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Roleplay - Against all odds by Briannan / Briannan

The world has finally begun peace talks among the underworld races, the vampires, demons and mages. An assasination in the midst of these treaties ends it all. The war is back on, and for those of the half breed, sides must be taken. Those without a side will be killed by all sides. The war has raged for 200 years and so far many of the ones actually doing the fighting are growing tired of it. Prisoners are not taken, and only bodies make it to homelands.

Roleplay Details

any character
no god modding
no onliners
be descriptive


Briannan / Sellerace : Sellerace stalks the streets of New New York. It had to be rebuilt after the mages completely wiped it off the map. She owes alligence to no flag. She is not one of them. Her hair is short, showing the brand on the back of her neck. The brand of the Ra'ajan in red on the back of her neck. The red symbolizes the outcasts. Her eyes are white, the only color is the black of the pupil. She scans the street. The sound of fighting breaks out farther up the street. She continues to walk.
Briannan / Danica: Danica stood in an alley way, watching the skirmish between a group of demons and mages. This was going to get ugly fast and she knew it. She smile. She was like Eros, she lived on discord. It made her happy. A silent sigh left her lips as she stood listening to them argue about what happened to general so and so at a meeting for, nothing other than, world peace. She could feel the giggle welling up inside of her. Couldn't anyone ever see that when power is involved, no one gets along.
Roseyness / Kiriana : Kiriana collided with the thing that had just rammed her into the wall. It was something just as powerful for her; but more trained. The thing she was up against had a better clue to what it was doing than she had.
She hated doing this whole fighting thing; but the people had done this to themselves. She'd had to have chosen, so she chose the side of the Vampires, as that was her natural clan.
The oponent pushed her head against the wall and she could feel her own teeth bite into her own lip, it drew blood. She became hungry.
That hunger helped brew up more anger, and more power, and she managed to succeed in getting the creature off of her. She heaved herself at it, and jolted back suddenly as it made a desperate grab for her.
She managed to kick it back using her heavy ladened shoes. It fell to the floor.
She was frightened, she didn't really want to do this, but she knew she had no choice. Taking advantage of the creature's vulnerable insecure state she smaked her foot right into the side of the temple, and switching almost all thought from her mind, she grabbed the creature's head and rammed it into the floor again and again and again.
Blood soeaked the mossy earth and created a river of upset and pain; the creature was dead. The creature seemed to be aof a multi-race. She felt pity of it; it must've had so much trouble choosing a side to take.
She skimmed her eyes, like a hungry lion searching for prey, around where she stood.
Her gothick dress was splattered with dust, and surprisingly no blood. Feeling sick, adn guilty [after all she'd just gone against her original kreed] she took a step back from the scene.
Taking another look around her, she realised there was no other things like this creature and slowly retreated away from the scene that had caused this sin, guilt, upset and fear she was now feeling.

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