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Roleplay - Emoania by Benji Gee Calhoun / Invader_vex

EMOania is a club in a dark city called..*drum roll* Darknessdale. so come in, have a drink, take one of the complementary wrist-cutting knifes, cry, dance to MCR, FOB, RJA, AFI, and all those bands.

Roleplay Details

Benji gee calhoun
Char must be emo.
that's really it.
oh, plz no killing.(ugh, that's going to be hard for benji)


NoraNay / Renae: Renae walked into the club. It was dark and that was the way she liked it. she hadn't been here for a few weeks and missed this place. she sat down at the bar and got a drink.
Hammykat / Damien Michaels: Damien opened the door to the club. He seemed to be here every night that it was open, and he met a lot of people. He walked swifty to the bar, glancing over at the girl next to him. He gave a sharp nod, his way of saying hi, and turned to the bartender. "Could I have some-"
The bartender held out his hand and gave Damien a glass of milk. A small smile came across his face, "Thanks." He paid and went to sit down on a small couch.
rene / Mun-ji: mun-ji was sitting on the couch were damien went and sat down mun-ji was sitting indain stlye litening to bands play and she was rubbing her recent scar on here wrist mun-ji seen him sit down and she looked up"hi" mun-ji said
Hammykat: "Hi," he muttered, his voice hoarse. He didn't look up, but stared at the wall on the far side of the room and took a small drink of his milk.
ellesmera / Ayato: Ayato walked in. His first time in this place. He looked around, seeming to size everyone up. He walked slowley to the bar, letting his surroundings sink in. He reached the bar and gave a fleeting look to the bartender.
"Uh....Could I have some Lemon Water please.." He payed and looked around for a place out of sight to sit
NoraNay / Renae: Renae looked at Ayato and giggled. "you must be new...don't be nervous. Here sit next to me." she said and patted the seat next to her.
ellesmera / Ayato: Ayato looked at her then nodded, sitting next to her. "Uh..Hi"
NoraNay / Renae: She smiled and looked down at the table. "i'm Renae." she said and looked at him and held out a hand for him to shake.
ellesmera: He shook her hand.
"Ayato" He nodded to her and looked her over slowly
NoraNay / Renae: she looked at him then back at the table. "Well, pleased to meet you Ayato. So..what brings you here?...if you don't mind me asking that is.
ellesmera: "This place was recomended to me.. A few friends of mine..Since I used to get beaten up at a lot of clubs for my....Emoness"
NoraNay / Renae: "Ah.....that does tend to happen." she said and looked up at him again. "I like to get a drink every now and then...other than that I come here for the feeling of it....just knowing that no one will hurt me here." she said and looked down at the table again.
ellesmera: He smiled. "I was hoping to find some friends here.. Someone to hang around with, that wouldnt sneer behind my back"
NoraNay / Renae: She looked up and smiled. "Well...I guess you found one." swhe said and looked at the table.
ellesmera: He smiled as well and looked up at her
NoraNay / Renae: she looked at him as well and felt herse;f blush...then looked away, now embarassed. "So...what's your family like? do they approve?"
ellesmera / Ayato: "I live in a care home" He sighed and looked down. "Well.. Half way house
NoraNay / Renae: "Oh..i'm so sorry." she said and glanced up at him. "my parents...well...my father...I don't have a mother...he acts as though i don't exist." she explained
ellesmera / Ayato: (whys his head cut off. :Cries:) He sighed. "My parents died shortly after I was born
NoraNay / Renae: she looked up at him...her face torn. "i'm so...so sorry." she said and lowered her gaze back to the table. "Are the people at the care home nice?" she asked trying to lift the mood.
NoraNay / Renae: <<Add this.>>
"If you don't mind me asking...I don't want to bother you..." she said fast..the way she spoke when she was nervous.
ellesmera: "Theyre okay.. Theyre allowing me to hav a bedsit..Their version of a flat.. unless i can find somewhere else.... " He smiled. She was cute.
NoraNay / Renae: She smiled in return. "i live in an appartment....not in the best condition...but it is livable." she said and laughed slightly. She finished her drink and pushed the glass away. "Can i get you anything?" she asked and motioned toward the bar.
ellesmera: "A vodka orange?" He asked her,hoping it wasnt too much
NoraNay / Renae: she smiled and took out a wallet. She put the money on the table and the drink was given to him. "No problem...I have no other use for this money." she said and laughed again.
ellesmera: "Thank you" He smiled. "So...." He didnt know how to phrase his next question
NoraNay / Renae: She looked at him and tried to figure out his expression. "what is it?...you can aske me." she said and smiled slightly.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "Do you...Have a boyfriend?" He asked, looking anywhere but her
NoraNay / Renae: She looked won at the table and shook her head. "i tend to...scare people." she said softly. "So that would be a no. but you must have someone...right?" she asked.....blushing, not moving her gaze off the table.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: no" He sighed, blushing. He kept stealing glances of her
NoraNay / Renae: She looked up at him. Her face was shocked. "Oh." she said with surprise in her voice. she quickly looked back down at the table, then her phone rang. she put it to her ear. "oh....hello father." she said politly. "Oh...no..i'll just get something to eat on my way home...yeah i have money....yeah...see you tomorrow...bye." she said and hung up the phone. she sighed and counted how much money was in her wallet. she'd just get a slice of pizza or something.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: He looked up at her. "You want to get something to eat later?" He pulled is wallet out, he had over 50 pounds
NoraNay / Renae: she looked up at him and blushed. she smiled and nodded. "Thank you." she said and put her wallet away. "What do you have in mind?"
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "Anything.. Chienese?" He asked, wanting desperatly to reach across and take her hand in his
NoraNay / Renae: she stood up and fixed her skirt. "sure...anything's fine with me." she said and clasped her hands together so she wouldn't do anything that would make either of them uncomfortable.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: He smiled. "Now or later?" He put his hands on the table
NoraNay / Renae: she looked up at the clock. "Well...i do have all night...my father won't be home tonight." she said and smiled at that thought. "So..whenever you want to."
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: Its up to you.. I dont mind.. I dont really have a home to go to so..." He sighed. Now hed let that out, shed probably ask how he had the money
NoraNay / Renae: She looked up at him. "i'm sorry...if you'd like....we have 2 extra rooms if you want them...i could pay your rent." she said...looked won and blushed.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: (im gonna use cynan not agati if thats ok) He smiled.
"Really? Thank you"
NoraNay / Renae: <<Ok.>>
"Yeah....you can have both of the rooms...i need the company anyway." she said and smiled. "you wouldn't mind switching schools?" she asked worried that he would mind.
<<Got to go.>>
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: (kk ty) he smiled. "I have been thrown out of my school for about 4 weeks"
NoraNay / Renae: she smiled in response...if only he knew what this meant to her. she wanted to reach out and touch his hand...she was about to but she clasped her hand behind her back. "so...should we get going then?" she said and smiled again.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "Sure " He smiled. wishing her hands were on the table, he stood
NoraNay / Renae: she smiled again. despit herself she reached her hand out for him to take.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: He took her hand shyly, smiling at her softly
NoraNay / Renae: she looked at him,blushed and turned away again as they walked out. "i don't scare you?" she asked seriously.
ellesmera / Lebran Lestat: "Why would you?" He asked her, a slight smile kissing his lips
NoraNay / Renae: "Not sure....but I tend....to.....scare people....the way i think." she said and turned to look at him.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "You dont scare me" He smiled and looked in to her eyes
NoraNay / Renae: She looked back at him. "I'm glad." she wispered. She looked at their hands together and smiled to herself. "Well...later tonight you will have you own rooms. do you have anything you have to get?" she asked...she was worried about cloths ect.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "Parents are out, ill get my stuff then" He smiled
NoraNay / Renae: she nodded and smiled. "are you going to tell them that you are staying at my place?" she asked..knowing how parents could be sometimes.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "Theyd just beat me" He sighed
NoraNay / Renae: she gasped. "Oh god. i'm sorry." she said and looked away again. "That's awful." she wispered as they came in front of the restaurant. "well...I can promise you that my father will not beat you...ignore you maybe..but not beat you." she said and turned back to him with a torn expression. "
Should we get your things first?" she asked.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "After" he smiled. "Im starved"
NoraNay / Renae: she smiled. They walked in, got a table and ordered. she said across from him and glanced up at him then at her hands that were now placed in her lap. "So...Cynan...did you ever....did you ever know your parents...your real parents?" she asked, ashe=amed to look up at him.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "No..I was taken from them at birth, my fatehr was imprisoned for maslaughter and mymother was snorting cocain while i was still unborn... when i was born, they had to change my blood because i had infections from her, and i have to have blood boosts evey half a year... i hate her for that.. I never want to meet her" He sighed
NoraNay / Renae: she looked up at him...her face torn again. "I'm sorry." she wispered. she had said that a lot. when their food came she picked at it. she wasn't really hungry. she stared down at her food while she picked at it.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: He smiled. "What you sorry for, not your fault." He smiled and began to eat
NoraNay / Renae: she looked up and smiled slightly. "Excuse me for a second." she said and left to the bathroom. she walked in and her head was a little damp with sweat. she rummaged through her bag until she found her pills and took them quickly. She took pills for depression...lots of pills for depression..but none of them seemed to do anything to help her. she walked back out and sat down again. "Sorry about that."
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "Nah Its ok" he smiled as he ate
NoraNay / Renae: Her medication lowered her appetite so she wasn't hungry. when she saw that he was done and the check was paid they both stood up. "so should you get your stuff?" she asked.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "Yeah" He nodded and walked out of the cafe, walking to a huge mansion
NoraNay / Renae: She looked at it and her mouth dropped open. "you live here...yet you want to leave and live in an appartment?" she asked but then remembered the beating. "oh...um...forget that." she said and looked away ashamed.
NoraNay / Renae: <<you still there?>>
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: He smiled and took her hand. "Dont worry, its easy to forget about it" He went in and had the butlar help him pack his stuff. he went online and transfered all his dads money in to his account and the same with his mums, but it didnt change the wmount in his parents accounts, yet trippled his (hacker) her grabbed his wallet and called a taxi.
NoraNay / Renae: when the taxi came she told him the adress and held on to his hand during the ride. when they got to the building and up to the 5th floor, she opened up the door, walked in and turned on the lights. 'it's not much...but it works for living." she teased.
NoraNay / Renae: She led him down a hall. "This is my room...and you get these two rooms." she explained...pointing across the hall to two doors. "you'll have to share a bathroom with me though...sorry." she said and smiled appologetically. "My father won't be home till tomorrow...so you're safe for now." she teased again...she felt her pills working.
ellesmera: He smiled. "Arigato" he hesitantly kisse dher cheek.
NoraNay / Renae: She blushed a dark shade of red and looked down. "W-what..does Arigato mean?" she asked trying to fill in the silence.
ellesmera: "Thank you" He replied and watched her blush.
NoraNay / Renae: She looked down again. "I...I g-guess that y-you want to u-unpack." she stuttered.
NoraNay / Renae: She blushed again and walked out of the room so she wouldn't embarrass her self anymore. she sat on the couch and sighed. "well...that went well." she muttered to herself and sighed again.
NoraNay / Renae: <<Is this dead?>>
ellesmera: he unpacked then joined her, he took her hand. "Your sweet you know"
NoraNay / Renae: she looked up at him and blushed. she looked down again. "Thank you." she wispered. she looked up at him again and felt her face turn a darker shade of red.
ellesmera: "thank you, again" he smiled and squeezed her hand
NoraNay / Renae: "for what?" she asked then felt stupid. "Oh..
.for..um..letting you stay here...no problem." she said and looked down again. She was embarassing herself a lot.
ellesmera: he laughed and took a daring move, he brought her hand to his lips and kissed it
NoraNay / Renae: She looked up at him again and smiled. "i keep saying stupid comments around you." she said softly and shook her head.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: he smiled and continued with the butterfly kisses, he did it down her arm and over her shoulder. "its cute" he smiled and started to kiss her neck
NoraNay / Renae: she shut her eyes. The kisses felt nice. she let her hands fall and rest on his chest.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: he moved his kisses over her jawline and kissed her lips
NoraNay / Renae: She kissed him back and slipped her tongue in. she felt happy for with Cynan.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: he moanedand wrapped his arms round her
NoraNay / Renae: she let her nails scratch his chest slightly. she explored his mouth with her tongue.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: he moaned and groaned at the pain her nails caused and kissed more feverishly
NoraNay / Renae: She kissed back. she had a boyfriend once...but they never did anything like this...nor did she ever feel like this.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: he tok her hand in his and smiled in to the kiss
NoraNay / Renae: She pulled away and looked into his eyes. Her eyes were happy and peaceful...and expression she did not use often. She blushed as she looked back at him. "you...you make me feel...." she tried to explain it but couldn't find the words.
NoraNay / Renae: <<is this dead?>>
ellesmera: "you make me feel like i exist" he kissed her neck softly
NoraNay / Renae: She put one hand on the back of his head and the other trailed down his spine. "Me too." she said. "your like no one I have ever met before." she said and kissed him again.
ellesmera: he smiled around her neck, arching in to her
NoraNay / Renae: She moaned softly. Letter her hand stop at his waist. she let it touch the skin under his shirt lightly...it was cold.
ellesmera: he kissed his way back to her lips, moaning as he roamed his hasnds over her
NoraNay / Renae: She shivered at his touch...but it felt good. She moved her hands up his chest slowly.
ellesmera: he pulled back. "is it ok if we take things slow?"
(I gtg loosing conciousness)
NoraNay / Renae: <<hahaha..ok bibii>>
She breathed a sigh of releif. she was thinking the same thing. This was her first real relationship. She didn't want to mess it up. "Well..it's getting late...I guess that we should get some sleep...you have your first day at your new school tomorrow." she said and smiled. she stood up. "Help you self to naything in the kitchen." she added. "night." and she went into her room.
ellesmera: He sighed happily and went in to his room. He removed his shrt, revealing a lightly musled, quiet pale chest. He yawned slightly, still tasting her on his lips, he smiled and removed the rest of his lothes. (apart from boxers) and then left the room to get a drnk, he put the kettle on to boil.
NoraNay / Renae: Renae changed into her pajamas and got onto her bed. She took her guitar and played softly...singing to herself. she fell asleep shortly after.
ellesmera: he made a coffee then went back to his room, he set the drink down and climed undr the covers, he drained the mug, then fell to sleep. (caffine has a strange effect on him, it makeshim sleepy)
NoraNay / Renae: She got up early and got dressed and walked into the kitchen. She started to make eggs. She saw that coffee was already made. 'How did that happen?' she thought to herself. She sat dwn at the table and started to read.
NoraNay / Renae: Renae looked up and blushed. she looked quickly at the table. "good morning." she said, trying to control her voice. "how did you sleep?"
NoraNay / Renae: she looked up at him. "Yeah..I slept well. You hungry...I made eggs...I think they're edible." she teased and stood up to get him a plate.
NoraNay / Renae: She smiled and got him some eggs and put the plate in front of him. She got a glass of water and took down a lot of medicine bottles and took her pills.
NoraNay / Renae: she put her pill away. "you take pills too?" she asked. It was a rhitorical(sp?) question. "Hmmm.." she said to herself. "I'll be right back. she went back into her room and came out with her bag in her hand and her guitar over her shoulder. she set them down and started to clean the dishes in the sink.
NoraNay / Renae: <<Dead?>>
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: He watched with amusment and sat down, closing his eyes. He stood again suddenly and went to his room, he retrieved his own guitar from hi belongings and sat back in the living room, playing the music to nickelback, never again.
(Im not gonna be on for a while, im sorry.... i was really stupid atschool and wont be able to get on for at least a week... >.<)
NoraNay / Renae: <<Ok...it's cool.>>
She listened and shut her eyes when she was done with the dishes. She heard the phone ring siddenly. she picked it up. "Oh...good morning father...yes I took my pills....yes i did the dishes...Um...someone is renting out the other two rooms in our house...yes they will be paid for...thank you...have a nice afternoon...bye." she said and hung up the phone. she sighed. she was never able to just talk to her father, she had to speak formally.
ellesmera / Wynn Santino: Cynan stopped playing as he fiddled with the strings, hewing a toothpick as he did. He normally would sing while doing this, but was embarased.
NoraNay / Renae: renae sighed and walked into the other room. "come on cynan..we'll be late if we don't leave soon." she said and started to pack her books. she put the rest of the eggs away for her father and put her guitar on her back.
ellesmera: He nodded, quickly pulling his boots on and went to the door
NoraNay / Renae: She sighed as the walked out the door. "i am sorry that I am makeing you switch school." she said turning to him as they walked. "I'm sorry that you have to leave all of your old friends."
NoraNay / Renae: <<I won't be on until next sunday...my grandparents have no computer....sorry.>>
NoraNay / Renae: <<i'm back.....is this dead?>>
NoraNay / Renae: <<Is this dead?>>
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He took her hands in his and smiled. "It doesnt matter"
NoraNay / Renae: She blushed and looked down. " Well...I'm sure you'll make some friends here." she said and turned to him.

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