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Roleplay - best night ever wish i could remember it by fingerz / fingerz

a group of teens go out the night before the next morning they cant rember how they got into a house and what they did the night before

Roleplay Details

need at least 5 ppl


fingerz: faye <fingerz> wakes up and slowly rises from the damp cold cellar floor as she rises she sees that her right wrist is cut and her sweatband is covered in blood.
fingerz / faye: suddenly, faye throws up and in the sick she has produced she realises is is not normal puke, it concists of blood. she screams "who the hell spiked my drink?"
poppi / Aiden: Aiden sat hunched over in a corner. Scabs already formed over his hands. He looked down at the dark puddle of blood below him next to his feet. Wearing old warn out chucks he wouldn't have even noticed if they had not been so familar. "The same person that spiked mine." He coughed at in ahoarse whisper as a few more drops of blood trickled out of his mouth. His long sleeved black shirt must have been stained with blood as well, because their were stains on his loose denim pants. But he didn't feel like looking. He could already feel the minor scratches on his arm.
runnin†wildwher / Azula: "huh? What?! Where the fuck am I!!! all i remeber is going to a party and having a few drinks. but they were virgin....there was nothing in it. i think the same person who spiked your drinks did it to me too. why though? " said Azila pondering on the thought. " I am barley 18. why would someone want to do that to such a young girl......what are these scratches from too? oh my god. you have them to." azila pointed at Aiden looking at all of the scratches and scabs and conparing them to her own. Most of the scratch were in the smae places as Aiden's were......creepy.
runnin†wildwher / Azula: >>srry if my spelling sucks....i a little loopy...lol<<
ellesmera / kane_vampire: Kane woke up slowley. He pushed his blood splattered hair from his face and looked down at his clothes. "Not again.." He then doubled over and threw up, mostly blood. He cursed, he looked at his arms, his shirt had had its sleeves ripped from them. "Oh for crying out loud.."
runnin†wildwher / Azila: "oh yummy......that looks delightful. so we are all stuck here then?? i just have one question. WHY ARE WE ALL COVERED IN BLOOD!!!!! i am just a litte girl. I don't mean to be a wimp but i am kinda scared. what happens if we die or somethin." said azila. She had never been able to look at the bright side of a bad situation. Because Azila was just so small and the youngest...she thought that maybe she might be the first go.
poppi / Aiden: Aiden looked at the 3 people around him, "Watch your language little one." He stood up with less hesitation then he thought. His inards were not as torn as his tattered clothes and disheveld hair might seem. Although the fast movement caused him to become light headed. 'deep breathes buddy, you'll get out of this mess,' he thought to himself. He let his glance lead him to the young man who was mummbling to himself. Catching the last few words, "What do you mean again?" His brown eyes spit an unquestioned hellfire out. He barely struggled out of the whole he had lived in as a child, only to be thrown into this one. "Do you know what popison was given to us? I might be able to help, I'm pre-med." Aidens thoughts shifted to his colloge campus, would his roomie notice his abcance? A few miles away from the party he had come from, he wished he had walked back. Now out of the blue it suddenly struck him, how much he wanted a bagel.
runnin†wildwher: " i have no idea what we were given. all i know is that i am starving and i want some new clothes. i feel neked." said azila. most of her clothing was ripped off. as if she was raped befor she was "dropped off" here. " all of my cuts are still bleeding. why?!?!?! i am so scared someone HELP!!!" azila screamed at the top of her lungs hopeing someone was going to hear her. but alas no one did......
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: Kane walked to azila. "Shhh little one" He ripped off his shirt in to strips and banaged her wounds, now shirtless, it could be seen, scars,, burns, marks, though, he still looked sexy. He stroked her hair and smiled. "Dont you worry, ill get you out of here"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis lay unconscious, propped up against the wall. Bloody images were running through her mind. She stirred and started to scream in her sleep. **Why won't my eyes open?** she thought.
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: (tis kane btw#0 he ran to her and shook her.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis struggled.
**someones shaking me...god dammit why won't my eyes open?**
ellesmera / Cynan Kane: he sighed. he bit her neck, he didnt pierce skin, but he knew it hurt
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Inside Alexis head it screamed.
**What was happening to her?**
After a couple of minutes her eyes finally opened.
"Wh...What's happening?" She asked in a whisper.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: <<has everybody left>>
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: <<has everybody left>>
bloody_raven: "umm thank you very much." said Azila. She was still shivering even though the nice man gave her his shirt to rap up her wounds and to keep her warm. " so what is your name. Mine's Azila. nice to meet you. do you think that there is a way out? i dont see one of there even is."
poppi / Aiden: <if your a real vampire you can't have scars, you can be missing a limb but not scars.....and i know i'm right i can prove it if i have to.> Aiden stood up narrowing his eyes and looked at Alexis, "Nobody knows where we are. The only thing we really have in common is going to a party and waking up here.....please if you have any idea whats going on elaborate." He sighed and flexed his arms stretching them out behind his back. It hurt more then he nthought it would. His body shuddered but he ignored it, the vertibrea in his back snapping a bit. "Uhhhh I need to get out of here. Finals arecoming up, I have to study!" he started to spaz out now, feeling a panic attack coming on from the sitiation. Even though the thoughts racing through his head had nothing to dowith what was going on. He found his backpack next to the chair he had woken in, unzipping it he rummaged around in it. He found the small orange bottle hidden in a pocket. He sighed, unscrewed the top. Spilling the last pill that remained in the bottle into his hand he swallowed.
runnin†wildwher / Azila: "you dont like pop pills or anything do you?? becasue i had a friend who did that she like...died....i dont want you to die! i dont even know you but still!!! or is it for something different....like the panic attack you just had..."said Azila worring about her new friend
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis looked at Aiden...
"Does anyone here know each other? Or is this just like a random attack?" She asked trying to stand up but noticed a blade in her leg.
She fell down again; cringing at the pain.
poppi / Aiden: "I don't wanna fucking talk about it.............." His voice was hollow now. He shook it of however, "And no i don't pop pills, it's a useless way to try and kill yourself." He walked over to Alexis. "If i pull it out do you think you'll be ok?"
poppi / Aiden: "I don't wanna fucking talk about it.............." His voice was hollow now. He shook it of however, "And no i don't pop pills, it's a useless way to try and kill yourself." He walked over to Alexis. "If i pull it out do you think you'll be ok?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "I think so...I guess I can rip a bit off my shirt and wrap that around it." She smiled. "Thanks."
poppi: Aiden looked into the girls eyes now, an uneasy serenity in his own. "You will hate me after this but if the knife doesn't come out you'll die. Put the rag in your mouth and when i pull bite into it ok. I need someone to hold her down as well." He looked around the room at the people around them. He rummaged around until he found a half empty bottle of absolute vodka. He walked back over to Alexis, "Now this is gunna sting but will dull in comparison to what you will endure when i remove the blade. A nullity of this sitation seemed to effect him now, his mind completely sober. He poured the liquid onto the wound feeling the muscle tighten around it.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: She nodded and put the rag in her mouth "Argh!" She said as the vodka entered her wound.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: "Oh...dear lord just do it already." She screamed in agony. She looked right into Aiden's eyes.
"Please..." she begged.
runnin†wildwher / Azila: "oh god...that much hurt a lot. puring vodka on an open wound.....ouch."said Azila shivering in the fear of hte pain. Azila could never indure that much pain. "i cound never ever EVER do something like that. god...."she shivered again.
poppi / Aiden: Aiden sighed, "Please be quite its not as bad as it looks, and it will fight off infection." He gripped his right hand around the blade resting his left hand on the girls leg. He began to pull. It slid out hesitently the muscles around it seemingly glued to the long thin blade. Blood poured down Alexis leg onto the floor and onto Aiden. It seemed like hours but in about 3 minuets the blade was out. He set it down, and took of the long sleeved wrinkled black shirt he had been wearing. A simple faded bob dylan shirt was revealed. He wrapped the black shirt around her leg. Aiden stood up and walked over to the chair he had woken up in with out saying anything else. wiping the blood off of his hands on a curtain. He sat down in the dilapitated chair and sighed. Putting his elbows on his knees and resting his face in his palms. His blonde hair falling in front of his head. he was really tired, when he had woken up, it was like he had never rested.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: After minutes the pain had gone. She stood up and walked over to Aiden. "Thank you so much."
poppi / Aiden: Aiden looked up at her from his chair. His blonde hair moved fom in front of his face and his brown eyes were revealed,bloodshot though they were. "Yea it's fine, your the one that had the knife in you leg. Although if its possible at all and things I don't know.....just don't rip my shirt please. It was a present, you can keep it or what ever. And you should probublly sit down." he got up fromthe chair and stepped to the side, He looked at Azila now, "You need any surgery or are you ok?"
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis smiled. "You didn't need to give me that. If it was a present you shouldn't have done that. Look the blood will still come out of it. I can use my top." She said.
poppi / Aiden: <<yea here today sorry i have limited computer access>> His eyes widened for a moment, "No, no just keep it. It's a good colour on you anyway, haha. Oh sorry this really isn't the best place for jokes I guess......" He let it trail of before sitting on the floor indian style. he picked his beaten up messenger bag and put it in his lap. he rummagged around for a bit not exactly sure of what to look for. "Has anyone thought of trying the door yet? Now that I think about it it seems blaintently obviouse that it might have been left unlocked." Finally his fingers came around a crumpled paper. He pulled it out and looked at it.
DarkDreamer09 / Alexis: Alexis took his shirt off her wound and ripped the bottom half of her shirt off so it came up to the bottom of her breast; not showing anything. She wrapped it around her wound again. "I'm sorry about the blood." She stated.
poppi / Aiden: Aiden sighed, "Now what happens if you get cold? I'll never forgive myself." He said with a small sparkle in his brown eyes. His mom said it made him irristible to the ladies and thats why girls were always talking to him. But he normally just rolled his eyes at that comment. "You can keep it, it's your present now. As long as you don't mind your own blood. Besides I don't think my mom will care." He stood up from his indian style sitting postion on the floor with a small grunt and walked over to the door. He reached his arm out and tried the handle examining his arm a bit more carefully. Their were at least 37 cuts on his left arm.
The knob jiggled but wouldn't open any, "Azila you said you could open this possibly?" He looked at the young girl kindly. How could someone so young get into a mess like this?

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