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Roleplay - by MiKai / Kid

a wepon girl that was created to destroy opposing forces of her creator. only its begins to think on her own. the creator feared what it created and fled to the unknown. now the wepon, a.k.a. Skorn, is on her own. shes wants to find the person that created her, but weather she'll destroy him or not is yet to be decided.

Roleplay Details

i am Skorn. i want to have a male who takes care of her and eventually theyre loves. and i would like another wepon to come in too. another creation of the one who made Skorn. and we need someone to be the creator. but they should also come in a bit later off the start.


Kid / MiKai: first of all im an idiot, there are two of this rp. the real one is called Here, now, and gone. thats the one to be at. this stupid thing allways logs me in as this rp charecter. pos.
Roseyness / Kiriana : <<Can't your character be gay? Lol>>

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