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Roleplay - The Crusade by Orim / the heartless

A widly renounded game, open for anyone and dosen't cost a thing. You can go to the mall and plug in. Are you can plug in your home computer. The control is a small head set that locks into your nervous system and makes your body a controller.
The Game is simple, there are 10,000 levels, put no one has gotten to level 100 yet, thats how hard it is to level. Mostly all you do is quest, and fight monsters. But every character is different, you choose a race, and randomly giving a character body. No character body is the same.

Roleplay Details

NO GOD MODDING, remember you can't be passed level 100, infact the highest level you can be right now is 89 and down for the start of the rp. Any race is alowed, dragon people, neko, human, dog people, it realy dosen't matter.


the heartless / Orim: He just got the game cause everyone at school had it. He was a freshmen in college and just got his computer fixed. He pluged in and made a character. Simple human warrior, he was a noob, level 1, his character name the same as his real name, Orim. As he appeared into the world he looked around, looked like a medivel version of the real world. He looked around and saw an NPC that was a trainer, a tip came up in front of him saying, go threw training corses to get level ups so you can venture out into the outer lands. As he walked for the trainer a person grabbed him. "Come on Orim, I need your help!!" He grabbed him and started running "Wait! John is that you!"
"Ya, duh." His friend was level 32 mage. As he ran he came to a contest with a man shouting last chance to buy a ticket for the Crusade armor! John, aka Crotel gave him 5 gold coins. "Here go give this to the man." He walked over to him and handed out the coins. The man looked at him, "A level 1? With the famous crusade armor?" He started laughing "Well here is your ticket." He walked back in the croud. Crotel walked up to him "Hay look man, I got to go on a vacation, If you win, thats some awsome one of a kind armor. Find some good people to help you level and stuff, and don't try to make enemies." He logged out, Orim looked confused and turned around as he stood in the crowd looking at the man as he yelled and stuff. Everyone looked pumped anxiously awaiting to see who would win the armor and sword.
the heartless / Orim: He looked at her confused "What? Why" He held his ticket tight, all he had was a few bits of clothe armor and a small sword. After all he was a level one, so he only knew one spell.
the heartless / Orim: "I think I was supose to stay there?" He looked at his ticket, "Or will it like flash up if I lost or won infront of me?? And, who are you?"
the heartless / Orim: "ummmm thats personal info...." He got up and a menu screen came up infront of him, he pressed a button and a map appeared in his hand, he sighed cause it was blank. He walked out and started walking back into town, they were just about to announce the winner of the contest. (Its kinda like that show .hack)
the heartless / Orim: "Well I'm in college." As he looked at them, the NPC man yelled out "Ok, the winning numbers are!!! one, three." As the man said the first two numbers he smiled, "seven, seven, six!!!" his smile turned to frown, but then, the man yelled, "Congrats, your our second place winner!! You receive 100 gold coins!!" The man handed the player a sack of money and started to say, as the player walked down. "Ok for the winner of the Crusade armor and blade, the numbers are! one, three, six, five, one!!" He smiled big and walked up to the stage. "Umm sir, is this it." He handed the man the ticket and the npc smiled "Sure is." All the other players looked angry, confused, disappointed, and a few happy that a noob won the crusade armor. The NPC game him the leggings, boots, gloves, shoulders, and chest peice. Then handed him a very, very, very large blade. As he put it all on he looked around confused. He felt very heavy and fell to the ground. A human player, part of the company that sponsered the game, A GM (game master) walked up to him. "Orim, you might wana get to level 10 before your new armor realy has an effect, the armor is for all levels, just it basicaly levels with you. So sence your level 1, your armor is level 1, not all armor and weapons work that way though. As he walked down the players disperced back to there normal gaming around the town. He looked around, and sighed, wondering about this place.
the heartless / Orim: "Huh?" He had no idea what was going on. "How do I level up and stuff?"
the heartless / Orim: "I didn't realy, join this game to talk about real life....if thats ok?" He looked at sign that pointed back to the starting area. "Hmmm mabey that trainer dude can help me. He started walking down the street.
Aion Kiori: Walking down the street, a 5'11" tall man, long dark blue hair, and dark blue eyes, in a traditional samurai looking clothes, with a Katana in the belt was seen. He looked calm and had thin rectangle glasses on, and was a level 62 swordsman. ".........." reading a book, he accidently bumps into the new kid, dropping his book. "Oh..I'm sorry, I didnt see you there...." he said picking up his book.

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