His breathing was sharp and his fingers quivering towards the single stake he possessed, just in case.
shilala / Shuliana_: No matter how silent he was, she could still hear his footsteps. She held the girl close to her, asleep in her arms, and took silent steps over the bridge. She eyed the orphanage a few blocks down, hoping to get there fast so the child would have better care.
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: He followed her as she waked along the bridge, not bothering to hide,he knew she knew he was there, and she probably knew that he knew she knew (try saying tht 3x fast) He watched her closley, she was.. beautiful
shilala / Shuliana_: She opened the doors to the orphanage with one foot, being sure not to wake the child and gave her to a woman who was a supervisor. She was able to talk to woman into taking care of the girl without any paperwork being signed. She looked to the door and hoped that that guy wasn't outside.
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: He was waiting, stood in the doorway of a random building, waiting for her to come out. (sorry for short post o0 imwalking down stairs)
shilala / Shuliana_: <<lol its okay.>>She opened the door cautiously not seeing the guy at first. She stepped out and shut the door. But, when she turned to walk away, he was standing there. "What are you doing following me?!" she exclaimed, shocked to see him standing there.
ellesmera / Rayne Tskoki: "Maybe im just walking the same way as you" He snapped, walking a little way behind her
shilala / Shuliana_: "Oh and you just happen to be going to a dead forest where no one goes then standing outside the same orphanage I'm in? Right," she snapped back. She crossed her arms again and turned to walk from him.
shilala / Shuliana_: (....ello..?)
shilala / Shuliana_: <<tum...>>
shilala / Shuliana_: She walked down the street, it was getting darker now, almost pitch black. She saw the opening of the club and began to walk faster, slightly hoping the guy had left her already. Once she got closer to the building, she saw the door was closed. She heaved<sp?> a sigh and tried to open the door. Locked. "Of course," she said to herself. She slid on the brick wall to sit down on the sidewalk waiting for one of the employees to come and open the door.
Castle / Natsumi: Natsumi came to the door and saw Shuliana she opened the door and smiled wide. "Nice to see you back so soon Shuliana, please come in." Natsumi motioned her old friend into the smokey club full of vampires and tequno music blairing.
shilala / Shuliana_: Shuliana stood up and walked in the door. "Thanks so much Natsumi," she said. Then she leaned in to whisper something to Natsumi's ear, hoping no one else would hear. "Some human guy was following me when I was hunting. I don't know if he saw or not."
Castle / Natsumi: Natsumis eyes went wide, she whispered back, "Well, hes not here now...Is he?" she darted her eyes across and down the street.
shilala / Shuliana_: "I don't think so. I didn't smell his scent, though, the smoke coming from next doors' resteraunt didn't help." She shrugged and sat down on one of the barstools, not in the mood to dance.
Castle / Natsumi: Natsumi took out a bottle of vodka and some differnet colored syrups."Tough night?" She did some swishing, and tosing and then put ice and a cherrie with a little plastic sword through it into a martinie glass, with little grains of red blood salt on the rim. "Drink this, trust me it will wash your worries away, if only for a moment."
shilala / Shuliana_: Shuliana smiled a little then took the glass, "Thanks." She took a sip from the glass then sighed. "Just the thing I wanted."<<sorry if I type horrible the next few posts. My sisters dog is attacking the keyboard and me >>
shilala / Shuliana_: <<ahem>>
ellesmera: he stood across the street. "Damn" He scowled, he didnt like these places
shilala / Shuliana_: Shuliana took a few more sips of her drink then set it down on the bar, glass empty. She jumped off the bar stool and began to dance along to the electro music. Her feet followed each beat of every song even if she didn't know it. "Hey, Natsumi! Come dance with me!" she yelled giggling.
ellesmera: He changed his mind, slipping in to an alley to chang his appearence, fiddling with his hair and removing the cloak that covered him to reveal vampire type clothes, he entered, unoticed
shilala / Shuliana_: Shuliana danced on until she felt 'thirsty' again. She sat up at the bar and ordered a second drink and watched as the other young vampires danced on and on.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: he stood by the ba, not to close her, an untouhed vodka by his sidee
shilala / Shuliana_: Shuliana looked over to him at the bar. She thought he looked a little familiar but she didn't think anything else of it. She scooted a seat towards him and said, "Hello."
ellesmera: He jumped slightly, his eyes flicking over her. "Hi" He replied in the same nonchallent voice from earlier
shilala / Shuliana_: She scanned his face, "You look familiar, do I know you?" she asked tilting her head.
shilala / Shuliana_: She scanned his face, "You look familiar, do I know you?" she asked tilting her head.
ellesmera: "Do I know you?" He counteracted
shilala / Shuliana_: She fiddled with her fingers on the bar and looked him in the eyes, "I don't think so." As she moved a little closer, her nose twitched. She could smell his scent now. She composed her face as to think nothing of it. She kept her mouth shut and looked away from him.
ellesmera: "Im sure.." He sighed, the untouched vodka feeling very neglected found its way in to his hand, still feeling unloved, he reasoned that he should help the poor liquid commit suicide, so he drank it, this was his way of not feeling guilty about drinking, strange, but it worked
shilala / Shuliana_: She looked at the ring on her left ring finger and traced her finger around the rather large diamond. She hated big stones like this though the prince insisted on giving it to her.
shilala / Shuliana_: <<hehe i love ur whole vodka and suicide thing. thats great >>She eyed him a minute, then stood up, "Sure," she said with a little smile.
shilala / Shuliana_: She took his hand and danced with him, actually have more fun than she expected. She didn't want to ask him any questions about earlier today until later.
shilala / Shuliana_: She smiled at him, flashing her fangs. She completely forgot of his being human. As she danced, she accidentally<sp?> tripped on someones shoe and bumped into Dally. If she could blush at all she would've then.
shilala / Shuliana_: She smiled at him again, "Thanks. You wanna go outside?" she asked catching his hand. "It's getting kinda smokey in here."
shilala / Shuliana_: She stepped out the door with him and onto the empty side walk. She put her hands behind her back and walked with him down the street, "Hey, can I ask you something?" she asked.
shilala / Shuliana_: <<i have to go for a bit.>>
shilala / Shuliana_: "Did you, um, see...anything this morning?" she asked timidly. She kept onto his hand to keep him from running away if she scared him.
ellesmera: "Urm.. Do you meen at the forest?" He asked timidly. Looking everywhere but her.
shilala / Shuliana_: She looked away from his face, "Y-yes." She really didn't want to scare him off now.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "I saw you do what was necasary to protect that innocent child" He smiled. "It wasnt murder, it was defence"
shilala / Shuliana_: She smiled, "Thanks." she said simply. She saw a metal bench and sat down on it. "Want to sit down?"
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: he nodded and sat next to her. "your dancing is good"
shilala / Shuliana_: She just shrugged. "Not really when it comes to ballroom dancing," she shuttered. "I always make mistakes on it."
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "I...I could. Urm. Nah forget I said anything" He didnt want to admit what he was just yet
shilala / Shuliana_: "No what was it?" she asked looking at him. "Don't make me bite you." she said jokingly.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "Well I can dance well.. I teach dancing" He looked away.
shilala / Shuliana_: She started to giggle, "Seriously? That's cute." She placed a hand on his to reassure him that she didnt think it was girly at all.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: He smiled. "You dont mind?" He asked, holding her hand tighter
shilala / Shuliana_: She shook her head, "No, I think its really cool if a guy can dance. I think anyone can dance if they want too. Dancing is a beautiful thing." she smiled. "I must be boring you huh?"
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "No... No.. Your not boring me." He smiled. He looked in to her eyes
shilala / Shuliana_: She smiled a little then scooted a little closer to him, "Really?"
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "Really" He smiled, subconciously moving closer as well
shilala / Shuliana_: She got very close to him then laid her head on his shoulder. "So, you're not scared. To be around me?" she asked looking to the sidewalk.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "..No.." He realised he wasnt scared, not at all. He slipped an arm round her
shilala / Shuliana_: She looked up to see his face. He didn't look scared at all. "Even though I could easily move my head to.." she didn't want to speak those awful words, she hated them so.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "I trust you" He whispered. Holding her tightly
shilala / Shuliana_: If she could blush she would've. She nuzzled her face in his neck and closed her eyes. Even if she could feel his pulse in his neck, she refused to open her mouth.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: He had an urge to kiss her, but just squeezed her shoulder.
shilala / Shuliana_: <<btw, i think i might as well cut out the part of prince vladamar. no one has played him. unless i find someone cool then im taking him out ok?>>"I wonder.." she said in a soft murmur. She fiddled with his fingers while they were holding hands.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: (okay) He smiled. Playing with her fingers, his pulse racing
shilala / Shuliana_: "I wonder.." she repeated. She wasn't sure how to say it. "I've never been kissed by anyone. Much less a human. What is it like?" she asked looking down at their hands.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: He took her face in his hand.
"I can't describe it..." He smiled gently. "But I can show you" He waited for her answer
shilala / Shuliana_: She just nodded. She placed a hand over one of his, pressing his hand closer to her face.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: He kissed her softly at first then deeper
shilala / Shuliana_: She kissed him deeply, putting her hands onto either side of his face. She could hear his pulse beating faster and faster. She restrained her self from biting him, and to her astonishment, it worked. As the kiss ended she smiled to herself. "Wow," she said putting her head back onto his shoulder. "I never thought it could feel that way."
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: He smiled. "Heh... Neither did I.. Never kissed anyone before either" He smiled and squeezed her tightly
shilala / Shuliana_: She smiled, "Really? Never woulda guessed." She looked to see that the club was already closing. "It's getting late." she said sadly, not wanted to move from where she sat.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "You can come back to my place" He smiled.
shilala / Shuliana_: She smiled back, "Okay, I don't really have another place to stay anyways." She stood up slowly, her fingers still intwined with his.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: He kissed her cheek and walked to his house
shilala / Shuliana_: She held his hand until they came to a building, "this yours?"
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "Yep" He smiled and unlocked the door, letting her in. " Just handg your coat on that stand"
shilala / Shuliana_: She nodded and put her coat on the stand. "This is quite a nice place u got here." she said looking around.
shilala / Shuliana_: She nodded and put her coat on the stand. "This is quite a nice place u got here." she said looking around.
shilala / Shuliana_: <<sorry i couldnt get on. i had a chorus concert :|>>
shilala / Shuliana_: <<yay! i'm home early :)>>
ellesmera: (I wasnt allowed on)
He smiled.
"Yah well.... Its all I got really.. Lost my family so..."
shilala / Shuliana_: <<sorry i usually just post cuz i know in other rps ive been in ive forgotten what the rp was called so yah.>>Her eyes went wider, "Wow, I'm so sorry."
ellesmera: "Its okay.. I survive" He smiled slightly. "Anyway..About that second kiss..."
shilala / Shuliana_: She smiled in response, "When and where?" she said wrapping her arms around his neck.
ellesmera: "Now and here" He kissed her again, deeper this time, his tongue brushing her lips
shilala / Shuliana_: She clung her body to his, and kissed him deeply. Her tounge whipped across his and she had never felt like this before.
ellesmera: He explored her mouth like a new candy, pushing in to er, a moan excaped his lips
shilala / Shuliana_: Her teeth grazed across his lips and she put her hands to either side of his face. He was so warm next to her cool body and it felt nice to her. Her fingers ran through his hair and she clung even more closer to him so that every line of his body was on every line of hers.
ellesmera: he groaned and pushed her against the wall, to leen on her fully as he kissed her
shilala / Shuliana_: A soft moan escaped her lips as he pressed her to the wall. Her fingers grazed down his neck and she pressed her hands against his back.
ellesmera: He removed his shirt and kissed her lustfully
shilala / Shuliana_: Shuliana kissed down to Dally's cheek and down to his neck. She grazed her teeth there. "And you're still not scared?" she asked kissing him on the neck.
ellesmera: "No.... I trust you" He replied, his eyes closed
shilala / Shuliana_: She smiled and nuzzled her face into his neck. Her hand intertwined with one of his and she kept kissed his next, every few kisses she would lick it as well.
ellesmera: he moaned slightly and let her be dominant
shilala / Shuliana_: A small groan escaped her lips again. Then she mumbled in his ears, "I love you.." She kissed him deeply again, tounge exploring his mouth.
ellesmera: he couldnt kiss back, the words she had said echoed through his mind. She loved him? He loved her, but he couldnt move to say it
shilala / Shuliana_: She moved her face so that her lips were a few centimeters from his. "Is something wrong?" she asked. <<btw, i'm changing my pic ok?>>
ellesmera: (ok)
"No..No..I love you as well.. I just couldnt think of how to say it.." He smiled at her
shilala / Shuliana_: She smiled back at him, began to kiss him again, at first softly, then it became more deep and lust ful. She moaned against him and her hips instinctively<sp?> pushed into his.
ellesmera: he groaned loudly. "Mmm"
shilala / Shuliana_: "I want you Dally.." she mumbled into his hear pressing his body to hers.
shilala / Shuliana_: <<crap add on>> She thought she heard a mumble in her head but her thoughts were too clouded to understand it.
shilala / Shuliana_: She put her hands on both sides of her head. She moaned. She could hear here clearly now.
shilala / Shuliana_: She now spoke inside her head, 'I can't...not now..' <<btw, earlier i had dismissed the prince's existence...herm...unless someone comes in and wants to play him we can't really say much sorry>>
ellesmera: if you want i can also play the prince o0)
he noticed she had stopped. he just looked at her
shilala / Shuliana_: <<that's fine if you want to.>> She pressed her back to the wall, "I-it's nothing.." she said.
shilala / Shuliana_: She smiled a little then nodded. This time she only kissed him softly and let him do whatever he please.<<k thats fine>>
shilala / Shuliana_: She pressed her body to his, leaving no space between them. <<i gotta go for a bit sorry.. i'll try to get on in an hour>>
shilala / Shuliana_: <<okay im back for a little bit.>>
shilala / Shuliana_: <<jeans i guess>> She gasped to his touch and she bucked against him. "More.."she whispered.<<:|i gotta go for the mothers day thing were having. i'll try to sneak on k?>>
shilala / Shuliana_: A small noise came from her throat and she bucked once more. She lifted her shirt off, practically ripping it, and tossed it to the floor.
shilala / Shuliana_: She bit the inside of her cheek, then leaned up to explore his mouth with her tounge, "I'm greedy..for more.." she barely got the words out.
shilala / Shuliana_: She nodded and wrapped her arms around his neck, "Very sure."
shilala / Shuliana_: She moaned quite loudly. She undid her bra herself and pressed herself against his chest. She slowly began to move to each thrust he gave her and it supplied her with more and more energy and heat than she'd ever felt before.
shilala / Shuliana_: Silent tears went down her cheeks, "Dally!" She exclaimed. She grinded him and she finally laid on her back letting him push into her. There was little pain but it didn't matter to her. "harder!"
shilala / Shuliana_: She was catching up to her peak. She never wanted this feeling to end. Soon she reached that peak and it practically shattered her. She bowed up, arching her back then laid on her back for a moment. She sat up the pushed him to the couch gently, his back on the cusion. "Now..it's your turn.." she said breathlessly.
shilala / Shuliana_: She licked a trail down his body, she nibbled on his nipples for a moment then moved down slowly teasing him ever so slightly. She licked the area around his crotch then smiled up at him.
shilala / Shuliana_: She nodded the took him in her mouth. She sucked, nippled, licked profusely. Then she crawled up him. She laid one of her hands on his crotch and played him like a puppet. She used her other hand to lift his other hand and put one of his fingers in her mouth, lickeding it all over.
shilala / Shuliana_: She went back down this time, licking everywhere. She played with the most sensitive area between his balls and his penis. "You wanna see some more baby?" she asked with a seductive smile.
shilala / Shuliana_: She leaned up and and lowered herself onto his erection. "Just sit back love.." she said. A little of that pain came again but she lowered herself so that all of him was in her. She let out a small groan the proceeded to ride him. She did circles on him and went back and forth, side to side, each movement carrying her and him at the same time.
shilala / Shuliana_: <<changing my picture yet again>>
ellesmera: he groaned and closed his eyes. (how shall i get the prince in?"
shilala / Shuliana_: <<eh idk. maybe wait for a few more posts?>>After a while longer she fell back onto the couch cusion. She grazed her fingers on his crotch then crawled ontop of him so that all four of her limbs were on either side of him. She lowered her head down and kissed, licked, sometimes sucked, his neck. Her breasts grazed over his chest. She moved her lips up to his ear and kissed it for a while. Then she moved to his mouth, tongue thrashing, breasts still moving on his chest.
shilala / Shuliana_: <<eh...i wanna delete my last post.>>She went on, thrusting and bucking hard. Her breasts moved with her, teasing him as she went all the way. After a long while, she got off of him. "Baby," she said softly laying down on the other end of the couch, spreading her legs open for him. "I want you to taste me all over. The way I tasted you." Her eyes glimmered at him and she urged him by taking his hand and placing it on her boob. She moaned for him, "please..?" she pleaded.
ellesmera: He smiled and crawled between her legs, kissing around her lips, occasionally flicking his tongue inside of her.
shilala / Shuliana_: She moaned and gripped onto the sides of the couch.
shilala / Shuliana_: <<add on>>She loved the feeling he was giving her. She felt his tongue flick inside of her and the kisses, "Oh dally.." she said in a mixture of high pitched moans.
shilala / Shuliana_: <<meep..>>
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: He suckled on her clit and slipped a finger in to her hole
shilala / Shuliana_: "Mmmm.." her body bucked for more.
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: He sucked harder and massagd a breast with one hand. Slipping another finger in to her, lovingher taste
shilala / Shuliana_: "more." she managed to get out. She gripped onto the sides of the couch.
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: He added another finger and kneeded her breast. Rollinghis tongue over her clit, suckling and moaning
shilala / Shuliana_: She moaned, her muscles now so weak that she couldnt even hardly grip the couch.
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: 4 fingers were now in her, thrusting in and out. He kissed her clit and sucked again
shilala / Shuliana_: Her moans came quicker for she was hardly able to breath. She gasped her air as he thrusted her in and out. She gripped her fingers into his hair and tried to pull him so that she could see his face, unsure of her own strength now.
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: He looked up as he sucked and pinched her nipple as he added his thumb, he couldnt believe his whole hand was in her.
shilala / Shuliana_: She put her hands on either side of his face and brought his lips to meet hers.
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: He kissed her and kept pumping with his hand
shilala / Shuliana_: She moaned and squealed against his lips. She bucked against his hand, while jerking out her tongue into his mouth. She removed her tongue and nibbled and licked his ear.
shilala / Shuliana_: <<hey i gotta go. be back around 9 or 9:30 eastern time k? byez>>
shilala / Shuliana_: <<well i'm back. doubt you are lol>>
shilala / Shuliana_: <<again meep. i got checked out early>>
ellesmera: "Want me to stop?" He teased as he kisse dher neck
shilala / Shuliana_: She nodded slightly. After all this, all she really wanted now was just to lay with him.
shilala / Shuliana_: <<eh deleting last post. sorry i change my mind too often >>She moaned then barely said, "Only for a moment." she gripped onto his shoulders, her lips on his neck.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He did "Why?"
shilala / Shuliana_: "Well," she started. "Aren't you tired?" she asked in a breathless voice. She laid her head onto his shoulder, pressing herself against him.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: he nodded. "Yah"
shilala / Shuliana_: She smiled at him then laid her back onto the couch next to him. She drew meaningless shapes on his chest and said, "I'm glad..you were my first.." She nuzzled into the warmth of his skin.
ellesmera: He blushed as she said this.
2You were my frst as wel
shilala / Shuliana_: She smiled, "That's always nice to hear." She wrapped her arms around him. "I never imagined it would be like that. So...heh..I'm not sure how to put it."
shilala / Shuliana_: <<bleh i may be gone most of the day ok? i'll tell you when i leave.>>
shilala / Shuliana_: <<okay if ur on i only have like 15 mins till i have to go :|>>
ellesmera: (was at ma nans :cries: )
He smiled.
"Not sure how to put what?"
(how shall i bring the prince in?)
shilala / Shuliana_: <<i was thinking like shuliana should leave abruptly and meet the prince...idk lol>>"Just how all of this felt." She closed her eyes for an instant and kissed him softly on his neck. She looked up quickly to see the clock. "Oh no. I-I have to go." she said getting up, quickly grabbing her clothes.
ellesmera: "W-Why?" He asked, standing up, watching her dress.
shilala / Shuliana_: "I..uhm...well I...I have to meet someone." she said finally yanking on her jeans. She looked into the glass of a window to fix her hair.
ellesmera: "...Oh..." He looked down and sighed.
Vladamar was waiting. She was always late, but that didnt meen he liked it
shilala / Shuliana_: She looked at him then slowly walked over so that she could lift his face to meet hers. "I'm sorry my darling. Its something I can't put back.." then she mumbled. "Not unless you were to get hurt.." She kissed him softly.
ellesmera: "What do you meen..Unless i were to get hurt?" He asked, trying to fight back the emotions
shilala / Shuliana_: She bit her lip. "Ok I have to tell you the full truth okay?" she sat down on the couch waiting for him to sit next to her.
ellesmera: He sat down next to her. "Ok"
shilala / Shuliana_: She laid a hand onto his, "Okay, I'm sort of..engaged..to this prince vampire named Vladamar." She told him the story of how he had found her and what he said about her soul mate. "So..I don't know how to get out of this. I'm trying to as best as I can." She looked at the clock again.
ellesmera: "...So...You think i might be your soulmate?"
shilala / Shuliana_: She smiled. "Possibly. I've never felt this way about anyone before."
shilala / Shuliana_: <<i gotta go. i'll try to be back in a little bit. byez>>
ellesmera: "Well..." He blushed and looked away
shilala / Shuliana_: "The thing is is that. I'm not so sure, because the only true way to know is...is if I were to bite you." She looked down fiddling with her fingers.
shilala / Shuliana_: <<welp i'm home. can only be on for like an hour :|>>
shilala / Shuliana_: <<meep..>
shilala / Shuliana_: <<yes! school is out for the summer! :D>>
ellesmera: "I....I dont mid..All that much..Does it meen id have to turn, or..die?"
shilala / Shuliana_: Her eyes widened then shook her hands in front of her. "No no no! I could never do that. And...You wouldn't exactly die. You could turn if it was long enough. But I could never ask you to let me do that."
ellesmera: He nodded, holding her hands gently
shilala / Shuliana_: She smiled softly at him then kissed him lightly on the lips. "Well, I have to go. Do you want to meet me later tonight?" she asked standing up.
ellesmera: "If possible" He nodded, holding her gently
shilala / Shuliana_: She smiled then headed out the door, pulling the hood of her jacket over her head. As she walked down the sidewalk, head peering down, the fear of his scent being on her came to her realization.
shilala / Shuliana_: <<add on>>She came do the now dark building that was the club. She went into the doors and quietly put up her jacket, hoping to go unnoticed. But unfortunately, when she turned areound, she saw Vladamar.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Vladamar smiled slightly.
"Your late"
shilala / Shuliana_: She bowed slightly "Yes, I'm sorry about that. I had to...meet someone."
shilala: <<ello?>>
shilala / Shuliana_: <<merp...haha new word.>>
shilala / Shuliana_: <<:| ello?>>
shilala / Shuliana_: <<:|>>
shilala / delila: <<this died eh?>>
shilala / Shuliana_: <bump>
ellesmera: "i see2 he looked at her with sharp eyes. (4got about this o00
shilala / Shuliana_: She nodded going to sit down in a chair in front of him. As she waited for a response from him, she fiddled with her fingers.<< nice.>>
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "and who is this someone?" He growled softly. Watching her move with cynical eyes.
(not gonna be on for a whil, i made a bad move at school. sorry.... plz forgive me)
shilala / Shuliana_: She scrambled her thoughts as she looked for a good lie, all she could come up with was, "It was...some guy who wanted to discuss with me...about dancing for the wedding." she fiddled with her fingers as she spoke. "He was giving free offers for dancing lesson. I told him I would have to speak with you first." She looked him in the eye, no trace of a lie on her face. <<haha okay. what you do?o.O>>
shilala / Shuliana_: <<bump >>
shilala / Shuliana_: <<bump>>
shilala / Shuliana_: <<bump>>
shilala / Shuliana_: <<erm...hello?>>
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