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Roleplay - The Jolly Race by Tisuna / Tisuna

This story takes place in time the Earth never had, and probably never will.
In the 1700's, the seas act as the world's nations' main routes for trading with each other. There's just one problem: Pirates.
With piracy as the main international problem at the time, the nations appoint one figure to solve the it.
The Sailing Fox, or just "the Fox", is such a dangerously cunning seaman, that in just a year he has accomplished with one ship what hundreds of Naval officers have failed to do with twenty. He, or she, has captured four of the most infamous pirate ships on the seas. With the capture of the greatest, the smaller pirate vessels have abandoned their own vocation, and the people of the world are pleased.
But the Fox apparently is one who likes games. Unknown and unnamed-they mysterious "Fox" has made a gamble with the four ships. They will play by the Fox's rules, in a race across the world for the prizes of The Fox's Mercy. (details of prizes expressed in role play)

Roleplay Details

Character Rules
There are no rules on race, power, gender, ect. Just, let's not have any aliens on a Spanish Galleon, shall we?
Fox: ME.
Captains 1,2,3, and 4: Four members of site to play one each. First come first serve basis. Only if no one else wants to take one of the remaining captains are you allowed to play more than one. You decide personality, and as captain, what your ship is.
Crew: 3 members per ship. All other crew members must be typed as story follows. You decide personality.
Other: no joining one of four main ships unless there is free space upon one. There shouldn't be very many of these other characters, as the story is based on the adventures of the four ships and the Fox
1. I get first post.
2. Leave no man (or woman) behind. (Or I'll keelhaul ye.)
3. Talking like a pirate voluntary.
4. No killing someone else's character, or sinking someone else's ship unless you have their permission.
5. It's not that serious of an rp,people. If you want your character to get rip-roarin' drunk and make out with a potato for a portion of it, go ahead.
I think that's it. If there are any questions, just ask them as we go, and I'll tell you.
Have fun!
(And if you're still reading this, stop and go join my role play, damn it!)


Jacoby / Captain Jaco: Cap'n Jaco called for the flag to be raised and the his swabbie hoisted it high to indicate we were watching the Fox. "This is going to be very interesting," Jaco murmured to himself, smiling. Generally, he was a happy-go-lucky kind of fellow, easy to laugh and easy to forgive...but circumstances meant that he HAD to have one of prizes. And he was prepared to be ruthless to claim it.
Kimishi / Allen Walker: <ill join, let me find a kool pic>
Kimishi / Sky: <please let pic work>
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): <okay, so are you 'Sky' k-chan?>
Kimishi / Sky: <yes I am sky>
Sky lugged another barrel onto the ship. He heaved it down and sighed. He was a more a less new at teh pirate stuff, but to spit his father who had betrayed him he would do what he could.
"All ready sir!" He had a confident expression on. Ready for anything that came there way.
Peace_Maker / Koru: ((Eh, same post, but take out anything that had to do with animals and stuff.))
Kimishi / Sky: Sky slumped against the railing of the ship, he had finished loading the crates on and awated for the race to begin. He was estatic with enthusiasm,. He had hoped something like this woudl start up his settled life.
Jacoby / Captain Jaco: Cap'n Jaco was becoming impatient. The day was already stifling hot and would only be getting warmer. He scanned the horizon, looking for more ships in the distance but as yet there were no sign. He looked up. "AHOY, THE CROW'S NEST!" he yelled. Herb squinted down at him. "Aye, Cap'n?" Herb answered. "Be there any ships about yet, Herb?" Herb turned away and cupped a hand over her brows to shield her eyes from the sun's glare. "I thinks i spy something, Cap'n! Looks to starbaord!"
Cap'n Jaco looked to his right.
Tisuna / Captain Hopegood: Captain Patience Hopegood shouted orders to her crewsmen below. At least they weren't so late they were last. Captain Hopegood spun the helm and drew her galleon up alongside the first ship-Captain Jaco's, if she remembered correctly-at the starting line. She bore a determined look upon her face. She had fled her family's wishes for her to join a convent, and had instead taken to the high seas for adventure and escape. Now thather ship had been captured, and she drawn into The Fox's race, she would battle fiercely to keep herself out of a vocation she had not been called to her, and her crew from swinging the International Ropes. "Hoist the banner!" she shouted, watching with a glimmer of pride as her well-known flag was risen to flutter from the crow's nest. "Now the nerves rise," she muttered to herself, carefully watching the figure hidden behind the blue screen.
Peace_Maker / Koru: Koru sighed as he stood up. His job was to watch the deck, and check for any damages, though he knew none would occur any time soon. Besides that, he was pretty much free. His captain, Hopegood, was probably the best he had for ages. He followed orders well, and he understood the punishment if he didn't.
Jacoby / Jakob: <<aw, where's the palatypus gone? i was gonna get him to sit on my shoulder insted of havin a parrot>>
Jacoby / Captain Jaco: <<sry. that was me>>
Jacoby / Captain Jaco: Cap'n Jaco wandered over to the ship's rail and peered down at the water. Shoals of fish were visible beneath the water's surface, darting and veering, searching for food. Content, Jaco smiled and breathed in deeply, relishing the smells of salt and rope and good solid wood. He was happy being a pirate, loved the freedom on sailing the seas, and was lucky to have such a fine crew on board. He felt that their chances of winning Fox's prizes were better than good.
Jacoby / Captain Jaco: Cap'n Jaco looked up at the sound of Herb's voice and was greeted with the mighty fine sight of her leaning over the railing to look down at him. He grinned and squinted against the sunlight. "Apologies, Herb, but i aint able to tell you that just yet. Us captain's have been sworn to secrecy because the prizes are so priceless, the Fox is worried that we might have mutinies on our hands if all the swabbies find out."
Tisuna / Captain Hopegood: Captain Hopegood called up to Captain Jaco's crewman-woman-from her own vessel,"Which is a flattering way of saying he doesn't know. But, whatever they are, they BETTER be priceless." She grinned amiably. Then she turned to the captain. Taken by the spirit of competition now rather than apprehension, she challenged him, "Jaco, was it? I'd just like to say this now, before we race life and limb against each other; Though I wish you luck now, don't expect to win."
Jacoby / Captain Jaco: Jaco laughed good-naturedly. "So you think you're gonna win in that dinky sail boat?" He pretended to scrutinise the sails and sides of her ship. "I'll be surprised if its lasts through the next storm." He grinned at her. "But don't worry, i'm sure i can be talked into throwing you a rope or something when you've been dunked into the drink." <<Hey T, are u gonna get a pic for Hopegood?>>
Tisuna / Captain Hopegood: Hopegood cocked an eyebrow at him. "My fine vessel, a sailboat? If that's the case, then yours is a wash basin." She shooed some of her idler crew members away with some trivial task or other, then asked him, "So how'd you get pulled into this? Outgunned or...'outFoxed'?"
Tisuna / Captain Hopegood: <and I'm working on it! All the good pictures I've found so far have had address bars that are too long!>
Kimishi / Sky: <GAH! whats going on!!!>
Kimishi / Ksou: <you coudl have secondary character's just to be there for no reason. then it coudl be the two captains.>
Kimishi / Ksou: <sry T, I woudl do it but im not good with pirates and so such....>
Jacoby / Captain Jaco: Jaco leaned confortably on the ship'd railing and smiled casually. "I was sent an invitation to join this little adventure...signed by the Fox himself." He waggled his eyebrows rakishly and flashed his teeth. "I'm a very well known pirate in these seas, you know. My reputation proceeds me." He squinted over at the curtain where the Fox would emerge and frowned a little. All this chit-chat was well and good, but Jaco was anxious to hear the details of this quest.
Kimishi / Sky: Sky paced the ship deck, he wanted eagerly to go out to see and start the race. He could faintly hear the two captains talking but he knew better then to ease drop on there conversation. He didn't want to be demoted to anything less then what he was.
Tisuna / Captain Hopegood: Hopegood glanced at Jaco during the break in the speech. "Well, if it's the same for you, sirrah, I received my handwritten letter of 'invitation' in my holding cell. Friendly words, simple meaning; take part, or face the courts immediately'. Not a particuarly hard choice."
(stick to the summary, Jaco! the ships racing were CAPTURED.)
Kimishi / Sky: <LMFAO short straw>
Sky glanced up at the reader, he laughed a bit amused at what was obviously written for the man's own safety. He eagerly listened to the rules and instructions, he wanted to do his best to serve the Fox and make sure he got the treasure. Or whatever was the Foxes' Mercy.
Jacoby / Captain Jaco: <<ur very right T. My apologies, i forgot>> Jaco winced and stood up straight, his bluff having been caught out. He hadn't thought Hopegood realised he had been captured also - he hadn't seen her in the holding cells. Jaco looked back toward the Fox's representative and found his smile again. The poor fellow looked terrified.
Jacoby / Captain Jaco: Jaco raised his hand. "I have a question," he called. "Why is the Fox even doing this? I mean, why not just hand us over to the authorities? I know i have a pretty sizable bounty on me head. Hopegood, too, i would assume. What're you getting out of this, Fox, apart from some cock-eyed amusement?"
Tisuna / Captain Hopegood: Hopegood strode over and took the helm. She had the rules, and she had her prize. Though she was just as eager as Jaco was to know just why they'd been given this chance, she planned to take the Fox up on his offer to find out AFTER she'd won.
Kimishi / Sky: <sry =P was away>
Sky had rested against hte railing of the ship, he lookied into the water as he listend to teh speaker. Such prizes he wondered, a year of pilidging and etc. He truly woudl enjoy the get away if they won.
<sry ! I tried to read it fast and...uh yea thats all I got.>
Jacoby / Captain Jaco: Jaco shook his head. "No, i be all good, thank ye," he called back. He noticed Hopegood make her way to helm, and followed her example, vaulting easily over a discared pile of rope. "Ahoy the crow's nest!" he yelled to Herb. "Hold tight lass! We're about to get under way!"
Tisuna / Captain Hopegood: Hopegood shouted orders to her crew, and her sails billowed out fully the moment the gun sounded. Her ship, the Headway Dove cruised forward, out of the harbor, as eager to get underway as she was. Hopegood took a moment to pat the Dove's railing as she manueverd her out of the harbor. The ship picked up speed, a small amount, but just enough to be noticable. As if it were as glad to have its mistress back as she was to have it.
Tisuna / Captain Hopegood: < Ah, crap. Forgot to mention in the speaker. First stop, off wherever we are...which I'm guessing is the Carribean, just because, is a small town called Castaway-fitting name, really-on the Coast of Good Hope. Every pirate knows where THAT is. If you don't, it's around the southern-most tip of Africay.>
Tisuna / Captain Hopegood: <Wow, I wonder if I did that subconsciously? Cape of Good Hope? Captain Hopegood? and it's just not the last name, either.>
Kimishi / Sky: Sky rushed around the ship, pulling ropes and lifting sails, he did what job's were shouted his way. He was only one of many but everyone had there job.
When the sails were up and they were out on the water, Sky final had a moment to rest. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and turned to the breeze wisping hair from his face. It felt good to finally be off land.
Jacoby / Jaco: Jaco shouted, "WEIGH ANCHOR! HOIST THE SAILS!" With creaks and the snap of sails-cloth and the rattling of rigging, the Sparking Diamond slewed slowly forward, ocean waves breaking against her hull. She slowly picked up speed and the wind rushed through Jaco's hair. He whooped and grasped hold of the cutlass, excitement buzzing through him. "Cape of Good Hope here we come! May the best pirate win!"
The crew of the Diamond cheered.
Jacoby / Captain Jaco: <<DAMN IT! that was me>>
Tisuna / Captain Hopegood: Once The Dove was safely in more open waters, Captain Hopegood turned the helm over to one of her men. Opening a map brought from her cabin room, she tacked it up against the galley door, where all crew could see it as they walked by. She stuck a little red pin on the world map in the general area of the starting port, and a blue one on the Cape of Good Hope. Regarding the map, she thought aloud dryly, "Starting us off across open water, huh?"
She called over her first mate. She had hoped she could keep her lead on Jaco, and lengthen it as they went, but it seems they'd have to stop for supplies-AGAIN-before they even got started. "There's this tiny island here," she said, pointing to a spot on the map, "which we're going to have to make a quick stop at. We've got the width of the Atlantic to take on, not to mention the storms around the Cape, and I want us to be well stocked. We're going to take on extra water, but nothing that won't keep for very long."
Her mate saluted and scurried off to tell the quartermaster, and Patience returned to her map. She traced the imaginary route line with her finger. She mumbled to herself, "This'll stop will cost us our lead...but if Jaco pulls ahead now, he'll lose time having to make a detour in the end..."
Showers of white water flew from the sides of The Dove's hull, as she sped towards the little island.
Jacoby / Captain Jaco: Jaco squinted into the distance the sun high above the high. The Dove sailed in the lead, but he wasn't too concerned. His ship was fully stocked and there would be no need to dock for a few leagues yet. He ambled over to Herb. "Plot a course for the fastest route to the Cape. We’ll have to stop to re-supply our food stores, but that’s okay. Take that into account too. Snap to it!”
Herb saluted and hurried off.
Jaco gazed about the Diamond, watching his crew work. He nodded to Felix at the helm, and the old chap’s one good eye crinkled as he spat a wad of spit on the deck.
“I’ve gots her steady n swift, Cap’n” he croaked.
“Very good, Felix. Thank you.” Jaco grabbed a passing swabbie and pointed at the dirty deck. “Um, mop and bucket, if you would be so kind.”
“Aye aye, Cap’n.” The boy grinned.
“Good lad.” Satisfied everything was running smoothly, Jaco made his way down to the captain’s quarters. Inside, he found Herb bent over the maps, measuring instruments in her hands, plotting their course.
Jaco flopped onto his bed and crossed his boots at the ankle. “So Herb,” he smiled. “How can we get Captain Goodhope alone for a private chat, hmm? To discuss certain matters…”
Jacoby / Captain Jaco: <<that first sentence again because i ballsed it up (yes yes, I'm a looby, i know>> Jaco squinted into the distance, the sun high above the horizon.
Jacoby / Captain Jaco: Jaco regarded Herb without a smile, his face serious for once. "We're still a distance away from the Cape yet, lass, and I was thinking of trying to rendezvous with Goodhope at one of the shipping towns when we stop for supplies." He scratched his jaw thoughtfully. "Tis important the Fox doesn't find out our plans, though. He wouldn’t be too happy."
Tisuna / Captain Hopegood: <Jaco, I honestly don't think that's what you meant by "getting Hopegood 'alone'". Alone from her crew? Her ship? The general area of the race? Bah, I'll leave you to your plans. You'll have to guide me though so I don't do anything stupid>
Hopegood turned the Dove off their course and made for the island within seeing distance. She decided to dock at the ruined part of the tiny settlement there, and walk with some of the crew to get the supplies. She didn't know if The Fox had assured them passage from authorities outside his command, and didn't want her occupation being so loud and sudden as the Dove's arrival in the harbor.
Jacoby: <<nope, i didn't mean it that way T. Ash is just trying to be funny (emphasis on the TRYING)>>
Tisuna / Nysis (Nye-zis): <Yeah, I could kind of tell. Really, I just wanted to point out that I didn't really think that, and also get The Jolly Race back onto the first page. People will be reminded to post in it more if it's up where they can see it right off.>
Tisuna / Captain Hopegood: Captain Hopegood had her men drop anchor in the shallower waters off the coast of the tiny island. She left her first mate on board, and rowed the rest of the way with a handful of the crew. They walked, and within the hour arrived in the small cluster of fishermen and farmers' huts that made up the "town". She and her group moved inside the tavern, where they took their seats for a quick cup.
Later, finishing her glass, Captain Hopegood looked out the window a tad forlornly. "Too bad the Fox couldn't have sent us past Tortuga..." she said aloud.
One of her men laughed and asked her, to another bout of laughter from two more of her men, "Wha, cap'n? You got a husband back there?"
"No, but I have got better rum," she said with a smile, to more laughter. She put a few coins on the table, "Enjoy yourselves, gentlemen. I'll be off scouting water."
And before they could protest her leaving alone, Captain Patience Hopegood had dissapeared outside the inn.
Jacoby / Captain Jaco: Captain Jaco had given orders to his lookout to keep an eye on Hopegood's progress, so when a loud knock sounded on his door, rudely awakening him from a doze, he didn’t immediately snap the crewman’s head off. He wrenched open the door. “What ye want, swabbie? I was having a great good dream about a certain crew member.” Jaco grinned.
“It’s Cap’n Hopegood, sir. She be heading for land.”
The smile dropped from Jaco’s face and he became all business. “Change course. Follow her. I wanna be landed on the same soil as her before her boot-prints be dry. Hop to it man!”
The crewman jumped and scurried off.
Jaco grabbed his cutlass and belted it around his waist, and bounded up the stairs to the main deck. He shouted orders at his crew until they weighed anchor near enough to shore for him and Herb to row to dry land. Jaco sat back and enjoyed watching Herb pull on the oars. “You want me to row, lass?”
She sent him a dirty look. “No, Cap’n, I be more n capable.”
He grinned. “Why, yes you are, lass.”
Within no time, they were pulling the rowboat ashore and traipsing up the beach to the nearest building.
They were within sights of the local tavern when Jaco spotted Captain Hopegood exiting out the door. He grabbed Herb and pulled her into an alleyway, whispering, “There she is, Herb. Come on.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her after him, hastily following after Hopegood. He waited until Hopegood was well and truly alone, walking away from him when he whistled softly and said, “Why good evening to you, good captain. Fancy seeing you ‘ere.”
Tisuna / Captain Hopegood: Hopegood stretched and called back to him, "Yes, it's good to see you too, Jaco. I suppose. You and your friend there-Herb, it was?"
It was after that she turned around. "Well, I see you've gotten me alone, so you might as well tell me what you want."
She sat down on an old barrel and watched him with all the patience her name suggested.
Jacoby / Captain Jaco: Jaco tried his most winning smile on Hopegood, not sure if it would work, and sat on a barrell opposite her. "Well, Cap'n, I just thought it may be useful for us to talk strategy." He crossed a boot over his knee and leaned back casually. "The way i see it, i don't wanna be handed over for sentencing if i lose this race - unlikely though that is," he winked at her "and i certainly dont wanna be hanged. i happen to like this neck." He gave it a fond rub. "Now, I dont thinks you want these things happening to you either, lass. I'm sure we can come to some sort of...mutually beneficial arrangement." He raised an eyebrow, and waited for her response.
Tisuna / Captain Hopegood: Patience gave her own eyebrow lift. "You expect me to answer without knowing the conditions of this "mutual beneficial agreement"? I still firmly intend to win, but I'll hear you out. You're an amiable fellow,Jaco, and I wouldn't be too happy to hear across the water you've had your feet hanging below the trap-deck door."
Jacoby / Captain Jaco: Jaco was a bit taken aback - he hadn't actually thought through the terms of their agreement yet - but he hid his uncertainty quickly. "Well, i was thinking of a number of things actaully," he said boldly. "For example, what would happen if one of our ships became unsailable and the other was to offer the captain refuge on their ship? Or, um, what if we arranged to arrive at exactly the same time, therefore foiling the Fox's plan on having one or the other of us win. We both know the Fox is a more than adequate adversary for us both, but what if we worked together? I'm sure we could 'out-fox' him. " He grinned, happy at his play on words.
Tisuna / Captain Hopegood: Hopegood took off the one ring she wore and turned it over in her hands, thinking. She had noticed two things. The first was that Jaco had been slightly surprised by her answer, though at what she couldn't quite place. The second, was that he seemed to have thought his pun rather clever, when she had used the same one in their first conversation only hours before. <You can check that> Somehow she had managed to keep from laughing at that. "Well," she said thoughtfully, "I can surely hope you're not planning on rending one of the ships useless, because you would recieve the worst of that...But I can tell you now, there is not enough room on either of our vessels for two crews. As for coming in at the same time, we'd probably have to go another leg. And then another, and another until the Fox realizes if he doesn't after the first one that we've been doing it on purpose. By then, he might have gotten bored and just chase us down. I'm sure that as a team, we could avoid the Fox's plans. However, unless you can come up with a way to do that, I'm going to stick with the one thing I'm sure of right now-that winning will get me and my crew out of this mess and back to the Sea for a full year, and then if I play correctly, the rest of our sailing days."
She looked back up at Captain Jaco. "But I can assure you, sir, that I do not bear, and will not bear, you any ill will until the very last lap of the race, and then only if I'm losing. Which I dearly hope will not happen."
Kimishi / Ksou: <bump it for you>
Jacoby / Captain Jaco: Jaco appreciated Goodhope’s candour. He didn’t however appreciate the flash of mockery in her eyes when he’d said ‘out-fox’. He had remembered only a second after uttering the words that she herself had already made the exact same pun only hours before. <<give a guy a break T. I’ve slept since you made that crack =P >>
“I assure you, Captain Goodhope,” Jaco told her, “I have absolutely no intentions of scuppering your chances of competing. A pirate I may be, but I’m far from being a blackguard.” He saw her eyebrows rise at that but he just smiled affably and continued. “I also assure you, madam, that although I don’t as yet have any plans as to how we could OUT-FOX the Fox, my brains be hard at work at rectifying that little matter.” He rose from his seated position on the barrel and looked to Herb. “Shall we depart, lass? I feels we’ve outstayed our welcome with the good captain here.” He nodded to Goodhope and gave her a little salute. “Good day to you, madam, and good weather.” Without waiting for Herb, he turned and strode away.
Tisuna / Captain Hopegood: Hopegood waited until they were out of sight before heaving a long sigh. She stood up from her slouch against the wall-then realized with a flinch of pain in her back that she shouldn't do the slouch thing anymore-and returned to the market.
Later, back aboard the Dove with as much water as they could carry without drowning in one piece, Patience retired to her cabin. There she pulled off her coat and hat (worn only for visits to such small ports, where you only got your respect as a pirate if you wore the flamboyance openly), dropped her shoes under her bunk, and pulled a map down in front of her. She tried to focus on the lines and drawings for a good half hour, but found her thoughts straying to her discussion with the Captain Jaco. Could they really fight the Fox? Or did he plan for them to out run him? Then she remembered Jaco had had no real plan at that point. But he seemed determined... "Another reason I hope I haven't made an enemy out of him," she said aloud, to herself.
In the morning, at the first light, The Dove floated on the imaginary border seperating the Carribean Sea from the Great Atlantic. Hopegood herself rang the brass bell hung from the mast as they sailed over it. A cheer went up, and the rum began to flow. Hopegood kept her hands steady on the helm. A good start, but like all voyages acros empty, open water, they would lose enthusiasm quickly.
Jacoby / Captain Jaco: Captain Jaco called for the anchor to be lifted and the Diamond slowly set sail again. He walked over to the helm and stood next to Felix and leaned against the aft mast.
“Yous be alright, Cap’n?” the wizened old sea-dog asked, squinting at him.
Jaco sighed and attempted a smile. “Aye, Felix. I be fine. Just a little disheartened. My rendezvous with Captain Hopegood didn’t go as well as I had planned.”
Jaco stared out at the ocean, the setting sun sinking past the horizon and the first twinkles of stars shining in the sky. Tiny diamonds seemed to flicker and twinkle on the ocean’s waves. Jaco sighed again and crossed his arms. He would find a way to save his crew if he had to swim to the Cape of Good Hope himself.
Herb suddenly appeared by his side. Her hand briefly squeezed his arm before dropping away. He turned to her and smiled.
“Tis late, Cap’n,” she said quietly.
He nodded in agreement. “Aye, tis at that. Felix, off to your bunk, old man. I shall take the helm.” Jaco moved to the wheel and gently nudged Felix aside, ignoring his irritable grumbles. “Off with you,” Jaco ordered. “Before I revoke your rum rations.”
Felix’s one good eye widened and he hurriedly limped away, faster than Jaco had seen him move in years.
Jaco chuckled and shook his head.
Herb stepped up beside him at the wheel, but he remained quiet, content to just sail his ship and listen to the gentle lashes of the ocean’s waves against the bow.
Tisuna: The "criminal" was small. Very small. The Fox could easily see the center of the square now, as people moved back to give the executioner room. It was a wooden platform, with a trap door in the floor. A wooden pole was set just next to the trapdoor, with a familiar knotted rope hanging from it. A noose. Hang man.
But what drew the Fox running was that the "criminal" was a little boy of about only ten years. The head man had gotten three words of his enthusiastic reading of the boy's crimes, when the crowd began to notice the figure pushing through them. They shouted at him, angry at him for blocking their view of the hanging. The Fox's men, wherever they were in the square, snapped to attention, wary now. The boy's lips quivered as he fought to keep himself from crying. The noose was quickly slipped around his neck...
And was torn off just as quickly. "Can you honestly tell me that a ten year old child is the worst criminal you can round up?" the Fox hissed to the crowd, hushed into silence. A few of his men winced involuntarily. Rare as it was, the Fox's temper wasn't something to be invoked. "So eager to make a show for yourselves, you snatched up what's probably the smallest cake-stealer you've got. This isn't a murderer, this isn't a kidnapper-this is a BOY. Execution-how you could have DREAMED this would make me-" The Fox broke off abruptly. He cast one last, long glare around the townspeople. "We're moving now," he ordered, and took the boy by the hand and led him down the steps of the platform, and through the throng of wide-eyed viewers, without a last glance. His crew followed, equally silent. That town square has never been loud again.
On board the ship again, the Fox knelt and looked carefully at the child's face. The little boy had straggly black hair to his shoulders, dirty and unkempt, like the rest of him. His hands and feet were rough and callused, his nails bitten to the quick. But his eyes were beautiful. A wonderful blue that was both as pure as the Carribean's seas, and had as much depth as the Atlantic they rocked on now. The Fox smiled at him reassuringly, and called out to his crew. "Who among you has had younger brothers?"
Books (a nickname), the navigator, was selected. The Fox charged him with looking after the boy. "Once we've made sure he's all right, we'll see what his name is and what we're to do with him. Mr. Garred, keep a firm course for Castaway; I've got some planning to do."
And he retired to his cabin, leaving his men feeling once again, that they either time had skipped over something and left them floundering, or their captain was rightfully off his rocker.
Jacoby / Captain Jaco: The sky swirled with ominous black clouds and lightning flashed in the distance. Jaco worriedly scanned the horizon, realising they were sailing straight into the storm. They couldn’t go around it – they’d be losing far too much time, and Jaco couldn’t afford that.
Herb stood beside him at the helm. “What you reckn, Cap’n?” she asked him.
“I think we’re in for some rough seas, lass,” he replied quietly. “You better start lashing things down and securing things below decks.”
“Aye, aye, Cap’m.” Herb moved off, shouting orders to the crew as she went. Soon every spare deckhand scurried round, busy with jobs.
Jaco kept his hand steady on the wheel, steering the Sparkling Diamond on a direct course with the black skies and wicked white-flashes of lightning.
A sudden thunderclap had him flinching and looking up. The first drops of rain hit his upturned face. They quickly became a downpour, raindrops drumming against the deck like a tattoo. Blinking water from his eyes, Jaco murmured, “May Poseidon be with us.”
The storm moved closer.
Tisuna / Captain Hopegood: The Dove fought madly against the storm, the gallant vessel caught in the worst edges of the tempest. The storm was a throng of clouds, howling and thundering as if it were some feral beast, caught in a cage and angry, ready to lash out and render whatever had caused its rage apart.
On the ship, men and the handful of women in the crew swarmed over it, jumping to every order Hopegood shouted, and her first mate relayed. They scrambled up rigging, untying lines and retying those they needed, their own life-lines snaking across the deck after them.
Hopegood herself bellowed and roared like a tigress, one who happened to be very angry with the caged beast fighting her from above. As she was knotting a pair of lines together, Hopegood was approached by her first mate, the wind blowing at him hard from over the railings, and he fought to keep his footing. "Cap'n!" he shouted at her to be heard above the winds, "We've got a good ballast-it won't be the waves that capsize us!"
"Well done, Mr. Dapple!" she cried back, catching one of her younger crew mates by the arm as she slipped on the rain splattered deck, and righted her as the rain slapped and stung her face.
"What of the sails?," he shouted to her, nearly slipping on his own, "We was flyin' full silks! The wind could knock 'er over!"
"We lose time if we lower the sails," Hopegood returned, the crew mate running off to help with a wet line, and she swept stray locks of hair from her bandana behind her ears, "The Dove can ride this storm a good ways to the Cape, Mr. Dapple, for she can handle it!"
"IF she can handle it!" Mr Dapple corrected, too frightened by the possiblity of a capsize to bother with respect and instant order-following, "If the winds are too rough for her, the sails could drag down the mast!"
Hopegood grit her teeth. The mast was an essential part of the ship-no speedy sailing could be made without a full set, and the loss rendered a ship terribly wounded. But if they lost too much sail, they would be knocked about by the waves, and driven off course. Too, they would fall behind if Jaco had avoided the storm, and a poor start could be all they needed to lose...
But, watching her brave crew find their ways across the deck in a flash of lightning, Hopegood was reminded of who she was racing FOR. Abruptly, relieving Dapple of his worries that the captain wouldn't give commands in time, she roared above all tempest, "Batten hatches, everyone! I want us at half silk within the quarter hour! We'll wait this out afore we do anymore sailing tonight! Move it!"
Saying so, she climbed the rings of rope to join her men to roll the vast amounts of canvas, as the wind howled louder in rage.

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