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Roleplay - school for bloodsuckers by Kid / Kid

a school where mostly vampires are but there are other species too.

Roleplay Details

any species is fine.
anything is fine. as long as theres no over board cybering...


Kid / itsunai: itsunai opened her locker and began rummaging through, she grabbed a book and slammed her locker shut. she turned and walked down the hall. she wasnt paying attention to where she was going and ran into someone. she fell back and all her stuff scattered everywhere.. "owwie...dammit. that hurt..." she said as she rubbed her head.
Houri / Katrina: Turning to watch Haru pass, Katrina wondered who she was... Running up to her as fast as her spikes would permit, she introduced herself. "Hey I'm Kat. You always generate that much authority?"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane bent down next to Itsunai. A smile on his face as he handed her the books. His lon, almost floor length black hair swirled lke shadows as it hit the floor.
2Dont mind her...She does that to everyone. Would you like some help miss?" His italian accent was thick an hs geen eyes glnted as he smiled cheerfully
Kid / itsunai: Itsunai watched the girl leave then she looked up at the guy who was handing her her books back. "uhmm yeah..i guess..." she picked up mimiyo (aka the spike bat) "she wont be so rude so soon.." itsunai said to the guy and smiled
evels: am sorry am new my name is fire tree are you ok am an elf i moved here yesterday whats your name
Houri / Katrina: Kat walks over to Ashe. " Hi I'm Katrina..."
ellesmera: He laughed and smiled.
"Heh... Dont worry about it.. I just stay out of her way.. Wouldnt want to meet her on a bad day" He straightened up slightly.
"Whats your name?"
ellesmera / kane_vampire: He looked at Ashe.
"Art..Uh...Down the corridor turn left and its 4 doors down" He smiled. "Can't miss it"
ellesmera: He bent down and gathered her books, his long hair pooling on the floor, like water. He stood again, his green eyes sparkled.
"Careful miss." He smiled.
"Im Kane...You are?"
Black Angel / Rukoshi : <<I'm going to changes characters...cause i feel like it. Just say haru was liek killed or something>>
Ruko walked down the halls silently. Her blades were strapped to her back and her books in a bag that swung at her side. She too was going to art.
"Hello Kane. i over heard you and this girl, she said she's going to art?" Since Ruko already knew the answer she didn't wait for an answer. Putting her hands over the other fallen books that Kane had yet to get to, they lifted in the air and floated into a stack, then moved to Ashe.
"Follow me. i'm going there as well." Once again, with out waiting, she walked off.
FailureXX / Analise: Analise turned her way out a classroom and found herself halted by a group of people. Only one of them she knew to be Kane. The others , she wasn't so sure of. "New kids.?" She wondered. As she walked past them, two novels pressed tightly against her chest, she smiled at Kane and gave a small wave.
Kid / itsunai: "mr kane seems to quickly jump to another pretty faced girl when he can." itsunai said. she stood up and turned to walk away.
ellesmera: "Hi analise ruko.. Bye Ruko.." He caught up to Itsunai. "What you got now?"
ellesmera: He smiled at her.
"Kane" He took some books from her, carrying them for her
Black Angel / Rukoshi : <<Elles, join Children of the damned>.
ellesmera: (ill try. im in a lot) He smiled at her. "You okay?"
Black Angel / Rukoshi : "Hurry up you two, class will be starting soon.' Ruko called back to Kane and Ashe. She didn't see why every girl looked at Kane in the goo-doll eyes. She known him for years, and she never looked at him like that.
"Damned whores.' She muttered unders he breath hatefully.
ellesmera: He rolled his eyez and kalled to her.
"Hai! I know already! sheesh" He rolled his eyes.
"Your looking a little pale is all" He smiled at the new girl again
ellesmera / Ayato: He smiled, his almost white skin gleeming. "Well then. Your very pretty by the way"
ellesmera / Ayato: he smiled at her reaction. (kk)
ellesmera / Sax (blue): "Me? Oh..Im not sure to be honest... I might just pack a backpack and walk around the country... Though, i think im staying at home this year.. Does that sound oring to you?" He asked
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Was me)
Kid / itsunai: "you guys are weird... fun to watch though!!!!" she said with a mistivious smile and laugh as she looked at them, standing behind ayato.
emolover / Zoie: -may i join?-
KairiKihomi / Yuki Kurahomi: hey people....

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