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Roleplay - Skidou High by Kiyoshi-Ai / PrincessOfDark

Skidou "I love you" i high school were people of different races go to together. fights do break out somethimes but remarkliby they get along.

Roleplay Details

-No Godmodding
-No Powermodding
-Try not to kill anyone
-Moring bell is at 7:00a.m.
-Class bells ring throughout the day
-Lunch bell at 1:45p.m
-Night bell/Slepp bell rings at 11:30p.m


PrincessOfDark / Kiyoshi-Ai: She sat in her first period class learning how do use her angel powers. "No class we begin the most exicting part of the year. Flying! Now to begin..." her teacher droned on and on. Kiyoshi sighed. why on earth did they have a school where different races could come but they still seperated everyone from each other? she thought it was pointless.
PrincessOfDark / Kiyoshi-Ai: kiypshi wanted to go see what the boy and teacher were doing (even though it was abvious) like veryone else in her class did but she just sat there. takeing out a book she began to read. she could hear all the metal against metal sounds and enjoyed it. she wanted to learn the kantana but her parents forbade it...
PrincessOfDark / Kiyoshi-Ai: Kiyoshi walked into the nurses office. "Hey my taecher needs banaids. some baka ningen got hurt and scraped his knee. would you please give me some?" she noticed Kotetsu and looked at his sword. "Is that a real kantana?" she asked
PrincessOfDark / Kiyoshi-Ai: "Thank you." she took the bandages and walked by Kotetsu. "Are only humans, like you, allowed to learn?" but before he could answer she got dragged off by a fellow angel.
"What are you doing talkign to him?" she asked as she pointed to kotetsu.
"Miko, he is just a human. hes niot goingto hurt me. and i am half of what he is. remember. i just want to see if i could learn to use the kantana-"
"You parents forbade it for goood reason! now com on we have to go to medatation for one hour. such a shame that someof the humans do it to." Mimi draged her off to medatation.
PrincessOfDark / Kiyoshi-Ai: Miko spoke before Kiyoshi had a chance. "You baka ningens could reach enlightenment if you tried!" she sat down at her usual spot by the teacher. "Kiyoshi dont talk to him." miko whispered as kiyoshi went to sit in her spot. luckily for her it was right by kotetsu.
PrincessOfDark / Kiyoshi-Ai: Kiyoshi let out a breath. "Sorry about Mimi. se doesnt trust humans much. she thkn they are all like the one who just feel over." she opened one eye to look at kotetsu.
PrincessOfDark / Kiyoshi-Ai: she was used to poeple talking to her in mean and cold ways. she just shrugged and tried to medatate. but when ever she tried her brothers voise came ino her head. "if you want to learn go a head a nd try. you are a hlafy. forver doomed to never get anything right." she shoock her head slightly and took another sitting position.
PrincessOfDark / Scarlet-Rose: kiyoshi stood up. "Hey that boy is there. maybe i should-"
"Dont think about doing anything to him mimi. leave him alone or i will tell your parents how you have been treating people here."
"You wouldnt!" Mimi shreiked.
"I would." kiyshi voise was calm. mimi ran out the door without even glanceing at kotetsu. kiysho walked out of class.
Black Angel / Rukoshi : <<Ok enough with the highschool rps -.-'>>
Ruko sat in a tree a waiting her trainer. lately she had been having trouble turning into her dragon form, but no one knew why. Most of the time she would fly around the school in her dragon form, but now she jsut can't change at all. Despite how the other dragons laughed at her, she ignored them, or atleast threatened them until they cried. Ruko looked down to see Kotetsu and Kiyoshi talking. I still don't see why they have humans and half-breeds here. ((Sry for the half-breed comment there disa, couldn't thin kof any other word to use)) Though she knew how strong they could be, like kiyoshi and Kotetsu, most of them were pathetic.
Hikoru / Nikojur: <<Can I join?? What the place you guys are at right now??>>
Black Angel / Rukoshi : Ruko glanced around for her trainer once more she jumped from her tree, landing gentally on the ground and took a walk around. The humans began to file into the battle grounds, and she didn't want to be a part of that. She easily side stepped those in her way, holding her head up high, stating her position above the rest.
Black Angel / Rukoshi : "Well if you were to hurry up. You are the teacher, and should not be above ones own rule of being on time. Now hurry up i will drop your class, send in a complant and get you fired." Ruko was quiet cold that day, more than usual. She jumped back in to her tree and a waited.
Black Angel / Rukoshi : Ruko ignored him.
'If he was such a great teacher, why is it I'm having trouble changing forms? I dind't have any trouble until I came into his class.' Jumping from the tree she grabbed some random person placed them in front of her, and glared coldly.
"Me and you are going to spar, so get your weapon ready and hurry up." The dragon loked at her as if she jsut hit him with a 2x4 but created an energy sword. Ruko pulled her four swords from her back. (two swords are connected to each other)) She held two in each had she stood back in her stance. her back leg far back, and her front foot planted in the ground, with her body bent down low.
PrincessOfDark / Kiyoshi-Ai: "Why whould my teachers and parents not want me to learn to use this...magic? i have allways wanted to learn it. i have even questioned my overseers. for that i got....punished." she laughed as if it was nothing. "Who is that girl?" kiyoshi asked poitnign to rukoshi.
Kimishi / Ksou: <can I join?>
PrincessOfDark / Kiyoshi-Ai: She looked at kotetsu. "I do want to learn. i have for awhile. and this 'fluctuation of your aura' what does that mean?" she asked going over to a bench and sitting down trying to take this all in. and how could this boy be a teacher. he looked no older than her. youger even.
PrincessOfDark / Kiyoshi-Ai: she looked down. "There is allways something n my mind. i do not tell strangers what it is." she pulled her jacket closer to her sudenly very cold.
PrincessOfDark / Kiyoshi-Ai: She held the kanatna in her hand. doing some moves that her brother taught her she discoverd that she liked the feel of it in her hands.
PrincessOfDark / Kiyoshi-Ai: (((brb in iike 10 to 15 mins))
PrincessOfDark / Kiyoshi-Ai: she nodded her head and flowwled him. she wonderd if her brother woudl be proud of her for finally being able to learn.
PrincessOfDark / Kiyoshi-Ai: she nodded her head and flowwled him. she wonderd if her brother woudl be proud of her for finally being able to learn.
PrincessOfDark / Kiyoshi-Ai: she nodded and tok a weird fighting stance. realing her muscles and getting ready for a attack. drawing the sword above her head slightly she nodded to tell him she was ready.
Lionheart / Alkadeaus: (May I join this RP)
Black Angel / Rukoshi : <<Um....I don't think Disa would mind, she's to busy trying to figure out if Tensu like her or not ~.^>>
Ruko easily finished off the ones she fought with in half the class time. She glanced over to Kotetsu and Kiyoshi and rolled her eyes.
"Really, why does this school bother.' She muttered under her breath in a deep voice.
PrincessOfDark: ((i am not trying to find out if tensu likes me. why do you think that? -_-'))she jumped back and began doing a cresent moon swipe. "I really wouldnt care if i die or not"
PrincessOfDark: She moved forward and turnd around bringing her sword to meet his. hilt to hilt. she hated this position but it was all she could do with her little training.
PrincessOfDark: she stood up on her own. "I dotn need help up." she looked at him. "Yeah thats sound good. i wouldlove to learn more."
PrincessOfDark: She rubbed her head and handed him his sword back. "Good. you wanna go get something to eat?" kiyoshi asked. not really careing if he said yes or no.

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