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Roleplay - The End by me / black_soul

What if you saw your own death? What limits would it drive you to to stop it from happening?
2007. A strange new virus known as NFSD (Neurone Future Sensory Disease) has been unwittingly created by a company that are attempting to see into the future. The virus' genes are able to predict that exactly. The problem is that there's only one point in the future you can see- The day leading to your untimely demise.

Roleplay Details

Be who you like. Regular rules. No being an idiot and godmodding, no sex (although romance isn't too bad, as long as it's not too excessive.) This is the first and probably the last RP I'll make in a while, so please join. I've made it anonymously, though, just in case I contradict myself.
Your first few posts have to be an introduction to your character, and their impending demise. Then the actual RP starts, where you're trying to get out of this fate.
-Have fun.


silentblade / Itami Kojima: [Alright then, I'll join]
Itami knew he was infected the moment he'd woken up. It was all over the news. NFSD. The disease that was causing people to forsee their demise. He got out of bed. It was about 5am, and the sun was peering out from behind the horizon.
"..How long.." He asked himself, terrified of what he'd seen in his dream, refusing to believe it.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Funny, e person who posted this didn't reply. >>
silentblade: (I know. I most definately didn't make this RP.. No no no..)
Jacoby / Jaco: Jaco hadn't slept or eaten for days. His mind was numb, his life an empty shell. What was the point of living if there was no future? He left his apartment and shuffled down the stares. Stepping outside, he squinted and turned his head away fromt the blinding sunlight. He glanced up and down the street, looking for something, anything that could tell him what to do, where to go. He didn't have long left - all that was left to him was the signs of his impending death
girly101 / silver gates: Silver shaken from her dream bolted up right in the bed.She shook her head and stood,she looked around the day looked like every other she had awoken to.Cool,with sunlight pooring in from the window.she grabbed her black leather pants,and tank top.she went out into the day looking around and seeing she stil had much time to prevent her death.
Jacoby / Jaco: Sighing, Jaco turned left and started walking. He kept his head down, watching his scuffed up boots as they dragged along the broken pavement. He had no energy for anything anymore. He had seen his death eight days ago and since then everything had changed. He shivered in the warm morning, his fears building so high he stopped walking and hunched over, hugging himself....His death would be a bloody and violent one
girly101 / silver gates: Silver looked up from her feet and saw everyone looked very sad...She looked back down and continued to walk...until she ran in Jaco."im sorry."she mumbled."Im really protecting my self this way."she whispeared."I cant even manage to not run into sum one."She sighed and rubbed her forehead.
Jacoby / Jaco: Jaco caught hold of the girl's arms to stop her falling. He looked up into her face and his breath caught. It was HER! She had been in his vision. He stumbled over his words, "I-I KNOW u," he whispered brokenly. "I've seen you in my dreams." He studied her as she rubbed tiredly at her forehead
silentblade / Itami Kojima: (You guys are TOO awesome.)
Itami looked both angry and upset as he pulled the kitchen knife out from the cupboard. Heading back upstairs, he sat down by his sister's door, waiting for her to get up.
"..Why would you want to do this, Kasumi?" He whispered quietly, fighting back tears.
But so be it. It was either him or his sister. The razor shone brightly as the light from outside glanced off it, reflecting a curved light on the ceiling.
He heard movements from inside. "..I guess that this is it." He said, getting slowly to his feet.
girly101 / silver gates: Silver looked up at Jaco.."in ur dreams?"she asked softly..
Jacoby / Jaco: Jaco met Silver's eyes. "Yes," he whispered. "You're there...when i die..." Suddenly, he stepped away from her. "Look. Maybe we shudnt be talkin like this. It's means something bad will happen." He backs up a couple more steps. "Have you...dreamt of me?"
girly101 / silver gates: She thought for a moment..."Oh my god."she whispeared..."Your...the guy in shadow of the street..."she also backed up more out of surprise than fear of him,it wasent the right time to die....at least it shouldent be..but staying away from someone probably wouldent change if she lived or died.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Kasumi's voice came from inside. "...Itami?" she asked, slightly concerned. Itami slowly eased the door open. She was wearing a tight fitted training outfit with baggy trousers. She looked like she was about to go for a jog. Itami drew the knife from behind his back. "NFSD." He said menacingly. "Oh, god.." Kasumi said, slowly raising her hands up into a defensive position. She knew that Itami was going to attack with the knife.
"..How could you?!" Itami asked, running at her, ready to swing the blade.
Jacoby / Jaco: Jaco felt himself unusually drawn to Silver. He tried to resist the pull but he felt like he was fish trapped in a current with no way to escape. He knew this was his destiny, so why fight it? He felt a great weight settle around his shoulders and i sighed. He could accept his fate, if only he had the courage. Looking at Silver, he straightened up and held out a hand. "I'm Jaco," he said.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: The knife hissed as it sliced through the air, but alas was too slow. Kasumi ducked under Itami's strike, grabbing his arm as it passed over, and using him as a pivot to throw him to the floor. Itami yelled, getting to his feet and stabbing forth. Kasumi quickly weaved around him, kicking out his leg and catching it as Itami lost his balance. She narrowed her eyes. "..Can't trust your own sister, huh?" She said, raising his leg upwards so that Itami fell flat onto his face. "..You know me to well- But you can't defeat me." Itami growled, getting to his feet and rushing forwards, about to mindlessly attack, before being struck in the stomach by a quick palm. Itami felt sick for a moment, before being knocked to the floor. "..Perhaps you saw that future cause I was defending myself." She said, turning, and starting to leave the room. Itami suddenly twirled around while jumping to his feet, aiming a kick into Kasumi's back. "..Mistake." She said, catching him by the ankle with one hand, before twisting it to the point it made Itami wince. Her expression, movements, and tone were so cold. The side of his sister Itami was terrified of. She let out a low breath, before giving him a powerful strike towards the window. Glass shattered, and Itami felt himself falling, landing with a crunch on the roof of an SUV that happened to be parked besides the three.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Fate was twisted and toyed with. Not that she, or anyone could do anything about it. Terrifying was an understatement of what she had seen before she found herself among tall grasses, when she heard noises of broken glass, followed by crumpling of what she did not know...
"...Distress." Was what she uttered before finding herself llimping towards the group of people, her eyes hazey, yet focussing on something on top of a vehicle...
girly101 / silver gates: Silver put her hand in his,looking into his eyes..how beautifull they were."Im silver.."
Jacoby / Jaco: He felt the girl's warm hand slide into his and suddenly everything slipped into place. The weight lifted off his shoulders and the despair drifted away. Jaco stared at her, kind of dumbstruck, and held onto her hand for a second longer than was socially acceptable. He hastily released her, his movements quick and embarraassed. "I'm sorry," he murmured, dropping his eyes. "It's nice to meet you." And it WAS nice, even though his death was that much nearer now he had met her.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: People were such inconsiderate bastards. Despite the shattered glass that had landed at the others' feet, no one had noticed him crunching into the cieling of the Escalade. Itami slowly slid off it, leaning against it, with his head down. A tear fell from his eye. "..I can't do it.." He said, his teeth clenched really tightly, bleeding from the small glass cuts all over his arms and back.
girly101 / silver gates: Silver lifted his chin."Dont be."she smiled,and thought for a moment."But im going to trick fate out of our deaths..cause we are supposed to die at the same time.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: "I'm just peachy, thank you. I just got beaten up by a girl, smashed through a second story window, and foresaw my own violent and painful demise to top it all of."
He looked up. His face was cut and bloodied, and swollen around one eye. People said he was handsome, but right now, that was definately not the case.
"..At least you were smart enough to do anything." He said with a slight smile, before looking darkly at silver and Jaco.
Jacoby / Captain Jaco: Jaco smiled at Silver, the expression feeling strange and stiff on his face - it had been so long since he felt anything but cold despair. He suddenly became aware of someone's eyes on him and turned his head to find a beaten-up guy glaring at him, blood dripping from his face. Jaco realised he had been so caught up in the girl before him that everything else had slipped into the background. "I'm sorry," he said sincerely. "I should have noticed you needed help. I've not been very...observant lately."
Jacoby / Jaco: <<DAMN IT TO HELL. Sorry guys, that was me>>
girly101 / silver gates: Silver turned her head toward him."Are you ok,would be my first question,but that would also be a pointless one since it is completly obbvious that u arent..so what may I do to help?"Silver said walking towards them.
Jacoby / Jaco: Jaco quickly followed behind Silver, glass crunching under his feet, and stood next to her as they both studied the angry-looking guy. Jeez, Jaco thought, he'd really taken a beating. Jaco glanced around, looking for whatever had caused the destruction, but there was only the guy in front of him and a dark-haired girl, who stood nearby, looking worried. Jaco glanced at Silver, but her attention was on the man. He noticed the small frown that creased her brow, he way her mouth was down-turned at the corners with concern. For some reason, he had a difficult time looking away from her. But when she spoke, he shifted his attention away, not wanting her to think he was staring.
girly101 / silver gates: <srry i dont wanna control u but i wanna move so im kinda gonna skip u tensu...srry>The man continued to look angry or pissed.She walked a bit closer to Jaco,because for some reason she felt safer by him."I dont no if an ambulance would work..they shut down probably.It would make sence cause of all the people calling before there deaths to get protection...besides the fact the citie is going crazy now that they all no when there gonna die..."she said more directed at Jaco.
Jacoby / Jaco: Jaco had noticed the way Silver edged a little nearer to him and he was warmed by it. He nodded in agreement with her. "I think you're right. Maybe we could find a pharmacy open." He glanced up and down the street, but it was a residential area and had no stores. "I'm not sure where we should start." He looked at the beaten-up guy. "Um, who DID this to you?" Jaco looked around again, searching for an attacker. "Are they still aroundd? 'Cause maybe we should be leaving if they are." He felt a surge of protectiveness toward Silver. He didn't want to see her in the midst of any danger.
girly101 / silver gates: <tensuuuu were waitin on u>
girly101 / silver gates: <veeeeeeeep.lol ok then that person!>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki simply approached Itami and carefully supported him by his arm over shoulder, not caring if her bare feet were cut up by e shattered glass beneath them.
"Baka. You won't die here. Go back and get it treated." She said gruffly in choppy sentences, and despite his winces at the pain, she proceeded to heading back to the building.
"Anyone else care to help?"
girly101 / silver gates: <hmp?>
Jacoby / Jaco: <<where is SB anyway? i hope he be ok>>
girly101 / silver gates: <idk I hope so 2>
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami could hardly see through his swollen eyes.
"..Mitsuki?" He asked, his voice softening suddenly.
He felt slightly warmer, in her presence. He was erratic around all these strangers, wounded and upset, but for once, he was glad he had someone he could call 'friend'.
"I'm staying in the apartment where... The one with the Itami-shaped hole in the window." He said, clutching one rib with one arm, the other over her shoulder.
"..And for god's sake, put some shoes on."
(Thanks for reminding me of this RP, Jaco. )
girly101 / silver gates: Silver looked at him not noing if hew could walk in his condition."Do you need my help?"she asked softly.She glanced at Jaco who seemed to be study his situation also.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami shook his head. "I'll manage with Mitsuki." He said in an undertone, looking across at Chi. "..Thanks for helping me." He said, slowly starting to stumble forwards towards the door. He slowly moved his hand to the inside of his coat, revealing a set of keys. The door opened before he could touch it. Kasumi Kojima calmly walked out, giving her brother a cold expression before sprinting off down the street, beginning her daily training regime. Itami looked down at the ground, before looking at the others. "..Feel free to come inside. I can see I'm not the only NFSDer here."
Jacoby / Jaco: Jaco looked to Silver and shrugged a bit. They might as well go inside with the beaten-up guy. It wasn't like Jaco was doing anything else today - except waiting to die. And he found he had no patience for that at the moment. For the first time since he has seen his own death, he was feeling...calmer. Blood and fear had dominated his thoughts for so long, it took him a moment to realise just what this new emotion he was feeling was...
He smiled at Silver, "Let's join them. You never know, maybe we can help each other."
girly101 / silver gates: Silver nodded at him and walked in,but kept him close as she did so.She felt a little parinoid for some reason,but he made her feel safer.
Jacoby / Jaco: Jaco sensed Silver's unease and took her hand in his, squeezing it a tightly. He looked around at the guy's house and wondered what had happened here. Jaco saw a picture frame on a shelf a photo of the guy and girl who had just left. They were smiling together. Jaco couldnt understand why they had been fighting - they looked similar enough to be family.
Jaco glanced down at Silver. "This is a little weird," he said to her. "I think that guy was just fighting his own sister."
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami nodded at Jaco. "..Yeah, she's my older sister. She's usually pretty cool, but.." He coughed, brushing himself off. "...Sometimes she just loses it. I can't stop her. She's too fast." He sat down on one of the sofas. "..Take a seat."
girly101 / silver gates: Silver smiled when he took her hand.But she was confused as to why the siblings were fighting two.
when he offered to sit down she felt a little weird...for some reason that always happened when she went somewhere new,besides already being uneasy she always did more so sitting down,but not wanting to be rude,she sat down.
Jacoby / Jaco: Jaco took Itami's invitation and sat next to Silver on the couch. "Um, your older sister, you say? That's really...upsetting," he finished lamely, not sure what he could say to that. He saw the guy's eyes warily flick around the room, and felt his own nerves crank up a notch. "I know it's kinda personal to everyone. But maybe we could each talk about, you know, how..." he swallowed, not being able to say the word 'die'.
girly101 / silver gates: Silver looked at him."How we should stop are deaths."she new what he really was going to say,but she would do everything in her power to stop there deaths.then more softly she said."We wont die,we cant,ill stop our deaths or die trying."and in the moment she said it she new it was true,she would not hide from the death but face it head on,she also had the advantage of surprise,im sure death wasent used to a fight.
Jacoby / Jaco: Jaco grinned at Silver, surprised at the fighting words she spoke. And she said them with such conviction, too, that Jaco could hardly bring himself to doubt her. Why couldn't he have met her two weeks ago, he thought. Instead of walking around in a fog of despair, he could have been with her, thinking up plans to evade their fates. Jaco turned to Itami and raised an eyebrow. "We'll have to be careful with this one. We've got a little spirfire on our hands."
girly101 / silver gates: She smiled and laughed.She leaned against Jacos side for support,but with him there she was already feeling better.She pulled her legs up on the couch and looked at Jaco and then to guy."So anyone have any ideas?"
girly101 / silver gates: <vroom>
Jacoby / Jaco: Jaco felt Silver's warmth settle against him and he relaxed again. "I really don't know how we could stop it," he admitted. "I saw the details of my...death...but not where it happens. I saw you there Silver and there was...blood and pain, but that's it. It could happen anywhere, at any time, and that's why it will inevitably beat us." He smiled sadly at her, knowing his words aren't what she wanted to hear, but needing to be honest with her. "You cant escape death, no matter how hard you try."
girly101 / silver gates: She looked up at him,a sad smile on her face."That doesnt mean we cant try.Wouldent u rther die happily fighting for death,than gloomily awaiting it?Besides ive never been one to wait for anything....Im not sure how..but we need to find death before it finds us."She ran a hand over his cheek."Thats the only way to look at this."
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Correction; there IS another way of thinking about it." Mitsuki walked into the room with an armful of medical supplies, which were found in an abnormally large first-aid cabinet (though it did not seem abnormal to her) somewhere in the kitchen. She plopped down next to Itami, giving impassive glances the Silver and Jaco, then an unusually hard stare at Itami, before getting started to treat the cuts.
"Actually, there's tons of alternatives... but since you've decided, I don't think I can possibly convince you otherwise." She said slowly, her eyes fixed on getting the job done.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: "On the contrary. I've put you through alot, the least I can do is listen to what you have to say." Itami said, clenching his teeth slightly as a shard of glass was pulled out of his arm. He looked around awkwardly, seeming to ignore the display case containing two beautifully crafted swords, one black and somewhat scruffy around the hilt, and immaculate blade that was white with a fine ribbon hanging off it, falling over the sword below it.
"Maybe we should start by telling eachother what exactly happens, though."
Jacoby / Jaco: Jaco nodded in agreement with Itami. Although, he wasn't a believer, Jaco wasn't averse to listening to other people's views. He might not take them to heart, but he could still appreciate their validity. He nodded to the girl with the first-aid box. "I would be most interested to hear your thoughts on this," he said quietly. After all, what did they have to lose? He looked to Itami. "And there isn't much to tell about what is destined for me. When i sleep all I feel is tremendous blow to my body. An impact on such a scale that every bone breaks and my lungs burst." Jaco closed his eyes, the dark thoughts washing over him, pummelling him almost. "It hits and my skull pops like a grapefruit; my blood splatters across the pavement. So much blood...i didn't know there could be so much blood..." He shivered and opened his eyes to find the others staring at him. "And that is how i shall meet my maker," he finished in a hard voice.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki felt chills running down her spine. Some people just don't have it quite normal. Glancing over the pile of broken glass she had accumulated at the table nearest to her, she figured that it was not enough to form an... Itami-shaped glass panel (including the mess outside the house...) and continued looking for more.
"Well, instead of dying happily while fighting against the death..." She recalled what the headstrong girl had said, "...Its just a matter of time when we all would die... I feel that... there's no need to fight back. Don't get me wrong though," She added the last part quickly as she paused to give a warning look at Itami, signaling that she was going to dab alchohol onto the cuts. "But I mean, it just doesn't seem ideal to waste whatever time thats left to crack our brains over how to live longer."
Jacoby / Jaco: Jaco looked at the girl, curious by her answer. "So you don't mind the thought of dying? Aren't you scared at all?" She was either braver than him or had simply given up entirely on finding a soltution. He could understand that - hadn't he been feeling the same way this morning before meeting Silver? Now...now he wasn't sure what he felt.
"H-how does it end for you?" he asked the girl as she dabbed alcohol on Itami's cuts, making the guy flinch a little.
girly101 / silver gates: Silver leaned back in the couch holding her knees to her,listening as they all spoke.It made sence on some levels..but.She didnt really want to hold open the door for death to just walk in and take her.It didnt seem censeable.of course,neither did seeing your own death before it occured...
She put her head on her knees and thought about it,there was so much happening that she couldent seem to figure out what was wrong and what was right,she sighed and looked out the window watching the rain poor down outside...
Which was she-the rain that simply washed away,or the lightning that struck whatever lie in its path...she didnt want to be either she decided.but she did want live her life...or what ever was left of it anyway.
girly101 / silver gates: <hello?>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki sighed as she cuddled her knees close to herself. To her, the rain simply tried to make it all like a dream... nearly.
"Isn't it funny that someone that I've been searching for for a long, long time... would just appear and kill me the moment we would meet?" She questioned, her words slightly muffled as she burried her face into her knees. "That person... a stare from that person and I'm paralysed; a word uttered would make me start crying and suffocating; and just a stab would make me willing to die on my own..."
She then looked up at Silver, then at Jaco, her eyes dead calm, as though whatever she said was nothing. "Fight back our deaths? I'll do it. Scratch whatever I just said about sitting back doing nothing. I would like to at least try. You guys would too, I presume?"
girly101 / silver gates: "I fight till the end.There is a difference you no.Between fighting till you die,and fighting so youll die.My mother fought with every last breath untill she was incapable of drawing in another...But my father.He risked his life over and over until one time death took it."
girly101 / silver gates: After a long pause she added."I geuss im a bit of both then eh?It seems I dont have death wish....but I wont stand down if I would be riskin my life."
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki smiled a little at Silver. "Well I guess that somehow made sense... yup, it sorta did." With that she remembered tending to Itami's wounds.
"Do tell us... about how it would end for you."
Jacoby / Jaco: Jaco shifted a little in his seat. It didn't feel right to be sat so long; like maybe death could sneak up on him if he remained still for any period of time. He got up from the couch and started pacing. He clenched and unclenched his fists as he walked but it didn't ease his growing anxiety. He glanced at the others: the almost mirrrored positions of the girls, holding onto their knees, and Itami stoically taking the pain as Mitsuki started to clean his wounds again. "Fight?" Jaco said, answering Mitsuki's earlier question. "Yes, i wish to fight this. What is there left for us if we don't even try?" He looked to Itami, curious to hear his views.
girly101 / silver gates: Silver sat there listening once again,but feeling like she was simply watching from someone else eyes...because this couldent be happening..That it was simlpy it,She could not be sitting there in some guys house talking about fighting death with remote strangers...But besides the slight dis ease with the atmosphere and maybe Itami,She didnt feel like they were strangers...And she new it really was happening...She wished it wasent..She wished shed have met Jaco at an earlyer time,and neither of them,or anyone else for that matter,had to deal with this.Of course fate didnt care what it was you wished.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: [-Dragged in- Okay, I'll post...]
Itami grinned slightly.
"This is stupid. Here we are, all crying over the glass of water that hasn't been spilled yet." His eyes scanned the surroundings.
"Perhaps we should find out more about the NFSD virus. We are contaminated, after all."
girly101 / silver gates: "I geuss he has a point."she said looking up at him now.That did make since,they were freakin out aver what could be nothing...she doubted it but you never no
girly101 / silver gates: <veeepppp>
silentblade / Itami Kojima: "The NFSD project wass developed by a company known as PsychoArt, INC. The headquarters was located a few miles from here, just outside the city. I remember cause it became pretty big in the news when it turned out that their magical future telling device was showing people hideous visions of their untimely deaths. They talked about scientific discoveries and an increase in technological progress, but it was all about warfare. They would use the NFS project to see the aftermath of a conflict, then attack accordingly. God knows what happened to it to turn it into a disease. And what if it mutates? It's harmless now, but with an organism this advanced, NFSD is going to start killing people in their visions."
He pointed under the sofa that Jaco was sat at.
"Kasumi's laptop should be in there, and we've got Wi-Fi."
Itami wasn't expecting to find much he didn't know, but some extra figures and information could come in handy.
girly101 / silver gates: Silver reached under the couch and pullend it out handing it to him."Ok..but how is this really supposed to help us?"she asked sitting down next to Jaco again.
Jacoby / Jaco: Jaco booted up the laptop and navigated to the NFSD webpage. He skimmmed read the information and then looked up at the others in the room. "So we know who developped this thing and how it effects us. You think there could be a way of reversing it?" He shook his head, his brain processing the facts slowly due to lack of sleep. "But we've aleady seen our visions. No offense, but right now, i don't care if the visions might be able to kill us in the future. I have no future - i need to concentrate on the problem at hand and think of a way out of this mess." He glanced and Safire. "For all our sakes."
girly101 / silver gates: (hehe Jaco thats cute,you gotta call me Silver-member?it an rp!silly)
Silver looked up at him and nodded."Most definatly.."she sighed and leaned back."Im just trying to figure out how..."She closed her eyes and let her thoughts swim across her vision,she new if she didnt open them soon she would drift into sleep...
Jacoby / Jaco-san: <<haha, woops. my bad>>
He could see how tired Silver was and to be honest, he felt like he'd been awake for 72 hours straight too. Maybe if they rested, he would be able to think things through better. The only danger with sleeping was the dreams. He shivered, thinking about them. But maybe with Silver close by, he'd be able to sleep more peacefully. "Maybe we should get some rest," Jaco suggested.
Jacoby / Jaco: << AHHHHH! That was me >_< >>
girly101 / silver gates: Silver opened her eyes a little an nodded."Agreed,If I have to fight like this I lose before I start."She looked around at the small home,it looked like theyed be sleeping in here..
girly101 / silver gates: <lol I knew that was u>
Jacoby / Jaco: Jaco looked around and saw a blanket folded over the back Itami's armchair. He got up, putting the laptop back underneath the sofa, and went over to fetch it. "Hope you don't mind us crashing here," he said to Itami. He shook out the blanket and said to Silver, "You take the couch, and i'll sleep on the floor." He motioned for her to lay down and held the blanket ready to place over her.
Jacoby / Jaco: Jaco looked around and saw a blanket folded over the back Itami's armchair. He got up, putting the laptop back underneath the sofa, and went over to fetch it. "Hope you don't mind us crashing here," he said to Itami. He shook out the blanket and said to Silver, "You take the couch, and i'll sleep on the floor." He motioned for her to lay down and held the blanket ready to place over her.
girly101 / silver gates: She laughed slightly,it was a cute picture."You get couch.It'll make you more sore sleeping on the floor (rhymes ) since you a have a bigger frame."She got off the couch and stretched,yawning.(weird I yawned when I said that!)
Jacoby / Jaco: <*yawns too* you passed it onto me!>>
Jaco looked at the couch, then to Silver. "How about we share the couch? It looks big enough and i'm a pefect gentleman, i swear."
girly101 / silver gates: She laughed."You shouldent swear!"she said jokingly,but then layed on the couch cause she was really tired,She pulled him down onto the couch next to her and fixed the blanket."There all good."then she snuggled against him and closed her eyes
Jacoby / Jaco: He gently put his arms around her, taking comfort in the solid feel of her and her warmth. It had been so long since he had been close to anyone. With her face nestled in the crook of his shoulder, he rested his chin on her head and closed his eyes. He tried to sleep but his mind continued to race.
girly101 / silver gates: Silver could tell he wasent sleeping well and stroked his side untill she finally drifted off into sleep,her breath light on his neck.
Jacoby / Jaco: Jaco could feel Silver's soft breaths on his neck and the thumping of her heart against his ribs. Her stroking had the desired effect and he drifted off to sleep. He started to breathe more heavily, panicked, as the dream came to him again.
Jaco stood on the sidewalk, gazing about, a confused frown on his face. He shouldn't be out here. He knew it was dangerous for him. There was a boy on a skatebaord coming towards him, only 9yrs old or so. A cute kid. In the opposite direction, a truck sped up the street, roaring towards them
girly101 / silver gates: Dream-------------
She was beside a building,she looked around and started to panic "Not again"she whispeared,pleaded.
A truck sped around a corner almost flying off the road,inside a man screamed wildly for help,the brakes were out.Just ahead of the truck a little boy played in the street.Then she saw Jaco standing on the side walk confused..."this isnt rite."she thought.last time I couldent even control my thoughts..Maybe...I can change this..
She took off in a dead run towards the boy,"Get out of the road!!"she yelled.The boy looked up with truck just feet from him,she dove infront of it and pushed him out of the ay just in time.She lay on the cement panting.."This isnt rite."she thought again.
Jacoby / Jaco: ----dream----
Jaco saw Silver in his dream, just as she always had been before, but when she started moving toward the boy on the skateboard, he straightened in surprise. She hadn't done that before. Before he could move or say anything she sprinted across to the boy and shoved him out of the way of the speeding truck.
Jaco became unfroze and ran over to her where she laying gasping on the pavement. The boy, safe and alive but with a scuffed and bleeding knee, started crying. Jaco put a hand on Silver's shoulder, his eyes full of wonder and concern. "How did you do that?" he whispered. "That wasn't supposed to happen. I should be dead now."
girly101 / silver gates: "I..I dont no."She pantes sitting up.."I...geuss this might be the way to change it...threw our dreams...It kinda makes sence now...If we see our deaths via dreams wouldent we change them via dreams?"
girly101 / silver gates: (that was in dream>.<)
Jacoby / Jaco: ---dream---
"It sure makes sense. But what about your dream Silver? We need to change that too." Jaco suddenly heard breaking glass and shouts and he stood up to see a hooded man run out of shop, clutching a duffle bag against his chest. He ran toward them and Jaco instinctively moved to block his path. "Hey! What's going on?" he yelled.
He didnt see the gun until it was pointed at him and it fired.
Jaco felt the slug hit him in the chest and he was jerked backwar-
---real world---
Jaco flinched and gasped, waking up. He was drenched with sweat and shook a little. "Oh my god," he moaned. "My vision has changed."
girly101 / silver gates: dream---------
Silver saw the bullet hit Jaco."No!"she screamed.She got up and ran over."Not again!"She looked up at the man."Bitch."she spat.
He just smiled and shot her in the chest.Pain bloomed instantly.
The world----------------
Silver shook and grabbed her chest."I..Uhm.."She tried to untense,for some reason she felt very eneasey.
Jacoby / Jaco: Jaco sat up, gently pushing Silver into a seating position too. She looked pale and held a hand over her chest. "What happened? I woke up when that guy shot me." He pressed his own hand to his chest; it felt tender. But he dropped his hand away and concentrated on Silver when he saw a look how tense and uneasy she looked. He gripped her upper arms to steady her. "Did that guy hurt you too?"
girly101 / silver gates: She nodded and felt tears for some reason.She wiped them away."S-sorry.he just made me unsteady..just give me a minuite.."
Jacoby / Jaco: He gently brushed his fingers over her cheeks, helping her wipe the tears away. "It's okay," he said quietly. "Take your time."
girly101 / silver gates: She smiled."Im ok now...So..what should we do?"she asked.She pulled her knees up to her chest again and sat there thinking.
Jacoby / Jaco: Jaco shook his head and thought a bit. He was still tired, that brief, dream-laden sleep not having helped at all. He had never known two people share the same dream before. Maybe it was because their fates were so closely linked that they were able to tap into each others' visions.
"I think maybe we should investigate this altering dreams thing some more," he said to Silver. He glanced over at Mitsuki and Itami who had been listening to their conversation. "It'd be interesting to see if we could all do it."
girly101 / silver gates: She looked up."I dont no how we did that Jaco...I dont no how we could get in with them..maybe if we cheat the death and then find them?"she thought about it,it was far off but all she could come up with...She put her legs down."Im still sleepy."She layed back down."Wonder if sleeping even does any good.
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