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Roleplay - Krystal Flames by Shayla / Druecilla

1700's Demonic age....

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Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla walked the halls aimlessly looking around great she thought i'm lost again.
Suzki / Suki Uzki: Suki says you lost to i hate this place
Druecilla / Shayla: "Me too I always get lost too."She smiled.
Suzki / Suki Uzki: Yep mainly just in this place thou anyways im off to kill some rival vampires and demons for kicks you wanna come?
Druecilla / Shayla: "Sure."Shayla replied.
Suzki / Suki Uzki: sHe Smells Blood and shethes her sword id advice you to pull out any weapon you have i smell demon
Suzki / Suki Uzki: *unshethes*
Druecilla / Shayla: Shayla pulls her sword.
ticoma: as a man in a black trench coat. The Man said, "you look lost"
Druecilla / Shayla: "Maybe just alittle."Shayla said."But its nothing I can't handle."
Druecilla / Shayla: looking abit shy.
Druecilla / Shayla: "I'm not sure which way to go."Shayla sighed.

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