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Roleplay - Demons At Night by Hikoru / Hikoru

21st century Japan. You are a part of a secret club that is made for Demons who got shuned from there familys and forgotten. They live in the city and only come out at night. One of the dog demons comes along a Human and she is not startled by him but interested, the cat demon likes the dog demon and tries to kill the human.

Roleplay Details

Two Dog demon Twins. A cat demon. A mouse demon.


Hikoru: ((Im the cat Demon))
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko was walking with ___ ((whoever the twin is)) at midnight. "I love it right now. Us demons little haven we have right now. I wonder if there anymore in differnent countrys..." Niko was rambilbing.
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko pushed ___ into the ally seeing the human. "Shh...She could be a demon slayer." Niko was kneeling with her double staff in her hand in pouncing stance. ((there are demon slayers))
Jacoby: <<haven't got an avatar for this char yet, sry>> Jak shifted a little where he waited by a large oak tree and repositioned the shades over his eyes. the moon was not yet full in the sky, and the dusk made him squint in mild pain. His eyes were sensitive to the light. He watched as the girl with notebooks walked along the road towards him. He kept his eyes steady on her, curious as to why a schoolgirl was still walkin around at this hour.
Kimishi / Souel: <whos kiko?!>
Hikoru / Nikojur: ((Kotetsu are you a demon?))
Hikoru / Nikojur: <<do our character know each other?>>
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko was shocked at the sight of this person. She held her Double staff to his chin. "Who are you?" She threatend.
Hikoru / Nikojur: "I just like to know someone who fell from the sky. Is that a problem?" She was still in fighting stance. "____, go get the rest of the group..." Niko said and ___ ran off to get them.
Jacoby: From his position beneath the tree, Jac watched the strange group of people. One guy had just fell from the sky and fell to the ground. Another girl held a staff to his throat. "Strange people," Jac mused to himself and settled back to watch as the second guy ran off somewhere and the first fella who had fell picked himself back up.
Jacoby: an old lady came out the house and started throwing stuff at the kid. He ran off, coming up the street toward Jac. Jac lifted his shades up and studied the guy as he ran nearer...Hmm, not the one he'd been looking for
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko stood there alone. "What to do.." She looked on the street. The girl was gone. "Hmmm, what to do now?" She asked herself out loud.
Jacoby: the girl with the staff caught Jac's eye and he straightened up. Studying her closely he, reached into his back pocket and pulled out a folded up piece of paper. Opening it, he compared the photo to the girl before him...a perfect match
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko sat aginst the wall waiting for the group to arive but no one showed. "Damn lazy Demons." She said in her leader voice. She was master of the group even thought the twins think other wise.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: Hello
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko's ears heard the girl walking close. "Dammit..." She pressed herself agisnt the wall.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: Walks Down the street obviously confused to were he is.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "were am i?"
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko sniffed the air. "A demon?" She looked down the other side of the street and there was a demon. "State your name!" She held her staff to the demon's chest.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "my name is Kaja Tisori..i am glad you know i am a demon but.. were am i???"
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "uuhh.. i don't know just walking along and she jumped out with a staff"
Hikoru / Nikojur: "Uh, cosplay...yeah...thats it.." Niko winked at the demon.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "o,yeah... do u like it?"
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "were just practicing.."
Jacoby: Now that Jacoby had found her, he wasnt about to let her out of his sight. He followed along behind, watching as she pointed her staff at a new person. Hm, he thought, this girl seems well experienced with a staff. He would have to be careful
Hikoru / Nikojur: "Kaja...come with me." Niko pushed her into the allyway flickering her tail on the way. "Don't let humans see you! They could be demon slyers for all you know!" She screamed in his face.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "well first off dont scream, second why hide? and answer me.. were am i??..and who is that guy?" Points to the man following her
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: Whispers to the girl that has staff "umm i think we need to go if you want to hide"
Hikoru / Nikojur: "I dont see anyone....I would of picked up there scent...Your seeing things." She pushed the demon agisnt the wall. "Never trust Humans!"
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: looks at her confused "why not? half of them are my friends were i come from.. in fact i protect them"
Hikoru / Nikojur: "Becuase humans just ruin your life." She loward her staff and put it in the case on her back. "Have fun with that." She jumpped onto the lowest roof and sat there staring at the stars.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He jumps up there with her and lays on back looking at stars too "they did not ruin life for me..maybe you should become friends with one.. i meen i am only half demon..my other half is human"
Hikoru / Nikojur: "Thats why you trust them! Ha...Stupid halfy!" She laughed. Everyone in her group was half but she was whole.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "hehehehe..i like being half.. but oh well ha! u dont wanna see me in full" smiles
Hikoru / Nikojur: "What?!" She hissed at the human girl. Niko jumpped down from the roof and got face to face to her. Her fangs showing and everything.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: His Cat Tail swings playfully above him
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He jumps down after her and puts hand on her shoulder "dont...or i will intervene.."
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko hissed at him to take his hand off of her. "It dosnt matter if you intervn. Im a skilled staff spinner. Theres nothing you can do."
Jacoby: <<i seriously cant keep up wiv this. you hav my permission to kill me off. i dont mind who does it - just make it poetic =P>>
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "i am a master in Katana's and Shadow's...your staff is nothing but i prefer not to fight"
Hikoru / Nikojur: "Its nice...now do I have to pay you or something?!" Niko screamed. She pulled her staff outand kicked the side. Two sharp blades came out of the sides.
Hikoru / Nikojur: "Its a knife on the inside if you break the wood." She said laughing.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "fine with me as long as the human is not hurt in it.." He says smiling "comon..hit me if u want just not that girl.."
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko kicked her staff. "Eh, im not in the mood to fight right now. Catch you tommorrow.." She said. When niko was passing the girl she tugged on her ears. "There really sweetie. Im a cat demon...Boo." She laughed as she walked off sheeing the expresstion on the girls face.
Hikoru / Nikojur: <<it is supposed to say real not really>>
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: Chases after her "wait.. let me come with you"
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko looks at him. "Why? Dont you have a home with you human parents to go back to." Niko didnt turn around she just kept walking.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "my parents were assassinated when i was 2.. and no i dont have a home.."
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko stopped dead in her tracs. "Im sorry to hear that..." She didnt turn around. You may come if you dont get me mad, which I do easly!" She walked on.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "thank you..." He follows her silently his tail swinging playfully
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "so whats your name?"
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: <<eh i gtg! sry..cya tomorrow>>
Hikoru / Nikojur: "My name is Nikojur, but you can call me Niko." She smiled and kept on walking.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "nice to meet you niko, how much farther is it that we are going?" Looks Eager to get to a place were he can rest.
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko jumpped up a tall oak tree. They reached the vary top and there was a platform with food and blanket on it. "I live here...Te others live together but you can stay here tonight."
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: With 1 jump he reaches the top and sits on the platform with her "Thank you"
Hikoru / Nikojur: "Get some sleep....By the way, how old are you?" Niko asked before cuddling up in a blanket.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He cuddled up in blanket also and replied "21, how old are you?" His silver cat tail swayed around playfully and his silver cat ears moved slightly
Hikoru / Nikojur: "16.." She said as she drifted off to sleep with her tail rabbed on her staff and the blanket just covering her tourso.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "16..." He said whispering to himself "she looks allot older.." He then soon falls into sleep, only then to be the first to wake up the next morning
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko was already awake when Kaja woke up. "Good morning.." She said whille she brewed coffee in her little fire pit she had. "Want some?"
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: Looks up at her "sure..but you have to try it with some of this in it" He takes out a bag and takes a strange star fruit from it breaks a piece off of it and pours the juices in his cup of coffee
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko tilted her head in confustion. "Whatever floats your boat." She hugged her knees up to her chest and sipped on her black coffee. Niko started singing a jappanesse song.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He sips his coffee also then says "Hmmm.. that song, it sounds familiar."
Hikoru / Nikojur: "What??" Niko snapped back into reality. "Sorry...Im used to being alone so I sing every moring." Niko started to brush her hair and hum the same song.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He looked confused "its ok.. u can still sing it if u want"
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He sits back and rubs her ears
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko just reilized she was letting someone into her life again. She promised she would never do that. She turned around and dangeled her feet off the platform. One tear fell off her face when she thought of her mother and father.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He sits up and sits by her "Sorry.. i didnt meen to." he looks sad
Hikoru / Nikojur: "You did nothing...." She sadi rudly. "Just eat your breakfast!" Niko didsnt turn around but just pointed to the food on the plate.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He figures she needs some space so he turns around and just eats looking really sad his ears limber aiming downward
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He dosent look up or anything but still says "Thanks for the coffee and breakfast.."
Hikoru / Nikojur: "Sure.." Niko says in resoponce. "I need to go..." Niko jumps down of the tree to 100 feet below and lands on her feet.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: Does not look Astonished by the jump he then jumps down himself and lands perfectly on his feet and says "then i will be on my way..i thank you for the Hospitality you have given me, so i suppose i shall make my way now"
Hikoru / Nikojur: "Kaja.....Please come back tonight." Niko turned around and smiled at him.
Kaja_Tisori: Looking slightly puzzled he said "Alright.. i will find my way" He then set off into the city jumping on top of skyscrapers then jumping off them and landing on feet for the fun of it, just travailing around doing random things he never knew of
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: <<woops i didnt log into my character on saying that.. just imagine my picture there lol>>
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko sighed. "I hope he will be back.." Niko started off on her hunt for demon slyers.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: There was no one out in city at all until You spotted a crowd of people in a circle, in that circle you saw sword fighting, one of the fighter's was kaja, the other was a odd looking black demon
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: Kaja shouted something odd that you couldn't hear, he then jumped up and in mid air he shot off like a bullet, he was just a blur bouncing off the ground all over the demon, whos was dumbstruck by kaja's speed, kaja then stopped and landed behind the demon who fell into pieces after kaja put his sword away
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko walked up. "You didnt have to be that ruff." She said laughing.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "eh o well i didnt want to spend so much time on him" he said half laughing, walking with her just talking
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "so what do you like to do Niko?"
Hikoru / Nikojur: "Oh, well, im a.....Nevermind, If I told you you'd hate me." Niko said rubbing the back of her neck.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "please tell me.. i wont care." The sun starts to set "Hey what day is it?"
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "And what month" He looks serious
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko smiled a little. "July 8th....why?"
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "the 8th?, good not the.. wait when i left were i came from it was the sixth.. so i jumped a day. so in my day today is the 7th... We have to get me somewhere were i cant hurt anyone by Nightfall TODAY" He looks extremely seroius
Hikoru / Nikojur: "We can go back to the Platform..." Niko said scared of what was gonna happen. <<Are you gonna pull a inuyasha move on me?>> She raced with him up to the platform. Finally, when they got up there, Niko reached in to her sleve which was a kimono sleve and pulled out 4 steaks. "Two for each of us.." She smiled.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "no i need to go, somewhere were i cant hurt anyone"
The moon itself starts to set, but theres no sun after it a blue color fills the sky He falls to his knees and craps his head "GAH! it followed me!! no, its happening.. RUN!" he said this serously and craps his head in more pain and a darkness creeps onto his body, his cape aims upwords and splits in 2 "HURRY...I'M....TURNING...FULL." The darkness covers him, so he is Jet black you cant see anything on him except his glowing blood red eyes as his cape forms into blood red wings and his fingernails change to real claws, He gives out a loud Demonic roar that is even unheard of to you and is extremely EXTREMELY frightening
Hikoru / Promise: Niko jumps a little but not much. She climbed under the Plateform. She got away like he said and hopped he didnt see her go under it. "This is a damn good birthday." She said quietly.
Hikoru / Nikojur: <<ops, wrong character>>
Kaja_Tisori / Full Demon Kaja: He jumps up from transformation "O kitty kitty were are you??" He has a evil smirk upon his face
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko covers her mouth and stedys her breathing. She gripped her staff. 'I dont want to fight you!' She said in her head. Niko also slipped out some herbs that make Demons dizzy but she didnt know how to make him eat them. She was hiding where she keeps her weapons. There was a bow and arrow. <<going inuyasha on your guys' asses!>> 'Mabey I can shot it into his system then knock him out with my Staff.' She planned in her head,
Kaja_Tisori / Full Demon Kaja: <<not inyu and sry>> He jumps far away and starts killing people coming back for you later "I'll catch you next time kitty!"
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko jumps down from the tree chasing Kaja. "Come back here!" She shots the arrow that has the herbs on it. It goes into his leg, making them usless.
Kaja_Tisori / Full Demon Kaja: He looks at it and back to you he takes it out and goes to toss it at you but tries to stop himself he makes himself barley miss your head at a lightning fast speed that would have killed you
Hikoru / Nikojur: "Oh no you don't!!!" Niko charged at him. She hit him in the leg making him fall to the ground them she did a backflip back to her spot.
Kaja_Tisori / Full Demon Kaja: He jumps off ground and lands behind u, he then shoves you to ground and gets above you on knees and raises fist, he goes to hit you then stops in mid air obviously holding himself back he leans forward onto you and whispers in your ear "I cant control myself for long,run!" He slowly trys to get up off you then looks angry at you again
Hikoru / Nikojur: "No! WHEN I FIGHT I FINISH A FIGHT!" Niko says getting up and skiding backwards on her feet. She pulls out her dagger. "DAGGER OF ICE!" She screams and throws it. One turns into hundres of sharp ice daggars.
Kaja_Tisori / Full Demon Kaja: He takes the hit and stands there with them inside him and hes bleeding "RUN!" He charges at you and as he does he rips them out as he trips you then knees you in gut sending you in the air
Kaja_Tisori / Full Demon Kaja: He falls to the ground and grabs his head "LEAVE ME ALONE!!" he screams to himself those words and the moon starts to set as the sun rises,and as that happens the darkness slowly begins to creep off him
Hikoru / Nikojur: "Kaja..." Niko falls about 100 feet away. Knocked out cold. Her tail bleeding and ears cut up.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: As he reverts he relizes what happens extremely week but determined he catches you and carriers you to the platform the blow he hit you with earlier knocked you out, you wake up cuddled up with him, he looking normal yet in pain as he sleeps
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: (your wounds slightly healed by as much effort he could put in)
Hikoru / Nikojur: "Kaja..." Niko said in a waking up voice. She saw him right above her when she woke up. "Oh Kaja!" Niko grabs him in a hug. "Im so sorry....Those Ice Daggers should have melted by now." Niko took him and laid him down flat. She lifted up his shirt to see a lot of tiny wholes from the ice. "Im so sorry Kaja." She laid next to him holding on to him tightly and put a blanket over the both of them.
Kaja_Tisori / Full Demon Kaja: Wakes up from the reaction "Wow whats going, oh my god are you alright? i didnt meen to... i'm sry i just.." He looks sad and suprised at postion you in with him "umm why is my shirt up and why are you ontop of me with blankets over us? We didnt do anything did we?"
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: <<woops wrong char>>
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko wake up from her sleep. "No...I was checking your wounds and I just felt....lonley...I guess." Niko sat up and turned the other direction. "I'm sorrrryyyy for felling bad for my friend."
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "no,its ok just making sure i didnt do anything worse then what i already have done to you, i couldnt control myself.." He sits up with u sitting abnormally close to you "i was hoping you were ok also, do feel ok?" He looks concerned
Hikoru / Nikojur: "Im fine.." She looks at her tail which was bandaged up. "Hurgery?" She stood up quickly and began to cook the meat from last night with some eggs and she began to brew the coffee.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He helps to cook which is decently good at for he had to do it all his life he was alone "Soo.. what do you want to do today?" He looks Nonchalant A kind of playful smile appears on his face and his tail swings happily and his tail rubs against yours every once in awhile tickling it
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko laughed but then stopped herself everytime becuase she had no energy to do it. "I cant work today and im in no condition to play around. If you dont mind. I would like to sleep today." She said looking over at him.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "Alright.." He still has the smile upon his face "i could get some too... i dont know what else today,i am sorry tho realy i am..i ca-" He almost let a secret slip "carlessy, umm lost control, from uhh.. being a Full demon yeah.." You can tell hes lieng and that hes trying to cover up for something else he was gonna say, He blushes slightly but you can still tell
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: <<GTG be on tomorrow, reply 1 last post and cya tomorrow>>
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko rased her eyebrow. She jumps onto of him so her hands where making it impossible for him to exscape. "Tell me the truth or your not leaving."
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He slides sideways knocking you both by each other atop blankets he holds you closely and looks you deep in the eyes and says "That i care about you.."
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko looks up at him with surpries in her eyes. "Wha--" She said speachless. Niko nocked him off of her. "Uh...The--The meats burning...Yes, ttthe meat."
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: His ears kind of sag down sadly he jumps off the platform and walks off down the street looking at ground whispering to himself that you can barly here "I hate myself.. i hate myself... i hate myself..."
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko blew out the fire and looked down at the city and Kaja walking. "I like you too..." She said quietly returing to her blankets. She grabbed her blankets and cuddled up to them. A idea sprang into Niko's head. "I need to go back home..." She said looking at her home right now. "They'll be at work right now anyways..." Niko climbbed down the tree becuase she couldnt jump. She walked the streets with no wepons and in human clothing. She arrived at her human home, where they locked her up in her bedroom for being differant. Niko went around the back to her bedroom window which was bared up still. The back door had a doggy door, so Niko slipped threw it. Carefully entering her room she grabbed her mattress, blankets, pillows, clothes. Throwing them all into the backyard for her to take home. She went into her brothers room and grabbed some of him clothes too, for Kaja.
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko gatherd averything into a bunch and 3 hours later made it back to the plateform. She set everything up as if it were a bedroom. There was a bed, a kitchen area, a wooden crate for all the clothes, and it took all of her energy but she did it. Niko colapsed on the bed falling imediatly asleep.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: Sitting on a bridge a Dark object jumps out of water and onto the bridge and surround Kaja the objects form into pitch black versions of Kaja "Dangit! Dopplegangers!" He readys his katana and fihts them the explosive noises of magic and clanging of swords awakens you and u relize the fight is about 20 feet away, You see Kaja pull some pretty awesome moves but The dopplegangers are equally as powerful as he is, also theres 6 of them he stands no chance hes getting stabbed and hit left and right but hes also dodging alot of hits, hes killed 3 already
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko awoke to danger. She felt it. Niko quickly grabbed all the wepons she could and started to run around town. Seeing Kaja in a fight she went in to help. "Did I get here quick enough?" She smiled and knocked one in the head with her staff, making the knife apper. She stabbed him in the heart making him colapse. Niko took out a knife and Chopped off his head.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "Just in time.." He did a quick move slicing 1 in half at a slant and the last ones head off "... sry for earlier.. i just uhh well at least you know the truth.." He looks kind of sad "i think i should get going knowing what i had said.. i dont think you would want me around" He shieths his sword and begins to walk off slowly
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko chased after him. "Please don't go...I made the plateform more humany for you....because you said you lived with humans or something..." She said trying to get her words to make scence. "Just please come home." She grabbed him hugging him.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He has a Shocked look on his face an things race through his mind words like "She Said Home" Along with the shocked look hes also confused inside he turns to you and looks at you with suprise in his face
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko fell to her knees crying. "Im sorry I got you upset and im sorry I was ever mean to you...." She looked up at him. "Your a vary vary important person in my life!"
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: Now he looks very very very confused and looks down at her and says "Im the one who should be sorry.. i should not have said what i said and you were never mean to me.." He kneels down with you holding you and look at you "Please stop crying.."
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko's tears stopped. "I like you Kaja...I love you.." She said as he held her she gripped onto his clothing.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: His eyes widen and he slightly gasped to a point were even you cant hear, He slightly moves in for a kiss but dosent know if it will work
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko beat him to it. She placed her lips onto his, rapping her arms around his shoulders. "I really do..." Niko pulled out of the kiss. "I really do love you.."
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "I love you to." He kisses her back deeply while holding her
Hikoru / Nikojur: "Lets go....Im tir--" She fell backwards from the loss of energy.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He picks her up (bridal style) and carrys her to the platform sets her on the bed and gets in with her cuddles up with her and falls asleep
Hikoru / Nikojur: <<Next moring>> "What happend..." Niko awoke rubbing her head. "Where am I--" She saw Kaja fast asleep right next to her. "Ahhh!" She fell out of bed.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: Wakes up "Niko you ok?" he sits up and looks at her tired looking "I'm glad we told each other.. last night"
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: <<Addon to what i last said>> He helps her up "You ok?"
Hikoru / Jeniko: "What did I say last night? I don't remember where I was last night.." She rubbs her head. "Oww." Niko sat on the bed.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "Well i got in a fight with some demons you came to help, we killed them i went to walk off you stopped me and started crying saying how sorry you were i said that i was one who should be sry you said how u loved me and i said how i loved you we kissed you passed out i took you back to the platform and i put you in bed" He looks tired
Hikoru / Nikojur: "Wow...." She said surpriesd. "Really? Thats gonna take awhille to sink in." Niko stood up. "I am going to become human tonight so....Im just gonna hang out here today."
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "ok.. i am suprised you are not yelling at me for us kissing heh.." He has a Expresion on his face that like O yeah...
Hikoru / Nikojur: "Im fine with it...Im just bad with emostions so It will take me awhille to come around." She went over to the bed and layed down. "But its all true, I do love you..." She closed her eyes.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He lied down next to her on bed and wraps a arm around her "Well thats good.." He smiles and slightly laughs
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "so.. what do you want to do tonight since your gonna be a human?"
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko felt uneasy at the time, she didnt know why but she did. Most of her enemys came on the day she becomes a human. She wasnt a halfy but she was. Both of her parents, parents were demons. The gene just skepped them for some reson. She heard a noise and quickly woke up. "Whos there?!" It was dark and her hair was no longer the short brown but a long black. "Dammit."
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: Wakes up "You ok Ba- Niko?" He stoped himself from sayig baby or honey "Whats wrong?"
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "heh o well anyone try to hurt you i'll protect you" He smiled and looked at her "Whatcha wanna do?" He smiled and short laughed
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "hehehe... i will dress up i can hide my ears in my hair.. but my eyes, i can wear glasses" He smiled
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He puts them on "Perfect.." He looks out and relizes something "Hey Niko how old are you?"
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "because i am 4 years older then you... i'm 21" He looks sad "I dont know if it will work out.."
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "sorry.. i should not have asked.." He looks up at, then stands up and puts his ears under his hair and puts some glasses on, he puts his arm around her standing up "So do i look more human?"
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: <<sun glasses (he looks hotter the way he looks now)>>
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: Jumps down next to her "Were to?"
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He did same thing back to her and walked with her he slightly laughs just barely noticeable
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "Nothing i was just thinking of old friends.."
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "Mitaku, Kimaru she was my sister, Alucard.." He looks sad "but there all dead since i took the portal through time i dont know if i went forward or backfward... i think forward, thats why all those things been happening to me they followed me through time even the blue moon did" He Sighs deeply "It happens every 7th of every month"
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He gets up and helps her up "yeah a portal... does that bother you?" he has a expression on his face like I hope she says no..
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "whats wrong?" He looks up at the other demon "want me to kill him for yah?" He half laughs looking at her seriously after
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: In his mind 'wow..' "ok" he opens door for her lets her in then follows in after "wow its like a huge tavern.." He looks amazed
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "i'll have syeak with mashed potatoes with a side of corn, and just regular tea please" He gives niko a confused look then set his menu down
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "Well i have to eat alot, i have a high metabolism and to keep my strength up" he half laughs
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "hmm?" he thought she was talking to him "what?" then the food arrived "oo this looks good" He starts to eat with silverwear very mannerly and ordly and finishes a good 3 minutes after getting food "oo that was good"
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "whats wrong please tell me" he looks up at her with a soft smile
Kaja_Tisori / Full Demon Kaja: "so.." says a voice sounding like kaja but darker the figure comes into view its the full demon version of him "you do love him huh.. mark my words when the blue moon comes i will get you, in this form i am only apart of his mind and can only come out at certain times but i cannot do anything, you will die my his.. well my hands and if you dont you'll have to kill him to live HAHAHA!! if you loved him so much you would run far far away..." He laughs evily and dissapears through a wall
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: he looks up at her "i heard you crying.. and the other man who was he? and theres no reason to cry.." He kisses her
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: When they get outside he picks her up and jumps to platform and lays her in bed and sits by her lightly playing with her hair smiling at her
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko, now back to herself looked at him wired. "What?" SHe said with a half laugh. She balenced on her elbows and leaned in for a kiss.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He layed down on the bed and kissed her back still smiling, the sun went down and it was becoming dark "its getting late.. what do you want to do?" he said still smiling slightly looking at her in the eyes
Hikoru / Nikojur: "I don't know...What do you want to do???" She turned over ontop of him.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: he layed backward and put his arms around her "i dunno.." he said cooly with relaxed eyes and a wide smile on his face "its up to you, hehehehe"
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko kissed him running her hand up his cheast. Under his shirt. playing with his ears she laughed a little.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He laughed from being tickled, he tickled her ears for a moment and rubed her sides sexy like
Hikoru / Nikojur: <<sorry I started vrakign up when I heard that--Can we skip foward? Im terrible at this!>>
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: <<ok.. fine but first wut did we do tho since it up to u lol...... u tell me i will go with whatever u say kinda dumb Question but i wanna make sure if our Characters either did something or not>>
Hikoru / Nikojur: <<They did do something THE something...Get my picture?>>
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: <<kk>> He wakes up first and he realizes what happens and look at you, both naked he whispers to himself "YES!!" hes very close to you and it woke you up, but you didnt understand what he said, u realize ur naked along with him "hi there.. you awake" he says calmy with a smile on his face
Hikoru / Nikojur: "Huh, waa." Niko said waking up. She looks at Kaja and throws her head into the pillow. "Shit!" She said laughing.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: he laughs too and pulls pillow down looking at her and sitting up "oh comon whats wrong?" he said while chuckling
Hikoru / Nikojur: "Nothing, I just cant belive I slept with you!" Niko said putitng her underwere on.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: he laughed and put hit underwere on with morning wood you can tell BIG time "heh.. its a bit shocking but i can see why and how" he stood up out his arms around her "and thats because i love you.."
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko laughed at him and pushed him onto the bed. She rolled her eyes. "Sappy lovy duvy shit bothers me.."
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: he laughed "yeah lovy duvy you know it just showing how i feel for yah" he said with a smile "well i guess i will go hunting"
Hikoru / Nikojur: "Bye..." She didnt interject. Niko looked up at the sky, the warm sun beating down on her half naked body. 'Jimmy....' SHe thought.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He looks down "whoa... umm niko.. were not in town anymore" he looked down to see a metal floor at bottom of tree with gaurds all around he jumps up and scouts area, he goes and lays next to you "were somewhere tho" he looked at you with a oh well expression on his face, his eyes boobs but then drifted off
Kaja_Tisori / The Dark Lord: <<woops i meant he eyes her boobs then drifts off>>
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: <<LOL!! wrong char that wuz me>>
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: <<Gtg>>
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko changed into her fighting outfit quickly. She ran and jumpped down on the metal. "Jimmy where are you??!!!" <<Ill play Jimmy!>> Niko was knocked out by a strange figure in the distance.
kairne / xyphers: (would like to join can someone fill me in plz)
Hikoru / jeweled: <<Ok Kaja is a neko and so am I. I guess were going out but this guy Jimmy was my ex and he is a ass! He took us somewhere I dont know. Do you wanna be Jimmy?>>
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: << lol niko u use wrong char? and i donno who who jimmy is lol u can join xypher, just go through ech page from 22 to 0 to be filled in>> He dresses realy fast jumps down picks her up goes ontop platform and wakes her up "you ok?"
kairne / xyphers: (dun wanna be jimmy) *the young demon looked around and then said* "demonic guise" *he could see through buildings and locate people this is why he was known as the tracker demon but since he was young he had a limited amount of stamina so he could sustain it for only short bursts of heightened senses he had rebelled from a great demon and was now badly injured being chased by his old master he sought out to find someone strong enough to save him*
Kaja_Tisori / The Dark Lord: A man walks into the room with a wide red flourishing cloak on "hello kaja..." he says with a wide smile he laughs evily "its nice to see you again.."
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He jumps down and pulls his sword out "oh so the dark lord rises again!" He stabs the man in red but shows a sign of pain
Kaja_Tisori / The Dark Lord: He shows a sign of pain also "do not forget that we are bound together by blood and soul.. brother
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He pulls his sword out of the man and twiches in pain "brother or not i will kill you alucard, i dont care if i go out with you!" He slices hard but the man named Alucard dodges and swings his sword, Kaja blocks it "I dont care if we our bound by father!"
Kaja_Tisori / The Dark Lord: He twiches in pain slightly "oh you never cared.. never about me,father,mother, or kimaru!" He spins and stabs it nearly misses kaja who takes another swing that strikes across Alucards stomache
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "i cared for them! i had to leave them behind because of YOU!, you ran me out!" Alucard stands back "thats why i left! to save them! but to me there dead, BECAUSE OF YOU" He stabs Alucard who takes the hit, none of the strikes are fatal they both begin bleeding the same wounds
Kaja_Tisori / The Dark Lord: He backs up and shieths his sword "we will meet again brother you filthy half-blood" he turns and walks off
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He sheaths his sword jumps back to the tree his wounds heal, meening his brother has been healed also, he crawls in bed with niko kisses he gently curls up with her then falls asleep
kairne / xyphers: *looks at what just happened through his demonic guise and said to himself* "hmmmm maybe i should seek protection with them" *a dark voice hissed* "maybesssss you ssshould ssseek protection or jussst kill them" *he whirled around and just saw darkness then tried turning around and just saw pure darkness he tried running out of the darkness fog but ran straight into a wall he brroke his nose he knew that using his regeneration would waste too much energy on such a small wound he said "demonic guise!" the fog dissaapeared through his cleared vision and started running he didn't know to were just to escape he pushed his fear into the farthest corner of his mind and started turning through the dirt roads the world started getting darker as his guise started wearing off then he noticed he was in the same spot not moved at all the specter had just introduced ideas into his head makeing him think he was running and think what he was seeing the fog closed in he started chokeing he sstumbled out of it and being able to see ran in the direction of were kaja was then fell blacked out* (pst btw sorry for any ttypos my keys on my computer don't work as good as they shoulD)
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He wakes up "uughh.." He rubs niko a bit "get up baby.." he kisses her
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko looks at him with disgust. She walks over to the dark lord who just now appers. "I joined his team now...He is MUCH better then you Kaja." She said standing next to The Dark Lord.
Kaja_Tisori / The Dark Lord: "hahahah!" he laughs evily in that way "now you see kaja even your girlfriend has turned! what is her name? niko? hahahaha!! come my new assistant" he turns and walks off with her
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He looks atonished , suprised and sad "b-b-but niko you cant j-j-just wait! why are y-y-you doing this?" tears streak down his face
Hikoru / Nikojur: "Your powers are nothing compared to his. Working for him will make every dream of mine come true." Niko walked off with the Lord.
Hikoru / Nikojur: huh?
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: <<Woops>> He screams toward you "I LOVED YOU!" he begins to scream in anger, the Dark Lord sends his undead cerberus after Kaja, Kaja drops to the floor and grabs his head, his eyes begin to turn neon blue and his body is entangled in darkness
Kaja_Tisori / Full Demon Kaja: He stands up Full Demon "RRRAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!" he screams such a terrifying Demonic roar that you scream in terror and begin to cry as you run for you life from fright, he charges at the undead Cerberus and slices in half with 1 hand, he charges straight for both of you "YOU WILL DIE!"
Kaja_Tisori / Full Demon Kaja: <<Ad-onn>> He charges up an odd Aura and creats a Shadow Box around just us 3, he charges and pins the dark lord taking massive strikes, your in the corner screaming he begins to bleed the same and the Dark Lord all the attacks are Fatal but somehow there boht still alive "DIE!!!" he screams they both bleed, he relizes you in the corner screaming he lays off Alucard turn at you his neon eyes turn back to normal his eyes in shock, wideeyes the darkness crawls off him, you look down to see the Dark Lord alucard, had stuck his sword in Kaja he pulls it out and Kaja falls to ground Dead.. (its not the end just go wit it) Alucard heals himself after kaja is dead, so he wont heal too
Kaja_Tisori / The Dark Lord: The walls dissapear "HAH! hes dead!!! he never could beat me in anything, come here niko lets celebrate" he laguhs evily
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko was sad but knew she would be better with the Dark Lord. "Shall we continue our leave My Lord?"
Kaja_Tisori / The Dark Lord: "yes please.." you continue to walk and you feel a strong power behind both of you, then you hear a voice
Hikoru / Nikojur: "What the-" Niko turns around with her arms crossed and leg bent.
Kaja_Tisori / 200% Full Demon Kaja: The voice is Kaja its weak and unstrong "y-y-you will not take her from me alucard..." he stands up even tho hes supposed to be dead, he cape turns into blood red wings and a Shadow Aura begins to circle around him and empower him "your time is now!" he changes and flys towards the darklord to finish him off
Kaja_Tisori / 200% Full Demon Kaja: He was so fast that all that is happening is he stands next to you, his 2 katanas that he pulled out of thin air, are in the kidney of The Dark Lord "YOU WILL DIE AND BE BANISHED TO THE VOID!" He trusts the swords in farther and twists them, the dark lord falls off them about 0.01% alive
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko jumpps in front of him. "NO!!" Niko is thrown to the ground by Kaja. Her breathing steadyly falling.
Kaja_Tisori / The Dark Lord: "No!..... gah.." He breaths very hard on verge of death "t-t-this cannot be! the phrophicie was not supposed to happen i should not be dying!!" Its too late now, Kaja rips open a Portal to the Dark Void, "NOOOO!! DONT AHH!!" The dark lord is thrown in and kaja shuts it closed
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He reverts, and falls to his knees to look that you "n-niko!" he strians but he does picks her up bridal style "are you ok?" AAHHH he trys to stand up with you it hurts badly but he does anyway, he takes you to the tree, it feels as if it was spinning and we end up back in the city, he sets you in bed, and holds you close praying and crying , hoping you wont die
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko opend her eyes. Breathing in and out killing her so much. "Ow..It--hutrts."
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "what does? tell me!" he looks concerned, he uses a spell to heal ur general body hoping that will work
KarloZ / Jimmy: Jimmy jumps down on to the plateform. "Kaja. Dont touch her shes coming home, with me."
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "Who are you, how do you know my name and her name?" He looks ready for a fight to defend her
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko's eyes lite up. "Oh Jimmy youve come back!" She jumpped up and ran over to him. She didnt car about the pain or anything. Jimmy was back.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "niko? is he an old friend or a brother?" he looks confused and a bit sad
KarloZ / Jimmy: "No, Jimmy is my Husband." Niko kisses him, grabbing onto Jimmy's waits.
Hikoru / Nikojur: <<Wrong character>>
Hikoru / Nikojur: Jimmy smiled at Niko. He lifted her chin up. "I told you I would be back." He said kissing her back. "Im sorry Kaja..But shes mine."
KarloZ / Jimmy: <<Wrong Character AGAIN!>>
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "ah!" He looks dumbstruck and wide-eyed "w-w-wait h-husband????!!?!?!?!?!?! hes your husband and we... oh my, i best get going since your both together again.. goodbye niko"
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He walks backward slowly untill hes at the edge of the platform "bye niko.. m-maybe we will see eachother down the street sometime.." his ears go real low and tear flow down his face he does a backflip off the platform onto the ground, on instant contact of the ground he bounces off onto next building nad hops along extremely far out of sight, finds a dark corner with a tree and sits under it "no..no..no! this cant be!" he hits himself so hard it knocks him out
KarloZ / Jimmy: Jimmy laughed. "Well, Your taking this quite easly even though you had sex with my wife." He looked down at Niko who was in shock. "I was only gone for 2onths not the 4 you think I have been." Niko stared at the ground. "Its ok, I forgive you."
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: Later that night, While jimmy is asleep Niko spots kaja out on the bridge were they first kissed, hes skipping rocks aross the water
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko walked up to Kaja. "He sweet--Kaja. Im sorry I didnt tell you. But I tryed!" She kneeled down next to him.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: he kneels down to hold her close but stops and pulls away "i-its ok, i just wished i knew, because then i wouldnt have botherd with doing things, how did he know that we had sex?" he sighs, He skips more rocks
Hikoru / Nikojur: "I donno...My house is open to the public you know." Niko laughed a little. "Seriously. I like you but I lOVE him."
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He mutters so u cant hear him "yeah you loved me 2 days ago.." (he mutters that) "i would go if i were you.. before he wakes up" You see him from plateform he stirs in bed "goodbye niko..." he begins to walk off
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: Its 10 years later after that night,you havent seen eachother at all since that night, its sunset, you r on the plateform with jimmy when you spot someone below that looks like a Neko after minutes of spectating you relize its your old friend Kaja
KarloZ / Jimmy: "Babe, its that love triangle guy whats his name???uhhhhh???" Jimmy sat there scratching his head.
Hikoru / Nikojur: "Kaja?!" Niko was excided. She jummped down with TrellaBella on her shoulders. "Kaja!" Niko punced on him, giving him a huge hug. "This is my daughter TrellaBella."
Hikoru / TrellaBella: "Yay! Your a kittey jwust wike Daddy!" Trell grabbed his ear yanking on it. "YAY!"
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "niko.." you see his face is scarred from the war that happend 2 years ago, he looks alot different his face is dark and evil looking and its scarred, he has a purple heart medal and he's in his old pure white armor with the blood red cape on "i dont think we should talk.. i am glad your a mother now and your happy with jimmy.. something you would never accomplish with me.. i best go" he turns to walk off when a blade pops out his stomache covers in blood and you hear a familar voice from behind
Kaja_Tisori / The Dark Lord: "Hello again... Brother! you wont do that this time!" He laughs evily and pulls the blade out "oh and niko you were worthless anyways you will die with him" he charges for you about to stab you, when somone jumps in the way all you see is a red cape infront of you
Kaja_Tisori / 200% Full Demon Kaja: "y-y-you wont hurt her!" He yells as blood pours from his mouth "i can transform willingly!!" the cape turns to wings "you will die!" he walks into the blade more
Kaja_Tisori / The Dark Lord: He pulls blade out and starts stabbing kaja many many many times, tho kaja does not fall, but continues moving towards him, He takes a final swing to chop kajas head off "DIE!"
Kaja_Tisori / 200% Full Demon Kaja: He grabs the blade like it was nothing, but he bleeds from the hand, he breaks the sword to piecies and grabs Alucard by the neck and raises him from above the ground "this is the end for you!" he tosses him in the air and the brotherly fight is on, Alucard dives down to punch Kaja, Kaja jumps up to punch Alucard. Their knuckles meet and creates a small shockwaves, they do the same fighting moves at the same time, at the same pace punch after claw after kick and shadow attack, kaja knocks alucard to the ground and flings down to stab him with his sword, alucard blocks wit his sword it creates such an explosion of blue black and red it makes a crater were they were standing "I will end this now!" he gets in a sword lock with Alucard, twists knocking sword out of alucards hand then stabs him in the stomache, twisting it (lets just say the fight went on for about 2 hours) causing more pain.
Kaja_Tisori / The Dark Lord: "gah!" he chokes on his own blood "this is impossible.." he looks up at kaja and notices he has there fathers amulet on, he looks at the sky "father.. why.. did you pick.. his side?" a final amount of blood poured from his mouth and he fell off kaja's blade dead.. for good
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He reverts, stumbles back half way to you then falls to his knees, almost dead breathing harshly
Hikoru / TrellaBella: Trella jumpped from Jeniko's shoulders. "Daddy!!!" Trella started crying. Jeniko told her that Jimmy wasnt ehr father but Kaja was, even though he wasnt she wanted it to be true so she pretenden it.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: He crawls towards you "n-niko.... help" He passes out at your feet
Hikoru / Nikojur: Niko took out her sword. "I havnt fought anyone scence that horrible day but I dont mind doing it again! Trella! Go get Jimmy!" Trella nodded her head and started climbing the tree. She put 3 potions on her dagger and shot it at the Lord.It went inside him, it was poisin to all demons. No matter how strong it may be. It eats your insides until it reaches your heart, making you weaker every secound.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: << lol hes already dead.>>

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