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Roleplay - Demon World(need girl by Kira167 / Jon167


Roleplay Details

Kira just got out the Demon world and is looking for the white human angel


Jon167 / Kira167: need some body plz
Jon167 / Kira167: yeah
Rain_wolf_girl / Nakueba: hello?
DustedRelection: << Um...Hello? >>
DustedRelection: << I don't think anyone's here..... >>
Pure / Minea: Walks around the unknown terra. "Hello anyone here?" Minea had noclue where she was but she knew she was loving it already so she didnt even bother to care. "I said Hello!" She snotted out....moody time of the month i guess.
Pure / Minea: May i join your pack? I saw you need a fea so here i am ^^
emolover / Casico: Hi!can I join???
MicheleDeLuca / Dylan Russo: Are you still looking for a girl?
ShayRain / -Shay-: <Join?<
AdReNaLYNN / TaKamie: (still in need? )

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