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Roleplay - A single Sin (Remake) by Laz / Laz

((This is a remake of an excellent rp From old es days, in hopes of other people putting thpought into their rps, ill show you how it is done)) Below is the last three posts of the original PLEASE READ THE POSTS, I would like to start well before this, in a small area where people are few and far between, it is dusk and the sun is just falling below the horizon. A man walks along the roadway his long coat flung behind him and the hood covering his head. Even as he looked around his firey green eyes could be seen.

Roleplay Details

Trist was over loading the portion of her that remained deaths herald had not been affected by Damien’s time warp, and her ability to call the souls was still active. She watched in horror as Damien slew Gabriel, Trist tried to yell to Damien, but no sound left her throat. The moment Gabriel passed, his soul went to Trist. The soul was more then she could hold in human form. Trist fell to the ground blood pouring from her mouth. She tried to carry the souls but they wouldn’t go, they were trapped in her. The human heart she carried drummed erratically in her ears, her breath labored. "So this is death" Trist choked on the words. Her eyes closed as she passed.
Damien was next to her "No it is not your time you will live to prove to yourself that life is better than death" He dove into her mind and acquired the souls resting there all of them he felt his power trying to hold them the same as she had the only soul that was left was hers he suddenly pulled out and placed his hand on her chest "you will live where it is my time" He pulled his power from the defense against the souls and let it sink into her the blood seemed to run back into her mouth and she took a gasping breath.....The souls attacked and Damien’s eye's seemed to shut down "live where emotions are everything" The war was over the angels disappeared and the remaining demons faded The apocalypse was stopped for a little bit but he would be back next time.......The world went black as he died he felt both of the souls that were him.....disintegrate never to come back again until they were reborn.
And with that, the thousand year war was ended. with the selfless act of a half demon-half angel who battled not only the forces that threatened the world, but the forces with in. the survivors would go on to bear the next generation of protectors until the in thousand year from now, the demons would be let loose upon the world again. Ellesmera was free of her demon possession; wolf was free to be as he decided. Fallon, well she was never the same again. The consumption of the angel’s blood had altered her. She, like Damien had been, was at a constant war with herself. As for me, well, this was my story to tell. Even though I remained in human form, I was still and will always be. For I am death, and death walks among you. Death will be here waiting when the next battle comes. Death will be waiting for Damien’s return; after all, it was Damien she was sent her for.....


Laz / Damien Lazurus: Damien grimaced sightly as he gripped the hilt of his sword. The hood covered his golden blonde hair, and his eyes glowed like green flames in the setting sun.
sinjen / trist: (hmmm....)
even in the dwindleing sunlight trist remained not but a shadow. and like a shadow, she waited at the edges of humanity, she waited at that point were life and death merge, where the light and dark meet. she waited...for something of interest.... Lifting one perfectly arched brow she she gave a slight smile, perhaps, she would not be waiting much longer.
girly101 / silver gates: Silver walked along the barely lit road.A road made of dirt and stone,but the scent of danger rode the air,crisp and clear.She inhaled deeply pulling the scent into her,causeing her andreniline to spike.And she grinned wildly."I had almost forgotten how good danger tastes.."she murmmered.
Laz: THe demon howled in pain as the sword slid smoothly into its chest. It started to pull itself down the blade, but damien lifted his hand and blue fire erupted forth and splattered over the demon, incinerating it.
sinjen / trist: "pity the demon has no soul" trist stated boardly as she watched what was left of his blackend form fall.
girly101 / silver gates: Silver stopped when she came to the two beings,she could hardly call them people,for they were not human.She recognized one of them for in a round about way a soul eater,though it is allways un-known exactly what powers they bare,the one they all have in common is to feed uppon souls or prantic energy."Hello."she said to the man,if you wished to call him that.
Laz: Damien Glanced up at the woman his electric green eyes flashed at the woman laying her soul bare to him. "hello my dear" HE bowed his head a little and sheathed his sword.
girly101 / silver gates: Silver smiled slightly and pulled her meta-physic sheilds up."Are you alright?"she asked in a concerned tone,but knowing he was probably fine.Her eyes changed from there soft blue to a dark blue,A warning sign to anyone who thought to appose her,that she was not weak.
Laz: "PErfectly my lady" HE spoke his tone respectful, he had already seen her power and her soul. "May I help you in some way" His green eyes flashed and his cloak shifted tho damiens feet didn't move. He waited a small gust of wind flew between the two.
Laz: "Damien, and you are" Damien Watched the woman, "Danger is everywhere I am" Damien told her his green eyes blazing in the semi dark.
girly101 / silver gates: "Silver."she said,her own eyes blazing in the dwindleing light of the sun."And is that so?Are you the danger?Or does danger stalk you?"
Laz / Damien Lazurus: Damien didn't answer, "I've got things to do" He bowed his head slightly "My lady" He turned on heel and walked away, knowing full well where it was he was going.
sinjen / trist: " and where you go........as do i" trist whispered into the wind. sparing a glance at silver as she passed, " soon, but not to soon" she added.
sinjen / fallon: fallon looked up at the stars that were one by one appearing in the night sky and shivered. even in her human form she could smell the scent of fresh blood carried in the wind. she closed her eyes for a moment wishing she were elsewhere, but when she opened them again she remained where she was, alone in the night with the scent of death clinging to the breeze. hearing a rustle in the distance she crouches down near the tree line and waited.
Laz / Damien Lazurus: Damien pulled off his cloak and let his wings spread, one solid black the other the purest of whites. He let his wings flap and lift him off the ground, he knew where he had to go, he needed answers. HE took off east, always into the east.
girly101 / silver gates: Silver Stared after Damein for a moment,and watched Trist go.Then shakeing her head she continued on down the street,things felt very odd around her,off.Things seemed off,like at any moment everything could crash down around her.Or maybe...they already were...Maybe she was yet to discover it...
Laz: Damien looked at the towering gate before him, he noticed the angel almost immediatly ((btw im following storyline of my book so go with me on this.)) Micheal jumped off the top and they talked for a little bit, then micheal lunged forward stabbing damien with a bluish blade. Damien snapped the blade in two and glared at micheal. Suddenly damien went limp held up by micheals power, the world went black with a shudder.
Laz: Damien woke his hair covered his face and his wings were wrapped around his body. He stood and brushed himself off the wound from the sword was healed only a slice in his shirt showed there was anything cut into him. Damien cursed as he walked down the road, he let his hand fall to his sword. Suddenly there was a loud warcry and three angels fell toward him with swords drawn. Damien unleashed a concussion of air stopping them mid air. The misted into a red gorey mass and dropped to the ground "Ignorant recruits" Damien muttered as he kept walking.
Laz: Damien shivered as he watched the old house eric had taken to live in as of the last six years. His green eyes glowed as a loud howl echoed into the night, corren was on the hunt as well. Damien walked toward the house and he noticed the lights on in a lower room, and the higher room. He knew eric couldn't be in two rooms at once, so someone else was there.
girly101 / silver gates: Silver took her sword and put it in the fire for a min. then she pulled it out and banged on it some.She kept repeating this as she looked around..Things looked pretty much the same..But a little different she just couldent place her finger on what looked different..She squinted trying to figure out what it was but decided she hadent been there in awhile so maybe she just had forgotten.
Laz / Corren Lightbrand: Damien watched the lights patiently while he waited, if eric didn't know another was there yet he would soon.
Meanwhile upstairs in the house eric boss lounged ravishly in the only chair in the room. His pale features glimmered in the firelight and his black cloths made him blend in. Suddenly the sense of too much power in one spot came at him like a drum. HE glanced out the window "Damien what a nice surprise" Eric started down the stairs wondering what all the noise was down here. He walked into the small workroom and watched the woman strike her glowing sword "Good evening" eric said loudly his black bangs were drapped infront of his face and covered his eyes. His pale hands were tipped in black.
Laz / Boss: ((this is eric boss, the other was teh were wolf corren))
girly101 / silver gates: "Hello,good evening to you as well."Silver said not even looking up from her work,she had known someone non-human was there she had felt their presence.She did look up now to studie him,clad in all black,and an over the face hair cut.
Laz: Eric smirked at her "I do believe we are expecting company soon" Eric told her, he ran a hand threw his hair and uncovered his solid black eyes.
girly101 / silver gates: She looked at his eyes and for some twisted reason-smiled.She turned and looked out the window to see Laz standing there."Hah,strange to see him again."she said banging on her weapon a few more times before finishing.
Laz / Boss: Eric grined at her knowing full well the look that she gave him, he knew it would be interesting. Eric stepped into the shadows and disappeared, damien walked toward the house and grinned when he noticed eric coming. "Damien what did I tell you about sneaking around my place this late at night" Erics voice was full of humor "The same you always say eric who else is with you"
"Some girl, she seems to be ..."He trailed off and grinned "Mine"
girly101 / silver gates: Silver picked up the weapon and smiled in satisfaction.She put it aside and went to the window looking out to see the two talking."This is odd..."she said softly."I geuss ill found out more later."she put her weapon in its hilt and strapped it around her waist."I think thats it."she said looking around.
sinjen / trist: As was her nature, trist listened, and waited. there was such darkness within this house sparing a glance out the window in to the star-light she waited still. not all those needed had yet arrived. turning her violet stare back to the one known as erik, and yet there were some that she hadnt anticipated.
sinjen / fallon: fallon rose from a croutch, shifting in a single fluid moment into her tiger-form. sniffing the air once more she took off in a dead run, "some things are better delt with head on." she growled, as she followed the tree line. as a house rose in the distance she stopped and stared at a single window, shed swear someone was watching her, or for her. but with her keen eye sight she was certain noone was there in that window.

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