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Roleplay - Aoi High School by ellesmera / ellesmera

A new. large school was sat in the centre of new york. It stuck out like a pearl in an oyster, shining and waiting to be plucked from its nest.
A shcool ruled by girls. They girls are addicted to Yaoi. When boys do come, its like a dream come true, new Yaoi pets!!!

Roleplay Details

Any race, no superpowerful stuff, if it is superpowerful, dumb their powers down a bit. Girls or boys, any sexuality. Just have fun.
3 DONT rules.
DON'T: burn down the school
: blow up the school
: destroy the school in any way
Romance is encouraged, bu remember, high schools, therel be cheating gong on, love triangles, rivalries, allsorts.. in your first post please state:
What 'label; you are 'jock, nerd, goth..ec)
What your sexual preferences are. (Gay straight, bisexual, lesbian)
And whether your a junior, senior.. new...exchange, old.. teacher... thats sort of stuff


ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: Agati and Aubern walked up to the front of the school. Aubern let out a low whistle and looked up at his 6 ft friend. (Aubern is 4 ft 6) Agati looked down at him and smiled. "Okay... You were right Agati..Its gonna be fun here" Aubern jumped on to Agatis back, who changed his position to accomodate to th eboys weight. Which wasnt that much. Agati laughed. "Your little legs all tuckered out then hun?" Agati smiled, his comment was replied by a hit to the head with a hand. "Ow...Flies are getting pretty big round here" He smiled. Aubern was described as 'Bouncy, a bit nerdish. Agati was labeled as 'bookish, and a tad emo' Agati squeezed Auberns hand and smiled as his ear was nibbled on. "Stop Aubern2 He whimpered. Aubern smiled. "New school, new start"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: ( Dreamer , Loner , trouble maker , Straight , Exchange from cali. )
Dreamer came to the school gates and looked up " hope it's fun , more than the other school " , and walked in and stayed under a tree in the playground , he felt like being late on the first day.
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: (Im making th epic smaller, damn thing) Agati smiled as he carried Aubern on his back in to the school. "Hm......" He sighed. "No where to smoke" Agati pouted, as did Auber. "Bu ou look cute when you smoke...Ah..I meen Sexy" He giggled. "Yeah, but dont you stat"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: < > Dreamer looked around saw these 2 , he smiled " looks like fun "
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: Agatis knees buckled and he pushed Aubern off his back. "Youve ganed weight you little umpa lumpa" He poked his stomach, squatting to his lvel. Aubrn scowled and took hold of his shoulders and pushed him. Agati yelped and fell the rest of the way, his back hitting the ground first. "Ow! Your gonna get it now youoversized piglet!" He stood up and Aubern ran. Agati laughed and stretced, Aubern came back, scowling. Agati picked him up and swung him on to his back again. "Your okay arent ya.."
"Im intact..Apart from my pride" He pouted as he clung to his neck
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: Dreamer tried to sleep , but couldn't cause they had fun and he envied it " hey mind if I sleep , you making alot of noise "
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: Agati flashed his eyes over him.
"Oh..Sorry" He smiled. Aubern smiled and nodded. Nibbling Agatis neck
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he eyed them " by the way , who are you guys? "
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: < hey Elle , check out my Journal , it's cool , hope you like it >
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: Agati pushed Aubern off his neck. "Get off you freak" He joked. Aubern pouted.
"Im Aubern.. " He smiled, watching dreamer wit his big, brown, puppy dog eyes. Agati rolled his ice blue eyes. "Im Agati"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled " and am Dreamer , pleased to meet you , you guys new here? " he asked
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: They both nodded and smiled.
"Sure are..Weve come from England" Aubern giggled. Clutching o to Agati. Agati rolled his eyes.
"Im from Ireland.. Hes from Scotland" (They have the STRANGEST accents.. type scottish or Irish acent on youtube and c ) "We met on a holiday in wales..." He smiled. "Then again on the train" Aubern finished. "We couldnt stop laughing when we found out we were both coming here" Aubern almost fell from Agatis back, Agati hoisted him back up
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: " yeah , sure seems like you 2 are close " he said looking at them , " so are ya like senior or what? "
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: "Seniors" They nodded. "And yeah..we are pretty close...Whatre you then?" They askes simultaniously, then gave eachother the same wierd look.
"We spend too much time toether" They both said again
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled " am a senior too , and school doesn't seem to know who Iam , I guess that's why I have been accpeted " and gave a slightly evil smile and then looked at them , and sighed and checked his watch " I gess am late enough , hope this gives them a small Idea on whom am I " and then looked at them " aren't you guys gunna be late? "
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: "Nah..We actually start tomorrow... We have a meeting with the head....In a few minutes. " Anati laughed and closed his eyes as Aubern nibbled on his ear again,not caring if anyone saw, Aati did though, he took Auberns head in his hand and pulled it back off of him. "Stop that"(u checked out the profile?)
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: < first thing , that's how I knew it's you > he smiled " 'kay , so School starts tommorow? , and I got into trouble comming today? " he sighed " this Sucks , well , while am at it , lemme put some traps for pranks " he smiled an Evil smile " I guess am gunna meet you guys inside " and walked away and as he did " and hey shorty , quit nibbling on your friend , it looks wierd " he laughed and ran off into the school < reminds me of fullmetal alchemist , the anime , Edward hates to be called shorty >
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: ( u no what an incubus is?) Aubern growled. "LEMMEATHIM LEMMEATHIM!!" He screamed and Agati held him still.
"Shh..Christ.." He roled his eyes and kissed his cheek. "Shut up.. Come on, lets get to the head."
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: < I guess , it means nightmare > he laughed as he heard his angry shouts and went through the rooms , getting his traps ready , for fun and finally reached the principles office and sat down , looking innocent , awaiting his turn
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: (its the male version of the subucus...Theyre male temptors...People are drawn to them, both sexs, unless unusually strong willed, or the incubus can 'turn' his power off, which Agati has done for now) Agati and Aubern exited the heads office, yawning. "He talks..A lot"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: Dreamer looked at them and smiled " hey guys , well , that is what a principle is , blah blah blah " he mimced most principles how they talk " I got great hopes for you boy , and don't let me down..." and laughed
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: The laughed, Agati wound his hand in to Auberns. "YeahHe was rally boring" He rolled his eyes.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled " well , hey guys a piece of advice , nither today nor tommorow do you go near the class before anyone else , I got a secret and would hate you guys to be the first to know " he said with a slightly evil smile , befor standing and whispered to Auben " hey shorty , got a problem , go to one of the class and you will love it " and laughed before knocking on the principles door
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: He growled and Agati held him back as he swung his fists at dreamer.
"I got secrets to!! And Ill beat you to a bloody pulp if you call me Shorty again! Its Aubern!!!"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he laughed and entered the principles room and not before long he got out sleepy , and yawned " so shor...sorry , Aubern , and Agati , got anything to do for now? "
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: "Not really...." Agati sighed, Aubern was sat on his lap, his arms round his neck. Agati yawned ad stretched.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled " so what does a guy like you do with this Shorty over here , always clinging to ya? " he said and sat down nearby
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: He shrugged.
"I get used to it" Agati held Aubern tohim again as he struggled, trying to get at dreamer.
"ITS AUBERN!" His scottish accent screamed through. Agati cringed.
"Shut up!"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he laughed " well , it sure looks wierd , specially with him in the picture " he said pointing to Aubern and laughed again " well , you guys need a ride? "
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: They looked at him, Aubern calmed down.
"What do you have against me" Aubern pouted. Agati roled his eyes."Yeah..A ride would be nice"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: [Ill join. Im a junior, new, bisexual and Im a friendly emo (lol)] Enters the school to find alot of people walking around. She starts to feel abit sick because this place is new to her and feels out of place. She heads over to the office to get her schedule for the school year so she doesnt have to be confused later on when looking for classes.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled " nothing really , just like to get on your nerves , but hey if I offended you , am sorry , i was just joking around " he put a hand forward towards Aubern " friends? " he said with a smile
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: Agati glowered as Aubern stard at his hand. "Well Aubern?" Au shook his head clear then accepted the hand. "Okay" Agati smiled. "He has a very hot temper and short fuse..Its the hair" He smiled
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he laughed and turned around to see Meng " hey girl , what are ya doin here? , school starts tommorow , and plus don't go to the classes yet , it's...." he laughed " boobytraped "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: After getting her schedule, she looks for all her classes but when she passes the library she stops and goes right in. She was amazed by the number of books in the library, so she begin looking for seceral books.
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: He watched as she entered the library.
"Uh...Its a saturday..." He watched her go and Agati laughed
Squall Leon Hea / Kazachi: < hey girl , I was talking to ya , lol >
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Yes I know but Im here to get a tour before school starts because Im going to be new here so I like to get a head start instead of looking like an idiot." She says to the 3 guys behind her, while exiting the library.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he shurgged and sighed " kids nowadays don't listen , she's gunna get my special boobytrap , it's sweet really , liquid chocolet will spill all over her if she touched any of the books "
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: "Well..This place has been boobytrapped, so dont go inside any" Aubern called out, Agati had shoved him off him and wa looking all 'cool' (¬_¬ keep quiet you)
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: < ... >
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: (hes cool ok?)
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Well I was done with my tour anyway." She walks over to the and smiles. "My name is Meng and thank you for warning me about the traps."
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: < cries > Dreamer walks to her holds her before she enters a class " didn't you hear me girl , I got the place boobytraped " and smiled
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: Agati grimaced as Aubern latched on to Meng.
"Im Agati..And the thing currently glued to your leg is Aubern...Woud you like e to reove him from your person?" Agati asked, arms folded
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: < am slow > he smiled " am the one whom placed the boobytrapes " and laughed
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: Laughing to herself alittle "Why is he latching to me?" She says looking done and then she remembers that Dreamer is holding her.She looks at him "What are you doing?"
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: Aubern clung tighter.
"Not. Lettig. Go!" He shouted and closed his eyes. Agati rolled his ice blue eyes and sighed. If he could have anime sweatdropped then, he would have.
'What a drag' He sighed. (omg.. Shikamaru from Naruto moment o0)
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She bends down to Aubern and pats his head. "Do you mind letting go I will have to walk after this." Smiling softly at him.
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: He pouted and then clung on to Agati, swinging on to his back with practicd ease and nibbling on his ear.
"Agh!" Agati cried out. "Gettofmyearyouannoyingpest!" He yelled and tried to pull him off, he was enjoyng it to much. Aubern pouted and suced on his neck instead, Agati went wide eyed.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She smiles at them "Very smexii are you two a couple?"
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: Agati literally threw him off, panting slightly.
"You..Evil..Git..." He said between breaths.
"Not so layed back now are ya!" Aubern giggled.
(gtg be on l8a..DONT LOSE ME!)
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: [Same ttyl]
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: Dreamer let go of her hand and smiled " I ain't laughing a you girl , just laughin on any poor soul who would fall for my traps , by the way , what's the name? "
ellesmera: Aubern giggled slightly, Agati rolled his eyes, becoming laid back again. Aubern crept up to him. "Dont bother" Agati growled
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: Dreamer looked at Aubern " do you always cling to him shorty? "
ellesmera: Aubern grabed hold of dreamer and threw him in to a wall.
"Its not SHORTY! its AUBERN!" He was about to fire up. Agati grabbed him and kissed him on th lips. Aubern was in so much shock his just tood there. Agati wiped his mouth on his sleeve and sighed. "eep quiet will ya..Both of ya" His irish accent peeking through
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: Dreamer's Eyes Widened , his mouth was opened in surprise " wh...what the hell?! "
ellesmera: Agati rolled his eyes.
"I shut him up..Or do you want to find out what the scottish twits fiery temper looks like hey?" He scowled slightly.
ellesmera: btw.. i cant see the vid on your journal.. send me the url?)
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: < , just go on youtube and search for Sleepy and you will find it > Dreamer was still surprised , but then wiped it away and sat down on chair
ellesmera: (i will l8a.. cant get youtube on scool comp gah!) He sighed. Aubern came round and jumped on to Agati. He smiled.
ellesmera: b bk in 30 mins or so.. maybe 40.. u still be here.. yah?)
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: Dreamer Sighed " well that sure is somethin, "
ellesmera: "What is?" They asked simultainously.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: " nothing , nothing , excpet the fact that you two are gay , I guess " he said rolling his eyes
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: "I..I was just shutting him up..Im not gay!" Agati exclaimed. "Anyway...Relationships are annoying..And such a drag" He sighed. Aubern rolled his eyes.
"Im just clingy" He whined
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: " yea, shorties always cling to tall guys " he said to himself in a low voice and then looked at them " okay , okay , sorry , just a misundertanding , so how about that ride? " he said and then turned to Meng " would you like to join us? , we are going on a ride in my car "
ellesmera: They exchanege glances for a split second.
"Cmon then, lets go" They smiled
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled and threw the keys to Agati " you're gunna drive half the way , then am gettin it , aight? "
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: "Sure. Where we goin? Our place.. or somewhere else?"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled " Cruisin. around the area , check out the sceneries and stuff ya know? " he turned to Meng " you ought to come , were gunna have fun , check out the place and stuff "
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: (shes not online, so we bump in t her l8r.. k?) Theysighed. "Which cars yours?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "What do you mean??"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled and pointed to the red car at the end of the corner " that I believe my friends , is mine " he said with a grin , then turned to Meng " would you like to come Cruisin. with us in the car around the area? "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Sure I dont mind." She looks at the car and thinks about something when she sees the color
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he grinned " let's go guys and girls , the road is awaiting " and ran towards the car and as he did looked behind him " last one to the car is a stinker and am sure it's Shorty " and laughed
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Running is not good my health." She begins to walk to the car.
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: Shorty laughed. "Nope" He jumped on to Agatis back, agasti ran level with Dreamer, as they reached the car Aubern jumped off him and touched the car only after dreamer, then Agati.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She gets to the car and gets in after Agati. She feels abit lightheaded but ignores it and reaches for something in her pocket.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he panted trying to catch breath " well well well , shorty did it , and hey , she's out of the race , cause of her health thing , so it's okay , so that means Agati is a stinker! " he laughed and then said " hey man , your not offened are ya? , just goofin. around " he then turned to Meng " hey , I didn't catch your name , what was it? "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Its Meng." As she pulls out a pocketknife then cuts off something on her pants and puts it back in her pocket
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled " Nice name , am Dreamer , Pleased to meet you " he said as he fought with Aubern for the front seat " okay , shorty sits in the front for now " and he entered and sat by Meng's side " excuse me " he said with a grin and sat down and looked at Aubern then to Meng and smiled
Kimishi / Ksou: <Could I join, i know its already really far in the rp, but it seems liek a good one. >
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: He laughed.
"He smlls of oranges" Aubern sighed. Agati rolled his eyes.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She smiles back. "Thank you so is your name."
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: < yeah , you sure can , the more the merer , bad spelling ='( poor me > he laughed " you sure are wierd Shorty " he said and looked at Agati " let's go man , Top speed " he looked out the window , " he check it out , a new guy " , he said pointing at Ksou
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She see the guy and waves. "Why dont you join us??"
Kimishi / Ksou: <TT_TT dreamer ty for pulling me in right away! But what has happened so far? a brief summery and were are we right now lol>
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: He smiled and looked at the direction he was pointing
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou looked up at the sound of voices. He had been in a daze all day. He saw a girl waveing, calling him over and a few other people.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She gets out and goes over to him. She smiles at him. "Hi Im Meng and you are?"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: < bunch of students came a day early to school and now are about to go cruisin. in Dreamer's car , a red car , and PS. all the classes and rooms in the school are boobytrapped , by Dreamer , for pranks > he smiled " yea , join us man "
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou looked at the odd group of people, there uniforms <jsut guessing there are?!> looked like his. He had a long walk to the school, they seemed friendly enough to invtie him so he decided to take a shot.
"S-sure..." he was a bit monotone, his eyes were slit slightly as if he were tired. He slouched back a bit his bag over his shoulder.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Why do you have your school things??" She questions since it Saturday and hes in uniform.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles " poor guy , can't wait tll school starts , hope in man , get cruisin. and lose your laziness , come on Meng , you wanna come or not? "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "You so demanding." She sticks her tongue out at him and gets back in the car pulling Ksou with her.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou's eyes widend a bit, still keeping his dark posture.
"S-saturday..." He let a small sigh out, he had come from halfway around the world and forgotten the time difference, being from Japan, it was more then a few hours off.
He hopped into the car, still cursing he woke up so early on a saturday.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he laughs leaning back in the car taking his time in comfort " well , I should be , since it's the first time am goin. cruisin. with people , Usually I go alone "
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: Agati laughed, his hand on the geartick. Auberns han on his
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She gets in after Ksou and sits in the middle. "Im the only girl with four guys. YAY!!! I love hanging with guys their so entertaining."
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou looked about the group a bit confused. He still had a accent and felt a bit uncomfotable with the sudden pull. He leaned on his hand looking out the side of the car.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Your japanese right?" She askes him with a smile on her hoping she was right.
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: "Okay kiddies.. Lets go" He turned the key and the engine roared in to life, he left the school quickly and went a t a 'cruising' speed.
"Never did this back in ireland" He smiled. Aubern nodded.
"We just chased the sheep on mopeds.. and told travelers that haggis were real animals.. not sheep bladders" He giggled.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he grinned " you betcha and yay , am near a girl , Fianlly " and laughed " hey mane Agati , know any good places for sight seeing? "
Kimishi / Ksou: Souel looked to the girl that had pulled him into the car. He guessed his accent gave away were he was from.
"Yes...I'm Japanese..." His speech still felt formal, he hoped it would ease up to the language here.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Same here." She hugs him in a friendly way and pulls back looking at the clothing. "Let me just time confusion. Happened to me my first month here."
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: Agati smiled. "Bars? Or arent you guys old enough for that yet?" He smiled, Aubern squeezing his hand. their irish and scottish accent gave them away without having to talk about their homeland
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou felt a bit more comfortable with someone who new what he was going through.
"Yea..." He scratched his head a bit nervouse, the girl didn't have the same accent, but it still sounded somewhat like his.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he sighed and laened back " sure boys , sure feel like getting drunk right now " and closed his eyes
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She notices his nervousness while playing with her chain on her belt. She felt alittle better but still lightheaded for the strangest reason. Looking at Agati and Auberns, she noted in her mind that they were Irish and Scottish.
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: "Okay.. Red tavern.. Here we come!" They said simultaniously and took a sharp turn smoothly
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Actually why are we going to a bar?" She askes while noting that Dreamer is a hyper guy with demanding ways.
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: "To have A drink.. Not too many.. more than three and we will have to walk" Akati laughed and pulled in to a side street, letting the car roll slowley down the hill. "Kids play round here.. So im gonna go slow"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he opened his eyes slowly " then Meng , where do you wanna go? , tell us and we're going "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Nowhere Im fine with going to a bar it not like I havent been to one but Im not getting drunk."
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he leaned his head back again and closed his eyes " very well , no one is getting drunk tonight , next stop , whatever Meng wishs "
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: They sped up as they got off the street and pulled in to a bar. He turned the engine off and pocketed the keys. "Fairst rounds on Aubern!"
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: (add) "Cos I need a drink"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled and got out of the car " so shorty got the money , cool "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "I said Im fine with it." she walks in then suddenly her body becomes numb and she faints.
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: Aubern scowled. "Call me that one more time and ill snap you in half and shit down your neck.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou caught her before she hit the floor, himself falling to his knees from the sudden fly to catch her.
"Oi! Are you ok?" He didn't know her name yet, but shook her gently.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he laughs and then looks at Meng and his eyes widen and runs over to her leaning her head on his hip " hey Meng , you okay? "
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: They both curse and run to her side. "What the...?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She stays black out
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: < forget last post > he laughs and looks at Meng , his eyes widen as she fell and runs over to them , he leaned down looking at her and slowly checked her pulse " hey guys , let's get her to the hospital "
Kimishi / Ksou:
Ksou nodded and picked her up, the strength evident in him. He followed the others to the car.
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: He started the engine and waited for the others to ge her in and safe
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: < g2g , Elle , play my char, for a while , then brief me up , take care > he waited for him to get to the car , and got after him " let's hurry Agati "
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: He stepped on the gass and was soon at the hospital.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She begins to breathe heavily while her heart is racing with incredible speed
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: He rushed her in to the hospital and the doctors whisked her away
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: A doctor comes out goes up to Agati and Aubern. "Im afraid we have some bad news about your friend."
Kimishi / Ksou: "Whats wrong with her, will ...ano...will she be ok?" He still didn;t know the girls name.
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: "Is meng alright?" They asked, sweating slightly. Clutching eachothers hands tightly
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Your friend Meng has a very weak heart so we guess her heart wasnt stable at the time she was out and well she is unable to get her heart replaced because of her blood type."
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: "C--an we do anything to help? Whats wrong with her blood type?" Aubern asked, tears streaming down his face
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Her blood is a very rare one found in new babys in every year. But she has been the last one in 16 years to have this blood type."
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: "What blood type?" Agati asked. (are u killing ur char off?)
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: [No. Why would I do that?] "AOB. But shell be awake in afew hours. You can see if you like. Shes in room 7832." The doctor walks off going into another room.
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: ( i dunno.. i do if i wanan switch chars.. o0) He nodded and entered the room. "Agati.. Thats your blood...." Agati nodded at Auberns comment. "Ill mention it to the docters"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She begins to wake wondering where she is and what is the pain in her arm. Opening her eyes, seeing that she is in a hospital bed. 'It happened again.'
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: Aubern hugged her softly. Agati was waiting for the doctor
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: Hugging Aubern back, she feels abit responsible for not taking her meds this morning and bring these guys into it.
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: "Your gonna be alright.. arent you?" They asked her, concern on ther face
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: Smiling she nods
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: They smile and Aubern kisse dher cheek. "Good"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Im fine you dont need to worry about me."
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: They smiled. "When should you be able to leave?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Tomorrow." She sits up and pulls her knees to her chest
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: "Would you like us to stay with you the night.. Or pick you up in the morning?" Aubern asked her, olding Agatis hand
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Whatever you two choose." She smiles at them. "You guys never answered my question. Are you two a couple? Because your cute together."
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: They blushed. "No..." Aubern didnt seem happy about the answer, neither did Agati
Kimishi / Ksou: <sry i had to leave for a sec, whats going on?>
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: (she is in the hospital, awake)
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Well you can tell me the truth."
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou looked over to her, wondering if she woudl be alright.
"What are you sick with exactly?"
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: "We are" They sighed, Not looking at eachother. Aubern looked lik he was about to tear up
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Weak heart and well Im happy for you two." She said as she looked down in sadness.
Kimishi / Ksou: "Excuse me, miss..." he still didn't knwo the girls name. "Are you alright?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Yes Im fine thank you for helping me and I forgot to tell you my name. Im Meng."
Kimishi / Ksou: He blinked a bit and smiled, happy to hear she was ok.
"Not a problem, and my name is Ksou." He bowed slightly, still working on getting the Japanese culture otu fo his system.
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: They blushed. "No.. We ment we are telling you the turth.. " They waved their hands frantically, gestruing a mistake.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She hugs him letting go after a short time and tries to get up from bed.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Oh I just to conclusions to much. Its just that I have this thing about.....nevermind."
Kimishi / Ksou: A bit confused still of the other, he let her hug him and hugged back gently.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "I would to rest now guys." She smiles and lays back down in bed.
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: They nodded. "Cmon" The nodded to Ksou. "Whats your name anyway?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She sleeps for awhile
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he stood near the door < outside the room > with hsi eyes closed leaning on the wall and as they left , with a face with no expression " she okay? " he said , not opening his eyes
ellesmera: "Yeah..sell be out tomorrow" Agatisighed, Auern was hugging him again, crying softly in to his shirt
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he sighed " so weak heart huh? " , he lefted his head and opened his eyes looking at the slightly dim lights of the hallway " poor girl , did the doctor recommend anything? "
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "No..He said she should have taken some medication...." Agati sighed, stroking Auberns hair.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he sighed " I guess...." he sighed again "....wait here guys " , he pushed himself of the wall and knocked on the room's door and entered slowly , he pulled a chair and sat by her side , looking at " poor girl , you must have bad dreams " and gently placed a hand over her forehead and closed his eyes and did his best to make her dream a happy dream , for he can control dreams , he did his best job to make her dreams a haooy ones , he then opened his eyes and smiled " good night , rest well " he whispered gently and walked out of the room " well , guys , someone should stay by her side this night , got anyvolenteers? "
ellesmera: "Me and Aubern have already offered, she said yeah..So we can stay..Aubern just needs to ring the landlord to tell him to feed moxy." Agati smiled, stroking Auberns hair.
"Can you do it Agati-kun??" Agati rolled his eyes and nodded
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She wakes up and goes out her room for a second. "Oh hey guys. Hey Dreamer."
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: Aubern hugs her tightly. "Why arent you resting?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Im thirsty." Hugging back
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: "What do you wan to drink?" Agati aked, rubbing the back of his head with an enticing smile on his face
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Warm milk." Smiling back as she plays with Auberns hair
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: "Ill see if I can get you some... Aubern..Where are my pocky's?"
"Your bag" He replied from her chest. Which was where his head was buried. Agati smiled and opened his bag, pulling out a pocky and sucking on it. "Thats right.. feed your addiction" Aubern murmered. Agati sighed. "Im out of cigarettes okay?!" He walked away and soon returned with a mug of warm milk, still eating pocky's
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She giggles at how the to act and braids Auberns hair while massaging it as she doing it. "Relax Aubern."
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: "Heres your milk" He smiled, looking incredibly cute sucking on the chocolate covered biscuit stick (POCKY!)
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She stops with Auberns hair taking the glass and drinking alittle of it. "You guys are wonderful..."
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: A
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: A
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: A
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: A
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: A
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: A
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: [huh?]
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: (compf froze) Agati sat down and Aubern jumped on to his lap, taking hold of the other end of the ocky with his own mouth. "Gerroff" Agati growled, Aubern smiled. "No" He giggled and sucked more in, as did Agati, both determined to get the pocky off th eother, not realisng what would happen when they get to the same part of the pock
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: Blushing at the sight infront of her, she smiles and takes a picture on her phone.
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: Agati growled, not noticing the phone pointing at them and sucked half of it in ot his mouth, pulling Aubern forewards, Aurbern scowled and did the same, teir lips met in a powered kiss and they both closed their eyes
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: After taking a picture, she begin recording a video. "Awwww...."
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: Aubern slipped his tongue in to Agatis mouth, it could be seen as they moved, Agati followd suit, wraping his arms round the other. (gtg be bak in...1- 2 hours.. u still be on?)
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: (2-3 even)
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: [No Ill be at school I have 5mins left on here] Blushing she turns around and pretends to fall asleep.
ellesmera / Aubern and Agati: They suddenly realise what they were doing and Aubern shoots to the ther end of the room, Agati stood in the doorway.
"Uh.." They boh blush furiously.
(im at scool.. lol.. few hours left, but as soon as i get home ill b on)
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She giggles and falls asleep after the incident.
[Ok well when will you be home like what state are you in?]
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: [gotta go see ya !!]
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: Dreamer shaked his head " you guys are hopless , you know that? , Jeez! " , he then turned to Meng and smiled
ellesmera: They were panting heavily. Agati was the first to look down, Aubern smiled and llaunhed himself on to him, kissing his heek softly.
"I knew it!" Aubern giggled, holding on to him, Agati pulled out two pocky and handed one to aubern. "Sneaky leprehaun" He scowled.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: Dreamer laughed slightly " you guys sure are wierd " and laughed again , he reached for his pocket and got a chewing gum out and toke a piece and placed the rest inside his pocket
ellesmera / Ayato: Agati looked at dreamer. "Just cos you want some" He joked, rolling his eyes. He kssed Aubern again, softly on the cheek
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he laughed " I don't need a thing from you shorty , I don't wanna turn out like a dwarf " and laughed again and streched his hand out , offering some gun for the 2 and smiled
ellesmera: "We have pocky" They smiled and Aubern stuck out his tongue, which dissapeared in to Agatis mouth
Mena_Broken_Ang: She looks at them all shaking her head. "You silly people." She giggles.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Why are we silly?" They ask, holding hands
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Nothing heh..." After thinking about it leans over abit in sadness
Houri / Ling: Ling walks in. " uhh.. Hi! I'm a foreign exchange student from Barcelona. I'm a junior now and used to be head cheerleader at my old school.My Sister always says I'm a slut because of the way I dress... hehe.."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Oh... Hi. Im Meng." She smiles at her.
Houri / Ling: Ling smiles back a bit shyly..."ummm I really don't know this place yet and I was wondering if you could direct me towards the nurse's quarters... It's time for my infusion..." Looks around nervously...
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Oh I cant maybe one of the guys can because the doctor has told me to stay in bed and not walk sorry."
Houri / Ling: "Oh.. sure ok. Well, I'll try to find it on my own, I still have at least 15 minutes to go..."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "What do you mean??"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "This hspitals too big.. we dont know" agati and aubern said between kisses
Kimishi / Ksou: <S-sorry...whats going on so I can jump right back in>
Houri / Katrina: Ling looks at them nervously.."If I don't get a blood infusion twice a week I die. I have very low blood cell counts. I apparently don't have enough blood in my body."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Oh. Im sorry." she looks at Aubern and Agati with a sweatdrop.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "UIt doesnt change the fact, that we have no clue" They sighed.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Of what??"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "Of where the nurses quaters are£
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Oh I definitely dont know where that is."
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: while they were fighting Dreamer went and came back with a nurse " yes deary , need anyhelp? " the nurse said to Ling , " Jeez! , you 4 are hopeless , atleast instead of fighting start looking , oh my god , what a mess...." he said placing a hand on his forehead , and laughed slightly and looked at them with a smile " but I love hanging with you "
Hikoru: ((can i join if i dont know whats going on?))
Squall Leon Hea: < well , atleast know the general info >
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She hugs Dreamer. "Were helpless and your weird." Smiles.
ellesmera: Agati sighed.
"Searchin is a drag" He sighed and Auben kssed hs nose
"He is so lazy"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "You guys are my new awesome friends and I love that." She smiles at them at all while giggling abit.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: smiles and hugs her back slightly " yeah , well , ummm....all for one and one for all , aight? " he said smiling
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Yea thats truth. Im ready to get out now." She says as she gets bored the hospital
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled and reached for her hand to hers " 'kay , let's continue or cruise " and smiled to them all
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Ok" looking down at their hands "Why are you holding my hands??"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he let go and smiled slightly embarressed " uuuuhhhh.....sorry..."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Its k." Getting up from her bed she pushes them all out to change.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled and stood out , leaning to the wall " man , I don't know what happened , haahhahaaha "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: Waling out, she pulls her hair up and holds a necklace in her mouth.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he pushed away from the wall and looked at her and smiled and quickly snatched the necklace and looked at it keeping it out of her reach and smiled " beautiful " he said admiring it
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Hey thats mine!!" She tries to grab for it but she gets an idea and jumps on his back
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he laughs and keeps it out of reach " can I have it? " he said laughing
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "No its the only thing left I have of my parents!" She grabs it from and puts it around her neck
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he laughs and then stops , without saying a word he turns around and walks away for a while and leans to the wall , crossing his hands and just stays there . with no sound but his breathing
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She looks for him for awhile. After finding him, she walks over to him and stands infront of him. "Whats wrong?"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he lifts his head to her direction and smiles slightly "..nothin..." he says in a low voice coming at as a sigh
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "liar. tell whats wrong? you can tell me anything." She smiles at him with reassurement
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles and then looks down " I guess , well , it's just that , about your parents , am sorry , I kinda lost my parents too , somewhat , anyway , it's okay , Iam better off without them " he turns to her aned smiles " so it's okay , I guess the guys would be looking for us , os I guess we ought to go to them "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "What do you mean somewhat???"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he looked down " well.....I was abandoned since I was a baby , I don't know my parents , and I no longer care and the parents that adopted me are dead...." he sighed , he then looked at her and smiled " and guess what? , I found my real parents and..." and laughs " they were dead , long ago dead...and hey , I don't care , am better off without them " , he eyes turning red a little and swallows a bit hard " well , I got to go somewhere , keep the car for a while with you guys , I don't need it " and slowly walks away , heading towards the the nearest exit and before he reachs for the door he turns to her " am sorry "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: Wondering what made him so sad, she follows him.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he walks out of the hospital and walks through the city and as he turned a corner near a small cafe' he sensed someone follow him , he enters the cafe' and waits
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She waits 20 mins and goes in. After walking in she pretends not to notice Dreamer and orders something to drink.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he looks at her and sighs and gets out as fast as he can , he runs at first and then walks to the park and lays down on the grass at one point , where there is no one and closes his eyes
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: Shes into the park and gets on one of the swings. She begins to get worried because of how long he had been gone and decided to wait just for alittle bit
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he stayed lying there for a while and then stood up and streched , he walked around in the park for a while , till he found Meng , he walked up from behind her and looked at her " so you were following me "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She turns around to look at him and shakes her head.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he looks at her and sighs , strechs a hand forward towards her " let's go , they might be waiting for us "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "No I like the swings."
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles gently and grabs a swing and swings with her " I like the swings too , or atleast used to " he said smiling , he then turns to her and smiles " how far can you go on the swing? " and starts swinging higher
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "High to where it almosts goes over the rail and I jump off." She swings high in the air loving how the breeze is running across her face like it did when she was a kid.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles happily and swings up high and as he was ready to jump his head hit the rail and he falls down to the grass and holds his head ~awwwww~ and then laughs at his situation
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: Jumping off, she goes over to his side and kneels down besides him. "Are you alright?"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he laughs a while and then smiles " am okay " and knocks on his head " this head is stronger than it looks " and laughs again
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "I think its hollow" Sticking her tongue out at him
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles " well maybe am smarter than you think " and sticks his tongue out as well
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She hits him in the head.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: " hey! " he says and laughs a bit and then stands up and looks down at her " common , let's head back "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Ok" She stands ups and jumps on his back
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he laughs and carries her " so you want me to care you all the way? , AAAAAALllllright! " and starts running and laughing on the way back to Agati and Aubern
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Do you ever wish you knew your parents more?" Leaning her head on his shoulder.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he runs even faster and his gaze freezes on the way straight ahead ".....no , not at all , I didn't want to know them either " and continues running ahead
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Oh...Ive been an orphan till this day because Im old enough to live on my own now." She looks down while he runs "Sometimes I think today will be the last day Ill live."
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he stops all at once and looks at her angry " DON'T SAY THAT!!!!! " he shouts as he looks angrily into her eyes
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She gets off his back while looking down the whole time. "Im sorry Ive caused all this trouble for you guys." She runs to an apartment building and goes to her room.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he runs after her and knocks on her door for a while and then walks away but not too far , he just stands in a dark corner of the building hiding from everything and , blending with the darkness
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She jumps out her window in different clothing and sneaks away to a club 9 blocks away from her apartment.
ellesmera: (wat happened?)
Squall Leon Hea / Ged: < let's see if I can explain , we left you guys for a while , and well we talked and stuff for a while and well , right now she is in a club and am near a building in a dark shade and agati has the keys to my car and the other guy not Aubern , is somewhat sitting there confused , you guys are still in the hospital , that's it so far >
ellesmera: (ok)
Agati stood, sighing. "Cmon leprechaun.. lets go home" They caught a bus to the school and retrieved their moterbike, driving at a cruise speed through the streets to the huge mansion which their two families resided in
Squall Leon Hea / Ged: < ummmm...sorry , but Agati has the keys to Dreamer's red car and Dreamer told them to keep it with them for a while >
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: [yea what he said]
ellesmera: (ok.. 4get bikes.. they used the car then)
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: [lol] She walks into the club and goes to back talking to 4 girls
ellesmera: They decideto go to a club instead and enter the saem club as meng, ordering drinks and getting questioned about auberns age, and asking if he definatly was over 18, cos he looked 10-11
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: Meng and several other girls come out on stage in very mini skirts and tanktops or shirts saying something on them.
ellesmera: Agati.. look" They watched meng with interest
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Good evening ladies and gentlemen we see that youve had your drinks now youll be able to enjoy the girls of your decision from up her." She and the others walk down and she goes to the bar ordering a drink.
ellesmera: They watched, wide eyed. "Do you think meng is part of it?" Agati whispered. (agati is bisex btw)
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: [Ok] She gulps the drink down thanking the bartender. After she is requested by some early 20's guy. Walking over she passes them because didnt see them of her eyes being closed
ellesmera / kane_vampire: They watched with nterest, moving slightly closer. Their hearts racing
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: [gotta go talk to you tomorrow]
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: Dreamer walks into the club and looks around , ignoring the distractions , he walks to the bar and order's a drink , and sits there drinking ignroing everything
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: Meng sits in the guys lap facing him with her legs around wrapped around his waist. They whisper into each others earsm giggling once in awhile, until he answers his cell phone. After he's done talking Meng and him start to argue till Meng slaps him after getting off him. Walking to the back, crying, a girl with long black hair followed after Meng. After 20 minutes, 7 girls come out with the manager all the girls slapped him and the manager punches him then kicks him out. Manager says "Never come here again you sick bastard." The girl with long black hair says "Touch my baby, Meng, again and I swear youll be having your funeral the next day." All of them come in and the girl walks over to Agati and Aubern asking what they would they like?
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: Dreamer wasn't in his place anymore , he glass was empty , and as well as his chair , for he walked out behind the man and looked at the pethetic fool as he lays down there , he then pulls the guy from the collar and goes behind the Club at a corner and starts beating the guy up , and then pulled a pocket knife and staps him in his hand's palm and leaves him laying there and as he walks away he cleans his pocket knife and places it back < nasty dude > , he then comes back in and sees shorty and the guys , he walks to them and smiles " how are you guys? "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: The girl askes for his order or who would he like to serve him.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he looks at her and thanks her for her care " excuse me , but may I ask for miss Meng please? , thank you "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She goes to the back to get Meng and 3 minutes later, Meng comes to their table stunned to see it was the guys. "What are you all doing here?"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he turns to her " I was about to ask the same question "
ellesmera: "Is meng okay?" They ask, aubern sat in agatis lap. "I dont want anything" Aubern gets off of Agati. "But Agati does i think" He giggled and agati punched him in the arm. "Shuddup leprechaun. Aubern notices dreamer. "Were okay"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "I work here. But anyway what would you three like to have?" She askes while taking out a pad and a pen.
ellesmera: "We just popped in for a drink.. But i think me and Aubern shall leave now" Agati took auberns hand and stood up
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he stands up and looks at her " sorry , but am gunna have my leave , but before that , what did the man tell you a while ago? "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "It doesnt matter anymore ex's are ex's." She walks away heading to the bar.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: " very well " he then calls after her " and do me a favor , call an ambulance behind the club , there is a small present " and then turns around and walks out and awaits Aubern and Agati
ellesmera: They leave the club, exchanging small quips.
"Big foot"
"You meen big.." Aubern cut him off..
"Disgusting pervert" Aubern laughs and Agati kisses him
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: " you guys ARE hopeless , can't you stay away for a second? " he says as they went out and then walks to them " hey Agati , wanna keep the car a while? , or would you like giving it back? "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: People go to look, to find her ex beat up and stbbed in the hand. She sees as well then walks over to Dreamer "What the hell did you do him? You didnt have to stabbed him all he did was cheat on me but then I realized all he did was walk on me. He didnt need this kind of punishment plus you should ask someone if you can do that to some person you dont know." She slaps him and goes into the ambulance with the guy.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: looks at her and helds his cheek where she slapped him , but even through his anger he kept calm " w...Whatever! " then turns to the 2 you guys ready to leave? "
ellesmera: "Hm...S-Sure" Agati mumbled as aubern clutched his hand
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he then rides in the car and awaits the two guys to come in
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She stays with him till the girl from the club gets her. "Meng are you alright?" Meng shakes her head looking down in sadness the whole time. "I argued with my new friend who did this him because I didnt want this to happen but I didnt want to lose a friend."
ellesmera: "One moment dreamer" They called and ran to meng, hugging her and kissing a cheek. "We love you, dont worry"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She nods and does the same back leaving after.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: Dreamer nodded and waited in the car , he didn't dare to look to her direction , he knew it was his fault , but he didn't want to admit it , so he just sat there and waited for them to come
ellesmera: they return to dreamer and get in
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: They get home and start cooking.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he looks at Agati " may I have the keys or would you drive? " he said smiling gently
ellesmera: they handed the keys overagati and aubern were in the back, kissing.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: The next day she goes to the mall looking around at the stores still thinking that they dont want to talk to her.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: Dreamer headed to school , wierdly early and removed his boobytrapes , he then headed after school to the park and just layed there with his eyes closed
ellesmera: Agati woke up on the sofa, aubern in his arms, both only wearing towels
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She walks to the park standing just looking at it with sad eyes almost crying.
ellesmera: i gtg)
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: as he layed there a breeze blowed by his face , he then sinced a presence , he opened his eyes and sat up , he looked around and stood up and he then walked and saw Meng he looked down and turned around and was about to walk away till he saw her sad face , his eyes widened and then gently yet hardly managed a calm expression on his face , he walked up to her "...am sorry..."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She looks at him crying and hugs him "Im...sorry for...yelling at..you.."
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: < take care Elle > he holds her gently " you didn't do anything wrong , it was my fault " he says gently and wipes her tears
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Yes it is I didnt tell you guys because I thought yall wouldnt like my job but thats what im good at."
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he looks at her gently " shh....just don't say anything , it's okay , now let's just stay like this , please " and hugs her gently
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: hugs back and smiles at him "thanks"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles " it's okay " and gently yet hesitantly places a kiss on her forehead
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She smiles at him after he does that she kisses his cheek
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles and hold her hand " let's go , they might do something and fall intouble without us " and laughs slightly
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Huh?? Trouble?" Follows after him.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles " you know , they are hopeless without someone watching them , so we better head there " he said jokingly
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She laughs
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he holds her hand gently as they walked , he then turned to her "....do you have....a....a boyfriend? " he said as his face slightly turns red but he hid it behind a calm expression
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She shakes her head "Why?"
ellesmera: Agati laughed as Aubern jumped in to the tree, Agati held him to him.
"Silly.. You shouldnt have taunted them" Several large dogs were jumping and barking at them. "Or smashed thise windows"
"I fell through! You PUSHED me!"
"But a polie station window.. tut tut" They jumped in to the next tree and the dogs followed. "Darn"
Squall Leon Hea: he was about to answer when he heard the chaos coming from the way ahead , he looked at her and ran , and saw the Agati and Aubern stuck in a tree and the dogs trying to get them , he looked at them and laughed " you guys are soooooo darn hopeless " and laughed again and then looked at the dogs and smiled and started attacking them , and as they ran away he looked at the 2 " you're safe now , come down "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: As he left she noticed something twitch in a corner, looking for it she finds a white kitten with blue eyes. "Awww... you must be hungry." She goes to find the guys with the kitten in her arms.
ellesmera: Agati pushed Aubern out of the tree and jumped down.
"It was his fault!" They laughed simultaniously, then they looked at each other.
"You pushed me!" Aubern said.
"No i never"
"What were your hands doing on my back then hey!"
"What was your bak doing on my hands?" Agati retroerted, then ruffled the others hair, they looked at dreamer and smiled.
"I pushed him through a polie stations window.. and then let the dogs free after he was taunting them with baon"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he turns to her and smiles " hey..." and then sees the kitten "...wow, sweet "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Dreamer, Agati and Aubern get over please." She smiles them as she holds up the kitten
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles and goes near her but a safe distance from the kitten "...nice..."
ellesmera: They walk over, holding hands. "Uh.."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Really? Its a boy and I dont what to name him." Holding the kitten close her face kissing it because of how adorable it was and she looks at Dreamer "You didnt answer my question from before."
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he looks at her somewhat confused and remembered "uuuuhh.....ummmm....n..nothing , I was just wondering " he said yet kept his eyes on the kitten and kept distance from it
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She looks at him with a confused look, the kitten jumps out her hands and towards the guys rubbing against them legs.
ellesmera: "Its a cute kitten.. How about smokey?" Aubern asked.
"Fiocco Della Neve... We had a cat called that bak home"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: Dreamer slowly walks away from the kitten as it jumped , he then turns to Meng and smiles slightly embarressed
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Lets call that but short term." She smiles down at the kitten and looks Dreamer "Is that good name?"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles " yea , I guess " and backs off a little as the kitten came closer to him
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Whats wrong Dreamer??" She hugs him wondering whats wrong that doesnt want him near the kitten.
ellesmera: Agati picked the kitten up and whispered nonsense words to it, tkling behind its ears and smiled at aubern
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles " hehe...ehe..he...n..nothing , just...I gotta leave you guys abit " and was about to run off but couldn't cause she was hugging him , so he didn't " or second thought , I don't think am gunna go anyway , so hey Meng " he looks at her this time slightly serious " mind if I talked to you...alone? "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Sure" She lets go and looks at him.
ellesmera: Agati wathed. "Okay guys.. Be seeing ya later" They set the cat down and walked off
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he turns to them " hey wait , it's okay , stay here and stay with the kitty " and smiles , he then turns to Meng " please come " and walks away towards a distnce
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She walks after him waving bye to the others
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he walks with her to a safe distance so no one can hear them , then he turns to her " Meng , I...I like you , and well , since you don't have a boyfriend..." he looks down then looks at her slowly "...can I have that honor? "
ellesmera: gtg bbl)
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: < take care Elle , sorry >
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She smiles "That would be great." she kisses him
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he slightly blushs and kisses her back holding her gently ".....I love you..."
ellesmera: They were sat in a tree, the cat with them. Agati was stroking the kitty while Aubern was sucking on his neck.
"How long til they get married after they leave school then" Agati smiled.
"3 years.. Tops" Aubern spoke from around his neck, Agati took hold of the other and kissed him. "How about us?"
"Mmm....1 year" He giggled
Caliber Sin / Ichigo Sindacco.: The girl, Ichigo, 17 years of age, stood infront of the large school, hands behind her head, a bored look plasterd on her face. "A new school, what a drag.." She said boredly with a sigh. Ichigo walked up the Schools steps, only to be greeted by strange stares. She ignored everything and continued on. "How troublesome, Sigh." She stoped at the Schools doors and slid her Backpack off her shoulders and onto the ground, while sitting on a railing.
Mena_Broken_Ang: Meng walks into the school with the uniform on ready to see Dreamer in his new school uniform. Its only been 3 days but thats all she need to have him in the end. Walking out to the garden she sits in the grass and starts drawing something in her pad.
ellesmera: Agati was runnong. "Shorty!" He shouted behing him and darted round meng. "Your kiss with dreamer nice then?" He laughed as aubern came in to view
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She looks at him stunned that he knew. "How did you know?" She gives him a curious look.
ellesmera: "Its obvious.. Plus.. We were sat in a tree, you were in plain sight" He giggled and hgged her
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: Hugging back, she wondered where was Dreamer. "You two are evil and when he said alone to."
ellesmera: "Your kitty ran up a tree.. W were gonna get him down, But aubern decided to attack my neck ... And then I spotted you" His neck was heavily bruised, not all love bites
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Oh.. Ill fix that." She runs her hand softly over the bruise and then blows on it softly. "Its an old movement to get rid of cuts or bruises."
ellesmera: He sighed. "My dad got angry when he found out about me and Aubern..Well..He walked in on me and aubern
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "If you need a place to stay you, I have enough room." She smiles as she massages his neck making it feel better.
ellesmera: "No.. My family lives with Auberns family.. so..."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Why dont both of you stay at my house?"
ellesmera: Aubern tackled Agati to the ground, kissing him lovingly. Agati panted as the wind was knocked from him.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She laughs and hugs Aubern.
ellesmera: They glomped her. "Agati wants to kiss you" Aubern giggled as he said it
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Stop playing Aubern its not nice." Laughing while trying to get them off.
ellesmera: "Let him have a kiss?" Aubern asked, still huging her. Agati was laughing.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "But I only kiss Dreamer and I cant risk our relationship." Smiles at them both before she goes back to drawing.
ellesmera: They kissed her cheek.
"We were joking"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Good." She draws a crowad of people in the school
ellesmera: They giggled and then stood, walking away, but in her sight, SAubern picked th ekitten up and sat down, Agati sat next to him and sucked on his tongue, oulling him in to a kiss
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She gets up headed to the library
ellesmera: They watch her go and kiss slowley
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: After walking in she picks up 7 books and begins reading them all at once while writing a paper.
ellesmera: They start to doze in the sun
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She falls to sleep 48 mins. later.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: [Sorry left for awhile]
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: Dreamer came at the school , wearing his uniform which he didn't like , but he didn't to complain , which is actaully wierd of him , for he was always against the rules , but right now he was day dreaming , he walked into the garden and saw Agati and Aubern and smiled he walked to them and whispered from behind them " shorty and Bigfoot in the tree K-i-s-s-i-n-g " and laughed " how are you guys? " and then saw the kitten and backed off as fast as he can nearly falling down
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She walks outside with 7 books in her hand and sits on the ground under the same tree again. She sets the books down, hugs and kisses Dreamer. "Good morning." She smiles.
ellesmera: They watch.
"I think he migt be allergic to cats" Agati whispered and kissed Aubern softly
Squall Leon Hea: he smiles and kisses her back " good morning , how are you? " , then back up abit when the kitten came closer and then looked at them and smiled " so how are you? " saying to the three
ellesmera: They shrugged and aubern poked the cat, which flipped on to its back, aubern started totickle it, as it purred,he giggled
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Im better now." She smiles as she picks up the kitten. "How did you all sleep?"
ellesmera: They both blushed and looked away from eachother at her question.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Nevermind dont answer that." She leans her head on Dreamers shoulder while petting kitten.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled and stroked her heair gently and placed an arm around her " Slept well , but I missed you "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "I did too." She hugs him. "I dreamt about Dreamer. Hehe its sounds funny."
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he laughed slightly and kissed her , then looked at the kitten , he wanted to back away , but he ignored that and continued kissing her
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She kisses him back."Why do you always back up from the kitten?"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he looked at her and his face turned slightly red in embarressement " sorry , but I just don't really like cats , nor kittens , it's just a thing.....sorry "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Oh Im sorry." Letting the kitten go, she kisses him again and smiles at him. "You look great in your uniform."
ellesmera: They listened, but Aubern had started a poking contest, which had become bites, they were lached on to eachothers neck and sucking hard
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he kissed her back and then looked at his uniform and smiled " you think? " he then turned to her " cause I don't know about that.." and smiled again
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Guys... Is it really necessary to do that at school?" She looks down
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Ours is standard thank you." She sticks her tongue at them.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "How am I homophobic when Im bisexual?" She smiles
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he looked at them as they argued and laughed " okay , okay , just chill , but you 2 , keep it on the low "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Sorry. I hate when people call me homophobic." She glomps him and doesnt let go.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles and holds her back close " it's okay " and kissed her
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "I love you. So whats your first class?" She lays on his chest while playing with his hair
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled " Math , you? " and kissed her head gently
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Choir my favorite." She smiles still playing with his hair
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled " well , am gunna be late for the class , I don't really like math "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Ok. See you later." She kisses him passionately and walks off to class
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled and looked at her as she left , then turned to Agati and Aubern and smiled " hey , sup guys? "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She didnt notice Agati and Aubern as she walked into the school but once inside she headed to choir to see it was an coed class. Sitting in the back she got lots of stares from guys and jealously glares from the girls. The teacher had asked for everyone to present their voices by singing a song they like, but Meng hasnt been gotten to yet.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he walked in the school and decided to skip math class and headed to Meng's class and stood near the door looking from the door's window , doing his best not to get caught by the teacher
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: Meng sees him through the window and waves when the teacher isnt looking till the teacher calls her to sing her favorite song she sings best at. Meng starts to sing 'Goin Crazy' by Natalie and sings it very well. After she sits back down at her seat while looking at Dreamer through the window. [lol now i wanna listen to the song.]
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles and puts a thumb up , and mouths " you are the best " to her
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: Shaking her head, she mouths "Not really"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled and mouthed " I love you " and as he said that , someone poked his shoulder , he turned around slowly and it was the supervisor , he turned quickly to Meng and mouthed " be right back " and looked at the supervisor and ranaway as fast as he can , for a while and then lost him , as he hid in the gym...he sighed in relief
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She giggled softly at what happened to him. The bell rang, she walked outside her class and leaned against the wall waiting for Dreamer when she started to daydream.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he giggled as he walked out behind her " hey , you were great "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "But your funny." She giggles as she sees the supervisor looking at him as he walked up.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles and kisses her " I love you , and I really missed you " he said holding her close
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She kisses back "I love and missed you more." Smiling up at him
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled " would you like to go out tonight? " he said looking into her eyes , admiring every texture of her face and her eyes
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Yes I would." She kisses him deeply while wrapping her arms around his neck. [I gotta leave in 5mins. for school]
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he kissed her back and smiled and placed his hands on her waist " so , you wanna come to my place first after school? " he said looking at her as he smiled
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Im fine with that." She leans her head against his shoulder.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles and strokes her hair gently as she placed her head on his shoulder " sorry , but we should head to the gym , they said they had a meeting to all the classes and well , they said they might mixs some classes together " and smiled
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "I dont wanna go. I wanna stay with you." She looks up at him while looking into his eyes.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles and looks back into her eyes " well , let's go together " and his hand tracing down her arm and to her hand and gently wrapped his hand around her's and smiled
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "I still dont wanna go. Lets go somewhere else." She smiles back but winces when a slight goes through her chest."Owwww..."
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: [gotta go bye]
Squall Leon Hea: he laughs slightly and looks into her eyes " well , if we want to be in the same class , we ought to go there , for atleast to get our names register and then , go out where ever you want " and kisses her gently < take care >
ellesmera: Aagati and Aubern were in gym. They had explained to the teachers about their little incident with a gang who dont like them, twisting the truth greatly.
"Gomen Sensei" They sighed, the teachers just laughed and let them sit a little way away
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Ok I will." She takes Dreamers hand and pulls him with her to the gym.
ellesmera: They were inspecting Agatis back again, the bruising had spread
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: After sitting down in the far back where no one can see, she begins kissing Dreamer again "I cant resist you." She smiles at him
ellesmera: They spotted her and Agati hastily slipped his shirt back on, not wanting his battered body to be spotted
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles back and joins her kissing , but as he did , he eyed around and saw Agati and Aubern , and as Agati slipped his shirt on , on the last glimps of his back Dreamer noticed the bruise , and thought about it for a while and then turned to Meng and smiled and continued kissing her " I love you " he said under his breath
ellesmera: Aubern curled up next to agati, who winced slightly. He stroked the others hair absent mindedly
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "I love you too." She stops kissing for alittle bit and finds herself humming like usual
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he looks at her " baby , are you okay?" as he held her hand gently
ellesmera: They stood up and slowley walked past them, limpin as they made their way to the door.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: Dreamer turns around and stands up and holds Agatis arm firmly " wait , I need to talk to you "
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He winced as he was grabbed and they oth turned round.
"W-what?" He asked, trying to pull away
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he turns to Meng and smiles slightly " I will be back " and then turns to Agati and firms his hold of his arm " I need to talk to you....Alone! " he said as he turns the last word to Aubern
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She sees what happened and goes to see as well.
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Aubern scowled and stormed off. Agati watched him go with sad eyes. He snapped his head back to dreamer. "What!?"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: " come with me " he said and walked with him outside to a place where they can talk freely , Dreamer turned to him and looked into his eyes " Bruise..." he said " the bruise on your back "
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He looked down at the words, and gingerlly rubed his arm.
"What aout it? I fell"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: Meng followed them the whole way and hide from them so she hear them.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he looked at him " he tackled him and uncovered the bruise and looked at him " a Bruise like that is never from a fall , right Meng? "
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He cried out as his many bruises and cuts were uncovered, one in the shape of a ist, ears welled up in his eyes and he tried to push dreamer away
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Dammit" she quietly said. She goes over to them, looking at his bruise then she kneeled down and begin to softly rub his back. "why didnt you tell me early with I was rubbing your bruised neck."
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He winced as she touched him and still tried to get away. "Leave me e" He cried out
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Agati calm down were just trying to help." She rubs softly over every cut or bruise.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he looks at him with and anger and pulls him up and punchs his face " you idiot!!! " he shouted at him " What do you think we are here for?! , we are here trying to help you as friends , so Straighten up and look me in the eye
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He cringes as he was hit. He looked him in the eyes, his eyes free of all emotion, dull and lifeless. Aubern had gone, not home, it wasnt safe for him at home.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She hugs Dreamer "You calm down to. Dreamer go of there and I talk it out with Agati." Helping Agati she sets him down under a tree and sits next to him. "What gave these?"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he nods and walks away , but keeps them within his sight
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He stares lankly sraight ahead of him, his voice automatic and slightly robotic in its structure.
"Told parents about me and Aubern. Dad got really angry and threw a steel chair at Aubern, I took the hit instead, and he turned his attention ot me. Auberns dad had the same reaction and took it out on Aubern.... They beat us solid all night. Saying they would beat it out of us"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Look you guys can stay with me ok. I dont mind plus I need company at home." She smiles at him. "Now go find Aubern and come back here Ill take you two my house."
ellesmera / kane_vampire: "I need my shirt first" He looked down at his chest, tracing the ruise where the steel chair had smashed in to his chest and slammed him in to a wall
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Dreamer give him his shirt." Saying to Dreamer.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he throws his shirt on his face and walks away and heads to his car and drives out of school , he stops infront of a bar and gets out and enters the bar and gets a drink
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He sighs and pulls his shirt on. Aubern appeared.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Ill be right back." She goes into a hallway and calls Dreamer.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he answers the phone " yes? " , and sips some of his drink
ellesmera: They look at each other and sigh. Holding each others hands
Squall Leon Hea / Cloud ex-slodier: < hey Elle , check your PMs >
ellesmera: added u to my msn bbz)
ellesmera: sorry hun.. i ws dragged from the computer)
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "What is wrong? You walked out for nothing." She said with a concerned tone in her voice worried that she had done something wrong.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: " nothing really , just had to get a drink , am sorry " he said trying to make his voice normal
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Sweetie please tell me. I can tell your not yourself." She begged him to answer her question but really she just wanted to know if hed be ok
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled " it's nothing sweety , really , it's all fine " he said as he stood up and headed towards his car
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She smiles to her "Sweetie do you mind picking me up from the school?"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: " okay , I will be there in a while " and starts his car " wait for me " and smiles as he starts towards the school
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Ok" She hangs the cell, walking to the front entrance to wait for Dreamer
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he then reachs the school and stops by Meng and opens the door for her and smiles " hi there , sorry to keep you waiting "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She gets in the passagers seat and kisses him "I never mind"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he kisses her back and smiles " so where do you wanna go? , just say it and am taking you there "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "your place remember?" She closes the door and takes off her school shirt to reveal a tanktop under it.
ellesmera: Aubern and Agati wondered where she was
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled " very well , do you think we ought to get the guys with us? , or atleast give them a lift? " he said looking at her
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She nods
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he blows the horn to them as they pass by and opens the window and calls to them " hey guys , need a lift? "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: she lays back in the seat waiting
ellesmera: They hesitantly nod and get in, holding hands
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She lifts her seat up "You guys wanna stay at my house?"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he looks at them and smiles " so guys? , what do you say? , a lovely girl asks you over , whatcha gunna do? "
ellesmera: "You already asked me.. And Aubern needs to get away from his dad" Agati sighed
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Ill do it!! I have a plan!!" She yells with a smiles on her face.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles at them " so where to first lady and gentle men? "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "First I tell plan. Ok do your parents care if you date the same girl??" Asking with a curious look
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: Dreamer didn't like what this is going to , but kept quiet
ellesmera: "Theyed be happy if we were dating agorilla... if it didnt have a dick" Agati smiled
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She laughs then looks at Dreamer "Sweetie do you mind if I help them? Like be their girlfriend for just alittle time till we get their stuff out the house."
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he sighs slightly then smiles " I guess , but no further than kisses " he warns them
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Ok but before we go through this." She makes out with Dreamer and smiles as she pulls back
ellesmera: "Dont worry" They nodded and kissed as well
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles and holds her back again and kisses her some more and then turns to them , " sorry , 'kay , show me where you're house is "
ellesmera: "That huge white house, straight ahead"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "YAY!!! Roadtrip!" She yells after she stays quiet the whole way
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he stops infront of it and turns to them " ya ready? "
ellesmera: They nodded and got out
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "yeps" She smiles
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She walks with them to their house.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he sighs and smiles " take care "
ellesmera: They took a hand each. "Hows this gonna work?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Just tell them you two agreed with them that dating each other wasnt right and you both found the right girl for you." She smiles at them "Believe its worked"
ellesmera: they nodded. "So..Were gonna like..Take turns in kising you, in front of each other and stuff?"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "You dont have to kiss me." She says while looking at the house ahead of her
ellesmera: They sighed. "They wont believe, until they see at least 5 kisses"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: Dreamer in the car , Sighs and opens the radio on some quiet music and leans backa fixing the chair for him to relax and leans back and sleeps
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Ok then do that."
ellesmera: They nodded and entered, 4 glaring eyes. They gulped
ellesmera: u com on msn for a bit leo?)
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: < am gunna try , cause my parents don't allow me to use the msn , but am gunna try my best >
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Wow guys I love your home..." She whispers.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: < am on , fast , sorry >
ellesmera: They giggled and kissed her cheek.
The parents eyed them up
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She giggles along with them kissing their cheeks back. She notices their parents.
ellesmera: "Your gay.. Whats with the girl" They growled. The boys looked at them.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Oh..Hi Im Meng their girlfriend. Its nice to meet you." She shakes them hands and smiles at them
ellesmera: "You date both of them?" The boys nodded
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She kisses both Agati and Aubern. "Theyre great at making girls happy."
ellesmera: They paretns scowled. "They seemed forced in to those kisses
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She whispers into their ears "Guys more convincing please so I can you get out of the house. Look I know were all friends and you dont wanna do this but you have too."
ellesmera: Agati nodded and slipped his arm round her, pulling her from Aubern and sticking his tongue out at him, he snarled and Agati sighed. "Sweet victory heh" He then leaned in and kissed her, slipping his tongue in to her mouth. His eyes had a look in them. 'You said convincing' they seemed to say
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: Her eyes widen but then close again and kiss back.
Specdro: Smiling at everyone, "Hello, My name is Mr. Barnes and I am the new gym teacher. How is everyone feeling today?"
ellesmera: He smiled in to the kiss, a set of arms pulled her from him and his tongue was replaced by Auberns
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: In her mind 'Woah..' She kisses him back as well
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: bored of staying in the car , Dreamer gets out and sneaks some peeks from the windows and his eyes widened as he sees them as they kiss , and then just a cry of anger shot out , suddnely without him knowing it but later , he then runs to the car and pretends to be a sleep , which was hard because he was so angry
Specdro: Thinking back to the teachers handbook on PDA...
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She hears him and looks at the window sees Dreamer angry at what he saw.
Specdro: Looking at Meng, "That skirt is awful short", and then smiles with no attempt to hide his thoughts.
ellesmera: They blush. "You okay to carry on?" They whisper, stroking her shoulder
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Yea..Im fine..." She looks down slightly still trying to convince their parents
ellesmera: "Still not convinced" Their parents scowl
Specdro: "Folks don't worry, we will make sure these kids stay out of trouble" Looking with authority at parents.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Just continue guys" She whispers
ellesmera: They nod and Agati kisses her again, more slow, as if he was enjoying it.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: < hey , first , we are out of the school , if you wanna join , first try reading or atleast knowing what's happening >
Specdro: "Let me walk you out to your cars, I want to check on Dreamy anyways." Jack says as he takes Mengs very beautiful mother by the arm and smiles.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: 'Lord what am I to do?' She does the same wrapping her arms around his neck
ellesmera: (Ugh No0bs) He finishes the kiss and holds her, when aubern tryed to hug her he pulled her away and stuck his tongue out
Specdro: <my bad> Jack gets arrested for following kids around all day. <bye>
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Guys share." She laughs and hugs Aubern
ellesmera: Agati pouts and aubern hugs her tightly. The parents finally smile. Agati started to wonder how they were going to get there stuff out
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Lets go upstairs." She smiles holding both their hands
ellesmera: They nod and walk upstairs
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Now go to your rooms and pack your clothes or items you love."
ellesmera: They do just that, they didnt own much
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: She goes into Agati's room "Ready?"
ellesmera: He slung his guitar on to his back. "Yah" Aubern came to the door. "Ready"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Ok throw your bags out the window close to the car and well climb through the window." She looks around for the closest window
ellesmera: They rolled their eyes and picked upa box each, walking down the fire escape silently.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: 'They could have mentioned that earlier.' She thought walking behind them
ellesmera: They got in the car. "Okay dreamer.. You can have your girl back." Then they kissed lovingly. "Mmm better"
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Hey sweetie well the plan worked." She smiled at him and kissed his cheek
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he returned the seat to it's normal position and started the car once more and moved out " okay " he then turned to them " well , Meng's house now? "
ellesmera: They nodded, Agati had his guitar cradled in hs lap, he played a few chords quietly, slow, depressive ones, slowley becoming sweeter, symbolifing hope
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Yes to my house. Go 5 blocks down, turn left and go 9 blocks down then youll see a huge house besides you 'cant' miss it." She listens to tune Agati and starts to enjoy it.
ellesmera: He carries on playing the musoc, getting louder and louder
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he drives on her instructions and finally reach a big house , he stops infront of it and looks out of the window "...nice house..." he was in no mood of admiration , he then put on a smile and turned to them " very well , now how can we enter with the gate on the way? "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: A voice comes out of the voicebox Man:"State your business." Meng looks out the window and smiles "Charlie, its me Meng. Just here with some friends." The gate opens a man with a hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts comes to the side. Meng laughs at the clothing and waves to him
ellesmera: The car was filled with music now, aubern was humming softly.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: [back guys]
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: im waiting for a post)
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Love your music."
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: They blushed, but carried on playing, words forming from their lips, a deep, sexy voice (agati) and the voice of an angel (Aubern) harmonising perfectly.
"Dont heal me
Dont break me
I wont let your
Lo-ove escape me
Dont free me
Dont save me
Wrap your arms around me"
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: (i wrote this its on my page. its titled 'dont know' if ya want to comment)
"I dont know if i will last the night
i dont know if im cut up to this fight
You’ve hit me much harder before.
But it takes less and less the more and more…
Leave me...
Don’t leave me
Leave me
Don’t leave,
I don’t know what I want anymore,
I need something to believe"
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: (yer i did) They smiled as they continued to sing. Once it was over they looked at her. "Really?"
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: "Of that song?" They asked in unison, gripping eachothers hand
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: They blushed. "O-okay"
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: they get out, grabbing their stuff
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: Opening the door a maid comes out and takes their bags. Maid:"Madam shall we take their things to the room you made for them?" Meng nods "Not only that but please dont forget the other things I requested."
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: They kissed softly, aubern held the others ass softly
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Guys wait till you get to your room." She giggles and smiles
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles and sighs as he stood next to Meng " these two are hopeless " and laughed slightly " by the way Meng , you got a nice place here "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Its nothing. Dad being a business owner and Mom a world known violinist, you get use to it." She hugs him
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles and holds her gently , " well , I don't know , am not into these things , I prefer livin on the road and stuff " and kissed her gently
Mena_Broken_Ang: kisses back and smiles "Well your not me"
Squall Leon Hea: he smiled " I guess am not " he then walked somewhat away " I guess , I don't know , am just gunna head to the car , I don't feel comfortable in such a big place , sorry "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "Ill go with you." She walks with him to the car "Is there something wrong?" She looks at him in the eyes
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles " nothing really , it's just am not comfortable with big houses " and leaned back onto the chair relaxing
Mena_Broken_Ang: "Im sorry it happens alot and I dont mean it." SHe looks at him while leaning her head on his shoudler
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles " it's not your fault " then he sighs gently and looks at her with a smile " what do you think these two are doing in there? "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "From my point of view I really dont wanna know." She smiles as she cuddles into him.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he laughed slightly " I guess you got a point there " and held her gently
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: [Well were at my mansion(if you want to call it) Agati and Aubern our in their room togehter and me and Dreamer are in his car outside the front of my house.] She giggles and falls asleep on him from her tiring day
ellesmera: Agati and Aubern were playing.
'Annoy the staff' was the game. So far, three women and a butler had colapsed from a nervous breakdown, from seeing their 'im innocent..really' positions
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles and let's her sleep for a while and then carried her gently , trying not to wake her up and whispered to where her room was and get her there , he placed her on the bed and tucked her in gently , and closed the lights and headed out of the room , and headed to find Aubern and Agati , which wasn't hard to do , and smiled " don't you guys have any manners? " he said crossing his hands
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: As shes alseep she begins to have a nightmare and during it she screams as if shes dying
ellesmera: They giggled, both still fully dressed, but in a very sugestive position, Aubern climbed from Agati.
"WWhat do you think?" They replied, mimicing his strance and actions
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled and was about to answer when he heard Meng screaming , he turned around and ran to her room as he opened the door fast and hard he looked at her and ran to her , a scared expression on his face " Meng , Meng , are you okay? "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: Starting to cry in her sleep, she begins to shiver all over her body making her body fell dead cold.
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he looked at her in fright , he didn't know what was happening and was scared , he started shaking her and calling on her name " Meng! , Meng! , Wake up! , Meng! , Meng! "
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: Her eyes opened quickly then hugged Dreamer closely while crying. "Please...dont let me.....die.."
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he held her tight and said in a comforting voice , the most comforting he could manage through his fear , for he feared for her " it's okay , I won't , I won't , am going to stay by your side as much as you wish " and kissed her forehead gently and hugged her again
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "It was horrible....Blood...knives..dead bodies..." She was shaking from head and down.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: {I gotta go Ill be on back on in an hour going back home}
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: " shh...it's okay , nothing will happen to you as long as Iam here , it's okay " he said gently stroking her hair and holding her warmly , trying to calm her down < I g2g too , I got a math Exam tommorow , and it's late here , take care >
ellesmera: (bump)
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: < hey Elle >
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: (hey bbz) Agati and aubern were stood in the doorway, watching
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he looked her in the eyes and held her hand gently , he kissed her and kissed the back of her hand " I love you "
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: They sighed and looked at each other. Holding eachothers hand
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: "I love you too." She kisses him back wiping the tears from her eyes
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled and looked into her eyes " now please smile for me " he said gently rubbing the back of his hand on cheek
Mena_Broken_Ang: She slightly smiles for him and hugs him tightly
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles and holds her hand " rest now love , am gunna stay here by yourside " and held hand tighter yet gently
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiles and kisses her forehead "I should , if I don't care , who would?"
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled and sat by her side , admiring her as she slept , then slowly stood up and turned around to the door , he saw Agati and Aubern , he smiled and walked to them " hi guys "
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Agati smiled. "Hey" Aubern was in his arms, ridal style, fast asleep
Squall Leon Hea / Dreamer: he smiled " you guys are amazing , anyway , what do you think of the place? , you really should be thankful to her for allowing you to stay "

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