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Roleplay - Gene Complex by Ksou / Kimishi

"Evolution is the change in a population's inherited traits from generation to generation. Mutations and other random changes in these genes can produce new or altered traits, resulting in heritable differences (genetic variation) between organisms. Evolution occurs when these differences become more common or rare in a population...This happens in three main ways: through natural selection...genetic drift...gene flow...Natural selection occurs because organisms with traits that help them survive...The offspring of these well-adapted parents will in turn tend to survive and reproduce better than their competitors...the factors that direct the timing and rate of evolution."
Darwin's theory of evolution states, that variation of species causes survival of the fittest. In this time and age, humans use vaccines and medicine to combat viruses and natural disease. In the past the Black Plague caused more then half of Europe to die out. Those that survived passed a gene down that naturally resit the plague.
Because humans can only weaken there immune systems more and more, with medical science, the only thing left to happen is for the viruses to become stronger and resistant to the vaccines. Causing those with unfavorable gene traits to die. This is what happens when you go against the law's of evolution.
When a organization decides to rid the world of all the people depending on medication to survive, that should of died out from evolution, by releasing a new form of a deadly disease only people with the gene passed down from the 16th century can resist the chemical toxins. What will that group of people do to stop the destruction of all those with the unfavorable gene.

Roleplay Details

No godmodding
Not everyone can be part of the group to stop the organization, some people would like to be evil right?
Try your best to make post longer then one sentence.
Please say when your leaving, don't leave everyone else waiting for you.
If you leave anyone behind I'll eat your face...
Anyone can join.
I get first post!
This is my first rp, please be mercifully ^-^"


Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: [Ill join and Im on Ksou side!! lol]
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko sat in the run down werehouse looking around.
Kimishi / Ksou: It was a cold night, rain fell silently from the dark sky as wind blew flower petals off just bloomed trees. The air was unclean as usual, only from the smoke of the city near by.
Ksou walked down the dirt road, a bag in one hand and the other holding the hood over his head. He had recently come home to his sister who had yet again become sick. He would take care of her this summer, instead of doing what other teenagers did during the duration of that year. He didn't loath it though, he was happy to help her live as much as she could.
He looked to teh sky, letting the rain hit his face only to see what the stars looked like that night. The usual, not many. He loved the stars, and so did his sister. She would never be able to get far enough from the city to see them, but he brought her many pictures. He looked back to the dirt road shaking the rain from his hair and continued to walk.
Mena_Broken_Ang / Meng: Meng runs around a store only to see more of them infront of her and several behind her. "Dammit.." She jumps to the roof of the store and begins running from roof to roof
Kimishi / Ksou: <hey i said i get first post...oh well, please try to make post longer then a sentence though! It's very annoying T_T>
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko was riding out of the werehouse with white mask on and she ran into Ksou. "Hi." She skid to a stop.
Hikoru / Jeniko: <sorry, i have to do that until I get in to it>
Kimishi / Ksou: <its alright, just later in it make them longer?>
Ksou stopped at a halt when Jeniko rode up next to him.
"Hey, It's been awhile. Were are you going at such a late hour....?" He had known Jeniko when he still lived in the town, but being away so long he would never of noticed her from just walking by.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Getting away from the sick family." Jeniko said sadly. "My father died." She said with silent tear falling down her face.
Kimishi / Ksou: "E-eh...I'm sorry to hear that...!" He put his hand up to try and calm her, wondering if it was a unsteady subject and shouldn't of brought it up. He looked to the bag in his hand, remember that he had his own sick sister at home. It seemed there were a lot of sick people these days.
"Jeniko, why don't you come to my place out of the rain...I'm sure my sister would like to see you again."
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Oh, how is she?" Jeniko asked pushing her bike threw the rain. She grabbed his hand for comfort.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou felt a bit uncoumfortable with her holding his hand, but thought she may feel a bit alone at the moment so let her. He took a small sigh.
"She's ok I guess...it hasn't gotten any better since she was diagnosed..." Ksou looked to the ground a bit, he hated the thought of losing the only person left dear to him. Even though she was sick, and could never leave the house she smiled no matter what. He would always feel happy when he saw it, knowing she believed o much that she would get better.
He looked up as the light from the bus stop snapped him out of his thoughts, he blinked looking at a girl who seemed to be waiting in the rain. She was pale and wet.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Dont we know her?" Jeniko asked Ksou. "From school mabey?" She asked becuase the school was closed down from all the sickness. "Hmmm?" She said to herself.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou glanced over to Jeniko. "Well I haven't been in in a year, so I wouldn't knwo woudl I..." He walked a few steps away from her "Wait here..."
Ksou walked over to the girl in the rain, he pulled his jacked off and held it forward.
"You look cold...take this it will at least keep you dry..." His voice was a bit more gentle then before, he wanted her to take it as she would get sick like everyone else if she didn't. Ksou wanted to help as much as he could, one less sick person meant a lot these days.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko smiled at his kindness. The bus shortly after pulled up. She hooked her bike on the front. "Ready Ksou?" She smiled at him.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob strode quickly down the street, puddles splashing up and soaking his trousers he was walking so fast. He carried a bag in one had, medicines he's had to pay alot of money for - money he didnt have. He saw his best friend in the distance. "Ksou!" he yelled and hurried forward. "Ksou, i think i've got something that could help your sister." Jakob had no family of his own and he thought of Ksoua and his sister as his own siblings. He'd do anything to try and help them
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko looked strangly at the boy. She had a werid felling about him but she ignored it. "Hurry Ksou. The bus will leave. Do I need to un hook my bike?" She asked meaning if they were staying.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou watched the bus pull up, he put the jacket over the girls shoulders.
"Take it, maybe you can pass it to someone else who needs it..." he put his hand up slightly as a goodbye and walked back to Jeniko. He heard a familiar voice in the distance, turning he saw Jakob.
"J-Jakob!" It had been so long, his best friend from middle school up until he moved away.
Jacoby / Jakob: "Ksuo," Jakob panted, coming up to them. "I'm sorry it's been so long, my friend. I heard your sister was sick so i came back as soon as i could." He held out the bag to Ksuo. "These might help her. I dont kno. But it was all i could find." Jakob wiped the rain-water from his eyes. "Are you going back to see her now? Would it be okay if came along - it's been so long since i saw her."
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko borded the bus, not caring if Ksou followed. "Hi." She said to the bus driver.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou looked at the package, it was full of medicines he hadn't even heard of. His face looked to Jakob with appreciation written all over it. What better could he expect from his best friend.
"It's alright, thanks for this Jakob I don't know what I would do without ya! Sure, Jeniko is coming over so you can as well...she'll be happy to have visitors.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko took a seat in the back and spred out her feet on the two seats next to her. She hadnt slept in days. She quickly fell asleep with her wet head resting on her folded together hands.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob grabbed Ksou's jacket and dragged him toawrd the bus. "Come on, man, or he'll be leaving without us." <<sry had to get in there quick before the bus drove off =P>>
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou looked back to the bus, he ran up to the door before they closed both bags in his hand.
"This would be faster to get home, Jakob come on...!" He also boarded the bus asking the bus driver to wait for his friend to get on. He took a seat and let a sigh out. All the sudden commotion had his mind jumbled.
Kimishi / Ksou: <eh sry posted too late, scratch that>
Ksou took a seat pulling away from Jakob. "Everyone likes my hands today..." he took a seat, meaning what he said a in a joking way.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko paid no mind to the boys when they borded the bus she just fell into a deep sleep. Her dream was of the night her father died and the necklace vile he gave. 'Keep this on you at all times' He said in a cripiling voice. Her face was covered in tears whille she slept.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou put the bags down beside him, he glanced out the window watching the rain fall from teh dark sky. He wondered if it was to match the condition of there town, peopel were more sick here then anywhere else.
He then scanned the bus, only a few people on. He saw Jeniko with tears on her face, wondering if it were rain or not, he got up and went over to her, wiping them away hoping they wouldn't come back.
Kimishi / Ksou: <add>
Ksou looked at the jacket, not having enough time to deny it when she walked away.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko woke up to Ksou standing over her. "Hi." She got up. Jeniko placed her hand on the vile around her neck. "I wonder want it is." She acadently said outloud.
Hikoru / Jeniko: *What ((misspeled word))
Kimishi / Youn: <ill make a bad guy...just for now!>
Youn stood at teh side of the road, he had been told to look around the current village he was located in. He had seen more sickness here then anywhere else he was sent, this would surely be the place to be one of there major attacks.
Youn pulled the hood of his cap a bit more over his head, covering his pointed ears. He would stand out if they were seen and that would be unacceptable. He watched a bus drive by, continuing to stand at the road side, a small grin forming on his face.
Jacoby / Jakob: <jeez, u guys post fast> Jakob walked along the bus's aisle and sat in the seat in front of the girl at the back. (He's seen Ksou walk over to the sleeping Jen and sit down next to her, and didnt want to interrupt)
Hikoru / Jeniko: The bus made a unsceadualed stop. "Hmm, I guess this is a new one." A strange boy got on. 'I don't like the look of him.' She thought inside her head.
Kimishi / Ksou: <you know Youn didn't get on teh bus, jsut watched it go by.>
Ksou looked to the person getting on the bus, not really taking it into mind. He looked back to Jeniko.
"You ok...seems you were having a bad dream. Don't sleep anymore we'll get there soon." he gave her a warm smile.
Hikoru / Jeniko: As Ksou sat down she sat next to him and smiled. He was always her best friend. Jeniko grabed on to his arm and rested her head on his shoulder.
Kimishi / Ksou: They soon arrived at the stop, Ksou grabbed the bags and walked off making sure Jeniko and Jakob were behind him. He pulled Jeniko's bike off and put it down for her. They again walked the small path to there house.
"It's been so long...with you guys I mean, that I've come to the house."
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Yeah.." She pushed her bike, when they reached the house she just pushed it down. She placed her white doctors mask on and held tightly to the vile around her neck.
Kimishi / Ksou: He looked to Jeniko, a bit angered by her actions but didn't who it on his face.
"You know it's not contagious Jeniko...remember?" He took out the small key and opened the door to the house. Stepping in quietly to make sure that she wasn't sleeping.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Im jsut a little scared is all." Jeniko said because her entire family is sick now, just after her dad was to. "Where is she?"
Kimishi / Ksou: <i'll play my sister if you guys want>
"Kisara...!" He moved to the side letting the other too behind him in. His voice held a bit of excitement as he walked into the kitchen only to see the girl from the bus.
"W-what are you..." he looked around for Kisara.
Jacoby / Jakob: <<bye Chi>> Jakob quietly followed after Ksou and looked around. The places was the same as he remembered except now there was a sense of despair in the air. It made him shiver. " Is your sister asleep, Ksou?" he asked.
Kimishi / Kisara: "Oni-chan!" Kisara ran out from the other room, she jumped into him and smiled. Small tears forming in her eyes.
"Oni-chan, I got your letter! I knew you would come I missed you!" She hugged him tight.
She missed him so much, when they were little and she was sick, she morned the day he would leave. So he often spent most of his time with her, sometimes falling asleep with her late at night. <thus the pic...pretend his hair is red!>
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko was confused.
Jacoby / Jakob: So she wasnt sleeping, Jakob though. He smiled at brother and sister, glad that they were both as close now as they had been the last time he was here. It made him sad that he would never have a family like this himself.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Hi Kisara." Jeniko smiled.
Kimishi / Ksou: <lets pretend Chi ran home to get somthign for the foor she was making...?>
Ksou picked up Kisara, the smile coudln't help but spread over his face. It had been so long since he last seen her and hugged her tight.
He put her back down, ruffling her hair. "How ya been kid, I'm sorry I was gone so long..."
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko took off her mask and sat down on the couch.
Kimishi / Kisara: "I am very good Oni-chan!...and tired, I was taking a nap before!" She raised her arms up and laughed. Excited that he was here to listen to her.
"I think I will take another nap though...'" She rubbed her eyes." Will everyone be here when I come back?"
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Yeah.." Jeniko said simply.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou watched his sister run up stairs. The same blanket that had always been there in her arms. He smiled.
"Well I guess she's doing well, at least she seems healthier." He slumped down on the couch next to Jeniko and leaned his head back.
Kimishi / Youn: Youn looked up as the rain started to stop, he glanced at both sides of the street. He had been told to wait for his companion to check out the rest of the small town, then head back to headquarters to get ready for the final precaution.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Yeah, shes so cute." Jeniko smiled at him. "How old with she be now?"
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou glanced to her. "11, soon I'll defiantly be here for her B-day this year, and every year to come."
He thought about how nice it would be for that too happen, and just held onto it before his mind came back to reality.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "I hope..." Jeniko said sadly. She looked around and memories of them two as childeren came into her head and a smile came to her face.
Kimishi / Youn: Youn loked to the small watch in his hand.
"Dammit Eric....always late..." He threw the watch over his shoulder and crossed his arms, continueing to wait. He wanted to get his hands on the new "item". Smirking at the thought of trying it out on anyone.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "What do we do until she wakes u again?" Jeniko asked unsure.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob caoughed into his hand and felt his chest tighten painfully. He rested a fist there and winced. He looked over at the others. "Um. I'm just going to get a glass of water." Leaving them, he went to the kitchen. He coughed again, and this time he saw blood on the back of his hand. "Oh no," he moaned and quickly wiped it clean on is jacket
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Jakob? Are you ok?" She came up behind him putting a hand on his shoulder. "Are you sick?" She said studdering.
Kimishi / Ksou: <you don't have to be sickly to be suseptible to teh virus, just can't have the gene that is resistant to it.
Ksou stood up and walked over to the two, he caught a glance of the blood and his expression became serious.
"Jakob whats wrong?"
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob flinched a little, surprised at Jen coming up behind him. "Er, yeah, i'm fine. Just a little cough is all. Allergies," he explained and quickly smiled.
Crie / Eric: Eric sighed to himself. He was watching them carefuly. He let out another sigh and crossed his arms and sat in a chair somewhere in the darkness quitely. "Stuipd people..." he murmmed to himself as a evil smirk crossed his lips. (Tell me if this post is retarded ok?)
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Are you sure?" Jeniko loked into his eyes becuase she didnt want him to be sickas well. "PLease tell me--us the truth."
Kimishi / Youn: Youn had gotten sick of waiting for the partner, instead he started toward the nearest house himself. His ears picked up a small sound, a famliar voice.
He soon arrived at a small house, watching as Eric looked at the people in side.
"You went without me...trying to save the fun for yourself?" He smirked a bit. Knowing the pleasure of seeing another person suffer.
Jacoby / Jakob: <<ur post sounds gud to me Alie>> Jakob's smile trembled as he looked back at Jen. "I just cant stop coughing. I think...maybe...yeah, i'm sick." He looked down quickly and swallowed, fear swarming though him
Crie / Eric: Eric smiled at him. "Of corse. I dont like to share..." he said flashing his sharp teeth and let out a chuckle. "What else can we do to these people Youn?" He said pondering it.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Please no..." She was in tears. Jeniko grabbed onto his hand. "My father was the scientist on this case and this sickness is iriverible if you have a certian kind. Theres just no way to tell until its to late. Thats all I remember."
Kimishi / Ksou: "maybe you should lye down Jakob..." Ksou pulled him gently into the living room, bring him towards the couch.
He didn't know if he could take another sick person, he had never been one to become sick and it worried him. It seemed more people were getting weak.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko walked him to the couch and sat down next to him whille she placed a cold wet towel on his head. "Its ok Ksou i'll take care of him."
Kimishi / Youn: A small grin spread across his face, his eyes slitting as the people in the house walked away. His ears heard there conversation just a bit.
"You have it with you...shall we try it here on them..." His look a bit demonic, he closed his eyes to further listen to the people inside.
"Let's see who God has chosen to live."
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob smiled. "I'm okay, guys. Really. Just this damn cough. I've just been running around too much and not resting properly. I'll be fine." He lied down on the sofa. A nap was just was he needed. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou let out a small sigh. It had to be just a minor cold, nothing more, he thought to reassure himself.
He closed his eyes, not wanting to think anything more of sickness.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Ksou, it will be alright...I hope."She walked out to the front porch and sat down, the rain had seteled.
Crie / Eric: Eric just grinned at him. He leaned back in the chair and looked at them closey. He stared at the sick boy and smiled. "One down..i want to finsish the job..."
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko started humming and she took off the necklace. She looked at the stuff inside. It was black but it has always been red. "Hmmm..." She was thinking.
Kimishi / Youn: "Well...let me start since you tried to cheat me out of it..." Youn took the vial from Eric and jumped to the roof of the house, he could hear a sound from upstairs, someone was there, he would release it there.
"Hurry up or you'll miss the fun Eric..." He slipped into the open window of the house, a evil grin on his face.
Kimishi / Ksou: "I'm gonna check on Kisara..." Ksou waled over to the stairs, he looked to the ground feeling a bit depressed from all that had jsut ahppened. He reached the top of the stairs and heard a voice. It wasn't girl or his sisters. He walked over to Kisara's door and opened. His eyes widened. There stood at the window a blond man in a black cape, his ears were pointed and a small vial in his hands.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko heard something on the roof. She started to clib a vine to see what the trouble was. There was a man in balck standing there. "Who--wh--o are you?" She asked scared. She placed the necklace back on.
Crie / Eric: Eric smiled at him and jumped with him. He stood in front of Jen and smirked. His fangs showed a little and he felt powerful.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "WHO AND WHAT ARE YOU?!" She screamed at the man whille they both stand on the roof. The wind was blowing there hair and it looked as if she was going to fight and she would if it saved her frineds.
Kimishi / Youn: <im inside...lol>
Well hello there. Ksou, if I heard right?..." He walked around the bed, not bothering to look down at his sister. He played with the bottle in his hand, annticipating what was about to happen.
"You know...I think there is a simple way to cure people when there sick..." He glanced at Ksou, his eyes giving a devilish look off.
Although Ksou stepped forward a bit he was halted at what the caped man said.
"A-a way to cure...how..." Ksou looked at him suspiciously. Taking another step forward.
"Easy...you kill them..." He dropped the vial to the floor, a wicked smile spreading across his face. Finally, finally he would see the results of there work.
Jacoby / Jakob: Startled awake by Jen's screams, Jakob nearly falls off the sofa. He scrambles up and looks around blearily. "What's going on?" he mumbles sleepily. "Where is everyone?"
Jacoby / Jakob: <<sorry i went into present tense there - my bad>>
Crie / Eric: Eric only smiled at her and then sighed. "Female humans are the ones that scream more...intesting..." he said coming closer to her. he backed her up and started to feel the ends of her hair. "Pitty..."
Hikoru: He disipered off the roof. "Where did he go?" Jeniko got off the roof and went into the house. "Jakob...where is he? Or was I seeing things?" Jeniko asked herself. She sat down next to him.
Hikoru: <Ignore my last post>
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Dont touch me!" She hit his hand and kicked his stomach. "Who Are you??!!"
Kimishi / Youn: Youn looked at Ksou, his eyes watching to see if there was a reaction
Ksou stood were he was, the bottle seemed to have nothing in it. He was a bit confused but looked to his sister coughing.
Youn moved aside as Ksou ran over to her. Small red sore began to appear on her skin, she coughed agian, blood splattering out only a bit. She tossed and turned, the viruse turning her pale and red, back and forth.
"She will die." Ksou turned to Youn who he had forgotten, his eyes full of anger at what the man had just said.
Ksou ran over to him, grabbing him by the collar of his cape and slamming him against the wall.
"What did you do to her!" he screamed out, quickly wanting an answer.
Jacoby / Jakob: Hearing Jen's screams for the second time, Jakob ran outside to see her and a tall, darkly dressed guy. The guy looked menacing, almost as if he were a rapist <haha>, and Jacob rushed forward to Jen's side. "Who are you?! What do you want?!"
Hikoru / Jeniko: <By the way, were on the roof>
"Go back inside Jakob!" She screamed at him. It started to rain again. The man was right next to her. "What do you want with MY FRINEDS?!" She screamed at the man with the vangs,
Kimishi / Youn: Youn pushed Ksou away with unshown strength. As Ksou hit teh floor Youn stepped his foot up to Ksou's neck and pushed gently.
"You don't seem to be as fated as this girl here...maybe you should go help your other friends..."
Ksou's eyes widened, he pushed the foot off and ran down the stairs. His friends, he had almost forgotten them. He burst the door open only to look at the roof and see Jeniko with another caped man.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko backed up slowly from the man and she was at the edge of the roof and the man was right in front of her. "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US?! WHO DO YOU WANT???!!" She said thinking she wuld give him herself to free her friends.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou looked to Jacoboy, he seemed to be unharmed by the attacker. Looking back up he saw Jeniko back up to the edge of the roof, he panicked.
"Jeniko!" He ran over to were she was above him, ready if she were to fall.
He then thought about his sister, his heart began to race faster. He couldn't let Jeniko fall, Jacoboy was in no position to catch her. Kisara would have to wait till he got there, he only could hope she was ok.
Hikoru / Jeniko: The man got closer. Jeniko baded up and slipped she grabbed on the the edge but the man looked as if he was aiming for her necklace. "I would rather die then let you have this!!" She screamed and let go. She landed on top of Ksou. She blacked out because she hit her head.
Jacoby / Jakob: JaKob stumbled over to them and ried to help them up. He was so tired tho, his weak muscles wouldnt work properly. He glanced up nervously at the dark caped guy before tugging at Ksou again. "Come on, Ksou. We shoud get out of here."
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou sat up, rubbing the back of his head cursing.
"Jeniko?" He shook her a bit, she seemed to be out of it. He then looked to Jacoboy and put Jeniko gently next to him, he took the necklace and gave it to Jakob to hold.
"Stay here...I need to get Kisara..." Ksou ran back into the house, hoping that she was ok.
Kimishi / Ksou: <add>
Just make sure he stays on the roof, he can't jump that far down and will probably go to his comrade..."
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko was out of it. The rain made her make-up smudge so the was black eyeliner on her cheeks and her hair was soked. She lay there on the ground half dead. Blood come out from the back of her head.
Kimishi / Youn: Ksou ran into the room, his heart racing, hands shaking, only hoping she was still ok.
"Kisara!" He pushed the door open, the capped man standing by the window.
Youn opened an eye to look at Ksou, he then glanced to the girl in the bed. He breathing faint, almost unhear able. The once flushed skin was pale as snow and made her shake as if covered in such.
"She was crying for you dear boy...how cruel to leave her all alo-" He was cut off as a draw pulled out from the dresser across the room flew his way. Of course he easily moved away before it hit.
Ksou ran over to his sister, tear filled eyes began to pour out.
"K-Kisara..." she opened her eyes, her pupils so large they took almost her whole eye up. She smiled, a faint smile. The same smile she always had when he was around.
"Oni-chan...I knew you would come back..."she held her hand up weakly, it shook as she used all her strength. Ksou quickly grabbed in, ever so gently as not to crush the tiny hand of his sisters. It was cold, like ice. Ksou closed his eyes, the nightmare that had plagued him for years had finally come.
"Kisara...you can't...you-" she pulled his hand to her cheek.
"Oni-chan...I'm so happy you came home....I love you Oni-chan..." Her eyes closed, the happiness and joy never leaving them. The small smile never faded, but her hand became heavier in his, no longer holding itself up.
Ksou stared at her, disbelief in his expression.
"K-Kisara...Kisara wake up..." he shook her, tears starting to pour from his eyes.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob warily watches the man in black as he sidles nearer to them. Groaning in effort, Jakob drags Jen over to him and rests her head in his lap. Her blood ran over his hands and soaked through his trouser. "Oh my god," he muttered. "Jen, wake up. Please." He shook her
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jen's eyes opend and everything was blury. "What happend?" Her eyes became clear and she saw Jakob. "You need to be inside!" She said standing up but she got dizzy and fell to her knees. She saw the man from before. "Jakob." Shewent over to him and wisperd in his ear. "Protect that vial."
Kimishi / Youn: "Poor thing...I guess she just wasn't meant to live." Youn let a wicked grin spread across his face. The virus had done just as they predicted it would. Happy with the results he slipped a foot out the window. He took another glance at the boy crying over his now dead sister.
Jacoby / Jakob: "protect the vial," Jakob whispered back, not understanding. He struggled to his feet and reached down for Jen. "Look, i'm not leaving you out here. If i go inside, we both do." He looked worriedly over his shoulder. Ksou said he would be fetching Kisara but there was no signs of him yet...he hoped they were okay
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Go inside!" Jeniko screamed at him. She stood up still dizzy but read to fight the man. He came close and she kicked himin the head, he went flying backwards. She grabbed Jakob and pulled him and herself into the house slamming the door. Jeniko quickly locked it.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou heard the man slip out of the window. He didn't care about him right now. He put his head down against his sister, clutching her small cold body to his.
"I'm sorry Kisara...I'm sorry I'm sorry..." He cried out quietly.
He brooded a bit more, opening his eyes and looking down at his sister. He pulled the cover over he body and stood up, still silent. He walked to the door and took a few steps out glancing back. His eyes held a cold fire, he turned back and continued to walk out closing the door behind him.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob pressed his back against the door and felt the man bash into it on the otherside. He winces, at the beating his back was taking. "I dont think the lock will hold, Jen," he grunted as the door crashed again against him.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko landed on Jakob. "Sorry." She said dizzly.
Hikoru / Jeniko: <Ignore last post>
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Get away from the door." She pushed Jakob off the door and the man in black came is she opend the vile and he winced. He slowly backed out of the house. She slamed the door.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou came down the stairs, his eyes slightly closed, tears still welled up. He looked to the others and the door, picked up a bottle from the table and broke it in half, not caring with the remnets of it scattered. He walked to the door, pulled it open, and smashed the guy in the face.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Ksou--" Her voice driffted off. She fell to the ground with the viel in her hand. Her head still bleeding. Her hand clincing the viel.
Jacoby / Jakob: "Ksou, w-what happened?" Jakob didnt know whether to go to his friend or remain where he was and help Jen. He had never seen Ksou act so violenty before.
Jakob saw Ksou was without his sister though, and knew that the worst must have happened.
Kimishi / Youn: "Eric, lets go." Youn stood at the roof, looking down at his partner. He glanced to Ksou and smiled.
"Don't be so mad Ksou, she died for a good experiment."
Ksou glared up at him, his eyes burning holes through Youn.
"You basterd! I'll kill you, come down here!"
Youn laughed a bit amused at Ksou. "We will fight, when the time is right. Maybe we can see who is better suited to survive huh?" Youn jumped into a close by tree, not looking back to see if Eric followed or not. <lets just say he did...>
Ksou fell to his knee's, he clutched the bottle in his hand so tight his knuckles turned a shade of white.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "KSOU!!!!!!!!" Jeniko screamed in pain. "Help me....." Her voice drifted off.
Kimishi / Youn: <o_o what just happened to Jeniko....?>
Jacoby / Jakob: <<haha, a little over-acting maybe?? just j/k Jen >>
Hikoru / Jeniko: <I passed out from blood loss and my head is hurting like someone stabed it>
Kimishi / Ksou: <ooh...ok>
Ksou picked his head up and looked to Jeniko, she was bleeding all over the floor. He stood up and went to her, pulling his shirt off he wrapped it around the wound on her head and looked to Jakob making sure he was ok. His eye still cold.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko looked around it was blurry. "Wheres that guy?" She said trying to stand up but falling again.
Kimishi / Ksou: "They ran..." Ksou stood up, he dropped the bottle on the floor as it rolled over to a uneven level. He walked over to the couch and slumped back into it. Closing his eyes as silent tears began to run down his face.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko stood up and walked over to Ksou but looking like she was drunk. She sat down next to him. "Whats wrong Ksou?" She looked into his eyes.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob walked tiredly over to Ksou. "I'm...really sorry," he murmured, knowing that Kisara must be gone for his friend to be so devastated. He didnt know what else he could say, so just sat next to him and said nothing at all
Hikoru / Jeniko: "What happend?" Jeniko asked confused.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou opened his eyes, he hunched over leaning on his legs.
"She's....she's sleeping...." He forced a small smile. "But I'm not sure when she might wake up this time..."
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Oh Ksou." She grabbedon to him and hugged him. "I ddont know what to say."
Jacoby / Jakob: <<i told em to wait for u Chi but they wudnt listen *points at kimi and Jen*>>
Kimishi / Ksou: <nice your back! ok so well when you left we were into the house. So since you had to go we said you jsut ran home before we got there to get food for the thing you were making.
Ok so Kisara, the girl, went to sleep and we were down stairs when these two caped guys came in and let a virus run a muck, in a nutshell Kisara is dead and were mourning. You can come back clueless and think we killed her? or w.e you like>
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko looked at him and didnt say anything.
Crie / Eric: (OMG!!! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!?!??!)
Kimishi / Youn: You stopped on one of the branches as they had run far enough.
"Perfect...it was prefect Eric...just as they said it woudl react to someone without the resistant gene..."
Kimishi / Youn: <ok Ill will tell you!
We attacked them, and wial I let the virus run amuck and kill Kisara, the girl, you cheased Jeniko and Jacob off a roof. Ksou hit you with a bottle and he flee!>
Hikoru / Jeniko: <btw eric you tred to take my viel becuase you knew it was the thing that would save everyone>
Crie / Eric: (Aww...i was hopeing i killed someone...*sniffles*) Eric sighed and played with the spikes on his braceltes. (Did you know he is gay? randomness...) "It was almost perfect..."
Kimishi / Youn: <I'll be gay with you, no im BI! HA! nah idk...>
Youn glanced over to him.
"What do you mean, it tested perfectly. We even killed someone."
Kimishi / Ksou: Oh...ok then!>
Ksou stood up from the couch and tried his eyes. He new well that crying wouldn't solve anything. He didn't know what to think of there current situation. Who were those guys? Why did they attack them.
Ksou looked to the door, he re picked up the bottle anticipating the worst and quickly opened the door.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob got to his feet too, his stomach clenching with anxiety. Seeing Ksou pick up the bottle again, Jakob quickly reached for a lamp and hoisted it high, ready for another attack
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou looked at the girl, he was unfamiliar with who she was.
"...who are you?...What do you want with Kisara..." He didn't refer to her as if she were dead, how could he do that?
Jacoby / Jakob: the girl's last statement forced a laugh out of Jakob. He lowered the lamp and stepped over to Ksou. "Dude, i think its safe to put the bottle down now," he said quielty. "She's a friend of Kisara's. Not the enemy."
Kimishi / Ksou: <you know kisara was a lil girl right?>
Ksou placed the bottle down slowly, she didn't seem to now but then again how could she.
"S-she doesn't need you r care anymore...I'll take care of her."
Kimishi / Ksou: <s-sry! lol didn't think it was important to mention.>
"Ksou...her brother." He could only guess that she was her ordered care taker since he had left. It seemed to make sense. He moved aside allowing her to go in, although he knew she would not be as happy now soon.
Jacoby / Jakob: "I'm Jakob, this is Ksou. And that girl over on the sofa is Jen.* Jakob pointed. "Look, some bad shit has gone down in here. Maybe you'd best come in for a minute..." Jacob nervously glanced behind the girl, searching the trees for the two attackers
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou only looked the other way, he walked over to Jeniko who had fallen asleep from her injury's and put a blanket over her.
"...she's sleeping."
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob winced a little at Ksou's words. He moved over to the girl and lowered his voice so his friend couldn't overhear. "I'm sorry to tell you this but...Kisara is...dead." Jakob glanced at Ksou, at the coldness in his eyes, and worried for his friend. "Ksou isn't taking too well..."
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko wincied from her hesd ingrey. "Owww." She said in a silent wisper.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou looked back to Jeniko.
"Are you feeling any better?" he tried his best to hide the utter anguish in his voice and expression. All he wanted to do was rewind what had just happend, or at least pretend it didn't happen at all.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "No, and neither are you..." She said looking him dead in the eyes.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou closed his eyes a bit, not caring what she thought. At about this time Ksou would hide his feelings, as he did when something he couldn't handle happened. Nothing so sever had happened to him like this, it was harder to hide.
He turned and began to walk upstairs.
"Don't fallow..." He glanced back, his eyes again having that cold gaze. He continued up the stair way and walked into Kisara's room.
He closed the door quietly behind him, kneeling next to his sister's bed. Tears began to well in his eyes. She seemed only to be sleeping, but he knew it was more then that.
"Kisara...Oni-chan is right here..." He took her hand in his, it was cold but he ignored it. Ksou rested his head on his other arm which lay on the bed side. He watched Kisara, a bit of hope that she might move just a little.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko took of his shirt that was around her head. "should we follow?" She asked Jakob.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob looked up the stairs, where Ksou had disappeared. "No Jen," he murmured. "I think we should give him some space. He needs to get his head round what happened...if he even can." Jakob looked at Jen more closely. "Are you sure your head's ok?"
Hikoru / Jeniko: "I have a concution, I need to stay awake. You can't let me fall asleep for 24 hours." Jeniko said. She looked at her neck and the viel was gone. "Were is it?!" She screamed.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob jerked and looked down at Jen's neck. "But where'd it go? You had it a minute ago." He looked on the floor, hoping it had fell of in all the confusion, but there was nothing. "Do you..." He glanced out the window at the trees where the attackers had fled "...do you think they took it?"
Kimishi / Youn: You leaned against a tree, not caring it was wet from the rain before. He glanced to Eric, who seemed to have fallen asleep waiting for there accomplice to arrive. A small grin presented itself on Youn's face. It would only get more interesting from here on out.
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): Nysis walked towards Youn with surprising silence amongst all the puddles. Not bothering with a simple hello, she tugged her gloves on tighter and asked him, "All right, so what are we out here for?"
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): (erm...OK..give me a moment to get rid of the picture-WAAAAAAAY too big..)
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): (That's better. Sorry about that everyone.)
Kimishi / Youn: < don't even see a picture lol>
Youn looks to her. "Waiting for "him". You know he told us to meet here, nothing more should be said." He again closed his eyes.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko tryed to think. "They couldnt have....Theyv'e been gone." She looked at the girl in suspition.
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): Nysis hesitated for a moment. Did she really want to know? "Did the virus work?" she asked. Stupid question, she thought. Of course she knew it worked. This virus caused her every step to cause her body a twinge of pain, a sharp jab in the lungs. What she really wanted to know, was how many it had killed that night.
Kimishi / Youn: Youn knew what she wanted to know without asking, he had been in anticipation up until the bottle dropped and broke just before.
"One, a sick one of course. It worked just as they predicted." A grin grew across his face. "It seems there were more there then I thought that had the gene to fight the virus, although one seemed to have a few effects." He remembered the boy who had been near the girl who Eric was attacking. He seemed weak, perhaps it wasn't enough ti kill but it did damage.
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): Calmly, Nysis pulled off one of her gloves. With cold indifference, she reached her hand up and stroked a few of the leaves above Youn's head. As the previously healthy greens dropped off onto his head, shoulders and the ground as shriveled brown objects, she replaced her glove and looked around at the dwellings. "It will be easy," she said after a moment, "to kill them, if even plants will succumb to a disease for humans."
Kimishi / Youn: Youn opened an eye to her, only letting her know he at least was acknowledging her.
"That is true, but someone like you who has the disease in there own DNA can easily kill whomever is susepatable to it. The way I see it, this world will once again become pure as God wanted it to."
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): (umm..actually, she has the RESISTANT GENE in her DNA. She's still contracted it because she got it through the wrong way, but it won't kill her. So, pretty much anybody with the disease could spread it like she does if they could live long enough...which they don't.)
Kimishi / Youn: <eh try to say that in your first post thats important, sry.>
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): (I put it in the Info box in the profile...but I'll do it next time)
Kimishi / Youn: <ok got it>
Youn looked up into the trees. He wasn't human, originally from an island that was inhabited by people that have the common ancestor to humans. His people evolved the way they were meant to. The weak died, but these humans. They used science to trick evolution. Those not meant to be alive lived, and it angered Youn to no end.
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): Nysis tapped her foot, beginning to grow impatient. She knew there wasn't anything else she could really be doing at this moment, but she wanted things to MOVE. Any moment spent idle always lead to thoughts she didn't want to spend time on, ones that resulted in her pained and terribly frustrated. Pain and frustration were signs of weakness, and if you wanted to live long in the Organization, weakness was something you kept to yourself. But why live FOR the organization? What she should be living for was a cu-NO! Nysis plucked a branch off the tree and concentrated on killing every leaf and individual twig on it. She must stay away from THOSE thoughts.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob got up and walked to window, peering outside. He thought he glimpsed movement out there, possibly seen and woman wearing gloves, but he wasnt sure. "Uh, Jen? Come over here, would you? I think i just saw something." Jakob began to wonder how long Ksou was going to be and whether or not he should go a fetch him.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko walked over to the window and leaned on Jakob becuase she had no streangth. "I dont see anything.." Suddenly the viel apperd in her hand. "The the hell?!" She screamed. It wasnt back to its normal red it was still balck. "There still here..." She said conserned for Ksou's saftey.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou slept soundly next to his sister. His head resting on his arm on the side of the bed. Streaks from recent tears laced his face, but he seemed calm at the moment. He held Kisara's hand in his own, even asleep the grip was firm.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Should I go tell Ksou that the foe is still near?" She asked Jakob with slight concern.
Jacoby / Jakob: Glancing at Jen's vial, he met her eyes. "Maybe you'd better. I dont think it's safe here anymore. We're like sitting ducks if we stay." He turned to watch the dark, dangerous people gathering under the tree. "I'll keep watch, Jen. You go fetch him."
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko nodded in agreement. She stumbled up the stairs and knocked on Ksou sister's door. "Ksou? Ksou? Are you in there? We need to get out of here...The maniacs are around here. We have to go to my house becuase they wont know where we went to and I have all thosse medical things leftover from my dad." She said threw the door.
Kimishi / Ksou: He shifted on the bed slightly, only tilting his head a bit. He didn't want to wake up, to the nightmare before him. His body continued to sleep despite the noise, his sisters hand in his.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Ksou!!!" She pounded on the door. Jeniko gave up and pushed open the door. He lay there with his sister. Tears built up in her eyes. "ksou, we hav---have to go.." She said silently.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou could no longer ignore it. He opened his eyes only a slit, sitting up he looked to his hand holding his sisters.
"What is it Jeniko..." He stood up letting go of Misara's hand.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko was shocked. Hes never called her, her full name. "W--w--we have to leave..." She said ponting to the door. "We have to head to my house for safty becuase the mad men are out there."
Kimishi / Ksou: <I don't!? good god i must be pissed! =P>
Ksou looked to her, his eyes still showing sings of sleep.
"You go...I'll stay here."
There was no way he would run, from the ones that killed Kisara, if they came back he would kill them himself. Make sure they knew just how he felt.
Ksou was never one to run from a fight, although he had no idea what he was up against this time.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Ksou...Please we have to go.." She kneeled down at his level. "Please.."
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou glanced at her, he turned to his sister and picked her up. She felt light, he picked the blanket up from the bed and wrapped it around her so she couldn't feel cold. Her skin felt like ice, it made him uncomfortable.
Peace_Maker / Xenos: (I'm not sure where you guys are exactly, so, if this post doesn't work, tell me.)
Xenos stood motionless as he watched the monitor. He was the creator of the organization, yet he was different himself. Long ago when he still had use of his body, he contained the worse of the evolutions. They called it XENOS, a disease which changed your DNA to a certain extent where the possible became the impossible. He was able to create and do almost anything, but at a cost. his body weakened when he was young, and he wasn't able to walk at the age of seven. At age twelve, he lost his sight. Becoming blind changed the way he thought about the world. Doctors tried to repair his dying body, but there was no hope. At age seventeen he lost the ability to speak, which sent him even more into the descent of chaos. Shortly after, he lost his hearing at nineteen. Everything was taken away from him, except his thoughts. Then it happened. Something within his DNA triggered and effect which caused him to die, but yet still live. They rushed his body to a secretive location, and tried performing one last surgery on him. They used dark technology to somehow put his DNA 'spirit' into a nonliving object. A robot it was, and they had given him back everything. Sight, hearing, speak, it was all his again. He was able to control his new found power, yet learned everythign there was about the other evolutions. Slowly he became the leader of a small organization, and it grew over time, eliminating those who were not able to survive. He almost became mad in a sense, he even changed his name to the disease that almost ruined his life. No one knew exactly why he started the organization, but everyone knew him. They treated him as a god.
He laughed as he saw the warning. There was a group that was running about, and he was worried about it. He had a feeling that they were needed to be exterminated, but for some reason, he felt like capturing the group.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Are you taking her with us?" Jeniko looked up at him with her big eyes. She was kneeling still on the ground with the viel on her hand. She was clutching it gor dear life.
Kimishi / Youn: <I think thatworked.>
Youn looked to the other's beside him.
"It seems Xenos is not comming, perhaps he got caught up with the group from the other night..." Youn walked from the tree, he glanced back at the others.
"We will go back to headquarters for now...until our next orders of course."
As they began to leave, Youn looked to the house they had attacked. He had been listening to the conversations inside, a grin passed his expression. All he could think was how fun this would turn out to be. He followed the other back to headquarters.
Kimishi / Ksou: "Why would I leave her here..." He walked past her, not caring if she followed. All that mattered was getting Kisara into a place were she could rest.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko got up and started to walk downstairs. She wnet over to Jakob. "Any sign of them coming close to the house?" She asked seeing that the viel was turing a slight blackish red color.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou walked down stairs, his sister in his arms.
"There gone..." He watched as the blond guy that had been in Misara's room vanished as he looked out the window.
Hikoru / Jeniko: The viel turned Red. "We can use this to see if there coming..." She said and fell to the ground. Jeniko laughed. "I need to stop doing that.." She tryed to joke about her concution.
Fallenhope / Shiki: (Awww...you guys are MEAN! you are sapoused to WAIT for people! have you ever heard that word before?)
Kimishi / Youn: <Up until you jsuit said it no, not much has happend so I'll filll you in.
Were jsut headed back to head
Kimishi / Youn: <Up until you jsuit said it no, not much has happend so I'll filll you in.
Were jsut headed back to head
Kimishi / Youn: <...sry comptue rspazzed. anyway...we jsut headed back to headquaters were Xenos =vrael, is waiting. and Ksou and etc are just in the house.>
Fallenhope / Shiki: (oh...welll.....umm................*akward sinlce* i knew that* He mearly sighed. He walked along slowly and quitely. He was still thinking, but why he was thinking that he would never know. (too lazy to read back)
Kimishi / Youn: <lol>
"Shiki, what seems to be on your mind?" He noticed as they <b>ran<b> back to the ship that woudl take them to headquarters.
Jacoby / Jakob: "I think theyre leaving," Jakob whispered, his face practically pressed against the window. He turned to Jen. "Where's Ksou? I thought you were fetching him?"
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Hes on the couch with his sister." Her face cringed.
Jacoby / Jakob: <<we havent gone far Ash. we're stil in the house and you're still here - mute as u are - u can easily pop up again if u like>>
Kimishi / Ksou: <yea, most of what you missed was the bad guys Jsut talkin so...=P feel free to jump in. I brought Kisara down stairs is all.>
Ksoul held the small girl in his arms, her head resting on his chest, he hugged her close to him knowing this may be the last time he could. He thought it may look strange to the others but he didn't care. He had failed the one person who believed in him the most, and he would forever regret it.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "You huys we need to get to my house now....whille we still have a chance. I live 5 blocks away not including the walk back up the long path." She grabbed onto Jakob's arm becuase she was fealing light headed. "Are you coming with?" Jeniko asked the girl at the down still frozen in shock.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob glanced down at Jen, wanting to say yes but not being able to. He couldn't leave Ksou in the condition he was in, and judging from his friend's behaviour, he wouldnt be leaving without his sister anytime soo. "Hang on, Jen. I need to talk to Ksou." He made his way over to his friend
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou glanced up to Jakob as he walked towards him. Not really giving him noticed he simply looked back down at Kisara. He closed his eyes, pretending she were still breathing, not wanting to open them to face the truth.
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): Nysis ignored Shiki and Youn, and instead wondered about those kids in the house they'd stood under. It seemed like one of them had seen them, but if they had, they were too scared to come out. And rightly so, Nysis thought bitterly. Annoyed with Shiki, she bounded up, pinched him in the back of the neck with the lightest tips of her gloves, then sprang ahead again. "Don't make me wait."
Kimishi / Youn: You let a small grin pass his face. He looks to Shiki.
"You don't want her on your bad side..." He bounded after her, wanting himself eagerly to tell Xeros of the results.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko waited unpationatly. She gripped her viel tightly. 'I have a feeling they want this...' She said in her mind. Jen looked over at Ksou with sorrow and dispare in her eyes.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob approached Ksou carefully, choosing his words as best he could. "Ksou, we've been friends for a long time - almost as long as we've been alive. You have to listen to me now. I know everything that's happened is messed up. I know you're hurting right now, more than i can ever imagine. But sitting here and pretending like everything is normal isn't going to work." Jakob edged a little nearer and knelt, leaning in close to Ksou. He lowered his voice, made it gentle. "Your sister's gone, my friend, and there is nothing we can do to bring her back. Now, you have my word i will help you get the sons of bitches who did this to her, but we have to prepare...find out who they are, where they've come from. We can't just rush into anything foolishly or we'll get ourselves killed." Jakob didnt take his eyes away from Ksou's, didnt move as he gently reached out and placed his hand on Kisara's blanet-covered shoulder. "Now are you with me?" he asked.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou listened carefully to Jakob's words. His mind slowing it's jumbled state to figure out what he should do. He cleared it, thinking carefully. He could feel his sister in his arms, she wasn't moving and he knew why. Ksou stood up, still holding his sister. He walked to the door only to halt for a moment.
"...Thank's..." Ksou walked out, closing the door behind him.
Ksou walked for a bit, a shovel in his arms under his sister who he still held with the utmost care. He soon reached a grassy hill, as the sun started to clear the gray clouded sky above him. He put his sister down, looking at a grave that seemed to already be on the hill. He began to dig, his eyes holding a cold determination.
He never thought this day would come, the day he would barry his own sister. He mourned it, and had the though spring upon him late at night but never gave it mind. He felt it a nightmare now, but knew it was pure reality. He put the shovel down, his sister rapped in the blanket she had always had since the day she was born. He picked her up carefully, putting one arm under her limp body so she wouldn't fall. He jumped into the whole and layed her down, making sure that nothing woudl make her feel uncoumfortable as she slept. He took a good look, uncovering her face. She seemed peacefully sleeping, he noticed the small smile that covered her face. Tears formed in the corner of his eyes, he kissed his sister on the forehead, and ruffled her hair gently.
Covering her face again he climbed out of the whole and began to place the dirt carefully back in. He watched as the white blanket began to dissapear under the dark soil, as if it consumed her. He knew that wasn't how it was, it was simply closing a door, between him and her.
Ksou leaned against the shovel as he looked at the small grave, he would need to get a tombstone for her. He let the wind blow over his face, cleaning the stray tears that had formed in his eyes slide down his face. It was his final farewell, to her. The person he had promised to protect. He stared at the grave, his mind racing, he would always protect her. He would get revenge upon the ones who killed her, his preciouse sister. The demon with red eyes and blond hair, he would get him for sure. Ksou's eyes yet again held a cold intent, the revenge settling inside him so it would never leave until it was fufilled.
Peace_Maker / Xenos: Xenos formed a grin on his robotic face as could feel their presence. He was different than the others. He was able to feel the presence of others that evolved, and could understand their power. He turned off the monitor with his mind and then focused on Youn.
"It seems you have found them. I am quite happy of that. Please bring them back here. I want to find out more about them." He said in thought. It had been years since he spoke with his mouth. He was able to control his mind, and the thought of others that he was able to speak to them through thought. He then looked at his minions around him and frowned.
"Get back to work. All of you." He said in a monotone voice that echoed throughout the lab.
Kimishi / Youn: <wait foudn who? Ksou and the rest of Shiki and T's character?>
Youn stayed bowed as Xenos spoke to him,Even though he wasn't in Xenos's presence. He had much respect for the man that had shown him the truth of the humans around them. Filling this world with nothign but undeniable destruction and ill-peace.
"I will right away." He stood back up, looking at the two beside him. They had reached the ship and would head back in a matter of minutes. All was going as it was told. Soon they would release the virus on small towns, it soon spreading from person to person. It would be unable to be tamed.
He closed his eyes, his ears made his grin demonic, soon the human race would be in it's pace, non of the science they had could stop the pace of evolution, God's own will.
Peace_Maker / Xenos: ((Yes, sorry, I meant those against us.))
Kimishi / Youn: <aah ok, well we didn't capture them we just tested it on them. But youn does have an interest in Ksou so we'll make sure to try and capture them!>
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): Nysis clenched her teeth, glaring at Youn's back. Not at Youn, but the..."man" he had dropped so respectfully low for. She loathed him. Hated him with an anger so fierce and cold no dagger could be made sharp enough to hold it. But as quickly as her sharp gaze had turned on his presence, she turned it away. Indifference. That was all she could let herself feel now.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou opened the door to the house, he glanced around to see if Jakob and Jeniko were still there.
He had put the shovel away, and hid all signs of disspear over his sister.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Are--You ready?" Jeniko said light headed but tried not to show it becuase Ksou was in more pain. "We need to get to my house...Im guessing my Family is all ready dead so Its ok if we crash there."
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou looked to Jeniko, she was still in pain he coudl tell. HE took a deep sigh, putting his problem behidn him and putting revenge upfront.
"First...." He ran up stairs and went into Kisara's room, there on the floor was the glass bottle in a few pieces, a small cork next to it. He picked it up and brought it down stairs to teh others.
"This...that guy he opened it and then..." He didn't want to say it. "What was inside here..."
Kimishi: <bump?>
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko looked at it. "All I can tell is there was a mineral based Gas in there." She said inspecting its texture on the inside of it. "Lets take it to my dads lab."
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob moved closer to look too. "Are you sure it's safe to be carrying that thing round, Ksou?" He looked warily at the broken bottle, knowing it must have been responsible for had happened to Kisara. "Maybe we shouldnt be messing with it." Jakob looked down at Jen. "You know, your parents might be perfectly all right. You shouldn't worry about then until you know for sure."
Hikoru / Jeniko: "The bottles fine.." Jeniko looked up from the dinning room table. She hurtfuly made her way over to get a plastic bag. Jeniko zipped it up and put it in her purse. "Ready?" She said quietly.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou gave her a nod, he wanted to find out exactly what had caused his sisters untimely death.
"Jeniko you ask your parents about the bottle, me and Jakob will ask around town if any suspiciously people had been about."
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko sat back down to tie her shoes. "Like I said my parents, brother, and sister are all dead." She lifted her head and put her hat on. "Lets go.." She got up adn headed towards the door, she couldn't handle the movement. She colapsed right there in the doorway.
Kimishi / Ksou: <ah confused now, werent you going to there lab?>
Ksou ran over to Jeniko, he picked her up off the ground and shook her gently.
"We might have to do this ourselves Jakob, were does she live?" Ksou hadn't the slightest idea, since it had been so long. It made him feel a bid bad to ask such a simple questions about a close friend.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko lay there, knockedout from the blood and when her head hit the ground.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob shook his head."I have no idea where she live. I only met her today. Check her pockets." Before, Ksou could move, Jakob leaned down and checked pockets. In the first one he checked, he found a purse. Feeling funny about going through her stuff, he opened it anyway and found an ID card. "I've got it, dude," he said, looking up a Ksou.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou took a look at the card, he remembed the address. Holding Jeniko carefully he led Jakob out of the house, his eyes glancing around for any further suspicious happenings.
Although it took sometime, they reached Jeniko's house.
"Key?" He looked to Jakob who had her purse, and shook her again to try and wake her up.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko was in la-la land...<<hehee>>
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob searched inside the purse, found the key and quickly unlocked the front door, pushing it wide for Ksou to go through. "She's really getting knocked about, isn't she? I hope she's not gonna get brain-damage from all the bumps." After a moment's worried speculation, Jakob added, "maybe she's already got it." <<haha, sorry, i couldnt help myself>>
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko slowly rised from her deadly sleep. "Where am I?"
Kimishi / Ksou: kSOU GLANCED TO jAKOB. "Better hope she didn't hear that." He shook her again to help her wake up. "Jeniko, you fainted are you ok? " He took the key and unlocked the door. Looking for a place to let her rest.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Yeah.." She looked around the house as Ksou carried her in. He sat her down to stand on her own. "I need to go find the bodys." Jeniko said with a astrong voice. "I'll cover them with blankets and bury them in the backyard."
Kimishi / Ksou: <jeniko why are your parents suddenly dead? the disease was only let out in hte house and we haven't gone far enough outside to have the rst of the neihborhood catch it just yet.
Hikoru / Jeniko: <<They all have been sick for the longest time now and it killed them....They said they would call 6 hours ago and they didnt so there dead>>
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob followed behind Ksou and pointed to a low sofa near the window. "Put her there, Ksou. I'm gonna check the house. Make sure there's no one here, and, you know..." he glanced at Jen, compassion in his eyes, before lowering his voice, "check to see if her family is here." He gave his friend a soft thump on the shoulder and left them.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko sat there quietly. "I'll come with you." She stood.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou took Jeniko's shoulder pushing her back down gently.
"You's still dizzy, let me and Jakob look around...ok?" He gave her a look that told her to listen, and for once in a long time his eyes didn't hold the coldness from before. He turned to go after Jakob and coudl only hope they wodul find goood news, the bottle in his hand.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko hated being pushed around when it came to this kinda stuff but her medical side of her brain knew she had to rest. "Im just going to my room to sleep...come and get me if theres anything intresting." She walked down stairs to her basement bedroom and fell asleep on the bed.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou nodded, understanding she was a bit upset.
Ksou and Jakob searched the house; they came upon the room of Jeniko's sickly family only to find them in eternity's sleep. They looked peaceful.
As they continued to search the house Ksou came upon a metallic door, it was different from all the others in the house. He opened it, only ajar to peek inside.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko's slient alarm started going off in her room. She rushed up the stairs and closed the door fast. "I wouldnt go in there if I were you. Unless you wanna be sliced into a thousand piceces.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou took a small step back in suprise. His curiosity peeked at this action of Jeniko's.
"What's in ther exactly, you said we coudl test what was in teh bottle there right?"
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Yes but without the password and DNA samples you'll just get caught in the boobytraps!" Jeniko grabbed the wall for support. "I dont feel like going threw all that hassel right now...Lets just get some sleep." Jeniko walked back down to her room and sat on the edge of the bed.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou held in the bout of anger that swept over him. He could understand Jeniko was in pain but they were running out of time.
His mind began to race with thoughts, if they didn't hurry and find out what had killed Kisara those guys could end up using it on others. His body shook a bit in rage, he took in a deep breath to calm, his nerves and clear his mind.
She was right, they needed to wait. If they ran into it weak and UN rested then they wouldn’t be able to handle it. He took a seat on the couch, his foot moving up and down impatiently. He waited for Jakob to come back form searching the part of the house.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko stuck her head out of the bedroom. "Iv'e made spare beds for you guys down here." She said to Ksou. "You need rest more then any of us." Jeniko walked over to him. "Give me the bottle...I have stuff down stairs I can look at it with so tomorrow I know excectly what machine to go to." She held out her hand for the bottle.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob hurried back, finished with his search. "The rest of the house looks ok," he reported. "No signs of a break-in." He heard Jen's words about rest and thought it'd probably be a good idea - recharge the batteries. He looked at Jen's pain-filled eyes, then glanced at Ksou's red-rimmed ones. He hoped his friends would be able to sleep. "Shall we catch some z's, then?" he asked them.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko grabbed the bottle from Ksou. "Yeah...Follow me." She led them down stairs to there two beds and her queen sized one. "Ill work on the bottle for a little. You guys get some sleep."
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob sat on one bed and gratefully removed his boots. He quickly shucked off his jacket and t-shirt and climbed under the covers. "Don't take too long Jen," he called. "You need rest too, you know." As soon as his head hit the pillow, his eyes drifted shut, and exhausted sleep washed over him.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko smiled and laughed a little. She went over and plugged her laptop into her microscope. Carefully examining the viel she wrote down everything she saw. Jeniko looked over at Ksou and Jakob. Ksou was still awake wanting to know more about the viel.
Kimishi / Ksou: <sry was away>
Ksou climbed into the bed slowly. He took in a sigh and put his hand behind his head resting them b both back against the bed itself. He stared up at the ceiling, wondering what would happen when they did find out what was in that bottle. What could do something like that, he remembered his sister sudden get red sores.
His eyes started to droop, a splint of fear jolted through him, would they be able to handle something like this? He wondered as his eyes shut and he slowly drifted to sleep.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko turned her attention towards the bottle again. She found elements, not of this world. Some on the table of elements but 75% of them wern't. "Hmmm...This is startiling..." She said quietly. The pictures the microspoce took of the bottle were all saved onto her laptop so right now, all she cared about, was her laptop. She stayed up till moring making copy after copy of this. In total she made 10. If one of the goons took one there would be another in its place. "Wake up boys!" Jeniko went upstairs and started making breakfast. She set the table, the works. Steak, Bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, toast, milk, and orange juice. It was all set out on the table by the time the boys came up the stairs. "Finally!" Jeniko said sipping on her coffee reading the paper.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou sat up in a jolt, he looked around and yawned a bit. Walking into teh kitchen he was a bit stunned at Jeniko's sudden change.
"...find anything?" He wasn't too hungry but took some gfood anyway, all he wanted to know was about the chemicals.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob threw the covers back and climbed out of bed. Throwing his clothes on, he hopped out of the bedroom, shoving his feet into this boots, and smell of cooking hit him. His stomach gurgled emptily. He entered the kitchen to see a full breakfast spread out. "Jeez. I'm starving. Thanks Jen." He grinned at her and sat down and started eating. His enthusiasm died a little when he saw Ksou only playing with his food. He took a sip of juice and said, "so what did you find out Jen. I noticed you never came to bed, you know," he added reprovingly.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou looked up from his food faintly. He wondered much of the night staying awake what coudl of been in the vile that they found. He waited for Jeniko to answer.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko put down her paper. "Yeah...I found things...Stuff....Organisims I've never seen in my life!" She said throwing a disk in a case to Jakob. "Iv'e made 10 copys....Just in case thosse guys come back to distroy the evidence, Iv'e got more."
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob ate the last piece of his toast and picked up the disk Jen had thrown to him. "That's a good idea, Jen," he told her. "But what are we supposed to do with the information now? Go to the newspapers, police, what?" Jakob looked to Ksou for his input, but his friend was staring at Jen, his eyes far away, mind deep in thought.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Im going to go into the big lab and make names for them...No! Dont go to the news!" She stood up slamming her fists onto the table. "IF I CATCH YOU GUYS ON THE NEWS OR IN THE PAPER I'LL--I'LL..." Jeniko ran out of the dinning room into the back yard. She ran into the pool house.
Jacoby / Jakob: Stunned by Jen's outburst, Jakob watched dumbly as she ran from the room. He shared a glance with Ksou, but his friend just shrugged as if to say 'women'. Sighing, Jakob stood and made his way after her. He walked slowly to the pool house, thinking of what he could say to make her feel better, but hadnt managed to come up with anything by the time he'd reached the door. He hesitantly raised and hand and knocked. "Jen? Can i come in?"
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Yeah..." She wipped her tears away. He came in and sat in the chair next to her. " im sorry about that...I just....Its that...My dad was fired and all of our minds were supposed to be erased but instead my dad moved here when I was two." She put her feet up. "So you see if anyone were to find out I lived here still they would come and erase my mind. I would have no remembrance of you....or Ksou....No one." Jeniko looked up at Jakob. "Its werid....I know but Iv'e seen some shit....I mean serious Area 51 crap.." She laughed a little.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou had watched Jen run out the door, and in fact had the though "...women.." in his mind just as Jakob thought. He followed Jakob out the door and to Jeniko, an uncaring kind of look on his face. He was still a bit out of it.
He listened to her story, understanding a bit more as why she reacted the way she did.
"Jeniko...we won't tell anyone. If the public were to find out about this then there would be panic." He held the disk up in his hand. "So don't worry ok? We all need to be strong here..." He gave her a reassuring smile, taking in the seriousness of his own words himself.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko jumpped a little of the presence of Ksou becuase she didnt hear him come in. "Ok..."
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): Nysis leaned against the wall of Jeniko's house, cloaked in it's shadow. Maybe the sun would feel good on her hands...She brought her focus back to eavesdropping on those inside. The girl had managed to discover what made up the virus-or that plus whatever bacteria and dust had collected on the glass from the travel from house to house. This interested her immensely. She had been one of the first victims, and a part of the organization, and even she didn't know what was in it. She drew her treacherous thoughts on a short leash, and made them obey her. Think of this as a threat, not a...a cure. She shuddered. How could she still hope for that? She was done.
Nysis dropped low against the house wall, once the girl and two boys emerged outside. She sat very,very still. If you concentrated on invisibilty so much you no longer thought you were concentrating, but that you WERE invisible, you could do it. Revelations from before the virus. She still remembered those? Well...HE...and Youn, would be interested in the youths' discovery. But...if she told them, that would eliminate all chance of a cure. If they had the right equipment and knowledge to find out what was in it, surely they could fix it? She wished she could smack her head against the house. She wasn't supposed to think about that! But-again-this technically wasn't a mission. She was just here because-well, she'd been bored out of her mind, and confident she wouldn't be caught just hanging around. She didn't HAVE to report anything...
Jacoby / Jakob: "Yeah. it's okay, Jen. We won't tell anyone. Your secret is safe with us." He looked at the girl sadly, wondering how her life must have been, contantly hiding from people. Jakon stood. "Come on. Lets's go back to the house, decide what our next move should be."
Jakob led the way outside and suddenly stopped. He cocked his head, listening. Looking back over his shoulder, he said to the others, "Did you...hear something?" From their blank expressions, he guessed they hadn't. He shook his head. "Never mind." He carried on walking.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko walked with him inside. "I'll go to the lab....I'll be out in 2 hours...stay put."
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou followed Jakob out of the house, his mind racing with thoughts.
What could of been those chemicals, was this going to turn into some kind of terrorism plot. What woudl be accomplished from all this.
Ksou tried to remember the blond mans words, something about those unchosen by God. He could feel teh rage building inside him as he thought of the event. He calmed himself taking a seat on the couch inside, trying to rearrange his thoughts, looking for some clue as to were they should go next.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko went upstairs to the lab and placed her hand on the screen. Fingertip analises lether in.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko enterd and placed one of the disks in the lab main strem. "Lets see." She looked up to see a picture of the entire family. Jeniko had been strong, and hadn'r cryed. She started crying with her face in her hands. She fell to her knees.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob sat next to Ksou and sighed heavily. These new developments just seemed to big for him. He was 18-year-old kid, he didn't know what to do about germ warfare or nefarious government plots. Already one person had died, shouldn't they be going to the cops? But of course, they couldn't, not with what Jen had just told them - it would put her in danger. For the first time, Jakob actaully admitted to himself that he was scared out of his mind.
But at least you're not alone, he told himself, glancing at Ksou.
He heard a muffled sob and looked up. It had sounded like Jen. "I think she's crying, dude," he said to Ksou. "Um, i guess I'd better check on her." He rose and went upstairs and found her on her knees, face in hands, sobbing.
He hurried over to her and put an arm around her shoulders. "Hey, hey," he said awkwardly, not really sure what to say. "Please don't cry. I never know what to do when a gal crys."
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou let a small sigh out, he walked up to see what Jakob was going to do.
Upon walkign in he found a very upset Jeniko, Ksou shruged a bit.
"Jeniko...don't cry..." He didn't know what to say, although his sister had just died he knew well enough that not much could stop the pain she was feeling.
Kimishi / Youn: Youn stood at the edge of a tree branch, one foot dangling over the edge.
He looked at Nysis, she was different from them, from him too as odd as he was. They all seemed to be of some odd status within the cooperation.
Youn could only guess what the girl was thinking, with his hearing he heard every word of what the people inside had been talking about. She wanted to be cured, to touch people with out them dieing.
He only looked down at her, wondering how she got that way but never asked.
Youn knew well that there cause was for the better of the world. People who can't survive, there supposed to die, it's how it's supposed to be. His people went through it, and so does every other creature. But these humans they cheat there way out of the natural evolution of the world, they use chemicals and products to try and save those that should not be. Youn's fist clutched with anger, all he had to do was run his mind over these thought's to boil the water of his anger.
He continued to watch Nysis, keeping his mind off any sound of a cure. There cause was pure, for the better.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko quickly wipped her tears away and stood up. "Im ok....I just had a little outbreak so, ill be getting back to my work now." She said in a professinal way. Jeniko grabbed the picture, showing no emotion at all, she threw it accross the room. The glass shadering in thousands of picecs.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou watched the picture on the floor, he looked to Jeniko as she began to walk away. He sighed a bit, he knew how she felt and they didn't let him suffer alone. He wouldn't either.
Ksou went up to Jeniko and hugged her from behind, not caring if she received it well or not.
"Jeniko...were old friend...I know how your feeling,and...and you don't need to hold it in ok...?" Ksou closed his eyes, he had heard somewherey that human contact usual was the bets thing for suffering.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko turned around in the hug and hugged him back. Tears fell down her face.
Kimishi / Ksou: <jeniko try to make your stuff mroe detailed. I know your in a lot of rp's but it woudl make your post better. Just a suggestion.>
Ksou held her close, he felt her tears dampen his shirt, but didn't care for that. She was in pain, over her family, and at the same time trying to help them figure all this out.
"It'll be ok Jeniko...we're both here for you, me and Jakob...so don't cry, you won't ever be alone. "
He tried his best to smile for her, even with his cold attitude he was able to give one, jsut for her.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko hugged him tightly. She backed away from the hug. She wipped her face clean with one of the towels on her dads workbench. "I better get back to work and thank you...Both of you..." Jeniko smiled at them. She went over to the microspoce. "What the Hell!!!!???" She screamed backing away from it into Ksou's arms.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou jolted a bit at her outburst.
"W-what is it?" He looked over at the microscope, wondering what woudl scare her so much.
<gtg for a bit, so sry If I don't post for awhile.>
Hikoru / Jeniko: <Ok>
Jeniko took a picture of it with her microscope's camera. "This Mineral is becoming a organizium!" She yelled a little to loud but the Lab was sound proof. "At this rate, it will be the size of the room in 20 minutes unless I nuterualize it." She was running all over the lab pressing bottons and typing things. Jeniko picked up the bottle and threw it in Altamic Acid. "Sorry Ksou but I had to distroy the bottle." She said looking over at Ksou.
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): Nysis twitched irritably. "I know very well you can't read minds by staring at the back of a person's head, Youn. And I'm not going to run in and confess to them, nor am I going to burn the house down. You might as well go home."
She had a very uncomfortable sensation that he was guessing those thoughts she'd tried to keep so tightly locked down, but there was no proof. And she had no intention of acting on them, she told herself feircely.
Kimishi / Ksou: <um...you mean it was gonna spread right? not grow the size of the room lol>
Ksou gave her a curious look, although he had wanted to keep the bottle since it had the chemical in it.
"So it spreads fast huh..." Ksou had a idea flicker in his eye's *lol* He ripped a small bit of his shirt off and moved towards the microscope. He looked inside.
"...Were all exposed to it..." He moved away. "It's on us, but it's not killing us like it did Kisara..." He thought a bit, looking to Jeniko and Jakob.
Why woudl the chemical kill her and not them, it must of been something, maybe they were older? Or that she was sick.
Kimishi / Ksou: <um...you mean it was gonna spread right? not grow the size of the room lol>
Ksou gave her a curious look, although he had wanted to keep the bottle since it had the chemical in it.
"So it spreads fast huh..." Ksou had a idea flicker in his eye's *lol* He ripped a small bit of his shirt off and moved towards the microscope. He looked inside.
"...Were all exposed to it..." He moved away. "It's on us, but it's not killing us like it did Kisara..." He thought a bit, looking to Jeniko and Jakob.
Why woudl the chemical kill her and not them, it must of been something, maybe they were older? Or that she was sick.
Kimishi / Youn: An amused grin spread across Youn's face. He spoke quietly knowing very well Nysis coudl him him fine.
"You know you want exactly what those three inside are thinking about looking for." He sat on the branch, leaning down a bit the grin still on his face.
"Why would I go home when fine entertainment is right here to see. Isn't that why you came, right?" HE leaned back a bit waiting for her to respond.
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): "I don't know what you're talking about; 'entertainment'. There's nothing thrilling about listening to three people talk about minerals," she replied, crossly.
She stood up, stretched casually, and within a moment was perched just above Youn. "And not all of us can hear through a sound proofed laboratory. Especially not one with at least six other rooms around it," she said, purposfully misleading him from his first comment.
Kimishi / Youn: You could see she was changing the subject, but gladly went along.
"Well, that's what you humans get for going against the right way of Evolution." He closed his eyes, still listening to the ones inside.
"They seem to have found out it's a virus, and that it spreads...trying to figure out why it killed that little girl and not them...foolish." Youn could only grin at the amusement he was getting out of there attention to the obvious. God has chosen them, to live.
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): Nysis prodded him with her toe. "You find it funny that they haven't realized they have a killer virus resistant gene...you obviously don't get out much."
She leaned against the tree trunk and put her foot on top of his head, purely to annoy him. "Well, however pathetic we may have gotten, we can't have done TOO badly. I mean, we're still here to be wiped out."
She held her gloved hand up to the light. And suffering for it, she thought bitterly.
Kimishi / Youn: Youn sent a glare her way, he pushed her foot aside and leaned against the tree trunk.
"I find it amusing...what will happen from here on in." He knew that they woudl try to stop them, although it was obviously futile, but the fun part is seeing how they fail.
He glanced her way, seeing as she looked at her hand. "You say your still here to be wiped out, don't you think it might be better to have been wiped out instead of sufferer...?" He felt it a bit harsh to say, but what did he really care.
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): Nysis felt very much like pushing him out of the tree and into a very large, deep, hole. Why should she have to defend her species? They didn't matter to her anymore. Really...
"Feh, it doesn't matter. My kind's notorious for fighting stubbornly to survive, so it's purely out of pride that they'd prefer it now." 'They'...not...'we'. "And really, Youn, I think you'd prefer it if they fought instead of dying quietly. Now you get to watch them squirm and suffer under this. I can tell that makes you positively invigorated with glee. Not really surprising."
Kimishi / Youn: Youn could see the anger steam from her. He held a laugh in.
"As true as that is, does my species not deserve the pleasure of watching cheaters squirm?" <sry I cant think of anythign else to say lol!>
Hikoru / Jeniko: <<Yeah, thats what I ment :P>>
Jeniko had been thinking that but didnt want to say anything. "Lets rest again and Ill pick up in the moring." She said looking at the crack in the door was black, there was no more light shining threw it.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou glanced out the window, it had becomes dark outside already. He walked out of the room, thinking on the virus. Why couldn't it kill them, what did Kisara have that they didn't. Maybe it was because she was a child, that had to be it he though.
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): Nysis shrugged. "Yeah, because you guys decided you'd rather let survival of the fittest pass than stop your friends and family from dying. Yeah,go ahead. Watch the rest of the Earth's occupants suffer. Sure, why not? Nobody's going to stop you-including me. I don't care anymore."
Nysis leaned back against the tree again, considering the subject completed. She could beat this on her own.
Kimishi / Youn: Youn glanced to her.
"It's hard to save people when there is nothign you can do. Unlike you humans we had no choice, but look now. I could kill those three in the blink of an eye, why?" He grinned a bit. "Because I did't cheat the world."
Youn sat across from her, the only way you can in a tree.
"You need not worry Nysis, you lovely companion is here to help you get better." He waved his finger amusingly a bit. As cold as he was, he still felt human emotions, enough to an extent that they surpassed just that. He liked his companion Nysis, she was tough. And she was still alive.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko walked outside to the beach house. She made herself a sandwich and put in a movie. She turned down the lights, Cuddled up in her blankets, and hugged a pillow. Jeniko heard a knock at the door. It sounded like one person. "Come in.."
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): Nysis opened one eye at him. "Lovely companion,eh? Now who would that be?"
She plucked a leaf off the tree and began to stroke it with her bare finger, putting little brown streaks of decay onto it. "And do you have any idea how this mysterious 'companion' of mine would help me get better, as you put it?"
She plucked a few more leaves and marked them as well, leaving just enough green that the streaks might be noticed as something other than the leaves turning.
Kimishi / Youn: Youn closed his eyes, opening them in the directions of the sky. The star's weren't nearly as bright in this place then were had cme from, they were dull and seemed about to die. Were he came from, they shined as bright as the sun, in uncountable numbers.
"Isn't being around to talk about this kind of stuff good enough? Besides, if we stick around who knows, those three may do something." He got an excited feeling by looking down upon the house the three humans lay in. He gooed somethings interesting would happen.
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): "I never said it wasn't! And I also didn't say I wanted to leave."
She noticed that tonight may have been the first time they'd ever casually called each other by name. She scooped together the pile of infected leaves. "But since you like messing with people, we could always speed up the 'interesting' thing..."
Kimishi / Souel: Youn gave her a small smile.
"That ruin's the fun, lets wait to see what happens...shall we enjoy the show?"
Youn noticed he had been more friendly with her then ever before, without the other organization members around it was a bit more relaxing.
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): <Oh my god! Youn's a Transmogrifier! Heh heh...sorry K-chan. Forgot to change files?>
"All right then," she said, "Just let me leave them a little calling card before we go."
She stretched and focused her eyes on the house, alert for any movement of..."amusing"...activity.
Kimishi / Youn: <lol sry>
Youn put his hands behind his head and leaned backa bit.
"Go right ahead, but don't start anything we would half to kill them off in." He wanted the fun to last more then today, it would be very intesersting from here on in.
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): "More attempts at jokes tonight, huh, Youn? Don't get too carried away with them. And don't worry-I'm just as interested as you with them. At heart."
Nysis jumped quietly from the tree, and stealthily made her way to the front door. There she tacked the infected leaves to the door in a fan pattern. Too bad she probably wouldn't be able to see their shock in the morning. Fun. She returned to the backyard. Instead of pulling herself up next to Youn, Nysis crept along and hid against the house. She wanted to be able to HEAR what was going on.
Kimishi / Youn: Youn watched her creep about the outside of the house.
"They've stopped talking, there about ready to sleep soon." Youn decided to let her in before she wasted too much of her time. He glanced to the leafs on the door, it would scare them much and he wished he could see it himself.
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): "Well, at least we had a nice little chat," she said with a sigh. "And..." she asked of him, a new tone to her voice-curiosity, "Do YOU sleep? I get about an eighth of what I use-what the average human gets. But you're certainly not human. Do you have to rest-at all?"
It baffled her that she would be asking this. It was completely random, and embarassed her on the inside for asking about such a trvial, non-related question.
Kimishi / Youn: Youn was a bit interested in answering the question, although it was irrelevant to what they were doing.
"Well I do need to sleep, but not as much as a human. I can however go on less sleep and still be able to function during the day you see."
Youn used the matter-a-fact tone.
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): "I see..." she replied. "So, how much longer are you willing to stay out here? Honestlly, I don't think much else is going to happen. And we can always come back in the morning, assuming we don't get put on another mission."
Kimishi / Youn: "Let's go then, I'm sure we'll run into them sooner or later. Besides, if they can't make it that far then there not worth our time are they?" Youn jumped down from the tree, landing gracefully besides Mysis.
"Shall we head back?"
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): <Nysis,thank you. Not Mysis.>
"Yeah. Maybe we can come back early enough in the morning to see their reactions." Nysis stood up and slipped away into the shadows, homing in on the base.
Kimishi / Youn: Youn followed not far behind.
"Let's hope so..." <lol sry >
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob couldn't sleep. How could they expect him to when everything was roiling about in his head, not giving him any peace. He needed to be DOING something, not just sitting here while Jen ananlysed samples and Ksou sat in cold fury. He got up and went to the front door. Opening it, he looked out at the street, looking left and right, searching for any signs of attackers. Glancing behind him, he quickly stepped outside and shut the door behind him, and began walking down the street. He had no real plan, but thought that maybe if searched the area those guys had been in last, he may be able to find a clue.
Jacoby / Jakob: <<sorry. didnt really understand the infected leaves on the door thing>>
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): < Okay, you now know that the stuff in the vial Youn killed Kisara was was a virus, right? Well, we know you know, but you don't know we know you know. Well, a fan of virus-infected, ugly, decaying leaves have been tacked to your door. It's supposed to freak you out. That 1. there's a friggin' virus on your door, and 2. we know you've found out, and are watching. Scary,huh? >
Kimishi / Youn: Youn glanced back at the sound of someone leaving the house, a smirk ran across his face.
"I'll catch up Nysis...I'm going to leave my own note."
Youn jumped to the top of the house, looking down upon hte person who just left. The other boy, not sure of his name just yet. Youn landed a bit behind him as the boy started to walk down the street, Youn's landing was silent, unhear able to the human ear. He continued to follow the boy a bit a mused at how easy it was.
When Youn thought they were far away enough he jumped up, it seemed he disappeared for a moment. The grin once again played on his face.
"Is it really so safe for someone to walk about this late at night?" Youn said, it seemed to echo throughout the area the two were in, his voice eari and grim.
Jacoby / Jakob: <<i swear to God, T, you crack me up >> He caught a glimpse of something out the corner of his eye and turned back to look at Jen's house. He saw the terrifying pattern of leaves on the door and staggered back, his heart stuttering in his chest. He ran back to the house and just stood there, panting in fear. They'd been here! He quickly glanced around, expecting to find someone sneaking up on him, but no one was there.
Looking at the door, he hesitated. He couldnt go near it now. So how was he supposed to warn the others. He looked down and spotted something near to his feet. Shrugging, he leaned down and picked up the rock, and lobbed it at the nearest window. <<did i act scared enough for ya?>>
Jacoby / Jakob: <<ah, shit. maybe just ignore my last post>>
Tisuna / Captain Hopegood: <nah, you can keep it. We'll just say..that you had to turn around and run to find the rock, and THEN Youn jumped down. Or maybe Youn could cancel out, since yours was first,Jaco.>
Tisuna / Captain Hopegood: <Well, I can't post 'til you two decide what to do about it. But we're all flexible, whatever you decide to do. And yes, adequate panic and freaked-outness, Jaco. And glad you find me amusing. It means I'm not the only one.>
Kimishi / Youn: <guess you can cancel mine>
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): <Ah, shit. Wrong name again. There's got to be a little notice on here someplace on the directory that says 'you are logged in as insertnamehere.; That would be very helpful.>
Jacoby / Jakob: <<right, iv just thrown the rock and Youen has dropped down behind me and said, "Is it really so safe for someone to walk about this late at night?">> Jakob jerked and spun around, coming face to face with the guy who had attacked Jen and Ksou, and killed Kisara. He felt a swell of anger underneath the fear, but it wasn't enough to unfreeze him from where he stood. "W-what do you want?" he asked, not liking the quiver in his voice. "We haven't done anything to you!"
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): Nysis watched from up ahead of the two men. She reclined against a power box and watched Youn torment his victim. His reaction to the leaves amused her-what a brilliant idea. She'd step in if he went too far in his enthusiasm, as...HE...would have wanted them all alive. But for now she stayed back and let Youn have his fun. They didn't need to know of her existance until they had to.
Kimishi / Youn: <lol ok>
Youn's expression only became one more amused, his eyes split, making the red look like blood diamonds. His grin became full of apathetic and amusement.
"My aren't you shaky and full of fear, what might be bothering you?" Youn put his hand up slightly as if thinking, but it was only to show the sharp claws on his hands.
"You noticed my friend's little note, but I need to give one to you and your friends..." One hand in his pocket, playing with a small bottle he opened slightly only to tip the ends of his nails in. The sound of burning came from his pocket, the chemical so toxic it made even his nails thin out.
"Welcome to the party...you made a fine entrance." Youn pulled his hand from the pocket, slashing Jakob across the chest, ripping his shirt into shreds where he hit. The acidic chemical immediately began to burn at his skin, grooving a deep wound that would most likely scar.
"Maybe we can dance later on..." Youn jumped back, a grin still pleasantly visible on his face.<sorry for the stupid annology...he's bi lol>
Tisuna: Nysis's eyes widened. If he wasn't wholly resistant, that wound meant certain death! She hated it-loathed it with all of her being-but if she wanted to survive she had to keep HIM pleased. And HE'd wanted the three of them alive! Nysis bolted between Youn and the boy. "You idiot, Youn! What if this really kills him?!" she shouted angrily. Nysis pulled off her glove and cut herself across the arm with her own sharp nails. Rapidly, she held her arm against his wound, and let her own blood sink in some. She winced as she let even more of the virus into her own body, but at least this wound wouldn't kill the boy. This one. As quickly as she had done it, Nysis snatched her arm back and drew glove and sleeve tightly over it. She pushed Jaco back against the house, a few feet from the door. Then she turned and ran, and kept running, all the way back until she was within seeing distance of the base, glad to put distance between what she had done and the time when she would have to explain herself.
Tisuna: <If my post interferes with some plans, or if that chemical WASN'T the virus, you can just completely ignore and have me continue watching cooly from afar.>
Kimishi / Youn: <lol it wasnt the virus>
Hikoru / Jeniko: <<Whats happend scence ive been on?>>
Jacoby / Jakob: <<nothing much. Youn and Nysis have been chatting about evil things and pinned some infected leaves on your front door to scare us. I got sick of waiting around, so left to see if i could find some evidence at the place we were attacked at last time; but on my way out, Youn infected me with something and Nysis used her blood to cure me. that's it hun>>
Hikoru / Jeniko: <<K...who enterd the pool house when I awnserd the door?>>
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko heard something so she ran into the main house and out the front door to see Jakob on the ground with the virse people there. "What have you done!" She ran and kneeled next to him takign her blanket and wipping his cheast off. "Jakob!! Wake Up!!!" She saw his eyes slightly closed and he wasnt talking. "You ASSWHOLES!!!!!" Janiko screamed at the two.
Jacoby / Jakob: <<I think we Kimi to come back, Jen, and explain what she's just done to Jakob before i can post. I dont wanna mess with what she's got going. Here have a sugar-free cookie and be patient *holds out BIG choc-chip cookie*>>
Hikoru / Jeniko: <<YAY!>>
Tisuna: <Erm...I'm not K-chan, but I can explain the slashy thingy. Just ignore my post concerning it. I misunderstood, it's apparently just some acid or something that stings very much. So...yeah. And, I'm currently outside of your seeing distance, Jeniko, so it's just ONE virus asshole you're dealing with.>
Kimishi / Youn: <sry for the misunderstanding, yes it was jsut acid.>
Youn let the grin stay present on his face, he stepped back a bit only to look over the two.
"Don't worry, it wont kill him. Just so you don't forget what your trying to do..and who your messing with." Youn jumped b`ack, vanishing into the darkness of the woods behind them, his hair the last thing you could see.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko, sitting over Jakob, whatched him go away in silince. "Jakob..." She said silently whille looking down at him with tear ful eyes. He was hurt...Badly.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou ran out of the house, he had heard Jeniko screaming at someone and assumed the worst.
He looked out the door in a pant. "J-Jeniko why we-" He looked to the Jakob on the ground, his heart sped up fearing the worst.
"Jakob...! Jakob wake up man!" Ksou kneeled next to him and shook him gently, he looked to the bleeding scar's on his chest. They looked like claw marks, an animal attacked him? Here?
"Jakob wake up!"
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko sat down off of her knees with a white pale face on. 'Why....why is this happening to all of my friends..' She thought in her head. "Let take him inside.." She offerd to Ksou.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou looked to Jeniko, her face was pale.
"You'd better not..." He wouldn't want to make Jeniko go through anymore, she had just lost her parents and now Jakob was-. he didn't want to think of what might happen to him.
He picked up Jakob, carefully placing him on the couch inside, his mind didn't think about if the guys were still outside or not all that mattered was Jakob. He took off his shirt, examining the wound that had already started to heal itself a bit. He looked at Jakob's face, he seemed weak, from the chemical they left on him?
"Jakob...are you ok?" He shook Jakob a bit, trying to bring him back to consciousnessy.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko ignored both of them as she walked into the house. She went downstairs and grabbed the viel that was red again so that ment that thosse guys were long gone. Jneiko grabbed her backpack and filled it with clothes and snacks. Whille Ksou was busy with Jakob, Jeniko slid out the door and started running. Running away from everything...running away so her friends would be in no more danger. If thosse Virse freaks wanted what was in the viel they had to come and get it from her and stop hurting her friends. She ran deep into the woods behind her house. Places she hadnt even been. Jeniko laid down her stuff and rested her head on it. Grabing the blanket she packed she coverd herself. "You wont hurt my friends or family anymore..." SHe said drifting partly asleep.
Kimishi / Ksou: <very nice paragraph *claps >
Jacoby / Jakob: <<*claps loudly* bravo Jen. very good>> Jakob groaned in pain and struggled toward conciousness. Cracking his eyes open he found he was back in Jen's house and lying on the couch. "Wha-?" he had to clear his throat before continuing. "What happened?" His chest felt like it was burning from the inside out. He was scared to move in case the agony rose even more. Grimacing, he glanced around and saw Ksou. "Hey, dude. Where's Jen?"
Kimishi / Ksou: "She went upstairs dude...are you ok?" Ksou gave him a look of concern, he had wiped the blood from the wound on his chest but the scar was deep, and would most likely stay like that. Jakob didn't seem to notice the scar.
"Jakob...who attacked you?
Jacoby / Jakob: “Jen left? But I thought I heard the outside door go.” Jakob tried to sit up but suddenly stopped when pain ripped through him. He gingerly looked down at his chest and gasped at the damage he saw there. “Jesus! He’s ruined me.” He met Ksou’s eyes. “It was that guy, man. The one that attacked us at your house and…” Jakob couldn’t bring himself to ‘and killed your sister’. But he didn’t have too; he knew by the cold fury that ignited in his friend’s eyes, that Ksou knew exactly who he was talking about.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou knew exactly who he was talking about, he woudl never forget that face. The wicked smile of satisfaction in his eyes when Ksou had run to his sister's side. He would never forget, his hands clenched so tight his knuckles started to turn shades of white.
"...at least he didn't kill you..." Ksou remembered what the guy had said, not to forget what they we're getting into. What were they getting into, he wondered.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko woke up a hour later. The forest dark and silent. She looked up seeing a squirll. "Hmmm..." She thought or where she was going to go becuase Ksou and Jakob were at her house.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou left Jakobs side to check on Jeniko, who had been gone for almost an hour. He walked up the stairs, she must be crying was all he co
udl think.
"Oi Jeniko....Jakob is ok hes a-" Ksou opened the door to tell her he was alright, but she was no were to be found. He glanced around, seeing her room in a bit of a shamble. He walked back downstairs.
"...maybe in one of the labs..." But he wouldn't know, he couldn't get into them.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko started to cry. She loved thosse boys like family but she just caused them pain. "I cant go back...I cant!" She picked up everythign and started running again. She ran for as long as she could until she colapsed with egaushton(sp?). Jeniko leaned up aginst the tree and stared at the dark forest. It didnt even scare her like it usally did. 'The boy must be worried....Ksou.....Jakob....' She thought. Jeniko really did love them, What was going to happend to them? What was going to happen to her family? What was....going to happen to her?
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob struggled into a sitting position, moaning with the pain. He found that once he was sat up, his discomfort eased a bit. "YOU FIND HER, DUDE?" he yelled at Ksou who was somewhere in the house, searching for Jen. If she had run away, Jakob would go after her. There was no way he was going to let her fend for herself. As far as he was concerned, they were all in this together...like a real family ought to be.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko took out a power bar and nibbled on it. "Urg.." She also took out one of the many water bottles and took a sip from it. "Is this how im gonna live my life?"
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob heard Ksou running back downstairs. "She's not up there," his friend told him. Jakob frowned, worry beginning to gnaw on him. Suddenly a thought occurred to him. "Hey, does she have a cell?"
Jakob forced himself to his feet and limped over to a small table with a telephone on it. A small address book sat beside it and he quickly rifled though it until he saw 'Jeniko - cell no. 079273 38902'.
Jakob picked up the telephone and dialled.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko awnserd her cell. "Hello Jeniko awsnering." She said politly.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou watched Jakob dial the number, seeing as his friend had suddenly forgot the pain, it meant the injury wasnt so bad anymore.
He thought for a bit, why would she leave the house, especially after what happened to Jakob. They werent after any one of them for some reason, could she have found out something and not told them?
He waited for Jeniko's response on the phone from Jakob.
Megsrus aka Meg: (hey mind if I join?)
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko looked at the number it was her home number. "Shit!" jeniko hung the phone up.
Jacoby / Jakob: Stares dumbstruck at the phone and looks at Ksou. "She hung up on me, dude!" Jakob redialled the number again, stabbing the buttons and muttering angry under his breath. "If she doesn't answer this time, i'm gonna bop her one when i find her." In his ear, the phone rings again...
Kimishi / Ksou: <sure, do you need a fill in of what has happened?>
Ksou looked at Jakob, it was obvious now, she had run away from them. But why? She was putting herself in danger by doing this and Ksou was sure that Jakob was just as worried as he was about now.
"You keep dialing...I'll go look for her." Ksou left from the doorway and walked out the house. He ran anywhere, somewhere. He was quiet with each step, he would hear her phone ring for sure if he listened hard enough. Ksou didn't want to lose another person close to him, no more.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko awnserd the phone. "Jakob dont get mad at me...I left becuase i love you too much to see you get hurt like that again...And if Ksou died, i would fall apart. Dont look for me! JUST DONT!" Jeniko hung up and threw her cell phone into a tree making it crsah into a thousand picecs.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou turned to the side, he could faintly hear Jeniko talking and ran that way.
He saw her from far away, he walked slowly over. She was talking to Jakob and suddenly threw the phoen against a tree. He walked up behind were she say.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Dont!" She screamed not getting up from where she was. "Don't get near me...I left for a reason....A important reson that I just told Jakob so go take care of him!" She said buring ehr head into her blanket. She was to strong for this but her heart just colapsed when it came to them two.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou took a step foward.
"Jeniko...even if you run that wont stop them from attacking me or Jakob...and you know that..."
Ksou had to get her to come back, if they got seperated and somthin happened to her he oculd never forgive himself.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "No....Ill be alright alone...Im used to it, I accually perfere it." She said still buried into the pillow. "Even though I cant see right now I know your coming closer so stop!"
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou kneeled beside her and let a small sigh out.
"I'm not gonna leave you alone Jeniko, you know that so lets go back ok?" He let an amused smile play across his face, she was like a like a kid, Cuddles to her blanket like that, he foudn it cute.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko looked up at him with her pigtail swishing to the otherside. "What are you staring at?" She asked radther rudly but didnt mean to. She hugged her pillow close and stared off into the distance,
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou stared at her a bit. He couldn't help but let the smile stay on his face. He could only see the image of his sister's face in Jeniko, and that's exactly how he saw her. Jeniko was like another sister, never to replace Kisara of course. He had cared more then the world for Kisara, and he would care the same way for Jeniko and Jakob. His childhood friends, they had changed so much while he was gone. He layed back against the tree.
"Jeniko...please come home..."
It was all he could think to say, she didn't want either of them to be hurt again. Ksou knew better, that this would only make there situation worse off.
Hikoru / Jeniko: When Ksou said please in that voice she couldnt help but cry. She jumpped on him, nocking him and her to the ground. Jeniko held him in her arm. "i love you Ksou..."
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou stayed were he was, she was scared of there situation and he understood completly. He held her wial she cried.
"I love you too Jeniko...don't cry." He sat up a bit, still holding her in his arms.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko wrapped her arms around his neck. "Your so nice to me...Why?" Jeniko asked backing out of the hug.
Kimishi / Ksou: "Because your one of my best friends Jeniko..." He smiled a bit, he let go from the hug and waited for her to feel a bit more comfortable herself. She still had some tears in her eyes and he wiped them from her face gently.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "I'll come home, only if you make sure Jakob wont kick my ass!" She laughed grabbing her stuff and looking at Ksou. "Are you coming or are you just gonna sit there all night?" Jeniko started walking towards the house.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou stood up and wiped the dirt from his cloths.
"Coming." He jogged up to her and then walked next to her. He was glad she was coming back with him, Jakob woudl of shurley kicked his ass if he shoewed back at the hosue without her.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko stayed quiet the entire time. When they reached the house she enterd throwing her stuff by the stairs. Jeniko walked over to where Jakob was sitting on the couch. She looked at him in the eyes and kissed him. "I really do love you." Jeniko wraped her arms around him knowing not to touch his wounded chest.
Megsrus aka Meg: Meg walked slowly down the street. They had been here she could tell. She sighed, why did she always have to have the difficult ones? Because I'm the best she told herself truthfully. A group of children ran by and Meg watched them as they disappeared down the street. Meg pulled the hood up on her cloak to hide her pointy ears.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou decided he would let Jakob talk to Jeniko. He took a step outside and closed the door.
Jeniko was like a sister to him and Jakob, and that meant they were her brother. They needed to protect each other.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob felt such relief when he saw Jeniko that he felt a little light-headed. He'd had every intention of chewing her out for worrying them so much, but when she kissed him and pulled him into a hug, he couldn't help but hug her back, a lump lodging into his throat. "Don't ever run off from is again, Jen," he said roughly. "...and, you know, i love you, too," he added grudgingly.
Kimishi: <AH! wait were did she kiss you *twitch*>
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko sat on the floor next ot him. "Im sorry Jakob...I wasnt thinking." She rested her head on the couch and stared into ablivian.
Jacoby / Jakob: <<she gave me a brotherly peck, u perv =P >>
Jabok looked worriedly down at Jen. She seemed to be out of it. Maybe all that had happened was too much for her. He reached down and stroked her hair gently. "Hey, have you eaten?" he asked, trying to cheer her up. "If you've got milk and eggs, i could make you my world famous Jakob pancakes. They taste like little pieces of heaven."
Hikoru / Jeniko: <<No i didnt....>> Jeniko sat there in ablivian still. "hmmm.." She stared at the ground.
Jacoby / Jakob: <<oh. wot kind was it then?>> Jakob painfully got to his feet and knelt in front of her. "What's the matter, Jen? You're starting to worry me." He gripped her shoulder and shook her a little to snap her out of it.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Huh?" She shook back into the real world. "Jakob...." She pushed him onto the couch. "You need to rest, I dont care if you say you feel good...You will stay there until your better, GOT IT!" Jeniko screamed and ran away into the kitchen. She gripped the counter holding on for dear life, feeling as if she was going to faint. Slowly she crept to the ground and she was out. <<A bf-gf kind of kiss...She loves Ksou like a brother but she just loves Jakob>>
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob let Jen push him back onto the couch, but jumped up and ran into the kitchen when he heard a muffled thump. Seeing her on the floor, he quickly picked her up and carried her up to her room. She was right, his chest still hurt, but it wasn't so bad anymore; he could ignore the pain. He lay her on her bed and pulled back the covers. "You're just tired," he murmered to her as he tucked her in. "You need rest. And when you wake up, there'll be pancakes waiting." He soflty kissed her brow.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko had flashing pictures in her head. She moned in pain. Tossing and turning in her bed screaming out No over and over again, louder and louder. "Ahhh!!!" She screamed still in her sleep.
Jacoby / Jakob: "Jen, wake up!" Jakob hurried over to Jen and pulled her into his arms. "What's wrong?" He held on tightly as she thrashed about, deep in her nightmare. Panic built inside him. She sounded so terrified.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko grabbed the necklace her eyes turning a deep red. "JAKOB LEAVE!" she screamed kissing him deapply on the lips. So much passion was in the kiss. "PLEASE!!" She screamed.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob only had a moment to feel her lips on his, and then he was stumbling backward away from the bed, catching himself in the doorway. "B-but...what's going on?" He gasped when he saw a deep red seep into her eyes. He made as if to moved toward her, but the look on her face stopped him dead. He stood, uncertain and scared, not sure if he should try to go to her, or run for help
Hikoru: "Get!" She griped the viel harder and harder until it broke, soaking into her skin. "Theres a letter over there explaining it!!" Jeniko pointed to her desk and colapsed backwards. Now she had Blonde and Balck hair with red eyes.
The Letter:
'Ksou and Jakob. I found out what this viel is. Its to control me...I am the next 'ONE'. The 'ONE' is a girl every 2 thousand years to stop the over control of vires'. But if she is not contoled properly she will attack human after human until it is just her. I cant let that happen to you so thats why I ran away.' There was tear drops at the top of the page. (letter cont.) 'I will become her and live her legasy. I can not have anything to do with you becuase if the chemical wears off and I hurt you I would never forgive you. Jakob-I love you with all my heart and I wish I told you that before I left. Ksou- Youv'e been like a brother to me! Thank you both for everything.' Jeniko lay there in the bed out cold. She has no heart beat anymore, she id now in a heart dress with a single ross laying accross her cheast.
Hikoru / jeweled: <<Sorry ment to be Jeniko not me! lol>>
Hikoru / Jeniko: <<WRONG PERSON AGAIN!!!!! rawr~>>
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob fumbled for the letter and read it. He squeezed his eyes shut - it felt like his head was about to explode. He stared nervously at Jen, the nerves turning to outrigth fear as the vial broke and she transformed.
A whole new girl lay motionless on the bed. Jakob wanted to run away, but he cared too much for Jen to ever do that. Instead, he cautiously moved toward her.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko's eyes bursted open and she sat up in her bed holding the rose. "Ja--Jakob?" She asked causiously. Jeniko even had another voice. She stood and ran over to Jakob grabbing him in a hug. "I told you to go..." She laughed holding him tightly. She let go. "I have to go...Probally for a couple months..." She said sadly.
Jacoby / Jakob: Although she looked and sounded completely different, Jakob knew she was stil Jen. He held her tightly against him, feeling the newness of her body pressed against his. "What's going to happen, Jen?" he murmured into her hair. "I dont want to lose you or Ksou to this madness...i'd rather die."
Hikoru / Jeniko: "I dont know....But hold onto Ksou tight for me ok." Jeniko let go of him. "I dont want to go either but its my fate." She sadly tied her hair up in a bun. "Whatch...." Sheran her hand across his cheast. In 10 secounds the wounds were all heald. "I cant just keep this power from the dying world out there, I have to be the sacrivised one."
Kimishi: <im sry jen, but that virus thing is...well it inst a decade thing. There jsut happens to be a group now that decided to do it. The plague plague is what this is based on.
Although you can make it so your blood line uses w/e was in the vile to be a human cure, or it could control you and make you kill. Either way you can choose.
HGomen if I ruined your plans, but it wouldnt go with the bad guys llol>
Hikoru: <<she can have wrong information and just have that a story she found on her dads computer to hide the fact she is a mutation!>>
Kimishi: <hmmm...kinda like that, good idea. ok do that but rememebr the real story ne? Your bloodline goes back to having the key to a human virus, and that vile gives you the "ingrediant" I guess you can call it, to either use it to cure or let it take you over and kill. Or you can make somthign up yourself>
Hikoru / Jeniko: <<Me liky!>>
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): <<Sorry if I'm repeating anybody in my suggestion, but not all of it computed. And my Internet was out for a day, so sorry everything's in loose ends about this and other role plays. Okay, starting off. Lots of drama Jeniko. Rather a lot of it in such a small area of the role play-about twenty minutes. And rather quickly. But let's see what I've got...Jeniko could have the resistant gene. How she got it-mutation, natural, whatever-is up to you. The vial could have been some sort of refined, compressed form of the gene. Into some sort of liquid chemical form. So when it broke, her own genes went bananas. Which could explain the physical appearance change. Just...the aura-radiating thing's my gig! She can't go around healing people with some sommat out of her hands, if Nysis does the opposite! Sorry, but I get very sensitive when I think people have been stealing my ideas. Well...those are just my opinions.>>
Kimishi: <good ideas, and yes jeniko seems to bring alot of drama to small thigns in a little time lol. Me too, very sensitive when people start taking your ideas, but Jeniko w.e works with you best.
I just wanted to clear up that this isnt a ever 100 years or somthing like that...it jsut sounded like that what you it was.>
Hikoru / Jeniko: << :P! I think she could heal them with a chemical off her hand...I didnt steal it from you I just thought of it>>
Jeniko walked outside and looked for the vires people. She looked and looked but nothing came up. Jeniko kept thinking of what she left behind.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou looked to the girl now standing outside. He panicked and grabbed her throwing her to the gournd.
"Who are you!" He shook her, trying to make sure she woudnlt attack. All he could think was one of those peopel who had attacked them before had just again attacked them.
Tisuna: <<WAIT WAIT WAIT! I can see you still want her appearance changed, Jeniko, but you still need to give us a new reason WHY-one that fits the story, and what the heck they're going to do about it. And please, let's fit the fact that there are THREE people out to save the world here, not just Jeniko goes 'SUPER MAGIC TRANSFORMATION GOOO!!' and then runs off to fight evil. Sorry to burn at you, but I'm truly confused as to what we've changed it to.>>
Kimishi: <...actually I kidna wanted to say the same thing as T....ty for expressing it!!!
Jeniko please try to keep it realistic...no magic ok?
Um sure you can join! always welcome! So far Ksou had come hoem from being away for a year. He runs into his old friends jeniko and Jakob. Once reacheing the house they talk, and are attacked by two people. One is carrying a small vile and relieases it, killing Ksous sister who is sickly Kisara. Tehn the other attacks Jeniko and Jakob. So right now they hadve grieved there loss, and are at Jeniko's house. They foudn out what was in teh vile and are...uh well just jump in. You can be one of the attacks or you can be someone from there town.>
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko laughed. "Its me Ksou...Calm down." She walked away from him. Jeniko looked around, still no sight, she sighed.
Jacoby / Jakob: <<Okay, you've all totally confused me - it dont take much, T, i kno, before you say anything - so i'm gonna wait for someone else to post before i do anything. Peace out>>
Kimishi: <well, Jakob, I think we shoudl give Jeniko a post to fix this up. I really do agree with T, your doing something that doesnt make sence, think of somthien else?>
Hikoru / Jeniko: <<huh? Now im confused!>>
Tisuna: << I wasn't going to Jaco! Honest! And let me try to put this down simply, Jeniko. The whole vial containing some special healing chemical to a virus no person in common society, PLUS the fact that it's explosion changed your appearance, is a tad far fetched. Your fellow role players would appreciate it if you made a different post, either eliminating the whole thing, or making one to replace the other that fits more to the story. What you've created does not fit very well, and is just plain confusing. Once more, sorry to burn at you. And correct me, guys, if that's not what you meant by agreeing with me.>>
Kimishi: <...may i leave my speaking to T, she says it much better then I do.
What she said.>
Kimishi: <Jeniko...you cant just be like that if something doesnt go your way. Thats what we call, an attenchin hog?>
Hikoru / Jeniko: <<Its not that! Im just way to confused and caught up with other post...>>
Kimishi: <well then make a last post to kill yourself off if thats what you really want. But there is no jumping back in be warned.
I still think you shouldnt join a rp unless your commited to keeping it going, fo future reference for you.
It was fun rping with you Jeniko.>
Kimishi: <well then make a last post to kill yourself off if thats what you really want. But there is no jumping back in be warned.
I still think you shouldnt join a rp unless your commited to keeping it going, fo future reference for you.
It was fun rping with you Jeniko.>
Hikoru / Jeniko: <<I dont wanna but I do....Help me here!>>
Kimishi: <ehlp you kill yourself? Well sure but you do need to post first...lets see....
Maybe the stuff in teh vile, since youve already seemed to touch it, has taken oyu over and we'll jsut let jakob kill you since it woudl be kool. Cuse you guys luv each other.>
Hikoru / Jeniko: <<Not killing myslf! Figuring out how to un-do this....Wait! One of the bad guys can come and slash me and all that viel stuff will soke up the poisen causing me to return?>>
Kimishi: <hoq about, we stractch from when you told jakob you luv him and ran upstairs. Then...hmmm...lest save the vile for later maybe we can figure somethign out. there shoudl be a story, how did you get teh vile? were did it come from why do you have it. think abuot that stuff and include it in your next post. make the past of how you got the vile and what it means your next post, Jeniko cna be thinking to herself staring at teh bottle. or something. >
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko walked in the house and sat on the couch. She looked up at Jakob. "Im sorry for running off." She said quietly.
Kimishi: Ksou leaned against the door from outside, he could faintly hear Jeniko talking to Jakob. She seemed to not be crying anymore and that put a small smile on his face. Tilting his head up a bit he closed his eyes and listened, more eavesdropping, on what ever they were going to talk about.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Jakob I wanted to tell you I l---" Jeniko heard something upstairs. "Hmm, wonder what it could be?"
Tisuna: <<I don't know what the heck the friggin' vial's for-it's VIAL, people, with an "A"!!-but we could always have one of the organization come kill Jeniko. Say-o, say...the leader what'shisface decides we're not going to bother going after them-they can come to us. Oh,and Youn, while you're out giving them incentives, get rid of that vial the girl's been carrying around. Getting bad vibes from it here. See if you can get two in one-chop chop! or something like that. Vial could have been some super-vitamin, and MR. WHF doesn't want that getting around in case it makes people immune to EVERYTHING...although that could kill them...well, immune to the general assortment of killing disease type things. Whatever. And then, with Jeniko dead, with Ksou out for his sister, and Jaco out for Jen, they'll both have their minds made completely up for 'go get baddies. destroy disease. robo mind one track' something. Meaning we can skip the beginning of any 'Well (Ksou/Jaco) maybe we should just focus on staying alive. We can't handle this yet. Let's get the disease cured first.' . Yeah...if I forgot anything I'll mention it later.>>
Hikoru / Jeniko: <<Uh....were not killing me! We are starting over from where I come back from running away>>
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob watched Jen come in and sit down. He was happy and relieved to see her but was still angry she had run off without telling anyone where she was going. "Jen, you have to understand that to run off like that had us worried to death. Especially after everything that's happened. If anything had happened to you-" he had stop, not being able to get his words out. "And Ksou losing his sister - how'd he think he'd feel?" Jakob paused when he saw Jen's eyes drift away from him and her head tilt to one side, her face becoming attentive as she listened to something. Jakob found himself listening, too. "What is it?" he asked her, keeping his voice low. "You heard something?"
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Yeah...Like some high pitched scream? Did you hear it?" Jeniko the only one paying attention enough to hear it went upstairs. She looked around but nothing. Jeniko came back downstairs. "Sorry, I guess my imagination. I am going to take a long hott bath ok?" Jeniko went back upstairs, entering the bathroom. She took off her shirt letting her body finally breath. Her bra fell to the floor, now not keeping her in a strangiling hold. Her pants went off with little red line were they dug into her skin. Her panties finally off. Getting into the hott tube made everything feel at ease but it wasnt. She just wanted to e in la-la land for a little.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob shook his head. He hadn't heard any scream. He stood quietly and nodded when Jen said she was going for a bath. He was worried about her. She didn't seem herself.
She'll be okay now, he told himself. He'll look out for her, make sure nothing bad happened to her again. She sure wouldn't be running away anytime soon either. He'd pin her to the floor first.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko got out of the bath and put her towel on. She shook her hair dry then used a dryer. She came down to the couch in nothing but a towel. "Hey Jakob." She sat on the couch and wrapped herself up in a blanket and leaned on Jakob. She turned the tv on. "Yay, theres a football game on." She turned to it whatching it. She was accually a big sports fan.
Jacoby: When Jen leaned warmly against him, Jakob wondered whether he should put his arm around her. But he was too nervous to try so just sat there and stared at the screen. He tried to concentrate on the sports game but he couldn't focus. He breifly wondered where Ksou was, but had to admit to himself that he secretly enjoyed having some time alone with Jen. He breathed deeply, smelling the soft flowery scent she had used when she had bathed.
Jacoby / Jakob: << um, that was me, sorry >>
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko laughed at him and grabbed his arm placing it around her. She held onto his hand with one hand and rubbed his leg with the other. Jeniko changed the ended game to a movie. It was called 'I, Robot'. "I love this movie."
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob gently squeezed Jen's hand where she held onto it. He swallowed and felt his heart kick into a faster rhythm when her hand rubbed his leg. "Yeah, um, i like this movie too," he rambled, his voice a little breathless. "Will Smith is cool. Er, Bad Boys is another good movie he's in."
Jakob closed his eyes and tried to get control of himself. You sound like a dork, he told himself.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Your cuter when your rambiling." Jeniko laughed. She stopped rubbing his leg and looked up at him. "You know what I want you to d oright know right?" She winked at him. Jeniko was feeling vary flirtatious at the time and was using all her power to make Jakob feel that wa to.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob stared into her eyes. "I think maybe i know," he murmured. "But i'm not sure now's a good time for this." He glanced at the door where Ksou could come through at any second.
Jakob didn't know what to think or feel. He knew he cared about Jen alot, but so much stuff had happened. People had died, and more probably would before this was ended. He shouldn't be sat here thinking happy thoughts when there was so much sadness all around.
He looked back at Jen and his stomach tightened. But how did he he know that this wasn't going to get taken from him too? He might regret it forever if he didn't act. Glancing down at Jen's lips he leaned foward and pressed his mouth gently against hers.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko kissed back. She turned so it was easer for them to kiss. "That wasnt hard was it." She smiled at him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him again but longer this time. "I love you Jakob...."
Jacoby / Jakob: << my last post until tomorrow hun >>
"I think...i love you too," he murmured against her mouth. He felt so many emotions right now: hope, fear, love, dread. He pulled her tight against him. "Promise me that nothing's gonna happen. I counldn't stand it if anything happened to you."
Hikoru / Jeniko: "I promise.." Jeniko smiled at him. The blanket had fallen off of her and she was just in the towel now. "Im gonna go change." She got up and went to her bedroom leaving the door wide open. Jeniko took off her towel and went to her desser. She put on a pair of pink shorts and a speggetie strap black shirt. She went back upstairs and cuddled with Jakob. They had a huge blanck over the two of them. Jeniko was sitting in between his leg and head rested on his chest.
Kimishi / Ksou: <woah emotions! lets keep it pg 13 though ok? who knows you couold be in "bow chika bow wow" and the enemy could attack! lol>
Ksou let a small sneeze stur him, but not enough to wake him up. He had fallen asleep slumped against the door of the house, instead of listening he had dazed off. He hadn't been able to sleep in so long, his body had taken the moment to do so. He snored lightly, only a small sound from his mouth, his head tilted back as if looking to the sky just a bit. He seemed at peace, maybe he was dreaming something happy.
Kisara, he mouthed the first syllable of her name but the rest slurred out from sleep. He missed her, having only just come back and then losing her. he didn't want to wake up from this dream, were he could see her again. His expression changed as he dreamt, That man, the one with blond hair, he could remember him in his dream recall each detail of that man. His ears weren't human, they were pointed, and his eyes were that of an animal, had the devil visited his dream onces again, it was all he could wonder. He turned to the side, sliding down the door even more, then turned back. All he could do was try and change what had happened, but was only able to attemt a feat, only in a dream.
<sry hadnt done a long post in awhile, thought i shoudl lol>
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko went outside and knelt by Ksou. She gently tapped him on the shoulder. No response. She shook him a little. No response. "Ksou! Wake Up!" She screamed.
Kimishi / Ksou: <why must you desterb my happy slumber! lol>
Ksou shifted and pushed her away, he caught himself and rubbed his eyes, coughing to clear his throat.
"...what?" He glanced to her, his hair a bit ruffled as well as his cloths. He leaned back against the house, a bit glad to be woken from the dream.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob comfortably held Jen against him. His head came up when he heard a sneeze. Gently extricating himself from the Jen and the blanket, he walked over to the door and slowly pulled it open. Ksou slumped to the floor, asleep. "Dude, what're you...? Nevermind." Jakob leaned down and heaved his friend up, practically dragging him into the house.
Ksou murmured Kisara's name, and Jakob grunted. He wouldn't be surprised if his friend had fallen asleep while eavesdropping on him and Jen.
Jakob dumped Ksou on the other couch.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Come on. You need to get inside. You a sitting duck out here if you sleep out here." Jeniko said getting up. She held out her hand. "Need some help?"
Jacoby / Jakob: << shitski. ignore my post >>
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Or not.." Jeniko said as Jakob dragged him in the house.
Kimishi / Ksou: <lol ok lets mix th posts together, ill jsut not have woken up>
Ksou sat up from the sudden thumb of his location. He rubbed one eye and glanced around the room with the other, he was inside.
He looked to Jakob beside him, has Ksou fallen asleep? He stiffled a yawn and sat back agaisnt the couch.
"...so...how long was I out?"
Hikoru / Jeniko: "About a hour or two." Jeniko shrugged. She turned her attention to the tv, she continued whatching the movie.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou looked at Jakob, then to Jeniko watchign the tv.
"...is this really ok?" Ksou stood up, shaking the sleep form his system. He became a bit angered at there current situation. While they sat around those guys coudl make anotehr move, and not only on them but on someone else. His fist clenched.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Is what ok? Us sitting here? Well duh, becuase its not like any of us are superman and can destroy them in one punch." Jeniko said trying to brign Ksou into reality.
Kimishi / Ksou: She was right, there wasn't much they coudl do. But it didn't feel right to him, sitting here doing nothing.
"...need to use the bathroom...sorry..." he walked upstairs, looking for the bathroom only to soon find it and close the door behind him. He opened the window and stepped onto teh ledge.
"Gomen you guys....I can't sit here and do nothing." He jumped to the ground and amazingly without much injury except a pain in his legs. He ran off into the woods, the direction the blond man had run off when he attacked Jakob. If Jakob and Jeniko realized he was gone they too would come looking for him, but at least they would be with each other and somewhat safer. It seemed they attacked those alone, Kisara in her room, Jakob outside. If Ksou was alone they woudln't attack Jeniko or Jakob, they would be in a safer position then he. Although the thought of being attacked sent a chill up his spine, he wanted to see the blond man with the pointed ears, he wanted revenge.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko rested her headon Jakob's shoulders and continded to whatch the movie. Then all the light went off. "Oh yeah, I didnt pay the electic bill for the main house. Only the pool house. Come on lets go out there." Jeniko said getting up.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob frowned in concern when Ksou left the room, but he said nothing and settled back to watch the movie with Jen. When the lights went out, he jumped a little and glanced up. It was almost pitch-black in the room.
Jakob stood up and reached for Jen's hand. "Um, boathouse, you say? Sure, okay..." He let Jen lead him forward. "Don't you think Ksou is taking a long time?" he asked her.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Yeah, go up and cheack on him. Ill be in the POOLhouse." Jeniko laughed and handed him a candle. She went outside and shut the door behind her.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob took the candle and made his way upstairs. Finding the bathroom door closed, he knocked. "Ksou? You in there?" He knocked harder but heard no sounds from inside. "Dude, you better not be sleeping again!" Jakob pressed his ear against the door.
Frowning, he turned the knob and pushed the door open. The bathroom was empty. The window open. "Damn it!" Anger and worry slammed down on him. Not again! What was it with everyone running away?
Jakob ran downstairs and into the POOLhouse. "Jen!" he said breathlessly. "Ksou's gone!"
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Copycat.." Jeniko said trying to livly up the moment. "Should I go after him? I know these woods like the back of my hand." She said looking at him dead in the eyes.
Jacoby / Jakob: "Yeah," he said slowly. "I think we'd better. I think we stand more of a chance against these guys if we all stick together." He frowned at her, suddenly worried. "You're not gonna do anything crazy are you and get yourself hurt?"
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Why would I?" Jeniko put on her flipflops and exited threw the back gate. She lookedaround with her flash light. There were now in front of the house. She saw his foot prints, following them she saw him. "Ksou what the hell?!"
Kimishi: <wow you caught up to me fast, and in flip flops no less!>
Ksou turned to Jeniko's voice.
"....wow fast..." He kept running, not wanting them to follow him. There chance of survival was better if there was a vulnerable point, and he could be. He would find theses guys and kill the blond man. He woudl do it and Jeniko and Jakob would be there as well. But for now, he would make sure they stayed safe.
Amazingly he bent down just slightly, and pushed up leaping up enough to grab the branch of a near by tree. He quickly pulled himself up and started hopping from branch to branch, slowly trying to keep his balance with each jump. He was more then a few feet from there sight, and hoped it owudl be enough.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob kept pace with Jen as she followed Ksou's footsteps. He saw one glimpse of his friend before Ksou leapt up into a tree and disappeared out of sight. "Wow," Jakob murmured, kind of awestruck. "He's like a monkey. Come on!" he said to Jen, and grabbing her hand and pulling her along, running faster.
Kimishi: Ksou kept his steady pace above the ground, he glanced up, a pair of red eye's looking down at him. He halted to a stop, only to rush to balance himself again. He glared up at the eyes, they reminded him of only one person.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko follow him from looking up in the trees. "Ksou--" He stopped and she knew why. She got in fighting stance.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob saw a flash of red eyes too and quickly stooped down and picked up a thick broken-off tree limb. It felt heavy and sturdy in his hands. He gave it a practice swing, happy at the comfortable feel of it in his grip. They wouldn't be attacking him unawares this time - he was armed and ready.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko had the viel on again. She wonderd what was in it right now more them other times. Jeniko accually felt like asking the vires man what it was. but she knew Jakob would never allow it. "Come out right now!" She screamed.
Tisuna: <<I don't think K-chan's on to be Youn, guys. So you might have to wait a while-and it's VIAL! V-I-A-L! VIAL! A A A A A A A A!!!>>
Hikoru / Jeniko: <<lolz>>
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob glimpsed Jen glancing down at the VIAL << see? see? i can spell it *smiles happily* >> and frowned. She better not be getting any stupid ideas into her head, Jakob thought. He took a step closer to her, wanting to be near to her in readiness for the attack.
Kimishi / Youn: <SRY GUYS wow caps lol sry, went out>
Youn's eyes caught sight of the three below, a small grin playing along his face. They had arrived just in time.
The order had been given, and it was time to release it upon the town of "guinie pigs" to see what would happen to the masses.
"...get ready for a fun show chosen ones" in his hands was a jar, although it was almost as big as he was it seemed he held it as if nothing. He threw it into the air, and balanced a rock in his hand.
Youn threw the rock towards the jar with a flick of his hand, the rock smashed into the jar and both shattered on impact. Small pieces of glass fluttered down, the wind blowing the dibrea what ever so way it wished. The invisible contents of the jar were free, the grin still visible on his face.
Hikoru / Jeniko: <<Wait? The viAl around my neck?>>
Kimishi / Youn: <...jar...vial....not your vial. A jar.>
Hikoru / Jeniko: <<Oh>> "what the hell is that?!" Jeniko screamed.
Kimishi / Youn: <too laazy to switch chars sooo...>
Ksou clenched his fist, what ever he let out of that jar is wasn't good. He climbed higher, practically leaping off the branches in anticipation. But before Ksou coudl reach were Younw as he jumped down to Ksou.
Ksou stumbled a bit from the shaky branch. He quickly ran forward to grab at Youn without thinking, only to have Youn sidestep him and grab him by the back.
"What is it boy, this is for the good of the world." Ksou spun and flung Youns hands away,.
"Your crazy, what did you just release on the town!" Ksou ran up to him and grab`bed the front of his shirt, smashing Youn to the tree trunk. The grin only grew on Youns face, as Ksou's face only fillied with more anger.
"Haven't you and your friends figure anything else, your not as smart as I would have hoped..." Youn closed his eyes as Ksou smashes him back again into the tree. "...think about it."
The realization hit him, the virus that Jeniko had found. They were making a killer virus.
"Y-you...you killed my sister to test it..." Ksou stepped back a bit, such a unworthy sacrifice was made on Kisara, the shock hit him hard and deep.
Youn stepped back.
"Let it soak in, Ksou was it? " He had heard his friend calling to him before. "I hope to see you soon...why don't you go see the results..." Ksou looked up, he again ran at Youn but before he coudl reach him Youn jumped away into another tree, the unsteady branch finally giving way and broke beneath Ksou's feet.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko felt ill. She colapsed to the ground. "Oh, I dont feel to good." She rested her head on the ground. "Ksou. Where are you?"
Kimishi: <bump>
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob watched wide-eyed as the red-eyed guy jumped down from the tree with something in his hand...a jar? Jakob felt a skitter of real fear shiver up his spine when the evil guy smashed the jar with a rock. Before he could react, he'd shoved Ksou up against a tree and leaped away again.
Jakob hurried forward, raising his weapon only to freeze when Jen screamed and fell to the ground.
"NO!" he yelled and ran to her, dropping to his knees by her side. "Ksou, help me!"
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Im ok..." Jeniko went to stand up but fell to the ground again. Her knees shaking and her face going pale. "Im fine Jakob trust me." She ran her hand across his face, it was cold as Ice.
Ksou put his hand out to grab something, anything, as he fell from teh snapped branch above him. He caught onto a branch and just bearly caught himself, his own weight pulling down from teh force of stopping his decent putting an ache in his arm. He looked down to see Jeniko on teh ground, he was already pretty close to the ground, he let go of the branch and stumbled as he hit teh ground. Running over to the two he looked to Jakob.
"What's going on with her?" his voice a bit panicked, but he tried to stay calm.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Ksou im fine.." Jeniko tried to stand again but this time hitting the ground hard. She mubbled a few things and passed out.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jen's skin was like ice against his face and he clamped hold of her hand. "You're not alright." his voice shook. "You're freezing cold." He quickly shucked of his jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders. He looked at Ksou, concern tight on his face. "What's happened, Ksou? What did that guy just do?"
Looking back at Jen, he saw she had passed out.
Kimishi / Ksou: <that was me
Hikoru / Jeniko: <bumb>
Kimishi: <bump>
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): Once Youn was safely gone-probably out visualizing the townspeople's horrific deaths with Shiki or some other member of the organization-Nysis stepped out from the shadows. "Shut up," she said authoritively, before Ksou or Jakob could even open their mouths to challenge her.
She crouched before Jeniko and removed the glove from her left hand, and rolled up her sleeve. With no hesitation, she drew a narrow cut down her forearm with a needle thin blade. Then she did the same to Jeniko's, swift and without pain. Silently, she pressed her own wound against the younger girl's, letting her blood mingle with Jeniko's. Just as quickly, she drew her arm back and shook her arm out, temporarily ceasing the blood flow. She pulled her sleeve up and said, in some way of explanation, "It won't kill her, now."
She stood up and glared at Ksou and Jakob, "This never happened. If they so much as hear you remember this out loud-and they WILL hear you-they will come and kill you as you sleep, or worse, if they don't kill the one who was with you now." (She avoided saying "me")
"You're safe at this moment, out of hearing and out of sight, but only for this moment."
Nysis glanced at Jeniko, then up at the sky, to swing her gaze out into the dark trees, "It won't kill her, but it will hurt when she wakes up in the morning, when she has to stretch, when she stresses herself too much, mentally,physically, or emotionally."
She couldn't keep herself from continuing, bitterness creeping into her voice, replacing her well-kept indifference, "Food won't turn to ash in her mouth, wood or plant or flower won't wither and die in her hands, nor will anything fall and spoil, curl away in disgust at her touch..."
Breaking herself off, Nysis checked once more of her secrecy, and her safety confirmed, turned and fled into shadows, back to the base.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou Could only watch as the girl suddenly let her own blood flow into Jeniko's. His fall had left his confused and dizzy and his reaction to it had been slow. As she ran off into the woods, her words seeped into his mind.
"...wh-who was she...?" She seemed suspicious, as if trying to hide herself with the way she talked. Had she been part of what the blond guy had done.
He remembered, what had exactly been released, he wish he could as the strange girl. From what they already knew, it was a virus, and from the looks of Jeniko and what blondie had said before it was deadly. Ksou panicked, the girl seemed to save Jeniko, or so it was said from her, but lies are easily spread from the mouth of a stranger. Ksou looked to Jakob.
"Take her to the house Jakob...I'll return there soon." He pushed himself off the ground, shaky as his senses regained themselves. He ran, in the opposite direction from which the house was, that direction was near the town.
Even unsure of it was the right way, he began to faintly hear panic. He pushed his way through foliage of trees and burst out, stumbling on the other side. He glanced around, he had made his way to the town, but the once peacrful village was running a muck. On the street were people, face down and ont there backs, they seemed to be unconsiouse. A red color taking to there skin. Other's were running into houses, crying beside a person on the ground.
Ksou held his composer, the sight made his heart sink and his blood race. His ears catchign the cry of people, screams for help from those on the ground. He looked around, even small children had seemed to fallen ill to what ever was causing the havoc.
Ksou clenched his fist, remembering the blondies words. This wasn't right. To wipe out those who were weak, was that evolution? He shook his head, clearnign the thoughts for now. He stepped back form the town, wanting dearly to help somehow but he knew there was nothign he could do at that moment. He closed his eyes, the screams and crys once again shaking his stead y composer. Just as he turned back to the woods someone called out to him, someone he didn't recognize. The man pulled himself toward Ksou, reaching toward him his face holding the red color of those infected. His hand shakey, begging for some help. Ksou watched, his glued to the ground on which they stood. The mans hand went limp, with the rest of his body collapsing to the ground before Ksou's eyes. Ksou shut his eyes and ran back into the woods.
This wasn't right, it wasn't human.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko was dreaming: 'Help the world Jen.' David said. (jeniko's dad) 'Yesss-sss father....' Jeniko said rubbing his hand across her face, it was cold and ruff. 'Im sorry I couldnt do anything for you....'
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob watched in amazement as the girl with the gloves knelt over Jeniko, cut herself and Jen, and mixed their blood together. What was going on here? Why would she help them? He listened carefully as she spoke, murmuring the words almost to herself, speaking of withering flowers and food turning to dust. He suddenly looked at her differently, feeling almost...pity for this creature. What had they done to her? And could she be a possible ally in their fight?
He opened his mouth to talk but she turned and quickly fled into the night. Jakob looked at Ksou when his friend spoke. "Take her to the house, Jakob..."
Jakob wanted to argue but he knew with Jen unconscious it would be far too dangerous to them to follow Ksou, and he undertstood the need for his friend to pursue the mysterious girl. He lifted Jen into his arms, holding her close against him, and made made his way back to her house.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko felt nothing, saw nothing, but just rested in Jakobs arms. She felt as if she had died and gone to hevan becuase nothing was in her way of being by herself or living. Jeniko just sat there in a white room drawing pictures, but the walls were her sketch book.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob entered the house and carried Jen directly to her bedroom. He lay he down and drew the covers over her. Looking down at her features he felt a painful clutch in his chest; she looked to small and vulnerable. He leaned over her and pressed a soft kiss to her forehead and then settled in a seat beside the bed so he could watch over her. After only a few short minutes, his eyes began to drift shut
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko woke up looking around withjust her eyes, when she tried to get up her body was aching. "Owwww!!" She yelled by accedient. "Oww! My cheast hurts when I breath!"
Kimishi / Youn: Youn watched as the Ksou ran out of the town, just what would the boy do now. Would he run and hide, or would they meet again in this, well he couldn't think of a word for what was going on. This extinction.
Youn waited by the docks, looking out to the oncoming ship that sailed its way. He had taken the initiative and let teh virus go, he couldn't resist the temptation of seeing Ksou and what he would do. The grin had left his face, now unsure of what the consequences for his impulsive action woudl be. But it was worth every moment of it, the grin yet returning to his face.
Ksou pushed the door open, letting his feet move him in without his motive. He still held the images of before in his mind, the village he had lived in for so long was in disaster, and there was nothing he could do. Calling 911 would only bring more panic, and the cops in the village have already most likely noticed.
That blondie, is this what he meant by evolution. Was this what was meant to happen, killing people. Ksou leaned against the door as he closed it behind him, his fist clenching so hard that his knuckles turned white. Humans, even if animals faught for evolution and killed others, this isnt what humans were supposed to be. They were granted with emotions and thinking, they were civil and meant to help people. Thats right, people are meant to help others, not kill them if they don't match up to standards. The Blondie was in-just in what he though he was doing, and had to be stopped. For Kisara.
Ksou then realized what had happened just a bit earlier, he glanced up and looked around, not seeing Jakob or Jeniko. Taking a look around he walked upstairs only to find a door ajar. He peeked in and saw the two, Jakob had fallen asleep in a chair beside the bed, and Jeniko, to Ksou's relief, was still breathing and seemed to be ok.
Ksou leaned against the wall outside the room, sliding down till he hit the floor gently. What were they going to do from here on in. The only step that blondie and the rest could take would to release the virus only more.
Ksou's eyes began to get heavy.
He wouldn't let them kill more people, but what could they do, there had to be something. A spark went off in his head, that girl. She had cured Jeniko when she seemed to fall ill to the overdose of virus in the air. She could...help them.
Ksou let these last thoughts drift in his mind as sleepiness took him over, his eyes shutting slightly more and more. That girl could help them, she had a cure.
Hikoru / Jeniko: "Oww....whats wrogn with me?!!!" Jeniko screamed. "I feel---I feel weak all over!" She said in terror.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou smashed the back of his head as he had suddenly lifted it in supurise after being awake, he rubbed it the pain on his face showing clearly. He looked back to the door, Jeniko's screams had waken him up and he only feared the worst, he ran in and looked to her.
"Are you ok?...!" He looked to Jakob, who seemed to be sleeping still. "Wake up!"
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob's eyes popped open at Jen's shouts and he leapt out of his seat and hurried to her side. "It's ok, Jen. You're gonna be okay. That...that girl saved you somehow, but she said you were gonna be okay, though in pain a bit. Just relax." He tried to gently push her back against the pillows. "You should try not to work yourself up. It'll only hurt you more," he added, trying to soothe her fears.
Jacoby / Jakob: Surprised at hearing Ksou's voice, Jakon turned to him. "When did you get back? Did you find out anything?"
Kimishi / Julieto: Ksou looked to Jakob, his heart sinking a bit, not wanting to tell the story of what he had seen.
"No...but I have some thoughts I will share later...right now..." He looked again to Jeniko who seemed to be in pain. That girl had mentioned this woudl happen, but just when would she feel relief?
Kimishi / Ksou: <sry me>
Peace_Maker / Xenos: Xenos landed softly on the ground as he jumped off the helicopter. He was growing wearyof this chase, and his patience was growing thin. It was time for him to rid of this renegade group.
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Kimishi / Youn: Youn watched as Xenos landed near by, he coudl see the anger radiat off him even though he was mechanical.
"Xenos, I'm sorry to make you come out all this way." He knew that it was one of two things the mechanical man was mad about. Him releasing the virus so soon, or him not taking care of Ksou and his group.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko laid down breathing heavly. "ow." She wisperd every 20 secounds. Jeniko hated not being able to help anyone. "I have to help them!!!" Jeniko stood up and ignored the pain but tears fell down her face. By the time Jeniko made it to the door she colapsed in pain.
Kimishi / Ksou: "J-jeniko..." He wasn't sure if she was hallucinating or not. But she was in great pain. He caught her at the door before she fell and brought her back to the bed.
"Please Jeniko, when your well rested we will stop them...please just rest ok." He couldn't take it anymore. He himself wanted rest from it all but knew it woudln't last long. Hopefully Jeniko would feel better soon, and that would be one less thing for them all to worry about.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko wrapped her arms around Ksou. "I cant help them...I can do nothing for anyone..." She said before passing out from the pain. Her nerves were fried and her mind was runing at one thousand miles an hour.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou sat on the bed, he didn't want to disturb her any further and decided to let her stay in his arms. He glanced to Jakob.
"...what are we gonna do...." Ksou closed his eyes, he could only think of that mysteriouse girl. He wanted to ask her what she had done, and if she coudl help them
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko wanted to get up and go kill those basterds that ruined her life. But she couldnt becuase Ksou wouldnt let her, and if she moved again she would fall to pieces.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob frowned in concern at Jen before turning his attention to Ksou. "We need to find that girl. The one with the gloves. She's the only person who can help us." He thought about the way she had fled from them and her warnings not to speak out loud of her helping them. If their enemies could hear them speaking then this had become ten times harder than it already had been. Jakob chose his words carefully. "We know nothing about this...virus or the people behind it. She is our only link."
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko fell backwards onto the bed. "jakob..." Seh wisperd in her sleep. "no, you cant! NO!" Jeniko screamed outloud but in her dream too.
Kimishi / Ksou: Ksou backed away from teh bed and grabbed Jakob pulling him out of the room shutting the door as they stood in the hallway.
"Jakob...that girl, your right we need to find her. She helped Jeniko, if not for her she would be..." Ksou leaned against the wall, his mind racing. Where could they find her.
"How are we gonna find this girl."
Kimishi / Wolfram: <bump>
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob glanced around nervously. "We need to be careful what we say," he said in a lowered voice to Ksou. "She said they could hear us." He reached into a back pocket and pullled out a pad and pen. On a blank page he wrote: 'she's one of them but she's not happy with what they did to her. It must have something to do with her blood'. Jakob glanced up to see if his friend was still watching. Ksou was, so he continued to write.
'If they can hear us, then maybe we can use that to our advantage. Lure them out somehow. Or at least lure her out so we can ask her a few questions. i think she might be willing to help'.
Jakob looked up and met Ksou's eyes, and he raised his eyesbrows questioningly. "What do you think?" he asked his friend.
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Ksou glanced to jakob and took the paper.
"I think that with what we have its possible to cure Jeniko, at least from what blondie did."
He had tried to pretend they might have a cure, he began to write.
'what is its a trick, they could be luring us into a trap dude. and besides, how do we get her out.?'
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob wrote: 'it seems to me me that we're nothing but mice to them. If they wanted us they would have taken us already. No, we're guinea pigs and as such are safe for the moment. We need to think of a way to get their attention just long enough to signal that girl and get her to talk to us'. Playing along with Ksou, Jakob said out loud, "I think that cure could work man. Good thinking."
Kimishi / Wolfram: Ksou grinned and wrote a bit more.
' If we can get that girl on our side, maybe we can stand a chanse, but it wont be enough. We need to find otu what theses guys plan on doing next and why exactly there doing this.'
"Jakob...will it work? I mean on Jeniko."
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko took gymnastic tape and put it on her really sore spots and jumpped out the window. She had a gun, a knife, and no cell phone. All the pain was gone becuase she was to focused on killing the blonde haired man!
Kimishi / Wolfram: <oh shit dude you were just out like a light, lol it must be the blood.>
Tisuna: <<Erm...no. Simple, straight out, flatter than pancakes No. If Nysis was strong enough to recover from that fast enough to suddenly jump out a freakin' window and go kill somebody-erm...yeah, she might have beaten it by now? Maybe, maybe not? But seriously, blood doesn't pass physical strengths like that. And if it does, not that way, not in the way Jeniko would have gotten it. Sorry Jen, but you're gonna have to lay back down. It just didn't work that way.>>
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): Nysis came to stand next to Youn, unable to keep the anger and animosity from her eyes, to keep her hot glare from showing. Her arm was well covered; like it always was. No one knew what she had done, and she was fine with keeping it that way.
Xenos...she hated him. Not the robot. She hated who'd created that robot, who'd created the virus and decided to use her as a test subject. She barely managed to force her rage back into her heart, out of sight and sense.
Hikoru / Jeniko: <<Trust me I have had a plan>> Jeniko got about 20 feet from the house and colapsed, her entire body feeling like it was decomposing. "ow...it....hurts..."
Tisuna: <<...Aw, Jen, it isn't THAT bad. In the morning, when you stretch...It shouldn't feel like you're ROTTING anymore. Though you still shouldn't be able to leave the dang room. Get back in there!>>
Hikoru / Jeniko: << :P BUT IT HURTS!!!!Waaaa~!!!!!!!>> Jeniko tried to get up, but couldnt. She tried two more times and finally made it in the house. Jeniko landed on the couch tires as hell!!
Kimishi: <...wah>
Ksou stilled stood outside the room with Jakob, they were tying to think of were to go from tehre.
Youn glanced to the girl beside him, she had wondered off before and now returned, he woudlnt ask what she was up to. He waited for the answer from Xenos, hoping he would like that Youn had released the virus so early on the village.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob heared someone crash out of the sofa and shared a look with Ksou. Glancing into Jen's bedroom and seeing it empty, Jakob immediately knew it was Jen who had entered the living room. He quickly scribbled 'how about we use Jen as the bait???'. And he was only half-joking, too. Rolling his eyes, he motioned for Ksou to follow him and made his way to the living room. Seeing Jen collapsed on the sofa he felt a mixture of concern and annoyance. "What're you doing out of bed? You were almost killed"
Kimishi / Wolfram: Ksou followed him down, thinkign it was a good idea.
He grabbed the pencil. "What if there not listening and were just being stupid?" Ksou gave him a look.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko looked at him. "Go away!" She cryed into her pillow. "I cant--I cant HELP ANYONE!!!!"
Kimishi / Wolfram: <ok i realize im in thew wrong profile, i went from hot guy to little pretty boy here ...but bear with me im just too lazy>
Kimishi: <ok i realize im in thew wrong profile, i went from hot guy to little pretty boy here ...but bear with me im just too lazy>
Ksou looked to Jeniko who seemed to be hysterical. What exactly was flowing threw her veins as they waited. He gave Jakob a look, asking what they should do. Ksou was out of ideas, he didn't like the game they were playing and wished there was an easy way to end it. He coudl only think that they would need to fing out more about these guys.
Kimishi / Wolfram: <bumpo>
Tisuna: <<Bump. And, erm, I think all we need is for Xenos to give some orders or something. Reprimand or praise Youn, or something. That's what it seems like>>
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob went over to Jen, who was still crying into a pillow, and rubbed her back soothingly. "In fact, there may be a way you can help," he told her. He motioned for Ksou to come nearer and lowered his voice, sure it was safe to speak for - the time being at least. "Jen is very special right now. She was infected by that virus and yet she's still here. Maybe she still has the virus inside her...and whatever that girl put into her is running through her veins too." He glanced into Jen's red teary eyes and felt a clutch in his heart at how upset she looked. "You know how to use your father's laboratory stuff, right? Maybe we could run some tests on your blood. We may find someone that can help us."
He looked at them both, waiting for their responses.
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): "That's it," Nysis said irritably, "I'm out of here."
Instructing Youn, she continued, "Reach me if I'm needed. I'm not hanging around anymore."
She slipped outside the covered area, and away, towards the town.
Nysis perched on a high tree branch, watching the town below. Everyone in it was terrified, completely out of their minds with fear. She tightened her grip on the branch above. Well, they should be. How long would they last, she wondered. And how were they-the boys and the girl-doing? Maybe they'd listened and kept their mouths shut, then maybe make a run for it. Or perhaps, even now, she was being hunted because of a trio of careless mouths.
Nysis dropped from the tree and quickly sprinted for Jeniko's home. She told herself over and over that she was just making sure they'd listened to her, not that she cared if the girl had gotten over it yet, or if they'd been working towards a cure. But by the time she reached the backyard, she was no longer so sure.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko looked at Jakob. "What am I some kind of lab rat?" She sat up and moved away from Jakob. She looked at him with tear swollen eyes. Jeniko dispised both of them at the time. "I dont care if I still have some in my blood...those people are all...dead." Se gripped her blanket tightly.
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): "Be lucky you're NOT the lab rat, girl. If you were, you'd be a lot worse, and unlike your friends here, they wouldn't care if you enjoyed being Subject A or not."
Nysis sat in the window, staring coldly at the three people in the room. She must have gone insane, or something, to be in here. "You need better locks," she announced, by way of explanation for her appearance.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko looked at her odd. "What....Who are you?" She asked. Jeniko looked at Jakob and Ksou. "Who are you? Who.....who am I?"
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Ksou stood up fast; his stepped in front of Jeniko who still held the tears in her eyes.
"What do you want...?" Even though he didn't feel the need to be protective, this girl didn't seem to be harmful to them.
He glared at her a bit, trying his best to look frightening, what was this she was the enemy right? Why didn't he feel it like that? The things she had said, and she saved Jeniko. She, perhaps, was not there enemy but better yet there ally.
Ksou's stance subconsciously became more relaxed.
Hikoru / Jeniko: For some reson the minute Jeniko saw that girl her memory went blank. Some kind of subconsus thing. "Where am I?"
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): "What I WANT, as you put it, at this moment is none of your business. What I'm doing here, however, I don't even know," Nysis replied.
She slipped off the window and shut it, snapping the picked lock back into place.
Turning again to face Ksou, "I'm even still trying to place WHY I'm here. But once again, that'd be nothing you needed to know."
She glanced at Jeniko, "I don't know what's up with her, but the virus doesn't cause amnesia."
She gave Jeniko a sharp rap on the head, jolting back her senses. "Wake up, girl, nobody needs any more problems."
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob was strangely relieved to see the mysterious woman. It solved many of their problems, and the fact she had turned up on her own accord could only mean she was willing to maybe hear them out. He stood up and faced her, keeping his features calm, his hands by his side - nothing threatening or defensive about his posture. "Why have you come here?" he asked. "You are obviously not here on business or you would've attacked us already. Is it safe for us to talk? I think we have alot to discuss. If you are willing, that is." He hoped to God she was. Jen obviously didn't want anything to do with tests or sampling her blood. This woman might be their only chance to stop the virus.
Hikoru / Jeniko: Jeniko cme back to earth. She had gone crazy. "I have to....uh...Hold on." Jeniko ran up stairs and started to pack things she needed to fight. She wasnt going to let them live for this! Jeniko came down with guns harnessed to her pants, A knife around her ankle, and a backpack on her back.
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): "One moment, I'll get to you both."
Nysis took her first glance at Jeniko's new look, "And what do you think you're going to do with all that?"
With one swift motion, Nysis had swung Jeniko down into a chair, and held her back in place, while picking the guns and such off her. "She's even more insane than I've gone. You two help me out here; apparently we need to tie her down until she gets over whatever this is. If we're going to talk, I want to do it without interruptions. Meaning she can't go running off on a suicide mission, and drag you after her."
Hikoru: Jeniko rolled her eyes and went and sat next to Jakob grabbing his hand and resting her head on his shoulder. "Ass...." She said under her breath. Jeniko kissed Jakob on the check.
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): "All right then..."
Nysis drew down the blinds and leaned against the wall beside them. "You said we've got a lot to discuss? Well, you'd better get moving with that. I don't know how long I've got before I'm missed...or, more likely, found out."
Tisuna: <<Bump? Come on, don't let this die! We're getting so close, I can feel it...>>
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Ksou studied the girl, was this for real. They actually had a chance with someone like her, this could help them.
"Yuo....first off whats your name, unless you want us to call you "girl"." Ksou leaned against the opposite wall. " What exactly are those guys trying to do with the virus...?"
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): "My name..."she started slowly, making sure they'd catch it, to avoid any repetition,"is Nysis."
She shifted to lean on her other foot, "As to what They're trying to do with the virus, seems a little obvious. They're trying to kill people, what else?"
Sensing the start of agitation and dissapointment, she sighed and continued, "I was one of the first test subjects. As to exactly how 'first', I don't know. But the idea, is that humanity is going against the laws of the world. The law of evolution, anyway, that the weak die and the strong survive. By using medecines and such to cure each other and prevent diseases that would have otherwise allowed this law to continue, humans have allowed their species to grow weak. The species no longer grows stronger by the breeding of the fittest; weak genes are allowed to continue. So by releasing the virus, the strong, those who have the genes to fight it, will live, and those who do not, simply, will die. The will of God, saving humanity from themselves-that's the reason behind the madness. What they think, anyway."
Kimishi / Okami Bieletsu: <nicely put T>
Ksou stared at her, a bit of disbelief in his expression.
"...there just going to kill people...cause there weak..." Ksou remembered his sister, she wasn't weak, jsut sick. Why did she have to die, and all those villagers, almost everyone was dieing.
His fist clenched.
"Nysis, is there a way to stop this before it gets out of the town, how does this thing spread?
Ksou became extremely interested, he wanted to know everything and stop it. Not just him, Jacob and Jeniko were there to help.
And Ksou would have his revenge, for his sister.
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): "As you saw when Y-when the blonde haired man released it upon the town, it spreads through the air. It should have settled by now, but perhaps the best way to keep it concentrated to this area, is to keep people from leaving the town. It often kills before it gets strong enough to spread through touch...unlike mine...But, ironically, its fortunate it kills so quickly. No one who caught the disease would live long enough to go far enough to spread it to any other areas, and those who were resistant, would contract nothing they would be able to spread..." Nysis tried to keep her voice cold and practical as she said this. To think, it was a relief the people had died, instead of escaping. Her voice remained indifferent out of practice, but her eyes betrayed her feelings on the matter.
"Still, if the wind becomes strong, it might be able to pick the virus up and blow it further along. I don't know if it can even do that, however. Also, if it rains, the water might carry the disease along. If it is contractable by water, this could spread it even faster, even farther, than the wind ever could. It might even breed in the water, for all I know on this."
Kimishi / Okami Bieletsu:
Ksou looked to teh ground, it didn't give them many options.
"Well...this is an island town after all, the wind might not do it but it looked about to rain soon."
Although he couldn't think of anythign to do, he did appreciate what this girl was doing.
"Nysis...thank you." She was risking her life to help them. She didn't seem bad, even though this could all be a trap. He made sure to keep his guard up just in case, glancing to Jacob and Jeniko to see what they thought of this situation as well.
Jacoby / Jakob: Jakob frowned at Nysis, his thought whirling through his head. It was hard to sort through them when fear domintated his mind. The total devasation this girl described was terrifying, but on a strange, disturbing level what she had said made sense. The human race had become weak, bad genes being replicated without thought to the longterm consequences. Feeling a chill, he reached over and took Jen's hand, squeezing it tightly. "This sounds too big for us. They've aleady released it here, people will already be dying. The only thing i can think to do is stop them from releasing it anywhere else." He addressed the girl. "Do you know of any way we could sabotage what they're doing here?"
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): Nysis tapped the wall thoughtfully. "As I said, those who could be infected and killed by the virus are already dead. Right now, X--the leader, is here, probably come to fully assess the damage his virus can cause. This was the test town, the first experiment on how the virus would do on a settlement, instead of solitary victims. The organization will continue to moniter this place long after the virus has been washed away into the ocean, where, as I said, any number of things could happen, each outcome of which remains unknown. As for solutions...Well...I am about to suggest two things you, we, perhaps, might do..." She glanced up to look each of the three people in the room in the eyes, signaling that the next words she uttered, if heard, would be more than enough to get her killed.
"The first suggestion is to kill-more like destroy-the leader of the organization. I am...not sure whether he who is here now is only a representative, or what is left of him, but if you destroy him, I guarantee the rest of the organization will fall to shambles. The rest of them have assembled around him and his cause; when he goes, so does the group. The second, is to develope a cure."
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): <<Had to break it up.>>
"With the developement of a cure," she continued, "the organization will grow exceedingly violent towards whoever created it. However...I'm going to take a wild guess, and assume you know how beneficial creating a cure would be."
She held up a hand to stop the questions, "I'm not done."
Flicking back her hair, she began again, "I also have some ideas on how to execute these things, if you're interested. The process to find a cure must begin first, and quickly. It must be found before you-we, whatever, begin an operation to take the leader's life. If it is not found before they leave the island to spread the virus, we will never be able to reach the spot of release to combat it. Our best hope, is to create the cure able to travel by water, so by dumping it into the sea, the cure may reach all the world's people without them even knowing, through their drinking water. But we must destroy the leader after or simultaneously, so there will be no organization to spread it quickly, or develope the virus anew, able to overcome the cure. Also, if the cure is in the water, and they try to spread the virus in a last minute attempt to finish their work, the cure may destroy it before it even hits the water."
Nysis lowered her hand and looked around the rooom once more. She had offered much, now it was their turn.
Kimishi / Ksou: <Sorry my interenet was out for awhile.>
Ksou let silence take the room before he opened to talk.
"...you seem to have thought about this long before coming to us..." Was the first thing that had sprung into his mind. She was a traitor, and even so he felt it was a good thing.
"If a cure is the way to go, then we would need someone who holds the virus. It can't be that easy right? Didn't they make this virus for the purpose to kill the weak, it must be strong. If you can create a cure then there is a lab in this house that is all yours." Ksou stood up from against the wall. This would work, if Jeniko and Nysis could create a cure, then there might be a chance. Ksou wasn't good with science he wouldn't be able to do it, besides he had other things on his mind. Thing concerning blond-haired- pointy eared demons.
In fact. " Nysis...there is a person on your team, blond with elf like ears. Where is he now?" The anxiouseness hidden in his voice.
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): Nysis smiled wryly, "A few years ago, that would have been a compliment. I may be able to think and plan and conspire, but I am no scientist. I...can offer samples of both the virus at its strongest, and what the body would naturally create to try and defend itself; were it given the chance. Beyond that, I can't help you with the science."
She had thought about this. She had run through all the possible ways to take them down, extremely unlikely to the most painfully simple, often whilst she lay on her cot at night in the base, gripping the pillow with her hands, clenchind and unclenching, fighting the urge to scream as her rage and misery overcame her sense in the quiet. Nysis knew what those plans had been; vain attempts to convince herself she had a chance. A chance for revenge, to overturn all that had caused her suffering, a chance to escape and truly live once more. But Nysis could no longer recall her angry, and as she realized, frightened, desires for vengeance. Somehow...Something had been stirred in her battered heart. Others were suffering like she at the hands of the virus; somehow...watching them...They had to come first. She would have her time, but unless she herself did something, they wouldn't.

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