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Roleplay - Wolfs by Mun-ji / rene

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poppi: the plural of wolf is wolves...................
poppi: your an rp whore danniebannannii!
poppi: joking joking *don't smack me*
Squall Leon Hea / Daisuke Niwa: hey , what are you guys doin.?
rene / Mun-ji: <ok everyone this will be my charter for this rp >
Squall Leon Hea / Raiku: < and this will be me and Lillith you got me there fighting you in my wolf form >
rene / Mun-ji: mun -ji is seen walking thourgh the city in the middle of the night in her wolf from .and mun-ji looks around does not see any one and then turns into her human from and walks down the street her short black blonde hair blowing in the wind .
kougamax / max: yea what is this story about? i would really like to start this wolf storie...^_^
amanda99737: >do u need another wolf? i'd really like to join <
Pure / Azemma: Anyone here likes wolves? and looking for a pack?
Join: Whisper Death (Black Orb Wolf Clan) ^^

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