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Roleplay - The Desires of Your Heart by Sin / the heartless

The world is full of desire, full of cruelty, full of....sin. Once you taste it, you can't let go. The world is covered in this lust for fufillment. Follow the desire of your heart and find what will happen in this little world.

Roleplay Details

Duh, No god modding
Just because it sounds like something sexual, dosen't mean every little thing has to be about sex.....its about the desires of your heart.
Be poetic most of all.


the heartless / Sin: (mostly made this rp because I was thinking of Fallen_angl_2) As he walked down the street, just lisening to the music. He had a speaker in his ear and the small mp3 player in his pocket, the other speaker got ripped off. As he walked down the sidewalk, other people were discusted in him cause of the fact he had no reguard for running into others. He just had his eyes closed lisening to the music as he walked.
cutenfuzzy5 / *Kate*: Kate slowly walked down a crowded sidewalk, looking down as she walked. Everyone just went around her, just as expected. Someone finally hit her in the shoulder. She stoppped and looked back to see some ignorant guy walking with his head phones in. "Hey, watch it!" She yelled back at him, knowing he probably didnt hear her anyways.
cutenfuzzy5 / Mika: "Excuse me!?!" Kate said. Having someone else run into her just made her even more pissed. "What is everyone's problem today?!? Ugh!!" She threw her book down and walked off.
cutenfuzzy5 / Mika: [sorry!! wrong profile!!]
the heartless / Sin: Sin kinda stuck out cause he was carrying a big blade on his back. He walked down the stairs to the subway still jamming to the music. He walked into the train and sat down. He started playing an imaginary guitar perfectly to the music.
cutenfuzzy5 / *Kate*: Kate sat down on a bench alongside the sidewalk. Her face steaming with anger. All this, and a fight with her parent's too? She tryed to calm down by closing her eyes and hummimg to herself, but she ended up just breaking down in tears.
cutenfuzzy5 / *Kate*: [hey sum 1 join "anonymous" please!!]
the heartless / Sin: He looked around and saw no one, but one lady. He smirked and got up. He walked over to her and she looked at him and said "Excuse me? Is there something wrong?" He grabbed her by the hair then bit her on the neck. As he drained her of life, he threw her on the floor. He smiled and sat back down where he was and continued listening to the music.
cutenfuzzy5 / *Kate*: Kate looked up to see a few people staring at her. She wiped away her tears and slowly got up from the bench. "I'm fine.. really.." She said to the people as she walked off. She walked down the steps into a busy subway. She quikly got on the subway and found a seat as soon as she could. She was sitting right next to a man who was carrying a huge blade on his back. She tried not to stare, but he was the most noticable thing in the dull, gray subway.
the heartless / Sin: He looked at her and smirked. "You know, you look delishous." His claws ran across the seat starting to tear the fabric some.
cutenfuzzy5 / *Kate*: Kate paused and stared at him. She gasped slightly under her breath. She exhaled and said, "Uh- uh- um, th- tha- thank you..?" She backed away slowly.
the heartless / Sin: He leaned forward abit over her and smirked exposing his fangs. "I'm realy hungry too." He pointed out the dead lady across the cart they were in of the train.
Black Angel / Rukoshi : Ruko glanced over to Sin and sighed.
"Leave the girl alone Sin. You jsut fed, now your just being wasteful." Though Ruko usually didn't stick up for Sin's meals, she didn't like it when he wasted the food. She sat in the seat behind them, reading a bok that didn't seem to be of this world. The book was bound in black leather with red writing acroos it, in some different language. her eyes didn't move from the book as she spoke, she simply just turned the page.
the heartless / Sin: He looked Syd as she came in and growled at her, then heared Rukoshi. "Atleast I eat with dignety, you slaughter your food and make a mess everywhere." He looked at Kate and licked his lips. "Rukoshi, isn't my master, but you should thank her." He sat back upright in his seat and closed his eyes listening to the music.
Black Angel / Rukoshi : "At least i don't waste it." Ruko growled lightly as she turned another page. speaking of food, she hasn't eaten in a while.
"Maybe i should eat soon. it's been a while." She muttered softly.
the heartless / Sin: "Ha, I never waste food." Put his hand threw Kates hair. "I always eat every drop and never let their delious blood go to waste." As he said this he smirked evily.
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: Shay had just clocked out from the grocery at eleven fifteen. with a shiver she walked quickly towards the subway, pulling the thin jacket about her slim frame tighter to hold in what little warmth she could. The cool night air nipped at her nose and when she finally reached the inner terminal of the subway she was relieved. Still holding her jacket tight she waited until a train stopped and the cart doors opened. She entered distractedly with thoughts of home and school work she'd be up late doing. She took a seat across the aisle on the less crowded side of the subway.
Black Angel / Rukoshi : "That's not what I mean. You take more then you need, and you leave none for everyone else. That's why creatures here hate you." Ruko finally looked up from her book when she saw Shay come on the sub. She was on of the few humans she liked. She knew when to be quiet and walk away, or when to just ignor things around her. Closing her book, Ruko stood and headed to the front of the bus, looking for some guy to sweet talk into coming to her house so she could eat a descent meal this time.
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: Shay recognized Rukoshi easily. She glanced up at the female greeting her with a silent smile as she passed. Shay sank deeper into the hard plastic of the subway seat. Home did not exactly seem like a welcome place at the moment but it would offer a warm bed and some rest. Then she remembered her calculous, she visibly grimaced at the thought of chi square tonight.
Black Angel / Rukoshi : Ruko nodded her head towards Shay and sat down next to a young man, around in his 20. She began to talk to him, his face glowing bright red. he nodded and smiled. With a grin she stood up, waving bye to the young man and headed back to her seat.
the heartless / Sin: He looked at her and smiled as he sat on the seat and brought her down. He smiled and put his arm around her and kissed her. "Well now, Angell, your feeling frisky tonight I see."
Black Angel / Rukoshi : Ruko glanced at Angell.
"I see your back. how have you been?" Though Ruko wasn't fond of Angell she put up with her well enough. They woudl exchange a few words, then just ignor each other like always. Sitting back down, she reopened her book and began to read until her stop came.
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: Shay ignored the three vampires as she sat quitly. Her eyes waiting patiently for the sign signaling it was her stop.Unconsciouly she began combing out her long dark hair as she stared into space, the sound of the cart moving keeping her distracted enough.
cutenfuzzy5: Kate watched everything around her going on. 'Who the hell are these crazy people??!?' she thought to herself. She looked back at Ruko. "Umm, by the way. Thanks for helping me earlier." Kate paused for a second. "By the way, my name is Kate."
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: (im sorry. my mistake) Hearing Kate's ignorant introduction Shay rolled her eyes and listened somewhat interested. Although she did not look over to watch Rokushi's response she was alert for it still.
Black Angel / Rukoshi : Ruko looked up at Kate then back at her book.
"My name is Rukoshi, just call me Ruko. As for what's going on. i just saved you from being eaten by my vampire friend." Flipping another page she stood when the sabway came to a stop. She walked off the bus, followed by the young man she talked to not to long ago.
cutenfuzzy5 / *Kate*: Kate just sat there in amazement. 'A vampire?? I thought those only existed in movies..' mShe thought to herself. KAte found herself staring at Sin, still wondering if that was true or not. The thought kind of scared her, yet comforted her in the same way.
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: Shay raised an eyebrow as the young man followed ruko off the train. She sent a fleeting smile towards Kate,in a low whisper she murmured just loud enough for Kate to her she said,"You really shouldnt attract so much attention so late at night."She smiled once more before turning her attention to the grey concrete walls passing outside the window.
Black Angel / Rukoshi : "I wouldn't stare. Me saving you was just out of bordom. Us dragons don't liek getting involved with other creatures, so i would just turn around and ignore him like all his other meals I save." Ruko called through the window as she walked past their seats before leaving the sation and walking down the street. The night was quiet cold, but she was kept warm by a coat the young man placed around her shoulders.
cutenfuzzy5 / *Kate*: Kate quickly turned around and sat back in her seat. Then she looked at Shay. "I- im not TRYING to attract attention.."
[hey sry.. i g2g.. i might be on later.. but if not then i wont be on for the rest of the weekend!!]
the heartless / Sin: He grew alittle bored. He walked over to the door of the cart and smiled, he opened the control box and started to mess with it. "I wonder what will happen if I do this." He crossed to wires and suddenly the power went crazy. And they started going faster. He stood there laughing at everyone.
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: Shay was not in a mood for such antics. She stood up qquickly her eyes flashing. The lights began to flicke furiously, the cart crashed into a rumbling halt. Sin was lifted into the air, suspended by an unseen force. "Please quit touching things. Your screwing up my evening."She dropped him to the ground with a blink of an eye. She sat down once more comfortably into her seat. Eyes staring at the window. The cart began to proceed at normal speed and the lights dimmed briefly before returning to their flourescent glow.
the heartless / Sin: He smirked, "So then, master, where are we gonig tonight." He walked with her close by and waved to Rukoshi. "See ya later." He said and looked back at Angell and took his head phones off. Letting the Suicidal Love Metal play out.
SincerWritinAsh / Shay: Shay wished even more so now that it was her stop. Ferris Avenue seemed a distant place at the moment with these two vampires on the train with her. She took a quick glanc down at the face of her watch, it read 1:10,time was relative she figured. And life was miserable so ofcourse it made this uncomfortable situation last as long as possible. She sighed, atleast Sin was distracted. Her fingers found the end of her long dark hair once more absently combing the soft tresses. Atleast time hadnt stopped, she could atleast be thankful for that.
drk_angl_17: okay. Just cuz of Sin's pic...Im interested LOL! Like to give me an update so I can choose which character would best fit this role?

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