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Roleplay - Loveless High School by Meng / Mena_Broken_Ang

At LHS, we have numerous students who stay with the school in a dorm with one other roommate that like same room choices. Here we have high educated teachers with 50 students within each 4 classes a day. Everything here is might for teenages of different family (Humans, vampires, gods/goddess or half-breeds). Welcome to Loveless High School and enjoy your stay here.

Roleplay Details



Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She walks down the halls looking into every class and dorm to see if all the preparations are all done for the students to arrive.
heyhey77 / tasha333: avril walked in to see if any one was in the room but there was so she walked out in embarrsment
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: Meng sees her and catches up with her. "Are you a student attending here??"
heyhey77 / tasha333: yea i am" she replies
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Whats your name?"
heyhey77 / tasha333: avril and your name is?" she askes her
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Principal Meng." She shakes Avrils hand
heyhey77 / tasha333: Pleased to met to you principal meng" she shakes her hand
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Ill show you to your dorm." She begins walking to the left.
heyhey77 / tasha333: she follows prinipal meng to her dorm room hoping no one would find out her three most darkest sectets in the world
heyhey77 / tasha333: << hey are you there?>>
ThatOtherKid / Azure Divine: -walks in the front doors, and sees a girl following the principal...she decides to follow them-

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