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Roleplay - Elithia Corrupted by Sialo Lureni / Mahogany Window

In the kingdom of the Fire Elves, there is a raging war between the undead, and the Fire Elves. Elithia is a young commander in the army, a paladin, but she becomes a corrupt rogue, and does the bidding of her only friend in the town of Karel, Narenthil.

Roleplay Details

No god modding, dont ask to join, just leap in. Keep it clean please and prefferably no vampires, unless you really want to! I get first post,and my friend plays Narenthil and I play Elithia. You can play whoever you want!


Mahogany Window / Elithia: "So Narenthil, I guess I wont be alone in this town. Such a shame that it is so near the battles, it can really disrupt the peace." Elithia is walking up and down, flicking her blonde hair over her shoulders. It reaches halfway down her back. In the moonlight her white skin has a tint of blue, but that changes as she closes the curtains. "Privacy." She says, by way of explanation, with a slight smile. "Anyway, this job you've got for me. I'm guessing...assasination?"
Mahogany Window / Elithia: "Ah, him, yes, that'll be easy, he sleeps 12 hours a day. How can one be so lazy." There is a suspicious glint of happines in her silver eyes. Elithia is still walking up and down.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: "Oh, that can be done. And the payment. i would suggest 10 gold, as it is an easy job." Elithia is already getting her leather armor on. She stands up straight after putting her boots on, and her shoulderpads are visible. She takes two knives with black stones set in them out of a drawer, and fits them in her belt. "And you need not worry about my safety, though I have no experience, this armor is well made. A friend gave it to me on his deathbed. You may leave now, and bring the payment in the morning." She salutes Narenthil, and he bows to her.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: Elithia has broken into the man's house. She pulls the door open, holding th hinge open to prevent any squeaks. She jumps up and grabs one of the ceiling beams, and pulls herself up onto it. She scrambles across the beams, until she is just above the rug next to the bed. She jumps down, more lightly than anyone could possibly imagine, and straightens herself out next to the bed. Slowly and silently, she draws her daggers, and gets her self into position. With a rush of adrenaline, she plunged one dagger in between the man's shoulder blades, and the other into the side of his throat, both at exactly the same moment. He dies instantly, and she can go home for some sleep - it is late into the night by now.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: Elithia walks over to a chest of draws, and puts the coins inside. "Now, if I may have some sleep, i hope you are satisfied, but I would like my house to myself for a while. Stop by in the morning, and I can pick up any other jobs you have for me. I am willing to steal from people you now..." She says this slowly, her mouth perfectly forming every word. "Were there any callers to the house while I was out?" She said this rather more sharply, as if she was waiting for something of dire importance.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: "Some people, always sneaking around, hiding things. Oh, wait..." She looks around, but still finds nothing. She falls to the floor after being tripped up by a turned over rug corner. "Ah, pesky fiend. Hid it under the chair." She pulls it out and opens it. It is the package that she has been waiting for. She holds the cracked mace in her hands. "Oh, how i missed you. My best companion in my fighting days." She sighs, and covers her face with her hair to hide the tears. She changes out of her armor into an old tunic for the night, and sleeps comfortably in her bed.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: Elithia washed and got dressed. She was just eating her breakfast as Narenthil knocked on the door.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: "Oh, sorry, I made a really good batch of scrambled eggs this morning, do you want some?" She was so late to answer the door, that she was worried that Narnthil was agravated. She had been day-dreaming about her mace.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: "So, got any jobs for me, or know anyone who might. I'd rather just work with you to be honest, I can trust you." All the time she is thinking about her mace. She knew she must have a bounty on her head. You can't just go and lose your holy energy any day you like. There is a price. Life.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: "Is there anything in particular that you want?" Elithia knew what she wanted. She wanted someone to protect her. She feared for her life, and her silver eyes had lost there glimmer. She spoke in a dull tone, and made no effort to hide her anxiousness.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: Elithia throat choked up, and her face was once more covered by hair to hide tears. She sniffed loudly. She was not always that good at hiding her emotions.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: Elithia threw her arms around him, and all her worries poured out so fast not even she could understand what she was saying. When Narenthil had calmed her, she repeated what she had said, but this time slower.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: "I cannot. I must leave. That package, it was my old mace. The generals must have found it. They always send old weapons to the houses of those who they must kill. You can come with me, but only if you have a deathwish." Elithia says this coolly and calmly. She has made up her mind. She will not die yet.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: "All I know is that after living in a house for over 3 months, you leave a, well, a kind of, hmm, how to put this, an imprint on the house. They can detect this, and they will hunt me down, like I am a game animal." All of the muscles in her body are pulled tight, she is waiting to hear if Narenthil will come. ((By the way, gtg soon))
Mahogany Window: ((back, but not for long))"It seems hopeless. But the imprint magic only works when you purchase the house, it kind of is part of what you buy into. So if we made our own house, well shelter, then we might be okay. I always wanted to live in the woods anyway." The silver shine was back in her eye, but not as bright as before.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: "I mean, only if you really want to, i could always just give myself up. I am a criminal anyway..."
Mahogany Window / Elithia: "Well, as long as you are sure you can eat my cooking...lets pack. We must leave soon, but let us go under cover of darkness." She tries joking, but is too shocked at Narenthil's reaction for it to be funny.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: "I am certain I will not miss this town. All of the villagers had such scorn for us." She begins finding things, and trying to fit everything in a large bag. ((bye then, c u soon!))
sxc_ninja / gebren: gebren was walking through the forrest. he had been exiled from his town for rebelling against the monarchy of the county. he had been living in the woods for near two years now, and was well practised in catching food and building places to stay. the only thing he was really missing was company. he hadnt seen a single person since he had been banished and he was beginning to really feel the lonliness.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: Elithia is still packing her bag, all the time wondering whether any of the generals are in town. "We must leave soon, if we go as soon as you are packed, we may have enough time to make a shelter to keep us warm during the night." Narenthil nods, in silent agreement.
sxc_ninja / gebren: ((btw its elz!!))
Mahogany Window / Elithia: Already it is the night. Elithia and Narenthil have constructed a crude shelter, and they are fotrunate that is will not rain. Elithia shivers in her bed, and curls into a tight ball. A loud noise rips through the silence of the forest, and Elithia breathes heavily, and curls even tighter. Narenthil reaches over, and tenderly kisses her neck, felling a deep sensation of love. Elithia melts into his arms and sleeps deeply.
sxc_ninja / gebren: gebren was warm and comfortable in his shelter that he had been living in for six months. he was full an happy after a huge meal of spit roast rabbit. tomorrow he would go and collect more wood, and hunt. maybe a cow or a pig if he could find an unguarded one. he fell into a light sleep, dreaming of what he would be eating for dinner tomorrow . . .
sxc_ninja / gebren: ((grr. wot cn u expect wid mr p as an english teacher!!))
Ceasing End / Lykathia: (( Bye bye! ))
sxc_ninja / gebren: ((lmao!! how do i do that without copying you?? btw what does god modding mean?? thats nt 4 bonnie coz she'll say stuff lol!))
sxc_ninja / gebren: gebren woke at sunrise the next morning. he stepped out of his shelter and stretched, wiping the sleep from his eyes. he dressed quickly and decided to go for a walk to wake him up. unknowingly, he headed in the direction of elithia and narenthil's shelter.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: Elitha was awoken by the noise of the leaves crunching. She clutched Narenthil, and drew her body even closer to his, her face buried deep in his chest. He was curled around her, and her movement woke him up.
"Elithia, is something the matter?"
"I, I heard a noise, and it sounded like footsteps."
"Calm, hush, there there, I'm with you, hush."
There eyes met. Later in the morning they both woke up at the same time. They were sweaty, and still in each others arms. What they didn't know was that Gebren had watching them.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: Elithia strides out of the lake and wraps a towel around her perfect figure. Deep in thought, she walks back to the shelter, and yet she is unusually aware of her surroundings. Narenthil has gone out hunting again when she gets back. She wears her blue tunic, and begins making a stew from the leftovers of last night's meal and some herbs that she gathered on the way back from the lake. As it starts to rain, she looks up and sees Aiyana crouched opposite the camp.
"Come here. I can feed you. My companion will not mind." Elithia gestures for Aiyana to come closer.
sxc_ninja / gebren: ((ur just as bad as grammar as me coz uve changed from past tense 2 present!!))
gebren walked past again and noticed that only narenthil was in, trying to make a fire behind the tent. gebren knocked on the flap, the stepped round the tent.
"hi!" he said cheerfully, "im gebren. how come youre here then?"
Mahogany Window / Elithia: Elithia took out a small, curving leaf, and poured some stew into it, straight from the cooking pot. She handed it to Aiyana with a small smile.
"While you eat that, do you mind if I go out the back of the tent? Narenthil is out there, and he needs my help to make a fire. He is still learning!" She laughed to make it clear that she was joking.
"Of course you can go and do that, and thanks for the stew."
"Before you say anything else, we are going to start work on a better shelter tommorow. This tent lets the rain in." Elithia went to check on Narenthil, but she was slightly surprised when she saw a raging fire. She noticed Gebren, and smiled at him in appreciation.
"I knew you needed help!" She said with a chuckle.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: But Elithia did not wait to see him until later. With silent footsteps she followed Narenthil deep into the forest.
"Why did you do that with your sword? Do you not like these people? Please tell me, I... well, I love you so much. Just tell me?" She begged him, desperately wanting to know what was the matter. She could see that something was wrong. Maybe they should move, so that these people wouldn't be able to find them. She felt a twinge of guilt at the thought of her cruel jokes about Narenthil.
sxc_ninja / gebren: Gebren was shocked at Narenthil's outbusrst. 'well, i know where i'm not wanted.' he said quietly to himself. On his way out he acknowleged Aiyana with a nod, and a quick 'See you round' he walked back to his shelter, shaking his head and wondering what had provoked Narenthil to do that. he wondered if he ould ever see them again . . .
Mahogany Window / Elithia: Elithia continued to follow Narenthil, though she was rather put off by his silence. They were headed east, and it took Elithia a while to notice that Narenthil was simply headed for the lake to have a wash. She sighed deeply in relief, but then a strange idea came into her head.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: Elithia dived in after Narenthil, but the water chilled her blood. She became weak, and began thrashing towards him. He dragged her out of the lake, and she collapsed in his arms. And then it happened again. Elithia had let him into her world.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: Elithia lay waiting. She was not worried, merely confused. She did not know what had just happened. She did not know why she had let Narenthil into her. She should have been more careful. Feeling like a fool, a thought came into her mind. Run. But she could not. Something tied her to the rock, and she could not tell what it was.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: Elithia's body failed. She was uncoinsicous on the rock dreaming of Narenthil. In her sleep, she saw endless footsteps. She saw slavery. After a long while, she woke up. She struggled to the camp, and bandaged herself, at last having re-gained her sanity. She also ran.
"I offer myself to you as a slave Narenthil. As payment for what I did for you." Her voice echoed magically all through the forest.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: "Please! Please let me be your slave. I need it. I need pain. I need punishment. Please?" She yelled, crying her heart out, and making sure that Narenthil knew how upset she was.
"I-I wasn't sane! Please forgive me?"
Ceasing End: Narenthil paused. Slavery? Soundde good. He made his way back to the place where she sat, tears streamng down her face. He stroked her face, then picked her up roughly.
"Then so it shall be," he told her brusquely.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: Elithia did not struggle. She wiped her face on the sleeve of her tunic, and asked to go and put her leather armor back on. The only answer she got was a shake of Narenthil's head. He was smiling, and she did not even try to imagine what he was going to do to her. Elithia knew that her acts in the past had changed him. She had sculpted a man who she did not want to know. Yet she had too. She wanted, she needed pain. Punishment. Her only chance.
Ceasing End: He dusted her off, then snarled at her.
"Go get firewood. Now. You have ten minutes. Not a second longer. Now GO!" he growled. He was angered by her. Why had she done that to him? Ten and a half minutes later, she returned. He yelled at her, "I said TEN!!! NOT A SECOND MORE! THE BLOODY CHEEK OF YOU!!!"
He then struck her. He disliked violence originally but this was making him feel better. His libido was starting to turn on. Not that that wsa a bad thing...
sxc_ninja: ((so 1 minute there havib sx n nw shes his slave??? hw does that work??? tel me plz im confuzzled))
Mahogany Window / Elithia: Elithia cowered underneath his body,scared and sobbing. Now she saw what she had done to him. She understood. Yet he would have to do far more to her than she did, because he had a reason. Even the corrupted ones need to have reasons, but she didn't. Maybe it was just her. Maybe it was something that had come into her head. Maybe she didn't even know the thoughts that were going on in the back of her head. She had been cruel, and it felt so unlike her. It was the same feeling that she had had during her first assasination. Killing for pleasure, for money. She felt no rage, just fear and a strange sensation inside herself. This could be a test to her. But surely, there was no chance. The light had not answered her. She settled for the thought that she was just like that.
Ceasing End: (( JUST READ IT FOOL!!! ))
Narenthil pulled her tight, then sent her off to hunt. He was timing her, and she would have to report back to him after each kill. He was really after the skins. He didn't tell her the reward for doing it right but knew it secretly himself. He sat down. She was still beautiful, even if she had outbursted like that. He picked up a stone, and threw it. It skimmed delicately across the water. He watched a startled pair of cranes fly off. That's what we were, he thought sadly. He watched them fade into the sky then picked up another stone. This one was curiously formed. It was a beautiful sapphire blue, with a greenish hint. It was otherwise like a normal pebble. He fingered it gently. It reminded him of the Violet princess. Not the Elithia he knew now, but the pure being he loved. The imposter had changed. He wanted to take her back, to hold her in his arms and kiss her again and again, telling her he's sorry.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: As Elithia hunted, she saw a violet tinge come into her hair. Mystified, she carried on, thinking that it was just caused by the light. After a few minutes, the deer that she had been tracking was dead, and she saw her eyes reflected in the deer's. Small specs of violet where coming into them, but this just confirmed her thoughts that it was the light. The trees thickly blocked out most of it. Biting her lip, she began to walk back to NArenthil, almost knowing that her next task would be to build a shelter, but it was still early in the morning, and she was cold, and not up for much.
Ceasing End: Narenthil tilted his head. Elithia's hair was going violet. Only slightly odd... Compared to the fact she was offering to be his slave.
Maybe he would do to her what she did to him. Even though it was cruel, Narenthil, to be frank, didn't give a damn about her feelings. It was her who had chipped away at his raw skull, like a sculptor chisseling away at a lump of granite, and formed the harsh person he was now. He Took her in his arms again and kissed her deeply, running his hands through her hair. Talking of which, it had gone darker. He released her, then barked one command: "Break."
Ceasing End: ((Gah, sorry, soul not skull...))
Mahogany Window / Elithia: As Narenthil released Elithia, she dropped to the ground, struggling for breath. She stared at him, amaazed at the person she had turned him into, but this only angered him even more.
Ceasing End: "Don't stare! Go somewhere else or something. I don't want a low social level person in my sight unless I want them here!" he barked brutesquely at her, brandishing his sword violently. "And get that dye out of your hair! You're not supposed to appear beautiful in any way shape or form!" he yelled. He added under his breath, "But it helps."
He was thinking of the next task to set her, and then it came to him. She was to become a different type of slave, one that isn't paid by money, but by something else. He shook his head, his long midnight blue hair that fell to his waist swung around. He watched her scuttle off and sat back down, taking the odd pebble out of his pocket.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: Elithia came back to him after finishing the task. She did not even ask if she could, but she took off her clothes and swam in the lake. Narenthil plunged in after her, an expression of rage, and something Elithia did not know. After he left her sobbing, she slept. This routine of work and punishment went on for days, and her hair grew even more violet.
Ceasing End: He started regretting hurting her. She was growing more beautiful each day and he wanted to tell her something.
"I'm sorry. I mean it. I don't want to hrt you any more," he told the sobbing girl after a particularly violent outburst. He stepped back from her, clothing himself and leaving her alone. He walked off, making sure she wasn't following by telling her to stay. Apparently oblidging, she sat down on a rock and watched him solemnly. He wandered to the plunge pool of a waterfall. He sat inside it, on a rock shelf. He again took out the sapphire-green pebble and held it in his hand. It was oddly warm, and smooth.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: Elithia did not follow him, but she did not just stay. She dived in, her cuts filling with water, and her lungs too. She swam down to the depths. An appropriate place for scum like her to die. Her shoulder bashed against something hard. Deciding that she wanted to find out what it was before she died, she dragged it up to the side of the lake. She had found a set of silver plate armor. Her old armor. This lake must have once been connected to the river where she nearly died. She tried to put it on, but in her pain and her exhaustion she was too weak. She crawled over to Narenthil, maybe he would like what she had found.
Ceasing End: Narenthil just looked at her. He sighed, got up, and walked away again.
"Elithia, let go of your past. It's just the past, and it won't affect the future if you just stay where you are, in this forest. I just want to get it over and done with, this whole living wild business. It seemed so much better in my dreams," he snapped. He was agitated by her whole 'living in the past' thing. It was so... irritating. He started running and found himself where... It couldn't be... It was where he had found her. The girl he had once known, the bridge that she had lain under.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: Elithia caught up with him, and saw his wet eyes.
"And know who is living in the past, eh?" She went over to Narenthil, and put her arms around him, genty stroking him, in the place where they had once laid together, but it was her in tears. She kissed him on the neck, as he had once done when she was scared. Together, they tumbled over, through the mud and the grime. There were still rancid pools of blood from the battle. Elithia stood up.
"Come, let us be rid of this place. We shall go to a place where we can dream together in harmony. And when we are done dreaming, we can go back. We can go back as the changed people we are. And we can fight, but for a cause that is rightous." Deep in her mind though, Elithia knew this would no happen. Even if they were not arguing, there would be obstacles.
Ceasing End: Narenthil smiled inwardly. He smiled at her, then let go of her.
"And where is this place that you speak of, oh revered one?" he asked her, holding her tight to him and caressing her violet head. He looked at her, surveying the woman in all her beauty and delicateness. He took her hand, and waited for the reply, his eyes feeding off her image in mutual hunger.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: "Not...now. Later." Elitha was already reciprocating his obvious affection.
Ceasing End: Narenthil looked at her again, feeling her gaze meet his face. He met her eyes with a sudden clarity. It was so quiet, so peaceful, that he wanted to freeze the moment forever. He looked at her again. Her eyes were glazed with a beautiful savage sweetness that took his breath away.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: Elithia breathed deeply and often, her skin almost melting into his. She bit his shoulder, but not hard. Narenthil put his head into her chest, and shuddered with pleasure. They slept, their bodies together, and in the morning they headed south, to the more tropical area.
Ceasing End: He felt already changed. Sleeping with her, with the affection rebound, had made him life change again. It was like she was polishing up the statue she had made out of him and he was completing her soul once more.
"You're hair has gone violet. My beautiful Violet princess has returned to her original beauty, the one she had before that day," he told her one night, as they slept together under the stars.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: One night, Elithia and Narenthil were busy, but a thought struck Elithia. She sat straight upright, adn then let Narenthil out from underneath her.
"The others. Gebren and Aiyana. I wonder where they are. Maybe they followed us here?" She didn't know.
Mahogany Window / Elithia: Elithia stood up straight. Alone. Quiet. No talking. Something gleamed in the corner of her eye. She walked over to it slowly. She was in no hurry, Narenthil was out hunting. From underneath a pile of blankets, she pulled out her plate armor. 'May as well, might fit me now...' SHe discarded her weak leather armor, and strapped on her plate. Flexing her muscles, she found the mace. The mace that had caused so much worry. 'I might turn myself in... see if they'll take me. There's no point staying here doing nothing...'

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