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Roleplay - Onslaught by Starless Knight / Starless Knight

: It’s sometime in the 1500’s (early medieval, basically – I didn’t want to be too specific, because I don’t expect everyone to be a die-hard medieval era scholar). Christian crusaders are invading northward, trying to turn the good Norse away from the Old Ways . . . and in many cases killing those who do not. The Viking way of life is dieing out, and thus is the power of the Viking gods . . . something must be done!

Roleplay Details

I make it a point to outline my expectations at the beginning of an rpg - I trust they will be met. If you don't think you can handle an rpg of this severity, then I suggest you think long and hard before joining. I am leaving this one as open in the hopes that if I ever have to leave for a while, things can run smoothly without me.
1) First of all use standard, proper English (unless, of course, there is some appropriate situation in which improper English is used as a form of literary device.)
2) For the sake of argument, "this is a spoken quote," and 'this is a quote in someone’s mind.' in case somewhere along the line psychic powers come into play. It’s standard MLA format.
3) Keep out of character (ooc) chat to a minimum, but if you feel you must say something, then mark your comment with the standard ((ooc:)) notation.
4) I don't want to put a minimum sentence limit on this rpg - I don't want to limit the creative energy in this because I want the flow to stay natural. We'll just say, please keep your posts detailed and of high quality. Don't just post dialogue, because that annoys me (and believe me – you DON’T want that to happen). No single sentencing, either - I know you can do better than that. Don't make impose stupid rules, all right?
5) Your first post is special. It's not only an introduction of your character's looks, powers, and personality but it is also a sort of audition. When writing your first post, keep it in line with the story, relevant by all means, but also be especially detailed with it. This will give me the specifications of your character so I can make sure it agrees with the storyline.
6) Post at least once every 48 hours. That’s not much to ask. If you can’t do that, message me and tell me so. Its common decency, people, not rocket science. I’m not going to go all psycho-killer if you want to drop this RPG, either – just please tell me so that we aren’t eternally waiting for your character to do something.
Character notes:
All right – I know most people aren’t exactly scholars of Norse mythology, so I’ve got a little background information here that might be of use:
First off, a list of a few of the more-popular Norse deities . . .
Aesir god, son of Odin and Frigg, husband of Nanna, father of Forseti. He was killed with mistletoe thrown by his blind brother Hod. According to Saxo Grammaticus, Hod (Hother) did it on his own; others blame Loki.
God of justice. Son of Balder and Nanna.
Vanir goddess of sex, fertility, war, and wealth, daughter of Njord. She was taken in by the Aesir, perhaps as hostage.
God of weather and fertility; brother of Freya. The dwarves built him a ship, Skidbladnir, that could hold all the gods or fit in his pocket. He went as a hostage to the Aesir, along with Njord and Freya. He courted the giantess Gerd through his servant Skirnir.
Goddess of marriage and wife of Odin.
Son of Odin. Blind god of winter who kills his brother Balder and is in turn killed by his brother Vali.
A giant. Trickster god, possibly responsible for Balder's death. Adopted brother of Odin, bound to a rock until Ragnarok.
Wife of Balder and mother of Forseti. Moon goddess.
Vanir god of wind and sea, father of Freya and Frey. His wife was the giantess Skadi who selected him on the basis of his feet which she thought belonged to Balder.
Head of the Aesir. God of war, poetry, wisdom, and death. He gathered his portion of the slain warriors in Valhalla. He had a spear, Grungir, that never missed. He made sacrifices, including his eye, for the sake of knowledge.
Thunder god, main enemy of the giants, and the son of Odin. Unlike his father, the common man called upon him.
God of war. He put his hand in the mouth of the Fenris wolf for which reason he was left-handed.
Some other acceptable species:
Giants: Related to the Gods and Goddesses, but also the enemies of them. It’s said a war between them and the gods will end the world.
Valkyries: Winged warrior women who are responsible for bringing dead humans to Valhalla (for all intents and purposes, Valhalla’s like heaven). They can act as an army to the gods, and are usually ran by the Goddess Freyja.
Berserkers: Warriors with bright blue eyes. They are considered to have no honor, because in battle they cannot control themselves – they go into an unstoppable rage and will kill anything near them. Sometimes it has been said that really powerful ones can turn into animals in the deepest of rages. Even despite the fact that they are dangerous, uncontrollable, and considered without honor, they are highly prized for their fighting skills.
Dwarves: These are the builders – they even created the home of the gods. Give them a task, and they will build it. Period. Also good at making weapons. Very hot-tempered and proud.
Other types may be acceptable, but please ask me, and tell me the relevance of these creatures to Norse beliefs. (Hint: no Vampyres, unless you can find the Norse equivalent, and be able to uphold it’s character.)
Places that Exist: Earth, Valhallah, the Underworld, Ginnungagap (the void before creation), Niflheim (land of fog and ice), or Muspelheim (land of fire).
Well . . . I think that should be all. Look up Norse on Wiki, all else fails – I looked it over and it had good information there.


Starless Knight: ((You are most welcomed to join - the 'bad guys' would be some type of Christian invasion, though I confess I'm not sure which one got to the Norse Lands first, nor who was directing it. Or you could be God himself . . . that would be interesting, having the Christian God versus the Norse Gods . . . tell me what you want, so I can plan myself accordingly. If you want to go with the divine route, I'll play the Goddess Freyja, however if you want to be a mortal, I'll play a priestess of Freyja.))
Starless Knight: Laufeia walked amongst the warrior men slowly, watching the happenings with a slightly detached air. The Christians were coming for a second 'try' and the men were treating this visit like a battle - like a silly men's war! It was a war, of that the small priestess did not doubt . . . but the war was not theirs - it was a war of the Gods. Well-respected, young Laufeia was very wise, though her years did not number many. Unfortunately, she tried not to draw too much attention to herself - though she was touched by the Gods - she had visions and whatnot - she was also a young girl with no family left and a small fortune . . . she did not want anyone to take it upon themselves to match her 'for her own safety.' As it was, though, she felt it was her duty to warn the great men of her hall. "You should not yet raise arms against these people - it is not the will of the gods . . . though beware of them and do not let their blasphemous poison fill your ears at any cost," She warned, her amber eyes fixed intently upon each man's gaze for a second before moving on to the next.
Peace_Maker / Vrael Lythren: Vrael stared at lady Laufeia as she passed the fearless warriors. He stood in the crowd, right behind the the front man in his group. His hair covered most of his face, which some questioned. He was different than the others. He still believed in the gods, and dedicated his life to them. He was the quiet one of the group. Most mocked him for the way he acted, but everyone knew he was skilled. When he was younger, his brother had always joked that someday he would be strong enough to even take on the gods themselves. Vrael doubted the thought, and always discarded it. Better than the gods. Heresy.
Laufeia's voice grew as she came closer to where he stood. His clothes swayed in the calm wind, and he felt as if the gods were with him this very day. He grabbed the hilt of his sword and slid his rough fingers down the blade. He loved fighting. He would use his skills and strength to defeat the Christians in the name of the gods. Christians. It was only a few days ago when he learned of their name. It didn't matter. They would all die.
Starless Knight: Laufeia bowed her head, as men started shouting. "She's just a simple woman - what can she know of these things?" One man snorted, though he could not hold her gaze when it fell upon his. Laufeia shook her head, "I have given my warning," she mumbled, still hurt by their rejection, though she had expected it. When the men's blood sang with vengeance, they would never take a woman's council over their weapons'. The king of the hall glared and said in a thundering voice, "Girl - watch your tongue! I did not take you into my hall to cause trouble and to go spouting off about things of which you know naught!" He shook his head - and even worse, starting muttering about it being high time he married Laufeia off to some warrior so he wouldn't be responsible for her anymore. Laufeia frowned, and bowed her head - all the better to hid the fires that burned in her eyes. "My apologies, Mighty One," she spat out as respectfully as she could muster.
Drode: As the young girl moved past the men, Drode stood there the head of his mighty war hammer resting upon the ground, his hands resting upon the pommel of it. " Priestess we barely know what these Christians are like in battle...but we fear them little, for our faith in the Gods will carry us through. And those who fall will rest forever in Valhalla !!! " And with the last of his words the warriors around him gave a mighty battle cry. The tunic he was wearing was tattered and riped in several places and the rest of his clothes weren't any better. His boots had little damage to them and His hammer was the most taken care of thing on him. His hair was fairly clean and it blew in the slight breeze the tips of it reaching his shoulder blades. He smiled slightly and looked around him to see how many had gathered to fight. Seeing the numbers his thoughts turned on how most fought for their land and families and Gods and how he fought to rember his everything.
Starless Knight: Laufeia's gentle gaze touched upon the warrior, and the corners of her soft mouth lifted in a sorry shadow of a smile, "Do as ye will, good warrior," she replied, her voice low like the whisper of the wind. How could they know? She could not show them what she has seen by the blessing of Freyja. However . . . this man was one of the first to ever address her respectfully and she had an urge to help him as much as possibly. She reached out delicately, the white, spier-like hand hovering in the space between them as she asked, "May I?" It was common knowledge she could see many things of a person through touch - but not all were comfortable with it and the last time she'd tried she'd been beaten for it so she'd learned to ask.
Kael Fenshir: ((Whoa, been a while. I'll post tomorrow))
Starless Knight: ((Missed you, Kael!))
Kael Fenshir: ((Really? Means a lot, thank you. I realized RPing is my other half, I just can't leave. I'm technically not on my computer, so tomorrow I'll catch up. Forgive me.))
Drode / Drode : Not knowing what was going to happen or of the lady's gift, Drode smiles and nods. He shifts his feet slightly and puts the weight of his upper torso to rest on the mighty hammer. With this, like all of the things he has encountered over the last few moon's, he shows no fear. His arms resting on the hammer's handle and his head on his arms, Drode closes his eyes and waits.
Starless Knight: ((No problem, Kael - I'll catch ya when next ye post, then - plus, I'd like to introduce my boyfriend here - he's ok, so we don't have to flog him just yet, lmao))
Laufeia took a step towards him, to where there was less than a foot between then. Her fragile gaze scanned over him, before her eyelashes slowly alightd on her smooth cheek and her already-tingling fingers closed the gap between them. There was a breeze picking us, and Laufeia heard the usual barrage of whisperings. He would hear them, too, but he would likely not make sense of them. With a gently urging of her powers, she manuvered into his psychie - carefully, since everyone had a natural defense even unconsciously, and people could get hurt if she was not gentle. She found his present easily enough, and then his past - though she politely declined from prying she did catch random glimpses of his life. He could see and feel all she was doing, of course. Slowly, then she pressed on into his future - which was much harder to do, as one may imagine. There was blood, lost of it - a battle, or perhaps even many of them . . . Still, Laufeia reached beyond that . . . there was pain, but it was a healing pain, not a dieing pain and she was pleased. Still, she pressed on until a very familiar pair of amber eyes flashed before her and she was so startled by the vision that she lost control and a bit her her own powers ran their own courses - they were suddenly seeing momentary flashes of both his and here pst before Laufeia pulled away so harshly she lost balance and toppled over, gasping.
Kael Fenshir: ((Pleased to meet you. Kael, Keeper of Dreams here, welcome to ES. Oops, spamming.))
Starless Knight: ((Aww, Sorn, when it's just you, I don't mind it. I think we all know what it is I guard my rpgs so heavily against ;) lol. Anyways thank you for that link - I am well pleased! ;P Now, I should stop spamming my own rpg before I set a bad example for the damned noobs . . . *grumbles about noob stew*))
Starless Knight: (())

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