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Roleplay - Pixie Dust by Keria / darkmoonchild

Fariys, Angels, Elfs, many think that they are merely a legend, told in children’s fables. There is a truth, they are real, you just dont notice that they are there. They have always brought new hope to people without any. Angels, not only are they real, but they are more than just ‘children’s fables’ and some people want to prove it. The village of Urr has seen minor skirmish in the past with its neighboring country’s, but nothing like this. Now they are on the edge of a full war. These people want to make sure that they can keep their small town safe, complete with the ones he holds dear to them. So they calls upon the dark arts of old to solve their problems, and prove to everyone that they are not insane. And there are such things as ‘real life fairy tales’.

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darkmoonchild / Keria: Keria waved her feet at the water's edge. She nervously dipped her hands into the water, the first touch made her snap her hands back and rub them a little. The water was cool in the morning, calm and clear as the sky that sat peacefully above her head. She smiled slightly to herself and sighed. Her white cape also dipped into the water and flouted on the top, coming up every now and then. She plucked it out and smiled. The sound of a mocking bird filled the air and made a slow song. Not a birds chirp, but a real song. Keria was young, she had never heard one before. This filled her with wonderment and a bit of confusion. How was such a small bird able to make such a sound that made the hairs on her neck stand up? this a was a mystery to her. She merely sighed and looked up at the forest above her. the green grass sparkled with the new dew and it was slippery. She thought she heard the bird again, but it was only her imitation. She smiled with a small bounce in her step and walked off, she had a full pail of water that she was going to her village with. More and more wounded people have come from the states capitols. This was a neutral town, nobody could attack it. But still, it made her nervous. She ignored that feeling and hummed a bit to herself as she skipped along.
Kimishi / Meisan: Meisan walked along a small stream. A hood covered her face, only showing a small smile. She had not seen such a peaceful town in so long, it brought her much joy. She looked up from the stream to see a small girl who also got joy from the peace. Meisan walked over to the girl, being new to the area she wanted to go into the peaceful town. He hair was long the wind played with it a it blew. She seemed radiant, and at peace. As if she were an angel from another world.
"Excuse me...." She leaned down to the small girl, hoping not to scare her away.
darkmoonchild / Keria: "Wah!" She made that sound and jumped back. So of the water splashed on her bare feet and she frowned. "Aww...now i spilled the water..." she sighed and wiped it off in the grass, but without much help. "Yes? May i help you? oh!" he step-mother had always taught her to be polite, even if she was cruel to her and wouldn't let her go to the ball. (Lol) "My name is Keria!" she said smileing a little and gave her a friendly wave.
Kimishi / Meisan: Meisan gave th girl a warm smile, she looked to the bucket and stuck her hand out to take it.
"I'm sorry...can I refill it for you? And in return you could maybe take me to the village near by?" She wanted so to visit it, having hear it was so peacfull especially in this time of war.
darkmoonchild / Keria: "Yes please!" She nodded to her and felt the pressne of another, but kept it locked away in her smile. She nodded again to her. "Yes, of corse! You can come with me!" She flashed another smile and rested herself onto the grass and closed her eyes.
Kimishi / Meisan: Meisan could feel the person watching them, she ignored it. She gladly took to bucket and filled it up, the water sloshed over the side as she handed it back to the girl.
"Meisan is my name...what about you?"
darkmoonchild / Keria: She opened one of her eyes and hugged her knees to her chest, still smileing as bright as ever. "Its Keria! My brother named me actulty..." she adimted fiddleing with some of her hair and made a face at it. It was so white, maybe there was some yellow in it, but not much. She hated it, but paid no attetion to that and smiled at her. "Why are you in such a boreing town like this?"
Kimishi / Meisan: Meisan looked up, thinking of what to answer. She didn't really know herself.
"I just....felt somethign from here calling me I guess is all. She gave the girl a warm smile. "Why don't we start going. I have never been to a town before...!"
<gtg gomen! you can bring me ther and pretend im exploring and then do w.e you want and i'll catch up later.>
darkmoonchild / Keria: Keria nodded to her and then grabed her bucket and smiled at her. She seemed like a nice lady, and she felt something around her. A familar air. She smiled a little less and jerked it out of her hands. But then gasped. "I am sorry! But i want to carry it by myself..." She blushed a little and then lowered her head.
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "So.." Said a cold voice in the mans ear that was watching the girls converse "Plotting an attack are you?..it would be a shame to watch it fail now wouldnt it.. move and you die"
Kaja_Tisori / Kaja Tisori: "i will be watching do anything and you will die.." The man walks backwords into the shadows and suddenly disspears out of sight smell or sense, even smell its like he never existed
darkmoonchild / Keria: Keria heard another noise and looked around. She cocked her head to one side and listened. She heard nothing again but the breeze. She only sighed and then looked back at Meisan.
Doom_Hammer / Lacree: <<can i join in??>>
darkmoonchild / Keria: (Ah...i feel so loved...sure! YAY! ) Keria felt a little something on her shoe. She looked down and stared at the tiny fariy on her shoe. She only blinked once, and then screamed. She jumped back, falling over. The bucket splashed over and landed on her head, covering her with water. She peeked under the bucket and stared at her with wide-eyes.
Kimishi / Meisan: Meisan picked the bucket from teh girls head and filled it up once more.
"We best get you home...less you get sick from the wet cloths." She looked to teh girl, holding hte bucket in her hadns with.
darkmoonchild / Keria: Keria stared at the fariy and shoke her head. She shivered a little and then smiled at her. "N-no! I was just suprised!" She closed her eyes and then opened them grining. "I have never seen a fariy before!" she picked her up in her hands and stuided her carefuly.
darkmoonchild / Keria: Keria smiled at the small pixie and then looked around. She was sure that she heard something ealier, a...person? She had no idea. She then looked down at Lusu and grined. "You think so?" She turned around to Meisan again. She did a have a regal air about her. Keria pondered this for a minntue and then cracked another smile at Lusu.
Kimishi / Meisan: Meisan looked at the girl and smiled.
"Shall we go?" She wanted eagerly to see teh village.
darkmoonchild / Keria: Keria stood up eagrly and put Lusu on her shoulder. She smiled at her, then Lusu again. "Yeah! I want this little fariy to come to! I am sorry, but i dont know your name!" she paused another mommnet to look at Meisan. "I am Keria! You already know. And thats Meisan! Nice to meet ya!" She gave her a confednit wink.
Black sun1 / Inari: Inari watched the group carefuly. He was working with Aries to find this girl. they had been watching her ever since she was born. Becuase of two reasons, for one, she was a danger to everyone around her. She was like a volcano, ready to burst at any time. And the second reason. She knew, she knew about everything, and if she knew what she knew, then the world as they know it would come crashing down. He glared at her carefuly and then steped out of the bushes. He stood smileing coldly at them all, poorly hideing his rage in his eyes. "Keria...Hello..." he murrmed to her and flashed a grimce at the others. "I see you have picked up some compains...lucky." he aprouched her soundly and grabed her chin with his cold hands. "Keria, my sweet little Keria..." He paused to push off the fairy from her shoulder. "Do you remmeber me?" he asked her traceing the words over a pure sound of meanice and rage.
darkmoonchild / Keria: Keria gasped at the man who had touched her. She closed her eyes and slaped his hand away. "Who are you?" she backed away from him and hid behind Meisan. "Why should i remmeber you?" She demmanded to know and clinged onto Meisan back, glareing at him. As much as she wouldn't like to adimit it, she did remmber him. A faint memory of him. A short one at that. She shoke her heads filled with those thoughts of him away. Another man was there. But... she could even remmeber his smell. Which was quite odd becuase she hardly could remmeber anything anymore. It was all a blur now. She hid herself complely behind Meisan and wimpered at the mear force of him.
Kimishi / Meisan: Meisan's eyes become a bit colder; she watched the two men carefully, placing put the bucket down on the ground.
"Please, there is no need for trouble ion such a peaceful place. Retreat from were you once came before something unwanted happens." She glanced back to Keria behind her, making sure she was okay.
Meisan didn't like the feeling the men gave off; it stirred an uneasy feeling inside Meisan. Her once graceful statue become one of protect and attack, he arms slightly out so that Keria would feel safer.
Alice Allure: Alice Allure watched everyone, sitting on a small stool. She smoothed out her dress taking in everyone’s features and voices. She smiled a small smile that almost was fashioned like a grim face. Standing she slowly crept away, a strange mist engulfing her. You might be able to see her wings spread out, her small feet leave the ground, disappearing onto the moonlight.
darkmoonchild / Keria: (Um..for one, we are outside. And the second thing, its day time.) Keria stilled wimpered a little, but not as much. These men where strange and unpredictable. She tugged at Meisan's shirt and looked her in the eyes. "Meisan...lets just go...i am sure they wont touch us..." She said in a raspy wisper.
darkmoonchild / Keria: Keria giggled at Lusu and the man. She called to her to come back and as soon as she was back on her shoulder she called back to the man. "I am sorry! But i still have no idea who you are! Try again when i am older!" She waved to him and smiled lightly.
Hikoru / jeweled: Jeweled stared at this mockery of a scene. "Ha..this is good..." She stared down at them with her fairy/Angel wings. Her father was a fairy and her mother was a beautiful angel. She sat on a limb of a tree.
darkmoonchild / Keria: "Y-yeah..." She repiled to her and then nodded slightly. Whatever was out there she did not like one bit. Keria was a careful girl, makeing sure nobody got hurt. She paced herself carefuly around the two men and then turned to Meisan. She grabed her hand and led her back to the village. "You two will love it! There is a whole bunch of bakery's, shops, and its small so everyone knows each other!" She paused to smile. "So it will be easy for you to get to know other people!"
Kimishi / Meisan: Meisan let a small gasp out as she as she was pulled towards the village. She glanced at the men once more and took a careful look, not to forget ther faces.
She then again turned to Keria, hearing all the things she mentioned were in the village.
"So can we eat something when we arrive there?" She had always wanted to eat something from a human, it made her a bit excited.
Kimishi / Meisan: Meisan looked to teh small fairy excitedly, she felt more comfortable then before and smiled with glee. She very much wanted to try the human life.
darkmoonchild / Keria: Keria nodded to them. "Yep! Our town is famous for its cakes and sweets!" she licked her lips and giggled a little. "And, its not to terribly expensive so, get whatever you want! I am not too poor, yet not rich. I know everyone, and the town shops. So it should be easy to find something good!" she told them with a confident smile.
Tisuna: <<bump! And watermelons go bump, and markers go bump, and the things under the bed that eat your socks go bump...in the night...>>

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